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Stronghold 14 August 2011


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Welcome again. I'm beautiful fields. Spoiled. So does anyone has something that they would like to talk about it today? Well, I've been aware... No. No. Go ahead. I've been aware more so in the last couple days than than normal the. The world is in a real fruit bag. And and it's just really hard to maintain some e in the face of that. And and and I I guess I need I need some perspective. Mh. Because it's just... There's so much Yeah. So but we're saying and that's. That's true. We're were talking about that last night.

Afternoon. What? You what what can you do about it? How should you how should you approach that react? When you say you have what what do you have rather than?? Depression and sorrow. I think Sorrow. Sorry. Well Sorrow for your run sake or for the same of deepgram? Probably for everyone, I'm I'm not... I mean, I'm aware that The sorrow of the world doesn't come come and directly beat me up. But the knowledge of it, that's Yeah. That's one thing i. I... Everyone in this room is very fortunate in that so There's a lot of terrible things happening in the world even in this country but we're not even media subject to.

That's that's the incredible replacement. Which we absolutely can't come on. But totally they change it and But at the same time, there are a lot of other people who I don't know, lady suffering because yeah. So i'll pay know. Do I think it's different right now that it has been in the past? No. Very good. Yeah. Because some people do. Some people would imagine that somehow. There was this test time and things are so much better. And I think the kind of difficulties we for change. Oh fine. And that's the case, but there's always been...

There's always been a lot of things going on real. Shouldn't be. The result of that if that a lot of people are suffering needlessly. I mean like reckless involve suffering you paying and loss and at least until we get beyond reacting into it to really we do we're gonna stop doing response to that. But I think we've then here really... It's not the inevitable suffering of life. It's the unnecessary suffering that is happening all over the place. We have justice. And Joseph. You I want it you know whenever this topic comes out, the question is well what can we do though?

Or put it little differently, not what should we do about it, but how should it what's an appropriate to respond on? And I think there there are two levels. One is in terms of how we personally respond in the act be rather than being and when we experience sorrow rather than being trust, which is crippling. Better that we feel protect compassion, which motivates us. To take by action that we can. And rather than experiencing suffering ourselves because we see what's happening then that's where heck in the t comes in accepting that this is the way is and the my beating myself up over it isn't constructed all.

So at one level, how you respond to it is in terms of b by on reactions and whether or not they are a maybe any gallery or not. And I try to change those that are on olson and and not helpful and to that helpful. And the other question, the one that I personally find really, difficult is What if anything is there that we can do to make a difference in terms of what's happening here for. And some other things that because of everything else, that we i study believe are ruled out, we going wanna go.

From that final revolution told this sort wrong right? Well, maybe it's sometimes. Deal like that there But if we believe that time that creating more pain and vinyl is not the way to solve the follow sort the world that and we need to find some of here. Right. So, yeah, I'd love to hear anybody's thoughts on what should we do the people here this about should we do What kinds of things should we do and what can we do? Well, first, I think being specific. I mean there's so many problems. Mh. So the first thing is identify the ones that i get take the problem.

Pick pick one. Mh. Yeah Then bank then go from there. Right? Narrowing yeah. Right. And and and those say you can choose from course it makes sense to pick one that here most likely to be able to have some significant. Oh was that not. Yeah. Have gotten interested in some of the people here too and education a different kind of education what they call call no child left inside. No child left. Inside. No child left hand. It's quite a movement in country that Nancy if had talked about this study.

Yeah. Because it's very obvious that if we're going to have another kind of a world it's gonna depend on the children and the people that are coming up. As well as his parents that can become aware, what's happening to their kids when you know, sending this book, the kid likes to be inside because that's where the elect pull out on. And plug speech plugged them in spite regions of the stuff that we we've charge up. Kids never see any event of nature. I don't know where the phone comes. Mcdonald's some that.

So we all know was just rising them all over the world. So felt like find some small thing to you and area about that or whatever else and think about the elders, wants about. Well and then, of course, meditation, where taken care of you're. That's number one. Taking share of their own dental friction and so weren't able to help them it's That's that's been a big struggle for me. I've been trying to think What do you do in the world and what you do, you know, didn't seem right for just going going into my own world somewhere in this beautiful place here and never and any concerned about anybody else.

And still, it was like, this kind of a conflict for me about how you can bring the inner bring the outer into the inner instead of having them separate. That's baby. It's a big step. That's hundred but you were but we've have administration because it's not out there. And how do we get to the place where we can see that smile output? I do think important can tell Yeah. Well yes. I I believe that there is I think That It's a it's something that changes over time. Tell what do you think That is the case that before you came to meditation you did a lot of things that created a lot of unnecessary suffering in the world.

Or yourself how the people around later. And so one of the first benefits taking up meditation or any spiritual practice is that it changes you so that you you are no longer so much a part of the problem. But I think at some point you you also reach a point where to go further in your own spiritual practice and one form or another need to reach out in other words to... If you're no longer so much part of the problem now it's time to part resolution as well. But you need to keep doing the work on yourself because I know if it's clear you, but it's clear to me that typically degree that you are vulnerable to these un hold some reactions to situations, Your good intentions and pretty harmful results.

And so I mean, we see this in the world, a lot of people go out with the intention to do period. But then their reactions is to situation leave them to say and do things that at the very least, they're not nearly as effective as they could have been fact sometimes they do a lot of time. So we need to keep doing the work on ourselves to make ourselves into an appropriate vessel to be able to do things that are going. But that process becomes in part of our practice. You reach a certain point where if all you're dealing is sitting in meditation and taking care of yourself.

You're not really gonna go any further. So That's the way I see it. So I agree with what you say i interview lot the language sends forward. And each had twenty. Where you your? I thought he had your andrea. I do. You know I guess I just want to look play the... Oh devil's advocate. Like a good... I know this is probably just statement names well, but good terra about. Okay. Look. The sun is gonna swallow the earth anyway It's always been soft and all will be suffering. Future. The best you can do is help yourself and spread that around as much as false in your daily.

To have some grand deals idea that you're gonna make structural changes. I mean they're kind of political mouth. Save yourself. Right? He, you know, sit save yourself and and the And the in the work the house is burning down, I you need to do that. Say there's something with the house is burning down. You know, we only have this much water. I'm gonna take it outside and drink. I certainly up. Personally, Whoever this person doesn't believe that at times I engage it as a thought as the sun's gonna to swallow earth geological time.

We're just like, speck of dust. And yes, we're gonna take a lot out with and we're gonna call a lot of necessary alfred, but, you know, a hundred thousand years down the road. Things a. Well, I find agree was what we say. And I I agree not so much for it. It's what you're saying. I realize I I agree with this perspective that you're bringing from like same self center. Terrible. And there is a lot of. There's absolutely no question. It's not just terrible. The part I agree with particularly is any grand idea that you're to change things or that or that you can.

I I mean, as you saved, and your example, and an ultimate sense. Every single fail. No matter what you do for anyway, they're gonna suffer and die. And no matter what you do for the world, and it's going to be solid up by side. Yeah. And no matter what you do for the universe, it's going to do whatever rate that's in integrate. So there hasn't... Does that name, there's no point in doing anything though. And that's that's where it diver to. To be attached to outcomes to have the belief to have some grand goal and ideal Well, once again, if we look at history, there have been individuals who have had these huge or guys ideas.

And they've done a lot of damage. And in general, I I I It's hard to weigh that's been done against the the harm part of it. I think in some sense to the most profound changes in human society and culture. Haven't you know, I don't know I can really support this with evidence but had was sense that the most profound changes. Are driven, more by people doing what they can in an immediate sense reaching out to as many people as they can and remaining on the positive side of the equation. That has been done by people starting out with grand ideas.

And much of the time ideas involved things like, well, first, we've got to destroy this wrong structure so to be place or. You know, There are some outstanding examples, you know, like Don and buttons are changing and include dollar lot. About that. And this a great step steps forward that it been may like in this country the end the slavery. I think so that that change had more do with many people acting on more on on a a a personal local level than to did anything that happened, you know, any movement driven by organizations.

So I My feeling is that grand ideas are there bar the same self standard ego stuff when get a touch, and we do a lot of that as a result of her. But I think they lot individual wise. There's a lot of opportunity to do things and and we should. We should do. What we can't. And sometimes we'll have a feeling like... Well, it seems like what I'm know capable of doing is so little So a flexible. It's a hits a taking a teaspoon of water out of an ocean. And that's the security thing. Right? Yeah. Yeah.

There's there's a concept would and of called the tipping point and and and referenced with much of what's being said, I think that at such point as enough people do those things the within their power to do and do well and clear with good intention. They'll have impact on one or two other people. And as we all sit and wait for the sun to power, the world, we can perhaps make that journey with a less suffering. But by clearly, I identifying those things that we're capable of and and addressing those from a clear place inside ourselves.

No matter how small they seen. And it's important I think to know that there's Maybe it's a baby step but it's one step in the right direction. Well, I certainly agree that. Yep if we do what we can, But a question how do you decide how much you is reasonable i'm for to do? And that's why things that I... Yeah. You have to assign that yourself. You know? For myself, i spent one time teaching meditation dark. And since the point a few years ago, when I decided that is what I was going spend on the time doing.

There's been large parts of the process where, you know, it's like I was only reaching a small handful of people. And due to my own short shortcomings. Not all of them or getting the message that I was trying to. K. But. It did seem to me like it was the best thing that I could do and it still does. And now at this point, fortunately you, actually have like that as a result of my perseverance, there's a growing number of people. Who got it, totally, master the skills, and they in turn are gonna go out and reach out to other people.

And so ultimately, it goes beyond what I can do by myself. So what my approach was still take what I thought I was best suited it to do. And and then spite out evidence that seemed to suggest that it was insignificant and not making much difference. I persevere at it. And Of course, I suppose a lot of people gonna look at what I'm doing right now today. Where that's out say. You're still not making much. But. It's still the best thing. I know do. I think everybody. Everybody has skills, talents, the abilities, and a way to make a difference.

And call I suggest there's two ingredients the rest. One is that you should think in terms of who you are and what you are, what can you do? I mean, if you if you're not a person has good public speaking, forget about going into politics to change that. Pick something that suits your your natural talents can go with easier your background with your training, things like that. And then the other thing is is is to just. Find a passion or doing what you can and do your best that you can. Without being attached to the results.

I think you do have those two things if you're attached to your results then your failures are gonna undermine your motivation and the obstacles stand in your way you're gonna really if i'm angry in resent or rather treatment or all kinds of things like that. So you need to I think if you figure out what what you have to offer, if you come from place to view a point of view, what contribution and kinda I to the well being of other sentient things like myself. And then commit yourself to them with deaths.

You you may change a lot of things as time goes by. You may model exactly what you're doing. But if you hold those two principles, I think you'll have an effect. And I think it's an effective spread value people and more people do that. I'm the more good to time might not change the world, but even if gets you make things better, you know, in your old small. Part I think that's that's great. That's wonderful. We have five. I've been struggling with with all this but what I get over over again is is just be and be open to what the nets step is going to take place instead of finding it all out and thinking, well it's going be some way.

It it it it seems to be that there's something in the old, the whole, but I call a poland. Debbie hoa l e y that moves things in a way that that's way beyond my part. So I I... It's my tendency... you know, from the way I've done things in the past is just organize everything get going this totally feature it that it kills now like just be listen in and see what's going to happen. And and not boom wanting the result. I what he said, I think it's is really important is not having in mind with the results it's going be such That's way.

And it also feels like that's less responsibility. You know, it it makes me feel less anxious, or you trying and to make things happen. When I feel like I I don't have to to do it. That it it's going to have some momentum if is. And if it is made of just resolved, not. I I like kinda where he said about Holy. Because we're not separate. And that's more than anything else that college to all of it the companies give the world pay that. We are pre predisposed and while we come into with the existence to see ourselves a second.

And for that reason along, somebody that sees their own personal escape from saf. Is operating from a mistaken on new view passing. They're not exactly. They try convince themselves there are. But that kind of a monk and isolation who says well there's nothing and world's full assessment, no point me trying to again. And I couldn't make my stuff saying right. Let me just take care of myself. I don't see that dang very much different than of wealthy person in their mansion. With garden gates the Isolated isolating himself and there's, you know, wrote to total masks on Taking care south.

Absolutely the same thing. Where's is what? Do you were describing lawyer right? That open of i see is that's part of of getting overseeing yourself with separate. So if you don't see yourself with accurate and we're we're all we're all one. I know we're all on anything. Anything this part of the whole can do to benefit that the whole has gotta be the right train. Not only the right thing, if you if you are are open and you are truly doing your your desk. It's the only thing that you get do. And part of that is realizing.

That, you know, if if if in retrospect, you say, well, gee, I could've have done that. So it this. That's not realistic listed. You are who you are, and that's why you did what you did instead of this side. So as long as there is always the intention to the your desk. Then then it's really the only thing maybe you could do. And takes some listening know without my green. Yeah. I still sometimes we wanna charge them. So be so make a very big vision. Maybe this problem it really listen what is it?

No. I can read that bad. Anyway let me say that it could be a hen buddhism. If you look at the western traditions, Christian christianity Julius. The very outward focus. In a sense, it's the notion we're got a huge that salvation is brand and kingdom of heaven. And so if you look at churches and your look at synagogue and what they do, went into soup kitchens and build households they their sense of salvation is embodied in their mission. Maybe the last most reflective So to speak. So most the inner people, but their works in the world are the way in which their salvation is worked out.

Mh. Now you go to the eastern traditions, which you have sahara in my having this kind of internal salvation. Okay. Again, overs simplification. The less when we look at the differences on this landscape united states of dha centers versus churches, you see that focus. Right. And so in a sense the tradition itself is You know, the churches aren't, I don't know for say augustine. Well, we're we're thinking too big. Like no. Let's think big. And let's do god's work in this room. Does that has that led to atrocity.

Oh, absolutely. At the same time, it's also minute to helping poor people helping single models, you know, you know, really making it happen. And the reminds me of the story of secular king a buddhist king where and had a wife for something in he wanted kept the the kingdom was covered with florence. And so he went out and tried to cover the landscape with leather. So she wouldn't get hurt. And a wise man comes along and said a wine they pair of shoes. Alright. So that's the buddhist response. Like, put a pair of shoes on and Thorn still beat them.

But Christianity at Judy something like, let's coat the world. Let's... Again, these are two diet... They're not so. So. I I agree with you. And I had talk that way for a long time but one of the short shortcomings at buddhism. Is that pit... I as compared to Christianity was j said it it it does really fall short on on the side how certain status. And I think saying that I really hope that western do and writes that. I had really sincerely take I think I think that it would can we really make buddhism and part more powerful and effective teaching Yes that remained part of it.

And I don't hesitate in saying, that on the one hand, I think buddhism offers us the most systematic and effective tools or achieving issuing enlightenment. But on the other hand, that compared to how effective it could be gets a miserable failure. It just doesn't even come close to what it could do. And I think that that's one of the things what's lacking, I think that I think that the best thing that could happen has these eastern wisdom traditions take cold in the west is that they incorporated themselves, the idea like with the Christian idea as I I'll help your brother, you know, at try that whatever you do to on a morning, that's what you do me.

And that's the kind of attitude that that that the... Those aspects that, you're very powerful and and totally consistent with everything and both buddhist practice in theory, and, I think, but only had of effect of making that it's practice more affected. Not has kitchens and all these other things are gonna be necessarily change the work, although they're gonna make difference locally. But they would they would definitely make buddhist practitioners is more effective. They. You know, what give some of the philosophical perspectives, it would make that much multi in reality.

Out there and actually, we work with people if who were suffering. Makes it far real than you know, sitting around in the discussion group their needing, but. Getting out there in the messi. And the nothing that's. Yeah. Yeah. So I I would like to see that. So And so that's sort of i. I still wonder what's the best way to to do that and what? No. And I look to all of you for ideas about how they that. You know, we could certainly we can borrow from public traditions and soup kitchens and all kinds of other things are great ideas.

But how when we do this. What's really important is that we do it. We do it being being aware that things are probably not gonna changed or not equation from the way they are. But what we need to do is try to make as much of the difference as we can. And just hope that if Things are are significantly gut. They will to know that virus which way goes will done our best part. Also the best way for us to to have the experiences that we are not separate up. So you're not? That we're not a separate. That's we're not check.

And in doing it in that way, rather the christian way in a way was so that I would be a good person, but in our and buddhist case at least those of us that are working on a old self correct We'll be able to have that experience those experiences of of that one that's that comes from being like the person that helping. Mh. And not... Or poor thing, let me help you because I'm better than you, which I think a lot of Christian things have been, so it's based on Yeah. I'm I'm gonna be a good person and I'm gonna to help these poor people that can't help themselves.

And I think then the Buddhist thing also where we... We're really learning a worldview that changes our way in dealing with people if this giving and receiving that all, you know, buddhism teachers that everyone is people. Basically, everyone was and. So for us to gain a true understanding of those with ideals to to do things the good works that that help people. But do it from that point of view, how we can how we can experience that we are the same and we have that cash that feeling I could be there.

My end there, and I could be there tomorrow. Mh. I think the only way you can do this is to get serious about and make it the the whole of very thin to total commitment. So to degree that it's just a little playing the on the side every now and then had not rear there again. So gives you something to work towards? Surrender do. Yes. That's the. And if you want to get beyond attachment to cell, act. You want to answer the question. One it could be good about being su, Try it out. But it really it it i I think I think I'll add two of the other two things.

Like said, Take out how best you can contribute? And then do your best and I add to to... It's not a part time job that's got... And I really doing your best types. That's the idea Well, and buddhism isn't the idea of taking additional valves as your are committing yourself totally bed then? You know, with just something that you do it becomes that really the totality of your light was your back. I know how many people were, like ready to do that? So I don't you right know. Spiritual lawyers. They they're not spiritual lawyer.

Speak a lot of courage. Mh. Especially when you have comfortable, everything is so comfortable for each itself. But I think to agree to anybody does that. Find everything starts thirty time easier. And remember the questions and what to do, how to do it the answer themselves. That's create and our of spiritual lawyers. Don't have to thank you. Like will. Sounds good to really. I check one you. He gave from influence. Had gan. Okay. You use a lot of this. Water just. Yeah. Cool people off. Yeah. Up.

It's a little subtle. Yeah. I I don't... I mean, everybody said so much and it's been really. I'd really throw the discussion. But I just wanted I just to contribute but think I'm speaking for Peter as well. What we do because we maybe we... You know, we try and stay touch of what's going on. And try to be mountain hot buddhist family. And it's difficult for we socially engaged in a in a community because we move around so much. And so I think we find that quite frustrating Please i find out very first.

A lot of times, you know, what what I do, I really try and stay connected to... You know what. I think what everyone's talking about when they say it would say. I really try to understand contents. And I'm really trying to understand. You know, like, if you if I think about selfless, I think about inter independence. I know two ideas. I feel like quite a good balance. Because it means that And it sense, it's not it's not like like, universal responsibility it's just like the vision that's marking out.

Lay this thing Mean like, you have to save off and she'd be. And and so he feels kind of crushing way on your shoulders and the ego also spots. Yes. I will say a lot of section weeks. And so the the ego rises up into this kind of wanting to take out on sailing hot checkpoints in first that's that just sets up for failure. So... But also, I don't want to lose that connection with like limiting the sense of wanting to connected say every month, we are people in and and and people africa you know, i greece i with fire in streets are, you know, all this kind of the people that I don't know.

I don't wanna lose my connection with them. So that if I think about independence. I'm unlike the fact, I'm am deeply interconnected with with that. I have actually interconnected and and it does help me to discuss this with Peter, like, we talk about, you know, why am I interconnected? And I talk about these things and and sometimes I was talking about you were people in cafes and we talk about interconnectedness this and making a difference and and and ripple threats and parking quite to points.

And And so kind of... If I made someone in the cafe, you know, the... Conversation kinda goes in enough direction. So I feel like in a small way, there is this That's like I'm very small. You know, what my my interest exercise on the grand matrix even of existence. It's just invisible. Yet I'm still here. No, and I need people every day. And so my interactions would that make a difference. And I'm really connecting my bad idea, but it does make difference. And then it's not gonna change the world.

It's not gonna end suffering the pervasive. But it does make a difference, whether I'm angry or. One hard to to really kind of connect with that. This is really... I find it quite helpful. And and I think I think if it calls it being patience, you know, and thinking, okay. Well, I'm not there yet you know, as you say, like, I may not be making full time job and and I may not be, you know, doing amazing things. Not in a position to do that. Necessarily that I'm really trying to build a chair a character which will make powerful decisions and he honest and the log and and and make that force something that goes out in the world.

It's a little tiny force. But it's a positive one. And I think of this out. Though I just wanted to share the story. There been some. There's this thing in two functional ben's vowels. You Ben's. So I was like this performance and everybody believe is there all these different people talking about northern compassion and independence. And one person was mother of them. My fence spouse died. And her simon had just died very young age. And choose deep leave in grief, and she was leading a supermarket and someone opened the door for her.

And she was feeling like I thought him suicidal or something pictures she's feeling incredibly self. And I'm really over the overwhelmed. Great. I'm unable to functionally. And the fact that someone opened a door for her and opened a door into the fact that other people are caring and compassionate and and she never forgot it. And she she she... It's like, from that her idea of ben's vowels spent can't to share to just in small ways open the door for out people. And and I just thought okay, I...

You know, I'm just gonna open the door for people. I I'm gonna do that. You know, I don't know if this personally don't know what people are going through. And so just be the person who doesn't make their date worse. You know Yeah but maybe be the person who saves they're alive. Okay. Mh. And just and it's invisible. And so that's why I like to think about interconnect. Because it's so difficult for us to see actually without estimates are smart actions. That's we no idea but ramifications or things that we do.

We just don't know. And and we wanna see something big happen. You know, let we wanna see results. If can you talk about not being attached to results and And I would say that the results that we see are not the results. Know that we can't really see what the impact we have other. And so to just... I think really helps That's good. Yes. Thank you. Like just you word think without hearts I mean sometimes know but at least the ones you hear are shaken, the children really smile a little bit with a clerk and check out for facility in the people we've probably contact just like, or woman with this smiling because she's like really bright in the smallest we we have a page number these opportunities constantly day.

One wanting stand of the oh. But I wanna I wanna I wanna say that there's really so few people really are going to live the life of of religious rituals really, like because it really that terrible for someone to be meditating on a regular intensive basis ten hours a day eight hours to dedicate their lives fully to the conte life. I mean, there's, like, maybe, you know, how many people on the planet are doing that? Very, very, very, very very. So to someone for to get... I don't know it strikes me as like, you know, so what.

Could glad there are some mountain talk groups up. Very few but and you know what not too any harm, really. That's true. Or, at least minimizing compared to... Up an average person's daily basis. Of activities driving cell. You have some of the visa life of retreat just like default. I always think the most environmentally conscious videos sleep a alive. I think on. Damn and taking resources. So why not give us stand for the people who dedicate their lives to a lifestyle of retreat? Mh That off.

I suppose I I have a thought on that. That if you're if you're I played an mountain talk, and meditate ten times a day or ten hours day. You should you should get to a different place. If you're not, and you might just walk up to sleep, you know so your biggest contribution is that her not a hope activity any hard. I mean that isn't mountain top they come down for a thousand. That's great. Sure. I mean, that's why I supposedly that's why you go up there. Yeah. Go the... Certainly me a point where you.

And you tell office. I mean, maybe it just Good. That's right Christian. No. Not not that kind shirt. I think i it's here if your practice if you're doing a practice of work, that's what it should construct. But that. Then it follows the. It follows. He should future to point where he no longer need stay have find mouth you have a different thing to do. Yeah. Strikes me as it's more of a cycle. You know, like you go it's couldn't constantly trying to come through myself. So you might go and prove yourself.

And then you have to here in the mountain life, you never really get no way or around. So you've gotta go and get consulted by your. I think we totally use this. Really gut. Understand why not spiritually. And they say okay. Well, can i make a difference And what can I do it? And then it's like, okay. Go back and do some more work. Right now. But at the same time, it's like there's so many who is sort saying, so booted so buddhism and bringing in your practice, but have have the... I know certainly, I'm not one of those people who had insights that I can bring into the world.

I feel like I need a lot of work. Well well, you know, i'm sure it's a work progress. I not say there's a moment when you have it then you go into the world, right and it's an evolution, but at the same time, you know, it does take persistence it does take patients and it does take practice. And analyze said practice i mean formal practice on the cushion. That he and before jumping into act with which And, you know, I like I said, this... I see this is something that changes this time. You know, what you're saying is is you're probably ready to spend some time in not hubspot.

But until you're ready been some time on the mountain part. There is a way of living in the world that is going to be more tolerated is going be. The practice you do more powerful. And the time comes to go on mountain top, and you should reached your point, where you're ready to come down. That that's really what I'm saying. There's a place for being on not and talk but not only that. And maybe i'm your bias because when we came here fitness this price, This was my mountain town. Rest. But... Yeah.

There there's definitely a place for For people go deep for long periods time. Bishop should being written, then he should know what they're doing. Turn them maximum them you saw it. They're maximum on benefit. This definitely base right. But as an end in itself. Yeah Makes sense. Although it does remove of your negative influence from rest. I like the idea of this bridge for warrior, and I think it doesn't have to be. And being and being a professional freshly engaged in the world full time, helping people and I think that does fit in with also doing little bits of what you can in must supermarket check here.

As well as fitting in with the idea of a lot of contemplation because first of all, I think you need to know what is this spiritual warrior? What is that involved? How do they think how do they act? How do they try? How do I get that? And and an easy thing for a relatively easy thing for For us, people like myself who i aren't, fully committed, but are trying to also be in the world at the same time. Is to have the intention to be brochure. And I think that is being a special warrior in its own way, in, powerful way because that intention if if you do spend a little bit of a time each day working out What you need to be a spiritual but worry happen, what being involves and what qualities you need to have and to develop?

Just a little bit thinking about it. And then you have the intention to become one really and you can work on strengthening that, we can start just be an occasional thing. Then that is something that will happen. And so you're already doing the... You're already really doing special area practice. Good to have. Daniel the spiritual ownership. Yeah. Cover. What's that. Cam cover. On headline there was from Carlos cast called the real time that's all about being a spiritual lawyer. That's true. Yes.

Yeah. Yeah. I have a copy with. I'm What was the quote that that quote in the book about speech? Oh there are tons of them. Because I I live. Their pages. He talks enormously about adaptability. Oh right. Okay. Eddie he he talks enormously about being ready for death that's living with that on your shoulder and those kinds of things. You know, enormous interplay with some of the... When you have that bug? Yes. I'm alright? Yes. Well, that's a good project. And had manual of experience for. I think it's.

Nick this. Very quick alright and we can collect Because I I think that that maybe is more to consistent. But how this how this practice will develop in the society. I I just don't see a lot of lot of series and a late population, gaining merit by making their donations to the temporal. And just don't see it happening. I have maybe an army of spiritual warriors might be. What's better. I don't think a conte. Really in this country. And that's what it takes you know and very worthwhile. Results from certain mana monastic in mountain top or whatever it's been called.

But listening, you speak and reading some of the other things. Every spiritual movement that I'm aware of has blended with the the world view of the culture. Okay. And as and as Eastern thought as buddhism is come to this country, just as Catholicism a altered enormously in Mexico and and places just like that. I think buddhism will become more focused perhaps on right action and compassion then on individual and enlightenment. Well, that would be too bad. But sure they're there was dust they go together.

Oh, yeah. Red action and a compassion. Really, yeah, you need enlightenment to shape whatever right? Action compassion mh. And, you know, it's true that our culture isn't terribly conte well. Inherently can at all. But that would really throw the maybe out water but we lost that. Yes. So good. Yeah. I don't know how many other people know about this. I'll just say my, you know, my experience with some data centers. But I've Dragged been to there's one in California and has one who London, which is.

I lived at both with that and they both have long term retreats, They both have a huge emphasis on meditation, they have you know, big place where you can meditate the under very supportive supportive and concentration that they both also have schools found. They have work workday with hospice for them. They have they they have They do they do outreach for homeless people, you know, they just floating drives, and summer are came. And so So for me, I like a really... Rules I mean by excellent example.

I'm also collaborating with the local community. Which I which I really like I find a lot of buddhism buddhism make it very... They don't like to collaborate with each traffic bunch Yeah. There's like, instead means on zen and, you know, they they are all the terrible names and they're all know people but both of these are engaged with other sectors buddhism in California's. Collaboration I think because buddhism is is small so fragmented wednesday. In this country and was thought just five minutes more and more.

Socially, we can we can do more integration. The more people can come together than powerful. So there needs to be being compromised. Acceptance and, you know, let people do things they're online. They have like, you know, like, we have all like it's. That should be fine. You know, we shouldn't have to have the same world like for the students to ball against the first. Just sit maybe person and don't worry it. So it just seems to me that they are are doing that. Now studying good in forth. All they prison projects?

Educational. Yeah. Universal education. That's So so they're so they're doing these things. And more people would join something that already exists. Then that would give that that project for the reach. And so if you find project that you believe that, what, What I like to do is just give my energy to something they've already set the infrastructure up. I don't have to make my whole thing. You know, I believe in what they're Doing. I love my they're. And sometimes you like I with name england i'm just go and do what workshops for that.

And do. We need it and john. You know, like Lisa trend, is in two tucson. She's kind of all by herself. But she... But she networks. And so she enjoys on known things. So she teaches the schools she doesn't f and she's kind of, you know, spreads out on Not... Yeah. There are there things happening. And then I I see them going in a particular direction even i had spirit right how we put it out entry thunder. Yes sam. Yeah. Which is really trying to get all these different. Place of view to to share their share their to get to make two ten or to forty dollars go washington effective.

On mediation rooms general. One thing I I think this... I I see a sent serious practitioners in this country bank choices as do they're yeah, they're they're living and working in the world but they choose. They choose to kind the protections of occupations that give them opportunities to do to the most service. But I do I think there's a disproportionate number of buddhist nurses in. And the hospice here and so So what was the question again? Not sure we respond the role when you mentioned. That was a good question.

Thank why we take a break stretch you use the washer and then come back and sit. I think. Both there's. We watched this show about me Rock war. U. That's like... And it was pretty, you know, outrageous. What was it called John? No went did site. No In. And yeah you seen that word? No. I don't watch documentaries. But the documentary just you know, going... Baby me just disabled. Oh, slow That one the end inside? I. I probably would won't. It and it it really it just showed the complete no. I've that's three That a little there.

I've already lost a nephew few here. Here here. And I watched the unfold of our involvement in that, and I remember the unfold of her are involved in Vietnam very well. As I was. Yeah. In the service. Well, just. I feel. I feel more strongly about that than I like to dwell want. So you know, I mean just like it's such a big issue. I mean Know. And receiving incredible arrogance and incredible idiotic decisions that were made earlier on well it's like, They're we... Yeah. You know, that out of fact.

So I mean, it was hard... It was hard to watch on, but it led to this that John and I were talking like, oh, so this amazing that you're fairly annoyed fast this question because it. What we are talking about. Well, it, you know, and we find our ways to do that. I was my my attempt while I was doing it actively was... Pitching. I know anyway you it was to show things like we're. But, you know, to make people steal that outreach. So sick got you outside. Yeah. There's no I don't no material. Getting being on the white and the study of history is...

That's very difficult. Know because you called this... You said not be out or you know that's been? Teddy Roosevelt had a wonderful destination of having to come I all butcher it so I'll look it up if i get it give your email and i'll send it to you. It has to do with the privilege to stand up and tell the government when it's screwing up. How really the country actually. So that one what of I think it's his favorite close. Of its own. He said, I'm I am so hard. I country precisely because I love this so much.

Truly what Swift teddy roosevelt was So I really like that. That kind of. Oh, yeah. It needs to be a I we was happy. I was teaching at a child I fired at any at any regular school district. Yeah. Mh. I was thinking about some of the one of stuff what you're talking about today and I didn't bring it up because the story case if you want the that star story. Yeah. Love i'm saving this one. Yeah. We all had that the school where I tried we all wore a little star pins. How cool. Yeah are are you familiar with the store?

No. Okay. The fellow walking along the beach and he sees this person. The tide is out and he sees this person. Going like this and from one like that comes up and it's a holy star fish. High and rye with Bay or. He said, what are you fool? Me said I armstrong that stuff asking oceans where they pain bottom? They said there are thousands and thousands. Who fish. Can you do this? You said you can possibly make a difference. We both made a difference so that one. I said we have a have a little movie about that that used to show And Vince spelled, we we our class our school went down to themselves twice senior to help out at their center.

Yeah. Yeah we we four times a year, we did community service for the whole school would go go clean the Mcdonald house or there was one group that would go to a shelter and and and work. And I always had a crew and we'd down and pack sa down at the food bank Yeah. You know, we're the teach which heads community service. So what is the said what would do? I misunderstood. I heard. But I've wanted at that point I used said that it was an integrated side A twenty. Down by Rate. You know there's was always amendments you're not gonna send to us.

Yeah. Whole places to set up shop. Yeah. You know, it's. Negative difference bunch of that one. That's the that's have. Yeah. And that's that's something that I have felt so strong. This for so long and and my brother who was a family counselor for years. He and man he said, you don't get them all. You know, he he had successes, but he also had calls at three in the morning where somebody ate bullet. You know? I got a two o'clock call for one min. You can't. Take credit for the successes more than you can accept saying there because you're just to conduit it.

Yeah. I did good idea?

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