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TCMC 11 March 2010 Part 1

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questions or things that by to clarification to this meditation. My awareness throughout day spilled. Mh. During weak. And what are you doing? How are you working with that? Right. And they're moving work... What that when I when when I am where? Mh. So the most part the evening runs, and then I shipped back again. My. Of the day both So alright and do you... Are there points starting that day when you reflect on how goodyear your awareness has been after to that monitor either. That's okay. Mh.

Let me be up here. Yeah. I guess there's a little bit of improvement anyway, but I don't do... Yeah. Well, that's one thing I think Would be helpful to you. And and improving the quality of your mindfulness throughout to date is, you know, even if it's just once a, is to just reflect on the quality of your mindfulness. You know, thinking back to specific instances things that have sort is certain sorts of events or circumstances and was a mindful then, you know, I could I more my. When you do that, remember the way that our minds are is that...

And what you're really trying to do is condition your mind. And I might respond really well to positive condition. Right? So here's if you can take back on the times that you were my. Make sure that you can congratulate yourself. Feel good about that and, you know, just just make sure that you reward yourself, and that's where for mindfulness that you did experience. And know you did have an extra exercise. And, you know, at the same time you'll notice the times, well that you could have been more And getting the process of doing that you probably recognize that...

Well, if I bit more mindful, there's some particular way things might have been different something that he might have done differently handled the situation differently. Said or not set so forth. Right. And so just being aware of the reason and and not don in any way judging or condemning yourself, but just sort making note of it. This will have the effect of making it more likely that when a similar situation comes up that that you will remember. You will be more mind. So... But specifically your this escape, you medications that's are pretty.

And it's... It's isn't it wonderful when you get to that place where you're able to do something that hear from want i never able to do. Yeah. That's that's that's really tremendous. And I really... That's what gives you the confidence to and that this really works. And you really came to. Part of part being more where during this day? Is doing the sorts of things that we talked about last week and really the week before noticing when you're experiencing. Whatever particular. I do. Stronger okay.

And when you notice that du is rising asking yourself, you know, well, what is what's the craving behind this and see if you can identify it. The think what what's really powerful is when you become mindful that how is duration, oh, I'm I'm cleaning or I'm attached or how this screening, that is driving is to see. Well, and I'd let to go. And what happens if I echo. And, you know, when do you do that? You're being really mindful for you being blind you, particularly effective but invaluable and useful way.

So to the degree that I already succeeded in this year over the last couple of weeks that k is connected to creating. And that if you are able to like go credit it, but the Duke code will be diminished, you know, and you should should want to be practice that. You should be you're taking the advantage of the that every opportunity. And course it's very self free enforce every time, every time you're able to let go little bit and the the Duke fades and the beds the then it's fine to make be like to continue to do that that much manner.

Yes. My i, I I realized what helps me not is the identifying of the craving and what is, but not necessary that I have to solve it right way. I used to really immediately go how to how to fix it. How to make better And since I'm not doing that, we read this space between what I realized, what I recognized and what I solve that. Yes. And that's that kind of glad mentioned. This that's very important because you want to let you want to let your fine full awareness do work. You become aware of something?

And then if you can let go of that, that you do like go it. But, you know, so let go is just to cease. Involves. It involves no further dealing No it's not like you need to beat it off for destroy or or anything like that. You just see it's there and just see if you go like you but. But other than that, i've other than than that, see to do. There's no are doing anything need to worry about. But the power of mindfulness will set the most important work in motion more often the become aware of it craving and say the maybe of the crazy and and how it's working on you.

And that awareness you're gonna settle into the deeper the deeper straighter of your mind and begin to change the way to that creating horizon. Thank you for that. Yes. In the last week or so, I've been noticing what I sent is that what comes to me what my perceptions are in terms of my nine states in terms of Life is horrible, or this is what's true. Oh a lot of negative mind states. I starting to sense a about that that my shine is being very particular in what it's lending me experience that that I should stop trusting or even more staff.

What my mind is giving me about what's true Not that those nine states don't incur. Mh. But I have dense that. My mind is been very selective, and that it might also be the case that my mind just easily be saying like is wonderful How beautiful and everything you still lucky to have your life. You put that my mind is pre sweating. What I perceive? That's... Yes. Yeah. And we'll really ask you I'm saying this because I can't tell if that's true or not. Like, but it keeps coming to me like Yeah. This I'm having this negative thought.

I'm having this on the buzz feeling. But there's It does nothing doesn't even seem true about my life. It's just what's coming up so much not connected with reality that it kinda caused me to wonder what's going on here. It is great feature true. Your mind is is res prep processing, you know, and in the process. Determining what kind of reality you're going to be experiencing. And... Yeah. That that's just one kind of line projected reality and there's so many other alternatives that are possible.

So that... That's wonderful. You're seeing what really is happening. What you're talking about dis trust and distress no longer completely being taken in while what your mind doctors is you, you know, colored by a particular meth safe saying this is the way things are. That is really... That's wonderful. That is. Just very nice good. You know, In any given moment, we can't really say ken. Everything, the totality of the experience. And so just what we attempted to and what we don't pretend to is That that's like a huge filter that's leaving so much hell and we're just letting certain things through.

And of course, it is is isolating the more unpleasant dis negative to disappointing. If that's what it's sled through, you know, then that's what gonna be experiencing seeing the moment. But That's that's not the reality is. There's all the rest of it that it filtered out and didn't let come through. Okay. I will often in my practice this experience fear. Jeff. And yet. I'm sitting in my own home as i'm meditating. Everything is perfectly wonderful. Right. It's my favorite time of day when I start meditating hitting the more.

I mean, there's just nothing to be a afraid of. Yes. A yet for is present. And so you ask yourself, Why is you some part of my mind that's generating this kind fear. So you, we had all of these instances The thing to keep in mind is that the line is acting how to get some of conditioning. That advanced the emulate causes and conditions of your past experience and and other things that you have learned in one way or in other either front those experiences or front language people or and whatever the different sources are.

So your your mind is generating your reality through this process of selectively through the process of generally prediction cancer emotions and mental states and it's doing it because of causes and conditions. And so the degree to which you for still recognize that and opens the way for understanding better how that comes about and how change that. One of the things that I really would recommend to you is that When when the when emotions and mental states that are of a negative or un nature account up.

Is the you that you make a reap point to consciously recognize that you are not that mental State. You're not that emotion. That you mind the rating due to pass causes and conditions, and you may not know why that is. But, you know, don't don't feed it through identifying or the and just recognize, you know, one way that this can be put and I know some teacher put it this way. This one suddenly times out you repaired and recognized that is sent to your acknowledge that is send. Meaning, you're recognizing that it it doesn't have...

It's not inherently real in itself. It's the projection of your life. Is coming our causes and conditions and it's entirely dependent in that way. And this will This will have the effect of immediately reducing to some degree the power of that metal state. Just recognizing that it's something that it's arising that it's not you that, you know, that I am not this feeling. Of this motion. And then likewise, when you when you catch your mind in the activist of so selectively choosing certain things to attend to ignoring others.

And in that case recognized that that selection is taking place. But you also have the ability at that time to redirect your attention to what is is pleasant, but is whole summer is beautiful, what is good. You know, even even in the most uncomfortable situations, there is usually something that is is good and pleasant and satisfying, which you can... Which she can bring your awareness to you can attend to? So so... And these these are really great examples of, you know, exercising line awareness in your life.

And exercising in that it makes the difference to the quality of your experience, and especially makes the difference to the kinds of future experiences are spontaneously to rise because you're working directly with with the conditioning that creates those experiences. You're creating new car replace all time. Thank you. Yes. You have said it's several times. Observe your eye. Mh. And if there isn't a set. What observe the mind? Is it the mind observing the mind? And if it is the mind observing the mind, if we don't trust the mind, do I should be just the opposite?

Well. That's right. That's a good question. Well, pretty I'll i'll just get her. But... Yeah. There's not a ghost in the machine. There's not cell living back here somewhere that's washing up. But it is the mind watching the line. You know, so that that that part is really true. So if you don't, And then so the question is if you don't trust and the mind is what's watching on. Are you stuck kind of a dilemma here here Well, one of the things that we can do is just Right I think you already know recognize that there it is...

There is that what we call the mind that is operating more or less automatically based on the conditioning. And a lot of that's taking place unconsciously. And it's producing that part the mind at which we can have conscious. So the mind that we don't trust the mind that we shouldn't trust too much. Is really all of those processes that we have yet been able to see directly that we've been able to focus the light of mindful awareness upon. But when something comes into consciousness. Okay. Then there is a certain degree of mindful awareness.

There is conscious awareness that comes. To whatever is that has emerged, like a particular way of view things are particular emotional state. And install on so forth. So what we want to do is we want to use the the power of that mindful awareness. We want to shine the light of mindful awareness on what is taking place. In such a way that that there is is a greater clarity that that you see The mind that we don't trust is the one that goes along half asleep, largely functioning automatically And the aspect is functioning more in reaction.

To than anything else and it's very limited. So we want to expand that conscious awareness. Increase the what's brought into the scope of consciousness. The kind of mindful awareness where, you know, you're not unconscious, when something happens and you you are overwhelmed to by your emotions and you do receive something that's inappropriate. Your conscious puts your only inevitably conscious. And what you want to do is to bring more of that, you know, mindfulness that conscious awareness that that understanding.

And when you do, it changes the quality of the experience. And so that's that's what we're doing practice and wonderful rooms. We don't need even there... I mean, what what we do experience like, I mean, you're asking a question, so I'll ask you, would you do that? You find that you you know that what you're seeing is more trustworthy. It may still not be completely trustworthy, but it's more trustworthy than what you just glimpse dim through the fog of conditioning and accept react to is so it's real.

It's putting a lot of different ways. You know, it's it's finding how languages is or language works. And a lot of the with pasta traditions. They talk about mindfulness mindfulness on its mindfulness. So what is this nine? Now what is this what is the sin? And if you look at the way it's used, is clearly referring to an aspect of our consciousness, it's definitely definitely functions at a much higher they'll know and we could. It's like a more awakened consciousness. Yeah. It it's... Or it's like, a more fully conscious awareness.

If we make the distinction. There can be we have awareness that lacks some of that special quality of consciousness. So you'd say it's more fully conscious of awareness in this could be another way of putting Once again, it depends on all on how what we take these words to mean, how just awareness and and so forth. It is very interesting that the new words used to describe the the nature of the fully awakened mind is that it is the the clear light of the mind being. Experience. And what you said clear light if it's not the same thing that we're experiencing glen of whenever we successfully practice mindfulness and when whenever our mindful awareness improves and becomes more more powerful, it is it is that clear light mind that's always been there is a part of us.

Another way that can think of it is that that that is your buddha nature. That is the inc buddha mine that you already have that just is buried underneath all of this other stuff, but it's always there. And to some degree or another it's always shining through. So this is what you're trying to do. This is why you're asking dutch. How do how do I bring my buddha nature my wisdom consciousness, how will I bring that more into the present over and over again throughout my daily activities? And that's what that's what that's what we're wanting to do.

And as the wisdom consciousness, becomes more developed and more present and more part of your ordinary experience. And all of the other sorts of mental processes that you have of your disposal such as the knowledge of a don that you have absorbed. Pre and the reflections and the for truths and so forth These are all the tools that become available for the mind to use instead of blindly something on as it has before. As a result of that wisdom consciousness of spain, they even just a little bit more before.

You've got all the tools. You events you medic them and you're carrying around with me. But that's that's the ingredient do you need which allows you to put them to work. It allows you to look at a mental state and say, I'm not that mental state. This is something my mind is generally due to causes and conditions. It's empty and as car making it happen. And therefore, I don't need to react to as though it is reality. And I don't need to allow the grading that it stimulates to come up and make me do and safe things and make the experience stuff.

You're you're all already good. There's a chest? just have a little bit for here to go and then. Know that. And your problems, we'll just Got my rogers Good evening to those you then. Have come in. Since I say exactly you're welcome. Any final comments or questions? Yes. Is your feeling on opinion about organize during meditation closed data during meditation? Either way works really fine most people find with their eyes closed easier to start. I personally think it's a good Idea to learn to be able to meditate with eyes open as well.

But in general, I think david would find it easier to to do that later on To first learn to develop reasonably good concentration with your eyes closed. Well, you don't have powerful divisional sense and and how tends to dominate. So on the one hand, it's really nicely you can just close your eyes and you're sort of free of that. But it's also really nice when you're developing concentration to try medic with your eyes open and and learning to achieve the same degree of stability in that condition.

The other thing that's really useful about meditating with your eyes open, is that it helps a lot in dealing with dull this. You're much less likely to become dr when you're meditating with your eyes open and although you still can. And, of course, your eyelids feel like they're native lab, and you just can't keep them up But it is it is one way to to help overcome dull. The right spectrum. So far as I'm concerned, whichever ways due to eventually, whichever one you do predominantly, make sure that you can do the other one too.

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