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TCMC 11 August 2011 (Part 2)


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Okay. So we do have some people here that are new. Inside that irrelevant everything. And so I would like... We could just go around room with everyone. Save what maintenance. And those people who are viewed if you could just say so so that carrie everyone else. K. Scratch you? Okay? There is nick? Jim Cynthia eight. Chris. Sonya. Shelly. I also just wanted to quickly mention that there is a three day weekend retreat in October here that's mindfulness. And I will apply Jenny Rebecca. Shelley? George.

Bet. Chris. Wanda. Jessica? Peter. Georgia. Okay. Good. Thank you. So do you all remember talked About lesson here here? Yes. Well, good yeah. Try aggregate selfless send twelve links of dependent nation. There was a question why questioned our perception of reality? And that that question was kind of related to I there's a question from somebody many years or question reality anybody. Matter. What's the matter with reality or which the kind of waited related to another thing where it says is in all these talks how much about know themselves, and everything's empty of being great, appears to be all these negative kinds of things.

And what's the deposit of assigned? And so Yeah. So the positive side of that is that is their question. Why question? What question, our perception of reality. All your perception of reality is working perfectly right? Probably, isn't even any reason to challenge it. But that's all it's working perfectly information. And... If it's really true that I have... Have no soul or self. Liners what I find that what who is one it, but I wanna find that out. Alright. Well, yeah. If. Your itself is really working well pretty you.

Their problems and maybe wouldn't. So but the only reason to for twenty five hundred years, people have been trying to realize the truth they're being self. Is because it actually has a huge payoff. Straight positive. It's not a loss or something. Although granted, it does seem like it could be. And same thing. Well, Why would you want to realize that things are are empty? Well, real... The reason is that that because is huge benefit to comes from. So that's that's what I thought the topic for would dean.

What's the positive of study These. Same thing goes for dependent origin. And these are sort of the basic things that. Buddhism offers to people that you don't really flying at least that's such your clear form than other strategic traditions other risks traditions. That well, what nature of religion religion our belief religions are belief systems, but Do you know of any religions that aren't largely pre preoccupied with what happened state after you die? One? Buddhist religion, also itself for the path.

What's that? She isn't has no concern for what happens after after you. It's pretty last concern. Not agree yet. Not such a video association. Correct. Okay. Is... Alright. I guess. That's the aspect of Jesus electrical learn part about. The impression I had though said, is it Judaism does. You know, religions are usually just defined as systems of beliefs. And I thought that in Judaism, the part of that was the belief that you have a school. And that's all sometimes the death of the point. Not entirely clear.

There. I suppose you see the same thing out Buddhism. Has on the religious side period, sir. There's a lot of emphasis on this idea that there's something that survives to death of wanting. But i from the teachings of the buddha. He went one of start probably the most crucial Teachings of The buddha was on not talk an odd I not my name the soul herself. And so the buddha top, the self that you're thinking about the soul here can concerned that doesn't exist. So there is sort of this there between what the buddha taught.

And a lot of buddhist religions that are all concerned with your next life wife after. Maybe that's the similar kind of name judaism. I think at least Judaism I don't think that there's an emphasis on unlike no sun. So there's definitely this concept with the solo. It's just that, like after one he's kind of not dealt with it. It's... I mean, it is in some circles, I mean some aspects of it. You know But there's it's pretty muddy, and it's just not an emphasis. It's really about, like to what you do here, but it still has a lot of self, I think within what you do here and how you do that and develop that and really and not right.

K. Well, let's not get too often to answer that any anyway. The question is really, what what is the advantage about that if turns out that you don't have so herself in the sense that you believe you do. I was say an advantage, Or is that a good thing? How does that How is that cell? How's the... How's that savior you? What does the say prompt?? Sure everybody in green A. Have the south know do they call it a solar or not. Right? And the idea that if you die, it seems like there's something that you are going to lose.

And what are like something is? Or something that you'd rather or not lose? So how could it teaching be so successful as far off telling you it? You don't have one those Well What what the buddha was? Pointing out to, is that a source of a lot of our unhappiness life. Is our attachment to this notion of a soul or a self and a clot. And if we just think about probably a little bit. I think that's not a difficult thing to agree. First of all, there is no self other than these five aggregate. This body in mind, the psycho physical take that that you are.

There isn't something separate. There isn't some... Oh soul. Isn't sound non material casting. That's what he was saying. But when we look into that, what is your experience of being microsoft? Well the first thing us Yes. Getting an idea. It's a natural construct. It's your ego, so. That's is that not the first thing you find when you examine yourself. Is this idea of who you are? Do you not have... It's like a story in your life and you are a hero of the sergeant you're. Right? The main character at least.

Maybe not always the hero. But and you you have kind ideas about what kind of person you are? Good. In these ways, bad these varieties you like these things you don't like that those things. So a lot of what we're talking about here. Is this mental construct. This idea that your mind has generated of who you are. And let's use we're ego to describe that ego so. So when we use to turn ego, say somebody's ego to. Century. What does that mean? Russ? Self so. Self absorbed. So Sent. Mh. They they attach a lot of importance to this idea of who New york.

Right? They can find everything around the terms of that self. They define everything around them in terms of that stuff yes. Or an ego centric or self centered person, What kinds of things make them angry or unhappy?? Like why just losing make an ego century person i'm unhappy? That it yeah affects the it it negatively impacts exactly what we're talking about their idea of who they are. What makes them feel consulted? So here we're just talking regarding rare and unusual ego eco centric people, not like restaurants.

All these qualities that were insuring today's one. You know, it's because in you know, jerks. Don't we part of the world in terms of of who we are and and we relate to other people with it. We we don't live on other people who don't mind us. It's not vulnerable for us because it it threatens our our cherished Suggesting ego centric people aren't rare in than unusual. So this this this ego, then if you we can think of the people that we with. Describe as being ego centric. And we would describe him that way, probably because Maybe they seem to be more so than we are ourselves.

It's good to examine them because it's easier to examine the them their. And also, if they are more so to characteristics or exaggerate. So tell them It's also relaxed I them Yeah. So if if we think they're about the people that we see, drivers or otherwise, who we identify in their mind and had an line as being somebody. Who is particularly self centered, particularly preoccupied with their ego who maybe to a more extreme degree than we're used to defines everything in other everyone around the entire so themselves where need, their benefit.

So i'm sort of. We talking those people. Then we can... We we can see a little more clearly what it really has what ski years. One interesting thing about the ego. Is there's the there's what we think we are ourselves. And then, of course There's... What other people think of us? And so the this ego cell has these two parts. It's very interesting. Because there are things that we know about this key yourself. But we don't want everybody else to know. And there's things that we don't mind if everybody else thinks don't.

That. We don't believe ourselves. That's sound interesting. Isn't there? Get through with some question of that, well, maybe this ego construct. Was real, less genuine let's substantial. Just recognizing that it has this other part that's a reflection and let's too don't match up. Should be enough to your question do to your guy. Your idea of who you think you are. Although of there may be more information and used than constructing that idea. But it's no less an idea than what anybody else thinks you are.

You agree with that. And see that the self can be defined as being Singular Enduring that's separate. These three characteristics sixty k memo. Let's examine the ego construct in terms of being single. Are you even to yourself? Are you always the same stuff? No. No. You'd have those days when you think pretty well with yourself. When you happens the east point view bug thinks so well of yourself. Thanks. They can have those dates when you see yourself one kind of person with certain kind of characteristics.

There's other days that you don't see those same characteristics that you see something different. So You don't even get, you know, what just the guy over instead it me. One thing really is or lose collection of things. Yeah. Yeah. In defense of that unitary sensation. When I look back on my earliest memory, and coming forward to today. There is abiding sense that all of that has happened to one person. Yes I agree they're certainly is. We feel like we are and enduring himself. How you can you get that longitudinal if it's all this loose aggregate that you've just outlined a a second ago, where is that sense that my sixth birthday happens to me.

Where said coming from? Yeah. Well that's sorry. Very good question. Using? Has was a six year old version of you the same... What is there in common between the six year old version and time version? Language and conditioning. Not even that. You speak the same language? But she has a whole lot different conditioning than six of version. And a different language yeah. There And is the language serving too? Yeah. Okay. So what what there is. I think you're first of all, there's a sense. And that's a good way to describe it It's it's a sense.

It's not it's not based on factual information is just a feeling that gets the same person. Then, there he is the causal continuity, you know that the same the same body went to that and broke out an ate and grew met to school. Right? And it seemed like that that it was the same person, the same personality. There there is a cause of connection there where we can see. All the way through. So... Yeah. This causality. And then but of course, Can you remember what you were dealing on August eleven?

That's? Quarter to eight in evening, six years old? No. But there is a story in your mind. That includes went here six. And even if you can't remember what's on the pages of the story correspond to the state right now. You you assume that it's there. But it is just exactly as she said. An idea. Well, what that's what this ego kind talking about what it really is him? Let's see you upon her. Git is an idea who you are, which is really important to have because for to be able function in the world.

You need to take all of your experience moment my moment. Day go. An organizer and a meeting boy so that you can survive, you can do the things that you need to do. Distinguish between what you need to do and what you don't need to do. Right. So the idea of who you are, if you didn't have an idea of who you were, it would have a really... Serious impact on your ability function in the world. So that's a very necessary thing. So when a situation arises, there is this idea in this mind. Oh. This is who am.

This is the kind of person I have. Yeah. And so when decisions need to be made, then even had have reference to that. And also, you have... You have your past history to refer to. Hang on. You have this idea of who who you are and therefore who you will be tomorrow? So it's absolutely a essential that online. Like yours being able to organize itself and terms of a reference point. That can then that reference point can be used for making decisions carrying our activities. All these. It's really good.

It's really useful. It's simple no question. You need to have an ego. How an ego not the same thing that we're were talking about for about named ego centric, so Okay. So this natural construct this idea who you are. And of course, as a mental construct, it's something that can be constantly modified on the basis of new information. Hasn't married tracking one situation there there are things that are important to be a part of that construct. But in some different situation, those things don't matter at all.

But there. I things that. Perfect. So Unless you're buying it kicks on how hold won. Coherent concept of who you are that could encompass every need that your body mind passenger into into the world is going to encounter. The ego needs to be fluid So at any particular point in time it's only made up of the components that are important in that situation. And also, when the situation changes, you can quickly reorganize your your yourself idea to include the components that are now relevant to a new situation.

K. Really what your buying is doing is telling the story of who you are. And, you know, it is story. And you're the main character to start. What does that mean? Well, it's telling the story of what this this sentient. Blob of matter experience has passed through time. Is that not true? This body this consciousness goes through time having experiences, and doing things as a result. Can what your mind is is is we've been all that experience into a coherent story. That has a main character. And so that's really good.

That means that later on something do happen on new situation, you can use next... You can use that story or you can make reference to parts of that story. To really relay the theme that's having these experiences now to being this past experiences and use our information in useful ways. So... So the idea of me or hive is this reference point and the story of what's happened to you. When we attach to that, we make it into We make it into something more than a story. Do we make the self into more that at Convenient concept of who we are.

We make it into a thing. And we dallas with this kind of self existent reality I and this thing. And I can describe to you what this thing is that I am. And I can tell you the story of this thing that I am. And now all of a sudden, I can't take things personally in the road. And I can be insulted enter disappointed it. Can become angry? And becomes jealous. All in reference to this thing that I think that I am. So really, what What the buddha is suggesting is if you don't catch to this ego structure it has been real and being a single enduring thing, which it isn't to begin with.

You're just attaching to the view of it as being a single real thing. If you stopped doing that, your life's going to improve. You're not going to take the world so personally. You're not going to be so vulnerable marrow. To anger jealousy desire, hatred, all kinds x. They see that? That's the advantage. I suppose the beginning of the advantage. The first the buddha defined the first data I'm like extremely entry. And irreversible spiritual development, there's all kinds of spiritual experiences, and we can develop spiritual and ind spiritually in many ways.

But what he said was important to doc this one. Is that you didn't fall back from this one. You wouldn't forget what you have to discover. I you. Made a permanent change in your experience in the world. And he defined that in terms of three characteristics, and the most important one of those three is that you are no longer attached to. You no longer believe in the reality of this construct self You don't see it as being one enduring self existent thing. That needs to be cherished and protected and g and everything else You see it as it really is.

So this degree of selfless is just simply recognizing that I am my ego. My ego is something that my life does for good purchases. All sometimes, it can do a better job than others. Yes. Not one thing. There's many things. It it changes constantly. It's not enduring as a matter of fact? If you followed what I'm saying and if you reflect on it, and it's very important i that lifetime kind. But if you follow it and saying reflect on it, then you realize that this cell This ego construct is constantly being generated by your mind according to the situations that you're here.

It's not an enduring thing. It's a generic kind of thing. Yourself is a a generic structure of the mine. But it's not the same from one day of the next, for one situation for to the next. This constantly that be. Generated and new to fulfill, specific needs and requirements. And like I say, you're buying, sometimes you guys a better job than others that. Right? The self that you are, you have the experience that of looking back and saying how could I done that you said that. They saw you know, but whatever it is that you did was not on the basis of You minds, ego construct at the time.

Not only what you did, but also how you experience things and how you felt. If you felt really miserable and something was terrible or you felt you to sound experience was wonderful. That's also reflection of of this cons construct. So it's not a single thing. And it's not a permanent thing. It's a it's really more than anything else of mental process. And ongoing natural process to help this body of mind to help these fight aggregate function and then would be successful and take care of it. So.

And that's the first stage but enlightenment month is just steam that as a really. You lost anything at all. Nothing that you have before us dawn. Except I know there's except making a mistake and perception. And can we think about the difference between ourselves, and although we're attached to our egos, we're not just centric people. We think about the difference between we who are not so attached but are still attached, and those who are really, really detached. We see that the difference is the more attached to your to the ego.

The more your life is this situation where... Absolutely everything the ramsey you is potentially either a benefit to you or a cause harm to. This year. That's the nature of being ego centric. That being case, An ego centric person spends all their time trying to gain whatever benefits they can. From the non self the not self world, the how word. And have way as much as possible, and harm her suffering. That not software. So the more centric you are, The board totally convinced the whole your aggregates car that this temporary manufactured ivf cell is real, then the more you are going to be driven to behave how to create and desire and inversion.

And the stronger day is that proportionally less love sympathy compassion caring that you'll have for anybody or anything anybody else. Right. So very centric person. Their knees and avoids any perceived problem or threat. To the maximum degree they can and it doesn't matter to what extent it it impacts other people. It doesn't matter to what extent it impacts other non human or organisms. It doesn't matter to what extent good effects. The environment the world but large. We're not that centric.

So we do care without other people, but we're still driven by desire. So we could just easily become attached to the concept of nothing notes. We have with giving a ego centric person another concept code that know if you just give them nothing. So, like, she and look... Actually nothing like. Well, the absence is. Sorry didn't the hear. Well, and the sense that I'm talking about it, what would it be like to have no no ego at all? Well, actually, to not be attached to your it turned industry. But to to actually not have an ego at all, to have no idea in your mind or who and what you are.

Leaves you pretty much to find. Did you come attached to the absence of the chat like become attached to the absence to. That's not well. Yeah. You can you could come to really really like that. Yeah. And you could come to... If that's what he mean, you could come to really want to have that experience all the time. Because that experience is very empowering. Now I I pointed out to makes you less vulnerable to all kinds of suffering here in the world. It's very power it frees you to act to a degree that you aren't.

If because of your attachment to your ego, you're constantly being driven by different emotions. Fear and anxiety and desire and audience and all of these other things. They actually impaired your ability to function bullet. And so the experience of not being attached to your ego is very liberating. And it's very empowering. Yeah. Yeah. It actually has a profound effect on your perception of other people and the world. Because if you think about it, the people that we call ego eco centric, one of the ways that that we characterize them is that they see everyone else.

Only through a very narrow lens of their their own ego. Whereas if you're not so attached to that, and it's... It's much easier to see other people as they really are. You see them as they really are, are you experienced more love of compassion acceptance but Oh, yeah. You can click on... You can become attached to not being attached to your ego. And that's a good thing. It sounds as though you can having the experience of perceiving that your ego is just a generated perspective. And yet still we stuck good one.

Well, you you can have an intellectual understanding, But you can be see... Here's an important distinction these these emotions that we experienced. The heard... Nothing think pretty can the experience. Are driven by more of our intuitive understanding rather than our intellectual understanding. So you can analyze it and say, oh, well, This is all my ego is. And is all of myself is. Long somebody comes up and says you Jerk. Comes up from deep down. And it doesn't matter if, you know, even if you recite to yourself in that moment, I am not this ego.

So So just intellectually understanding it, It's helpful. You know, get get closer to changing that into to perception of your ego construct has been an actual thing and being real It gets you closer to that. But as long as at the intuitive level, you still think of the ego go construct. Mh. Has been real. It's not gonna change way that you feel very much, and it's not gonna change. The way you have very much. I say very much. Because we can make money of changes it. You know, keep intellectually understanding this can help you to blow off a minor hand so.

It it won't be much good when. There's really so somebody really pushes your button. So how do you draw that down into the gut Yep. That's what past all, that's what mindfulness is out. That's what the practice that Mindfulness is both and Sergeant meditation and that is it takes something that is a limited value as an intellectual understanding. And brings it down to I've gut level realization that actually changes the way you think. The buddha said when you have overcome, the belief and your ego as real.

And you overcome your attachment to that view. He was talking about day and Two low. When that happens, you're permanently changed. Because that deep down of that these emotions of these reactions contract construct has been checked. So I matter how you understand intellectually. It's not gonna have that kind of effect And not that you can have profound experiences that to some degree or another, can your attachment to Ego it. But if deep down is part of you that still believes it's real, You can lose that.

So stream entry, the first irreversible stage that the buddha identified as being crucial. Is when at a deep intuitive level, you realize that you know, and that I compared that to Dorothy dog toe of pulling that curtain back. And we like, the true nature of the wizard of lost. Once you've discovered the true nature of the Ego construct, you can't never believe in it in the same way. And that's that's the whole point. I can believe you. I don't think I'm seeing a I'm not seeing a linear and I'm very specific on that.

I'm not seeing a linear path to all the mindfulness I could practice and thousand years bringing me to a gut. Oh You can't see that happen. I I don't know. I'm that's gonna be Dorothy dog, not me. You're you're dorothy. That's it. Extensive. It's not it's... Well I don't know. But yeah. Mindfulness phone has started. My is gonna fully curtain in the side. Cool. And that that's really what we're planning to be talking about for weekend yeah October. Right how the magic if it mind us. Because it's amazing what mindfulness could do.

And how it does it. And that's exactly what I want to talk to you yes how mindfulness can change your intuitive way of perceiving yourself, And world? Yes. Well from this... I'm trying to sort of the spell is When we sit in meditation, and we're focusing on the breath. And let we work with different ways up back to the blockchain and sensations of the pocket changes and you know, you're very degrees of success and since and. And but sometimes graph experiences that are in they're very they're very sensory.

I thought I definitely released I feel like an extension of regard and who he would have to call like that simplest as say. And would you... I mean, it seems like when one in certain kinds of medications better person, but we also... I mean, it is sort of informing you of your lack of self and life of knee in a waited that some in my with how the whole robe you know, when it last or the whole of the world or... And if you call me, why would we jet spoken Certainly think if if somebody, you know, when things happen and a soap we go, and if you are that statement over the meditation out of the world and during your head matter being incremental more that it's not really or.

System. Let me see. I I think you're you're saying. There are experiences that you have in meditation that I allow you to to realize that your listen. As real as it appears to be. Then not as figured dallas because of an experience you have in meditation And no. I like that. But to some degree or another. At least sometimes that carries over into your daily life. Yeah. And it seems like in practice. Meditate if the more practice, I think that it's sort of like empty out. Words. But it seems like Sometimes from talking about knee himself.

It gets very small, basically has still small because for. I mean, I I don't but that when I think that in terms of meditation, it's still And it it certainly makes more sense and obviously from folk more than trying to make. Well, let me... Let me just point out to steve. I I said earlier that you can analyze this, and you can't understand this until intellectually. And I said, that although that law change your intuitive understanding. It's actually helpful and it will move your closer to being able to change your intuitive I'm snacking.

Exactly the same thing is true of these other kinds of the experiences we have. Many of you might have had or no other people have had profound experiences of feeling one with everything. You see yes a third Guy mostly I talked about of the three attributes that self. I've talked about the first two. It's single singularity, and it's it's enduring us, but the thirties is second. So sometimes people will have the experience out not having that perception of separate. And I said I feel one else. And some of you I know had that experience.

But although you had that experience, it did permanently change you, but it moved you in the right direction. And get altered the lady you perceive things. So those experiences have are similar to intellectual understanding. Here that they can have an effect. And is another time. Those experiences will make any easier to understand this intellectually if you have any interest in under standing us with ego intellectually. Just as understanding intellectually can allow you to have these kinds of experience or easily with.

But what both intellectual understanding and these... Let's let's tell them mystical experiences there's a variety of them that a lot of people have. Well intellectual understanding and mystical experiences have me common you say move view it the right direction, but they don't necessarily go fired. And that was the other... That's the other interesting thing. This doesn't come from the buddha because nowhere in citrus that he say. You can't tell somebody that was some days mentioned you're not until six months the two years after they seem more they have the time.

But this is what the meditation teachers that follow the buddha have to the present day. That it may seem like you have... That you've reached their point and spiritual to development that. Where at the deepest level, you see through the illusion that the ego south is real. It may seem what if you're there. But you have to wait because if it goes away, it means that he the experience didn't go far. So in other words, on one, man, we've defined straight as a point where you cease to believe in their reality of the ego.

So but then on the other hand, we have to say, but you can't tell whether we a straight metric or not until you've gone for a substantial period of time through a lot of different circumstances. And still don't have the attachment to ego really. Well but it... But that's alright. Can make sense. Doesn't it. Deep down, you two liter, actually something you were born previously predisposed. You were born, your your brain and your mind developed. To do exactly what it has done, which is to construct an idea who you are and hold on that and use it.

So... And and that's gone down to the very deepest levels of your you know, your side consciousness. So get make sense that it's gonna take a while to produce a change this last name. And as long as there is some part of your deep intuitive mind that still holds the conviction that the stuff is real. Then like a like a... How or we did you cut top off of the root still there and and grow back out of it. That makes sense. When you think about repeat but I want you to know that both intellectual understanding and of the different kinds of experiences you have in meditation and sometimes outside meditation.

All contribute to changing this deep perception. The more you understand from any source. That the ego isn't real. It's just the clarification of the mind. The more you exercise that understanding and hear why and one experience or another, then the closer you come to pulling that particular up by its roots. But there's is a whole life of lyric grow out there. Keeps referring to me and my circumstance continues to reinforce the existence of nina. Yes. That's right. There's the whole world of neural grow out there.

What's at stuff at Monster hud makes. Around us. Yeah. Mindful this is the roundup. He's sprayed on the leaves. And it goes to the roots. But idea actually how works. For through mindfulness, you gradually come to seed things as they really are. And that same things as they really are culminate in a series of insights. So when you have an insight, you know, that's like a dose of of fire degree organic deaf. Goes goes down to the roof. You know, and as that's the effective of insights it it will approve this attachment to the Ego.

So which is actually only the beginning of the prospects. You're... Time you've been calling that person a stream enter. Like like, there's where you go. I... Until today, I had thought this that you would guy stream entry. Was all I was headed for. I thought there that, you know, done. You're the saying? No. I that's the that's step one get your toes with. That up. Yeah. No. That's a... Well, has had had profound effect on your life. Not be discounted. No. At this kinda Yet. I just... You mean there's one.

It's not the end of the road. Absolutely There is much much smart. You see there remains the sense of being etcetera so. Just realizing that your ego is not yourself. You still feel like you're separate yourself? And and as a separate self, you, you know, was gonna have the same concerns about what's gonna happen when he die. Thanks lot that. That makes big difference. But yeah. There's more come. You see one of the things that happens then you no longer attached to the ego access, is the money naturally tries to find to true up.

Okay. I'm not my ego then. Let am i really. And and so... And the mine will find the stuff. The mine will find there's there's few possibilities of what the line find is are true stuff, but But the one that's gonna show up most reliably is conscious. I am consciousness. You kinda do the still point. The witness that's observing all of this. The where else going on My body going Ryan's going. But there guys they're still applying at to center purely witnessing. U. That's it. Consciousness. That's my true stuff.

This is... Yeah. People come to this conclusion. But that the interesting thing about that, is that how the more you entertain consciousness because the true cell The more you realize, it's totally lacking in the individuality both the mind. To the self. Because if you really examine in consciousness, your consciousness and my consciousness not any different no sentient beings consciousness. It is only again by exactly the same stuff we've already discounted is being. So the interesting thing there is it starts k taking you in the direction.

Of dissolving this idea of being separate. If you're consciousness of my consciousness no different. B won't argue that because the implications of that are enormous and profound for all things that have consciousness. That's right. They really aren't. Absolutely. I agree. Talk And so you you big very big scary. It puts things in a different light. That not. Yeah. If it but it's the same thing. As an intellectual idea, whether you are you against it or whether you the time that it's true. Doesn't really matter.

It's it is another part of that intuitive way if we we had a proceeding. Reality. And it's it's... We feel like we're separate. And we feel like we're individuals? And we feel like there must be some way in which my consciousness is different than yours. It's only after certain things happens certain realizations that change that deep where saying things, that your mind can see it an internet way. Now let me ask this. We may have each consciousness is that share yep. Quality. So that my consciousness is no different in nature.

From your consciousness. But if here's a scary thing, Are they actually underneath the connected Well, we can talk... We'll we'll talk about this further in two weeks. But you see that's exactly what now as I say. My people realize that the ego was not the cells, very often, they by own consciousness spears so. And when they either of consciousness being the self. They still can't quite, know, I I love your on steve. Because it seems as I said that you said, oh I have argue against inside. And this just my people get.

Implications are too big you know, there's all kinds of implications. But one of the implications that people don't like is that they lose their individuality. And so they they they go from thinking my true self consciousness, streams of consciousness. You got your stream i am my strength. That's already. Right? I just go there. Didn't yes. Yeah. No little talk more about this. And and how weeks said, but time next thursday the pretty sure. Anyway, I've gave something to think it about. So didn't me a favor.

Think about it and come back with some questions so that we can continue this discussion. K? Perry You johannes Secrets.

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