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Joyful Stillness – April 20-25, 2011 (3 of 6)

Joyful Stillness
5 day Easter Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Upasaka Culadasa at Manzanita Village, California
April 20, 2011 – April 25, 2011

“When the mind is uplifted by joy the body becomes all tranquil” – Buddha

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Joy plays a very special role in Buddhist practice. The spontaneous arising of Joy marks an important stage in the progress of meditation practice. Meditative Joy, often referred to as rapture, is one of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment taught by the Buddha. It is also a factor of deep meditative absorption. Joy is distinguished from happiness or bliss, with which it is easily confused. Learn how to awaken joy, so essential to the spiritual life. This Samatha-Vipassana silent residential meditation retreat offers extensive opportunity to deepen your practice through alternating sitting and walking meditation as well as instruction, personal interviews, Dharma talks/discussion and meditative movement sessions.




Automated transcription

Why we talk with about jerry? That's that's between this about threshold still a slack of luxury. And when I say Joy, what I've mean by that is what he has called and Poly language, Pt. It's called P. And Joy is the is basically the English equivalent that P. File. And and Su is the word poly that means happiness. Okay. So Pt and Su go together and so good joy and happiness. Well. And English people use the words joy and happy us. They're not precisely there's is not a a clear distinction between them, and they're often used as sort they the same thing.

You know, you just understand what I'm saying? Very often. People use joy. What they mean happiness that's happened think that's when they enjoy. Don't think much of. But in poly, the two Oh very different knee. Because Joy is a state of mine, and whenever you have a state of mind, you have having us. But happiness is a feeling. So Pt is a stated line results here the feeling happiness. So they're not the same thing. And, actually, if you look into the dictionary in English, and same thing is true.

You look in dixie, you know, a really good dictionary. You'll see that the definition Joy and happiness me are are different and they're different in the same way. Their joy more a state of mind state and happiness as feeling. Specifically why we're interested in joy Pt is that it is something that arises as a part of meditation. And it's a very important part meditation. At a certain stage the natural statement of Pt arises. And that corresponds to stage of meditation where your concentration becomes really good.

The way the meditation is usually taught and the way that it's described and the texts, you know, older attacks. They your practice concentration and when your concentration becomes good enough, medi joy arises, pt arises it. And along way it it comes experience of seeing life, having strange sensations in your body energy movements and things like this. But the state of mind of joy comes as a result of having achieved a certain degree of concentration. But what i the foul is that the reset the two arise together is because they're very close to connected and that actually if you deliberately cultivate joy in your meditation rather than just waiting for it to come out.

If you call it the vape pt, that will improve your concentration and they will accelerate for the process. You been becoming a very skilled medi and being able to enjoy the results of medication. So follow what I'm website? Yeah. So I observing your breath. Or like, paid attention to sony's on the body how how do that enhanced to a level egg where you just quiet. Okay. Well, the way you get progresses Peter, I think I think you have a copy of ten stages of education or do you seen that? No. No. You have.

Okay. Well that to make sure that you get a copy. Okay? It's available on internet I don't know. Make sure you get. Okay. The... As your concentration improves, you'll get to the point where it is no more pain in body. As your concentration improves, there are fewer thoughts. Fewer other distractions come to take you away from the red and it becomes very easy to stay on. And you can stay out the grass for a very long periods of time. With very little left. It's any thought comes it's like a whisper in the background think you can just ignore it.

Now What... What happening before that is there's different parts of your mind that are not on track with the meditation project. So here you are trying to pay attention to the graph. And some other party mind wants to think about on problem. Or wants to make some plan for tomorrow or so on and so as you already experiencing. These are different parts that are buying. That they don't care about meditation they have their own agendas. And so those thoughts and ideas keep kinda out Now the reason that after a while there are much fewer of like kind of thought.

Is that all your mind become unified, all of the different aspects of your mind. Now starting to focus on the same thing at the same time. Count they come to be with the meditation program. And that's actually what causes the pt the joy to arise, the unification of my. If you think about it, whenever you do something that you know, for example, a hobby or something like that. That you just get totally involved in. You know, you enjoy doing it. You're totally involved in doing it. There's really no other thoughts mind at all.

You feel very happy. Right? Just strong a feel that or joy. Yeah. So this is this is exactly the same thing as as Pt. When when we become? Well, we become focused on something in such a way that that everything our our minds concerns with everything else falls away. And then we get it the flow. On the flow, I mean it just... Whatever whatever it is we're doing, it just happens naturally almost by itself. You know, it just... That's what the word well means. Then we have a really strong feeling of joy happiness sort happiness especially.

But. And this is this is what everybody out there is looking for anyway. Is why we take our various kinds of hobbies, things like that. Is we're trying to get into some to flow something where it mine become unified. And that natural state or joint happiness. Right? So it is exactly that same everyday life experience that is how a parallel for that was happening in meditation when your concentration reaches that same degree focus. And when of the process are meditating becomes a flow activity, you just you're following around the end now totally relaxed no effort.

It's just happened. Then a very very strong feeling of joy happiness right. So is the same thing. So. But first, you have to go through the stages where your concentration is not good. First, you get past the stage where you have long periods of mine laundering. Then you have a stage where there's not so much mind monitoring, but you still keep forgetting what is your you doing for short period it's fine. And you reached a stage where you don't really forget the meditation. You don't really forget why you're do it.

But your your attention is not always focused alright it. Sometimes the meditation object, but is disorder in the background and there's somewhat the thought that is stronger. That there's is more of the center of your attention. But then you get asked that where you're always just saying right caught the meditation object Now you're you're getting very close to where the line will unify and Pt will arise. And as a matter of fact, it can happen to any medi at any time. If you'd happen to get into that place to flow, where you're able to stay with the meditation object you're alert, you're aware you can completely the relax.

It's just no problem at all state. Even for five minutes candidates, you'll suddenly started to feel happy. So when you describe the medication project, if that means They have to sell. Is that brad? Is. The. Yeah. Citation. Right. Sure it be other choice. Well, i yes. You you couldn't be doing different cognitive meditation. With a different kind of logic and the same thing would be sure. But the object that I'm talking about Right. Chance. Very could be chatting. Yeah. We always mentioned. And I think if you have a understanding regarding a medication or a buddhism They're always talking about concentration, and then you can reach so you can reach join I was still mind.

But it's very and harder to believe what experience. Only concentration can reach it. So I saw I think the concentration is only a training because the sale. Carry a training process Yes. And so the concentration is carry a function of training process. True. So... So so completely here, joy joey joey of the stay of my here. So the part is the process. We only say we concentration with, concentration and wheel index. Was my wondering don't come, i still cut okay. No. You also still come coming often it.

So can concentrate. People you doing care cross. So I I... I'm just trying to find out what try to to see question The training process. Okay. All two tool scale. Not a skill. Your experience to rich them concentration. Eating concession rights can reached join of my to experience understand. Alright? If you So training ten... As you start meditating the training, you'll have experiences that help you to understand. So it it's be easier. To understand to help to understand. Yeah. But think I think this way.

Concentration is not the goal. It's not the end. Concentration is the v. It's the training is the practice. The goal is the unification line. Or the first the first goal is notification that line. And so you practice concentration to get to to achieve unification that line. Where your mind is all... The area part of your mind is working in harmony, doing the same thing at the same time. And then concentration is no problem concentration is as easy as could be. Because now there are different parts of you mind trying to go at different direction.

So think of that way that that the the goal or the objective is the unification of lot and practicing concentration. Is how we get there. And of course when you get there, concentration is easy. But once you're on is unified, don't even need to focus on a single thing anymore. You no longer need to do that. One what's your mind is unified, you can... You could open the focus up so that you're taking in everything at once. Or you have out of your mind to go from one thing to another thing to another every single favorite when i atlanta on totally there one hundred percent with it just like you've been meditating on it through the last time.

And when you move it something else the next thing as well, and it only goes where you intend to go. So once you once your mind is unify, you're finished with training and concentration. And you can be concentrated if you want we say unify what to unify? I I've don't unify in the sense that as long as your mind is wondering. As long as you have different thoughts that have nothing to do with the medication going on you're like, you know mind's not unified, different parts of your mind you're trying to pull different directions.

Do different thanks. That's right mean. So so the goal is to get all of your mind. To get into doing the same thing. It makes your awareness, your consciousness very powerful when that happens. Because now it's all focused. The and think of it as a side effect identification on line. Is joy. It just comes a along with me because It's like a bonus design an extra. K. K. That that's state of mind. You just describe indicating of mind well all the people that that would that be m as like very they will where you reached stage it's because sometimes if I focus on something...

Yeah. I I I do have to you do have that... Yeah. But just last for where you probably gonna show period tough. Right. That's that's right. Probably everybody it's time or another their experience a unification why. You know, have the joy satisfaction that I can't with. But it's usually dependent upon what it is. There doing something outside of themself is helping that to achieve that. And so it doesn't... You're right. It does last. And then, you know, you're you're you're doing something, you're very focused on it.

Unification of blind occurs and then when you get tired as you go do something else and there's number learning identification like. So one difference is the in meditation. You're training would like to do this independently of any outside thing you happen to be doing. And it does lapse. Now initially, in meditation, you... When you're sending, you'll experience very strong unification of mine and Pt. And you'll get up and it will last a little while it we'll say. But the more you meditate the longer latch and the more available it is for the rest of your time.

Okay. You you talk about joy reunification mind and mindfulness. It is the same when you watching good movie and you've just upload way over you pulling zone. It is basically the same thing. Yeah. It's basically saying when you're reading a crummy novel. Just thinking about other things at the same time you're appealing to satisfied, not really wiping I think. Right? But when you're reading a good novel, it's just everything else disappeared just go right into it, and it makes you very happy. It's it's the same thing.

Yeah. So so the purpose of my vision is trying to have that unification of mind last for very low. Or like when you deal with a different kind of person or things that that you can maintain that location mind. Or Like well, let's think of it this way. The ultimate medication just to become fully aligned. A person has a unified life. Has a very powerful line. And they they can gain the insight for leads to to... Right the work the board fully unified your ideas, the more powerful is. And the more time, the more of your life that you in state of unification of mine.

The more opportunities you have for the inside that will result in a awakening. Okay. So... Yeah. And you're you're google. It's it's like, the unification of mine is once step and of course. Just achieving unification like one time, while you're sitting and meditate is not worth that much it's wonderful, but it's not work. Being able to consistently achieve the unification of mine even for a little while, quite often a meditation, that's much better. But being able to achieve a unification of mine, that carries over even and you're not meditating.

That's best at all. So, you know, once you've achieved it, you want you want to keep cultivate. Okay. Does that does that answer your How out there? Yeah. Now Okay. So if you're clear on that, why I wanna back up a little bit? I said, usually the approach meditation is you practice concentration. Until the biden become unified and that p arises joy rises. The what I found is if at the same time you're practicing concentration, you also practice cultivate or. You get there much more quickly. It speeds everything up.

The reason is Unified mind is a joyful line. But also, a joyful line is more unified. Whenever Whenever your mind is joyful, you don't have all these different parts of your mind wanting to do something else, think about something else goes somewhere else. Right? When you when your mind he is in. And remember joy he is a mental state when your mind is in the mental state of joy, All the different parts of your mind are really happy to be completely present with what's happening right now. So joy also helps Although unification mine produces joy Joy also helps to bring value identification of why.

So we use that. So that's what I wanted talk to you about right is how to intentionally cultivate. Develop joy. Being in some state of joy as much as you can while you're meditating so that your meditation will progress more rapidly and improve and work. So that's why... That's what I want to get to here. So, you know, i called this still this enjoy. First week trying to to slow out all of the activity of our mind, bringing about search they still lot. But at the same time, we want to bring joy to that.

So it becomes a joyful stone. And and this will this will advance your meditation quickly. Now, raj said a we call. Anybody have any ideas How to talk picture. This is secret. If you understand the more you understand about what joy is than or obvious of the accounts what you need to do if you wanna call drive? No. That's it. Join is the pay date of my And what puts your mind in that particular estate? When good things happen to you your mind, the more good things that happen to you the more joyful you might become today.

What's the opposite of Joy? Seventh? When bad things happen to you, you you become sad. You become very unhappy So. The mental state is affected by the kinds of experiences they you'd have. Now once the mind is in that mantle State, then he behaves in a particular rep. So I'll just point out what that is. When your mind is in the state of joy, you think about the time that you were joyful about something. When your mine is state of joy? Where wherever you are, where wherever you go, You tend to see things that are nice, beautiful, pleasant?

Also. Good. You tend to ignore the things that are ugly broken, tough white. A person is joyful, just you naturally walk into through real you say oh, listen that beautiful. that's. This just the opposite set a person that's really sad, they walk the real. Oh that's not good. That's eight color. Right. So your mental state determines. First of all, why you pay attention to? And a joyful eye face attention to good positive. Then the second thing that happens is that no matter why you pay attention to you too, Yet.

A joyful state of mind, you are going to notice the positive aspects more. So you know, if you have a glass that has had full In a joyful line, you see it had high full and a non enjoyable state of mine you said a half empty. You need a person you're talking to them. And if you are in a joyful state of mind, You are you are going to proceed this this. This is a good person. This this is a nice man. Whatever circumstances here in have, you are going to have this more positive perception. The third thing that it does, so it affects what your attention goes to, it affects the quality of your perception.

The third thing it affects is the feeling that it gives you, know, the the that happiness or unhappiness or neutral feeling. That is associated with. When you're in a joyful state of mind, something that would ordinarily be just mildly pleasant is very pleasant. In a joyful state of mine something that ordinarily might just seem ordinary. And joyful state of mine. Seems pleasant. Something that my under other circumstances seem mildly on present seems neutral. You don't really mind it. Something that would otherwise seem very unpleasant, seems only mildly implants.

So you see when it does, it shifts it shifts the the feelings that are listed by all of your experiences in positive and direction. So you know, you think about the senate somebody get some really good news and and a state of joy. Everything is wonderful. Feels good. They love there breathing. You ever heard somebody say it feels good just to read, feel good to be alive. I because we we all read the whole time. But when we're not in a joyful state of mind, reading is breathing your cares. But when you're a a joyful state of mind, and breath is a pleasure.

It shifts you in that way. It it's exactly the same... Exactly the opposite of what happens if you were on a dread depressed set, stay of the line. If you're gonna state of grief, you have just the opposite check. So certainly joy is a state of life. It's a state of why the attempts to perpetuate itself the same way sadness and brief perpetuate ourselves. Or anger for themselves so. If you're in a state of anger, and things tend to annoy you and your anger just keeps on feeding on stuff. The same thing happens with joy because you're going to pay attention to the more positive of things you you're going to feel better about whatever it is you pay attention to.

You're gonna see things in a more positive way. Get reinforces the stated of joy. So this is how we can cultivate the bay hr. Once we get it started, and then just keep it going here. Will it it can become stronger. So Now Darby, We all experience mild states of of joy. A few good things will have on to us and we'll start to feel in a good mood. You know, well mild effect for that. But it's vulnerable to something coming a along back unpleasant and care can't destroy our good mood. So It it has this...

It initially it has this fragile quality to it. So if you start out at medication, To cultivate joy, you need to pay attention to pleasant experiences. If your body feels good, Notice to step and continue to be aware of that. Even while you're putting your attention on your breath, in the in the back of your mind. And in the background of your awareness, you noticing saying how nice it feels just to sit here and do quiet? Get you... If there are some good feelings in your mind and you become aware of those.

And you... This is how you cultivate joy. What is pleasant. You you get it more of your conscious awareness. And you reinforce it, and it will help to gradually induce in your mind the state of joy. As your mind becomes more joyful, your med quality your meditation is going to improve. Your concentration is going to be better. And a concentration is better is going to produce more feelings of of happiness satisfaction. Piece. And this is the point at which union can start to build by it. So... But you have to you have to move it along.

You have to get it started. By always focusing on the positive and doing the best that you can to oh wait ninety take thoughts. You know, so if you find yourself thinking oh, I'm not any good at this. That's that's a joy destroying thought. And so you should try the let go of the thoughts and feelings that negative. When they come up to the extent that you can. Usually, they're not all that strong. There's just a feeling of restless and dissatisfaction comes up before it's too strong, even just recognize oh.

This is just a feeling and I'm having. And if I identify with it, if I say I am restless in to satisfied dissatisfied, it's just gonna to get stronger. So in instead you said, oh is just this feeling of dissatisfaction. And I'm gonna focus on something positive like traveling, you know, how relaxed i feel and ignore that feeling or the of the dissatisfaction. So so you can muscle ping turn into the choice of stalemate. Yeah turn you're right mas pain. Muscle pain yeah. Yeah. What when wanted do paying this on foot.

So what when you wanna do with paint. If you can ignore and pitch attention to something else then do that. See usually web there's pain in your body, there's also something that feels pleasant as well well at the same time. So if it's possible to play pay attention to something as pleasant driver. Hey. That's a good idea. But very often, it doesn't take very long before. The pain drawing your attention. That's why as i saying last night when you pay attention to. You want to observe it objectively, not as I and pretty but has all this pain arising you this part of my body.

So that you're you're you're creating a a a separation of your being. And you watch to see when your mind is resisting that, your mind the saying oh, I can't stand this, This is a stupid idea of saying here, I i need to go go do something. You recognize that all of these kinds of thoughts are going to be counter trajectory. And so do the best that you can. To remember that that not true and that You don't have to go anything and do your best to let off. And it gets easier zeros as you go along. So it's lena a concentration that pan.

Know the bios attachment. The concentrate concentration the pen... Yeah. Choice. Yeah. We should. Yep. What happens specific. What happens if you concentrate on a pain and you do it the right way? Objectively? Yes. First of all, before you started concentrating on a divided file, Well, this this is too much I'm not gonna be able to stand this for maybe another minute that's all. But when you concentrate first find as well, actually, I think I stand there longer that. That's the first thing that happens.

And then if you continue to concentrate it on it on it in the right way, Then you begin to see it more as a collection of sensations. Yes. It's not unpleasant, but it's just sensations. And you you have this realization well... I don't have i... It's right for those sensations to be there. I don't have to resist I don't have to fight against. If you continue have that way successfully, one of two things will happen. What is that it'll still... There's still be sensation and still be unpleasant. But it just it won't bother you at all anymore.

At which point either probably come back to the rep? The other thing that sometimes happens is it just dissolves. And it it stop being painful at all. It's just it's just a sensation. It's not even unpleasant association or stress sensation. Who regions stage? Which states more than us. Which stage is the more advanced is when I just It's just a sensation doesn't bother yet. Well, so energy will shoot through it. You'll be a still... Yeah. That's right. Sometimes sometimes it'll just It's like energy go trips and blows it out.

It's gone. So. I had a ping like that. I think I had my my back was in shane for twenty years. Just, you know, I've been chiropractor massage everything I spent thousands of dollars on my pain in my back. The one time. I'm just sitting and meditating. And and if she shot up feeling back and was like, holy smokes what I was even do his It was just... And then the pain was gone. When was a babies, because I've had that being for so long. Real high for the question with last Cc. Is they are easy to field.

It's very complicated. If private truly real life, well for achievement to a withdraw your mind. That's it's so it's a small soldier, but it's a big clean. Sometimes indeed why, use quite correct. Provide me thought mason Har, probably we you can there something that this is experience. What will happen and I can't quite explain how this happened. I don't really know. But it does happen when people have been meditating for a long time. I just don't feel any of my pain. Any pain at all my body when I said, I could sit for hours.

You know, I can sit for two or three hours. And when I stand up, my legs aren't my feet is not a asleep my. My legs not you know, my joint stop her. I... As a matter of fact very often, I feel, you know, energized as a resolve the city. I can't quite explain how that happens all. I think how it happens is that in in meditation, because there is a movement mode of energy. And I think I think when the when the cheating is moving properly and your body, links don't fall asleep. Joints right. East That's just my theory.

I we already told you. No. Maybe going at least kind of stage. Maybe take care why You know think about if you mind and you'll have condition if you can make healthier. Maybe the health and medication. Okay? Like you would read some good book or make us do some good making health contest health. That's right. And maybe that way we help with that meditation Most people So like that. Right? That's right. If you if you do exercises, if you do yoga or chi gong or anything Yeah. I res sign cookbook maybe twenty of my thinking that way, maybe.

Sound like that. Right? That's right. And and actually, the same thing is true. Joy. Don't just help today joy when you're sitting in meditation. Try me whenever to call join all the time. When you find yourself, dwelling on unpleasant things. You know, there's always something pleasant you can pay attention to as well. And you know, you can you can change the way that you think. It's a matter of type. What you pay connection two? Is that's what determines the experience you have. Where you know, we know how two people can be in the same place and have totally different experiences.

It's mainly because they're paying attention to different things. And if you pay attention to positive things, it creates that joyful state line. And the more you do that, the to to better it's going to you to be for. So pay attention, intentionally, you know, you you learn to get attention to your regrets when you're sitting. But when you're out there in the world, pay attention to the good and the positive and wholesome things wherever you are. And if you find yourself drilling out a negative something that is negative or problematic, ask yourself the question is there's something I can do about this right now, if there's not...

Just let go look. No need to hold on to. That. Don't carry it. If it's something you can do about it? Do it. If does not. Yes. Regarding the pin, I also wasn't to sure experience Today, we told me don't move. Right? Yeah. I I forgot last retreat, I was told at wall. So when whenever I get come to buy move a bit of it. And today, after I talked to you, I try not to move at all, of course, at opinion I failed pen and know. But just like what you say I would like. I don't it. I observed it. Mh. And I took it I I I don't want to think about, like, Say, oh, I'm going to write.

I want to lie that or something like that. I just took it not excessive then it will gradually dissolve. And I was says still. No just by taking So you found what I'm saying work. Yeah. I. Many people just weren't... Just not update you just have to have a little bit of faith and try every for something. But when you said not more. That include that you do not try to move your cheap that part of the brand. Because you trying to move it's when new. Yeah. Not not not your party imagine internal how you will be calling break nations.

You can you can try moving your chi and see if that helps is nothing moving on that. Don't get caught up at it. Though because then all you do is you sit there. Trying to find the way to move chain to make the pain going. See, this is what's wrong with with moving. You said still and the pain comes, and you think I don't want this. I rid of this. So Oh, that doesn't hurt. That's good. Okay. Except Records pretty. And so this is a dead end. The only place leads to, Is it everything that is you're moving something else.

Right? So it's better. To sit still, and get to the point where where the bank just dissolves and joseph way. That's what I'm encouraging you you do. Now along the way before you get to that point, you might reached the point say, okay. This is it. Not for this time. And go ahead and move here. See. Next time. I'll I'll try not to but this time I have to. And that's why I make the move your my. And encode. And when you do that, now exactly what I say, but a few minutes late there's gonna be something other thing.

And so he realize that the only thing that movie leads to, is more booting. And and it does not lead to think. It just leads to... you know, it's when you're always trying to run away from thing. Know a keep... It keeps catching up whether you you keep grinding way yeah. Catches up with you right away here. So that's that's the thing about moving. Now with something else, like the cheap. If if you have for example, you might have a ping in your and your back or your neck. And this is a kind of thing but very often if you can move the change through right.

And let's go. So if you could do that and let's go. That's fine. But it's the same thing as moving. If you find that, well Now I it's was just another pain coming back. And so you have to... Well, I spent my whole meditation period moving my cheek my spine to get rid this pain. And you say he's up okay. This is not the dead yet. Because I may end up doing this forever. And it's not getting any better. There is a a point that you come to. Where you really feel the chain moving in your body, You really feel energy.

And when it begins to live strongly, sometimes will produce its own pain. Because if there's a blockage and then the she can't move. And this... This is a different kind of pain that just comes sitting still. You're sitting there meditating you feel energy moving it. All of a sudden, you know, you've got you've got a a strong pain of ways you didn't have before. And the best way to deal with that if if it is pain this coming from front with blocked energy, use your use your mind to move the energy through it or what I find sometimes you do is focus your attention on me on the side of the block.

And the more you focus your attention on the other side of the blockage, that the board of the energy starts to come through the block place have there let's go. Question. I'll company explain or describe this situation this other i call. On yeah Okay. And subconscious might say, okay. I'm waiting a paper card. Why the to come What happened to the my. I think it's because you were... You weren't resisting it. You're were saying, okay. You could come you up. So didn't come. Yeah. Then It's really true the that when you resist it, then it's intense.

And if you like go that resistance, but think very often goes away. So I think the only thing that I could think that was happening in your case is because you were expecting it you were when it came, You weren't gonna find against and you were just trying to sit there and work with it. It just didn't come. I guess why it didn't come. Maybe the one relaxed. Because you know what will happen that is. You'll be working with fame, and you'll you'll be paying attention to it and focus on it and goes away.

Great. That's one. So then the next time you better take there's another planning. You say, okay. I'm just gonna pay attention to it. And it'll go away. And won't go away. Because you see you're really resisting it. You're you're wanting it to go away the first time you were just looking at it and you didn't expect it to go away. But it did. But then you look at this other pain and you're expecting it to go away. Well an outside. Really still resistant. Even it seems today many people great achievement.

In which today? They anybody experience is different in general great achievement. To to it way Pin. This afternoon. You go. Yes. That's a great achievement. Yeah. We actually not I by wishes that you all very quickly get to the place where it is not pain. You look forward to sitting down because it's holding gonna a big pleasant So so you you get created that by the joy that will the process be your patient. But how how how just just there's a in the background of your thought, when you meditate or how that's that combined to be?

With the rating of the jody two. Okay. Yeah. I say something. That's that's a very that is a very good question for So even when you're not concentrating on something, like you're concentrating on the breath, you're still aware of other things at the same time. It's just naturally the case. There's a matter. I you want it to be that way. Because it you become too concentrated too soon, then then he'll just forget what you're doing at my water or or your fall. So you want that awareness to be different.

Okay. What is that awareness gonna i take? Well, this is where cultivating joy comes in. That if there is pleasant feeling in your body, you want death to be be what's in the background of your awareness while you're concentrate. If there is a feeling of peaceful sort happiness in your mind, you want that to be and what you're aware of in the background why concentrate concentrating. So yeah, your team thing, all of these positive experiences of very kind. I mean, that's just two example but anything that is a positive part of your experience in the moment.

You know, in this in this reality right now, anything that's positive it. You're encouraging that to be there in your awareness. That that's how you That's how you cultivate the job. But then has your as your ability to focus get stronger Like if you're observing the breath you start to see more and more details of the sensations of the growth. But without losing this background awareness of of of the comfort as peaceful us. Wondering three, something I've already had a problem with is kind of, you know, focusing on physical sensations it's okay.

I understand that part. Kind of watching the bounce come go. That makes sense to me, but what was see on a p? I'm really not quite sure. What you. Well princess instance the the feeling of of joy under your happiness when you're Okay. There's is a little distinction here It's I'm not needing for you to focus on figure. Are needing for you to keep an awareness of that in the background. Okay. Now does that scene... The... Is that something you don't quite understand or you don't have to difficulty people That would mean just being aware of someone.

You know, pardon. Yes. You're intros aware that. I feel pleasant. You know? Yeah what you want to do is you want to be aware of the state of your mind. If it's restless, you just notice that like god yeah present. And you wanna sustain that awareness in the background? Sir at what point though you you said to me like, if I have a sore knee, or maybe, you know, focus on the other week because it's not sore. Know. So so Instead of where that my me wasn't me a sore. But so I believe my me isn't store.

And i'm aware bed. I rather gonna spend on my time there. Yeah. That's i'm on the one that isn't... If you can keep an awareness the same positive sensation pleasant button we sensation. It will help not to have the unpleasant nuance. But you're still focusing on the graph. Unless you need to make change the vote. So essentially, you know, once you start to feel the joy you what you're doing, but also just become aware, okay. Joy has i and just kinda keep checking for it once in a while we stay where of That's right.

It's... It's just like it kind of happened. Just let it happen. That's right. But but continue to be aware it's life. Focusing your eyes on one object, but taking in other things in your peripheral vision. So so you have your attention focused on meditation object. But the joy and all the the the happiness or any other pleasurable things that company me that. You want to sustain down in in the first of about your peripheral conscious event. K. So the joy kinda becomes like the screen, let's say, you know, i think that's the bad.

So it comes to background to the i go ahead and face. And the other things that arise in association with joy there starts to become strong. There are pleasant bodily sensations and they're and maybe be light and baby sound, things like that. What do you find with us? Have you have the experience a just a bright light seems form. If you go chasing after, it will attempt to disappear. But if you just keep on way you're doing it, but be it'll it'll grow strawberry a stronger. It will very strong. And enough so you can't focus your retention on a it's not one.

But the only way that gets there is you let it... You let it increase in the background. The joy and there's also pleasant sensation in your body that's an important part of this and the same thing is true. That you have to you have to let that develop by itself without chasing it after after it, at least until it reaches this professor strike. It comes twelve enough then you can actually shift your attention to that and safety in your body investigate. But if you do it too soon, you'll you'll you fade away.

Lose. Well when you focus on the breath, you come to number like because yesterday's told us like, a can't one to ten and, like, come one hundred probably not to hundred thousand. What I suggest is that... Whenever you begin to meditate, the first time you know you said down closer. Eyes. And settled it five, focus your attention on your breath. And then you might count ten reps to upsell nearby. You And then stop county and just observe the sensations after that. Then if you find it's not point that you're buying is is agitated or you can a lot.

If you're mind this wandered and you've been in month lost then mine for five minutes then just something realize it. You might can't count ten reps again just to help stabilize attention. But to try to count more it now What tends to happen is a mind can just count automatically and you still forget the breath anyway. You know So I find ten is ten a really good number. And you know, somewhere between five ten, at least usually is enough to client the mind. And you could have a really good feel for the quality your concentration from that.

So then after that you want to to just like a old accounting because it's not running help that much back to that. You can always do it again on yeah. You feel like getting need too because you're agitated There are some meditation teachers that teach very complicated practice so that you would count You count ten breaths. At night breath. At eight. I've that's six and that two. And i line two. I done three in a few. So you up and down a complicated system. And those they do people to stay concentrated on the umbrella, but It really that that's...

You you know, you wanna get to the place where you don't have to do something like that. So I think it's better that you you count a reasonable number of breath and then you stop the county. Rather than be become to canada hot really complex this. Really if you're involved in, you know, sub complex way of accounting, you're you're not really doing the practice story you're supposed to Anybody have any other questions? I'd like you to try this out. Just you know, from this point on, no matter what you're doing?

Just help they enjoy? Wherever you are, you know, when you're outside, walking. Make sure you know it's just how beautiful things are, how good the sun of feels, how nice the grease fields? The all the beautiful things that you see, cultivate joy in that way. And then when you sit down and meditate, for time first still on official thing. Oh, actually. Feels good. Don't worry about the fact that maybe you're back will hurt after you been sitting for five minutes. That doesn't matter. Right now you first sit down.

And that relax my go all attention as oh. I feels so high. There's no tension in my shoulders I think like bad this is good. I'll let attention my four two. Oh, that feels good. Yeah. That kind of thing. So, you know, look at your mind. Guys you're reading yeah. Out. I was getting quiet. This was nice I like. Yeah. Difference between joyful state of my and good Attitude. Well, Usually when what I think I was an attitude is more a a point of view a way of understanding things. Whereas joy as a state of mind is is more just the the state that you're being in.

Now if you have a good attitude, you can that that's part cultivating the state of joy. You take the point of view that... Okay. I know that there's a lot of positive things around me. And I know that this to my benefit to to pay attention to those. And preferential write down Thanks pleasant. So that's that's the big attitude. And that's the good attitude that will lead to state light, but state line doesn't involve what kind of thinking. It's just more away being. So all just, you know, being appreciated that we have good opportunity practice decided Attitude you always said it.

He's that a state of month? U you know, I I it could be there was and couldn't depot both. So... Yeah... Took that how I think it should be a state of mind. My sorry I was attitude becomes a state like and you're really grateful for the opportunity practice. Yes. Oh, no. I was just gonna ask because i is just cars more effort instead of months, like you just it just happens without really not with that but. It kind of happens with that you even that extra. I Actually, I would agree you with that.

It's an attitude is more, you know, you're doing something. You're you're adjusting your your viewpoint. So there's kind of mental activity taking place. Whereas the state of mind is just it's just being too much thinner. Yeah. So let is more. More a try. Yeah. That's right... That's a good way to put it too. More effort more, more intellectual involves thinking, things like that. How do you have a joyful state of mind when when you're extremely busy, but you questions say have to do. Understand deadlines.

Choice because you're you're trying to sustain a joyful state of mind in the face of a lot of stress and tension problems. That all of which tend to destroy that state of mind to create different creative a stressed out aggregated, you know, state environment. So that's what makes to heart. Because you're mind, you're mind only... It can be in what state or it'd be in another state? So you go choices. So now if you if you if you get good, cultivating a joyful state of mine. Then, you know, you'll be able to go longer and deal with more things before he before it gets eroded away.

So if you're if you're working eighty hours and we you're really pushing it because it's you're not leaving a whole lot of hours to to relax and cultivate the joy. You having a lot of time that's gonna be eroding at. So that's a really big challenge. But they they more is the more joy that you can call today. That the more difficult circumstances you can tolerate without without losing the drug? You don't really need to work yeah more for a medication. You only have one life. So many days. So many lights have any else or heartbeat.

You don't think what the top is. Thank you. So you need to you're an accountant you to budget. Yeah. Otherwise, you spend all of ways that And you'll be sorry. Yeah. I think what he's talking about makes sense really going. I know do we not research about common practice basically kind of stare ourselves away. Right. Possible where we more folks more in our our. Basically work in the corporate world. Yes. Yeah and which i security. What has does this problem? No matter. Where you work or what you do?

Healthy, what are your priorities? And how do you your time? And you you need to look at what your priorities are? And, you know, if dark practice becomes a major priority, then when it comes to a choice between diamond practice and something else here you're going to give up with something else to the extent that you give up the dark practice for the sake of something else. Hopefully, you know what it is you're giving it up for and you're really clear that indeed give is something. That is weren't enough that that he wanted adjust adviser it.

Rather that just going on on a matter because well, this is what everybody else expects. This is what everybody else thinks, you know, but... You know, to be a success, that's something. What does that mean? You have to decide success for you what you need. And then just because everybody else thinks that you should keep doing more. That would be a big state. You need to... You need to decide for yourself is this what you really really wanna do? So it is the choice of. Yes. It's stress. This cost.

Is based on your priorities. It's... It requires that he look very carefully and you don't yourself, because it's very easy to dilute yourself, and it's very easy to be influenced by other people. For children, it's very easy to be influenced by parents. Husbands are influenced by wives. Why, you know, if you're if you're part of a your influence by the corporate philosophy and the additives of the other people you work right you you have all those influences. And you need to look and say, okay, am I doing what?

I wanna do are am i being driven, my other people and other people's expectation? When you know what you wanna do, that it becomes simple. Probably we we do have another choices. But for instance, i probably did you don't have pay. If you were priest, oh, like, someone that go to the iraq to teach that are India. But do you how way you teach that in that kind of very fierce confrontational. In each, soldiers and and iraq? Yes. They don't have much choice. Yeah that's right right They they they honor any main decisions that have limited their choice because they aren't there.

There is a whole... There's is a whole structure that determines almost everything that have very very few choices. But they do have choices. And well I would what I would do for people that are whipped themselves in that situation. Is I would I would teach them to develop mindful awareness. Because The more the more mindful that they are in what whatever your situation they find themselves? The better will be the quality of the decisions that they do make. So somebody else decides for them where they're gonna go on what day who's is gonna go with so so forth.

Circumstances happen to but are beyond their control. But then when they're in a situation, especially if they have weapons, It's really important that they that they'd be clear. The more clarity of mine they have the more likely they are to survive the more likely there associates are survive the more likely they good decisions that don't bring unnecessary harm to civilians, for example, all these things. So that would be the best thing that I I could offer I to people in that kind of situation.

You know and... And we're all already in situations that that are choice with. So may not be as I was limited as a soldier or right. But we are a... We've made certain commitments we're in situations and our choices are limited. So the more mindfulness, we can bring to the situation at that better that we're going going to banker her that situation. That's my. Questioning regarding to the object of the object that we take to have joy, he seems like certain objects are more dangerous than others like certain things are very great friday.

And if we take joy and any falls apply and kinda join him turning to kinda on a misery So... Is it true that the the simpler the theme that we take join the more reliable evening me to do this? Well, if you think in terms, not a... You know, if you think it's how you're using it... If if you king joy and in the pre somebody praising here. That's not a very good thing. But you take joy in physical objects or or sexual activities or things like that, I mean, that's gonna happen anyway. That's not really cultivating joy.

Cultivate of joy is recognizing the positive kind the good in the wholesome and whatever situation area. So yeah. These other kinds of things that involve attachment and there's a risk change and loss and things like that. You're actually better off practicing our. So when you're in a situation of people pricing you If you take... As you take the in it, then you send yourself up to be to be hurt. Whereas if you practice, then, you know, your Ego doesn't get inflated and you don't set yourself up to peter Cultivation of joy is just...

Let look for the positive to appreciate positive pay attention to that end and everything. And it doesn't mean the same thing as as pursuing sensual pleasures. Pe drive vacation. Like that. Okay. Well, I hope that this a discussion is helpful for you and that that we'll have a positive and impact on your practice. I would suggest now that we they almost are gonna ring to starting sip. I know something need need to stretch rush. So we'll go ahead and we'll we'll sit together and if you need to stretch your go.

Do that but come in reapply after.

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