The Awakening Process

Q&A: How does “awakening” occur?

Master Culadasa continues with his discussion of path and insight by describing ways awakening can occur. This leads him to explain more about possible paths to the goal and give a deeper description of emptiness.

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Culadasa: Frankly mind per place and can undergo this profound change and transformation.

It seems it's interesting. It seems to be a number of ways, but that kind of hurt. And the one, what my call, the famous line or the one that most people are partying about and read to be the, is where you have a particular. Margaret pollen moment, I saw an arguer moment and the essential nature of that is you come to understand these insights have become so strongly developed in your mind, and partly as a result of the insights, and partly as a result of meditation practice, you have developed very powerful equanimity.

So because of this Equon entity, Doesn't arise and object arises insane in terms of these three characteristic and it is not reacted to by craving and grasping. So what happens is for a moment where mine's fabricating activities, we're projecting activities that create the illusion that we always see that stops.

And all it has to do is stop for a moment and it reveals to them. And it reveals the nature of what's been going on. It dispels the way we are in Chapman. That reminds me, I spent under because the mine have continuously been generating these images, these views, and when they stop them, the mind realizes that its projections are not about reality.

That's our eight minutes is over now. So this is the one where this is the dramatic awakening. This is the one that Penske we followed by bliss. And you got to jump up and go tell them that a patient that you're spreading blood happening, then all of this sort of thing to stop, the only way that it happens.

And the circumstances under which it happens and Barry, but it seems also that. Insight and keep, ah, actually there's another way that this kind of profound insight can happen. There has to do the description of the links of dependent origin nation, the most essential part of dependent origin nation.

And if you make that a part of your insight practice and and same way analytically and experientially receive a true. What the links of dependent origin nation say is that when there is a conscious being with the sense organs, there will be contact an object represents Oregon. So it gives you a ride, the feeling of pleasant, unpleasant, and difficult.

Whenever that feeling arises, it will trigger, craving desire for that, which is pleasant. I am a Virgin for that, which is. Or even in the case of somethings neutral or may arise a desire to pursue something that positive place hallway, that desire that craving is what needs the mind to make its provisional projections into a reality.

And when that happens in that moment, the person becomes a self we're craving related to. Some object or objects, they, that craving leads to becoming, we become not Dean, but we pumping, they preps you. You are not a self-release being when you are a self previous craving, some different state in relationship to these objects that you see is real.

And sometimes the weight in him, the Margaret Paulo, the sauna Margaret. As a result, not of association of fabrications, but are clearly seeing this process unfold. One object after another, there, there is the the sensation, the feeling, the craving, the attachment anatomy becoming leading to a new sensation, feeling paving a cap, and there will happen over a short period of time.

Each success. Object that arises in the mind will be crystal clear and how this process is happening. And so the mind will just abruptly spout at the point of craving and recognize that it need not continued to do this. And so it's a very similar sort of sudden understanding, but the other ways of this scene that this.

Which outbound. Very interesting. I started in some few years ago, collecting stories that enlightenment both from people's personal experiences and from, and things that were published. And there were a remarkable number of paces where people never had a mother Paula invests on a Margaret height, but they didn't have the sudden.

And then you go back and you look at the supers of a description there in the pining of a Buddha. And you have people who are doing all kinds of things. No they're eating meals that have compensations zero seem to be Vineland pots, they're fanning with Buddha. They inhaled it. All kinds of situations are they're not sitting in meditation.

And some of these could be interpreted as happening in a brief period of time. But some of them, we look at. It's they could be talking about all day or all, or several hours or days your week over a period of time that they're awakening matured and having read modern stories of this fan.

Talk to some people. I realize that sometimes what seems to happen is that if the practice of developing intuitive insight, If you understand emptiness, selflessness and permanence and suffering, if you understand them well enough and you practice being aware of them over and over again in your life experience, they that shift that transformation and the way that your mind sees or come about.

And instead of happening in a moment of sudden changes, It may creep up gradually, or it may happen over a period of a few hours when something triggers. We really jelling together hillside go Sam. And and I noticed that there's a number of other modern meditation features and document teachers are have finding the same thing disruptive of some of the I.

And Michelle has heard from some of the spirit rock teachers who flew the Margaret Paula thing. That's not green session report.

Yeah. So there are other ways that this can with that. But if you look at what I'd really like to bring your attention, please just bear sum all those up. If you look, whether you look at the seven purifications or the 16 knowledge. Or the five paths and particularly in the second and third paths when you look at these different systems that when you understand them, they're all about the same thing, but is shifting away the way that we normally see thing to a more fundamentally experientially, phenomenologically, accurate view.

Once we do that, it opens up. The understanding of each moment I've experienced consists of consciousness and objects of consciousness, which allows us to see and understand the emptiness of things. And that can also lead to stamping the MTS of cell and brown love. We understand those. We can recognize the danger that exists and leaving them.

And so we can cultivate this more accurate and genuine understanding, tending the deep.

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