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Subtle Distractions and Gross Dullness

Q&A: Do I still label the thoughts when I notice subtle distractions? Master Culadasa gives tips for dealing with subtle distractions at the fourth meditation level. Play the recording below.

How does the mind create the world?

Q&A: How does the mind create the world? Master Culadasa explains how our senses influence how we perceive reality.

Can “suchness” be reduced to energy?

Q&A: Can “suchness” be reduced to energy? Master Culadasa gives a detailed discussion on how reductionist methods of investigating reality simply don’t work.

How do we project reality?

Q&A: How do we project reality? Master Culadasa discusses how we can change reality in regards to an event like being robbed. Play the recording below or right click here …

Motivation for Morality

Q&A: How can we change what happens to us when karma says we only get back exactly what we give? Master Culadasa discusses what ultimately motivates morality and the limitations …
The Mind Illuminated archive
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