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Talk: Brightening the Mind to Combat Subtle Dullness

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Q&A: How does one brighten the mind to combat subtle dullness?

Master Culadasa explains correction for subtle dullness with mention of arising and passing of the bliss of mental pliancy.

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Culadasa: but what you've lost is the brightening effect. If you go slide.

It's from, yeah. What do you want to do is don't be Trey re to rely on some particular device. That's what I'd say. The smile for brightening, your awareness. If it's a device, say. But don't be too dependent upon that. Primarily there should be the recognition that there is some dullness there and the brightening effect of intentionally have focusing Ian and bringing that perceptual clarity, that level of perceptual clarity.

So you could use things to help. But the primary you shouldn't be dependent upon the primary saying should be just the ability to just focus in on the object and perceive it more clearly and more precisely, you know what I'm saying? Some

visual, like it was how we go.

Okay we're talking about a sensation. It's like the crystallization out of the subtleties of the developing sensation as you progressed and grew up and earlier on The pause between the in and out and rest seems to be essentially with Al sensation, but as our has our mindful awareness becomes more and more.

We become aware that there's still some element of sensation there so that when the, I keep the word that he's chanting, the mind is like the crystallization out. Richard, do you know what I mean? You've got a solution and the crystal is just started to appear. It's like you focus in on the sensation and then the details starts to run back out to you again, like it crystallizes out.

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Because it's the perception of the sensations are not dependent upon the bodily sensations, the other bodily sensation, the closure breath Plaza. And that's so they don't need to be there. Yeah. Although they usually are, but they may not be, they may not always be a center.

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You start assuming that the students don't have a system that right there should be.

To becomes, become smarter refined, but the criteria for a dullness is is on the side of a conscious awareness of whatever it is you're attending to, and not on the side of anything else that comes along with it. You keep that in mind B as you may have had an intense feeling of either bodily pleasure or mental joy.

And because that feeling of pleasure doesn't seem to be as intense or that feeling of joy doesn't seem to [00:05:00] be as intense. Doesn't mean that you've lost any mental clarity at all. You may have by, Bye to you. You determined that on the basis of the mental clarity itself, not what theologic focuses on because in the hand, the development, the the physical closure, and then the metal, Joanie, both subside somewhat, they are more intense and that as you progress towards tranquility and equanimity, they subside you less than two.

On their own, they don't disappear. And so the subsiding side of them shouldn't be mistaken for a loss of anything. As you shouldn't assume that the, that they're fading is only due to increase tranquility and equanimity, of course. But you shouldn't assume the opposite either because they do fade.

There's the mental science-y physical appliance sees a bliss of physical pliancy versus mental YNC. Then there's a fading of the bliss of physical pliancy and the fading of bliss of methyl pliancy. And that's actually the sequence in which it unfolds. So you may very well be experiencing the fading of the bus, so physical pliancy and it has nothing to do with .

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