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Stronghold Retreat 10 July 2011


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Practicing to take mind from this one following a. Actually weeks you. But the... I had that happened before. Actually, where's thanks for taking here this this thinking. The the first thing. Trump thinking that your blind can do that has almost this much power big is being a aware body sensation. So you know, if you're if you're lying and bed and had a trouble going to sleep, I would suggest that you Sure your body sensation. Focus on the relax institutions. Focus on their relaxing so so the warranty and feels good they're the coolest as the pale spear or.

As your lane better as your body will Why itself change issue and can't back the ball. I yeah. I think it's our concentration where you costs to wake up. Not even just thinking, It's the concentration like, the wake one up the road? Yeah. Well it's change the streets. Yeah. But yeah. If you're doing what I'm talking about. You don't need to be? Thing why. Yeah. Just being aware of sensations that are already there in order to try that to have of mind going on. Yeah. Yeah. But you're not taking concentrate of treatment that same week about a week deal.

Actually. Sure yeah. Okay. Thanks. I also told that that. I found that meta meditation is held the forward happens. That maybe be true or or I. I I haven't had that experience. Does produced Alright. Gary positive. And so And what keeping your sleep, but matching when having verification like it would get great. As far as it actually they came you. Know it's the meeting. I would suspect it there's something wrong there. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. It's usually, like when i focusing this thing on like, somebody was getting problems that could back him...

Okay. Yeah. Now that that's a really wonderful what you're feeling like somebody that you can drink better towards that. And you can do successfully. If you're trying to colors some to yourself this happening Genuinely brings some understanding respect perspective to their time and got completion of that. Such situation. Did you could yourself? Try to make yourself close to worried about bugs to run a little giving those pudding. That's helpful too. Yeah. So is a medication I think Jeremy definitely Just for rest you to be out in my end of the use as well.

Would you? When you been and mind is, being clear and in dog. It's not lot. There's no white watering the distractions environment. Particularly odor. It was not in as a strong development. Yeah in that particular situation. So described the situation. Sitting there on your medicaid. And you're aware of distractions in the background. But they not come again this voicemail imagination on that. Right. So your attention it's pretty stable there's these other things coming you've go. But. Problem. Sorry as the tolerance.

Is is start getting strong known us how to give then is. Shift the attachment front the sensation of the drag of the node to the abdomen. And i'm sort of the sensations of device be talking? Until you and not familiarity with those sensations that you can hold up and you're aware most of you audio, do your attention somewhere. So what that would typically name is you know, rising and ball in the abdomen. And so as with breath than nose. You're able to distinguish when the beginning of the rise and the end of the verizon what that he was like sort of resistance and report or not.

But Think raises just time. And now doesn't really go to the partners and that happened the buildings are nobody part that with price that's sir And so you can keep them your awareness now to explore other regions so if you're body. So another part of your money sure attention here. With the sensations that we at the happen in the background. Definitely background. And serve the sensation part of why. Sort of scan and my exploration. And then Look to see if give you the sensation that's by changing.

With. So you know how the ground is changing? Because it's still hasn't awareness so still testing. That's fact year what you're telling each the wanna train the horizon and falling around fairly post sensation, and so using real arrow. So you're you're started putting the sensations in this other body part, side by side of sensations. And we have that right. You're looking to see any of these sensations are changing. Yeah, For example, be achieved. If you put your attention on your shoulders and by international stay shoulder.

We you obviously find some sensations there the change together of the sensations if we have at time. Did you put your attention? On your upper eye. It's quite likely that you might find some sensations there as the asked they as choice something. Be really subtle going in and have in your upper arm and prevent sensation so. On the other hand. Should got your attention on it but he might not notice anything. At least could be begin. But so what you do here is you go to some part of your body with examine the sensations that naturally there, then investigate them to see if you've been identified anything the.

Have you scan more entire body slate. What this is going to do? Is it it's by the really sharpen of your reception. Because you're turning your attention place that you have a spare time to that where, but that was about gauge watching station there. So if anything that's no here be he's going to can't make you not really see once there. But if you go to some someplace, you haven't paid the attention too. But my you what. This is brand new. Now you really you have to really look, you know, you know, at all store passed to be with fill gas.

Sure aware. So just examining the sensation we did the first you have here But then when you push yourself even in further it the exam to see any of these sensations change her of the breath. That's even mercer. Now when you do find the location where you can detect sensations that change with the. Both those sensations particular. So for example, if you put your attention on your laptop up arm and they realized that each with each so. Then focus your attention on those compensation. Still until they're really bearing.

Right. So this this will further this this just takes it for the next step going on term so sharpness prior tweet. It also engages the mine we find tendency or anything else could do how extract is to diminished to the degree that you're seriously engaged in this like Or fully case. Distract. At where perception acuity just improving as result of them. So if you take this, the first few times you do is. They're probably gonna come left with sort of a map with your body others. Is these areas when I had where lines compensation chances with the go.

And they're the see scenarios was that I can't rid. Yeah. What you want to do is to go to here is where you're not... You can't protect the sensation. The changes go. Yeah? Example the sensations that are there. Very closely. Mostly enough and voters. That they are constantly changing. But you put your attention on your put. Well if see is the person yeah. Those sensations like pressure so yeah. Give her proper the line against the cushion. Know they start how or different citations. When you would are closely steve none of them are stable.

Everyone is kind of become more less of plants than moving change their shared compensation stuff. At a very subtle level. How constantly change it. So one the point, but you can see have and kind of started to change our sensations. That compared. To the sensations to the breath that we have mind that you've got correct that. And as you do you will start to discover some of those presentations are actually changing the way the they trained actually corresponds today with that. And So what you done is this gives you a of from your awareness.

Like being able to protect those sensations. And it's just by looking for. It's just right having that i'm looking keeping on you're pushing everything. And shortcut. So Now as a result of that, what's gonna happen is for example, if you're looking at the sensations in your feet, you're seeing the video chain chamber. And you realize that there is kind pattern to those changes the response. What's gonna happen next is a little bit harder to explain, but it's through pun. Post sensation i'm so strong.

You can imagine how do you invest up before. So you're gonna save on I wonder if this changes in top my head. Also findings So that's that's the first part the fact even do which i now I heard. Whatever I should move there. Now There's another stage. Yes. Have doing scan. Thanks really really sharp out here. You us back and sensations that out. And you notice that you bring all that sharpness then engagement still with you. But then over the next little while they're more thirty. So when things a certain go back the body.

Then you're gonna come to point where? It actually doesn't fade. It stays there a lot time. So now you're gonna go back to the body scanning but with the difference now. Wherever you start, you're gonna have the idea of expanding that area and until can't kill you our feeling station shield very give the entire. Because you you found some subtle sensation in your yard, the changes with breath yeah then beep and everything else i. And they subtle sensations, although they they got much stronger to still subtle computers.

Now you're gonna see if you can be aware of all of them by. As the first that using called body scan and graduate body scanning experiencing of all body with the we called that. Because value discovery reconciliation and the entire body, that he experience the whole body with the value. So when you do that, then you also... When you're able to sit their experience a whole body can quite fairly stable or a reasonable period time radio focus of your attention back should interpret up. Once again, you bring all that stability and entirely.

Oh, you're gonna tell the sn the is that all of the background distractions are going for a period of time. Just have this period of time all the distractions Have what did start coming back in? Or you just activated during a scan and that experience bottom the ground. So your in practice is very solidly safe shore. Gonna do the body standing practice to really sharpen up your line for awareness any best stitches and themselves up. And whenever that's going really off where you're gonna moved together the stage six packet.

Is experiencing a whole body which leads to the disappearance cellular distraction background. So that's help. Barbara? But it happens to engine practice on being able to recognize Why is feelings your body when you're? And anything like a peaceful happiness? That's end mind. And while you're focusing on the growth solution should we can So don't lose that but we're. Disputing do that where you you know this... I'll actually do clear nice. Reps sitting here. So feels really good. And then you somehow how forgive value.

So I should in ben close my feeling. Yeah the that that they are related to the medication. That's I stay okay. Major patient more attractive than. And it will help you to stabilize your attention sort less less fine longer west probably to come in. And Coming on. So not Not may i absolutely. Yes. Please. Listen. So that's the main thing is is trying to this is my shooting account, the way you have. Yesterday and probably morning and really put the sign. I think this wasn't sitting everywhere. Carry this over to your daily life as well keep eye and yourself There is always side that there's always having pleasant.

Know doubt with the present not. Even not part of your buddy, hurts part of your good. Even if this line is disturbing, then there's something else That it's it's Deal with the idea just cultivate for yourself and what thing joyful happiness to degree if you can have to bring that into your meditation that. Definitely do i suggestion. And he gave that to the. Yeah. When do you have those really good education substances? You. I, you already found that before i. Right so you're already the. I'll beginning a meditation body scanning and then keep that state where I feel on experience all my breath go to That's be good.

Okay so I changed it that's for you guys really. The thing I think you would need to work on for the next little while. It it's having the policy of your medication be more consistent and less vulnerable little too. Shifts in your state of line and chambers his in. Right. So I think the best way to do that is, yes. Day when you? Just where whatever the state your mind is where you're new are terms of stage here now. That just be totally at that that safe. And So you have the side the distraction then you practice with good distraction you said regard that phase as an benefit for really consolidate out the strike.

If another day you'd have a lot of doughnuts. Regard That day is opportunity feel with the developments. And so just about that way. And with the idea they had over time. They're they're going to. Master all of these and and so they your ventilation of space reviewing and system that and you're really much said why. Much less why better. Just really you're doing? Good. Thanks. Sure miss Worry. Alright. Thank you. They keep that out. You're I think your point of being totally committed to this spain.

Direction do you wanna go with? I most reservations said you had canada been passed. Are falling away as a result of the experience right. Yeah. It's the. So. Yeah. That and and that clarity team asked that's really that's wonderful screen. Take yeah keep. Yes. Anything else Well, I i regularly, you know, keeping up a regular daily practice. It's really important. Yeah. You get something on that time. You don't wanna lose it. No that happened to you walked back. Yeah. Yeah. I can... So... I i certainly hope you can keep this really good management leave out now got.

Needless a sense of melted time a formal practice to increase amount time to stay stable and amount of time to decrease. I know. It's a very might be. Well yeah. Just a... It it's really really general i I think that you can practice forty five minutes an hour every day and do periodic. And you can not only call steady, but make gradual improvement. But if you'd then increase that too, to p same two hours zero eight or even three. And then maybe one day week even or than that. Then make good progress.

State. One thing I'll mention to you is When you making progress you daily meditation practice? Seeing is a doing forty by hour. It's hard for you to recognize and appreciate the that need, but you are making project. Because it happens my it's not as that it go on every retreat and there's a big difference, but I might started with treatment. But. It's gradual active you can't i pay as a we're gonna. And you how us like when they understand the same stage you go more time. But, you know, If if you can really reflect on it, you've entering the whole time.

This is not have after your. So so keep data at mind right value reading. It's very think that is stuck that you're not agree and if she reflect on where you were three months ago, you can see yeah. Like that has this is the kind of thing that why I'm talking was not waiting and the meditation interview this is their complaint. I don't seem to be anything again. Sorry another. Well, Okay. In terms of that, yeah has. I about this. Well, I I guess that too. I mean might be be happening in your Regular?

Well, absolutely. Does the necessarily we'd be so evident on. Yes. At that's that that's very important way a lot of the improvements will be happening off cushion. And if you only live what's happening on the krishna. And it and I get hold picture. Winded question. Is there a a recommendation you think about the frequency of retreat? Or quite for when a retreat would be particularly beneficial but to. Well there are occasions for them i treat. Might be wonderful thing at right right where you are right now or two could go into retrieve that us.

But I don't I don't know what your situation is, but most people through they're not necessarily gonna be able don't wanna but that point or they may not be... I I retreat but nature sure needs till there a bounce miles. So it's very Let go back to the new way you originally parked out question. I I would suggest that if you can't to the year. At least at least one of one should be two or three weeks if you get to kind of for. I shouldn't wear usually or should because then that's gonna make somebody can't do that killing.

That's sure. If you if you can do absolutely symmetry week retrieve. Once a year, what that's pretty that's been. Howard boost. You got only managed to do. We weekends the year. That's still game losing your time. It was... You know, do what here right? What about this it was really long, like three month time of things. Is that something that you should wait on until you feel like you can like bring the any effort having the the skills that you need to make that kind of worthwhile or Well I say About stand Criteria but water if you had you know, if you'd have the magnitude and life and lack the restrictions for being able do long.

The most important thing is through treatment somebody who really knows what they're doing so You easily spend three months for three years you know, i'll get... You can do a two or three week for retreat? Almost anybody and they're gonna get benefit how to get in a more intensive version they're time. I got a lot. I now. Brilliant. I you're gonna reach a appointment where, you don't know which go? Which way you go? Mean you might what I find figure where right. Right You can't or likely you a laundry retreat without guidance, which you're gonna get as smart of as and you know where you doing.

You don't have somebody who knows not. Already go I'm just gonna answer that please. If you've could writing... If one can arrange to at once Arrange the conditions where a retreat atmosphere maybe some, what would those would those conditions can't match what we had here where you're for you're doing little block, but you're not having to do all of your daily maintenance and we're don't interact the people signed. Well, if you think about it, as much as possible you make it Just try to. Yeah. But you know, even if even if...

Mean can't that need to call then you'd have to take care of other things. Device again. Yeah. You would like maybe sign on. And you'd like to to not be required to do anything that you can't do. Yeah that meditate a mindful time matter that me. Even then doing it at your. International stuff. But you can't do a later there's stuff be mentioned. Yeah. It worked. That's make that. So anything else for it? I like to. Yeah Oh my thought you. No. Just situation. Thank you. Alright. Well once again. I want to thank you very much.

I really enjoyed working with diligence Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Thank you. Would be very nice to the.

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