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Progressing on the path.

Q&A: How do I know I’m really making progress on the path? Master Culadasa discusses how to notice our progress on the path to awakening in our daily lives.

Will power and achievement.

Q&A: Olympic athletes achieve tremendous things by apparent sheer force of will. This seems in contrast to the practices that we are learning here. Can you comment on this? Master …

Silence of the Mind

Q&A: If the mind is thought, then what is the silence? Master Culadasa discusses what is going on when the mind is silent and the benefits of bringing the mind …

Loving Kindness Practice

Q&A: How does one do Loving Kindness Practice? I have difficulty sending myself love and kindness. Master Culadasa discusses the formal practice of loving kindness. How to start with easy …

The Five Aggregates and “No-Self”

Q&A: What are the five aggregates? Master Culadasa details the five aggregates and explains how examining them is one method that is used to see if the self that is …

Exchanging Self and Others

Q&A: How does one exchange self and others? Master Culadasa explains how to exchange self and others within the context of a relationship.

Physical suffering vs mental suffering.

Q&A: I have found great success with observing and letting go of emotions that arise, but I am having a hard time getting the same results with tiredness or other …
The Mind Illuminated archive
Meditation talks from Culadasa contains talks from Culadasa and is named after his wonderful book.

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