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Joyful Stillness – April 20-25, 2011 (1 of 6) Guided Meditation

Joyful Stillness
5 day Easter Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Retreat
April 20, 2011 – April 25, 2011

Joy plays a very special role in Buddhist practice. The spontaneous arising of Joy marks an important stage in the progress of meditation practice. Meditative Joy, often referred to as rapture, is one of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment taught by the Buddha. It is also a factor of deep meditative absorption. Joy is distinguished from happiness or bliss, with which it is easily confused. Learn how to awaken joy, so essential to the spiritual life. This Samatha-Vipassana silent residential meditation retreat offers extensive opportunity to deepen your practice through alternating sitting and walking meditation as well as instruction, personal interviews, Dharma talks/discussion and meditative movement sessions.



Automated transcription

Relax your body. This give you body quick scan. You need to adjust the physician or any part of your body you so find any tension anywhere i that hashtag. Your body still on relaxed? I just sit here and be fully present. Oh, i yourself, too. But I'll allow your attention to move to anything that it wants other than thoughts about the past to the future or something else. Any sensations, any sounds. Just sit here and then take in the present. As you coming into the present. Let go. Everything else in the world, all of your worries and concerns.

Quality responsibilities, problems, things like that. Just let to go. Completely here now for the next five days, nothing else to worry about that's being totally present. Bring your attention to the body itself. So whatever sensations are in or on the surface of your bottom. While your attention to freely moves through your body. Feel the wait and reply you against patricia on your. Field sensations of the clothing asterisk scan. But she a warmth for cool miss. You may be aware of other sounds, other things.

But get the attention on the sensations of the body. This place are comfortable still relaxed body awareness. Will be obvious that most prominent sensations are those produced by the movement of breathing. The the chest perhaps with my shoulders. Sensations of prep entering and leading the nostril. Explore all of these sensations of the graph. That's your awareness of the body, the rest of the body be in the background. Along the sounds or anything else. Restrict your intention to the exploration of the sensations of the breath.

Check once second again your body is completely relaxed still. You need the echo or any intention to slow. Now while observing the sensations in the. Gradually bring the focus of your attention to the sensations of the air entering leaving nostril. Explore that area. Try. Where those sensations are clear most easily observed. At a whole of the sensations of the breath look into the background. Together with lot stations, sounds anything else. Keep your attention for sensations so grasp the. No sensations of each in each.

How they different from each other? Where how are the same? If you find your line bills, anywhere else, just they bring it back. I'd like you count ten consecutive breaths and which you're aware. Entirety of the email on the entire unity. If she lose track? Sorry over recap. And that's what. Yes it's. Counting ten breaths without losing traffic what you're doing and a stop cali and just continue to ball the grip. If you haven't reached ten row yet, keep trying. Yeah. Succeeded counting ten breaths.

Yep. And five will be in there. You fifty to fire. Stop County. I just follow the sensations of the. Validating awareness of the breast. Check in on the status body. Is any attachment where that come? A moment to say it was still comfortable still necessarily body. It's fine become still service mind. The new relaxed. Oh. Continue to follow the sensation to the grid. You categorize it. Exactly when i. The same a future. See if you can notice exactly what. To the center relaxed right. And see if you can go this exactly when each ends.

Isn't when the begins or as certain thomas chris. Trash. Can you see the pause prefer the next name? Behind? Fax the third column. That your attention continue to pull the prep. As your awareness takes not everything else. And night sounds from outside, sensation said your body. Just bring up. Include all the sensations of breathing me. Abdomen, chest. No. And every part of your body. They pressed relax me. Sounds bit. Can't try me. People around to. Sounds right. Feel yourself part at a whole something much larger than.

Between the denise... Gradually open your right. Here we go. There's a lot more info. Does anybody have any questions or comments before we yeah really evening? It's pricing how long open it is specific isn't it. Developments supply. The good news is that if you persevere with this? If you'll get to the place where that is not pain in your body anymore. Mission art. That is true. Or those of you that are not used proceeding. Please keep experimenting our ways to make yourself my comfortable. You make use of all cushions.

Can you support after your name please for aid? Do you need to have a higher krishna. And butt or a lower cushion experiment that's you working specs. But the paint discovery. It will get. Screen. The point is the chance. Chair chips. You already use the chairs. Yeah. Absolutely. There's nothing at all wrong the sodium cherry. Or switching back. Okay. Great. Cool. Can after this evening? I. Hope you all have a wonderful retreat. Post the interview schedule in the morning. Got. Right by the time that we're ready for the interviews to start.

And we'll talk to again tomorrow.

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