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TCMC 25 August 2011


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What that's good to see everyone. Being up from your left like this. They pushed us goes forward. I thinking that shouldn't really. It makes sense control all these other people in aren't. Oh so how's outside columbia how's Came here mean? Any questions about your education practice comments about status of the world, whatever thinks that. Yes. Can you call it a little bit about when when you are meditating and it's just gonna be voice and we really can't can't do anything about it. Yeah. That actually is has it's a good opportunity.

Some kind of noise in the background, but there's nothing you can do about. You you can practice. And you may succeed have you know... It's gonna be there, but practice keeping it in the background, but how you control over your attention so the attention doesn't move to. Of course. That's likely it's gonna be kinds of reactions that you have that you mind have to nice. Nay sort. You make ignore sometimes you can't. I yourself blaming yourself or... No. There's all kinds of things like that. And so those are all things just too to be aware of who let them be there hand background.

As a part of your awareness, while you just practice continuing with the the meditation voucher. But there are times. Some sound is going to be so disturbing that you can't really take attractive. Tank for sound is your meditation. With an ongoing channel, like a generator by. Street out using the Jack stream, You can you can just get into that sound as a meditation object. Really tricky is if you got a dog next story, we have to have the deck stops. And yep stocks. That's it. So. I just had me know.

Got dog. Oh okay. So... When she's... So it's barking, I'm like, really listening to it. But there's only so much of that. Can do. But I start thinking like, oh, what should I do? To like, you know... Yeah. Well, and maybe yeah see when is your dog. Okay. Part of thoughts about you you it's my out bothering the neighbors. Oh yeah whole myriad of different things that. Well, it's an opportunity to watch your night. And you know, an important part what we're doing is training the mind so that we can exercise the certain matter some intentional control over what happens with our attention.

Learn to keep things anywhere as practice watching what's happening and accepting it without judging it. Yep certain, maybe i to reactions come up here. So a distraction act is an opportunity to do a lot of serious work. It's not much fun. But if you do your best, it's gonna have failed. Right? It's not gonna be the situation where you get up and you say, well that was a terrible notation what waste of time make sure? Not really true. If you if you were doing your desk, there may be a lot of benefits there construct.

So I suppose that's bottom line that's probably the most part to say If you do your best to practice any anyway? Pressure good. Put some sleeping pills in that dog. Earth so share in time I'll have this whole sure. Make sure. What do do when the interest sound is inherently an emotional one like someone we rebate or doing mean more baby next door. Actually they look... You know, i what the same. It's basically gonna come down to the same thing. You know, what you're trying to achieve in your meditation.

This is in obstacle. So, you know, you can view work with that obstacle and you develop as much skill as you can as a result of working with it. We you necessarily want to detach from the sound of someone who is really uncomfortable to you. Well, do you want to detach from the sound of somebody else's stuff right? Yeah and that seems like it's like between the dev blue received. Well... Can you are are you talking about something that you could do something to bell? And users just gonna you comfort this person in this week.

Yeah. You know, they have a friend who just lost some yeah. And you know she's gonna be? Sure? Yeah. So if there's something that you can do, and it makes sense to do. But then you met the stuff. Well. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. They they you to do it. But, you know, I I don't know the situation people that the same have. Friend is going through someone serious grief. Hang he she is crime. Well And you know, you can only comfort someone us. At some point, they know you care. And the best thing you do is you just let them do what they have to do.

Now that happens to be your time to meditate, then from it or use as a meditation object. If you have this feeling on, you should do something. We'll look at that feeling and you ask yourself, well you know you make that part your medication? Where does this come from? What's really kind a got. Okay. K. Yeah. That's it's quite a rate. You know, once you've our to established of extend your mind that you you aren't call insisting on while. Somebody else is suffering... That's what it would seem like, yes.

Yes. If you established that that's not the case, then go ahead and meditate. And a feeling like that a attached case concern. Well, hey. There you got something really good to work with dia meditation. How about feeling us so i Know it's not true. Gives me... Gives me the shovel doesn't gonna make the ditch any small. Yeah. Well, sometimes like in news noises to my advantage how lately just been flooding in in morning from proportions into in my meditation and I find that the noise is pointed looking been than the thoughts and, you know, i've done with other sensations too.

They I I think I... I'm not sure what the right word is to to double bandwidth would find concentration on my breadth analytic. I don't know attention on cessation tends to suppress the the the thoughts. Anyway that's it's lately in. This seems to to be that way bit. And can displace stuff of that. Just terrible flows. That's he put with something that's closer to the my my breathing doesn't I don't know does pull my intention way i it's so strong Yes. Well, you're right. That that that does work.

It's an ineffective thing, and then I can explain to you why that is, but it has many different applications. The fact thing. If you can you... The the fact that you can use some sensory from to help quiet in a lot of excess mental activity. Because if you I think of it this way... And this is a great classic of thinking here but then you can really have six different mines. You have five sensory mines that are involved with one or another the five physical census, and then you have a six mind with the mindset it's involved with dots and dealings and memories and all that sort of stuff.

And these mines are all functioning so subconsciously or unconsciously, but they're competing to to have access to consciousness to take their stuff and put it in consciousness. You what be So you can take advantage of that. And, you know, when you when you are saying quietly in meditation. The two main things that you have, you have one mind producing thoughts and you'd have another line that's monitoring bodily patients, the line in charge of seeing, the one that's sergeant hearing and taste smelling those are all.

Basically on on fur for the time being. So you just have these two. And you can use bodily sensations has a a very effective, very strong way to minimize constant flow of thoughts and to help overcome that. I'm making them here object or attention. Or you... If there's a persistent sound, you can use a sound in the same way. This has... This is just you know, it's a factory of the way the line works is that there is a competition between these different aspects. Of for available space and consciousness.

When you are to having trouble sleeping at night, because your mind shift running on and on or not. Put all of your attention on the bodily sensations and use bodily sensations to combat conduct the activity of the life. When you're sitting in meditation and there's some many thoughts that you just you can't stay with your meditation object, right body sensations, your vegetation object and and it will work better just make any and all body sensations because there's enough about that that how they can fairly effectively even like thoughts.

If you find yourself with some kind of recurring thought pattern this happens sometimes we get angry or who get depressed or something and the same thoughts would just keep coming up and going around around nice. When you find that happening, You can use sensory stimuli put your attention on those to to minimize the impact of those negative processes start. So you've discovered your something of about your mind that actually has a lot of useful applications. Say you know, I have a lot of thoughts that come up and I just totally get lost and them although well sometimes I better than than other times.

And Lately, I started to realize that when I idea last time, it's probably because this whole personality comes up and starts to talk. And it it's like there is this person who thinks what they think is important and and not just important, but that's reality. Now this personality thinks that they've had an handle on reality. And so they barge origin and and it's, like this whole complex coming up altogether. Even though I think I'm thinking something. It's this this thing that's one frightening.

Anyway, I don't know there's a question there, but I a direction. Mh. It it is. It's an interesting observation. Todd it is worth paying attention to because, yeah. It has... We go us through the large assuming that we are thinking or lots, you know, but they're really emerging so conscious anti consciousness, and they're coming from different sources and they're in competition about each other and there there are there are many parts to your mind. And they're not in agreement was how about things.

And and so I thought had really strong views I think they're right. You know. So there you can be With one part of you thinking is right and I parts of you don't. Up for question. Yeah. At least it's pretty much step. That's correct. And and that's really valuable insight into. What we really are. We really are what's i think. Yeah. I find I need to be reminded What when we're... We have this meditation object that we have that go to, whether it's breath Monitor or something like that. And then you are advising us that if simply intrusive, we'll then just take that for the object.

And then you counter also that it's really good to try and establish Habit with one meditation i'm object pick a new one every day, but the nature of intrusion is that it's. I I can't buy myself reconciled reconcile comfortably the urge to go with a an intrusive meditation object to try and get a handle on it and and and use that to push our thinking. Versus no no, that's not disciplined I'm supposed to be going back to my breath. And it just doesn't I can't take. K. It it's... Let me find simple way stating it okay.

You can you can use whenever you're not sure. The idea is that you will up pay attention to something where you have deliberately consciously chosen to pay attention to. And most of the time, that is the meditation object that you are consistently using. You have Yeah. That is your. But you... When there's situation where it's just totally not working something else keeps taking your attention rate. You can finish the situation. I saying, since the underlying objective here is to keep my attention focused on something.

I have deliberately consciously chosen it. I'll choose this thing that keeps pulling me right. And that's that is... Can you do that, but you do that only until it's no longer necessary. You you do that with a pain in your body. Sitting there meditating and you get this pain in your in your back. He's throwing your attention away. You can take the pain as a meditation logic object. If the pain goes away or the pain fades and it's no longer such power distraction, and then you go back to the grid.

And it's the same thing with anything else. And so that's that's your general rule. Is it since in order to train the mind. You always need to be practicing to same keeping your attention on something that you have chosen. Then when that becomes impossible due to a particular distraction and that's the situation of my switching to distraction, first of long did you need to. K? And, yes, we say it's best to have one meditation object, and that's true. And that's because as you along in the process, there's all kinds of advantages.

The account for having the same meditation model. You gain skill and be going very deeply into the perception of that often. And also there is a certain point where your familiar familiarity with that object allows you to develop a very special and very powerful kind of intros awareness. Which so so this is another advantage it comes from using the same object. So when we say it's best to always use the same meditation object. We mean rather than switching from well to a or use management tomorrow i'll do this.

Yeah. Yeah. That's what we mean. But when you're in a situation where there's a powerful distraction, take that distraction for as long as you need. So that put in in way that resolves all? It's it goes little way to it. And yeah, when I fall off of my meditation, I'm object that's not the same as being we'll look over there. Yes. And there's a difference between the jack camera outside the vendor window that you say, okay. I'm mean, a meditate sending jack error. And some really delicious detective flaw.

Keeps wanting to carry it here. Right? And saying okay. I'll just give you day dream out. That's the fear that I have is that if I'm taking... I just I'm phone in myself if I think I'm being deliberate about this, even if I... You know, you if it's the jack came. And sometimes that may be true. Bye. If you if you if your intentions are clear, even if it's true, you'll discover that. You know, and maybe you've been doing that for a long time. Once you've discovered that, you'll know something or yourself.

And at least that but your mind won't be able to play that particular to trick on you. You know, so so you're there. So you just... You you do your best. In the example, I use. There are There are sometimes of things that come are two intense to ignore. For example, you might have some traumatic memory. And you can do the same thing with that as you can. But the pain or jack window even been saying okay. I'm not. I not get lost in this, but, okay. I'm gonna the focus my maintaining on this marriage.

How is it feel feel in my chest in my throat. At my hair. Just it it does manage the same memory or is it is it a changing is it associated with other things? Technical words trying to observe it objectively. Now that is tricky. Tricky, because the biggest nature and what happen is the year is that you you'll get lost in it. Yeah. That was that difference we're just thinking? Gets... Because you're you're not intending to just surrender to thinking about something you wanna think about so to practice.

You're doing your best date practice. You don't have to be perfect. But you'll get better. If you continue to do your videos. So, yeah, There will be times where there will be times where it seems like your taking something as an object for appropriate reasons. When fact, you probably really didn't need to would have been better off night. But if you do that very many times, and you're not really looking for an excuse to think about something else while you're meditating. They do get a phone there.

And it's kind figuring less likely into did do that. See. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's just it's it's a part of the process. It's a wonderful part of the process that you come understand yourself. So well, you know, amazing go through your life dealing with all kinds of situations. And then you sit down on a cushion right hour every day and you start to discover things to guys yourself please never much bigger. K. Taking in an object in space taking an object space this and time. He's taking disconnecting stay as your that?

Taking speech senator. I'll hey there. The taking space as your meditation object. He is not so much. But it's something that you could do as a part of son practice. Summit is is having control over... We having intentional stability. I I should used the word to control so much because, you know, we think there's somebody who gets in control. It's not really true. Five characteristics. One is intentional stability, where wherever you put your attention it stays there. If you have on talk, that's one the characteristics sits have.

The second is mindfulness, which means that that there is an element about a larger awareness, especially in retrospective awareness of your own mind states and its activities. That is present. If you if you have Son, you have that that mindfulness and that intros where The third thing is Tide was characterized by a state of of joy. It's a positive orientation towards all experience. That's the third thing. The fourth thing is this is tranquility. I was on top on the fifteenth thing is. So Sa isn't meditating in any particular way on any particular object.

It is the result of practicing in such a way that you achieved additional stability powerful mindful awareness, joy, tranquility and. Now taking space as a nod is a very specific kind of practice. And and there are quite a few different practices that you can can do. Especially if you if if you have sanitizer, that's all you can do any meditation product you've thirty about is is accessible to you actually disposal. But even before the full on a sunday, if you... When when you have the a sufficient attention stability and mindfulness you can do some these more.

Sophisticated practices that like taking space is meditation on object or meditating on thoughts with things like that. Right. Being able to do those kinds of practice really, the result of already having achieved to certain skill. I get to... It just what your question Good questions. Enjoy actually answering very. I hope you enjoyed hearing answers. Hello. So I think it's just about time for us to nurture. So please stretch and adjust yourself make yourself comfortable. K.

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