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TCMC 11 August 2011 (Part 1)


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It's not plugged. Me thirty light. Okay. Well good evening yuri month. It's. Good to be back. It's been three weeks, I guess. During which time? We had a wonderful time in Canada. On like? Not yet. I will be. And hope everybody else has been having the bit not? Need worry rape? Well, yeah. There's never now me. Or at least we could always use more. K. Alright. See. Earlier i saw some new faces. So yes. Alright. Welcome. Good to have you here. And you well. Yeah and so yes. What the what this is about right now?

This first we're gonna Medicaid together at six thirty. So what this about right now and it's just little question and answer session about meditation practice and and... Well, if it it never quite documented it is it. It's maybe more about any aspect of the practice in any aspect of your life. Yes. I had a strange thing happen. And I wondered if... You have spoken before about the discharge phenomena for people when they are meditating frequently and heavily. And they house they might rock or they feel or searches.

Yes. Those kinds of fits. And I to make a long and story story short, I would like to if that happen waiting or not actively meditate. And we're just living your your life hanging out a chairs Well, it it can. Yes. We can. You know they're. Yeah You know what that correct. City Yeah. Yeah. When she got to appointment my energy really started noticing in her she started, you know, having his a little first energy, that were happen almost seventy anybody. And so... So If that's happening he i... Yeah It's...

I think not didn't after to be... Sir. I just hadn't expected it outside the very narrow arena of I am meditating with you. And it startled way. And made me think perhaps it does not in discharge. But it has all the months. Very much. Well, I don't know. Leprosy, I don't what no. I. It's not I mean, that's the the... That's the the trick. Mh. Is is... It... It takes really very little for me to go around scaring myself. And and I... And I got myself doing that and saying, okay, yeah, well, But So I just I just needed a little facto of Can this happen off the question?

And if the answer to that is... Yeah, sometimes then I'll go down the path if that is the case. Yeah. That's answered. Oh yes. Now. It him else happens. You know, completely different than what happens or meditation need. Right. Well, it... Well, it's It's it sounds like very not. I i suddenly we just deal job of energy going have responded. It was... No. Actually, it was mine left, kidney started buzzing, like, somebody put a trick speaker in the chair. And I went and spoke to someone who makes their living doing and said, so thought the how kidneys what?

It's all that's very young the loved one especially. I said, okay. So she was happy with that. Okay? I don't know. But I wanted to know if it was because we're venturing into the realm of the remarkably weird here. At least for for the way that I was raised. Yeah. And and I'm I'm I'm trying to be inclusive with that. And then on the other one, I'm trying not to be like, you know, dim with it, if it is in fact something but I ought to be paying attention to a western medical wish. So I thought i'd ask.

I don't think he need to works. Okay. Good. Had actually it's betsy reorder. Was a good time. Anybody else have anything on that line? Yes. I wonder if you could describe for me simple loving kindness second fashion meditation many point one sense on breath or ones not some up and breath. Oh yes. Matter checked. Better Great. Good idea. Okay. The yeah the basic idea which behind a times meditation is that you are generally a a strong feeling of caring while compassion wish for the well happiness and they release her suffering for for others.

So it's his very It it it's a very simple kind of process. You're working with your own natural mental states and and emotions. So basically, what you do is first of all, You just called to mind what if she was like to the food recycling activity completely comfortable on aes meetings. And if that isn't where you are at the moment, and you can recall from your past experience. Or have you been even create synthesis out of a variety of test experiences. What's it like? When I'm really truly comfortable and had ease if there's no no physical low mental suffering.

Just in this really nice easy state. And secondly, if you call to mind, what like to, free of any kind of conversion anger millions. And other words to eco friedrich at t's or everything in everyone? Which is closely related still sound very distinctly different time for state. And you you generate that? And then you put the two of them you get what's like for you to be. Have any free of any kind of of unpleasant. And also be a peace with everything and everyone. And then the next thing you to do is you call find what it's for like to have a feeling of well and care for somebody the else.

Experience that we've all had. So we can call back to my to just just thirty fields as well. And then the first thing is happiness. And so you call on whether is why activity truly happy. You can find all four of these together. So now you've reminding yourself what this feels like. So then, you picture with in your mind. That you terrified at your close to. You would like to do you like to have them the experience these felix? And i I suggest is if you could picture them in your mind, maybe doing something wherever they might be at the time that I just imagine where it might be And as you picture and and then like, you I have imagined that suddenly, they find themselves with the same feeling.

Out of peaceful masks lot happiness meetings. Just imagine remember that way, as clearly as you can. So you can repeat this with different people. And what's really a good way to do this. You begin, with somebody read easy to do this with. Somebody maybe you have really a few stories and stories anyway. Then you congressional move from that. Two people that you're you're not as close to. You're not fine of. And then you moved to people that maybe are creating difficulties fees in your life or you have some kind of problem at the separate.

And then you can you can generate the same feeling a direct towards not just anyone in particular, but hey all of the neighbors living around where you do all people you work with. All of the people in the city or other the people in the country all the people in the world. Maybe just go far as you can't, but hadn't... No. The alternate stage of this is that when you be on your same, just Feeling at ease and and t and happiness. Well? To hear everybody even hold universe and he'd bring it back to yourself.

And you wish for yourself that des feelings that you generating is a part with meditation. You wish for them. To be a part of your own type. The reason go past the last step? Is because in a certain way, the hardest person for us to love and the hardest person thrust to him profound sincere good wishes towards. Here's ours. Say start off generating the feelings based on your own experience, could you have have all of those experience? Then you practice developing them as a wish as a desire as that.

And find me, may have that case. So true. Why you? Well, brent a Had we are we're so involved with our own take. All the ideas of who and what we are. And so there's there there's no one that we know more to about. And so in in a sense, there's idea of who we are there's nothing in the world weren't vulnerable to our judgments. And of course, k there's no there's no one helps that we would want more to meet the standards, but we pulled it in our own mind. However however we are standards, but a something it should be.

So so have all the people the world, you are the one that is going to be stuck in between what you think you should be and why you know you are and so I think there's a lot of things that there's a lot of other things that contribute you to that to to that difficulty that we have. We have most have a lot of guilt and more surrounding things. Appreciate like, we're not really. I think that's great... I know that's partner basis for the idea provisional center? I I have a sense that get pretty much universal right here beings Struggle with his feeling at somehow within themselves somehow they or all some way.

I think that the original sim is is related to that. I up this with. For perception of where people would have been in very situations other people around died. Okay. Right in and not me especially when I know how I'm are sometimes it's really natural for my i gaze to be towards my space between my eyebrows. Is that good keep that going or... It that feels kinda of natural and especially it's a little bit of a deeper medication? It is a at all Uncomfortable producing and canceling it. Yeah. Yeah.

I think that's fine. What... Know how like, there it is, but it seems that like it goes that direction. Mh. And I have no sculpture? So she like. Your. K. The eyes are directed with my care. No. Hit your iceberg actually. We feel so muscles strain tension. So it's probably more theorized probably, not exactly. So specifically that you have this the subject that experience feeling and so they are. Really. Yeah. So that's that's absolutely trying. That's right. But it's what does... Actually direct from there.

Like, when I'm starting my meditation, set course i no. Well, why not experiment gonna live with that. You know is, if you intentionally do that when you start reading meditation You might you might actually... You might mood the actual physical eyeballs more of than do than that's. That feeling. Spontaneously. Mh. Yeah I think that happened she feel a bit a string. Mh. So that really that's the elevate thank keep mind. We don't want to create it attention not eyes. Right That's comfortable to do and it's the way you and actually return to go.

That's fine. Mh. Okay. Great. But we'll we begin our degradation a few minutes. They just like to check and with the people i haven't sit sa before that you have a practice to you're we'll do that again. Sure. Okay. I was sitting for forty five times? Yeah. K.

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