Tonglen Guided Meditation 17 Jan 2010

Fifteen minute guided Tonglen Meditaiton for Haiti led by Connie O’Brien.

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Student: [00:00:00] So bring your awareness or just get yourself comfortable and bring your awareness to the tip of your nose and watch the air sensation at the tip of the nose as the air moves out. And then back in.

She needs to yourself, fruit as a Buddha inside you have a body that's like a rainbow. And the inside is just pure light, pure, beautiful mind.


ultimate competitor.

The ultimate love

the barrier between your eyebrows and about an inch behind the. Channel that runs and it is just exquisitely illuminated it, the color of red gold. And that channel is about the size of a drinking straw or a straw that you get from Donald.

It runs up to the crown of your head and inside the outline of your body.

Had to both place where your heart would be very beautiful rose.

It is that compassion, compassion you have.

We've seen the roast.

And that diamond does your wisdom,

Buddha. The island of Haiti prince,

you see the buildings decimated,

you see people crushed beneath them.

You see a child crying for.

And see a mother who's lost her children.

You see the kindness of all beings who are trying to get supplies to those who need them.

You see the broken bone.

The last of home, any structure, government, lots of friends.

Lots of food,

lots of dreams and hopes.[00:05:00]

You see husbands desperately trying to find their families, their wives beneath the Rabo.

You see people sitting at the side of the road in shock,

you see this applies within flown in to the generosity of other countries that are sitting there going to waste because they can't get to the people who need them.

You see the exhaustion on the faces about the doctors and nurses in the hospitals that can't do what they need to do because they haven't got any supplies,

not even have it building around them, working.

You hear the cries people in other countries who've lost, loved ones down there and there's two Canada just arrived

and crushed beneath the building. Um,

and you seed water's filthy. There's just nothing to be had. And you see people running to grab whatever they can possibly take. It's not theirs.

And you start to see that. Just so wildly black smoke and begin to draw it away from that island. Every breath that you take, you draw all that pain and all that suffering towards your beautiful Buddha nature. To hear incredibly open, compassionate, loving, kindness, your heart.

Closer to you.

You couldn't take it inside you. And when it touches your wisdom, your time and you we're just going to burn it up, you have that power

beneath your nostrils is a dark black ball. And. And then with the intention to destroy all the suffering

in this group and the intention to take all living beings to a place beyond pain drive in and have it touch the time and burn it up completely so that there's nothing left, but pure like smoke.

And now you're going to give bank every one of your pure, pure elements. The earth element we've seen you dealing with of hardness became by giving them. Out of that element of hardness, you have some smoother roads. If you have some trucks, it gives them the food. Good kids in hospitals gives you some gurneys to keep them pets.

How did that element keeps them someplace? A roof over their heads,

get you some loving arms for the child that has no parents

to those who've lost sons and daughters and husbands and wives.

Thank you. Our element


Temples and churches and places to pray

and gives some beautiful homes better than they ever had.

Oh, with your perfect element of hardness.

And then with your element as water, liquidity,

pure water to drink.

You can do clean water, water, you give them blood supplies and any liquid that they need to nourish their bodies.

And then with your elements of fire, the fire

to give them what they need to cook with cheetah energy, they need to cool themselves with.

To run radios to hear music

at your Buddha of window.

Mint. So things


Student: to where they need to go.

Yeah. Give some thoughts of loving kindness.

You give power to those who would be leaders to rise up and be leaders.

Do you give power to those who would be teachers to rise up and be teachers?

It would be spiritual God's to rise up and


Student: spiritual guides.

You have your calming wind element to those who are anxious.

And give it to those who are fearful.

Do you take away all of their anger

and feels on with compassion

and the desire to help?

You see Palm trees rising, growing food crowing in the hillsides.

It's a paradise. Now

children have teachers,

families have meaningful work.

There are spiritual guides. There's leisure time. Here's joy. Here's music, your stance

there. Friends there's health.

And now it gives them your flesh.

Just keep it away. See every kind being has ever given us much to eat. Give him our flesh freely.[00:15:00]


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