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TCMC 18 March 2010 Part 2

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Start with your question. So now. Suppose that that I sky der group as interested in new unique I don't have a favorite to grocery on way looks. So My wife. I really really really like joseph conrad I'm a imagining here me guys. Bottom minus, they're doing find a new meeting. Yeah. That it's not like they it's said well we've been this other. They're they're boy They now in agenda which is good hard you unique. So so put on or june. So the child makes lord jim. So lynch Which b is it that he's paid?

Mh. Yes. Exact question. I I'm identifying with now or, you know, this... I am west for all those those this years. It's gonna do not the the england or making that the decision is you know, I I mistrust the idea of an objective decision sort of my feeling answer the spiders bringing themselves to that they have they have to make a decision in the part of that... The decision that not does it would serve looking at stuff. Part of the decision. So that's kind of where, you know, the the the the the part is, you know, what More about explanations you what constitutes and explanation and installations here to this credit volume been to move.

So Yes. Actually missing in my is might bit be you know to it's it's sla to attack some of being this that definitely through. So but you know, I have to take her live for reasons to to say, well, give this why get it stupid grade. Right book, but it's it's not like it seems like the problem tends to get over simplified because you know, they you pick a couple occurring with the reserved field only if you have to you channel us choose between getting little bit really replace, and get I six choices and for the people in were deciding have to put us into a small amount of contact so that they had many decision so you know, it gets it's like you can words...

Exactly. It... Yeah. It is a big can which is why. These stage. First of all, I hadn't really ever invited anybody to investigate them. You know? And If you see it in a movie, well i mean Yeah So these things are complicated. Explanations are pay. And we should keep in mind, I don't know as Shakespeare said, there is more than having an nurse ratio then it spoke up in your a lot speak Mh. And when we speak out emptiness, if we understand what this term that is referring to. Is referring to the limits of our ability to know anything other than what our mind allows us to up.

This is the problem with all Physics. You know, and always will be. Whatever not of physics, basically all no physical explanations of the way things are. Are empty. Another way of saying that is they are all wrong. They're all incorrect. They know more correct. Frog mouse has that an idea of the way the world is. And We would if we could as we could somehow participate in that idea. We your whole i'll tell me foolish, you know, But behind the that our view of reality is any closer to the the russians things really are, on the frogs of the mouse is just pure pride uterus foolish.

Is unrealistic. But when we try to explain to? Alright I suppose you'd have to tell you that that's where science came from. Recognizing how difficult it is to explain things. And so science focuses on all the easy things and explains them. You know, and leaves aside the more difficult once. For very good reason. But explanation. What's really important though is to look at what's going on in your mind When you're confronted by something like that, and you're looking for an explanation. And I'd mentioned to you that...

Know, since we're talking about rein and work on life. I believe I got his first name right again. I know his last name is Steven. But he made a career of collecting and investigating stories if children claim to remember previous lives. And he and his assistance collected thousands of these accounts. And then try to very rigorously screen them for those, which could be for possible contamination right kids basically me. To have this information, or picking it up somewhere else. On so forth. And several, there's a number of very interesting things that came out of this slide for.

One is that it's an extremely rare phenomenon. Whatever are. Make it. Exceedingly rare considering a population of the world, the frequency, with which children claim to have memories of know the life that is is extremely unknown. Then, the next thing that's very interesting is that after they very meticulously try to rule out all sources of of contamination of the account. They were left with a really sizable number all the accounts of children that seem to have knowledge of what have of of things pertaining to individuals who died before they were born.

With and to say that they had meticulously ruled out all sources of contamination, it means you're left with an account that you really don't have an explanation for. Right. I That's very, very interesting. Like the kinds of things is, you know, child would keep finding well you know. I used to live in this town over there my insurance name inspection science. Yeah. And one way or another Parents finally gave in drove over out town and and then a child said That's it. That's the house. Where I used to live.

You know, and and identify the family. These are my parents. Then be able to tell certain things about the events person's later sometimes about how they die? Definitely true thought. Now one thing about this, for the children that this happened with. They usually have these members very early in life. And they it disappeared completely by this time there five to six years old. Complete on that. Very took on that. Then I would say I average age some sooner, some a little bit later, but, you know, yeah these these memories or this knowledge or fade and and just passing left after that.

Also very interesting. Yes. Do you have an idea of how many children they sound the had an experience like this that could be explained? Well, they had... This was over a period. I think of thirty years and eventually a number people working with them and and many different countries in the world. United states India Chan, you know, sri long k. They found us usually disproportionate frequency in countries where the culture believed in rein compared to the It interesting What else kind of tell you about this There also What well, I can say, they they sorted them according to to how how purely inexplicable the situations were.

And from all these years were, I think that the they did end up with out of thousands and thousands of cases, something like something at the order thirty or maybe fifty that, you know, there was really... They were certain that there was no way that there's any contamination to turn into to this. But many more that they created sort various degrees, including a lot that, you know, we're very very suspicious that there are many sources of other ways, the child off of information. It's still quite a few cases that they felt.

And, of course, as you can imagine, this is not received without many, many challenges. You know, and skepticism. But they did end up with a number of cases at least a few tens cases that is pretty difficult for the most dedicated skeptic senate to come out church other explanations for. And so that's really the mystery deal. Now what I found very interesting reading this. Is that the only thing really that these children had in common with people whose memories they had or his lies knowledge about was the the personalities were totally different.

You know, In other words, there was no evidence that in beta or point two said wow that's the same person. And that's exactly what I'm talking about with the experience, but I And, you know, is that it's like it's like saying a movie or reading a book. Or whatever. Where you get the information and you can relate to it and identify with it. But And you read a book even when you really get into the character. You're you're not that. Fictional person or maybe even it's a biography or or or a his historical book.

You're not that person. Right? And there's no question in your mind that the idea of the, myself who I am never gets confused, with the character in the book or movie. No matter, how you identify character and movie. Sometimes you really do feel like that it's kinda high. Know still watch. Clint east movies. No I knew I was planning eastern. How much just really quick about experience that you have i left last week. On. Let me just up something with i Well, what I was referring to is I had some spontaneously arising what you might have memories that didn't have anything to do with my life and that would quite specific.

And then because I took an interest in these things and then I experimented with that and recovered more his was been reason. And and others. I call them memories and where gym said sort little tiny snatch of visions of a place and circumstance. And, you know, there they're like the little bits of memories they're very isolated and and with without log. But with enough of you sort of pieced together your picture of the place and of of people and a person that experienced. Is there any emotional content to these?

I would say only second the same way you would if you were watching it those your reading. Think that. But I did come to you a very similar conclusion as to i speaking about children's studied by doctor Stevenson is that that I wasn't the person that I knew the person hired who I was was very different. Mh. And all of the kinds of ways that we would identify ourself. You know, somebody said, Well who hernia you? Tell me who you are. And you say, well you know, and you've probably all had occasion to sync these thoughts to do something like this.

Right? You know, And at that level, you know, certainly I wasn't this person and And I think in terms of watching these children grow up these researchers or really well, you know, they didn't... They didn't act like the... What was known or what could be knowing about to people that that they had to smell the pump. Yeah. Be talking about that Seems Like, of course, they're not acting the same way that they'd were that would a different lifetime time. Mh. And this is another lifetime. So of course, they would be to people like have the statement to works?

Right. But Like that so sorry are you saying that I do get you... Were you saying that the memories that you had came from? Where my saying? Well, I'm speculating... Yeah. That they came from other people that lived at are their time. In your price info then? How did I get then? Well that's... And and that is the that is the question. That is the mystery here. The same thing with these children you're talking about? Why you said, what is it about their mind that can tune in on these Because, you know, let me just remind you lest you forget that What we know about the brain is that is that memories our stored as auctions within the brain that are dependent upon specific structures.

And you know, will Pen took top off people's heads and standing like they part of their brain. And and in memories, they of events would come back crystal clear. And, of course if those... If certain areas of the brain are damaged or. Who those memories are gone forever. So We had a further here. You know, obviously, this child's spraying is not the same brain that started as man reason. Press but. So how on earth is this completely separate brain the stores its own memories in terms of of the structure function of of that brain.

Tune them on things that were stored in another brain that's now turned into works food. Right or ashes or sense. That's a very very deep mystery, you know. It asked the same thing about. Anybody who does any sort of past life review practice that that comes up with something. As of saying? Questions yeah. What's this all about? What is going on? No. And my answer is, I don't no. And as I said before, i'm Chase here, there is more in heaven and their british there. And has spoken out the your philosophy.

Emptiness means that Whatever is is so far beyond the capacity the limited capacity our online to organize and interpret it da to say that... Well, I know enough about reality that I should be able to figure out absolutely everything and provided really solid on a explanation. You know, there are saying that are going to be beyond spanish. How dump up. Back to your question, what what do I think? What is my highest, what is my element interpretation? Is that at at the level of what we call mind and remember what we're calling mine is not.

It's empty too. It's not the way we think go to it. But there's no Absolutely, no good reason to think that just because I walk around feeling like, my mind, is mine and it's separate from the entire world and it only exists in in terms of this isolated experience There's no reason To think that's true. I mean, we... All the time, we we filled up museums with the bones that we dug up animals that type millions and millions of years ago. When we find footprints and sand at where somebody walked yesterday.

And everything in between. So everything leaves its. Why shouldn't be different in that segment of reality that hotter limited metal capacity designate as mines and experiences in such an isolated way. So a simple answer, I would say those kids for reasons that we don't necessarily know. Their brains tuned into this. And that people who do past life review practices, can't tube in on things. Why would some Persons bring be able to tune in on these sorts of things? Well, maybe one of the reasons is that the similarities of that was something on grain in mind.

Similarities of that mind to the mind that they're tuning in on. And so this is not something that is too far afield from what the buddha is said. He said that every thought and word and action. Produces its results, and you are not rein that the results of your actions manifests manifest in the future. It is the cardiac imprint that are reborn in the sense that they arise in another being. Future. And so that's what I did say. That hit. Okay? That to some did hearing... But We some other really important.

Why why are we why do we concern ourselves with these things? And Of course, we are we do... We're very attached. To the self that we think we are. That's why. And we'd love the idea that the self we think we are. Can, you know, can continue on after the desk with the bodies. But if we look at these cultures in the world that have always believed in rein, The the problem that they've confronted is that or would get it this way? If you think about enough, the things that I talked here about to realize that it is this feeling that you are to this separate self that has been the cause have so much of the suffering in your life.

And so... And the cause of so many of the things that you said that you issued heaven and that have impacted other people. If indeed, there is such a self that continues on and on and on. The problem is only worse than ever. And at the time of the buddha, the the spiritual movement of the time, which continues today and certain certain religious traditions was to achieve the point where this self no longer continue because it became d dissolved into drama. It dissolved into the alternate source of being.

Right? And came to the end of the sep self, the set of suffering and pain and inflict self. So that was the goal. It wasn't. It you know, it wasn't seized upon as is wonderful. Means I won't die. It's like, oh, this is a real color. The pain on. And said, But your problem is what's gonna happen in the next life. Your problems what's happening right now in this life. So quit worrying about the little self dissolving into bra in the next slide. Let's do it right now. Let's get away from this separate itself.

This is the service. This cell is it real. Is this a real problem? Are we doing the right thing? You know, worrying about this separate self and its continuity and and, you know, and the answer he came up with was well, This is a mistake from the beginning. The people that are worried about their precious self dying when they die, you know, at the end of their life, you know? Not gonna happen because that's self that they're worried about and doesn't exist anyway. What's gonna die is the body and the mind that they're attached to.

And for those that are worried about their self being reborn over and over again and the turning of the wheels on Sara, and that's what that's what the word I'm sorry means is is the we version reg geth. And this is the way it's put. Rebirth and read that. You know. So you know, they're missing go too because there's no self that's no you're going that. And but indeed did you look at your life and what's happening what the problem is and as we started you're going through this, if you understand the nature of suffering, and you look to realize that the suffering comes from from craving an attachment, And then if you could only be free or creating an attachment, you'd be free of suffering right?

And then you look to the next three straight below who wears as all what is all this premium and attachment about. Well, it's about this separate self that I feel that I am. That is is basically in this cope struggle with a much larger reality that's never going cooperate with the needs of this. So And that's. The stuff, you know, The self the buddha was talking about, the one that is so embedded in our minds in our psyche that doesn't exist. This is this is the self that we think is the experience or things and the doe of things that is one single permanent and separate entity.

And it's not even single this it's the problem, because we can say? Okay. It's not just one. It's made up of a lot of parts. But don't tell there's is a bunch of different cells. I don't like that. But at least myself can be made at the prior That's something problem. Okay. But when we look inside, we don't find any one thing. We don't find any single, so. We don't find any any self that is permanent. Or everything find is constantly changing it. Constantly let we changing. As familiar if like, Everything everywhere is constantly changing as an imp.

If this process. Sun processes are slower some more rapidly, but everything is owning process. And our minds try to compensate with that through attachment since everything is imp the my trying got old longer things, for things there. And one of the things that holds on to is this idea of being a concept self. Even that, you know, when I I was talking to you and one of these days have doctor top that were sole creation. You know, since he don't really have the kind of stuff you think you do. You can work with what you have and create something really good out of it.

And in in that process, we can unify something that consists of many parts. And we can create stability and consistency in the evolving processes that may. And we don't need to worry about permanent versus constantly. Change it. But the one thing that's always gonna be a problem is this separate. This is really the root of. The feeling of. The separate cell a separate on. Separately. Separate from what? We'll separate from everything else. I've lost the battle before Again. You know, the physicist Richard fe describing the situation of human beings and this world said.

You can't, man. That says is... Yeah. Can you put it you you can't win and you can't get out of the game. Yeah we on you campaign, and you can't get out. And that is, that is the problem when you regard yourself in that way as being a separate cell. What's the opposite of that? Hey. Doesn't it sound kinda like this. Merging with the source of everything or Bra?? That is kinda of well. Buddha called it sex. What is? Jonathan livingston sec called in His. We republic substance. But it's it's what is later Buddhist called it emptiness.

They called it Da. You know, the the mine heavy urgent enlightenment plant. They told it buddha nature. These are all talking about the same thing. Public it nirvana. When you stop being a separate self, then everything changes. And everything gets a lot. And that's that's where we wanna get to. But to attach to the. To i attach to the question. Boy the buddha presented it, you know, he said, there's some questions that a total waste of time they shouldn't involve yourself. Now one of those... Is do I exist or not exist after that?

And that's really what these these things come down to. When you start trying to solve the mystery rein to jesus or do I not exist that through that? And time on the one hand, considering the emptiness of things are limited to capacity. There may be some sense in which we do that we not going be able to comprehend. As a matter fact. but it's not as a separate self. There is no separate. But we can trick ourselves in all kinds of ways. We can well else not self, but it's a stream of consciousness.

Sounds really good. About that. Still. It's separate. My australian conscious know be. Yours came estimate. I'll take their of mine and take care of yours. K. They're. And all the same problems are there. Anything we do that ends up. Giving us a view where we are said. Has just landed this right back in the same place we started and we haven't made in part of cell. K. If there's a actual fear of debt, And so people tend to gravitate toward believing that somehow true death doesn't really need to occurred to them.

Then I would think the danger of that is building a story around that. And that becoming part of the framework of the. Yes. That's exactly. As as you more as I more and more grass deeply to i'm know a cell You think that it's almost automatic that you that he relate to other people different Absolutely. It is extremely completely odd met. I mean, just think about this a little bit. I will believe in a cell, so I'm filled with craving drafts. What happens if I don't believe i'm the offer? Well, instead where there was desire now there is loving kindness or is wish to see happiness with other banks, prescott.

Where there was a version there is now compassion for the suffering of others and And just as in my previous diluted point of view, I could only see my way to to do whatever I put to again my own pain. Now out of my compassion, I'm willing to do whatever I can to relieve the pain of us all. You see, it's not that you lose What you are. I'm still lease wide aggregates. I'm still this this mine and body. But now I'm not putting it in some special relationship, it's all of these minds and bodies, the compassion that I feel for this one and the rest of them is the same.

And what i'm willing to do to help us hold pass the same place. So as as you see steve come from that self center place. Everything starts to change dramatically. This to the the pleasure that we experience when when some enjoyable event occurs, you know, something case is, it feels good, whatever. In terms of this body. Now we when we relieved our isolation to cell, instead of feeling jealous when you feel good or or, you know, how come how come you and not me? It's not fair or Well, I want some too, things like that.

Instead, it's like, oh, who makes me she. It's so good. Day. You're gonna join that. You know, So you have you have a a huge new source of joy happiness and your life. K? So It changes things and all of those kinds of that's what they say. That the nature of Buddha is one a true compassion. You know, a kind of compassion that we only had taste sir, but we should call today and we should make sure that whenever we have those case that we get into that place is fully we possibly can't. Because that that is our buddha nature.

You know, Our buddha in nature, this novel is this wisdom is already here. It's covered over by this delusion. But every now and then the Buddha nature shines too and the more often that we work towards that happening. Then, you know, the the better our life is gonna be. So we as someone else wants to put it. We keep cleaning the crystal, you know, it's so let let that beauty nature trying to get all the my and dirt cut off of And the worst part of the button kurt but than third cr is the attachment to the view of our sacred self are separate.

So that's that's the suggestion that the buddha had for the solving this problem. But words. And the me so It's really true. When you do look to see on the self, I think that I am, what you will find what everyone that ever looks as far as I know this sound the same thing. Is it nope. K. Nobody called. There's just these feelings and perceptions and mental formations and conditioning and consciousness, but Nope. There's no there's no little guy in charge up here, running things and suffering at the mercy of everything that the universe has to offer or it just that's not there.

And now, very interesting in the last few decades. People doing cognitive sciences, neuroscience, consciousness studies, philosophers, penetrating the and investigate these things they're all coming to the same conclusion. The self something that the brain makes up. And he seems there's probably a specific part of the brain that that's its job is to. Create this on idea And so And somebody mentioned to me the stroke of insight and the what's. Taylor. Yeah. And she had... She had a stroke which at least for a while knocked out the part her drained that made her feel like a said of cell.

And she described that experience as. She really hadn't struggled microsoft Rico? She had this drug. And the interesting thing that she did as she was recovering, she had an absolutely remarkable recovery on the degree brain station have. But in the process of her recovery as she describes it. The way she was this Nevada like state that she was in was absolutely wonderful, but she needed to recover these other natural abilities and as they started coming back, she carefully sorted him amount. And whenever she identified the ones that were the positive or problems and happiness, she said, nope, don't need that one.

Do something? Similar things and he had this stroke, and he didn't want to go back to his former life hurts and, you know, but I do have the question in context i wonder. And I wonder what how you would describe the case of remarkably multiple personality, is it's just five imprint, this person receives and cannot create a functioning cell to to integrate it. Which kind person? The multiple personnel... Multiple person. Well, I you know, I don't know a lot about this. The impression I have that might be statement is that people don't come into this world as multiple personalities that events happen and the course of their life that in order to cope with the events.

Their brain, their mind, partitions itself off so that a large part of who they are gets set aside and they form a new personality which has just those characteristics that are best able to cope with difficult situation. And so this fracturing of the personality leaves. It creates. What you know, in a sense, I believe that we're all multiple personalities. It's just that the cracks don't show as much. Okay. What's that? Yes. We're multi multifaceted. I I think the person who was diagnosed and treated as multiple personality where the personalities are in conflict with each other, sometimes I don't you know about each other.

They're just like us except the different parts are pulled so far carte being gap in between instead of, you know, just a little little correction and... You know, we... What's that? And that these. But a serves a purpose. We if you think about it, I think you all fine. That you have multiple personalities. Just a person you're with with your mother your parents. As the person you're with? At work. There's a person on owns that... And you do exactly the same thing multiple personality does. You partition off And the personality in this given situation includes these characteristics these, mental processes and each parts of you, And then ref seventh are set aside think going storage, or they stay in the back, keep the door.

Until, you know, you come into to a different situation. And what you come especially we're out this and those occasions when you find ourselves. With this person that we always relate to a personality a, and this person with first see, Who invites. It's it's difficult time and various. One of the things that does happen as a result of this practice, as as you come to know of your mind, is it calling of integration that takes place. You come to be more and more an integrated person, which isn't that you don't.

That you still modify your behavior and your attitudes and things like this. To reporting to different situations. But there is just much much more integrity to the process. You don't do and say things in one situation as one personality. That are in conflict with any inconsistent with the overall beliefs and values that that your totality holds. This is a unification in why This is that part of soul creation where we take our multi part self. And we bring all of the parts into to harmony and cohesion where, you know, we're we're not.

In opposition to ourselves. That's a result also of practice manipulation. Right? Yes. Right. I i'm... I'm being able to see something. Yes. Wonderful degree, but I... But I six... That's right. Yes. That's that's what happens in notation. You see the f pressures that are there. And the other thing is is that the process of meditation will start to we align the different parts so that they're now no longer out of habit hardening with each other. And sometimes you'll be surprised equally surprises saying the fractures to see that to see, well, you know, this these parts of myself that were desperate disparate.

Different before hard not so it. There's an inner resolution that taking place in times like this been resolved. I thinking. I thought about this before and we trying to what we talk you about this idea that this I had to exact seem to be sorry just of what we are experience. And then price very context and let you know question of the change written hollywood words context. Very the whatever. We talked about an idea that we become more integrated before we with that We have more of self at least also send himself people right.

Yes. What's speaking what Beatrice brought about how meditation facilitates that integration? One of the ways I've thought about in that meditation you develop this mindfulness that you carried throughout the data throughout and subsequent type Almost just becomes, like context i get you anywhere? Yes. Are subject to these extremes. Because you've lost that context is it's always present? Mh. What you talking about context let's sit commonality functionality and whether it's through all of experience.

And then so what it gonna be before and keep going words especially the video needs to do that. It's just telling this person. We're barely be aware of it. Gonna come home and So the transition but didn't need now that's something I could do. I go into that. There's still some hard stuff it doesn't work. See that it's like this is working for that. So... Yes. Mh. That's very good. That's wonderful. That's that's the kind of thing is supposed to happen. You've mentioned the mindfulness even when you're asleep.

That's one of the things you know, you this is really starting to... To happen to you when you start to experience that night even when you're asleep. What's that? I really at them reach for a. But. We've even a little while it's been wonderful. But this more that come more more. And it's exactly what you want to add that. Yes. Wonderful. Very good. Yeah. The practice is... You can see the way in the practice pays. I'll see where where i have attention to. So so you see this idea of the separate itself we've imagine we are you know, this is the most important idea that you can understand.

To you as an individual in your entire light. And I think it's a most an important idea for the world that kennedy understood. These other questions about what is the relationship between what is the relationship not just between those of us who are alive now and those who lived in the past and those go live within the future. But also the relationship between those of our are alive at the same time and each other's is present. There is, much mystery much wonder much to be discovered there. But don't get into the trap of thinking of separate self as any part of that.

Even even the idea of rebirth as a linear sequence, know but even... Well, and and the end nature this does happen either because a a a perfect metaphor for the way that Car in france car previous predisposition, pass through time from one individual other is the way our genetic material does. You're not your mother. And you're not your father, but genetically, your son of both. And you're some of four different grandparents. And of eight different great great grandparents and so on so forth. And Your genetic material not only combines with your dates.

But each of your offspring gets a different selection from what is here. And Why why should it be any different in terms of really carved transmissions? I Give be one good reason to think that that it should be that you have to get only the Cara from one person. That's all. And and and they get the car from only one person before down and so on so forth Thank you. On the other hand, the more good Karma that we think. The more beings will be born in the future. They will enjoy fruits to that good tournament.

And more bad karma make. The more names are gonna be born in the future who suffered a concept answers of that. And you don't need to consult mystic to know the truth of that. Right? When you do good in this world, that good will continue. And then Sorry. So in knew what were some of the things about last street that you heard about? You said that you said there were things that people Have the objection. Okay. You I understand that for forgive, you know, I should give you such a rich meal and inside a large pond that's very.

Good. So has has our discussion that Tonight helped to with him with this morning perspective. Yes. And are we? What's exactly? We've gotten an into you barb. I'm really... I mean i'd say being that i'm curious actively curious about this experience in so. About the switch? Experience with no self. Experience had no sound. And I find my mind over ear to kinda seek that out meditation. Yeah. And and I guess she get really excited when it goes to this something that is some indicator of that and then, you know, the these excitement overwhelm and lose like stability and all that.

But I wondering I was I was singing recently. It seems like they can I can hold in my mind. That's very quick sense what I sub, like the quality see this, like, i gonna myself. Identity made the feeling of doing stuff. Or person not the feel being etcetera annoyed But to hold that maybe a little bit. I'm wondering if there's a way to work with that where you can see there with rated have idea like explain. Quality is what I see is so go in the day person. Is there a way to work with that just we'll do that then and maybe turning it so you could see in an angle or...

I don't know. Just the learning if there's a way that effectively work with it. So Okay. And you're you're asking me how to work with the experience you have of being as. Right. Okay. Hey a personal. So like you made this. Right. Yeah. Because they're the on the one hand, there is had just a feeling well a sense it's the sense of being a separate sound. And that's That feeling gets dressed up with all of the ideas and notions of that we are the personnel hall feet. You know so you're talking about the awareness of the personality.

Just separation, but just that, like, very Mundane, this is me, but it's it it feels kinda gonna get times it seems very bit and, like, see that this is how I see myself. And including the qualities, like think how it's she's, like the sense of personality as of name. Yeah. Yeah. Well, in in terms of as an an intros process is to examine the personality perception and you have. And can't to be aware that that it is that conceptual formation made after those other concepts and that they're not the same all fine.

But And just to be aware that personality you think you are isn't the mo to begin to regard it as another idea or collection of ideas that is absolutely no different than any other idea collection of ideas. And the way that all ideas you're the same is that All ideas arise your mind due to causes and conditions. And we could say, we could speak causes in two cents. There there are those past factors which tend to make them inevitable, but the other kind of cause is a server of purpose. And so if you can see how the personality characteristics you identify with, what purpose are they certain in in terms of your interactions with other people and your desires and and and roles which isn't things.

Are. You can see the as ideas that they are. Tried that. I think that will be helpful there. I mean, basically, you're looking for that place of saying and just understanding that The personality construct is a construct may have of a whole bunch of ideas. It's changing it's changing due to past circumstances and it's changing due to current needs that, you know, current purposes and things like that. As you see that, it starts to become clearer and clearer that, yeah, this is just a fabrication.

This is just something that i'm online is making up. And the thing's about it I kinda like. Right had my mind made but up differently. This is image button my closer It is kind. Yeah. It's it's may parts. The the the feeling in being a set ourselves is kind of irr reduce, you know, it's not made up of other parts. It's just this feeling that is hard to and get rid of. I don't know i that we need depend our hot every three good. But in the neat meantime, you can notice that feeling isn't always there.

Sometimes it's there. Sometimes it's not... It'll always be there when you look at. Look for it then. Soon as you look for boom. There. But what you can notice being mindful is a aha a lot of time when I'm not looking for his side there. Anything thing that you can do. This was is a good for all what do do. Here's to work with the sensor cell on the way it determines your interactions with others. As matter we could call this that what would Buddha do exercise? Because would what would I be, like, if I weren't prison by this idea of being a set up?

So and your interactions with other people, first of all, you can expand your sense of yourself. You can say, okay. You know, and this is what's really good if you've got a a partner. But, you know, even if you don't have a partner, there are other people around you post. But what you do is you expand your cell to include another person to begin with or other people. And then you start noticing okay. Here's this idea in my mind, need self and other... Let me switch those. Okay. So now I'm going to think in terms of...

I'm going to respond and think in terms of this person's these, desires discomfort, etcetera. And so they were mine can't mine as though they were the other persons. Okay. And begin to begin to see what you can do with that. You know? What can you do to meet the needs relieve the pain add to add to the pleasure and happiness of the other person without giving any priority to cell. And treat yourself he would the other person, you know, it's like, okay. Snap the candy kindergarten hat this piece a little bit.

There's been down. Okay. Sure. So. If in the past and south what it said? Okay. Not my fault, But I'm gonna take the again. I mean. Well, just get her I I I would think you could get over I'm right and you're wrong. Get over Right. Yes. They... They're thirst these are there's some formal practices that are all about doing. And one of them is it it's exchanging yourself. For another and it's their fun truck. There are a set of eight practices which are are are called... There's eight practices for training the mine.

And they're all about doing things like that. When in discreet and somebody else make yourself wrong and they're right. Right. Yeah and things like that. Whenever you are in a group of others regard yourself as the least among those present. Least for everyone else is more important than you are. These are very powerful practices. They're very powerful because they underlined quite directly. Mh. Our attachment to our sense or cell. Because what we're doing is we're we're transplant that. Consciously, which makes us very very aware you have to become so aware of your sense of self you know, in order to do this.

It's just... you know, it just keeps staring your right in the face every time you make a swat. That. Where is the again from? The these these are maybe specifically to that do this practices. And as a matter of fact, Find out I'll I'll I'll bring you a copy of eight practices for training on. They're absolutely be wonderful. They're shocking. That's. I gave them to one person, and we had to discuss them quite a bit. And then isolated locked on and lived by down ever since. Before when you said you know, who are you?

Yeah. I couldn't answer it. And I was thinking boy, six months ago. I could answered that in a heartbeat. You i I I had... You, whole list things that you know, who who I am. And now I have no. Here help so much. Yeah. And big what what happens instead is that you are to see more clearly, who you are right now, and it doesn't have to be this person that's gonna still be there an hour from now or that was there yesterday or anything else like that. It's much more real geared you're able to embrace the flux, which is the nature of such.

And you are a part of the this flex. So as you as a agreed to which you can embrace that and the account part of that. And there's no more need to attach in the same way to the idea of. So. It becomes much more fluid flexible. And you can see how the things come good. Your mind will still do the same things it's always done and a good thing because it allows you to function and there were things like that. But it's without the attachment to. Very Yes. Stop. That's great. And that's a good way to put it.

Some sorry or. Okay. So so these are really powerful ways to deal with it. The... You know, if we look at the pre and the imperfections, everybody knows the three steps. Right? Must be somebody does know please go. Knows the pre steps. Okay. They they are... The the the basic slide pre is. Don't destroy our beings. Don't pay what's not freely given. Don't engage in sexual misconduct. Don't engage in wrong speech, and I don't know. We'll fully engage in activities that pause almost one. If we take the first four of these, they can all be summed up with practice harmless.

Cause no harm to others this. If we add the fist one and recognize that all the things that covered by the first floor also harm us because they're condition ways. It's an pre saying cow harm two thought. But there ten... That's after there ten pre. Right. Well, the the the ten pre are... They're going beyond these... These are the these are the five that had to do with the practice of virtue by. So Now other fine free, the the plastic resets, which we do posted at the. These are also addressing the practice of of some of the other perfection the perfection.

You don't know what the sir. Trouble you. Eventually you'll know. The first is is perfection j generosity. The second is a perfection of Virtue which is identical of the pre that we just discussed. Right? But the perfection of generosity is covered in the second set of. And then there's the third perfection is a reflection of patients. And that is also addressed in the second side. We won't need to. It'll be enough right now to remember those three professions and out the three. We can work on as we go along.

Actually, already. The fifth perfection is meditation. So you're are working on that one. And the six perfection is a protection of wisdom, which begins with learning the dartmouth which you're doing, you're reflecting on it over counting doubts and then ultimately having the direct experience with these truths throughout. So so you're really doing all of the perfection already. You're also doing the fourth one, which is a joyful right effort. Anyway, I I was... I'm I'm undecided Tracking myself here and what was still that eternity?

Okay. If you look... If you look at the first fire three, which are about not causing aren't to others or to yourself. Now, Blind on earth would be able to do anything to os to others. Or to our ourselves. Creating. Yes, desire and version. Exactly. So to to practice these professions and keep these pre chefs. What we're doing is we're we're using a set of rules to help us behave as though we were already awake as we were already moving. As that we have already overcome crazy. As though the root of craving and the in itself had already even.

Time. So after we're dealing one of practice, I only keep pre perception and practice perfection is we're trying to to behave as buddha would we're trying to do what buddha would do. Now, of course, because we're we still have a self and we still have pre and things like this. That means that you're trying to practice these professions and keep these. We're gonna to keep coming up with problems. Like, what would be put do? But this But that what what if this what if that will need... You know, okay.

But that's good. Because that gives you an opportunity... What what is the only reason that you know, immediately know What's the right thing to do. Is that you've got desired and inversion and attachment to self operating in your mind. So if you're going to try to sort out the problem, you're probably going to discover the the the roots of the problem and desire and inversion and and attachment to settle. And so you brain mind those mindfulness to their on that So the practices that you can do in your daily life are keep the.

Practice the the perfection. Practice exchanging yourself for another And and these, these will have a tremendous impact. In makes you're life much better. Don't make you happier here. Remove a lot of the problems that you have right now. And to degree that you you're you succeed in overcoming creating and attachment to yourself? One of these days. This whole complex system that is your mind is gonna make a shift to a new way to functioning it. And all of a sudden, it would be so much easier. Because your your reference point will no longer be.

The self from the same way was before. The the more I practiced the happier I am and the more loving feel. Is does that relate to attachment? Well, usually to be happier and to be more loving means that you becoming less attached. You'd be hearing less attached to the idea of yourself and the needs of yourself. And if met which manifest says being more love anything more hitting. And because your mind's not going around with the idea all needs it myself that I've got to take care of and doubt what I want there, everybody get there.

You're happier. You're marketing content. You're more lie. Now you can become attached to this. You can i'm so good totally achieve. You can think I'm attached to that. I you have watch out for it. And if it happens, it's you know, you don't need to don't be yourself out. You just need to see. I I caught me at it. Yeah. Because we do get a test. When our practice brings a lot of happiness into our our life. We can get attached to that happiness. And think that it's always gonna be early. But until you've become the buddha, your happiness is is always going to be imp.

It's you're gonna have your ups and downs. Right? And the degree to which you're attached to your happiness, that's the degree to which you're going to suffer when the causes of your happiness disappear for. So Don't get attached here your. Happiness. Attachment is what our minds do in defiance of the reality of imp. In twelve separate recovery, I've heard people say, if you're having a lot of trouble in your life, this tissue pass, and and if things are going really well in your like this two too packs.

That's right. Yes. That's that's permanent it's works both way. It's really bad. Yeah. It's gonna go away But all are you hold year and dear is gonna be back really. So... And that's... you know, as we progress on this path, what you develop this and that is... If desire and a version or our the way we react pleasure and pain, Now will be the way we react to them in the future. And e doesn't mean ind or not failing. But dean it's not reactivated. So what it means is that when we experienced pleasure, we experienced pleasure.

We don't attach to. When we experience pain. We experienced pain. We don't resist it. Most of our suffering comes from the resistance and the attachment. And that's what you find when you don't attach to pleasure. Is that if... There... It's there's much more pleasure for experience, if you're not attached to it. I need if you attach to it even while you're enjoying whatever days you're enjoying, You're also suffering the prospect of its loss. You're also suffering the the desire to have it again.

You know And you cannot experience pleasure nearly fully with that kind of stuff going on your mind, as you can, if you're just completely open and you accept it with e with non me. And the pain that is present, The pain is what it is. Nothing more or less. But most of the suffering that we ever experienced has been our minds resistance. So when the mind cease to resist, the pain is just another unpleasant sensation that comes and goes. It's gonna pass away. So e anonymity takes the place of desire and version, of creating.

Loving kindness and compassion, take the place of attachment to itself. And wisdom takes the place of the ignorant idea that we think we know do and what we are and we think we now what this world is. And Okay. I guess we don't have eternity. Some of you you have lead Sub yet. Some do you have families you need to figure a along too. We have it just not as individuals. That's right. Yeah Somebody the else separate reports, certainly we don't have to. Okay. Thank you very much. Got. Another inspiring discussion.

Oh, and I'll make the announcement now that I forgot to make brace? On the long table on the front. There is a petition written up by Say Con connect, who is the abbot of the monastery and the meaning to nepal. And what's happening there is Is in danger being destroyed over. By industrial interests, building mills and factories and things like that. And in fact, there are laws against this. Nobody is enforcing them. And so these business interests that are just bringing in their equipment setting things up producing pollution basically destroy what the United Nations has recognized as one of the earth's one of the world's sacred places the were place of the Buddha.

And meaning at all what he's a ball today was the originally the birthplace. To reboot it. So signed out, D Has asked us if we would sign and petition and out there on that table. So I'd appreciate it if you put your signatures on there, at least if you agree that that the government of Should enforce the laws that I intended to protect the sacred site. And then I'll nail it off to the whole list of officials that I have to tomato lot to stuff. Okay.

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