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TCMC 20 October 2011 (Part 2)

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Let's started to, Joke. Okay. So after that guided meditation, the whole witness bank. You I still find myself feeling closer to and then feeling further from it, and and so just gonna dump bunch things that rooms and and love you to un take all that as you well. But There's definitely an element of my mind searching for something that it can grasp. Which definitely seems like the way that I'm not gonna fight you with this. But But, you know, looking for some feeling, looking for some idea and and constantly being like, no not done not.

That that. Not that. And then there's a feeling of chasing it's own tail. You know. And that idea of how can the eyeball see itself mh. And and how to how to get into that witness And it does seem like an element of stopping, you know, and stopping the trying start stopping the seeking. It just being you want is, which is that awareness, which is holding all of this stuff. But feeling what it is to be that when the feeling is just the construct of the mind. Yeah. How... All I got. Okay. Is there a question in that?

Yeah. Like, how do you chew that? Hillary How like what's the approach here and how do you know, to what? I don't know what inspire need to guide you in that today. But oh, this is something linda that. It takes time. And it takes... It takes time of get trying to to discover that and sometimes thinking you have and then realizing that he may been really close, but No. Not yet. So just keep... Just keep try. Just keep front until you don't try any. If you keep this in mind, when you find yourself right, is the Let's speaker in terms of consciousness that that consciousness is there even in deep sleep.

It's there Hold on time. And that was something that's struck me during the guided meditation. I'm just like, when looking for is, the awareness and there something that you said. That whatever is being there bearing with us to this all all along is that. Yes. And so there's a sense of its presence yeah they're without being able to like, you know, touch it in a way. You to grab it. Yeah. You can't see it. It could be it. Mh. Just can't see it. And way you'd be it at this like. Stop trying to be anything else.

Did I I hope to interested of enjoyed that. Like getting lots of encouragement to do more patients. Like that. Sorry I can take more encouragement all the time. Tucker. It's a really hard one, but it it's everybody's last week of that. So It's the comes out of what? What what do you think happens to at that? I told you is hard. Ae. I trying to see constitutes of kind of a a deep point of right. There's not any real like solid changing object. There at the first place that it's continuation of something that's, you know, been changing.

But it seems like death of the body isn't just one more change, you know, comparable to all the other ones. And I'm wondering if you have have an idea on that what happens to the the the crotch sensor, you know, the the stream that has certainly characteristics and consciousness. Eric, Are you asking what happens to the stream of consciousness that you experience in your life when you die, The stream of consciousness that is your identity in this life what happens to it We need to hide that what asking?

Not exactly. It's like there's some the light job tricky. There's something that is some mechanism or whatever that is doing the perceiving. Right? That that gets labeled with cloud wise? Mh. And so I guess it's it's what happens to that. It just... Seems like it wouldn't make sense to stop because it wasn't like my way start. But it also doesn't quite make sense to say, it just keeps changing the way that it had been changing your lifetime. Either? Well, Yeah. Language makes it really tricky to talk with obvious, but because what was what is doing the perceiving in your life is where see.

But the consciousness itself doesn't change. It always has been. Is what's doing the perceiving the witness? Well, add one level, it is. But that's the thing with doing witness practice is you get to a pretty good place and then you realize that you're still further do go. So... Yeah. One is... It'll be it's what? Maybe some of you managed to get too tonight. I don't know about what if you if you practice this way what you can get to, is the place kind the witness as what is doing the procedure.

K? But that is the. That's and there's another step beyond that. Because shelley, I were talking about this in the break. Mh. Is that witness miss consciousness. So perhaps there's the first step is witnessed and then beyond that is like a universal consciousness. That would be a way of thinking out of it. And that could be an extremely accurate way of sending out, but you could use exactly those same words and and have a own deal as well? Well, because universal of consciousness that you're gonna use the that term.

Universal consciousness is truly universal. It is. There's nothing that's not here. Okay. But there's a... Just the way our minds were. If you start using the term universal consciousness, you're going to conceive it as something out there. And it may be immensely huge. Right. It's stopped being universal consciousness. So... But on the other hand, if you understand it, It's everything then universal consciousness has that is a very good time to use describe. This. At. They've give any mystical sounding i where you are explaining things.

Unfortunately, you just... You'd have to share some of your normal ways of thinking your okay. Because until you get past them, you're you're always going to i'm or not to to misunderstand it. And this happens and I'll warn you this happens you'll have an experience of meditation or it could be otherwise too. But you have an experienced. It gives you just are really profound on the insight and to things. And then accurate where is your mind start sharing on kinda sexual pretty soon you won't be able to get in touch with that with what you learned in that experience anymore, because you're mind has created this option that's sitting there in front of it.

You have to go back and have the experience again. Know what that allows you to do is too. Recognize that your minds con is a option until eventually becomes transparent. So your mind will always make but after a while, they're transparent. So it's like I would mentioned to to to saying like the the the perceiving is kind of based on, you know, site you know, since so the eyes when you done body that is high to decay and board case, and I had a stuff. But that The actual kinda consciousness life force on.

Whatever was so the the the the is for instance, you know, take the sensor data, but there's some entity that perceives that sensory data. And then this is sort of an of universal causes. Such so it doesn't. It doesn't change. That's the on the universe correct? You could say that, potentially has little long and also. Yeah. All of the kind of linear thinking and time thinking that you ran depression like this, by going to inevitably a week. As you know, I've been doing this this who in my meditation.

And and progressively I more and more that that sort of a witness aspect of it becomes more and work apparently a construct, and then you create a third witness who watches, but way miss devin that falls apart. And And so I guess I was wondering about a systematic way to proceed after that point. I I'm... What I did is I report a question from And I to... And this is something it's not itself. It's the brains. It's the action of the brain that makes, you know, the feeling of personality was all up.

So I was able to, like, there was a sense of transparency that he guys talked about. But is there a systematic way of cultivating that sort of dispatch attitude. That that's like a step past the witness. Yeah. I... Well, it it's really it's the same process. But you can change the the words that you use when thinking about it, which will help if you... You know, to... At at this point, you can get rid of thinking in terms of i. Oh i. Right. Forget. Fine. It's smart. What is this for what's happening or just more like what's happening.

But the process is the same. The process is is you just you just keep looking at it becomes more and more transparent. You know, to a point where all those goofy and stories make sense. What is just deals and Yes then. You know, you can... You anybody can start from where you are right now then any practice at all and very quickly realized that your the the consciousness is the essence of everything thing. That your conscious experience is, no it's all there is. Everything else is inference. Else is imagination the con.

All there is is your conscious experience. Take that away if there's nothing. So you know the whole new place you can look. You you have to start up looking. Into this because, you know, like you say, you don't have to any practice at all. Just think about a little bit rationally intellectually so you'll realize that Anywhere else you look is obviously a waste of time. Because everything existence itself. It is reusable to consciousness nice. Logically. So therefore that's for you everyone what.

Then you have me find yourself looking something else? They're not do. And you can decide whether or not you wanna keep wasting your tongue in that direction or? What is any examples in the else? What's that? What are some of the examples on the else? The thing? Well Yeah. Well, there's all time. I I mean, trying to understand the world in terms of of the material universe out there. Is is something else. We're trying to understand things in terms of a mine that's creating all this stuff. That's something else.

Those those are kind of the the two big pipelines. But there's all kinds of variations on up. But forget, mad forget my this because Mine doesn't matter. Cute goodbye. Just get right down to it. It's conscious experience in the present moment. Is the only place to look. And there's a lot of different ways to approach back. But that's where result on how gotta look right now in a present moment. Your conscious experience understanding the nature of the unfolding of process experience. See it as in a subject object duality.

See it in all these other ways that business of so. That's that's what you need to be looking at. Not that studying the material universe the mind and all other things isn't wonderful for chris hit. But, you know, if you wanna really, if you wanna really get to an nevada value you that's if Just ready have to go. Everything else it's just... Well, it's if the all revolves around that. You know, in one way or or the other You all thank you or you're fine. You know what I'm saying? One way or not that you all think you are your mind.

And, of course. When you think about doubt? That's really just disturbing. It's just i my mind my mind is gonna stop. When my brain turns into this super decay version what happens instead of mine. Is not disturbing to you If that's not the ser. Certainly personally. No. But I'm sure it is to a lot of you. You know, that's that's really I is a big part of what this is all about. No. I'm I'm I'm tempted to try to engage once again in a systematic presentation of what to darn lives about. I mean and it all begins Maybe gets to the point where I answer these questions to everybody In then an says answer.

What did the buddha teach? Guess one. Suffering in the end of Saf. And share debts would be part of that. So that is what we've been talking about. To understand suffering, and them to move on. To I understanding and so. So you have to understand. Why it is? We the... Why is the def cause of suffering? Why is it deaf... The idea of quality share? And since it's just one more manifestation of the suffering that perm every aspect of your existence. Instead of starting with why we're afraid to die.

Let's just... you know, you start with What is suffering and why do be suffer? That's the best start. That's uploaded talk saf and the of suffering in that order. So what... Here here's here's the other one I wanna get everybody to be able to give the answer right back. What did tell us out suffering? Physical it going? Right. That's called. Right. Yes. Physical and mental. Actually, the the answer I'm looking for is paying this inevitable suffering is our. Yeah. But i extend that, what's it screen happening.

So unpleasant nurse, which is what Duke cut means. Uk is unpleasant nice and I'm pleasant enough just there's the unpleasant this is physical and origin and there's unpleasant natural or. And so would you say that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. What? What that distinction is really important. As the physical creatures we are in the world. Unpleasant physical experience in... How does it the board? If you had ever hoped, that you would find a way to avoid out. Brilliant forget. But it doesn't matter.

Because i'm unpleasant experience this so just un unpleasant experience but. It's a suffering, that's super added, right mine. That's a problem. And that's completely optional. So there is no way out of the fact that your body is gonna get old decay and dyer or or do something else sooner it done. And so the problem is is that when you think about this dwell on this six that it's in pending or whatever. It can cause you to suck, but you don't have to doesn't have to no for slack. But, yeah. Suffering is natural and physical.

Naturally, you can do something about. And when you do something about the mental or physical doesn't matter. It's it's pretty much your goal. The just on? To, I I... Yes. I would say, to use the English word suffering, let's just use suffering to mean mental. Now when you have a pain, you have mental suffering associated with. Like has has one of the good as teaching, we took hair back to being shot with two arrows. Now now i trying the physical experience, just to be shot with one arrow. To saf as result of it just to be shot the second term.

And so we're talking about what you can do about certain error. So now if we look at the kinds of Suffering, in know, a different way of dividing them up. There's what you might call ordinary suffering right, which is physical pain and the natural suffering that associated with. And then there's the mental suffering that's associated with grief and all kinds of other things that how mental suffering. Mean being rejected by your lover right, you know, all the different things that trigger our minds to generate a lot of suffering.

That's our doing sec. Mostly what most people think of when They think suffering is That's what i referring to in that category. Organizer. The other two kinds of suffering require a little little more reflection I understand. The second line is suffering accounts from permit. And That's the suffering that you experience when you get what you want. Because some part of your mind knows here. And that is a kind suffering that is somewhere in the background of our line all the time because we haven't gonna a eye.

And if you think about it the suffering it has permits, It's it's a suffering that is sorted in the background and colors everything. Every good thing every everybody think everything is color, like, the the suffering that derive from fact. That nothing as permanent. Everything changes it's everything everything's in forth. And even at a deeper level it's the suffering attachment from the fact that there really are enough things. And because there aren't no things. Every time we cling to something we create suffering it because reclaiming to something that is real.

Follow me on that one? Yeah. Because the the meaning i've been permanent isn't that there are things, but they don't last. Although that's the period. That is the level. The the true meaning of is there aren't no things. There is only flux. There's it's only change. And every everything is just something that the mind has projected. It's isolated a piece out of the flux. And temperature it's not really just flux. Takes it's so thing. And as soon as you cli to something that isn't real. There is an element suffering associated with that.

So the third kind of suffering is the called existential suffering. The suffering accounts because of human condition, the suffering that comes Part of that is the suffering that we know that we're going to die. Like, you know, I watch the deer and the birds so, you know, if they're not trouble right. They live. Something happens they die. If i made or a member of the years for something but i... The other ear ex experience, sudden some loss something is missing. Right. Their minds are. They don't know but they're going to die in the way that we know.

Sure sure. Some kind of knowing that they have. But the human condition brings where hits on a unique kind of suffering. One of the forms it takes is we desperately want me. The more of aware we are about how life is is suffering. The more we want that suffering right to. We we want left to mean something, so suffering has not meaning so perfect. But it's not just Was blind, meaningless. Suffering right. You know what I'm saying? Adam And the that existential suffering per eighth so much, you know, we we put all our efforts into these wonderful things that we think we're doing we wanna do and then some part of us just knows that, you know, it's just a story we're making up.

We love our children. And some part of the knows, yeah. They're can get hold and have a lot of problems and then they're and we die. It's not be different values for me. Or from my parents. That's the same for throughout anybody. And what's the point? Why is this happening? And when when do you become aware of that existential kind of suffering, a lot of times that it gives you this urge too. Oh I just wanna get go to it. Let's just, you know, stop. Anybody like that you? Should say. Anybody ever hasn't handled there?

So those are the three kinds of stuff. Right. And? The only one of the in the ordinary suffering is is the only one of them that includes the physical unpleasant that's why a component. And that's the only one that includes suffering the dating check send it. Sure you repeat what? What's? Try sorry. Said it can't be what? Transcend it. Over to pop. You know, and and you don't need to suffer. Anymore. That's ultimately possibility. And Of course, even if you get to the place of completely over time every kind of suffering for all time.

If you embark on this path, you're going to experience less stuff. Right from the very beginning. It is going too. That. As soon as you gain understanding, the least better understanding it. It's going to diminish the not suffering but not. So what is it the gets rna? Rein incarnation incarnation is to come into a body and reeves to come into a body again. And As long as as long as matter organizes itself into sentient beings, Consciousness will be reoccurring. Makes sense. It makes sense. It's just that be.

Yeah. If you were thinking Yeah. I'm gonna be rein. Not all. I maybe you the the you the self that you think you are is definitely not gonna be in rein reoccurring. It's illusion. And the basis of that illusion, you know, the the the things that I lesion is built out of are things that are cause determined, the rising and passing way due to cost material things and their mental things. And they're in a constant state of flux. And that that is what your mind uses to generate the idea of me. So even the basis of it contains no self in it.

It's just process. And so, no. There. The the id of itself that your mind generates now and all the different variations on it that somehow imagine that they're the same thing. Those are not gonna be rein reoccurring. There is a sense in which they will forever exists. But they're not. But what you think of as you, is not gonna get born into anybody. I had thought it time you ago that can see pictures of myself. It's a sixty year old or seven year old or something like that. Mh. I looked at the patients yeah.

The person doesn't an exist anymore. Yeah. Right. Some does. So is a causal relationship because my not person in this person. Yeah. That's true. But there is... There is a chain of causality an extremely complex change of causality. You could follow back. But the other thing is that the the seven year old you is not the cause of the present here. Guess the seven year old year and all of the different versions of you and every instant between them. Combined with essentially the whole universe every one of those that has created here.

So I mean, what I'm saying is The league of this moment is a partial cause of knee in the next moment. But only a partial cost it's me in this moment plus the universe in this moment. That is the cause of native action. Mh. Mh And and if you if you look at the picture of yourself as a seven year old child, And you can remember that stage in your life where you were taking it vast amounts of new information. That molded your view of the world and your view of yourself, but it wasn't coming from your own experience.

About probably ninety percent of it or so was coming from other people Some other people were creating here, your mother father your neighbors other the kids of school, or teachers, and everybody was playing role on creating you. What the truth that some people stay that way states seventy seven years old and money. Because everything they're taking this from. Because everything was... The thing they're paging in as from the outside. Just information. That's how they create their sense of me. Well, to to a certain degree...

We we all are... I think the reason that if you reflect on when you're a seven year old, when you were seven years old, you hadn't part there... There wasn't a lot of idea of the world in yourself in there. Yeah. It was still pretty limited. And it was being constructed very rapidly. But still today, yeah. It's all everything from the outside playing a major role and and your self creation process. True. I guess we're... I don't know. I just have not been very clear. I'm just thinking of a a kind of a way of life where people take lots of courses and gain a lot of information.

A course on. Of course on I don't know what. Do you all? Well, that is one of the ways. Also defense got something. I I I know... I'm a little unclear but this to the defense against or perhaps. I I I knew what you're saying. One everybody is... Help me up. One of the ways that some people Coke is to very actively go out and try to find other people and courses and and where to help them create themselves. And even create themselves in a particular way. And there are some people too. Other ways it's not people cope is that they surround themselves by people who will reflect an image of them that they want.

So this this helps them to be somebody. You know, if if all of you keep seeing me the way you see me reflect back Alright what? I must be real. That's very comforting. Of course if some you start seeing me differently in a way that I don't want. Oh, that can be terrible. Know i but really disturbed me. You get upset. Feel like I have to do something say like it i. No. Wanna make sure it doesn't spread to the wrist right you. Most all, I don't wanna start it. I would be terrible. Yeah. I'm thinking of a flag somebody's refrigerator bill still try to find your yourself creed and stuff.

Yes. And that's, you know, that's really good advice. Create yourself. You know, And that should be that is a very important thing to do. If when you realize the truth down it opens up this fabulous possibility. You to... Yeah. If I'm already creating myself and I've been doing it mindless all the time. Start I start taking a little responsibility for it. You know, We liked to think that dissolving oneself, we talked about this before. But when you examine, you realize and I... Everybody's always agreed when we've had those conversations.

Yep. There's a lot of different versions so may. It come out in different times in different circumstances. Not to mention. They're all even the versions are changing from day day and circumstances certain sense. But there is... There is something that we value. Both there's both to shared value and a personal value. And not is in integrity me. Alright. Have you can create integrity with within your multiple cells? Because one of the things that is a problem for most if not all people. Is that of these multiple cells that they are that there are their conflicts, and there are there are sides of yourself that come out that you don't like it.

Does a matter of fact there's probably sides of yourself that don't like the other science centers. Just I think that there is the what there new is this multitude of cells that are the results of causes and conditions. You can start taking some responsibility for shaping up and bringing a certain degree of of hardening into the. Which will result in integrity. If you think about being the same person. All all more us at least it's a superficial being the same person. All the time. No matter. Who you're with no matter where you are and what you're doing.

You will never have that experience of having something revealed about yourself to somebody that you it rather not have. Right? You know what I'm saying? Because you would you'd be the same self to every person. At least they're more super superficial to to degree. I mean, you can there's never going to be one single stuff that's year. But you can get all these manufactured cells to basically be based on the same theme. Same principle. Same set of values. And that happens, you don't need to apologize for any of them.

And nor do they nor did they apologize to each other? So that's that's one of the benefits that comes just from my understanding the true nature of your mind and and the idea of who you are. Yes. It's just one example. All the different ways now imagining ourselves to be one way while we're something else. Causes are to have problems, difficulties and suffering and our life. These are all the kinds of things that can be resolved for I understanding the way really you are. I've had an lately that You know when you're meditating and you're getting dull, and you go ahead to hit go state.

Yeah. So I've had this idea that they we're just living like that all the time. And then red language we're coming out of that hit go to state. Really an. That's exactly true. Yeah. Exactly true. They were just collapsing all the time into this... Because, like, when you see yourself getting that him they go states you you can see every piece coming together and then you're in that. Yeah. The the gift images and the dreams that you have when you are asleep you become aware that they're it's easy to be aware that they're con of the line.

And we hold them in contrast to reality. So you're sitting in meditation at least this the sensations of the draft. But they turn into waves or branches blowing into, you know, on the some hip garage energy, imagery. Your mind holding this contrast that. Well, this is real. And these other things are not big. But then when you like, they're all about real. They all not real. They're all Well, they're all not real in in the same in the same time in all sense. Same time have way. Had that chris on a my trip.

I way more than I was supposed to to and reality specifically disappearing. It was like constantly when it up about agreement but for hours. I was waiting until i would come back, like, into reality that wasn't created by my mind. Like Won't have. But eventually you came back into a more familiar my employee. More comfortable. And successfully relief when that happened. Now that you stuck out for long enough, like, I just had to give up that desire to get back because Thomas started that it bumped my dad most have been months.

And then she was so clean to coming back down. And had to give it up and say, well, there's no coming gaps. On one thing after Yep. I think that's very good. And have that down allowed you that allowed you to be okay with it. Right? Yeah. We described that as as No longer resisting it. Yeah. Accepting it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Seems like to react to it? And that is that's the best the answer to every kind of suffering. Lawyer drugs. You know, more realization that if you stop struggling. All of your suffering comes from driving resistance from struggling guess it or rejecting, but not accepting.

What is. You know, and and that's the best definition of insanity. That's not accepting what it is. Always credits. Sure. What has... What is it gonna change just because you don't want it. Find that I guess it niece like a selected process, sometimes I just accept and other ones I struggle against and serve then there's constant Alright. That's what causes the self inconvenience. And mean, sometimes I can just accept what's going on or and other times, tape keeps playing and I don't code and life okay.

This is not gonna end then it does. That this is not going to. And, you know, like but it does. Got change. Yeah. Not a. Got it. Yeah. And you know, if you have a migraine headache? You bet here have bad my grand headache. Yeah. Migraine headache. The worst thought you can have this isn't gonna yet. And The the... Actually, the the best thing that you can do about it is you replace it with a flat. That's right it doesn't have to. Have you ever done that but happened green headache? Just even for moment, just accepted it, stop.

Fighting against it. I've had it migraine had taking a long time. Maybe somewhere between ten or fifteen years. I net after any. No I can remember both with those things very distinctly. The the horror of the thought that this is gonna keep going on. Especially when you know from past experience, that is only just begun. And there's least powers left to go. And the the pain generated by that fly, mental paint, you know, which is terrible. Isn't. Have that on on the other hand. Picture surrender to it resign yourself to it just stop fighting and guess it.

It's not nearly as bad. There's stuff. It's the complete other side of the coin. Work with Mental too? It works with kind of suffering. Every kind of suffering. Is a result of rejecting what you're struggling against the idea. Now i'm somebody close to you dies and you experience belief. That's something that your mind is gonna go through that process. And so that's the kind of mental suffering. Have it feeds on it's a private mental suffering that feeds on your resistance to the truth. With this person you logged just gone.

You are never gonna see them again? And every time that thought comes into your mind, they you're never gonna see them again. So grief and the pain just pops up because you know, you don't you can't accept that. But how does Grief resolve it so? Acceptance. That's right. At some point. If you begin more and more to accept. And And then the pain goes away. And then the day comes when you go to smile in your face, You're completely happy, and, yeah know, I really miss my mother sheet dick, but hey, you know, A beautiful day.

Every time, every time of suffering is ultimately rooted in resistance. It'd be interesting thing. If you think about this, you know, the word Deepgram the translate here is is unpleasant. Also translator is kinda this. So to be unsatisfied or dissatisfied is to be in the place of rejection. Yes. So at the deepest level that you will not only does non acceptance and resistance cross suffering. At some point you realize but they're actually the same thing. They're identical. Mental suffering is the mine's dissatisfaction.

Online rejection resistance side. So craving is really just a different not after station. I heard a different way of looking at describing do that. So say cravings needs a cause of. Crazy one something it'd be different. How. Say creating is a cause of suffering, but really the craving itself at the deepest level of craving itself is to sign. So to be from, creating is to be free from saf. Right. This always happens when I decide to try to be systematic. I i'm just sort of like. I don't know what it really how to anything about.

Sometimes it just feels better to answer Jingle question. So that's they toggle. No. I I do. I I I really want I really want all of you to come to the point where you know, and you could explain to anybody else. What was it to Buddha taught and what all the stuff made. Do you understand these basic things I think? And it gets to the work, care things like am emptiness and car and things like that. Then Lot easier to understand now too. Because they all revolve around the same basic thing. But And this is worth me saying again for another time after I already started a file times.

The cause of suffering this craving, creating is reading and the belief that you are a separate self. And that win? When at the deepest level of your game, you realize the truth. Craving is no longer and suffering. No luck. Anybody have anything say for or why? Why do i it doing anything? Because... Well, what exactly you right. Tried to pursue careers and we stuff Okay. Yeah. Alright. Because Pain, suffering is optional Pam just here they have fun. That's the reason for doing thing. It's a much better reason for predict.

Things are all the things that anybody could do anyway. Career to be successful for the same segment of being successful. No that's kind of a dumb thing that he get over. But to be successful in the terms of the world, because it's part of had it fun. Nor have had a fun. That's why you would... That's why you would come to be successful. Have a career raised children. Give all of these kinds of things. Does that make sense to you? Still a join hold. Yeah. Thing. There's a tendency for us to strive for things because we have some artificial sense of medium.

So you gonna be a success or have a pretty right every you know. Like, young people do this to motivate themselves. I'm gonna go to university and blah blah blah. I. Let's give my life meaning, her friend. And other people are gonna respect and admire me and I i'll gave you to forty big house and chocolate nice cars and stuff. But... That's all... That's all illusion, and it's all bound down to lead to a certain amount of disillusioned back just a plan as every probably most of you have already done exactly what I describing he know it's true.

Got least the dissolution disappointment. On the other hand, it's possible to be in a place where This is doing all of these things, but only reason you do that is because this is how you... This is how you can have fun. Learning things that you don't know. Gaming skills that you didn't have being able to fulfill a function and society it doesn't have to have some artificial naming attached to it. It's good for sake. Everything has All the leading has all the potential for meaning that you will ever need already with the potential me already there.

So being is always gonna come from you. It's never gonna come from anywhere. And it's not in the things themselves. And so when you can do absolutely handset, you're gonna be become good. Or chain both of watch. Let you know, too else. So I'm sitting here, and I... You know, we're using things like success enjoy in career and home and all that kind of stuff like And du and craving and suffering everything i. I wonder. I wonder if what it would be like if if we sitting fear in in a refugee camp in Africa with our belly bloated and our baby's dying and flies going in and out of the nose and all of these things.

I mean, they they they they don't know what success means. I mean i I imagine. I mean, a completely different orientation, maybe no education. Either probably no education we the way we conceptualize an education practice that have pursue it. And I I don't know. I I don't even have a question here but I'm thinking we're so privileged to be thinking about, you know, thinking about Du and and suffering in in in the framework which we are. If if we were to go to this refugee counts in Africa, I wonder how we'd frame it.

I wonder how we teach it. I wonder... Well, we teach in terms of the values that those people are chasing there. Obviously, it would make my sense to talk to them about growing the university of the becoming a away. No no no. Exactly. Right. But One of the important things that you realize that making slash comparisons, is that, yes, We're very very fortunate. But it doesn't matter how fortunate you are. Your mind can bake it into total suffering. Yeah. The the opposite of of that is true that, you know, It doesn't have to be there.

Right. And he didn't like found at a smaller level when I tell. Several faculty members in my educational docs program that the reason mary i'm interested in learning, I a lecture or a terrible look that I shouldn't be saying that That loud. Because it's about what it's about, like, what position i'll get it. What need will happen and yeah. It's stop gave them... Yeah. So so important number. Is really important never. But We are just here to have fun. And press one everybody might out would not.

We need to figure out what we're doing wrong. So. But it's not something that you necessarily wanna tell a lot of about people girls just. Okay. Well, I'm I kept too long enough. So I'll let you go.

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