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Changing Your Destiny

Q&A: Changing Your Destiny How do I, as a karmically determined individual, alter the course of my destiny and move towards enlightenment? Master Culadasa discusses how we exercise free will …

How do I meditate?

Q&A: How do I meditate? I’ve never meditated before. How do I meditate? Master Culadasa gives basic meditation instructions for someone meditating the first time.

When We’ve Done Wrong

Q&A: When We’ve Done Wrong What do we do about things we’ve done wrong in the past or ongoing troubling situations? Master Culadasa addresses how our past actions and ongoing …

Benefits of Meditation

Q&A: Benefits of Meditation What does meditation do for us? Master Culadasa begins to illustrate what lies in store for us as we progress in training our minds. This discussion …

Analytical Meditations – What and How

Q&A: Analytical Meditations – What and How What are analytical meditations? Master Culadasa discusses what analytical meditations (contemplations) are and the level of mental training that is needed. Four step …

Mindfulness Practice

Q&A: Mindfulness Practice Can you give us any tips for remaining mindful? Master Culadasa discusses how the mind works and how the practice of mindfulness can help us.

Sleepiness and Dullness

Q&A: Sleepiness and Dullness What do you suggest for sleepiness? Master Culadasa gives tips for combating sleepiness during meditation.

Behind the Veil

Q&A: What is Behind the Veil How can meditation help us know that we are not self-existent ourselves, just like everything out there? Master Culadasa discusses the process of getting …

Counting as Meditation Tool

Q&A: Counting as Meditation Tool Do recommend counting the breaths? Master Culadasa explains the usefulness and limitations of using counting or labeling the parts of the breath as a tool …

Mind Unification

Q&A: Mind Unification What are the processes that are taking part in the deep mind? Master Culadasa discusses the complexity of the mind and the different parts that are working …
The Mind Illuminated archive
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