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TCMC 4 March 2010

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usually get to not within seriously three days. To be asked reason that space. Just check that. Check it out for sure. Okay. So Blue thanks to all of you once end. Good to be here. And you said company. And I know stuck okay. I think... You know, i I think that the spring season is arrived. So let's should you talk about. Back Yes. I'm I'm pretty sure that I'm right now. I Under do the important level and russian stages. Well, what I haven't seen I hadn't seen any kind. Yeah. I sleep. Yes. Okay.

No. But I can I can stay limited bit and make medication updates very often this distraction. But it's... The the the the the awareness say always there. But with the experience of sleep has not. Okay. Well, don't complain. So. Yeah. Well, that's Yeah. That's that's that's really good. I'm I'm glad you hadn't had to deal with sleeping us here. And... Yeah. We usually... And it to depends on the individual. Some simply more probably until it's to very part managers others. And so maybe it'll be really lucky he and and you just mental no kind of problem.

But It tends the the stronger your concentration on our focus shooting count. Yeah the more likely it is to say. K. But until it shows up, yeah hold then just p. Just figure eights so you don't have to be able to get? Start. When there is soil distraction Mh. So note. You still label? No. You should there shouldn't be any need to and it would end up making my dizzy. Yeah. So you just... You left them be there. You know, and you... In the stage you're at, what you want to do this is always be bringing the focus back to the meditation object.

And what we really helped you in now just if you're aware you're aware of the presence of these distractions, and you're aware of the ways that they can themselves into the focal point of your awareness. And the more aware of that that you could come, the easier is to keep it from path back. So But you you shouldn't need you shouldn't really need to to know anything yeah in particular. The only time would be... you know, sometimes you'll have something on you'd black. And it it'll just be there at you you'll keep having this little conversation in your mind about it or something like that or never use images things like that.

So when that happens a lot then, you can take note even more that. Just take a moment to just put your mind on it and say, okay. I hell this is there. And and they i just form essentially to decided that a aside for a leave long. And will the distraction grow to you then and will you then note? Yes you if it feels like it's i didn't help you. Right. You should start moving in away from needing to do much of a verbal nature at this point. But don't be if you feel like it's helpful don't hesitate.

K Yes. Something interesting Just want to clarify lines. During meditation, I got visceral understandable, which the floor cognitive. I that much spoke up about how the mind creates. Mh. There won't be this thing like record, but if we didn't have a mind. It would still be there, but input just substance? Well, has such nice there, But certainly your mind is what. Sees it as dumb. Your senses are what determines the way that you're going to to perceive it, you know? Some kind of being with completely different census than you have.

Might not perceive it all. Completely yeah. So even, you know, even is massive and even its shape, these also are things that are not necessarily inherent in the session. They're more inherent in your senses and your mind. And such. Ma'am, just push the further. Isn't it? Is it akin to that exactly comb that says it does retrieve that does the g it falls in the august. Mh. Doesn't make a sound. Yes. It's akin to that. It's the that crime actually, addresses is a number of different things. But one of the things that is addressing is exactly this.

My a three calls in the forest, there's only a sound that isn't ear. Yeah. Right. And you know... and and only is there in year that there has to be mine. And all and even if there's a year and a mind, only certain kinds of mine, will say, oh, three all it. So okay. But now the first thing that you notice mh, you said you had a visceral sense that the reality that yeah. Reality is being good hard light. And that is what's really really... That's that's what for. Examine things like is, you know, these a rock really rock are not really not Our ways of extending this misunderstanding, but we're Where it's most important isn't at the level of whether or rock is a rock or not.

It's when you realize that the reality that you live there is not at all that simplistic. And at the level of reality, you actually live your life hour by hour or day i day is is at the level of the both the the maximum amount of fabrication. Right? You know, it's star. Even even if even if Ro rushed to all of us, The fact is that none of us is gonna see the same lock the same. Way. And the reality we live at where it's happy joyous are miserable and painful. Whether surrounded by beautiful and what beings are are providing by demons.

This is what our mind is this is the the maya has created by in reality. So it's at that level of complexity that we really there that that the nature of it as a projection is most obvious when you look and that's also fortunately what's most important to recognize and appreciate. So so you take this visceral experience and meditation. And you try to bring that into being a visceral experience in in your everyday life. So repeats itself over and over again, and keep having that go a aha. I'm creating this reality.

U aha. This is all the projection and going on. Yeah. Part what goes to long much I happiness is just learning the rules by which my mind protects. I can direct this completely different I can live in a completely different realities. Can stu be reduced to energy and emptiness. I think look at way. Recognizing ultimate truth as such is a way of giving up reductions. It's giving up the account to reduce specs. Okay. Emptiness, how do you reduce something to anti? How do you reduce something to the absence or something?

Yeah. It's because anti emptiness always has to be off. Right right. Yeah. So that's not much so deduction. Anyway. Now when you say energy, there is, this is what science attempts to do is to reduce. It it could discover the ultimate nature reality through reduction. Okay. Okay. And you know, going back to einstein and general relativity nice that matter and energy, are just two forms of the same thing. And so in mag regard, physics has already reduced. The material world to energy. You know. And so from from a material point of view and reduction is point of view then do it, you know, you would say, well, it seems like, they're we're just about to approach show the ultimate nature of reality by understanding energy.

But the the use session, we're trying to recognize it that is taking an approach to the doesn't work. We're taking mental constructs and natural concepts and we're... The whole process of reduction is the process of reducing our conceptual. This reduction is in of our. Now go as far as we can, but we get to the bottom, we still have nothing to left, but what mind has projected. We haven't come... We have account any closer at all and we began to the ultimate nature of. So yes the nature. Yeah. We haven't reached such.

We haven't reached... We haven't reached alternate proof. In itself by taking our concepts at rearranging and reducing them down as far as you you go. So So try think about going to the other way. Okay. That... Let's get up Let's give up trying to reduce states. As matter fact, there are some very elegant logical proofs. From needy or buddhist. It's the biggest version of how many angels been to. Okay? They did a very good job. I say things sir. Yeah. That show that that, basically all these reduction is that attempts or hard to fill it that they lead to logical consolidation.

Right? So What we're really doing is we're going the other way, and we're saying, you know, let's let's give look. Reducing it. Let's give out this idea somehow we can break times down and come to... I mean, agree to the same thing. The the atoms that make everything out from may i don't the ultimate I think that's bad seen. Everything everything's played out about. Let's go to the direction. That's approach. Holistically hold graphically. Might say. Because i idea a is that that whole contained in every part no matter how small.

And conversely, the part is contained in every the other partner or this the the every part is contained within the whole. So rather than than trying to reduce things to the parts to whatever makes them up and try to find some substance out of which we can build reality. actually, we can do that. But what we realize is a substances is the line fabrication and the line sees of some fabrication but in hand terms of approaching ultimate reality and a more meaningful right. This thing. Holographic right and the reduction.

Thank? Will better. Wanna to say something a little bit. I love this conversation. Because the more, I think about this kind of stuff and trying to apply my mind to all stuff. With more stuff. I get, can... So it's almost like hi it is long like give years. That's for me. Just getting quiet watching listening shutting up creates a larger picture. That I can't even put words to. It's the only way I can do it. I can do it. Our helps see. Mh. You know, the simple act of drawing the branch, watching and observing and seeing the spaces between the branches and not the branches themselves, but watching the whole thing, seeing that the spaces is are as much of the branch as the branch itself you know?

It's the only way I can do it. Music comes close. Did it's the right color it is a return? But if I'm trying to think my feet way through, get all tangled yes Reduces and impossible pathetic thin if could kind of. That me get you sense? Yes. Well, what hear you saying his. Yes that for you thinking about it, Too much doesn't yeah. No. It gets in the way. It's property. It's already... Mh... Yeah. And I... Really part of what I'm saying is that ultimately, you'll find that thinking about it, I I to get you so far and no for it.

Because, you know, the considering that the problem is that we are trapped by the limitations of online. Know, then using the same conceptual mine isn't going to... Isn't going to get us out of the trap. Now they poe. And a real help and for some people helps a lot more than others, you know But no matter whether you're one of the people that is helpful for useful for or or one of those people more like you or that that doesn't seem to be much easier even than from the beginning. Eventually put you this a point, they have to he actually behind. it can take you just so far and no further.

And the roller place No. It's it's interesting. I I tell you and I listen to you. And my sense is that you are not has stuff as many other people are. And the view He might hold the thing you where it was a world made up of things and I'm just one more thing, but I'm a special thing. Right. You know, when you say, and you realize the branch is as much the space around it as it is to branch itself. That's a that's an indication that you're thinking is. Not quite so rigid trapped and thin beef in the real world and a separate sub did So...

But for a lot of other people, that's not case. That... you know, it's like. Oh just it is it seems like this is the way it is and it's so hard to get out of that. And I find that thinking about it, can be very very helpful for people who, you know, because your mind. Although it can't get you all the way. You can't use your mind very productively to undo a lot of that it's a combination of conditioning and natural predisposition, you know, The human of mind is naturally pretty predisposed to view things at a particular right.

And then your society, the people around you, your entire culture, views it in that way. So it's constantly being reinforce. You can use your mind to undo that conditioning. You to loosen it up and get you where you can, sit down and open up and have a different title of experience. So if you could sit down and have a different kind of experience without doing that. Well then. That's great. No need to spend too much time cleaning about it. But if at any point. Do you feel your stock it might be helpful to think about at least to to see if you can see where there's something about the view that you're holding.

That is is acting as a script a constraint keeping you from from saying more clearly. To sum it all look, thinking has enrolled, but not everybody needs to do to rush it. Thinking analysis. Ultimately, what is most valuable his observation, and that's even if you're doing analysis. If you if you think of things analytical. That it doesn't get you very far at of hold. And unless you take and apply what you've understood until intellectually in terms of observation and real experience. So however that comes about, like you have a visceral experience and meditation of how the line creates the reality.

Go out and search that over over again and every opportunity in every different time situation you can't in other words recon it, reaffirm it for. So you now, say exactly the same thing. That somebody who said, you know, study these checks I figured out. I think I understand and it may this dismiss this. And... Yeah. That's right. I'd see a to that. Now what you need to do, Yes. Keep this in your mind, and prove to yourself that it's in that is true and practice in the world. Day to day, you know, you in...

In your own personal real experience. Because that's what really counts that's why supposed to for. And matter how do you come by the understanding date? The dates it needs to be reinforced. By experience. This is matter fact. I think I've told you before, there's there's these stages that we go through. Is the stage of acquiring a you. And this can be a hear a learner, a study. You know, acquire the view. You can be a singer board you know, or or can come about that and and those occasions of personal efficiency and like have hear it there.

But then there's a second state. And this is called... you know, in some she just called a purification right we're coming down. And others, it's called the stage of reflection. And I refer to very often as reflection. I'd like, you know, first, first you study, and you reflect But... Alright. First, you acquired the video. And then you overcome all that. The way you over overcome dell is like testing testing applying it. You know, it seems this way. Let's right now. It see if it fits and see if it really works.

And if you do that, yeah. What this does is if it begins to loosen up the hold that illusion has on you that begins to change your intuitive way of immediately understanding your experience. It the bonds out of the illusion. Situation. And the third stage, he that. Direct experience. Sometimes it's called the stage of meditation simply because. All of these different meditation methods, that whole purpose is to bring you to the stage of direct experience. So, you know, when there's anything you can do familiar into the pre that we take for on their first to talk day and also plastic that take pre is to practice mindfulness and follow the April path through daily study, meditation reflection.

So these are these three things. Medication is the third. It's the one that involves the direct experience. It's the one where you... Where you take what you've what you've understood and whatever way you've understood required of you, then you you've deepened it to the reflection you'd over overcome out. To learn is a certainty. And then this brings you usually through meditation to the direct experience. That produces the permanent change. Yes. The projections of the mind and the mind who creates reality.

I have still a lot of trouble to apply this to situations in my life. Like I told you this morning, our house was broken. How till with that to whom do I change my perception of this reality. It's not the burgundy. It's i'm not invaded. You know, there was no danger how do I do that it with something like that? Okay. Well... It it's not that this is a simple formula that, you know, your mind creates your reality. So you want it different... You just change it. Because it's not work temporary. Okay.

You'd have to understand why it is that your mind is creating the reality and that's your starting point. That's how you're going to get to the place experiencing reality differently. And so your house, you examine you've be mindful of your reaction. And you you'd be you you go deep one in that as you can of observing the saying what this is. You know, what's behind this? Talk attachment. What fear what desire is what versions and so on so sorry? And understand them as well as you can. You take an incident like this.

It's not over but. You're going to... It keep experiencing the actual and emotional repercussions of it for every days or at least, there's things that you're gonna have to go through, you know, insurance claims and and deciding whether or not to put the alarm system on your house, or... No notes What are you end thinking about it and doing a lot of feeling. So These are all of your opportunity. While you're doing the thinking while you're doing the feeling, while you're reacting, to observe yourself and begin to understand how it is.

What it is that your mind is generating the kind of reality that it is. Now. I if you are suggesting that you're gonna change your reality, especially way, they never your house won't ever be broken into again. That's fine howard. But. If your house ever is broken into again. It can potentially be a totally different experience for. It need not be the unhappy and uncomfortable experience that it has Yeah. I I I hear what you're saying, and I and I didn't even feel it this way. It's just I I even thought about we were not hurt.

There was not much stolen. We came they fled before we came in. So there was when come thing. It was actually a moving out outcome out on that level. So I felt actually blessed. That lasting thing worst happened got That's very So so... Yeah, I hear what you're saying and maybe that is and the observation where the fear comes from, you know, it's not just related to that incident, It is about this my. Mh. Thing. You know. And So... Yeah. Okay. That helps too. Okay. So... Yeah. You you apply the Buddhist guidelines to this.

You look at this situation and you see... Some of the mental states that arose were positive. Right? And you want to sustain those and you want to encourage... To the extent that some of them are not positive on Wholesome, and you want to examine them and see if you can release that as like don't work them and perhaps not need to experience in future let's exactly words.

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