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TCMC 11 March 2010 part 2

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What's on your line? S rank. And d if everything is the result of the past action, is you cover marketing? Then that there's a theory that everything's been done before. Everything you experienced that get being done before. So then then how do you have a brand new experience such as realizing the two major reality. Let's let's examine the the sup here behind the question. First all question is that If. Everything is a result of past actions. I'm not sure how that fits in the the part yet. But You said a result of past actions.

Then everything's been done before. Well, given given that you experienced their result of something you've done before, and then that creates like a cycle, that. The result comes. And since you've been here move forever. Then you're just going around the same right roughly. But then suddenly, something brand new, there's never ever i happened for athens. Right. How is that possible to to to be a result of a seed which can only come from something which is up? Okay. So... Alright. How can something do happen?

Is everything that happens is a result of past actions or As you said, is the result of a a a car c. But... Okay. Well, what's it left examine man? Okay. So there are some there are some assumptions here there's assumptions that to as a certain kind relationship between causes and effects, I think. Right? Because for something new for there to be a question about something new happening you know, then you there must be some sort of assumption that the only thing that can happen is something that has happened before.

Well the result is similar court in a common seat rodney. Right. So and suddenly there's a moment with something which doesn't contain. Ignorance So is a that that pauses and effects are very simpler. Not not sort of some order but precisely simpler. Okay. Well, if that were the case, it would be hard to imagine anything maybe happen. And that's for sure. But why would we assume the causes in this case your talking pertinent causes? Why we're we would we send that causes and effects on part that seller?

If it's not the case then there's absolutely no reason to keep any graphics. Because the result has also nothing to do with quotes. But the only reason or behaving ethically is that as you do something to maybe somebody's gonna do exactly the same time to you, No. But it's lowering a fundamental sergeant if you refrain from harming others Yeah. Will experience a lack of hunt yourself if you want to have state of mind then did deliberately avoid disturbing others minds have a calm yourself to benefit presentation.

So in that way, the resolve. Well, it's still very similar to the same thing. You don't harm others so that you won't be aren't. Because if you get harm mothers, then you would d her. And you are respectful of, but others natural beast call, so that you'll be able to enjoy the same thing in the future. And... But the suggestion that if it were not for that, there wouldn't be any basis for ethics and morality. That seems to me that is a gigantic jump. If that's the only basis for ethics and morality, then the person for him it's a basis of Ethics in morality must be an incredibly self centered person.

Pretty much devoid of any sort of empathy or compassion or for other beings. No. There's a basic... I mean, we might just this is just my... That there's a basic humanity terms you keeping semantics. But in terms of that basic humanity is just to be liked for to be able to get along with you of center that things in work, which is all around the self. It's all about my relationship with my world. So it's all soaked in holding things to be So it exist truly self existing. So that may well be a basis for why you keep ethics, but that's not a basic step.

I believe is gonna meet you to to freedom. Or is it? You know, asking your other... No. This is just my theater. So it seems to me that all that is is very much grounded in that. Just holding to herself and holding others to be self existent. And how can that mean to the very opposite which is experiencing either his selfless? Things don't happen truth. Okay. There's a lot. I'm trying to find for myself a a nice beginning point of that's thread that we can follow in. I he's a really good question.

Sorry I'm glad you brought this up. And and hopefully, I'll find it a a place to start with but Okay. What we're talking about is basically a combination of questions to do with causality and especially certain interpretations of current causality which would pos that what happens to us is very very similar to what we have done. And that's intertwined with the question of morality and ethics. Would there be any basis for morality and if it works for the idea of Karma? That were as you as you do, so shall had be done onto until you.

So these are two things that are tied together and that's And somewhere in here also is a question of if if indeed that client one to one relationship between climate causes and common results exist. How could anything new happen? Especially since we who lived handle slice and everything that we could ever do the think it's already been done solid. It's it. Right? I would have to say this is a really good exposure of the problems and some of and and some of the functions that are behind us. I know like you started with the ethics part of it though.

Because some of these views on Karma this this is the basis in which they presented to us is that that there would be no reason to lead in ethical and moral life. Except for the laws of Karma and then the laws the car interpreted in such your whatever you do. That's what's kinda happened to you. So the only way to make kind of things you want happen to you is to is to make sure that you do the others is what you would like them to do unto you, and you don't do what you wouldn't have do on to you.

If you do enough of the app, and that's what your get. Eventually in some future like So I like that approach I like to look at ethics and morale this and to really raise the question. Is Is there any real foundation to the premise that that this particular kind of karma is necessary as a basis or ethics and morality. Now because I I think it it assumes a degree of selfish that doesn't correspond to what we actually see in human beings in the world. And as a matter of fact just to quote from a different system.

Jesus said, do you want to others as you would have them do on to you, not due others so that they will give onto you. And I think the whole basis of that teaching, there was not a... There was not a presumption of karma. And later on, that teaching became one of a reward and punishment obtained so that if you... If you didn't send, and if you know, kept that role rule, and you would be rewarded by eternal life and heaven and the divine presence of god. And if do you did you it if you didn't keep that and you did send, then you would suffer return in hell.

But that actually from what I can tell wasn't really what. Jesus meant to say when he was saying, that's he was talking about something that comes from the heart from a sense of love and compassion. You know, some people would say you stuff such saying as all. That you other... You all know what alt means. It means where you do something? Entirely, for the benefit of the being or person you're doing it for with absolutely no expectation of any sort of reward in return. And there are people who claimed that there is no such thing as.

But on the other hand, my understanding of it is is that behavioral scientists have actually found count numbers of examples of altruistic behavior, not just in humans, but in all kinds of animals where there is no. Possible conceivable way the action could have been performed out of an expectation of reward or waiting at punishment. So know, I like this, and I think we have something in us. That is capable of manifesting as altruistic behavior. We are capable of experiencing love that is not the selfish sexually motivated love or the selfish possess love of our children and things like that.

But we are we are capable of the kind of love that that greeks. I find that in human beings, there is something innate present in us that is best described as compassion that we see suffering and another. And we can relate to that on the basis of our own suffering, But we want to relieve the suffering called the other. And not it's not because of a fear that we're gonna have to sun suffering or a desire to avoid that suffering. It's doesn't even... I mean it can come. But when I'm talking about true compassion, it doesn't even come.

Out on the desire to eliminate the suffering of the other, so you know longer have to endure the sympathetic sort of experience of the suffering now that you see. I I believe that we had I could capacity for alt for law african compassion and that That probably played quite a major role in the way the world worked before societies got large enough complex enough and individuals became anonymous enough then we need to to construct systems of ethics which we created rules so that, you know, and the rules are the feed if we don't wanna be killed when somebody gets mad, would he make a role in society that says that he don't kill people depression head.

And then we enforce that and all the other rules of... So sorry, basically are reflection of a cell I mean, laws and social ethics are entirely self centered and selfish. If I want to be able to live in a large community of other people without suffering it to hands others there's too much. We need a system of laws and ethics and riddles that are relatively stringent enforced to. Protect protect us. And but I think that that's a function of large groups of people living closely together. I don't think it's a reflection of an adjuvant in a a innate nature.

Of a basis for morality and and ethics. Now it's true that if you fear heaven in hell, or or if you... Not if katie, I guess it's telling you it fear. If you fear a judgment, And you're gonna go to heaven hell based on what you died. You know, I mean, that's the that's that's operating on the basis of your selfish, you know And it is taking your in a national natural selfish, which arguably is a really major part of how we behave. And it's turning it around to help make you behave in socially desirable ways.

And the same thing with Karma. If you if you live with the fear of experiencing the consequences of your karma, they'll behave yourself. And if you can't hope for the prospect of rewards if you behave well and treat other people. Well, then this is a selfish motivation, but I don't think you need either one of these things. As a matter heard, when I look at history, And actually, when I look at what happened in the west, as I guess by orlando Western is I know western history better than Eastern probably do.

But anyway, look that... In terms of the progress that's made by western societies and overcoming very injustices. And selfish patterns of behavior that were extremely exploited of others and cruel. They didn't come out of the religions that taught salvation and eternal. They actually came out of human movements, Most of the proponents of which were either agnostic or atheists. So the evidence of history in the world is that it's not the religiously driven fears of heaven and hell. And I would suspect it's not it's also not the concern with experiencing car results that is primarily responsible.

For what goodness that we do see in society. Although I don't denying that both of these are useful tools and keeping to certain degree keeping societies in line and making people behave But I I would would argue that that But this law of Karma is not the basis for human morality and ethics. And to the degree that is used that way, you to degree that a person who would respond to that. What they're doing is they're reinforcing in themselves, their own selfish, their own self centered. Their own conviction that they are a self existent entity and that the other gangs and other entities in the world they interact with are self existent.

Substantially self existent from their own side. So I don't even feel that this particular doctrine is very useful. I know that what happens when somebody attain at degree of realization, that there is a a profound decrease in their self centered. In their sense of of separation. And that has the effect of making those innate qualities that I sense already there in all people to some degree. They didn't become far more pronounced. As a person becomes less self centered as a person comes to understand their own the emptiness are their own self, compassion manifests, blood mash, they behave more altruistic.

Their reluctance to do things that are harmful to others is diminished. Enormously, and it has nothing to do with the fear of any kind of current consequences to the experienced in the future. It comes internally from a sense of it being the only thing to do, the only way to be. So So this notion of of Karma has a lot problems. Right. I I really believe that the buddha was The whole essence of where was teaching is to become aware that we live in an illusion of being a separate self. And when he taught a path proliferation and freedom of suffering, it was a cat but it recognizes that suffering comes from crazy and creating is rooted in the belief that we are a separate stuff.

He did that in a world that for some three thousand years previously. Had believed very strongly but that everyone was born over and over. And then when you died, it was, like, shedding one set of close and that when you were... And then that he would be reborn and take on and and and do form. And they're... And in that belief system, they're evolved the idea first of all that if you if you give me the cast system and if you performed the duties of your cast and if she performed the duties of your role in life that you would be born in at least as high cast if not a higher cast than the one you lived in before, that if you didn't tell you had reborn in a lower house.

This gradually came to be a belief that with that, everything you did in your life would have an influence on what you experienced and the conditions you were born into and so forth in your next life. And it just kept on growing until, you know, it became the kind of law karma that we often come across now. But this was not... This was not the buddhist teaching so something is around long time but before to buddha. And if you look at what the buddha spend all of his time teaching, when you put them side by side and make don't make sense.

This personal self, the self that you think you are and the you experience and that you know from the inside, I mean guess there any of that that You can imagine persisting past the solution on your of your body in your mind at the time of your death. If you have lived all these lives before, Well, tell me what the role is, how do you experience them now? How does the selfie you are experience this previous existence? I do you remember that Do you have some sense that you were formed by that? And it's not.

Ten Are you going to be motivated for your behavior by somebody biden Even if it's somehow you, I don't know how all they would do, but if it's somehow you that's born in the future, that, you know, it's not gonna have very any more relationship to you that you do to whatever these predecessor of yours that you can't be aware of... I mean, doesn't make sense to oh man, I'm just asking. Does it make sense you? Is it reasonable that? Does it fit with your experience? I mean, it's a nice idea that.

Oh, I don't ever have to die. I have to worry about dying. Because I will be reborn. But that's because we believe that we are this particular kind of self and we're attached to it and we're afraid of losing that. Now on the other hand, I'm not taking the point of you that all we are is what we seen today. That you are just the body that you experience and the mind your experience and that is that's all there is It's just the way it appears to be nothing different. And that the self that you are is doomed to be destroyed and annihilate at the time need die.

Because that is... I... If you believe that you are a self, and there's two possible fates your somehow going to survive and some form or other. Or, when your body dies, that's it. You're god. Oblivion. All more. But what the buddha offer is the third time? He said right minute. I looked. I spent years trying to find the self. And the more I looked. The more it wasn't there. And then I realized that this is just an illusion. We are all connected in ways that go far beyond. We are ordinarily think has the way things are.

Not only is self not in actuality, what you think it is or what it appears to you to be? Nor does anything else? All of your mind can know, is it's our contents. It's on fabrication. And so the self that you think you are is a fabrication of your life. And all the other things that you experience are fabrication of your mind. That doesn't mean they don't exist. I mean, it's be foolish to say, well, nothing exists. All it exists is my mind. Although this has been thoroughly investigated, and there was a school of Buddhism called to the cheat mach or or the vision not to my or the Vision nano mushrooms, depending on which flavor of this if they export.

But they thought about it and said, maybe my mind is the only thing that exists. Because there's no reason to say that anything else. Makes. And, of course, the theory of the theory of karma fits in really well with that. Well, now we know how how absolutely everything that happens to me could be determined but. Something that I did in the past my mind is the only thing that exists. And so it can make anything happen if it was. And so if the law of the the mind capillary mind that I am is that every action I i ever perform has to come back at me again, then well, that was easy understand how that had happen.

Right? But that's actually the school of thought that didn't survive very long. I mean, it was very interesting, philosophers, buddhist philosophers entertained it and pursued. So Western philosophers first It's called ideal and western philosophy and this sort of limited view is called Sol susan, and I would encourage you if you i so inclined to look these things up on and and have to do the one read about them a little bit. There ideas that have been explored. But But what makes sense is and we realize that what we experience have reality is limited by what the way our mind is able to interpret things.

We reality as consisting and matter in mind. And actually, we find it a lot easier just so the examine matter that than we do. Mine. But we can't to identify ourselves must more closely with our minds. After what what we're trying to here at is, all of things really work, but we know in this lifetime. Your mind is a self conditioning entity. It's a self programming computer, so to speak. It came into the world with certain basic. And then the keeps reprogram itself every single experience you have.

Every thought you have. Everything you think or say or do and everything that happens to you, goes into the mind and it gets and and the mind reprogram itself to incorporate this new experience, this new attitude everything else like that. And we know that every time you see something or hear something you're saying something, you're biden to interprets it on the basis of gets on programmed, which it has a accumulated over real lifetime time. And This is a version of this carbon of the mind that makes infinitely more sense.

I would suggest here you. And I'd like you I I I I'd like you to think about it and see if if she agree. Everything you think and say and do contributes to making your mind work the way it does. And that means that every experience that you have, the nature of that experience, the way it unfolds for you, the unique unique way that you experienced being in a particular place at a particular time when certain things are happening. And it is unique to you because I think you know that different people experienced things sometimes quite obviously in very different ways.

So the unique reality that you experience on any occasion is determined by the way your mind processes that experience, which is the determined i the cumulative, sub programming processes throughout the entire period into your life. And that is a kind of karma that makes a lot of good sense. And we look at that and say, karma in the fruit karma of the similar kind. Well, Yeah. When you were little? If you discovery that throwing a temper tantrum, made you feel good. And if you often got what you wanted when you did that, and when it made you as you grew older it continue to make you feel strong and powerful.

And if it continued to produce positive and benefits it would become a very strong habit in your mind. And that if at some point in your life, this really strongly engraved habit of losing your temper started not to serve your interest. It might just keep continuing on of would own momentum and you would get into more more difficult situations as a result of it. Maybe you get ordered by a clerk to go to an anger management force or something. You know. But this is Karma, of the same time, this karma producing the freight of the same kind.

And there's is a whole lot of habit car of this county that we're full of. And it's not just habit karma We are conditioned by the things we do and the consequences that we see that come from those. And Shane guilt, remorse. These are all manifestations of of that process. If we do things, that that part of ourself where the the love and the compassion and and the sympathy and everything else resides. If we do things that that part of our ourselves seize the consequences of and is troubled by. We will most assured go through our life being affected by that that disturbance by that agitation and by that remorse by that grief by that bill.

And you know, don't you all have an awareness of how that affects some people? How it probably affects every single one of us to some degree, but there's those people that affects so strongly. But, you know, it's just and you you can't ignore it. So Karma makes sense. If has the bud said karma is conditioning and karma specifically to conditioning that arises out of our intentional actions. And makes really good sense then to say that we we will exchange the fruits of that karma. But what is the relationship then to?

I mean, here we are this cycle physical entity going through the world for a period of anywhere from a few years due to maybe nine or ten decades. Constantly evolving and changing no real self at, but the experiences of the entity over that period of time, are conditioned by Karma in the sense that I'm talking about now. It's a legitimate question to say okay. Even if the i the self that I know is not going to be reborn. What does happen to all of that? What happens to What happens to this complex cumulative mass of of conditioning that has been developed especially.

I really like to know is what happens to a scene back their life perfect themselves. Overcoming delusion and illusion. Is that obliterated rate at the time they die? This this a buddha exist after death and not exist after that both exist not exist your and this was people on. The buddha did use the term rebirth. And he used it in a number of different ways. But He said in ways that suggested that that what is created But I... The five aggregates that we call a human being and of course of a lifetime.

Doesn't disappear entirely at the time of death. And so you have to think about both. What does happen? And what was he saying and so forth? I'll tell you what i feel to be true, or I believe to be true. That, first of all, that our perception that there is mind and matter and there are two different things false. And that another common perception that there is only matter and that mine is something that certain kinds of matter to does mind is what certain times of matter does when the conditions are right.

I don't think that's true. And then there's a few that that mind is all there is and matter is something that might makes up. I don't think that's true either. I say hey. These three perspectives, the first one's dual is mine matter. Now two are both once matter or or physical and the other is is ideal is incremental isn't. And I I don't think any of those are true. I think that that the stuff that reality is made of is is only one stuff, which can appear on to us as either matter or mine. But that it is neither.

It's it's what it is. It's it's such it's that's. When we look at what appeared that aspect of such it appears to us as matter. What we have discovered is that it is totally completely interconnected. You know, the the idea that there's all these different things and causality is where one thing that we call, hey, causes another thing that we call b that idea is almost a century out of date in terms of western thinking. And what we see now is that absolutely everything is interconnected. That what you are to what you're experiencing this moment?

Is essentially dependent on everything that's ever happened in the universe before. I mean, this talking to the point of view of our our our western materialistic scientific paradigm, you know, big bang to now. Because if anything were changed, The present would be changed so completely that you having this experience just is no longer possibility. You you've heard the butterfly effect and right that, you know, it's what's been discovered is that systems, like what this universe is and, like, what each human being is and, like, what our societies are and everything like this.

Complex open dynamic systems are such in nature that a very very small change. Can't produce a very huge result. And it's it's a very unpredictable nature. So what you are right now is a result of everything the has been. And there's absolutely duct you can do. You can't have a thought. That is not going to have ramifications throughout the rest of western linear scientifically conceived time. So when you look at matter, we see this total interconnectedness of everything. And then we see that there is sort of a beginning and an to the causality that we are the present.

Manifestation of. So my thinking is, since I believe that the stuff of sex is of only one substance. And since we can see in that aspect of the section I that call matter this this infinite interconnectedness that presumably it most apply equally well to that which we perceive as. And my aspect. And this fits out. I'll talk to put that time. Now all of a sudden not being a separate cell has a totally new flavor to it. It means that when I abandoned this idea being a separate cell, then I am an manifestation.

Of such of business that I could say that I'm a part of it but have to remember that the part is something that my mind impose on it. I see it as being not reduction in the sense that we can take this this. Second contains within all of the infinite variety of the universe and more than we can imagine. And say that, well, it can all be reduced to this kind of stuff. You know, like so like physicists would like to reduce everything to some particular particle or some particular set of principles and say, everything is elaborated out of this.

I think it goes the other way. I think it's holistic and I think it's totally graphic. I think that that except for the mines artificial perceptions of separation, the really part. And so there's nothing that can be reduced. The reduction is impossible. I say, holistic and holographic because a hologram A hologram ground is a a picture is taken or something with polarized life light and you up with a negative. Right? You shine polarized light through negative you see a three image that appears completely real.

You can even walk around to look at it from different sides as long as you don't go too far, if you go too far then you're out of the spread of what blank bring to polar like, but it seems so real. Anyway, what's interesting about the holographic negative the piece of film that this whole is on. Is that if you cut it in half and shine the lights chart, you still get the whole image, you don't get half of it. If you cut a piece equal to one hundredth of the whole negative off and try and polarized light through.

You still get the entire image. That's finding about holographic. The whole is contained in every part, and every part is within the whole if the spread throughout the the entirety of it. So I think of the ultimate nature of reality is being holistic and holographic. And non dual and recognize that that aspect of reality that I perceive of has mined that it functions and specially, it creates an artificial division of self that really doesn't exist. And i've other separate beings and self interacts with, which really aren't separate at all.

And then I go to this question and okay. What? Now what happens? When we die. Well, obviously, in some form and other, that does continue but it doesn't continue as a cell. I don't expect to be reborn. But I would like to think that i knowledge and wisdom that I have gained, whatever understanding that I have attained. Won't cease to exist when the body cease this to exist. And unfortunately, whatever ignorance and delusions and predisposition to to productivity and so forth that a beam may develop.

But likewise that doesn't cease to exist either, unfortunately. So these things do continue. But I don't think it's... But it it it doesn't involve a self because a self that me imagine we are doesn't exist in the first place anyway. And secondly, it isn't some sort of super simplistic system that says that if I hit you then somebody's gonna hit me in the future. And if I go through my whole life never heed anybody, then I'll be reborn to somebody never gets hit. You know? I I don't think that's the way it works.

I I think yeah. It's far more profound than that. And far more deeply meaningful. And i'll I'll share with you that. I I have done some of the practices that are supposedly all allow a person to access previous lives. And I've taken interest in that And even before doing that. I've had experiences that were curious and and strange. Have that could be easily interpreted as being meaning that that all I have been lived before in different forms. But when I look at them closely on I'll tell you her doctor found there is.

When I started studying Buddha, my attracted to visit. I attracted spirituality in a way that nothing in my upbringing what account for. And when I started studying Buddhism, was really funny always weird sand credit and poly names. I recognized him right away. That's like they were familiar. But I know it never heard. Well, I did Sometimes i work. Where did I hear that for? And I couldn't think of anywhere had heard it before. And You know, and a lot of these ideas have they've seemed to me to to be easy to assimilate.

And I've had recollection Being an monastic in some place, probably India or Southeast Asia. I think india. A part of India highly southern india there's a lot of ditch jumble and things like that. And so I mean this this is the the material. This is the stuff of which past life recollection are made. I i set recollection and belong to experience with somebody that was a child during post one in Germany in poverty, collecting spilled colorful from railroad tracks and digging out potatoes and abandoned fields and things like that.

Eventually becoming a part of the military and counting part of the german water machine during world world war two. And as these were very interesting sort of visions and memories you came back. But the thing that I have to tell you about them is they're not me. They're not the self. They belong to somebody else. And You know how it is if you see a movie or you read a book? And you can, you know, you you can relate to that and you share it around well. Somehow or another my mind has turned in to somebody else's life experiences.

And somehow in san ways, the... Let's say the the conditioning, that they accumulated in the course of the lifetime has become part of mine. But I was not them. They are not knee. This self And as a matter fact for other reasons that I don't have time to go into. I'm quite certain certain that the car influences that I experienced came from conte really live at the same time. So that there is not even any sort of linearity that we might imagine that you could go back and look at your private lives and say, and it was this one and the one before that was that one, no one refer that with that one I put one for that reside.

I don't think it works like that. I don't even think it works temporal at all as a matter fact. There is a sense in which I sincerely believe that i was every one of you in previous lifetime. Previous lifetime. I don't know. That's not the right word. No. I understand... I I every everyone of you. And and that has a pretty profound effect on the way that I relate to you. And the way that I relate to other people in the world. And I think that that realization Then realization has more to do with true compassion and true morality than true ethics then any fear that whatever I do to you might be visited back upon me in feature in a in a different lifeline.

You know, it's far more powerful form or significant. And also, For me, the the the genes that I've just expressed here is grounded in my own experience. Not in something that I read or somebody told me. And also, When I take into account all of the different pieces, I find it Much much more rational, reasonable and logical and some of these other jews. So How anything happen? I think on one hand, everything that happens is new. The fact that Peter rises out of causes and conditions doesn't nec that the causes and conditions have to be identical.

I think sometimes they are terribly similar. I think that the emotional space that you habit generated produce the result of having exactly the same emotional states rise in the future and there the is really strong. I think that... I think that if you if you become a wealthy capitalist and ours and and become a slump landlord and Cal tata, that there are going to be conscious beings that are essentially you who were born into that slump. So in that sense, you know, if you cease to regard yourself as separate, Everything that's ever been done, you did it and everything that's ever been experienced as a result, you've experienced it.

I let it myself and I at you. And if we strip away, if we strip away all of the appearances is all of the conditioning, everything else. The the witness consciousness that experiences this life as that Unfolds is absolutely indistinguishable from that that is experience in that life for that life or any other on your lives. It is the same. When somebody is born in slightly cal. They may say, why? Why did this happen to me? But is it possible that a being would come then to existence in slum and cal and not say that?

And not feel exactly that way. Because what's behind that experience is not distinguish as me are you or the being that created the song or anything else? So Every un hold act that you perform. It's not that in some other life there's a you that is going the experience the result of it. If I hit you, then I may not realize it, but I am also the the you that I've hit. So the one that's gonna be the recipient out the globe as well and the suffering that it brings about. And when I realized that, this she sounds node room left to go around eighty people.

That's like don't know he yourself. And it's not that you don't go around hitting yourself because Part p do, It's just... It there is no sense at all and doing it. And how how this was right streaming? How a stream actually happen? Some random aspect aspects of myself. Somebody else quotes into this mail. But what happens is Remember they new par, your your mind is a self programming entities basically self creating. And it can go different directions. And so Now whatever you do at any point of time, you know, there's always different options.

I do this instead of that. And a lot of that, your past conditioning will dictate take exactly what you do because you have strong predisposition to do this instead of that, but then every times when. Different factors way together. And it's not already already necessarily determined in advance. So you are not you not deter fake to do. Anything in particular. I don't know how often but my guess is at least thousands of times a day. There are these kinds of decision points these bifurcation where you could go one way or the other at the level of action or at the level of speech or at the level and fly.

And And so these... These the points are gonna determine the the course that your wife unfolds in. The buddha and Then said to to the buddha said Lord, noble companions. That's That's an important part of the the our path. Right? And the buddha said no no no no. It's not. It is the hold of Because you see, if you if you You make that first decision that I'm going to do this instead of that. And it's a point where you could go either way, you know? Do do we go to the ship bar for a deer, or do we go to meditation class.

Right? Whichever way you go it's going to have an effect on determining your feature. If on a particular occasion, you decide to go to meditation class instead, that puts you on a different path, course you can go back the other way. But the fact that you win It might turn out that as a result of that, you start hanging out with different people and you start reading different things and you start very different. Things. And so you are accumulating a new kind of conditioning. As a result of which you will become a different kind in person.

Than you would become otherwise. Now on the one hand, you could say well, I can still see that it might be just chance that it leads us one, you know, to make one decision that's somewhere along, there was some crucial decision that we hadn't made that right. You never become a dominant. Think you say, well, that seems to me, like that could be just chance. So you're saying that people that follow the path every time to Bogus was Buddhist, was just the operation of chance. And those that instead of become and criminals and and dictators that was just chance to.

But there aren't there some other factors to take account. One, Okay. That's what I was saying before. If we do, in fact inherit some primary predisposition from beings that have lived before even though they're not ourselves. Maybe maybe we all and inherited... We all stand the chance at least of inheriting some some fairly notable permit predisposition. So that'll help. Then becomes not quite so much chance but then once again, it's like, okay. Well, let's stuff Kinda. Don't another thing. I do believe.

In the doctrine of to Ga, which means the buddha nature, that we all have the vision nature. And the only way that anybody can ever become enlightened is that they already have food nature, which all needs in and embryonic work. It's it needs to be it needs to be It needs to have the right conditions to remove all the define front all over the plasma are removed and the buddha nature shine spark I believe that that is truth. So I think every being has a buddha nature, and I think it's the buddha nature that's gonna make certain that sooner or later Every every one of these manifestations of such of eventual ability evolves towards the complete removal of the def.

So all that all of that car weight have un in the past, I hate. Sooner later, it gets purified. And it gets purified by the halt wholesome Karma that's being made. And once again thinking linear lyric and time, but as we go by the time, we find them more and more of a good part of The totality of ascension being is terrifying the bad partner of the totality of ascension And so that indeed, it is possible since we all have the good in nature to venice. That eventually All sentient things. Will if become.

I don't have any problem at all with that so. How's their goal. But Chris is pretty unthinkable if you're still stuck back in and we're all separately self consistently real, and we're all following each our own little sequential line at one two three. And especially if absolutely everything that we do has to produce an down at all result. I guess it'd be pretty hard to figure out that happened. But I find that when my way thinking it allows all of this to happen and it much more. Emotionally and it'll actually satisfying way, and it does agree with my experience.

So i just. You can become every everyone had the become a statement or very separately by. Working to get past this attachment to the belief that you are separate yourself. I mean, that's what That's really what defines the enter as you you get over that attachment. You realize the Amp of self. And there's a lot of different methods, but don't confuse the fact that there's different methods and different approaches. With the fact that they're all going to the same place. And it's a root problem.

You know. And and and and it's not so I hope by this point, it's not something you have to take this doctrine or is on faith. Do you look in your mind? You'll see, you know, but the the the for others screws. You'll see the the way that it is rooted in in the belief and attachment itself you'll see that all of our un hold behaviors are rooted and the belief an attachment to being a separate cell. And you'll see that to what degree at any time, you can free yourself from that. Then you can see what the potential list of of to become completely free of that forever, once in for all.

So I'd like to say that I'm teaching a radical departure from conventional of buddhism. And that I don't ask anybody to accept anything. It wasn't it matter fact... No. I... It's a rev to what the buddha on. I don't want anybody to believe anything because he read it number book. Or because I said it no matter how convincing my arguments are. I got one you believe it because I said it, and I don't want you to believe occasion read. And in these other things, gets blocked. It's got... You you've got to be able to satisfy yourself, demonstrate for yourself that it's true.

It's got to fit with your experience. And if it fits with your experience, then it's not just doctrine. It's not dogma. It's something that you can work with. You know, you can experience involvement of nirvana any time that you can completely let go of all cra. And you can have an experience nirvana. Nirvana isn't some mysterious thing mystical thing that's totally out of the the reach of ninety nine point nine percent of human beings. That's not true. And if you if you understand what this path is about where it's going?

And you you should be like all of the people that the the Buddha taught who were getting enlightened and right left. You know i just... you know, it's I'm digging trying to figure out, you know, what is it about the way that he he taught and brought taught and everything that made it work so well. But I I don't think that I don't think that people got enlightened by hand making them believe that they are somehow this real self gets reborn life to life and carries this burden of a single stream of of Karma that is so deter they and so forth.

I don't think they ever talk about it all. Think tolerated the fact that a lot of deeply spoke to believe that. And he tried to present the truth with how without ending up in a lot of arguments or people that already had preexisting existing beliefs. Alright. Well. It can be done. You can do it. Probably the biggest obstacle was over complicating it in your line and making making yourself think that it's more difficult or less attainable than it is. Time. Well, since I you I love you all very much.

Since since the part of Me that I'm most familiar with has enjoyed a lot of benefits of this of this stamina of this practice. I really truly want to see all the other versions of me that can experience it as you well. So practice diligently remember all compounded things pass away. Stuff. You don't know how much time he had. Yeah. That's particular important. Alright. You can go. Okay. Well, thank you very much for. Yes. Question. Right. Docs. I really liked it lot. Yeah. Thank you I I don't know how much hope it was to you're you're the re type.

So I thank you very much for refreshing. And I enjoyed our conversation and Evening I hope that you did as well.

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