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Talk: Subtle Distractions and Gross Dullness

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Q&A: Do I still label the thoughts when I notice subtle distractions?

Master Culadasa gives tips for dealing with subtle distractions at the fourth meditation level.

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Student: [00:00:00] Pretty what I have been seen in shock, I haven't seen any kinds of sleeping it's

Culadasa: I have to sleep,

Student: but I can stay in limited fit, make meditation on very often. There's this traction. But it's the shape, the awareness. It's the same thing. It's always fair. But the experience of sleeping at Trustmark

Culadasa: okay, don't contain.

Yeah. Yeah, that's yeah that's really good. I'm glad you hadn't had to deal with sleepiness. And usually it depends on the individual. Some people are more prone to superior problem than others, and it started with maybe it will be really lucky and they're just the normal kind of problem, but it tends to the stronger your concentration in the more focused you.

Yeah. The more likely it is to, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. But until it shows up, just be grateful. You don't have to be able to get stop.

Student: That when there is subtle the structure

peripheral. Do you still note, do you still, they go to this

Culadasa: corners? No, you should. There shouldn't be any need to, he would end up making these microbes busy. Yeah. So you just, you let them be there. And you in the stage here, what do you want to get? The bus is always be bringing the focus back to the meditation objects and what will really help me on that is if you're aware of the presence of these distractions and you're aware of the ways that they can insinuate themselves into the focal point of your awareness and the more aware of that behavior.

The easier it is for people from path,

but you shouldn't need you shouldn't really need to note any saying and particular the only time it would be sometimes you'll have something on here. And then it'll just be there. You'll keep having this little conversation in your mind about it or something like that, or never use images and things like that.

So when that happens a lot, then you can, again, you can take negatively even more than I, you just take a moment to just put your mind on it and say, okay, I know this is there and make it just formulate its mission to set it aside for the video wall.

Student: When the extraction is gross, do you, then you then note,

Culadasa: If you, if it feels like it's granted helped here, but you should start moving away from needing to do much of a verbal nature at this point, but don't be headed if you feel like it's helpful.

Don't hesitate to know that. Okay.

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