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TCMC 25 March 2010 Part 2

Automated transcription

Have anything on your mind? Yes. Thinking about big the new idea of comedy book about a couple of weeks ago. That. Instead of call being an individually Hello. The do you experience there all of your actions. Every action that happens is part of the same source. Kind of like the same collective. Psychological collected account. Mh. The every everything is everything is coming from the side. Therefore, every action is fact a comma which might rather in on another aspect. That. Yes. Yes. But give given that What's the difference in practice?

Because it, you know, i was kind of, like been fixed in the idea that comes a personal thing. Mh. And so if you wish for something, you want something? Then you create a causes for it. You deliberately reducing in it being in your world and then you create the causes for that to happen. But if powers is not a personal thing not held in a singular person, but it's held in line that collective. Then what's the implication for your own tactics. For example, you know, if you want it to achieve something like stream after you something like that then.

How does that change? How you go about trying to manifest down in your world if if comes like? I collected you instead of individual. Okay. So You... Okay. Your basic question is, if current collector rather than the individual, how that effect the way we make use the current practice. But I I'd like to correct if I created the wrong impression here. On your karma, Think it's you mentioned it as a new idea. It's not a new idea it comes from from the buddha. It was new with yeah. But it's the karma that belongs to individual, corresponds to the happens during the period during the lifetime of the individual, they karma the In terms of the five aggregates that you are.

Is created and manifest During period of time, that there is causal continuity within those five aggregates. It is when you And and this is recognizing that the buddha has head that wherever you look for kind of by itself, that you won't find that there is such there. And and this is the kind of stuff that we imagined that we are more permanent and separate that kind of individual separate individuality that we think of is along specifically to us and and that we own it and that it's ours. Doesn't actually exist.

But there is indeed a causal continuity of these five aggregates during the period of our lifetime. And the farmer that the Buddha spoke so often at all. If you looked at it, he's really talking about He's he's not concerning himself with what's going to happen to you in the future like he is concerning himself that was fine to happen to you. In this what. And so there's no... We're not talking about something different in that regard. It's only when come to the question. Okay. Yes there is no permanent your himself in this life, then what is her?

And and if this body doesn't continue on. And if these aggregates consisting of sensations, perception, feelings and consciousness, the six kind of consciousness. If those our transient, also of causes and conditions and non enduring. What is there to to create this continuity of individual karma from one life to another. And so when you ask that question, then in in order for currently to have any meeting at all, we have to abandon the idea that involving the unique individual that we think we are.

But within the context of your life, the the idea of Karma is gonna to function extremely well. What however you condition your mind, by your thoughts and by your actions. Body your intentions. Ben is going to determine who you are in the future and how you experience. Each moment in the future. It's gonna direct outcome of that. And so if you want to exercise a direct influence, on the future experiences of despite aggregate, then you take conscious and intentional control over the conditioning of these five debts.

And so in that regard, it doesn't affect the practice your car at all. The only the the old place that I was talking about something that is different than. What many people tend to believe that is in the same is where we interpret individual karma has somehow spanning the life like somehow, we retain the same thread the same stream of consciousness, the same mind stream so that there is one unique separate mind. This is this is mine. This is me. It was made and a previous existence in existence before to that in existence before that.

And it will be in one after and one after and month after. And that is the idea that prevailed prior to the time of the buddha. It still continues in navy belief systems, including those derived from the the va traditions. But that is one that that we specifically find loses the same sense of meaning when we realized that the self in the sense it's assumed by that. Doesn't exist moment to moment or day to day. Well long lifetime to lifetime. But in a particular lifetime, there is this continuity.

You consist of there are many many parts that that you you consist of many different elements, which is one of the medications you can do on all of the different elements that make the body and and that you can do the same thing in terms of of the mind. If feelings your perceptions, mental states and and object. With united who discovery is that you don't have one mind. There's many mental processes, all these dynamic processes taking place or what you are And they lack that quality of being a single thing.

If i they have all these many parts and over a period of time, some some or not. And and it certainly doesn't have a characteristic of any sort of permits or even endurance. No matter what time you examine your self at, you'll see rather than being a static and very thing, it is it is nothing but change is constantly changing. So that on on one time scale, we see that Indeed we're not the same person that we were a few years ago. On a closer time scale. We see there were even a different person over the course of a few days or or a week or two depending on circumstances we find ourselves in that that person keeps changing.

And if we go down to examine ourselves closely moment by moment. What we find is something that constantly changing. But throughout the period of time from birth to death, there it is an obvious continuity. In place. I'm not sure how accurate is, but for... As long as I can remember, there's this claims supposedly that every admin in your body is replaced within a period of seven years. That may not be totally literally correct. But within some similar period of time, it is definitely not true. Yep.

You know, I I don't mistake that that... When I see you, it's the same body even though I know that that over period a time I know you, probably believe there's not a single atom that's the same. Because it's a console continuity because not all of the parts have disappeared at the same time. So some have remained, and others have gone and been replaced but there is there is the form that has saved hazard nine constant. Not perfectly constant It too has changed. All of the experiences that we have changed us.

I mean, we changed as a result of of aging. Of course, we change the results of our individual experiences. We're ill recovery at least this marks. We gain weight. We lose weight. We actually size more the exercised less. We're injured in this way and and and that way. So our bodies are constantly changing. And lines are changing even much much more so. We we... Who we are and what we think and what we believe and how we respond the situations constantly transforming. But at the same time, through enough continuity this that we don't have any trouble at all.

You know, we we don't have to abandon the idea of this individual identity. We just have to abandon the belief that it is somehow this constant enduring and most especially separate thing. And this is where the problem comes in with this idea of Karma when you go beyond the period of time in which the five aggregates are maintaining this continuity is that you have to post something that is separate and it is some sort of substance as as a care carrier this individuality from lifetime to another.

And the crux of our practice is learning him discovering that that in fact doesn't exist. And not learning and discovering it as i'm using philosophical point of view, but learning and discovering it because we have previously established for ourselves that it is this belief that we are this pertinent during the separate itself that it's the belief in attachment to that, that has been the cause us to all of our problems. So in terms of in terms of becoming a strain in terms of changing the quality of our life.

One of the most important changes in our karma that we can bring about most important kinds of canoe good beneficial tar that we can create is that Karma that abandoned this idea this mistaken idea of what we actually are. So if... And and all of our practice doing is all of our practice carmel creation. His creation of Par that alters the conditioning of the fight aggregates so that the way that the fight carrier gets manifest changes and an important part of that manifestation is whether the mind dwell in a state of delusion, and therefore, gives rise to its own suffering, or whether the mind pertains to a a wisdom that understanding and is free from suffering.

So when we look at the separate aspect of it. Then we realized there that so much of i thinking, is based on the deposition that we are separate. And when we look more deeply and we realize that the separate is really at the root of our problems. Okay. Then we have to examine our karma in terms of that. Now I've just talked about how we how we condition our own minds. We are we are self organizing dynamic process. Actually, we are a large basket of self organizing dynamic processes interacting with each other.

That's that's what we are. So I was talking about the fact that within this collection of self organizing processes that we call the. Aggregate guys we condition ourselves in really powerful ways. But we are not independent it's separate. We interact with what we don't normally regard as part of itself. And it profoundly alters the nature of our experience and that is inevitable. And we know this. You know, what what goes up must come down. You stand there throw Rocks here sooner or later when it's gonna land on hit me.

Right. The same thing is true. All of the same practices that we would want to engage in to alter internally the condition of ourself as a dynamic process rather than as a separate soul. Have ramifications and repercussions beyond what we normally identify as ourself. And so we are going to experience the result of that. And this is what we find. And when we start engaging and and permanently wholesome behaviors, we find that we start experiencing currently wholesome fruits as well. And that's within this lifeline.

So there... Now we've reached a point where On the one hand, we still speak of the personal self as the creator of the Karma and the experience or the Car foods. But at the same time we're recognizing that everything we do has consequences beyond what we see ourselves has. And that that is what is going to come back to us. If you practice being a generous virtuous patient person in the world, the first three perfection. He's gonna have a profound effect on your life. Because the people that you're in contact with are going to respond to you in a different way because of that.

I mean, this is common sense. We all know this. That, you know, that if we behave in a good way, people are going to treat this center way. And that certainly is the truth. If we learn to be honest, the only way we can be honest and all the variety of situations we find ourselves and is to develop a strong degree of trust. Why do we ever gauge engage less and honest behaviors? Is because we don't have trust. We don't have trust in. And the consequences or our ability to deal with the consequences or so and so forth.

And so less and honest behavior is is our rate of avoiding hedging against that which we don't trust. So if we cultivate bright speech and the sense of honesty, We produce an alteration in our cells. But we also profoundly the condition the kinds of interactions we have with everyone else. It it actually helps enormously if you are in a situation where repercussions are going to come back to you. If you are seen to have dealt with that situation honestly and openly and without the see, separate.

So I mean, that's the kind of part coming back to you. I don't know if this is addressing what you're thinking about or not. Right it just seems seems to me to same I can't work out of difference the... Even and if you are holding to an individual stream, Mh. Of come and the actions you would undertake. You would undertake actions which you reflect the kind result that you through. That's right. Yeah. And that doesn't seem to make a difference if the calmer is collected, but one can you mention this when even if it's running when one first on when a person dies, that then become of that person has accumulated.

Mh. Gets dispersed. And could answer a living because that living person could experience that result. K. Let problem. So What what would a living person try to do to catch them put this person comes to to catch some the suddenly there's a new as a new source. If the individual will comment, then you're the only soon those was up it seems to me. You have to create the calls for the result. Now told me, there's a massive amount of results available. Yeah. If you know how happened. That's it. Yes.

That's absolutely right. Yeah. That is true. That's. How do you tap today? Why i... The the same way that that your radio receiver captioning into the station you wanna listen to. You align your mind to the same frequency that generated the car. And you're not separate up from it? So I mean, that's that is what we're doing really. Yeah. So as you see for stream what what would it be to specifically for. What would it be to tune your station in? Well five Well, with string benefits. Tuning your mind needs clearly recognizing not not imposing a distorted belief as to what names acting of cell and acting a certain world, but rather understanding actually what means and seeing that clearly and more often that you see that, the more that you see yourself.

As as you really are and the more often that you understand your experience as it really is that's tuning your mind. You're aligning your mind and to the state of of of a stream to person who has that realization. And that's that's what you wanna do. That's what that's how you wanted to it, but that's why it's so very important to take what to understand they and goes through these stages, you take care understand and you test it and so you're absolutely certain you see it. Correctly correctly and correctly means it makes sense to you is it's reasonable logical is also consistent with your experience.

That... Yes. I keep testing this out in my experience. I keep finding it. Yes. This this is what works. This is this this is the way this is the view of things that produces the superior result. And then you're... That's the way that you'd tune into that. Until eventually, it becomes... you know, once you're fully fully tentative then you have that direct experience of it. I was very taking this you wanna call the idea a practice of exchanging yourself with others Guess. As. I I mean, I can just imagine so many things could come out of that celine.

Better understanding passion. Yeah. Etcetera. Can you just elaborate any way you want to? Yes. I wrote... As a matter fact I think on the chair next year, I don't know if he made enough photo copies. But I think probably talk a little Thing that I got i'll see else on eight versus returning the line. It just it's a wonderful little teaching from not quite a thousand years ago. Alright. Guess Read tom's. So... And we'll have a look that. Let's just define where we wanna to go here and put it in the context so this piece ideas that what we really are as opposed to the ideas of what we might have thought we were the standing way.

And And the ramifications of this for understanding things very different. You see what you really are, you are absolutely unique. I think forgot that. You are absolutely unique. You're very special. You're very wonderful. And confidently say that what you are is an outcome of absolutely everything that has ever happened before, it's all led up to you what we are. But what you are is totally a ep as where because what you are right now is not what you will be tomorrow. It's not what you'll be a moment for now.

You are this totally unique wonderful ep process, and you are completely interconnected with with everything else. Your mind can, and my mind does, our minds too. Make the distinctions and we see ourselves as individuals and we see each other as individuals. And that's really quite wonderful because it's in that individuality as federal as it is. That the unique beauty and wonder of what each of it is is contained meet each other is. No. So things like you are like a rainbow. What is the rainbow?

A rainbow was an intersection. A number of different forces, the same forces that are operating all the time early they come together. In just the right way, the reflection ref of light by air and water and so forth that there is rain. Actually you think about it. The... I I assuming that you all know a fair bit about things like Rainbow. Is if you went looking for a rainbow, what would you find? But I I than than now But you know what I mean? The rainbow though. Exist, not just because of coming together of a number of physical atmospheric circumstances, but it requires somebody that's being in just the right place to see the rainbow.

Mh. And so but in a different place, you look at the same place in sky, there's no rainbow. Right? Mh mh. Okay. So you you are like a rainbow. You are this magnificent? Unique, beautiful, wonderful. Event mh. And just like a rainbow, counting to existence and then when the causes and conditions support on, down, there's no more rainbow. But that doesn't mean that all the things that cause the rainbow to be there are still there. You know, after a rains start when the rainbow goes away, there's still the light, the spilled the water is still the air.

There's still even you with your human eyes looking up and i place in the sky. So everything that made it happen so exists. But And then we'll be another rainbow. There be any other. And there will be rainbows at the same time that you can't see, but they have only be seen from another one. Here like a sunset, a beautiful sunset. It's unique. The exact conditions or a particular sunset That would be repeated. Alright. But if they're absolutely wonderful one may third. So you have a dimension of reality.

And we don't deny that. We accept that. But we understand it. Not in the terms of their being just this single enduring separate thing, the soul that somehow is wearing the clothes of your body and is traveling through the world experiencing experiences and and acting actions, But rather it is a dynamic interactive process arising from a collective hold. And persisting as long as those causes and conditions persist. And then moving on to become something different But all of the different... It it doesn't...

It's not all of the same parts moving on to create something different. It's really arising out of the totality. So that's what you are. Now, would you come to understand that? If if somebody comes to you and asked the question, i ask this question to Buddha, they said So you one person commits the action and somebody else. Experiences and results. Just No no. I didn't say that at all. Now you can see from the point of view we just been talking about what a silly question that is. Right? But then the same question says, okay.

So the person that does the action is the same one that gets the results. No. See. So you asked yourself. Well, I do things in my life and there's this accumulation of Karma and then this lifetime comes student. Yeah. It'll be some other dean who in a variety of different ways inherit, the that that Karma and this current results. See if I go and create a lot of problems in the world, then beings will be born who have to deal with all of those problems that I left behind. Right? I mean we know that we see that happening all the time.

The problem is when we say... Well, is the cell created this bad situation. You know, this is self that polluted the sky in the river, the same the same person who's born into a world with a polluted sky and it was polluted watered. It depends on how you look at it. If I realize that that... Yeah, one sense, this cell and and all of the other cells in this room are the same. And therefore, I am definitely the same self was the one that's going to have to experience the polluted water and polluted air.

Yeah. But it's not this separate. It's not it it's not that sensitive of service. So And if I look at the sense of set cell, well, this the step itself is an illusion in this life and so to to somehow describe this future existence to the same ill site itself doesn't sense standard. So now the thing is, how do we get through place really realizing this how do we tune our minds? How do we create the right turn to tune our minds to this understanding so that we dwell in this place of realization. The characteristic of Buddha is that he's overcome the inherent sensor of a separate cell.

And so how do we align our psyche so that that so that we can realize that you the fruit current. And all the way to do that, of course, a characteristic of a strain is that the stream although still experiencing himself or herself as being a separate self that have the feeling inherent sense of being a so. And no longer attached to the idea and the concept and to belief they no longer believe in there in in in in the self even though they still give that way, even though it's the seems to be, like that, It's the same.

Like it's the same problem, both to the become an hard not either becomes right right. Is how they we align cell? Are understanding with this hire truth which is going to deliver us, but just going to set street. And this is where the these from from the tibetan tradition, the the practice of exchanging one's oneself and another which is closely really related to actually a part of that is this eight versus for training line timestamp in. Yes. It's you're vibrating. It's part of what I said, if you want to be a rude, then you start acting like a blue and sinking hyper buddha it.

That's how you did become of buddha, acting like a buddha and thinking like a conditioning your mind towards buddha consciousness. You actually have this within you already. What you need to do is to bring it in it further and then you do that through this way of training the on. So we see clearly what the problem is is that we We it go to the world believing that we are this set ourself in a world consisting of all of these other separate entities. And then we heal in conflict with them, and we do all kinds of bad things that we shouldn't do is create more suffering.

And we just keep on suffering ourselves because we never get things quite the way we want them to. And it's an matter of that sometimes we get things disastrous far from how we could want them to be. So that's that's the whole problem. And and so the answer is a realization of pant cell. And the emptiness of the world that our mind projects. Was let's focus on the emptiness of self through exchanging oneself for another, I. It's a practice deliberately. Now there are some medication versions of changing one oneself.

For another, which I think are they're good. But I think we're really kinda powerful is when you're doing it in in your life and your daily life and your interactions with other people. And like all of these practices like meditation itself, it's it's not easy at first. It's a real challenge. So, you know, you'd have to work that. You have to find for exchanging yourself with another you need to find an arena which in within which you can work consistently. I think that's one of the tremendous advantages of having.

A partner in your life or having a family. Although if there's too many family members it gets difficult again, making a better focus on on the partner. But if you don't have a partner then somebody that you're in close and consistent contact with that you can you can use as an object practice. The nice thing about this is is they won't mind because we don't ask permission. I course If if they find out that you have been using them as an object for practicing exchanging yourself for another for the last year, you know, they're not gonna get angry out seven.

You should have told them what. Yeah. The results. Yeah. So what it needs is putting yourself into the the place of the other as much as you can. I mean You look at this other person here as you are already again in the frequent contact you come to know them and understand them. And now you you you tried to make that switch. You try to. If if I were her What does she want? What does she like? What does she not like? What does she need? Right mh. I didn't given a situation, if I were her and she were they then what would I has heard like to see how how would I as heard like to be treated?

Mh. Alright. Now this will make you really aware of this sensor eye that you have. Because you're you're going to fairly quickly encounter some internal resistance. So... But but but we've minute. And when that happens, you, you know, very is. That this is what you were looking for. It's staring you in the face now. This is what you were attaching to. This is that that hard of you the self cherish part of you that was kind of... It it's always been there, but it's been mostly out of sight or at least you'd pretended that it wasn't there.

And but now you have to look it in the face. Now you haven't took and front. When you get in a argument was somebody? It's really good to pay attention to what happens right you get into these kinds of personal conflicts. If you start paying attention, you'll see that you say things out of the most totally unrealistic beliefs. I haven't heard but site. It's... When they hear this point, they're gonna just roll over and say, you're so bright. Do they ever Yeah. So... Well, all of these interactions on other people are wonderful opportunities to Get in touch with what we're attached to.

And to undo the condition, by making that the or i saying, okay. In the circumstance, I'm gonna try to do what would be guest for? That self rather than this. So I'm can give that cell some priority over this cell. I'll be the other. I'll be the one who gets the smaller piece of chocolate. I'll be the one that apologize. I'll be the one that takes some point. I'll be the one that does a little something extra even though I don't have to it maybe it's. The other person's responsibility. Right? So that's...

That's the way you practice and that begins to change the way you are inside. It against the ten year radio station inside to buddha consciousness. To being less self centered, and be more loving and compassionate. Open hearted loving kindness in this compassion. That's That's where want to be. And it's not it's not very ferry fuzzy, let's behave this way and be real nice kind of thing. It leads to concrete real wi. It helps to break the the the holes that these that these self views have on here.

And as they and as they start to let go, they allow the wisdom of understanding of that emptiness of this self construct. I mean, this these five aggregates this process includes a part that generates this idea self. And if I keep on believing in it and acting on the basis of it, I'm gonna keep on suffering and doing things that other people separate. But the real wisdom is saying well, it does... It has no substance to it. It's just... It's just a view. It's just an idea it's just an attachment to a view and an idea And that's free.

So we're not just trying to be nice Ac. We're trying to king true insight and understanding, you know the way things are. K? Now this... If you wanna look at these eight verses for training the mind. There's some tough stuff there. I there's some really nice stuff here. Okay. With the heartfelt desire determination, to attending life for the welfare of all living beings who are more precious than fulfilling jewel for accomplishing this a pretty goal. May I always cherish them and hold them dear?

So this you're defining your project here. And we're not beating around the bush here. These, these living things that I'm gonna focus on the welfare They aren't worth precious, than anything else that I'm going to come across. In terms of mind being able to achieve this goal. Right? Well, I could go off in a cave And mountain all by myself and not seeing anybody for twenty seven years. And maybe, maybe I would achieve to the same kind of wisdom, but the chances are gonna be so much greater if I have these other precious things and doing this practice is going to help me advance.

So for the welfare of all living games, who are more precious than a wish fulfilling jewel for accomplishing the supreme goal, which is factor in the first line enlightenment. May I always cherish them and hold them dear. And, of course, that's part of the practice of what we're talking about here holding in dear. Now we get some of the customers. Whenever I am with others may I think it myself, as the lowest of all, and from the very depths of my heart, I respectfully hold others as supreme. So Who's the least important person in this ring.

She was up, sir? It's what it be. That's right. You are so important And so i need to give everything I can to help you because you are so important you are so deserving, and I cherish you so much. But that's also what your name means. Yes. That's right. Yeah. That's right. So I have to. You changed my name or file. Yeah. Stuff with that. Right never. With us. It needs very das servant and Chu is lesser or lower lease. Could translate it as humble servant or as the lowest servant or as a servant of of all the least of amongst ontario of the service.

But that's a very powerful fracture practice, you know, When when you're in a a small group of people having a conversation if ever to notice? What kinds of things that you say to each other and why you say them, you know, Oh, well. Do you think you're so okay. Well, once upon time, my head this experience aren't you and press now. Well, no actually, I'm not, but I gotta was the better story to understand. You're each other. You care each other experiences and there's some learning that takes place, while you're not in that place of of of being least amongst I'm not speaker he wants to be a service and and they would help him to Cherish others.

So that's something you can do right away, you're going to find yourself tomorrow in some situation that is social and that way or maybe id and social, maybe this work really related. But see what if try try that out. Okay? Everyone else here is more important than me. And. The best that I can do is try to sort down assist them promote them what stuff. So you're not you're not saying to yourself that you're the lowest in terms of sc of state. If i this is a question. You're saying, when you go the your primary role in the situation that is to contribute to the well.

That right. That. There won't be That is. Anybody at this table who needs to go and get refills for everybody else's coffee and tea, it's neat. Because they're all more important. Okay. And so that's the easiest the page In all actions may I closely examine my state of mind and the moment of disturbing and emotion or negative attitude arises since this may cause harm to myself and others. May I firmly face avert it. And this is something that we've talked about before practicing mindfulness being aware of these negative emotions when they arise.

You feel jealousy, you're feeling anger, you're dealing annoy patience. Be wears that and recognize it for what it is. You know, it's not Oh, that's a bad feeling. And I shouldn't have that. No. It's... This is a negative state, which is harmful to me and others. And and and the buddha is teaching on this. He he said that when he was About he examined all of his thoughts and found that his thoughts or of the sword which. Either cause harm himself and others and took further from enlightenment or else there or a sort that were of benefit.

To himself. I know that his anne brought him closer to nirvana to realization, and that's the distinction, but we're making here it's too is to be mindful of negative attitudes and disturbing emotions one they arise. And then mindful of us doesn't mean being judgmental of about... It needs recognizing their potential for causing harm. And then through that recognition, first of all, doing your guess not to speak or act out of it. And you won't always succeed but you work towards always succeeding at that.

And then secondly, even though you know speak and act out of them you may still feel these things. So you try to curtail the defaults to rise out of these ceilings. And then when you're able and you try to replace these feelings with their opposites. Replace anger irritation with with compassionate and understanding. Okay. Whenever I need people of un unpleasant character, it's abuse Our those overwhelmed by negativity pain or suffering. May I cherish and cared for them as if I have found a rare and precious treasure difficult fine.

Sure See, Told you. If there's a certain point you say, well. I'm not so sure about the insight. Can i skip this one. That it's fine. Answers. Appreciate it for ten minutes. I mean, like, you don't wanna down there for four hours. Right? Because that right, you would be there you would give everything up and be with that person for like face. Well, you have to take into to account your your other needs and priorities and the other people that may do ten upon you, but most definitely during the time that you're interacting with without person.

Tried to satisfy your self righteous judgment and c and and see that most precious and wonderful. See And the thing about this. We talking about exchanging one oneself for the other or as the Buddha said over again and s Baton sutra. You know, with each practice. You see this in yourself, and you see this and others things you to in yourself and others. You know, And what happens in this is you you meet people unpleasant character or energy really pay attention with face a compassionate at heart.

You see yourself. I've been there. I've done that. I felt that way. I acted that way. I had that out too. Right? So it's not a matter of of seeking them out. When you see is ready the teacher will appear Right so think. They share? Okay But it's an opportunity. It's an opportunity. That's right. To see it. That's what say that then as if I have found or rare and precious treasure. There's difficult to find. This is an opportunity. Yeah. I... I had I had a patient good drove me nuts. He was the most rude of Obnoxious his ego person, I think I've ever encountered.

And up weaving treatment. Mh. Didn't wanna do the work that needed to be done. Paying back, can I just look it's good. I mean I got past all of the that the upset about it. And when I saw up the person underneath, He he was great. It it was... I was relating to his former. Mh. Not to him. And keep in mind when you're... There's are couple people that they aren't. They aren't permanent separate selves. They're dynamic changing process And there are many parts to them. And what you're seeing is only one part.

What they are. Yeah That there's much more to them and whatever is there in this moment. It's gonna be different. In the future. Mh. And you can play your part perhaps and helping to bring about that chat information if you're trying to bring about this transformation yourself. There's one interesting thing is that we're all interconnected. If you do this work on yourself, everyone around you is going to be affected and changed by in a positive way. Not just because my science them than they used to be.

But we resonate you know how. Maybe you don't know this, But several centuries ago, they found that that, you know, there's ten and clocks if you put a bunch of clocks on room but tangent are all going different ways. And you come back to few hours later all over the together time. Yeah. And it's so level. We synchronize with each other, Which is why the buddha had when to ask him that that noble companions is the whole of the path. This is another way that we make ourselves receptive to the kind of car influences that that we want is to be in the present.

But it works both ways. You you it it's it's good for you to hang around, but with our nuts because your mind that spirit will start sync synchronize with theirs and you'll be more like them. But also you bring your own goodness and ability to whoever here in contact with. Now if you don't guard yourself, you'll be in the contact of these difficult and of love people and you'll generate a lot of negativity, and you'll just make them even more just difficult un. That's not a good thing to do. So this one deliberately, try to be more voodoo like, And then sure enough if you keep doing this, the people around you, they're start to resonate.

If you practice exchanging yourself with another in your family and in your personal relationship, you're gonna be in amazed how much nicer and sooner and kinder and more generous and i selfish, all of these people they become. Mh. But that's not why you do it. And so you don't hang on to that. You don't... You don't... You know, don't come back to me two weeks later and say, now that I'm more generous and and giving he just states advantage of they that much more often. You know, you just keep doing it and see what happens in the log right.

Sure. That is the that is something that uses. Everyone is so geared to be selfish that when they are confronted with on selfish behavior. There is a tendency initially to take some advantage of it. But that's alright. You've done the same thing all your like okay? We'll wait and see what happens in the long haul. Okay. Whatever others, because of their jealousy, treat badly with abuse, insult sla or in other unjust ways. May I accept this to defeat myself and offer the victory or others? Any pictures up doing that.

American I've never heard so more. I barely. Definitely not what we're do. No. Even if somebody cheat here, he can so compliment them on the so far they ask you really smarter. Okay me so pretty sharp. How. Really good you know, you can work your way actually. This is... This is this is have duty? I'm sorry. This is graduate. Yeah. What is important. What doesn't agree and you've can do. They give you case. Because what what this change. All of those different ways that your ego, you buy your sense of cell.

Charges up and wants to or or i'll do something so, you know I mean, what is it... What if you read these lines, You're no I I I know what you're gonna be. For everybody feels you. If somebody treats me badly with abuse and salt sla another unjust ways. And. I accept this to defeat myself. What is it to us that? Go. You see yeah you know right away. Right? You don't need a dis on it. It's like... Yeah. Okay. Question. Let's. Difficult abuse or really better... Loved wait I mean, you just don't no island and say fine.

Mh. You know just not. I'm a living in a loving? And it's not suggesting that you put yourself in and deliberately ends away when you verbal abuse or allow people say to s or or abuse in this true in anyway. Mh. But when the inevitable happens, and it does in one way or another does happen you in good faith. Hire somebody to fix your plumbing and They swipe the Tv and and same their weights, you know. Fine. So you adopt different attitude. Instead in instead of coming from the place the ego in the cell and the probably anger and where that mud hatred and so forth.

You know. I have we we do say, well, I should have known better. But this is my not really feeling that. You know, okay. Not careful fault. I'll take all of blame on made. Mh. But wouldn't that encourage the repetition of that kind of behavior in somebody else? If you were just leave that way. If you if I I I don't. Okay. Taking this attitude is not going to make you any more likely to put yourself. In the situation where this happens again. If you do this, since this is the question that I was asked before, and and I thought about somebody said...

Okay. If somebody's going around cheating people. And when they when they cheat you, if you take this out to, is that not going to encourage them to cheat even more? How well? It seems like it might but, you know... And and that's where, you know, Mentioned mute. The he sold me bad car and his saying. What would happen if somebody did? Cheat you in that way. And you actually went to them and said exactly that. You know, he went back the used car found with salesman manager. You know So can I shave your hand?

You are... You are a real smooth operator. You totally, you know, What did they gonna faint customers? They could settle them and kind of jar things around, and maybe they would reflect this up. At very least they're gonna think about what they're doing. You see what somebody goes around? Cheating somebody else. They're able to do that because they keep an image in their mind that allows them to do that. I don't know what that image would be probably just tape all kinds of parks, but, you know, somebody cheat somebody so they may have an image that down as has pain kind of fool or it's getting angry and because They picture them as angry.

And they don't have to feel so good about what they did and things like that. So if they're can confronted advice somebody who is obviously not a fool and it's not being anything things like that. It it my catch them it might make them twice about what they're doing. I don't know for sure, but when I... When I was asked this, and I thought about it. I could at least envision that if it were done, if we were done lose skill fully, that you could actually do this person a service. By making them thing differently, instead of reacting the way that they would expect to, you know, if come in and saying, like demand that you blah blah blah.

And then they say I don't have to. You sign a contract baby. It's your problem online. You know, and they've done that scenario over over again. You're not gonna touch anything new them that way. But this is a way that you might touch them in a different way. So put it at the very least. Though it's going... I don't think it's going to encourage that. But it is going to change the way the youth think carrier react. Is gonna change your car condition. But this thing yeah is this... Just... It's good.

Children the fifth. Austin, when I put myself in the ringer, where I'm in a situation where I'm taking advantage of Mh. In retrospect, there was a lesson in that for me, anyway... Yes. That's right. Wasn't an accident. Yes. And so in one way you can look at this as as recognizing that right from the outset outside. Okay. Curious a lesson for me. This is taking taking the morning on yourself. Same. Rather than going through all the intermediate stage you the thing outraged, you know, evolved all the ego pain that you experienced as you weren't you let this happen to you.

I I noticed out got myself, but I really hate somebody interesting. And that approval thing. This i should've have been smarter. I shouldn't have been more whatsoever. Yeah So it's a really different thing to say instead of beating myself up for not being smarter just to say Well, you know, you got the best of me and you know Just or in whom I placed great trust in post. R me keeps me in hurtful ways without reason. May I see that person as my fresh teacher And we'll just reaching through the next two t think of about these.

And brief, my offer wrote directly and indirectly all help happiness his and benefit to all things. My mother's, and they i secretly take upon myself, all of their harmful actions pain and suffering. And this this is addressing more of the... What you would do in meditation practice, but it's also an attitude to be cultivated in in general that... Mh. I'm somebody suffering say, I I wish I could take your suffering. I wish I could do it for you. Be. And then may I keep all of these practices on the file of blessings things of the eight world and concerns.

And of course, these are all the things that are ego sent gives right breathing version. The all of the things that we would like to gain and that we fear losing experiences that are pleasurable on painful. We want to be praised and we want to go voice blame. And we want to leave... We want to have power recognition. We don't want this put. You got a lot of these holler you know, walk to to we can unknown. So... And by recognizing the and the lose nature of all existing claims, And you learned rated from the von of attachment and the second user reality.

He say eight versus. They're they're a heavy duty practice. I I would suggest that you at least try out the first few. Okay? And I would suggest as as I said before that, you know, the formula is is simple. Thank like buddha. Act to buddha the become do that. Keep the pre. Back perfection, condition your mind in a new way. Your thoughts are very very important. But we take this by degrees. Take care of watch your actions and wash your speech. And then watch your thoughts. And then eventually, see if you can't do the practice it is known right effort, which is replacing un mental states with false metal save.

And and preserving whatever Wholesome metal states that there is and keeping on hold from rising. And where they're un hold mental where there a wholesome mental space that are not yet a part of your conscious experience, try to bring those forward. And so all of these other things are tools for for doing that. We recognize that that the ignorance that the buddha spoke, was the division with regard to the nature of cell. And the delusion that the world as we that that are the world as we see it is the way it really is.

But that's that's that's the ignorance. They're is talking about. That that latter there is a form of pride if you think about it and to think that your mind is capable of projecting an accurate representation of of the world. And that however you see somebody else that's found they are and how however you see some situation, that's how it is. And it's such a horrible and tracking thing. We whenever find yourself frustrated unhappy in a difficult situation. Or with difficult people remembered, this is a projection because my mind and it is not necessarily that way at all.

Is matter fact it almost certainly. Isn't that right. Exactly. It's empty of being the wait my mind perceives it. Because the way my mind perceives it is is the result of my conditioning, my karma. And if I if I attached to my perceptions, I'm making that same car stronger and I'll keep proceeding things in that way. So if I think this is a terrible situation, I've surrounded by idiots. That's the. That's the way I'm conditioning my mind. And that's the way I'm gonna keep perceiving things. I go from one terrible situation.

Filled with idiots too I really we're serious yet. No. And that would be story in here like once you turn it around. And you can be every situation that you're is is perfect in its own way. And it's up to you to do what you can about it. And everybody later with no matter how nasty I'm obnoxious just they saying. Same is potentially a a a teacher and an angel and a precious wish fulfilling joke. It's up to you connection i do that. So once again, you know, I spent all this time reading the fine points to this because the whole thing is so simple.

I just present the whole thing to you in a few sentences then there's nothing else i to talk about Anybody have any anybody else driving and to say? It's frightening to to look at some of these things directly. And for me to see how. Sure. Well, then you suggesting yourself, which she shouldn't... Yeah. Yeah. But... As have you look at the way, you know, that the of the conference half instead of to. Alright. You can you can see that there's still some work for you. It's something to aspire to, but I, but it makes it so clear that that we can operate such a higher plane than that way did we do.

Yeah. Yeah. I and that's really important thing to realize. I I would say that most people have no idea, but they could be. Okay that's why that's why they don't try. Believe officially looking at it is something that wouldn't be desirable. Well, if you believe in the cell, then this is That's what this is. See this is a test. I wanna know to what cell attached to himself? Cool. Yeah. Are you asking for these back? No no. I. No worries. Enough Well thank you for listening. Steve. Is excellent. Keep you're you're most welcome.

That's sort of like, thanking the sector cannot canal Because that's why this is about that infected route that he have So... Yeah. Hello to everyone and love yourself so you can load everyone better. Okay? And they he'll be happy. And everybody around you will be happy, which will make it even more happy. Because as S Data said, and as you should always keep in mind, that all of suffering in the world is a result of trying to make our cell happy. And all of the happiness in the world is a result of China right.

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