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TCMC 14 July 2011 (Part 2)


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I know that five is the classic number. But it seems like in the conversations we've had here once you opened that and worms, there's There's plenty... There's more than five. I... Yeah. So so Grounding them and defining them in order to count them up seems well, a challenge. And where did we get five? Where where is five hundred? Perfectly Wifi. Oh it does they're fine. Right. Given any other conversations they have been numbers. Well so what we'll do is yes we'll try to think why it was it to do chose five rather.

Six or eighty or something three. And why those they five see makes sense. First of all, what are your five? What are they referring to? What what do the fire instrument differentiate? Seven words. No. I don't mean what they i don't be naming the time. I mean what are they referring to? The hundred? Describe or or... What we we are. What we are. Yes. And individual. The dude i said the individuals, any individual every individual. And says cause nothing more mds five how. This was in part due two the desire on the party people been hoped.

Who am i? What am i what is cell? My soul. Like that. I said. You are nothing bore. And the five aggregates. And it was what any individual is? And with regard to the self of the soul he said. I invite you to try to find anything about your spouse or any that is not included at the five hundred. And if you care, you're not included in these five has. And if you can't, to try to find was in the far as the herself sold. The landline. What I i? Well, you are these five aggregates that he names them and described.

You say, yeah. But what about? What that me what about myself? Right about myself, like he said? Say if you can find if if just anything? I'll do that those five is working down. And look, within those five areas and you find yourself for your old let me know. That was that was the purchase of it. Mh. And it it arose out of or it's it's sort predicated on Understanding that reality says. In mind. Followed throughput. Damn and four. Is it... All all all we can't find. You all find anywhere or just these two.

Four. Right fine. That's a. And the five aggregate to define and individual, any individual terms not another big anybody. So if you let's let's. Let's give me figure why think the buddha came up for the description yet. So yes, there's better and my it's body in mine. Right I am it right now Like Well, I I know body don't mind. Is there anything else i this besides my body and by? Can you find anything else in cell that your going environment? Is there anything corresponding to? The self that you feel like you are in me described?

Is an economist fine. What. Oh, this not. But the important thing really about this teaching was not to take the buddha as word for. About two. Hold that question and say you know, is there... Yes is there anything other than I don't know replace anything that on. And so that's one of the aggregate Aggregate again it says is his group not. And the other four our my be were not. Usually it's translated body. Sometimes it's translated to form. What is it really? When you close your eyes and meditate?

Any things kind go your consciousness systems Right. What? What try to simplify that changed numbers things that area of things into to a few categories. Two three categories. But aren't all of it... But what huge categories can you use to describe all of it same instead of you? Part conscious set of fleeting or toilet pro a. In and the course of being fully present fully alert fully aware of what's happening as you have sat for many hours. Parent thoughts. Thoughts and viewing at g. No feeling ahead of like a next this era.

Can like right. The next of. Should. Mh Well, as you said there, there's the sensation this part of it. That's really clear. There's bodily. It sounds. If you holding your eyes there's the site, even your eyes closed. There is a white and dark you know, bad maybe some degree or color. But and there gonna be smells might even be it takes the experience that you have again. All five senses are potentially very represented. That's really interesting when you're seeing with your eyes close. Good that.

You're very aware. That there's the difference between the census and what you the sensations and what you perceive as the because of the and transcriptions. Uk attachment. You know, for example, curiosity and touch object didn't share bills and you pay attention that. Calls. And you feel an object of knowledge. Pricing. Correct? Wells. Is that really correct? Maybe if you weren't holding encounter, you stating there i post and something touched your. You didn't know what it was? Because was you didn't pick up in your hand attached for yourself.

You would perceive an object catching your on? But you wouldn't know about the object was. Right? You. I. Guess what the object he is. You right. Examined the attributes of the object that you can decide from the sensation that's produced. But any image things to mind, but something like s or a different object. Any of the different kinds projects that might be what's producing in that sensation. They're coming from line itself. Right? You don't, really know where you just have sensation. You don't know what's on the other side of expectation.

Actually, with your eyes closed, how do you know he an r that that sensations coming? Answer well eyes open office. Then. Did you really see an r? Can you see your chair over there? Alright just there. Really. Combination libraries. Right at your eyes and, you know, under the right circumstances you could like at a picture that I really have look like mister. But really mean maybe five piece third was no case short right. So really, you can't say you went over there in the shares. And you're really seeing chairs here having a perception service.

As a result of a visual sensation. Have a visual fence so, you know, It's very hard to see anything, but i recognizable objects. But if you do a little work with yourself, you have the first hardest to Yet. And illusion and I'm okay sure there's that... We know. Yeah. We know just because I pointed out, that could be a issue we know the the interpretation of mine upon. Digital sensation. Is just that is put on the visual sensation and body the line. Now it doesn't necessarily way you reflect what's after.

Interesting. So the whether you have kinda of alarm just because you have had sensations and you have had including visual sensations that your on guys as proposed to that there arm on the basis front. Doesn't necessarily all of them that is really what's there. Doesn't all that it's not what's there here. But the point is. That... And this becomes more obvious when you close your eyes. Because your visual census so strong when he close eyes. All the really riviera, That level. It's just sensation.

These all kinds of sensations. And mind put some kind of identity sensation as i said. Okay. That's what's called perception. So you know, if you're trying to describe what you are what sentient. We say, well, it's an body mine. But learn the inside gets sensations and perceptions. Right? And then of course. There's... Yeah his name of you're staying there with your highest closed. You might be paying attention to sensations that breath. And not be it all conscious of the sensations in your foot.

Right. But. If you shift your attention to the sensations where you're got all of a sudden of your conscious. So there is this other aspects consciousness. So that's three of the. Sensations or form. And really you think about it, or we call when we call Rip repo matter or body or anything like that? We're really labeling it. We're it label like career time. And our label is mental and nature perception. So the true nature root of itself is sensation to sensation. And then you have a perception and then hear consciousness.

So These are three of the items in terms of what you are should become nearly clear in her education. You said there for any period of time. And the sensation arises. And then there is the perception of was causing that sensation. And your conscious of. And you can shift your consciousness just because you can shift your attention around and be conscious a different things. So when there's... When there is no consciousness is perception. Is there a sensation? What you would infer to success? But if you're not conscious i.

You're just infer that there's sensation whether you're not conscious of, you know, this there are there really any trees in the forest us or the end of the city. When you further there because they were there last time you have and if you go again tomorrow. They'll be there. So you infer that they're everyone you're not. The same thing we're consciousness. You infer sensations are here when you're not conscious of them. So you'd also prefer that the body have material world are there when you're not conscious.

Right. It's still just in. May be a bit of naive question, but depending on dependent origin. Requires subject. So do I follow out of existence why Am not conscious Great question. Excellent question. What do you think? My intellectual studies tell me yes I do. My grasp my desire to grasp to myself says no I don't. Yeah. But it's just like the the trees the works. Right. Every time you look through there. So like fall out of the existence. There's still... I'm I'm clear about the the mind or the car stream that if I were to follow out existence, what would bring back into existence as Paul.

Very good question. Yeah. Which brings us? First in the tracy. You infer... You your explanation for why, the trees you're still there when you go back, is that they were there the whole time in between. And it's a Very you know, it covers covers the territory for explain today? First, you go back in one of the street especially here first and we came cut down to be right. So are you saying that it's my situation to those trees that is recreating run really go back to see? I'm not saying anything.

About is. I'm just Well, I think to get you're thinking about have all these question is like, how I you well you take figuring do the way things are her? Is really true. And I don't wanna answer the question about whether you go out of your existence when not conscious when you fall asleep tag can you go ahead just. But I want you to look at the assumption that you carry around that you don't. Have examined that. So if we just say, yeah we continue to develop this. Aggregate said find a cell here.

And this is the kind of place that you might think that you might find to yourself. You say, well, when there's no consciousness of sensations. Damn something must continue to. Probably think most leak leg. Let yourself before you enter that with the microsoft's family be request be retention. And That's exactly the place that we might be tempted to try to find well this some immaterial entity entertainment if this is so or so but normally, we don't think fit. When you go to get night that use these to exist, canvas on material entity.

Carries on and then may materialize your body in the morning. Actually send it. Your body. And your mind. Evidently your mind. Somehow becomes conscious, several times during that I and you having experience with dreaming or waking out what can't do the sound he to together document and things like that. You did it all altogether to. Carrie. You said it's all. But You don't pause it. You you don't normally I think most of. Maybe to somebody accounts, but pretty sure no idea this right. That I they needed some kind of material.

So bridge the gap when consciousness was not there. They. It was ordinary kind of cross. They said the same time corner the streets, you know, but the trees just kept me there. And there even though you can't see them. They're still there right down. That's our assumption. We don't know the that stream. I have i'm i'm sorry. That's bizarre. Well, that depends on if you believe the people around you. If I were the only person in the world, this might be a much scarier argument But when I am without consciousness, and my friends who are a awake while I am sleep, and say, yeah, she's still there.

It hasn't vanished. Mh. And I will believe them when I get up in the morning and say, well, I don't know where i'm and and they will say, yeah, well, you never left. So same with the trees, I can I can use modern technology. I can point my trusty webcam at the trees and you know, have have all that that For for argument sake. But the The first question is why break it apart? Right When when experience, we... The first trick here is The experience is whole until we start breaking it into sensation and perception consciousness and some conscious.

This is just this small component of some other awareness layer and the kinds of arguments that we're building require it to be target out. But my experience of myself isn't it's very hard to get to a state where you can say that... Oh, I had a sensation and I captured that sensation before I applied my perception. That's great. You're right. We started too far into the problem. But started the beginning okay? You're. Very survived. You take it for granted the way you experience things for the way it really yes.

Okay. And that means like is challenge. There's a whole lot of things in the world that you can't make control whole. They don't have in no way you want them to. Spent a lot. I'm thinking well things were different. Quite a happier. Okay. Okay. So if you are sent as a whole. And you examine it closely, One of two things is gonna happen. To you examine that said well? Course is fine. No problem. No problem. And then you go early on your right. Right. Right. The other possibility though, it is huge.

Examined the way sync to be. And you have the like there's something something not quite bright. Something could be better something could be. Basically, and and basically in terms you text. Do you have to conclusion that your wife is not as satisfying and fulfilling as it could be. Okay? So then kinda question, if I examined things more closely, and I just understood there better. With that. That's the release also it's not scary where we should start. Shift sorry question. Is there any reason to examine reality and can't seeing whether it is maybe or in to.

I, I think everybody in this probably have least pretty good, life, you know, watch of food our place to sleep in the later. Be had conditioning in the summer most where... Like? So why is it even interested in? Because there is an unsettled discomfort. I federal discount guess. I mean you wanna license so this conference is always looking for something better. So... Yeah. So you have an settled discount and you're always looking for something better down. Part of looking for something better might being to having hourly martial either has the envision to.

My time just gonna better. That's a very good reason. Yeah. It is. A hud reasons I just this is a very deep question isn't Why why Why these at all? There's a lot of people there have to don't look at these things at all. Thank rich cursed. I think there is when I say, unsettled of this discomfort. I mean, there is a about having. There is just suffering that to i through. It's that suffering. Things are wonderful or patient, you just c see. I'll think about anything and just enjoy. But what I have suffering, you start to examine everything around you to try and figure out why am I experiencing this?

And I experience suffering I examine everything around me in urgent search or something I can change. Well, other many reasons worth wanting to attend only for example is that you know, you see that Some people are happy other people unhappy order. Especially, if you had experienced such a particular situation, you're not happy but somebody else does? So This is how reason he might. I just understand. It here's me reality team really. It appears to didn't. I real... Do have the experience over over again.

That different people experience things and different grades. The the various same situation is i made one personally happy i have the person unhappy. They're same people that one person likes imprisoned life. So what's what's the reality behind that is is the person really a vice president as person really my biased voice. This situation apparently or your situation be together. So However you get to I think it's a lot of different paths here can take. You can't go that but. Whenever you get to it, you gotten it.

So is this question is i think really the way they appear be And it basically essentially or harder just not much you can do about it. But you can hope you can scramble, but it's not, you know, you're limited in your potential for six times. Yeah. It things of the way they appear to be, you would probably be happier, she can make a lot of money. I everybody tries to make a lot of money is successful time she go broke, lose everything instead. So yes. On edison it's not just good carrier. A sense knowing this reality it's a little...

Yes. Innate sort of sense against this just again they you want to know. You just simply want it out. What is the truth? Yes. We have been fooled before by resistance. That's why actually hasn't science revealed so much how about the way we sit for thousands of years of sin things are is not really the way they so we've run up. We we've grown up being continuously exposed to the fact that things are not the way they appear be if there is a keep truth. And yeah in this case, you know, it's a little bit different that science trying to figure you out how this really work.

We're actually looking for a higher streams. We're actually think right true that. And give watch more meaning. That can. Well, I think that's an important mike right meaning? If you can. Tap into some higher against my meeting. But i can also make you happier here. At least you hope they can't. Maybe if you hear. Maybe if you can examine reality and find it. It's not quite the way it appears to be. The way that appears to be is making you unhappy then can discover something that's gonna change your experience.

So. Right? No redo suffering. Yes. Use your and reduce the suffering other people. You so. But that's sort of the leading thing too. You lived with the world. And you said, well, it's all just suffering on this? You know, we had as individuals. We struggled suffered. We our children. So data start one suffer and hey more children to struggle stuff. Hi I think it's what you were talking about earlier tonight too that the skilled mains, you know, if if we if we discover the reality and the truth, and we can be present with that.

Will be more skill in line. Yes. Yeah. Yeah all of these things are Yeah. They're all going in the same direction. So it's been my understanding. And please correct me i'm wrong. That basically, the world of front me it is a construct within my mind. And that construct is very different than anybody else in this room. Exactly. So for me, my truth is the way is existing the way I am constrained my mind and that's very different in the way Nancy is constructing it. So when you say we're looking for a higher truth, can you demonstrate the higher truth?

Well, that by itself is a entire treatment. When you realize expect the reality you live is the structure of your mind. That's my. If you can talk to understand. What is that your mind comes to construct Reality the way it does. That's I still hired you. Do I have to go through this this... I mean again, correct me I'm wrong. I believe that I see the world around me the way I construct my mind is through the experiences that I've had everything from, you know, getting a span from my dad when I was three to following your loan with this person or that person.

All these experiences are now filtering the information that comes to me and that's what is creating the constructs. So not quite close. Those experiences. Those experiences were interpretations of things that happened... You're mind very particular way. That's what's this there are. Yes. None. It's. It's not big offense in here go. So much. As it. How do you respond to the? Because it is your mind that's creating your reality. And your your mind actually is creating it itself. So the blind decided create your radiology to tomorrow just today's modification or yesterday's smart.

K. Yes. There's not the things that happened to. Is who do they happen to? The task the real important thing there. Yeah. If the changing of our interpretations shifts these filters and changes our experience, is is there some fundamental on changing up there that is outside of moment. Yes. There's some fundamental changing that is outside of land? Yes no answer. I I I was comfortable and you get one. You know. Because give me a yes or no answer if you want. I just wanna make sure that's where he Oh, gosh.

You know, I keep trying to keep my my shit with because this is just No. Okay. We'll try. But we'll come back for that many times. Okay. Okay. A good question. It's a trap. Yes. Is is is... Let's put the question as Is there anything other than my own mind. I'm hoping. Am i god the entire universe this aviation is my own creation find my everything that i. And there is nothing else. Not how put my personal line. That makes you go way. Oh yeah. I gotta take out yeah. Well yeah. Okay. Can you be good and not know it.

That's you see that's that's the problem Ji. Yes. You are on and do you don't know? Oh, but you're dream this. This this hear you're... You are drama and and involved Had a streaming the small me. My reality is that from is beautiful being You would only wake up. I exist apparently in a beautiful state. That's not totally alien idea how the answer you talked about. So maybe we could just say that is. That's a where you you at. Okay. But in that case, it it either sounds outside of the drink. The answer the the that dmv is yes.

There is a reality. Because your mind is just brought strain. So brahma is outside the tree. Problem is what Sounds five. Okay. Source training at the same time. Yeah. Well, I wanted to highlight like, maybe slightly different angle on the needed visual reality or individual construct. They're treatment Mean must dreaming together, some things. We agree that there's a ceiling words get and and that's what's allowed. Conditioning to evolve the ceiling is built because we agree cat there So, you know, there's a red light in green light.

We agreed that Red stopped. It doesn't be anything. But somehow we're dreaming together, except those who label. And they're doing. Different. Right. That's how we right. And that's very. Very good to to you. Point this out. Because you see ask if if you are not God, and if everything is in your mind. Then is more than one us. Right. That's what... Yeah that's... I you one alternative to everything being in mind is that there's a reality outside of your mind. But i also a very, very important thing to is Is everybody else treatment of my imagination or cars are really heavy things?

Idea is my mind the only minded that existence. Are there other minds or his his herself. Which comes down again, Is there something beyond. This moment that I experience personal line deadline And if you tend give view that there's not, that's called sol. And it takes you absolutely you can't go anywhere with it. You just you're stuck? Well, the argument. Mh that ends the argument. The. Answer discussion. But it doesn't give me a anything thing you. It's so it's it's far more reasonable to explore the possibility that there really are other beings by the consciousness other otherwise.

Yeah. Wouldn't the point be that for me, I've created the universe. There are other lines on there But this is what I have to work with. And I can only work with myself, if I'm going change what's out there. I didn't need to change with in in Well, thing that whether there is something else out there? Weather no or not. And whether there are other beings at other minds or not. You live in the world of your own perception, of what's out there and bit. That's. That's that's then might u keep monitoring data our back.

That's really true. It's absolutely as working true. That Yeah. You live in a world horrible other things. It's because that's the way you're saying. It's not it's not necessary the case that always other claims are nasty. And if you a world out there that is really tough and hard likes for beach and i. That's the bla you're seeing here. And that's what said for. This. That? That is true and hasn't work. Functionally and has... Has... If it's not really dependent upon this other question. Except that.

You do run into problems. Then we'll get... You will get really bad if you then heritage depending home in your brain. Because... Well, it gets really confusing. If it's all... If I mind why have if I change it more easily, but was so hard. Should change it. So you say, okay. I'm part of my line, where I'm not but I can't access this meeting this i way, that I don't need to be. Well, you already... you know you know, I just well say there's I referral out there other people then. You're just calling about a different name.

If you say it's a a heart of your line because because the part of your mind, you can't pass access the lines to these other the people. The part of your world, that you can't control directly is the world which out there or in here. So it you can do the same place. In terms what you do about. If you understand what's going on and this is this is really where. We got to why to read interested in across we on. Because how when they use her this, this is a higher knowledge it's a higher than understanding.

As long as you believe that the world is out there and the stuff has happening to year. And the only way that you convey things better is to do things to the world so the things happened to you. There's nothing near that. That's why every everybody has been doing. That's why been down your own life. Yes the the reason for looking to at the example question where we usually build like is to see that in a different way, which opens up due possibility. And that's exactly whatever you're talking about.

The their possibility is to be able to be able to... Project a different kind of world to have a different kind experience as you result about. So it's been my understanding that the reason I can't easily change the world that I am creating front because it has to work through car kinda call an effect. I have to put the causes into place to get the effect I want. If I wanna stop seeing a bunch of really, you know unattractive or mean people. Then I can't just say, okay, they're gonna be nice now.

I need to find the causes to brand new place to get them to change into to be able to perceive it as kind of... Yes. Yeah. Absolutely right. But that is a really big question. What? What are the causes in involved and what? Is it you can can't do. Proponents of secret, right how do it's it's, you know, they give you list the things to do. So like the world behaved at high. And it's not particularly different what everybody's really doing. It's just a different twist on same old, you the world, so the world does what he want.

What Buddha was saying is... Is as I said, before it's not that you're, absolutely what you do does have effect on what happens to. Right? But it's not the only for it. The the law of causality. Perm everything. And you are not because of everything time. You are because of you here this sense. So what the buddha is saying, don't waste your time trying to change what happens, change who happens to. And in terms for you around about nasty table eighty seven. Alright. Wonderful people? You don't need to...

You don't need to imagine that you're gonna to change the nature of people around you. You can certainly change your perception of those people, your interactions with those people, and that will affect how those people treat you. Right. Sure. Don't I still need to put causes into place just to create that change of my perception that. Well, what black what? Like the example of my friend who altered my apartment meeting. When I sat down in front of him, I was in a much more naive place, I was experimenting with if this is my perception I'm looking at a mirror.

And I want to change myself. I'm looking myself I'm gonna change him and therefore change myself, And it kinda blew up in like face. Yeah. Well that wasn't a very skill. No. Yeah. And when I talked to earlier earlier there, I said it depends on your motivation. Everything every action you take does have a time. And what goes up comes down? So handful rocks in the air. A good spot I'm gonna hit you on head I'm wait up yeah. Next one. That's one aspect to. The things you do are going to have a speak about somebody behind their back.

He's going to have country. Taste not inside it's going to have consequences. Everything you do, how response questions. So that's part of. That's part of budget keep important part. The current part. Is it being with your rotation. Why you do what he do? And how does that motivation and that action mold and change who you are? Carbon is how you how you determine the person to him things happen Now, can you if you live a moral and ethical life if you follow pre. You don't part other people, if you don't gauge full speech, if you don't take things in our yours.

You know come all with these sorts of things. That's gonna have checks. How outside you? Just as same nasty things. About has attacks also does. I just seen not speech matter fact. That's just like throwing rocks in here and they come down it's the same thing. But in addition to that, the more important of our fundamental thing is happening. Is if your motivation is to... Not say not engaged at wrong speech. Because you don't want scars any harm to anybody. And it's not because of how people will train you the president.

That you're changing yourself That's time. Intention is how we change involves ourselves. So you could follow pre presynaptic and just like throwing rocks in the they down, those causes will have effects. And you could follow the presets for no other reason. That now you became against that if you are a ethical difficult virtuous person that you're gonna get along better in the world is gonna teach you better. And it's true. That's what will happen. But if you if you came to pre steps, in order to use something as a tool to change yourself, it's gonna have a far more personality check there's things are still going to happen to.

That you would rather not happen to. No matter how rich issue you are. No matter haven't how to look treat everybody else. Start that. And stuff's still gonna happen it. If you change the person to it happens to doesn't matter what happened. You change yourself inside? And we're all gonna a die and columbus are gonna painful not very plus what better. But And you can't change that. There is absolutely nothing you can do. There's no kind of carve that you can't create this to keep dime and quite quietly in most times so circumstances.

But what your primary campaign do? This change because it is that's going to kinda front that transition into like. And they can... It can be... It has the potential to be joyful it has the potential to be had adventure. Right. Yeah. Looks gates. That's what current is or not. Changing who happened. See. So all different forms of cause or are effect. I they work and But I want the the one that the blue called tar, which is different than the ones that the that the hand is called when the booth oh, he changed it.

Cargo was actually mary reaction him had a result. Just like dude, sir. Reaction people obviously asked. You know they figured that out before even, but it's no different. But this said, he used the same word, Carter. Did he redefine it? He said, why I say carter? I mean can't catch it. Anyway on to elaborate how and we we are what we think we are is whole bit our intention. The world that we project is projected by mine that is performed. Through yes current. I mean, joining very much for the second time today this morning hearing about intentionally motivation.

And hearing that, you, the the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But more importantly, is the motivation behind the intention yeah. It actually scares you in the correct direction. That's So where did we get to or how we go from here? I think it was i I think that it was good the discussion. You kinda clarified. Why... I don't know. Maybe we have. You tell me go, how many if you think we've clarified to some degree the reasons why i sent forth to examine? Reality see that really is the way it appears to be.

Just to we need to go into that further in the future. Yes we do. Okay. Good. You look. To. Bye what we also did was talk to about the ramifications things happening And discovery impact that. The world we live in is the creation reply. So you look over there and see chairs. Right. Some other being from another planet, especially if they have a different shade body in yours with what I think with not chairs. They my they might see basil off and our shape roger what on used for. They're not c shares.

And so... And and the the way I when I started out this evening pointed out to you. And this is this is the kind of thing that meditation teaches you. Gives you look. You close your eyes, you experience sensations. And In meditation, you have the opportunity to see that Roomba sensation results and. Lip section is kinda on the line. And the perceptions actually just their conversation as you're going to experience. Because but you'd have a sensation and the lease to a particular had a perception.

Do you might shift your attention somewhere else and how you do kind cessation? Arising in the mine. So they're saying the sensation positive for that... Is it rip how is not that on you, but or we you have a flight buzzing around nose, extra perception what you actually have this hud sensations and a feeling of irritation and version. That's what you really have. But your mind says, oh, a test for friend learn about my case. And so you formulate the intention. I'm gonna brush that thing away. And as a result of that intention, you have the sensation.

Well, I feel i I said, I feel my my with my. Sure. Not on results. When we move and not dance back. Right go. So what we need to do is. See where look into that fourteenth she take. The first three of the five aggregate gets I introduced you to which our association. And the perceptions. Neither which has any or less consciousness. This be the last thing i. Guys. If you think about it. Your entire existence has been a series of conscious experience. And everything that else except for what you were countryside whether was a sensation or whatever it was on?

Projection by your mind as a result of a situation. Everything else is only an inference. Which means it's also just a valid projection by in mind. So your entire existence has been see a series of consciousness experience. And in each one of those experiences, there's only two kinds objects with sensation and it's some kind of medical object created created by line. K. We'll get to the other two aggregate and how fit to this. And then we can begin to con about, you know, those buddha are pretty smart.

So we shouldn't at least consider that the heat thought this was a really useful way divide pants up. We should try it out to whoever ask the teachers. K. Thank you.

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