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Cochise 14 Feb 2010

Automated transcription

Who would like shift again. Andy? Yes. How does? One no. Switch on. That. How does one know that? One is progressing in being awakened. Without it... I mean, knowing that it's not your mind kind of shit. Knowing that it's not your mind. But? Well Well, okay. My first answer may seem almost procedures, but it's not which is no matter what in mind is bullshit to here. Yes. Okay. So bye. If your mind is bullshit sitting you in the right way, then you will experience a change in attitude towards yourself.

And towards other people and towards the events that happened to you. It is a reflection of your deepening understanding of of the basic truths that you've been citing and that you've been reflecting on and that you've been penetrating into more deeply in your meditation. So I'm it really is and, you know, until... Until a certain point. It's still what your mind is doing, but your mind. What is happening is your mind processing the same information. And not coming up with quite the same result that it has in the past.

And so the result that he's coming up with, is allowing you to see things more clearly in a less attached therefore less suffering and also less harmful way in terms of the impact on other people. Because you're you're seeing clearly your understanding to a degree that is increasing over time that that this isn't really the way that that seems to me to be. And with that clarity, you see You see your emotional reactions and you see you're the the the words that come to mind to be spoken and actions that you feel compelled to to to perform in a different way and seeing it in that different way.

Another sign of the progress you make is that seeing them in a different way. Changes changes the impulse. And and and very often you don't speak those words don't perform those actions you're not in that way. And like i was in your emotions kind of instead of identifying them and wall for a while and whatever your own ego state is. You you see it, you recognize it and you let it let it be there in let a go away without. Dominating here. That's how you tell. Now let's go back. To the bullshit here.

Do you have specifics on how your minor person's mind might people you for Well, it feels like it argues with me for something that I actually know. Inside. Okay. So you are experiencing some push and pull of different parts that you in mind. And your finding one part is much you said something I already know. So it's on part that is much more grounded and stable and it's understanding. And is is that the part that corresponds to understanding truth? That's really good sign. Because what it comes before to that is the same push and pull.

But the part of the dominates is a part that thinks things should be seen and reacted to in the same old way. But comes complete with all of its justification and rationalization and everything else. So that's a really good sign. Yeah. Anything else. Just makes me wonder what's next. No. Well Really what will happen next is And this is very, very important is that as you see and understand these things, more clearly, then that becomes more and more the automatic and spontaneous view that rises. That time you begin at at an intuitive level to perceive things in this more weekend and and wise way.

You begin to just spontaneously experience the fact that Yes. This is empty two. Oh yes. This my mind is making this happen too. You know, and that just becomes more your awareness. Most importantly, is that feeling within yourself of of not not being the self that is so unimportant, but feeling like like I'm a process that's a part of this whole thing. And and so I don't need to fight against it. I can just relax. And and, you know, stop struggling and and be with it. So... Well, that's what kind of amazed me and this last experience I had with the house guest is I wasn't acting in the way that I usually do.

I felt really detached from it. And then there was this little thing telling me that that was abnormal for me to be viewing that way. Mh. You know but there was a peaceful in it. The same time that it was great release. Yes. And that's that is that is not last to be expected. You're going to find yourself reflecting on your behaviors and your react, you know, will sort of that attitude. Wow, this isn't the way I used to react. And Wow, this isn't the way everybody else stops. Where you see somebody else reacting and you say, oh, I used to do.

I don't do that anymore. You know And that's really that's really very good. Wonderful. Your mind can get carried away. You know, you can say, oh, well. I'm changing. Oh, well. I know, I'm playing with everything. I I'm awake weekend. You know, And this will... This will really get your guard down. He'll be floating along on your own personal cloud night. Something will happen and it will knock you right off of your host. And in anyway, that's good. Because it makes you say oh. Maybe I got more work do.

You know, doesn't matter In fact. All of the problems that you encounter are really very beneficial when you reached the stage that whenever you find yourself experiencing company has a problem, you know, challenging you in that way. When you reached the stage, that you say, wow, wait a minute. Know I don't have to gonna have to go through this anymore. Then then that's very important. From that point on every challenge you've experience is going to, you know, it's going to help you make a further step.

It's good if you're trying to follow this opportunity to to reflect and say, okay. Intellectually, I know better emotionally, I don't. So then you have the opportunity to work on it. Emotionally intuitively. It's is both I mean, it's emotions, but you emotions really are a reflection of more unconscious ways that your mind is evaluating circumstances and when it happens when they're in this negative way, it it means that process is still rooted in and cleaning and attachment. And so that's why it's producing.

The emotions and feelings that have this kind of negative flavor. As a general rule without question, anytime there's is suffering, even the slightest amount of suffering, It's like a big red light comes on flashing that says craving craving craving, you know say, no. I don't see grading, but it's there. If you're experiencing is offering, there is creating. And that is, you know, the instant you feel that. You know. Breathing is there? And that's your opportunity to to reflect to examine yourself and say, okay.

Where is this coming to? Why am I attached to? Okay. Would you consider anger part of that crazy? Anger comes out of Craving. Yeah. Craving is... Craving includes both the positive aspect of desire last greed those things and the negative act aspect, of all of anger hatred, annoy in patients, criticism, judgment self criticism, self judgment, All of these things are... They are manifestation of craving. And essentially you can look at it this way that when your emotions and your thought processes are about things being differently than the way they are.

That is the essence of craving. That's wanting something that you don't have they're wanting something that is not to be. So Yes. We were watching the openings of the Olympics and, you know, this whole sport thing is all about competition and when you don't get it work harder kind of thing. It's the opposite of what the teaching is. Right? So how is this when you have dream or a person or you know in sports this total. I have to win I have break my legs four times, but I still like This kind of thing.

This is all in and then. Yeah. But they achieve a lot of things too. So what is that? Can you repeat her question? Yes. So watching the Olympics and yep at the competition. And how how people in Olympics push themselves to incredible degrees in their competition to win the medals and to be the dust. Which we see happening all over the world. We see people who are driven in some way or another. To achieve and to succeed. And and they very often do achieve and succeed for beyond what the average person does.

And so the question is, really, since this is obviously related to desire and and attachment to the self that seems to be in conflict with Der. And I agreed that it is. Now I'm trying to think. Good examples, and I'm not sure maybe something I'll come to here, maybe, maybe you can help me. I I guess the question is, that without the self center comp, will the human mind push itself to the same heights of achievement. And certainly when you look at world class athletes, you know, they have this very ego centered, you know, need to to be the deaths.

I... When I get the mail I beat somebody else's to speed by so many seconds or even fax are the second i am the deaths, the desire to be the best, and that propel them and motivates them. As we become awakened, we become less attached to that powerful, compelling sense of self. But as we become more awakened the same energy, that the same mental energy or even spiritual energy if you want to call that? That used to be so concerned. With worrying about the self becomes available to to become the driving force behind compassion and behind acts kindness and compassion.

I don't know if you can become the world's fastest skater for the sake of all other meetings. That's an interesting question. But it's not inc to me. That somebody who was not attached to their own self view, but could see their body hasn't has an entity that might somehow serve others or serve the world through demonstrating what its capabilities were. I don't. I don't know if that's ever happened. I can't think of anybody. I can't think of any world class athlete i point to and say, well, I think that's a good example.

Of and I don't know whether it would even happen. Because it may just be that when all of that energy is diverted away from focus on the cell that it goes to... It goes to other ways of helping people more directly, you know, which in many cases is through trying to teach to dha and guide other people to overcome their own suffering, but can't kind take many other forms as well. In some other fields, I I can see that in fields like science and technology and politics and things like this that a more enlightened interest is based in and compassion, you know, can propel a person.

It seems that Martin luther king may have been propelled by that. It seems that Nelson Man mandela may hadn't seems that Pagan gandhi was... You know, so it does seem that in other fields. And I could see that it being the case and and medicine and in science and then technology. And and certainly those endeavors have a much greater impact on a much larger number of people. So I don't I don't really know for sure if if we would have... If everybody was enlightened whether we would have people that could stayed as fast and ski as fast and all these other things as we do.

So interesting question? No. Wouldn't matter a lot. Soon this one behind this. I wonder get such an extreme of that as you said. We know. It's it's always been what is the their justification inspiration, for example, They say if I can do this, and I can you don't have to give up to the kids or what whatever who who is is is sick or i had some some major happening something where they say, when you push yourself, you can get through a instead of line and being depressed on that level. Where is that going when?

When you push yourself you can? Yeah. You know, this this whole thing about pushing in this culture is about So it's an inspiration for the young people that they can do something different than just laying back and hey that's it. And this kind of of opposite of that, you know, which is also not healthy. I'm it's more this It cannot be an inspiration, and then it is of benefit for for the culture in the public and the people? Well, yes. I. I really agree that, yeah, that's a very good point. Sports and sports for use and people are successful.

Can be inspiration i as great movies that have been made people arise from and most difficult of of circumstances. They have a talent and they use that talent mh. And then they become examples for others. And the pushing though. What's happening? It's that pushing. It is. Okay. You wish you about question, whether can you push and make things happen? Right. And I would say we're looking at people that push and made things happen because of their past karma. We're not hearing any of the people that pushed and it didn't have and maybe pushed harder than those people that succeeded.

And it didn't work out. Mh. So we've got it there's a bias view already because we've seen the six people who succeeded at that method. And the question is did they succeed because they pushed I say, no I pushed it not where they pushed you know Yeah. Legal related. Either factors that's very good very good point, You know, If we only looked at the ones that succeeded, we we have no idea how many others that were ignoring and whether they push hardware or less harder or exactly what happened therefore are different.

Dha just says it's not pushing that you know, there's a certain level of intention, but yeah. It's not the only factor. But I think it's it's. The more I push it with meditation. And more does, you know, it doesn't work. Yeah. But I think in high speed skating might might be different factors i. But Yes. It you do really have to take into account a variety of factors know? And there's no question of pushing motivated by self attachment and creating. Can take people to incredible heights you can become if you can become ruler Has people on the planet, and you know unless you're motivated and usually means that you have to do a lot of very nasty things to get there.

So it's... I don't think it's as simple as as the pushing. The pushing is motivation. And so moderation can't have many different kinds of sources. And so, yeah. I think we have to look beyond but if we look at what's happening with young people, yeah. This country, and probably a lot of other western feet countries as well. Is that they are inspired to push and and strive. And the value that there's that you have succeeded when the more money he make than marty succeeded. And they're also told that it doesn't really matter what you do to get that money at least as long as it's not illegal and you don't have that in jail.

And and so that's that's not very good kind of motivation at all. Some and people who take more with John. I'm not going to buy into that whole rep race theme and, you know, I don't believe that that's They made the they need un unproductive they they seem like they're not doing much with their lives and perhaps they never will. But they still have the opportunity to to gain some wisdom to see to to further see things in in a more wholesome way. And maybe to make greater change. A lot of these inspirational examples are people who are severely economically depressed.

They go on to and already, bad neighborhood raised by him a single mother who maybe has to work as a prostitute to make the listening and everybody's drive dealers and drug users around them. And and then they rise out of that That's right it's really inspirational. But what would be wonderful is if we could... If more of our inspiration could have less to do with a really miserable circumstances that are inspire start from. And instead, the wonderful works that they do for the benefit of other gangs, you know, different kind of inspiration.

We talked a lot about the problems of the world. And that definitely, you know, as as somebody who inspire aspire to pass her and enlightenment that we can't afford to be blind and self centered. We have to recognize the problems of the all later do. We also have to remember to be doctor to be attached at all. It really doesn't matter. Not to be attached to the problems of the world. Not to be attached to. What happens in world to do your absolute address from whatever position that you are, that's what's important.

You know, to to try to change the world, save the world or even one tiny part of it? The they secret is to do your best, but to be able to do your guess without being attached to the outcome. And that's a challenge because if you become attached to to the outcome, you still may do good things for the world. But you will impair your own spiritual development and and your pulling ultimate efficacy it's very important turning remain una attached. When you get yourself all in a smooth about how bad things are going.

You're not paying yourself that much of a favor. At that point, you need to remind yourself... Okay. It is is what it is. I do what I can. But, you know, to if Found attached to things being and a particular way, and i'm not paying it particular, is only gonna reinforce that part of your mind. That, you know, is is working out of the old paradigm. K. I will be happy when the world suits my needs. You know how I've been working with that a lot. Like, I was so focused on my identity, you're trying to figure out my identity in terms of career well in different ways, but in terms of career that's what I like and what I want to do, but I don't like.

Know, basically, I was unhappy with my... I've never was happy doing I never have liked a job really never enjoyed but I was. And then it just just sort of almost... All or magical or something. Because now all of a sudden I like, I'm doing the same thing. And it just... And I didn't... I mean, I was trying to work with my mind and work work with it. But it feels almost effortless. Like, all of a sudden I just can't seem to must up the dislike. Mh. Or the dissatisfaction. That was so prevalent in by life for so many years.

Mh. And it... The content of the job is exact same. Can't think. You got... I think is totally bizarre. It's just kinda of freaking me up. I still don't feel like I ready, like, I couldn't go to a call center. I don't think can be happy. Maybe I like that I don't think I'm there yet. Mh. But not on the way. That's one way of seeing dha... Because this for so many years I felt like I was studying and practicing, but I I couldn't really see any progress or anything happening. But at this I can see as a significant change because I just can't seem to feel as upset or frustrated to her happy, you know It's that's strange.

Oh, you you said you used to be looking for your identity in terms of what you do. You know The way I like to think of this is that ask, Chris, maybe you've discovered your secret identity, so it doesn't matter if you pretend to be a humble report. That's not gonna. Does how you know your secret identity? Yeah. It's it's much more about reactive mean, I'm watching when I'm reactive. It's seeing the whole project is it's teaching the single project is just trying to help some people get some information.

Yeah. And then and every single circumstance for find herself. In. It is a it... It's an opportunity to look and say, okay. What can i do it's beneficial here? What can I learn from desk? You know how am I reacting and... Yeah. The reactivity has so reactive my whole life gary reactive. It's it's so wonderful that you are and enjoying some me the fruits to the cactus. And and this much more to look for. I hope sir. Okay. Definitely. So what it's says switching to subject a little bit. When you're we like...

This is a technical medication. Question. When you're admitted when you're meditating. Mh. And say Pt comes up. What's the instruction there? You just watch it and have with it and wait till settles into Su? Yes. Allow it allow it to... Yeah. So it's just okay the question is you're in meditation. Thank you very much. When you're in meditation and Pt comes up, what is the proper way to react to it? Well, when it first begins to come up, the most important thing is to keep on doing what caused it to come up.

What's pt? Joy. Not a Joy. Sorry and happiness. I'll literally, the word T t needs joy, but in meditation is also accompanied by treatments as a light often sometimes by sound, very often by sensations of energy moving in the body. So from a technical point of view, all of these are part of Pt, but the essence of T is is the joy and that is amongst the first than the last aspects of it. So... So in fifty first, begins to arise. What's most important is to keep on doing what caused it to arise and allow it to to strengthen that.

But that doesn't mean ignoring it because the the experience of that joy and pleasure is going to... It has the effect of further enhancing your ability to focus and to stay clear. You know, the the joy itself keeps you alert and and the happiness makes it easier for your mind to stay focused. Mh. So so you don't totally disregard it, but you don't leave what you're doing and go focus on the Pt right away. When it becomes strong enough, sometimes you can't do that. And you can practice a light form of the Genres.

When the Pt becomes when you're mind, when the pt comes and and you feel it there, and your mind is is quite focused and still, then you can abandon the breath can take the pleasant. Just take the pleasant, maybe take pleasant located somewhere body or maybe just take up dealing of happiness that seems to be rising in your mind. And they exact your meditation object. And it will either... When you do that, it will either fade mean, you've gotta go back to doing a practice before and bring it back again.

But if it's strong enough established well enough, when you do that, it will grow more and more intense. And then you can just surrender into it and and get into the first absorption. Which is where there's... I don't need to go and explaining the John, but it's the first absorption. And you can constriction your concentration tremendously in that. You can sit there for some period of time, whether it's a minute or two or half an hour. Absorb into the pt. And and by doing that, you this is a very intense training period in your mind.

And your concentration is going to be significantly improved every time you that you're able to do this so it's weird doing. But ultimately, you still wanna go back to further developing the concentration, focusing on the breath and letting the T continue to develop. And the first little hints of joy and pleasure that come up will sooner later be a accompanied by strong feelings of energy moving in the body, and or a sensation of light behind your closed eyes. Which can become very intense and very, like, a well, fantastic.

Or it can just be some light cords that kind float around and expand and contract with your grip. Takes different forms, but they can be quite amazing. And other aspects of T. Now when that happens, You wanna let that continue to develop because you're going to you're gonna reach a whole new level of Pt that goes way beyond what you first experience. And that comes about by just, you know, you you've used the Pt to enhance your concentration Now you're going back to using the concentration to let the T t go to the next level.

When Pt g comes fully developed, it becomes so intense and so exciting that you almost can't stand to keep sitting there. And you can also think that how this has gotta be, you know, if this isn't the ultimate list, then I can't as it would be i, you know, and it can be that intent. But still, the thing to do is to just keep on steadily in your practice. And that intensity of both the physical sensations and of the natural energy and a joy begin to subside subside and it will develop in its place, a profound sensitive tranquility, and kind of that these probably beyond what you've experience before really profound that.

Net tranquility and is very important. Of the seven factors of enlightenment joy tranquility and e costs to three of them. Mh. And they're the their first you develop the concentration and the mindful awareness. And then kind of so P and then the tranquility and the entity. So then the the last two are investigation and diligence. So... Which are really the application of this. So Pt is very important, but how you deal with it you know, and it's it's not it's not a simple answer. It's you you work with it.

If you go to a too soon, it's gonna go away. So you go back with the meditation and strengthen it. But you can. When you can go to it, you can use the Pt to strengthen from the concentration. But ultimately, ultimately, you got to continue to develop your concentration awareness. And the Pt is kind of side effect that got to let develop. And not actually a side effect so much, but in a sense it was it was the purpose all along. Because that t thing joy is a reflection of your mind becoming unified.

Your mind has, like mentioned is many different mental processes. Going on simultaneously. All with different functions are all with different agendas and sometimes in conflict with each other. And he in those times and meditation when your mind has seemed sort of calm and still. There's still been all these different processes going on. And not and and not in any sort of coherent synchronized cooperative way. When the more your mind becomes unified. Unified in the sense that all these different processes, are either directed towards the same goal of purpose or at least aren't conflicting with each other.

Then the stronger the sense T that arises. So your concentration has been for the purpose of arriving a unification line. And the Pt that arises is the indication that there is a degree of unification that has been. Achieve. And so do you use... You use the Pt to further unify in mind? Because of course when the mine feels good and happy, it it stops struggling against itself. And that's how it strengthens the concentration. But our minds are complex enough that there's still the still, your mind is not as unified as you think it is until you reach that level of a pt that's so strong that, you know, it's just you know, it it feels like it's gonna knock you out of your meditation and and it does long time.

He just have to get up and go tell somebody. Oh. Can't you believe was medication get. Can I say one thing I really don't because I... Like, I happened... Several years ago I had one that... like, this experience of joy. I was it, like, it took over and it was lasted for quite a while and I haven't I wasn't really... I didn't know what it was what was going on and I wasn't trying for it. And so and that was a why a long. And i've been working with these steps and everything. And I felt cold coming on my arm the last couple weeks.

Mh. And I wasn't sure if it was called this or something else. Yeah. And then yesterday, it came it came in my arm, but then there there an imp throughout my body. Mh. And I thought oh that's pt. That is. And then I thought oh Pt makes the mind chatter. And... Because it just... Because I started going commenting, you know, Yeah. Starts the narrative. And so then I said, oh, stop that or something. So then I stopped I let the metal chatter go, and then it came back stronger and I thought oh, that's how you control it.

Or you can you can manage it Mh in that way. That was right? Mh. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, You're you know, the part of your mind that tells the story of your life. Can't resist talking to you about this Pt that comes out. Yeah. Like. Can you realize in any stage? Or is it just for the... It can arise in any stage. And some people will start off and now have a strong pc experience, and i'll end up chasing that man. And some people go along long time and never have it and They'll hear these other things and say, what's the why not happening to me?

What's important isn't whether katie arises or not on any one occasion. It's whether you learn to create the conditions for unification of mine. And as you get more and more skilled at creating those conditions, Pt will arise more and more consistently because that's that's what it's caused l. Mh. So it's more common at later stages or yeah. Has azure concentration interest. As your concentration improves, you're more likely to have periods a Pt. And then... And then when it becomes strong and enough and last long and a you can Thank you so.

The first arising and Pt can often be not recognized because... Yeah. You you said your hand feels cold. People will feel like, you know, least what's happening. There's ants calling up and down line back, you know? Right. Or they'll have this itchy sensation all over the their their scalp. Or they'll feel like their body is falling over and they'll kinda check and say well no. But isn't, you know, better a feel that way. Or the when one of the things that happens to me is i I sit like this. And my thumbs will just start twitch right crazy.

And my mouth will start to saliva you know, Think i have that. So it has these these unusual physical things that are often it's for runner. And if you discipline yourself to just stay with the object and let that be, you know? So my found on a twitch. I don't twitch. My mouth wants water let it wire. My hand feels cold, my hand field cold, and just keep going then you'll start to get the it whoever accounts stronger and development mar forward. Sometimes I have when I meditate, really a strange sensation, and maybe it's what you're talking about.

It it's kind like My upper body just kinda lips. Can't... It's it... The best I can describe so when you go down the hill real quick with your kid, remember. Go down hill and your stomach but kinda ride. Mh. Well, I feel that, but it's not in my stomach. It's more in the upper torso. You it's just it's a it's a quick rise. Mh. And and then it goes on. It's just momentarily that I get that. And it's like a i'm just up uplifted somehow. Yeah. Yeah. Is that's part of what we're talking about? It i i just good chance to it is.

Very likely than it is. If it is, as your concentration deepens depends, then he'll probably experience a stronger sense of that and you may... You may actually your body may actually jerk upwards or not happens. You know. Mh. So So what then what this is probably I can't say for certain but probably is is a fore case of the particular way that the bodily aspect of Pt manifest is going to manifest in you. Yes. Dsp pt then related to the hindu concept of. To which? The the handle. Okay. Can you repeat that question?

Yeah. Is Pt related to the Con delaney desk K, chi, p, all of these things are... They are the physical energy aspect of Pt. And if in your meditation practice, you focus on those particularly you know, then they become much stronger and more evident. Or if you've been doing other things like somebody that does t Gong a lot of teach a lot of Chinese people and they do a lot of chi and tai. And it's interesting. They rarely experience the light, but they always experience the energy powerful, and that's what they'll seeing a meditation report is, wow the she and my body is, you know, never felt moving like this before and it's not so forth.

So the other things that you do will pre predisposed it to appearing in in particular ways. And if you if you were following a a k any practice, then your practice is going to direct you the very earliest sensations of chi are gonna lead you to focus in such a way that she takes the form of arising. Yeah. I... I'm asking this us in my training as a yoga teacher Way way back, I was... I did Qui yoga guy in the beginning and nineteen didn't recognize I was not yet ready. I had a very, very bad experience with that coming up.

Like, for a year long, I couldn't touch even anything related to yoga, meditation, things, nervous system like it. So I was wondering, it's much safe meditation experience Mh. The stages of where it goes then being jumped into it, and and it was a blow up, you know? Yeah. Okay. It is much safer and meditation. And to let it develop on his i'm without without forcing it. One thing that I'll remind you of all these feelings in your body are actually happening in your mind. Mh. Yeah. To keep that keep keep that in your awareness that you it may be convenient to visualize energy currents and and and front and things like that.

But this is just your mind creating a picture to describe sensations that your mind is generating as well. They're all in your mind. So I find that the best way to deal with it in meditation is to let it develop And only intervene, like there will be what appear to be blockages. You you'll feel energy movement and and appear to be blocked and it will be painful. You may feel blockage in your throat or a not in your chest. They're just, you know, you reach a certain point in your meditation, and it's like there's just something gripping and you're in your chest.

Or, you know, it can be anywhere in your body, and it can move around. Now when those blockages become distracting to you and keep you from focusing on your meditation continue. Then you apply a principle that energy follows awareness. So as you've got a blockage here and the energy is not moving past there, then you direct your attention to there. Is you actually your attention to the energy that's moving and you just buy by following it with your mind. You allow it to start moving past that blockers or sometimes you just focus on where the blockage is and meditate on an objective way.

And just the fact that your awareness is focused and that part of your mind's body map is going to affect the energy where they mines representation of energy moves in its own body now. But most of the rest of the time, you just kinda let it go on itself on its own. If you're a person that has a lot of strong energy moves like, it's a very common kind of thing that happens at some point. I there will be a feeling of energy moving after spine like handling up to up to your head. And then, you know those old fashioned juice coolers or a big plastic tank and it shoots the juice stuff in.

Oh yeah i dot com. It's like an energy. Energy goes up to the top of your head and then you have this... Oh. So with the white ceiling. It just goes over your entire body and you have. That's the bliss of physical clients see is what that is called. And it's accompanied with very powerful sense of joy happiness too. So but you don't need to chase those things. Earlier happened for you. Or if they don't something better will happen for you. So but pete... Very recently. Is it as a Poly? Is it's a poly word.

Yes. There's a san. And says Sas equivalent. I'm not sure exactly how it's pronounced but it's spelled with an r. P r with a dot over t i. I think is house sir. Yeah. That great. But the roll your tongue a little bit Fifty. There to get more to? I'm sure. Let me see if I know I can't think of it offhand. It's fine i do. In the in the classic description is this There are these stages of physical plants. Our p, that's where you develop the concentration that allows these things to happen concentration becomes effortless lesson and you begin to experience the joy and the preliminary physical sensations.

And that leads to stage called physical p because your body becomes really stable and comfortable and there's no pain even sip and physical plants arises as you can sit for many hours without any discomfort. Then the next thing that arises is the... The bliss of physical p, which that fountain experience would be an example of... It takes other forms though, my favorite is that the physical clients, the perception of your body changes. And I have often had the experience we're seeing in meditation when and this list the physical plan here arises that I feel like I'm standing up.

I feel like I'm standing in that posture there. I don't know if it's because I've always had these food in images or on, and i like in a lot of what, but I feel no longer feel like I'm sitting down. I feel like I'm i'm standing up. And my body just seems... you know, i like if I did see my body, it would be so beautiful to blowing of white and wonderful and everything. So that's that's the bliss of physical point. So very pleasant sensations in the body. And then the bliss mental p, which is the full development of the of the joy and and happiness, you know, It's a it's a very excited kind of joyful as I said.

And it's interesting because it doesn't... There's not much... Your mind wants to account for it. And there's not a lot to account for it. except. That, you know, sort of like. Oh this is been doing such a great meditation, You know, I succeeded is sort of it's maybe kind of a success story. U. I've achieved. I'm at the top of the mountain and i'm there know, know that kind of a a george seem So there's those four stages. And then what follows is the subs signing of of the bliss of physical clients.

So this all kind of... The... you know, all the physical stuff fades into the background. And then there is a subs of the intensity of the joy of the the intensity of mental buoyancy. Mental clients. So it doesn't disappear entirely, but it subside. And this is where the tranquility and the arise and become very, very strong. What's so important about this is that this is the stage where the mind is perfectly suited to have that experience that definitive transforming experience. We talked about stream entry, the Margo or disarm Market.

And what is important. You know, it's not enough just to come the state and have a lot of you also have to have deep insight. And that's where what we're were talking about earlier. You have to you know, you have to have understood that yourself is empty. You have to have understood that the objects that you see and claim to are projections of your mind. Then having understood that, you have to have tested that out over and over again in your experience. You've had to see the things you're empty when you're walking down the street.

You had to see the things are empty where you were having an or you know or somebody. You got to see the things are empty when you're following a asleep. Night. And to see the things empty when you're eating watch. You have to have this experience or reinforcing it. Oh yeah. This idea that I learned actually applies in this situation as well. Has called this that's called the stage and over overcoming down. Is the stage of of developing the view. Which is where you intellectually understand that.

Now I know what they're talking about. Or at least I think I do. And then there's the stage where you keep testing it. Well, that's really true and what about this, you know and and so on and so forth. Stage reflection, the stage of testing. And this is called... And this constitutes the stage of overcoming gout. You overcoming you overcome dell through questioning through probing to thinking about and you're trying it out. Like, well, if this is really empty right now, what does that mean? You know?

What about these people I'm saying? This place I, you know, and you test out. Yeah. I can see. I know he's projecting us. It's not necessarily where I see it at all. That prepares line. And then in the course of your meditation, you will have... You'll have a whole variety of experience are basically really powerful affirmations of that. You know, you'll have some form of, you know, like, Wow. This is this is imp or, you know, you're in meditation and your mind keeps grasping me and clinging to one thing or another.

And suddenly, it's like, wow, this is this is what those noble truths mean that craving grasping her cause is suffering. Even the most subtle dissatisfaction I'm having during a not too bad meditation is due to trading and grasping. And then you see it. And then it comes real. And then makes it even easier to go out there. So you prepare the mind in this way. You prepare the mind intellectually. Intuitively, your worldview begins to reflect this understanding. Then when you develop a deep stage of entity, then you're ready, then then then your mind can penetrate beyond its ongoing fabrication of the illusion that you live in.

Yep So Pg is isn't extremely important. Aspect aspects of what happens and tool forgetting there. Very important part of the process. But as soon as it arises, even its most subtle forms, which you might not recognize as. When you sit down and meditate and boy feels I it feels really comfortable to sit here today. Well, this... I never noticed before how good it feels just to sit. And and sort pleasant feeling in your mind. Those are subtle very subtle aspects. I mean, you wouldn't really call them Pt technically, but they are of the same nature.

And by allowing yourself to recognize those and and nurture those then that will improve that will improve the process of focus and awareness leading to unification of line. So very important to always cultivate that and notice that and put it kind a part of your awareness. And it will accelerate your process. I have find yourself feeling restless and annoyed and disappointed and, you know, after. Happens I keep doing this and nothing gets any better. A. That's the kind of thought that keeps the pleasure from arising.

That will make the difference in my concentration. Now the that the satisfaction. Interesting. I found very, very interesting. There's a positive psychologist by the name of The haley csi. Funny name, but who has for many years studied happiness. Mh. And he has studied written about phenomenon that he calls flow. And he's interviewed all kinds of people and he's had people go around with this little device that they wear that every so often beeps and they have to record what they're doing and what their state of happiness is on scale and so forth.

And basically, he he has discovered pity He has discovered that the most intense state of happiness occurs whenever an individual is completely focused on something. And more completely focused and absorbed, they are. And in and and the interesting thing in the book hero wrote which is entitled flow there are a lot of quotes from people that experience this very strongly. And you read those And then you go, and you read the descriptions and the meditation, literature true. Word the same. They're exactly the same.

So he's found, you know, surgeons, for example. There are some surgeons that, you know, the height of their life and surgeon because they're totally focused to they forget everything else, and they're filled with this blissful serenity and they just do their work and and they're, you know, una. But he's even found assembly line workers experience the anything. Rare, but there is an account in his book of an assembly line worker. This says I get totally absorbed and what I'm doing and nothing else matters and I become so happy and blissful, you know, and I could work all day like this.

So the quality of absorption. Or everything else is out of the way. That's that that's a quality of absorption yeah in that activity and everything else is that's right. Absent Everything else was around. That's right i hit. And and Pe is, of course, a John factor. His present. And the first two comments. And then the pleasure that we talked about the happiness, that's present in the first three of the genres. And the John is our absorption that, you know, the different from the surgeon absorption or the these other absorption are you talking about, and that they're the result of training and they're not they're independent of what you become absorbed into.

So you can be become absorbed into some... Something some simple experience as serves as an object. But... And when I talk to you about answering entering in the light John is you'd be in the first absorption. And that will... That experience is sitting there in absorption, which is deep concentration with strong pity, will... Subsequently, your mind now knows how to develop that degree of concentration.

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