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TCMC 1 April 2010 Part 1

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if I wake up and I practiced it's much easier like, my volume is much clearer and free at that time in the day. I haven't really done anything yet. Yeah. And then but what I tend to find myself doing is practicing more in the afternoon. Mh. I just have time then. And usually my morning is, like, i'm somewhere by early So in the afternoon though, it takes me a while because I'm kinda like digesting, which I think I talked about to you before my day almost before I can go into a deeper state. And...

But then I kinda think maybe maybe that's good. That I have to kinda go through all that to get to a quiet mind versus having it just to kinda be a freebie when might wake up and easy. So do you think that that's good or do you think that that's that I been try to as much as I can meditate right off the bat so that the minus... Well, I think both sides are good. I I think that that. You know, and and i gave glad that you can see that it's good and I would pay coming from place on your minds already busy and pre preoccupied with the concerns of your life.

Because a lot of fine touched people. Don't appreciate that And I feel old well this... This is a terrible thing to meditate. If it's... I know, I isn't the way I want it if he well it is is very good. Community to... I mean, ultimately you want to you want to be able to work with your mind my what say in. No matter let's happening. That's so it's good practice in that regard. But approach good. Their hard... There's some deduction about meditating at that time of the day when her mind is clear been precious than was the few things in it.

Because as... I think you've already have noticed, but the same amount of time spent medicaid from that starting point, you know, if it goes a lot further because you haven't had to spend So much sure you're set. Just trying to adjustment middle with all of this. So to benefits it's the about. You can keep catch the way. Go a little deeper go a little quieter there part they able to navigate. Is there any possibility that at least response some occasions so you can adjust your daily schedule so that you can get it not a little more time than as well.

But you there are one two at least two days every week where I don't have the... Create the early morning. Well, there's no you have to survive. It's just putting out the suggestion that the hadn't noticed what you'd have. That you might consider on this one or few days and we and can do that to give yourself the opportunity to take your advantage of. I do all today. Well then you're doing it, I think that's great. When he have. You have two different kinds of notification circumstances and you can...

Write the work doesn't. And so that's great. Why you the screen. And And yeah, the the point is if there's not this no absolute how way is necessarily better better in certain ways. Thank you for that question. Done. Too much. And. Any other questions besides. And turn to hero? But last time I I talked with you and you made a suggestion about my changing my object. In my meditations to the the vibration I get in my body when I meditate Yes. And I've I've shifted that to my object and and... It's much better for me.

Oh, that's good. Yes. Yeah. Really helps. And and for everyone here, you know, there are these very fascinating physical sensations and other sensory phenomena that will arise azure concentration deepen, like helium vibrations or like, electrical current smoothing in your body or bright lights that appear and things like that. And they're all very interesting. And it is totally reasonable that when they first arrived that you're going to want to spend a little time investigating them. And and that's fine.

But the most important thing you do is to keep doing what you're doing. It caused them to arise and just let them develop on there now. Don't don't pursue them. You don't need to drop your sensations to the graph as an object and vibrations or lights or sound or anything hang else that up. Just let that be let it develop on its own. It has a arise because of your developing concentration and awareness. So you keep cultivating concentration and awareness. And we we'll continue to develop and and become even more interesting.

I'm kinda just making these questions. So so... But I mean it's it's not important, but it kind of... I don't know. Anyways, those sensations that come up that are kind of exciting, like colors or, you know, flow in the central channel or like before when I told you, i... Like, sometimes I feel like, you know, there's so much energy like, I wanna do something, but I know that I'm I'm meditating or... They're kind of exciting and like, my mind gets a little bit kind of thrilled, but. And then sometimes I feel like I'm having a nice sit and I'm very clear and I'm calm and it's peaceful.

It doesn't feel dull, but maybe it is, but those things aren't coming up. And is that, like, would that be maybe it's not because it's not as good of a meditation or not as open or the channels are not as open, and that's why I'm not having these kinda like more thrilling or... Or is that also fine and and not... You know, I don't wanna look for the thrill, but I human. The times you don't. Have these very interesting and exciting things kinda stuff is just fun. And probably, they best way to think of it is that empty for one reason and another at that particular time, those channels aren't up.

Okay. Which means that you're having perfect meditation because that means that you're doing the work that's necessary this one to make them come to be open consistently and stay over. So so you you have the delightful experiences. And at first they're they again inconsistent. Sometimes they're they're, sometimes they're not and very often, you know, the first few times you have these really unusual experiences. They are very thrilling. And then nothing it all happens for a long time. I your left Well how what?

What's what am I doing wrong now? Yeah. They i'm doing anything and unless she quit doing a practice the way you were before, because that's that's the way it happens once you're you're keep doing a practice. And then when all the conditions are right, you begin to experience some of these phenomena. I respond to one other thing that you said you said. That when these things come... They they make your mind thrill it's like energy and excitement. And the perception that you will often have is that is that this energy and excitement is coming from this novel experience?

But I'll tell you a little secret which you'll discover sometime when there are no lights. There are no vibrations. It's just the the sense of thrill in mind is that that energized thrilled sensation your mind is just one member of the complex to together with the vibrations and the energy currents on the lights of the sound. So And often you'll get one or two or three of them at one time. But as you go along and start to have And and not everybody has all of them, but say that you're somebody that has both feeling of vibrations and your body, and the strong sense of elimination.

Yes you'll start to have that that excited joyful feeling together with the electrical sensations in your body and at the same time they experience so why, And early times, you'll get maybe just two i want two them Alright. You want to let them develop. And... So when when the notations when you're when you're practicing the way you know you should and they're not there, then you're giving me the work that's going to make them be there. Yes. I done some way back. And got lucid dreaming and I stopped this way yes.

And since I'm doing intense a meditation practice, all this comes back And the dreams come very lucid meaning not necessarily pleasant dreaming. Is that we related to another layer of Why it related to what I have done here in musical. Well, I'm sure it's related to both. I I I'll repeat question and you you saying that as your is becoming or chance you're experiencing more at least the dream. Spontaneously easily without intending to. And it's not necessarily always plugged. But it's happened more often.

And you're asking is is this due to the meditation? Is it due to a combination of meditation and the the lucid practices that you did before. And I would say, it's it is both. But the more the more intensively, we practice meditation than the more likely we are, to experience lucid dreams and more often that those experience will come. And there will often be in addition to the experience of lucid dreaming. There's something that I I don't know exactly what the word for is, but I know if you recall Adam referred to maybe a week three two ago but seeming to be aware even or its sleep.

My loose sleeping. Right. But. Yeah. And it's where there's not really any... There's a sense of having been having been a widow somehow, but without the content of a dream and with nothing and course to mark the passage of time or any business that that sense that that instead of it just spinning this blank blank space between when you fell asleep and when you drink, that there was some prompt learn that. And so that that is normal. It's also two it's It's also i positive indication of the quality of the mindfulness you developing in your meditation because No.

What what is it? That... What is it about aspect but because has a possibility to be aware under those circumstances and we could actually talk more about what is it they're referring to or that somebody casually throws out this word mindfulness from us? You know. But when you begin to have that kind of awareness skin dreams and even in other aspects of of your sleep. And this is This is direct evidence of the success of your practice because your wife wants becoming much more consistent and and powerful and and attractive.

The other thing about it is that just having this kind of awareness and in your dreams having lucid jennings is it's a very educational process. Because when you're having a dream, you Your mind tends to revert to a level of conditioning or car behavior that you're waking stay a deep beyond or maybe be really you know, quite distant. But in your dreams, if it it comes back, and it makes you aware of and if it's a lucid dream, then you're acutely or aware... Oh, here I am. Responding anyway, I don't do that anymore.

You know And and It's it's part of doing really hard work on on your mind, clearing that kind of signed out. Question you confirm Lucid it's with... It? Nope. It's it refers to when you have a dream and you know that you're doing. So do you have you have actually awareness in your mind. This is a dream on sleep. And the more often you have lucid the more versatile if become. So that you... Initially, whereas you're you're... You know that you're draining, but you're still acting out into the drinking of everything.

But after a while you start to be able to exercise more vol or or intentional control, over how you react things or those thoughts that you generate in response to things happening playing at. And also what I I don't know how common is. But I know what happens with me is, that if I don't like what happening in the dream, I can roll it back and redo that by a section. Yes. Question. Yeah. Is there anything I can do to encourage lucid shaming? I've had them. Mh. Not not nearly as many as i like. There are some there are some practices we're developing.

Lucid jane, and I've never... I I've can't really done in a well. I read it about from a little bit a long long time ago. Amount. But I can't couldn't say they tell much enough. But there is name does come in me right now but somebody who has done a fair bit of research on losing to dreaming and these written books that helped you. To help a person to recognize that they're Jamie when they are. That was one technique that I know, which is really... I like it because it's really a variation on basic mindfulness.

And that is... If you just start paying attention throughout the the wake part of your day, this question Well, how do I know this system to drink? So becomes a hammer. And then will find yourself you'll be having a dream and that question will come up. And the answer will be... Well, I know this isn't trade. I know this is a dream because things. That's way put on. Like right now, just to to give and an example. He asked start the question... But how do I know this is dream right now? You know And, you know, you can alerted people here have then look the away.

And I know who I just saw there in my ago after this was a dream. I believe it wouldn't be the same. Okay So I mean, the little things like, but but ask yourself how do you know that you're not threatening? And that if you get habit that. Thank you when one of the most primary simple things is that you write down that you even dream light of people say dreaming me. So when way you wake up halfway, write it down whenever it is, and then getting into the habit, you are getting more more into knowing was going what repetitive parents are what but really need the same as of the training and you get more and what you make more and more sense of it because it is like toddler.

Total delusional often, you know but that is one of the most practical things helpful to even get into every everyday every night and then how do I work with the campaign bring when you go to to sleep and you you prepare your mind and dreaming tonight. I want to know about. You you getting more to the lucid part when you when you said you can even think. I had experience where I walk up halfway. And the dream was terrible and I went back and changed it. Helps. Yeah. It definitely improves the emotional state about behind.

Yeah. Yes. Well, I have the paper the it's sort of a beginner question although. I'm not a yet. Yeah. And I still struggle on this saying so maybe somebody and give me some ideas. I start paying attention graph. And everything tells me hannah take a deep breath and he broke out And I I... And that's okay to start, but I think after a while then said, how well denise regular deep probably selection rugby whatever it will. I don't know if that comes from years of yoga or what it comes from it this deeply writing idea when when I'm breathing right.

I should be going, like, one, two, three one. So that's part of the question. And the other part is, I guess it's very integrated. There's a second way that I can set. Which is the roll light shoulders back and stretch out this area. Took my litter on your... And I can feel this the new right, it's just a permanent problem Feels great. Mh. But it's very hard to maintain sending. It's very hard to maintain that posture. And I'm always bouncing back and forth between should I try to maintain it? Besides just Let me.

What about this regular deep breathing? So the the this... You're asking two things and first. You're saying that when you sit down, i'm gonna course your attention. There's this tendency to feel like you should be doing deep breathing, especially red ball on two, three on the sort of. Right. And that's that's what I think that's probably due to is that it is that training. And then your other question was that By sitting very straight your shoulders back and your hands behind you that they leading you can perceive sensations of the direct in much more of the entire air and to an extent that you can have a perception as of you're following the.

I my daughter. Okay. Okay. But that's hard to maintain as nice as it is, you know, okay. So now what you to do the practice that that I'm talking about is what you want to do is just let the breath happen. You ought be a passive of observe, not making anything in particular it happen? So I'll address first of all all. The the training that comes from from your yoga practices, which is the tendency to feel like you should breathe that a particular way. And have and the ingrained habit that wants to make read in that particular.

So you notice that you're doing it. You recognize why you're doing. Okay. You know, my my conditioning wants me to do the way that I learned before. So because now that I'm paying attention and my breath. This is what I learned to do. Okay. But you're also aware that you also remind yourself that I don't need to do that. I don't really want to do that. And there's a matter fact it's going to be. I'm uncomfortable I try to sit here for hour we're doing now. Yeah. I mean, really So when you recognize it and accepted it, that's great.

That's step one. Recognize accept open okay. This is what's happening. Then you then you have a technology that, yes. But this is particularly going going to work. Then this is what I suggest you tried doing about it is, you know, at the end of of breath, and just wait expect and let yourself be surprised by when the next rep begins. And the same thing as you're inhaling, develop that attitude to okay. I don't know this is gonna end, I'm just watching to see what it is. And even doing that at first, you might find, but oh well what I'm waiting for the next breath to start, it starts much later than than it normally would but don't worry about that.

You didn't make it happen. Don't don't do don't do any cell thing about this, you know, I was taking credit for things that that you didn't really do. Your mind will respond to observation and to the the attitude of waiting, But it will it will counteract pretty effectively. I think I I think you'll find counteract x. The tendency to feel like you should be deliberately drawing in a long full breath that because you're more expectancy and then you know, hope hopefully, you'll find that that after a while, you just sit down and and your mind automatically goes into the passive.

Just pain in the present. But whatever happened. I don't have to make any happen I don't have to do anything. I can just watch. Now as far as the other part of it is that what's interesting about that? Other kind of greeting. It's pleasant? And go ahead and, you know, enjoy that from time to time if you want to, but it's obviously not going to be terribly conducive to a meditation practice. But you can use it as a starting point a few breaths like that and enjoy that sensation. And then focus what you wanna focus on is some sensations a a subset of sensations happening in one location that you can use as as the anchor point for your attention.

And so at backlog point, he just let go of even while you're still breathing that way, you can let know of all of those other that awareness in all those other sensations. I'll set there's a little bit of an illusion in that because in those sensations, because as you draw in cool air, up to a certain point, you can feel or so the breath is moving. But when the when the breath becomes warm to a certain degree, then also at that point, he's become diffuse and mixed with the error that's already in your airways.

You know? So what you might notice is the sensation of being able to follow your air the follow your breath in is a bit of a mental projection your mind's imagination at what if things might be going. Because the airways always have air them, and they just have less air in them. And then they had more error you know. And there's a bit of up and down movement through here and in and out movement through here. But as you get very far from the nostrils themselves, where it is actually a very distinct movement across and moving and the opposite direction.

It becomes more of just, you know, a little more fresh air being mixed with here that's already already there. So And so your mind is projecting these other sensation. So that's just an interesting little side thing that you've fan explores. To what degree is my mind seeing what it expects to see. Seeing what it lives is being there around at what's absolutely there. That's right. Just just be be uncomfortable. What what your doing you're putting yourself in into a posture where you're you're going to be when you stay like this.

You're going feel to the greatest to read the expansion of the airways into doing parts. And that's why you feel it so clearly. And and so you're you really following the expansion down if you looked at the actual sensations, you're following the sensation of the expansion. But your mind wants to visualize it as. So there's just current of stuff that knows all the way down to here and that goes back. That would good. So it's just it's just kind of fun to notice how this is anti. This is your mind seeing what it expects to see.

Mh But what we want to do over with the meditation object is to to be with something that we can just be with as much as possible in an un uncontrolled way. And that's what those sensations that thing. Because after while, we realized that even the idea of breadth and bows and everything else, either our idea and there can try. All there actually is is this changing pattern of patient.

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