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Joyful Stillness – April 20-25, 2011 (4 of 6)

Joyful Stillness
5 day Easter Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Upasaka Culadasa at Manzanita Village, California
April 20, 2011 – April 25, 2011

“When the mind is uplifted by joy the body becomes all tranquil” – Buddha

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Joy plays a very special role in Buddhist practice. The spontaneous arising of Joy marks an important stage in the progress of meditation practice. Meditative Joy, often referred to as rapture, is one of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment taught by the Buddha. It is also a factor of deep meditative absorption. Joy is distinguished from happiness or bliss, with which it is easily confused. Learn how to awaken joy, so essential to the spiritual life. This Samatha-Vipassana silent residential meditation retreat offers extensive opportunity to deepen your practice through alternating sitting and walking meditation as well as instruction, personal interviews, Dharma talks/discussion and meditative movement sessions.




Automated transcription

you're asking about the ability pushing yourself. And also, for example, I noticed that I wanted to push myself and then I said, you know, something in the future that I needed to reach and then that actually he's causing, you know, causing me to look in the future, which is not a good thing. Right? So I made me something. I go that. Well, the desire to be successful in your practice. The desire to become lightning. As long as you are still subject to desire, that's the best kind of design to have.

Where it gets in your way is when you become attached to. And that's what you have to watch out for. As far as pushing yourself, yeah in terms the sitting for extra couple of hours or maybe sitting through for longer period five. That's a very good thing to do. What you want to watch out for is sometimes you can reach a a point of diminishing returns. You'll find that that the meditation keeps is going less and less well and you're having more difficulty. Just just trying to stay what the practice.

And at that point you might be real advised to not to further intent law meditation or if you're sitting to time to go hand dance nothing like that. But And unless something like that happens. Yeah. It's obviously ninety to your benefit to to do that. So pushing yourself in that and that point is good. If you find yourself becoming attached to some idea of what you want to achieve retain. You should mindful examine that attitude when you discover the present and try to go open. You should notice how the attitude very, very quickly leads to feeling of frustration restless disappointment self judgment.

All these negative states that are very counter counterproductive. So so if it comes out, it's an opportunity to look at it and to recognize the harm, but can't cost. And to let go that to your question? Thank you. You did you have something that you wanted to? You when posted a new camera men's and she thought, you know, quite nice camera. She was willing to take some photographs. Tomorrow, not in the meditation call, but maybe yes people are walking exercises and insurance and food. Is there anybody who doesn't work with the chat to having phone take a picture?

We would put some of those photos up. Weird. Nobody betty mind some candid photographs Yes. Not post photos so know just people doing with me. Probably you oscar, is there anyone that who like more photos. But and on on Monday, we can do post for... Yeah. Ago We don't wanna interfere anybody's products. Okay Alright. Pull out the week. Let's back to the meditation. Meditation da. So do you have some other questions that come up as well? Yes. The breath is itself it's not very pleasant and it's not as easy to to pay attention.

What are some of the ways our concentration awareness. Other brothers and have a positive so I think there's on that blockage here. To not i mean... Good can you describe to me what wait of not? Just doesn't feel good. The sensations themselves doesn't feel good is it's easy. It's harder to to pay attention to. Like, the well covered is easy to pay attention to, But then it's not comfortable. And then the my cannot has its resistance of you know had to pay a lot of that should. And this is a sensations of the benefit that those that you're finding are uncomfortable or Yeah.

Yeah in general. Gotcha. Well, sometimes it does happen. And maybe you all experienced this. I don't know. Your mind becomes very sharp, very clear, very sensitive. And so the... Even though your breath is very shallow, and very bright. The the feelings of the movement of the in and how your nose can be very tense. Okay. Can't sometimes happen. That there's so attempts that you feel like you almost can't staffing it. Is that the kind of thing that you're talking about sometimes? Yeah. It feels like it's party Feels like it's lot fire almost like the the this the skin is peeled away it's just raw nerves so is, that helps to me.

And when it does, i usually I usually think something like how nice it is that my mind has become so sensitive to sensation that they experience them all through such a cancer can vivid. And now there's two things that I would do two two possible things that I would do. Yeah. What case, I would trying to go into those sensations in even more detail and take that as an opportunity to to experience the most subtle well of the sensations. And most subtle level sensations is just it's like a a vibration.

And it becomes unrecognizable. you can't even recognize it as as as breath sensation anymore. And you can have a direct experience of imp. So as a result of that. No. You can also have an experience an emptiness as a result of that because the sensations will simply dissolve into this ind vi phenomena and your your might will your mic was gonna jump back from that to try to to to make those sensations recognizable again. To get out solid ground and... Oh, yeah. That's that's feels like the cracked again familiar.

Feels was like cool little less or warmth or pressure little body or something like that. And when that happens if you if you allow that to happen then you watch the lines reaction to and and you let it happen again then you watch watch might the reacts to it. What you see there is this is what this the reality is that they're pure sensations it's my mind the constructs the out of path. So you actually are having an experience of impairments inside So that's one way to go. And other words just go into it and see how far it will take you.

The other thing that you can do. Is to go just in the opposite in direction and hand step step back from that and open your awareness up so that you're not so closely focused on the graph anymore. And begin to feel the the breath over a larger area and I just know but the nose and the chest in abdomen. And not trying to capture every little detail of it, but just sort of observing it more from the distance. It's already really familiar, so you can just watch it at more the relaxed way. Distance over a larger area.

And that will become much more comfortable to to continue do. So even I have correctly identified the sensations you're talking about, that's how how deal with Thank you. Okay. But they're actually to have that experience that is a good sign. Answer is same. Your the acuity of your conscious awareness has become very enhanced. It is this prior to our our sensation, which is very strong. To which sensation is are a stronger sensation. That this happens it's matter active and it does. You no. This...

Why describe that to wait deal Oh, yes. You... That's right. Well the is it applied to how a strong sensation that does seems that you can attend Yes. Yeah. See you can use the same two methods as if if there's our strong sensations. Really strong sensation really intense patients that are making you feel uncomfortable at itself. Right. Then these are these are two very effective ways you. I I have kind the opposite question. If you're trying to to the other the sensations of the rep, sara and there's hardly sensation.

Very hard to pay attention when there's our situation. Yes. That's how sometimes happens to is it it it seems like you you lose the sensations. There's that time. It's almost like your mind forgets where to look for the sensations, and you can't quite find out. So what what I would suggest that you do with that is you will still usually... Up the breath cycle. There will still be some parts about it that are still clearly clear and recognizable. So you just keep practicing looking for the missing pieces, you know, looking to fill in a gaps in your experience.

Yes. So the check to see if it's a kind of doll. If there's a kind of dull present then do something to bring your line down energize. A ways to energize you. Well, you see the way that the the way that our eyes slip into doll is we become so focused on one thing that we cease being aware of other things. And so there's not as much stimulation. To to actually... there's not as much situation to our actual physical brain while we we become two photos. And so the energy level of the mine begins to fall.

So one of the things that you can do when you feel like this that kind of dull us is that you can expand your awareness. You know, similar to what I said a moment ago. Instead just keeping awareness here, expanded to include the chest and the out of the other sensations of the grille. But you go beyond that, and you can just... The sensations any of the sensations in your body or expand your awareness to include sell. Things like. You forget about the graph. And just expand your awareness to, you know, hear the sounds of birds outside or sounds that are alright in the room things like that.

That's why. Another way of course is to open your eyes and with your eyes. We're half open. And that will help to energized the. And then ways, or what I mentioned the the night when the doll is strong to kick a dean breath, write it out slowly and repeat that. Three, four or five times. And as you do each time you, you know, if you take a deep breath, and then you left it out slowly, you're gonna some resistance and your lips trying make noise disturb. But you do that. They should feel almost the rush energy go up to your spine for to to your head.

Thank you more work. And the other one is to classroom muscles and relax. Do repeat that time tighten every muscle on your body just hold it till you begin to shape and i go all. You repeat that a few times. These are these are really standard easy to do sort of ways to to overcome all and energize mark make yourself. But the disappearance of sensations, sometimes they sensitivity of your mind doesn't keep up with. They degree to which your breath slows down. And don't you find in the basic when you're in when you're in deep concentration?

How how small read each breath is? And how slow they are you I I I sometimes think. How wasn't that my body can get enough hot with so little breathing, you know, because of breath does become very great. Well, sometimes as you as you concentrate as a mine becomes still, the breath slows down becomes very very shallow becomes fine to the degree that the sensations are very mild not very prominent. And if they if the the per acuity, you know, it's the ability of you're mind to to grasp for those those various subtle sensations absent capital with the process, then you'll start experiencing those gaps very often.

The the is the one that will disappear first. You know, you maybe know one the out breath against but then it just seems to disappear after that. The next thing you know the breakfast this time. And so that's the time that you would do I suggested just keep with each breath side each new breath is an opportunity to try to perceive those missing sensations this time. You don't get at this time the next breath you try. And that will actually keep you quite focused. Gives you find something to do. Looking for the missing sensation.

The doll if the doll is there, you'll feel You'll feel that you'll have that feeling like a vague or has certainly you can't quite make your mind be sharp after. And that's the time you use the other techniques to overcome all. In the working meditation do you do you also observe your own sensation though you you'll observe the wood or how does that the situation of pry in the medication. In the walking meditation, what you want to do is to keep the focus of your attention on the walking and allow your mind to take in everything else, including other sensations in your body as well as as external things your eyes and ears.

And also, The instruction I gave was to start off with primarily observing the sensations of the sole of your feet. You know, the the change in sensation is what comes up in sensations again should put down to ground. You can also... In the same way that you can expand the breath sensations to include the chest and I have to. You can expand the sensations that you observe and walking to include the the feelings of as the muscles contracting and your legs to to lift and move your legs these sensations as well.

And as Matter I encourage you to experiment with these different things and you know, all of these things are part of learning how your mind works and training your mind. So when you experiment with with walking in different ways, you should always be learning something that they should be with this attitude of. Oh this is interesting. What can I learn from? Because in the city meditation in the meditation, the stillness itself probably that you experience the bread and the Young cessation. But in the meditation you can keep moment.

Right? And how what you're still trying to feel as still know like, experience. Because I I I I cannot put two of these together to the experience. Or, like a field sensation, you know, you you keep trying to fulfill that stillness just like you say probably it will sharpen like how you failed. But to put on the tool... To to augmentation together medication and how apply to that still don't exactly pick the skill aspect is what you're where thinking out. Mh. Because that's a that's a very good question.

You see There is a place that you can get to Where's. You just the observer. And the observer is in a place of perfect still. Call up the skill. And so your body is moving and you're observing the body moving, but you the feeling you have is the at that you're observing up from the place. So perfectly still has. The body is just moving outside of the effect. As you do that, you you know, as your eye is moving. And you're just observing that your eyes are moving by themselves. And you're you're not reacting to any of this.

You're not doing it. You're not making it happen. You observe all the sensations to scan your legs and your feet and your and the rest of your line in the same way. And external sounds and things like that. You become you become like completely completely passive passenger in your own body. And that extends to to the mind as well. Because, of course, why are you doing walking medication here mind disc still doing things. But you're you're watching thoughts Arise and pass away and feelings sunrise and pass away.

Feelings in response to, you know, you see something you you like it an all. You observe the feelings around and password right. But you still have that sense of being place or completely passive spelling. While your body is moving around you. And the world is changing her. What's a reason why doing lot meditation. Switching attention to the sensation of steps instead of breath. You will be just as ease easily done if we pay attention to the breath line paying attention to the sensation of fee know, why don't we pay attention to the sensation of the breath not market?

Right? Yeah. They're the focus of the pension black right. By the fee and not correct humanity? Well, the... There's couple of reasons. One is if you think about it, the sensations associated with with locking are much more predominant. You you know, you're you're much more aware walking. Just because they are larger movements and larger and magnitude, stronger feelings that breathing. And second thing is that for another thing that I mean here is that... To output it. It is the primary activity that your body is doing.

And so you're going to be... You want to be really fully present. And since that's the main thing that your body is is doing why ignore it. There are walking meditation techniques that lie in the ground with so you're reserving files. But in those methods, usually, what you do is you try to make the breath coincide side with the walking study in a on step the next day on the other something like that. And those some people like those I find those a little bit too con control. And and I had find that the mindful awareness is strong micro awareness, the kind of mindful that you want to have in your day life I I find that develops more easily if if I'm not trying to make a lot the process, correspond to another process.

Busy with that kind of good. And is it important to walk slowly? Because sometimes after we said for a long time, You want a little of anxious like operate slowly you were achieving very little on the patient's size objective. So so is it important that we lost something. Yeah. You can lock at at different speeds. So that's right our how fast two ak very... Fast not slope. So much as the quality of the attention and the quality of the awareness that is with that. Know, the attention and the sense of white mind is focused on the awareness in terms.

Of everything else, including what point in your nearby. So that's what's most important. Now often what I do. Is I I will walk slowly for a while I and the the sensations so walking will we got very clear in my know exactly what those sensations are every time when my he'll up from the ground. The same sensation, same familiar sensations occur. Maybe it with some slight variation but they keep repeating. And then as a... As the rest of my foot comes up and has my fast my toe leaves ground, is all familiar sensations happening.

Again. And get. So sometimes what I'll do is deliberately increase how fast sun and can try, to be able to still track all of the same sensations so I was aware of swapping myself. Just keep increasing the speed. So if you feel like you know, if you feel like walking faster, go ahead and walk faster. You can you can practice mindfulness walking even comparing what it is like to walk slowly as compared to what is like to lock in at normal whole pace and was what is like to walk to the rapid pace, completely different feelings, walking in these three different ways.

Did you walk slowly you notice how there's... It's not so automatic. And you have to have... You have to have a lot of mindfulness, or otherwise who can't lose your balance when you're walking very slowly. You walk in at normal pace the face that we normally do, and it's almost completely automatic. Yeah. You're buying could be a thousand miles a away. And the block ball happens to fine. The highest will those when you need to set one way or another to stepping on something or about the into something.

And and you can just intentionally change the rate of you're walking so that you can observe that shift into a very automatic process and how the line is his the line becomes freed up. And soon as the line is freed up, there comes as temptation for the line to start wandering and thinking about things going some off. And it's very it's very illuminati just to do that on purpose setup server. Then, if you start walking quickly, once again, it... There's another shift that takes place. Because to continue to, walking swiftly requires maintaining the intention.

Otherwise, your body's gonna slow back down to sort of what me call viral. And so you can kinda observe how how that that changes the way you are. So I... To sign it all what I'm saying is you have a lot of latitude have the walking meditation. To to experiment with the speed that you want to experiment with the sensations that you monitor, i it's just source of your feet or whether it's a movement of your legs, whether it's the muscles, whether it's the feeling of gravity as you're you know, as your taking step after step.

And none of these are all way of meditating. A matter of fact all but developers ways practicing. So so when pulling we our meditating setting down we're allowing to natural breath to take place and just observe the breath. There's there's a a little bit less less intention involved because, you know, only what, we have to they have any intention what slowly maintaining balance, you know, using certain muscles here and there. So so there's a lot more reading involved. He he can tell all the strength emailing that practice, you know, we're to apply a lot more intention versus when we said this the intention is just to observe.

Yeah. But when when you're sitting, It's how to describe it. Everything is much more focused and slower when you see. And so you you have the opportunity to achieve sort of maximum priority of your awareness of maximum control over your attention. It's a... It's like it's a different kind of... You know, see. To use a scientific term just like it's a different kind of leverage. It's a laboratory where everything is much much more controlled Whereas when you're out there doing walking meditation, it's more like.

Your here's how they're studying what's happening in in the world, You know, sort of that the difference would be in laboratory where everything's controlled you have complete control or everything has happened. But if you go out in the world and you want any whatever it is, animals, potions whether, you just have to take whatever concept up and work with it as best you can. So so going back to the real world, just like you mentioned the word keeps changing. You know. And in our there life, probably new each day, you have thirty minutes to sit down to meditate but you probably have three hours, you know, where you will you have working and in your office, in any kind of environment.

Even though the world is moving, you can still practice like a working meditation or kind of movement but how to how do we the apply skills in the real world that's tool to transforming it or, like, getting in the agent prying to the know. If can also along this question lines his question, sorry of the idea here now or the power of no, you know, how you how we pull that in well in the daily life for whatever. So I said my question is how? Three. We talking about for training purposes. This show be a difference between store, working and the fast.

Yeah. And we're talking about training couples. Okay. Quite we arrive this analysis very different my my cousin experience. You will store you more attention to your full steps sensation. Then you awareness on health suicide. And when you at the some stage, new fast, you would also detail to a patient of who you take the whole body movement that's whole. That's an interesting. And the combined balance leaves the awareness of on the whole whole situation. So mister the training four was this different.

At the beginning, I won't base at all. Mh. So he's two you say. Is. As you released, because snow working is more for on. Mh. Then my forwarding is everything. In the more detail in more detail. But fast is take for body wanna home as well. So Apart to real, I think. No wait you take a store or trigger fast. Just... How you How you how can you an patient that what is my either amazing. Mh. This is my experience. I don't right not Well, all of these things are ways of of training the abilities to meet different circumstances.

Like when when he walk quickly, Yes. You you can't pay attention everything happens too quickly to pay attention just to the sole of the feed. So the light naturally shifts to something that it's easier to get a hold that, which is the whole the body. And and this the same thing happens sometimes when you're in the world things are happening. Quickly and you can't focus with the same degree of as of detail. So you you move... You move up to a larger picture, you have to address. But Peter was really asking about you know, how how do we bring this if I understand?

How how what are all the the ways that we could use to bring this into daily lyle. And there is a parallel in all of this. In the sitting meditation when you the first to get the hardest part yeah this not we're forgetting what is you're you're doing. Because when you out when you're doing in your buying waters. And the walking medication You need to stay in the present. The hard part instrument memory could do that because you start thinking about something. And you're still paying attention to your feet while you're walking, But at the same time you're also thinking about something and you have to remember okay.

I'm stay in the present. Felt going in the past in the future and server. So yeah, both of these situations, the first problem you come up with is remembering what you're doing. And this is the first problem you come up with. When you wanna to practice mindful awareness in your life, it's just simply remembering to do it. That's gonna be the biggest problem. You're gonna keep... You gonna have another morning say, well, okay. I'm gonna try to be mindful as I can day today. And then you might I think of it again, and until you where got the next one signal.

Wow. Completely forgot. Right. So it... It's all the same steps. And you it was the the same way. You you you want to remember to the microwave where during the day. When you're going to forget. But sooner later, you will remember, And when you remember, you feel really good about remembering and you remind yourself at about, you know, I I want to remember. And this will in the same way that that in the sitting practice and the walking practice, you get better better at the same thing will happen.

There is one other thing you can do with bringing my forward with helping sure never bring month over and to the guy. That is intentionally reflecting. So if you say in the morning, I'm gonna try to be mindful today. And then Maybe you also plan that... Can I at seven o'clock. I'm gonna sit down and just review how michael I was today? Then you you might have forgotten long way off, but then you can remember okay. When are the times set I I could have been mindful. Well this this thing happened in the morning got could to practice my employer and it said so you can actually the retroactively mindful.

Do you can think oh, well, when... When this thing happened and this person sent up, you know, I should have been my fault. I should noticed my reactions and stuff right. If you do that, it's going to be more likely that next time something like that happens. You you remember it more quickly? Perhaps you'll still remember it. After it's already with, but it might be ten minutes after talking. And that if you keep doing that that it might be while that's happening they you're remember to be mindful.

So so the first thing is is bringing the mindfulness into your thing invite by remembering and it's just the same as as remembering what it is your you're intending to do. Then the other the other things you need to do are also parallel to the meditation situation. One of the things that happens in medication is that we get we get sucked into some thought for some sensation, you know, some pain our way something like that. And it takes up all of our attention. And the same thing happens in our daily lives.

Something will happen and it takes all of our attention and we totally forget to be aware of what's going on or not with the rare about things of the same time. So you you have to practice the same thing in meditation, you practice not forgetting Not not allowing you yourself like, i'm so focused on the breath that you forget everything else. That you cease to be a aware else. Because you know if you do that, you're more likely to forget what you're doing and your mind was going longer or you're more likely to get into dull.

So you're tried to keep your retention set without losing awareness or anything else. And you have to do the same thing in your daily life, situation comes out. You have to remember not to get to so totally sucked into that situation. That you lose track of what's going on in your mind. You lose track of what's really happening with the people around you and so forth. So over and over again, what find is that to be mindful daily light, requires essentially doing the same things that you do in the meditation practice.

All the meditation practice is had guess that's why they call practice you're practicing for real light. The skills carry over. Yes. Okay. That follow the stem subject, like, sitting meditation and locking by medication. I experience one of the teacher standing, sealing meditation is quite a kind of the. How to? And ruben chico. Moving chico. Yes. Because key circulation in your body, But walking meditation is like moment chico just like a thai tea. Mh. So were you trays? Legs left, atria three when you're walking slowly, and it becomes like a keep moving.

Not really you walking something like that. Yeah. So I don't know what you think about this kind of thing because my my experience, I do say way I find out. Let's true that way too. Well I I agree totally the know, the the the walking plantation is it is a form of meditation. Nancy mentioned be here now. I I think somebody reading the power the power Or power right now. Yeah. How do we go. That is see. The the... That's all about being fully present. And not getting lost them. And false ideas, useless beliefs, emotions, fan about the future worries about the future, regrets about the past.

Wishing this was that was it's all about what we're while we're trying to learn to be fully present, which allows you to be become. A flower or cable person. And, you know, you can still you can carry out functions that involve planning for the future and do it while being completely mindful at the present. The problem is that we when we get when we lose the present, we cease to be and and roosevelt. And and then then we lose perspective. We lose the sense of how things we lose a sense of reality.

You know, like what we're talking about last night. You start thinking about all my future my security, how much money you need to retire and things like that. And if that's all you think about, you lose a perspective how do the like you're living right now. Your life today, you're like to sweet, your relationship with your wife or how's your children on so forth. And that's the kind of thing that it's not incompatible to to have goals and the big plans and to to carry out activities and do things in the world.

That's not yet compatible with thing in the present. As a matter of fact, if you're in the present when you do it, you'll do it far more effectively. You'll do it with much more clarity and balance perspective that word Gonna use before. You know the other perspective that i allows you to see how everything fits together. So you don't want your plans for the future. You know, as we know some people will let their plans for the future, actually destroying the very future they're planning for thing about the wonderful retirement that they're might to have which they're life when they make this amount of money.

Excel to they ignore away so much but. They're not married any more other times. We have that much money. So but how how how is that compatible? Because you have that goal and that go to certain point probably, it's not achievable when you realize that. So by being now, probably, you don't realize because everyone wants to achieve something probably that's his goal or his video. You know You need you you make a call, and that's a good thing to do. But if you stay in the present, here always you're always reaffirm evo that goal or revising that goal.

If you if if the goal becomes fixed and frozen, that it can't change and you can't adapt. Then it becomes like a green burden will make you blind to us so what's happening and that's what we love to avoid. Those are good thing. For one thing having a goal tells you it allows you to know when you've achieved it. Which I on some people who that was their main problem that that they they didn't know when they have succeeded, they didn't know any adequate. If you have a goal and if it's realistic, and when you've accomplished it, then you're now free of that time for you to create a big goal and to to move towards something else.

Should also be the flexible if you send yourself a goal and what's necessary to achieve that goal is going to have a very delete effect on your life and the present. I mean you know, another example is you you could work so hard to achieve so goal that you destroy your health. So you're not even around two two. Read the dots itself of that goal. Being to being more fully present, you won't make better understand. You know, you'll be recognize it. Okay goals sounds good. Fact there. But now I mean, it needs to be changed that needs to be revised.

To get to present the circumstances. So if that's the meditation will help yourself to plan for a feature or how does that the meditation of plan in terms of that cellular vision. Yeah. What it does is if the meditation helps to make you aware of what's happening right now. So that you can't you can set your goals and modify your goals on the basis of that. But you were talking... That... You said something, like, power of know and being present they a more capable person. But i it seems to me that I mean, he's talking about the power of no is a gateway to a ratio.

I mean, so far more than let's just be capable. If not... Yes. It's not just a. Nineteen you more cable have meditation it's not just developed making any more effective than life. It's it's not just about making you happier, which it does do that. It does make you more effective. Yeah doesn't think you happier. But it's also about something much more than that. These are all as matter fact only things that we've just been talking about her kind with the incidental benefits, the the the extra bonuses that come along the way.

Know, the rewards you get for doing the practice is that you have more happiness, you're more effective, you more successful. You make better decisions. You have better relationships with people. You... In general, you get a lot better than life Well, the goal really is deep detail what you what you want. Is you want a sense that you know what your life is about. And, you know, who you are and why you're living... What the meaning... What the meaning office is? Is. Why why i hair? It's the spiritual answer.

It's liberation And what we're looking for is the liberation from all of these world concerns. So wonderful thing is that in the process of moving towards liberation from concerns. We at the same time become more effective in dealing with world concerned. And that's why had a like person or buddha, is not an incapable person that are a very capable person. But they choose their direction and they choose their purpose and and they have out that. They liberated from all of the sorts of propulsion and drives that the ordinary people are subject to.

That's fine. Well person to dog the the clarity you of this person gained very better clarity and then and then, you know, finding an operation is not his office now. Eventually just... It's not in a matter of choice because there's simply no other alternative other than seeking in operation. So So as we gain one more clarity, we see that certain behaviors cost suffering certain behaviors cause of wholesome outcomes, and then we... you know, naturally you know, he becomes that we have no choice with here.

But you, you know, it's it's like it's is kinda like on this model. You know, out of autopilot, where we just... We we have to be. You that a lot of choice. That's. You're right. And you know, the way I would put that is, We grow spiritually. So lot before we become A buddha, we we are growing and we were becoming paying i a more powerfully spiritual being all oil. So when you reach the point where what are you gonna do? To correct? Because everybody wants happiness and and everybody, you know, the the the clear that we we understand things, you know, the tomorrow we're gonna behaving in lines with with the with the da.

So it doesn't seem like it's a choice, you know, I mean, people wanna practice. You know, and and everybody wants happiness knows and because kinda like It's it's not a matter of choices. That's true. You know, There shouldn't be a warning on the package. Warning on the package that says if you keep practicing this path, you're gonna reach your point where it's more important than else. And everything else just becomes a beans to that end. That's that's the warning that should be on man. Elaborate more of that.

It it is m m in this process as your understanding deep You know, and ed as you as you develop mindful awareness, as you become aware of your own nature. It allows you to resolve a lot of the problems that you have here. Right? But it gives you a clarity about the way things really hard that you want you want more you wanna continue with that and becomes. It becomes the most important to think of all, you you know, I reached a by in my life where It was the only thing and it is still the the only thing that really matters to me.

And absolutely everything helps that I do is a part of left and one way another. I'm going to add extreme compared to many other people because, you know, I'm given up a lot of the other preoccupation in my way, which is really the idea behind, you know, somebody. Becoming a a deeper or buffer something like that. And give up the role dedicated themselves totally me to spiritual practice. But I see other people that don't... The no go as far as I have done, but still, you know, They have a family and they have a career.

But the whole... Every decision they think about their career is how is this going to benefit my spiritual account? You know And Some other people may look at the decisions they make and say, you're crazy? You should have shouldn't tell promotion and moved to New York at least no. This I think this is how do you think is more important so, you know, whatever it is. And that's the way is all of the other aspects of your life at some point. Here we he'll sneak i on him, but at some point it's the most important thing.

Have you just really don't have time to be concerned with anything else. It also affects... You do the. You'll find that there are some people that you just have. So they will those relationships will fall away. And instead, you will associate with those people who to share your your ideas and your goal and and and your desire for spiritual growth That's very important because they benefit you on august. One very famous sutra and that who was... He was the buddha is cousin but he was also his attempted.

And. Guy It's true is it not that that good companions is half of the spiritual life of the Boost. No. And. Good companions of a whole of this spiritual. And by good companions actually you know that people who are are on the same spiritual path. Yep. Should be warning on the box? Is either the possible in the possible to experience the power of now without. Without practicing meditation. Yes. I can ask the this question different. Okay. He's the Meditation credit is is the most powerful way to explore the power now.

Yes. It is. And without it. Is possible to achieve it. It is possible without it. Yes. But it's normally sweet more a lightweight i it's possible without it the other way, so be something with the pretty submit agent what is we out but that meditation is possible high. So the other way, the other way should be something. If someone comes or some something similar a meditation link catch, Shi we. Mh. Well, take totally, for example. They wrote the book power now. Mh. He didn't meditate implemented it.

He it he did not. No. I know he didn't... Yeah. Although he better thinks now. Yes. Yes. But he didn't know say what he did to let him to to his awakening and to his experience. Was he was in deep depression for several years. Of deep total of depression. So that something switched and inside his mine. And but if you think about it, how many people in this world or deep depression? And how many of them... So he's. He's thinks so she. He's he's he's he's not a way. He I always first and to meet later.

Correct? Another example, I can't remember the name, but There is the famous Jewish mad drove books who became enlightened became awakened and and constant german concentration camp during world war two, you know? But six million other people tied in the gas chambers and mini survived and most of them didn't the become wake as a result of it. So there are other things that can bring a person to awaken, but not with the degree of reliability consistency has meditation. That's that's really my point.

It's not the only way. Yeah. Some people would say, so I know not feeling military. But it is the most powerful way. And then you find somebody like that toll, it becomes way again. And then he starts to meditate. So So what's the point of meditation actually like sorry like... Well, because you you to the higher skill to achieve their life. Okay. I know. When I become completely, yeah know, totally like didn't tell those, and i'll tell you. In the lead meantime, all I know is... The Buddha continued to meditate.

And in my experience, avoid so the things get. Maybe there isn't yet. Maybe they need you and when you go couple of buddha. They're still farther than years could go. I don't know. K. Can you just kind of keep exploring further? This piece in kenneth. Right? Just keep on going Here's it's a better fact. I care of less if there's an yeah. I wonderful. I just stay on the journey. And don't worry about. Matter I might be disappointed. That's it. With. How are in in a certain situation you just occupied by it something else, you couldn't maintain or just come down for One.

What what what happen? Running from the or whether you were running? For who. You you mean me personally? Yeah. I just the want... Well, if I couldn't meditate for day, it wouldn't make that much better. If I couldn't benefit for a long period of time. There are some ways it would make a difference, but is other things that it just won't change. K So it's like there is, you know, the the the eighteen that I talked about the joy and my happiness kind meditation. And the tranquility and. You can reach a certain stage in your meditation where you have that all the time.

But you do have to sit down and meditate every day because if you stop. Out over a few days or a few weeks, it will faint and disappear. But there are other changes that are are are permanent. And that's that's what we're really after. We're not concerned with the things that require that you have to be able to meditate to. We're interested in the permanent changes that take place. It just... Was that the question you were asking me? Yeah. And that's a very important thing. That's that's a very important thing to recognize and to realize.

I think some people have meditate and they reach that point where they have great joy and tranquility quality and activity. And I think Okay. This is it. I right. This, you know, there's nothing more to do. And they might be fine. But if they did sick, They can't meditate for two months. They lose it all. Or, you know, everybody gets old. And loses loses and health. They if a person develops alzheimer's. Have meditate more they're going to lose stuff. Because it's If it's dependent upon meditation, if that's only way to sustain it, you lose the meditation and you lose it.

But what what this path is really about is the kind of transforming insight understanding. That permanently changes the way our mind works primarily changes the way we see things. And that you can't lose out. In the book of the power now. I kind of view on his point of specialized in he say human tends human tends to use a mine. Instead of send steps. You said or like, really. They use mine to more. Like, the my cover everything, cover your rear the your true through me and your Just like it is cover your wasted.

So that... That's what... I I view the book the less and the book to me. Understand A. Half margaret whispering. Happy to see that somebody has translated to Chinese. Already transferred to Chinese. Yeah. That was very good. But I say English addition probably been. Was the. Watch video Yeah there's lots of dvds. He's hilarious. Any is. Oh, he's just me he's very funny. Very personally. Oh I was just gonna say just from my personal experience they're technically be danger. If you you you know, you start meditating and you kind of quick nice tranquil concentration but you don't have any insights.

And then if you stop, doesn't happened to me I'm i like changed the next stop, and then actually degraded even too worse than I had been before. Began meditating, You know? Terrible. It was really nasty. And then but the good part of it was when I my dog meditating, it was, like, much faster to to get rid of those standards get as cat. Right? If so there can be also kind of a danger there. And quite frankly i wasn't aware of that, you know, the difference between the concentration aspect and the insight i don't use the.

I experience. I think is a process. In the process. Is that there's just... You need to experience there yes. But is injuries obvious scale is the process I I I you. I think it's important though that, you know, and you already mentioned that what people need to be aware it's the you don't have elastic insights. You know, it's only your video practice that's that's holding your hundred is that date. Right? That's right. Yeah. And you if you stop or You miss a couple days, you know, instantly that you might find yourself via acting anger in your and then slowly and you have to put back.

That's right. K. I hate any experience. Great? Yeah. That's. Very strongly. But it's good. It's a good challenge. Get sweet? See okay There's accountants. There's a name for while. Is It think for this for this stage, you know, you said it's a process. And then actually, it's part of as part of the progress in insight. Always. The stage has the bank it's called knowledge of what is and is not the impact. Yes. Alright. That is. It is the illusion that that wonderful states are the path and they're not inside this.

Yeah. So you, the knowledge kind of conquest is and is not the I may great he somebody has same experience something. We will there hey. We are very worry. Yeah. Very friend. But able to say right. Go. Be. We experience. Right now I say. My question, that the answer should be pretty obvious curious to to to your theory response so having the the right companionship is the whole practice i just... you know, here you came you know, get about what you think is a primary reason. It should be pretty obvious box curious.

That's gonna pretty obvious. Actually in the in the sutra, the words where was noble companions novo aria meaning. Those people have already already achieved a a certain degree of weight agent. Five. But yeah. The the the reason that is important You all know how much you're affected why have the people find the people or out to get some to some degree is one of our biggest problems that we end up responding to the expectations of other people and we we will behave and sometimes speak and have think in ways that reflect the companions that we associate with on a regular basis has a very, very powerful class.

So just that by itself. If you if you can care to associate with with people, the highest character and the greatest is virtue the best ethical values and the greatest wisdom, it can I don't that have a positive effect on here. And just the opposite is true to the degree that you associate with people who who lack ethics and Virtue and wisdom up. It's going to... It's gonna have a negative influence and you're going to be struggling a against that. Hope time. It's because, you know, how our mindfulness is our clarity is not good for know of a lot of the times therefore we were subject to corruption.

Because because he if if my phone is always good, and we know hey know this is... What what, you know, the way that they're behaving is not something i wanna emulate. Correct. So so it seems like, you know, for for most of those including myself. Yeah. That's right. So there is a point. We reach where where that's not in danger anymore. But until you reach that point, yes, you're you're going to be vulnerable to these currently inputs But isn't it also it's just the whole idea of the world view.

I mean, know, the... What what view you hold of the reality of, you know, perceived reality that everything is separate or or not even the the or not. Well, how do you relate that to it Michael? Well, that that good companions or local companions have the world view and then you need that will. Oh, we course. That's right. Yeah. Good. It's a shared world do. Because I mean the general, you know like, I mean, if it totally talks in his book a lot about home. So few people, like, how... Oh he's is, like, funny because he's talking about how insane, everything is and well, you know, we think somebody's insane, but, like, ninety five percent of stuff, ninety nine percent is insane in the level that they don't understand.

Well, that's that's a good illustration. When you... When you're caught up and the common worldview, all of this in sync and Santa diego i around you seems completely normal. It's it's all, you know, It's only when you're able to step outside of that and see it from a different perspective or with stuff then you actually recognize it well, this is crazy Well, this is been hey good discussion now. Anybody else has a question that they really wanna have. I give you a chance to you know what? I'm just kind of curious.

In my life, i I don't really associate. I had it once since I said practicing all the people who are negative and whatnot just kind of invaded away, you know, when you're not into those things you're just not interested anymore. But I have my wife, for example. So you know, at this point in her life right now, she's not very very in mindful she can be kind of, you know, respond lake to events in it in the regular fashion So, you know, generally I I it doesn't affect guy because I I feel compassion because I know that she suffering.

I i i I realized But sometimes you know, if you're not quick enough, that, you know, because that person in your space, they can completely blow away your your calm? Yes. Right. And I just keep telling myself. I have to be compassionate and because she's suffering and, you know, everybody's suffering. I'm suffering. What can I do? Right? She not... And it's not her fault necessarily, you know, just have the trained. Any other than practicing mindfulness there's practicing mindfulness. And you know, one of the things when we talked about...

I ideally he would be surrounded only by no companions, but that's not always gonna be the case. They're always there... I mean, you you can do your best to associate with the finest people. But the nature of life there's some people that but, for example, you know, our our own families. We we're not way to seize association. With our families because because they're not see spiritual path that we are and in your work here career they're gonna associate with people they you lives somewhere and you have neighbors.

But the thing is Everyone has as I would put it everyone has a root nature already. Everyone has good. And everybody has a part of himself that wants to move that person. In the right direction. And sorry, one of the things that you can do is to pay attention to that aspect. Because of all of those people. See see the best and everyone. Because there there is that. And you know, and one of the wonderful things about being in the relationship of everything is it gives you the opportunity to exchange yourself for another As long as you have this attachment an ego self.

And you're dealing with the valid person? It has an attachment to Ego. So you have a wonderful opportunity to practice setting aside your own self attachment and trying to to replace that with intentions for the the best interests of part of your partner. So it's a wonderful situation to do that. If you do that, it's impossible if you do that that the other person won't respond to the same. Because absolutely here irresistible. Okay. Pardon you said? I said, oh, it's correct. Don't know. I sent it in in the row world, it is always the expectation you you expect And you're family member your your wife spouse your case, they expect of you and you know, the office your car probably have an expectation of you.

And your current So the page of you given you yourself have the expectation of of yourself. So trying to reach that level of expectation that always met you that that you can come down cannot, you know... That's is why you you push you someone pushing him to one end and you probably push yourself into another end and... Well and and i I think that's the reason why I know, it's... It's kind of difficult. Know And I think probably probably probably quite medication. Why right year i think channel say chest real point comment the way you see a since.

So probably we can view our our is our professor. System professor is teaching. Other way then. Who is? So I think the way tells it, probably we can what I tried to do so. No. I did something. That's it good. Yeah. So every time I don't call me i said my call. Course there's a big challenge response alright how you control. Made visit. You something sometimes was saying. How can how do you know if you're lane Answer. Find out. So sometimes, After this topic. And even Sometimes a way to check you you like how many to be.

K. Well, I think that's probably not talking for tonight. So I i'll suggest that you know, if you need to go to the watch already stretch do so, but then we'll. Okay it's going to ring in thirty six minutes.

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