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Stronghold Retreat 6 July 2011


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So anybody has on? We'll see who's most. We had delayed the discussion of you're talking to us about the thing that Amy was asking about ego? Yes. Thank for deep my. Okay. So, yeah. We I guess I've been watching my spot here And and I noticed this before, but I noticed to especially here. Because I been. Wondering other people are watching me. And I'm kind of subconscious And, you know, of course this group is probably one of the most accepting and loving compassionate groups that maybe that you're gonna find in the world.

And so I don't know why it's programmed in our minds, but we we have this kind of concern about what other people think of us. And even with like, pretty stupid things. Or I mean, pretty something like dancing. I get really really nervous, and kind self conscious if I being gonna a dance some public. Because seven, oh don't think i'm. I don't know. I don't great experienced answer. But I enjoyed dancing singing and so I I was wondering why what causes us to care so much about what other people think about is.

And also how how can I allow myself? To be more care and accepting of my myself. So answer the two questions. Just why Why is there this self consciousness? And how can you go could be more Confident accepting exact. So last worry. Yeah. Really... I mean it's about why why do you care so much by people think. Well. That's I do yes. I let's look at that. Why do you care? Right, you know, let's let's skip the hard do one do whether somebody Why do you care if somebody is judging it? I guess I want people to like me.

I don't wanna make somebody set. That's. Considering. Me. I make i'm really understand. Wanting to be like. I don't know any other research? Well, let me me try that. Do you ever experience that kind of self consciousness situation where right. I received the other people again. Yeah. Even it been like not certain circumstance. So Does it still sound like it's because you want them to like here? I suppose it's more and it's less to do it down it more do with me. That I have certain insecurity about quality this.

Would you agree with that? It's important to you. How other people see you but what they can't care you there an impression i you. Hey guys hey strangers. I guess, less so in strangers. But, yeah, I still would like to be respected respected and part of this good person. Do you believe you're a good person? Yeah. For the my from the post part. On. But so is there... Do you think it's universal we're putting in the context for you. Right. So far everything you said. Not sure applies equally didn't right here.

Mh. Yeah. Okay. So You're not sure. These trying... You think so. I feel like I always do my bets. And according to the way that I see the world and, you know, the values that I hold, I'm always doing the best at holding those values. I'm doing pretty well. I think that you know, people we should respect them doing their bets. So if you get out on the dashboard floor, say it's fine. It's it's a major part how are you other do people think about it, You know? If you think you are a pretty good person.

And somebody else thinks you're not. It's really upsetting here. Why is there anything on whether I respect that person or not I think well? I I... Well, i just sure if for something you really really respect i think you're not in long as you even or exactly. Benefit it's somebody that you don't respect. But it probably still bothers you. Yeah. That's say even if somebody even strange it it's really concerned about was strangers. Have you ever wondered about people to go around trying to prose other people to their beliefs?

And counted somebody like that? That's what you wanted to persuade to. Mh. Is it... Have you ever had the feeling that that it's so important for them to persuade you convert you because they're not sure themselves. Yes. Not really. Really. Maybe that's not the the the example, but resonates best yeah. But then in general what I did have is Have do you ever observed in yourself or it's somebody by else, But if you concerned this somebody else usually, see it clear more clearly than it just not i where it's so important In order to validate what you think or believe to get a near back here.

And to the degree that you're not confident in yourself, the more important it is The more valuable to reinforcement my becomes hit from time else right. You know what I'm saying. Right. Mh. To see how someone this is too. But way are the way we respond emotionally to the other people's perception of our hero construct. So we have the confidence that we're doing bring our best and that we have my minded, then we should, you know, wish you know that we're doing our best. You know is me. I'm more confident you are that you're doing your guess.

Then the less you'll be affected by somebody else's opinion and about whether is not you're doing your best. I think isn't at the case that, you know, I don't really know what kind of a dance you are. But escape you open. If you feel it's just one of those talents or skills or how do people have, but you don't. Dan is getting out in the dance floor front everybody doing your best, good enough. I sitting it's... Well. I don't think it is. What I'm suggesting to you that it's not, but probably doing your best is not in enough to make you comfortable getting out on the dashboard.

I will get comfortable to go. Yeah. That's try. Yeah not enough to make your comfortable control because you could still even doing your best. You can be innate lacking and some right. No not right. Two left feet. Mh. And so that still is a way in alright. We we would need perceived by someone else has lack against internally. So we would still be sent with to to how we are. We're sensitive to perceived ina even though they're totally beyond direct control. So what you're talking about is Self judging and self judging based on a standard It it makes no allowances for Makes no while is part.

How you are. It's only compared to some standard, I guess of how other people are Or even more that of how you should be. So, you know, it it's easy to say well, I want have to people to like me what does that mean? You mean, you you want them to invite you to go places and bringing your presence on your. Other he's are people like you do? Not really. You want what it really means is the you want down to have an image of your values is have it all comes down too. Wanting why to be perceived and a particularly ready.

Why other the people and to some degree give the more that the less confident you are of your own word. The more important is to be saved has us word or other people or at least not be seen as i'm worthy by people. Would do you ever know anybody who would present themselves as being something that they or not? In order to appear better in the eyes. Clean tank in there. Think if you think about it. It's so. We hate you granted. With so... Don't we? Just about everybody does have the some degree. Oh, yeah.

Like job goodies. We want them to give us goodies in the form of ego gratification that comes for when reflected bad positive I That's what I mentioned that is that is the good. Wanting again too. A good impression us. Because Then i i to feel good about myself. And and the fact is that if you can't mislead somebody into thinking or something that you're not, and then they admire you because Of even though it's not true. And even though if you know it's not true, you can get a bit of a hit off front it.

Alright. Yeah. But I was thinking isn't that. Every it seems to be like this like a natural outgrow that being social animals, you know, because we living in groups and their brothers these rules and groups that we follow and that. In order to cooperate in order to work together, it makes sense of people should be concerned about and other people on whatever people think can stuff. And that's saying that it makes sense to be overly something. I just but I'm just saying that it's not it's like a natural thing.

Yeah. Like, if people were told me on self kinda said he get something that's like, to or something, you know, it doesn't... You know, I mean that that extreme there's a piano that that's a very important part. We are social bank. Alright. It's very difficult for human beings to survive on there own every homeowner alert now and then. The person will do that. Is really difficult. And we do best groups and with thrive groups and, you know, and it was up to you to meet all of your needs. You wouldn't have any of the clothes or the shows you were the vehicles you drive you how is this you anything?

Like that? So he it's a very very central part of our night that we we are components of the social group. We're dependent the upon social group. The standing that we have with other people has very concrete ramifications in terms of very well band. Right? Mh. Being jail to be rich I said anything from being a j being wealthy, you know, i can have a lot to do with you extending. You're status of the social group. Determines the amount of support you get the kind of goods that you enjoy. That kind of partners that you can cultivate today.

I have the right. So has a b feel practical significant. Your survival. Your ability is survive. Henry produced his hat by your social stack. That's as simple as that. So got a built in mechanism. But do you want to be seen... You you do want to be seen by others. And the best light you ought to be accepted by now. If possible revered and admired by why that'd be So it's a it it's a very important built in part view and yeah. So so we shouldn't care with it be? Well, should... Their depends on how are you you know, how you're deriving your should.

But if you want to do well in the world to need to care about what... You need to care what other people think didn't your parents teach you that. Yeah. A little too much. You know you get ready to go to you know seven years old you get the radio go to school. And you gotta at dirty tory shirt and you know, your mother basically take it off... No. It's my favorite shirt. I didn't care her. You're not right. Not this school. All you're like it. And you you were as if you're gets things sorted enough.

You've been socially condition that that's important one people think. Mh. I was thinking that I had that experience where I, like intentionally decided that I was gonna do things but I thought we're embarrassing. To try to like get health could help you sense, you know? Like I would dance by myself for i ask questions that I thought was stupid. Or goes in movies by myself. Just try to that in a. Yeah. That one because Well, and one way that you can deal with us and and it's not all that I confident that people do this.

If they feel like they're not accepted. If they feel like they have characteristics, physical characteristics personality, characteristics space whatever it is. That makes sound less acceptable. They will withdraw, and they'll take a defensive stance. And they're come up with rationalization why they would wouldn't want to be accepted by these piano that I never want but... Yeah. I heard a top by sharing Sal she was talking about these kinds of things. Of course, of course, we care but the question is how much do we care?

It's why we care and how much we care have what kind of impact are caring has, how we how we deal with our relationship to our hearing. If you withdraw anti social, it will have a lot of effects on you. You right hand up sleeping another freeway way over passages pushing the take tight down the street with all your belongings center. This one amongst many possibility. You're likely to end up in prison and part of a society which does accept you when you fit into because you're all rejected by out.

Or part the drug guy community. Mh. Everybody else sends society looks down on you. And so you do fit. You got to group that you hit in. But these are not very these not very holes effective ways. Of dealing with the problem of how you're accept. I didn't have there's people that I know you all know people like this. Who are very unattractive. Yeah. We'll just we'll just go with that one. But you know, hey, but people are very on contract maybe be the first time ind. You know you talk. Wife do this krishna you know, have then as you get to know them you're surprised to how that they are very confident at outgoing and they have all kinds of friends everybody likes them.

You know everybody knows somebody like that. I. That's been a really great example because their person has has a feature that is really obvious and everybody knows, but they they've completely transcend it another aspect of the Right. Now that's the way that you wanna go with it. You self acceptance is really important. But it has to come a place that real deep honesty and understanding. Do. No. Who you are. You know what you are. And you... I'm just there not accept that. That's that's going to help a lot.

It insights it's gonna solve the problem but it's gonna help a lot. And so self acceptance is a huge part of it. If you know yourself though, really knowing yourself, he isn't just knowing what here Sure Counting are. It's knowing what what your positive features are. And it's all of knowing that there's a lot of things about yourself that you can change. It can't be a matter of being realistic about what the payoff is are being like accepted. And some people there some people who are surrounded by people who pretend to, I can accept them, but really don't.

Right. But they pretend too because maybe that person has a lot of money or whatever some other thing like that. But what is genuine very are genuine payoffs? Of being accepted and it and what what kind of community you're accepted by because, you know, we just said you can be accepted by a prison community. You know, and I merge with Prisoners know. It what's really hard? For those guys, they say down and Chris. Oh, that to get released. And might gravitate towards the people if they fit. And as a result of the people yeah end right business.

They do something like my hear. You. So Who you thinking what is really important? So you I I guess we started talked about why You have... You have an ego, you have a self perception, and you have a perception really eyes others. And the combination of those two of your self perception and how you're perceived by others. Has very real consequences in in in in your life. For social beings, we need to belong in some sense to some. And this is to Getting to into a place for understand what yourself.

Where it is That. Take away if you came that understanding wouldn't it. Really? Take away your feelings of wanting people to project some good on you or... I think you had if you had. Keep understanding that you wouldn't really care with you? Well, it's exactly a way you would react would be. Different. Well if it's somebody new felt somebody didn't like you Would wouldn't you be able to either go up and ask them... You don't like me or or have that kind of bravery, but or just find out whether you were just projecting that they didn't like you.

Then that sort of be important thing. Yeah. Because we we can project all kinds of stuff cool. So yeah. And then actually going back to for what Andy originally brought out, you know? Has anybody else smelled in? But you know, I close that that's her I hear example, but, you know, it's a kind of thing you you you can be convinced that that he thinks badly of you for this reason or that reason. Can be. Okay? And be totally mistaken. Yep. I think that's why the beauties of retreat is because you really have to see your Yeah.

More so than they would like. Really see the stories. You spend just by the way, someone moved this. Oh, They up taking too much food. It's a really great opportunity to see how much of our life. Why. Yeah. That's that that's really true. Because in the retreat setting, you don't do the things you normally would do, which would totally care what was happening. Okay. Well, the social accuse are gone. The was social the keys are gone and you it just left there but Whatever you think is going. So...

But it... Yeah. If you think somebody doesn't like you, you could say, well, I don't care. I don't care the person likes me not. And Where that rid the prep? I to me that feels like... It it could either that he really don't care. I mean there are people that it really doesn't matter to me one lawyer earlier what they think of me. Right? That true you? No. No. Thank you. You hear about it. You hear. But you don't look at this but at this way. You don't care the same to the same degree how about everyone.

Right? There are some people who may have some notion about you that's completely not true. They judge for it. But They're not an important part of your life. No. Doesn't matter it. Yet. It doesn't matter. Correct. So... But you there's sort of a sound of that when you say, well I don't care. It's... A lot of times, it's kind of covering up I do care, but i like to des myself. Know. Because that was different but But I know you that the defensive thing. Yeah. I talking to got a different thing. Then.

But it's it's still... It's a des issue you're you're you're gonna convince yourself that you don't care. Yeah that way you don't have to That way for any eva like I don't have to find out whether it's true and i I don't have to do anything about it. Yeah. Saying if what other people think of me is none of my doesn't matter that kind of thing. Hello especially if you can convince your yourself, you don't care that you don't have feel bad about it. And that's really it most important thing. Is that she worry about it or whatever.

Yeah. Yeah i worry about trying hear fine separate right. Well, it's a dis thing too that's... You know, they're part of it. I don't know any you know, they're they're especially in a in a spiritual setting or sitting where there are rules and things like this. There can be a feeling of dis. Mh pulling up. Well, you should be medicaid moron, or you should be doing this or doing that. More that's just kind of an unspoken thing that you can do project on somebody or maybe not Yeah. I think that the more you were dis out when you were up.

The more likely that you are to feel supreme i i talk. Cancel solution bit. Go past that and say the more often you were of as a child, but it was un found. The more likely you are i believe the people dis you you. Things that are not at all likely to true. Mh. Very condition to that Yeah maybe part. So let's look at another part of, Which is which is the most important thing. But other people think of you for what he i care herself. Depends done the situation. It totally me depends of the situation.

It's the other life the only person throw you up. Won't more what they make. I your job or something that you know, maybe be most time it's you again also time. I put a little differently. What what can be which of those two? Has the potential to be more positive and more negative than the other. So say what i'm sorry. But elastic. Okay. Yeah. Between what of those people think of you? And what you take it of yourself? Of those two? Which one? And it's best part making. Is is is the strongest most most powerful and which in worst form is the most damaging and structure.

Sense. So whoa we ourselves to doubt. It's not completely though because certainly by in situations were what people thought and We had really bad impacts but... Or what told me that's from what I thought myself put it. It wasn't me Was you. Can you be as happy? If everybody else thinks you're great. And do you think you're a total loss. As you can, if you think you're great. And everybody else thinks you a total one. It's like one you'll up yeah Second here. Yeah. One you're i want you depressed.

So... No. You have a a a really... If you really feel confident in yourself and and feel you're doing. The best thing we can and and you feel really good about yourself, you much less likely to to Yeah. Thinking that other people don't like you. That's right. Yeah. Well you less likely to be tag... Well. I think is said if you if you feel good about yourself. And you aren't doing your best? You're going to be less accepted by what other people think about him to begin with. Mh. But not only that, if you if you think if you think what of yourself any you do your best, you're along less likely to be at by.

Mh but the other sort circumstance. To go the other way to seek the approval of others to seek the acceptance of others is than any cause. Isn't that a recipe for misery. Yeah. It's for me at the abused really. People just sign in. Kinda. So... As long as your convinced don't smell. I guess it's both but I guess it's the balance of it. Because I know this all moment that told me that she had a smelled he didn't believe that he. I don't smell. And other people would just be like, you know, it it impacted his life know that.

They do have effects completely do. You if you know about them and are able to do something about that then. Yeah. But isn't in some ways that practice to realize the infection of the cell. On this thing we're trying to hold. I mean, it's still it's real consequences I mean, either ourself to navigate like practice of meditating is learning to boost it the hold down. The opportunity that we get is to see how we claim to the self how we do care and and how maybe it's not helpful. Maybe some of the things aren't help.

Yep. That's absolutely. Yep. Because you are what you are and That's the starting point. That you accept to yourself as you are. And then you'd be the best thing you can be based on that. And that can all happen with help there being this attachment to the emotion who you are judging heading learn. Right. I have i I think the most valuable thing about all of these things were talking about is they do... They they make you very aware of how your Ego works met your attachment to it. And so know, you don't smell.

Your body does. And you can't do anything about it. But you're you're blind. Some part of your mind, it could be willing to make it a priority to pay it more often and use the other and so. Right. And, you know, it's only... You don't need to contaminate the whole process with you. Mh but me. And that you can... It it becomes simpler to do whatever is that you need to do. I'm sample to accept yourself as the psycho physical entity you learn as if I aggregate that you right. If you don't attach to it this the ski or the thing go contact that you're cleaning to.

And if you can more more or less objectively take the five dollars who you are and the situation that you're in and say, how can I make the best of this? Mh. I. It's the... It's the degree to which you're still at some level believe in and are attached to the idea. So but these kinds of thoughts are going to bond you emotionally. I you still have the thought. Does somebody else think I'm taking too much food and that there won't be enough for everybody else. That's a really good sensible on. I even look at how much everybody has has and how much is left and say Okay.

So much sure. Maybe it's alright. Great have another screen. And. I'm not feel bad either way about it because you've already looked to decided. Right? It's it's what's again. It's dealing like all somebody looking they think I'm taking too much. Just wake up. Primitive programmed mh instinct kind of thing that can help in general to make people in general, behave ways that are more conducive to the to being a part of the social group. If much that self conscious about whatever everybody else thinks to Be behave a little bit.

It's horrible. That's program all do newborn babies. So that be Self conscious say Groups? And that's the way came. As I'm sure. Somewhere in our evolutionary history on when the gene showed up to pay people's self feel self conscious. Those people function it better in social groups and then end up as out. Mh okay. And so they wrong their jeans got continued on And the same thing, you know, your parents teach important what other the people think. Things like that. That's it's not just... It's not just genes.

It's not just the instinct. It is the wife's... Society, social groups have to function. There's... Know as it matters idea our society has it's pretty loose. Mh. But you know, there are traditional societies of have so many rules and that they're starting rigid. But and and sometimes they're over the time. But it's usually pretty easy to look at haven't and say why those rules evolve. Right? Have. So buddy that's why look at societies and their customs and I highly some saying well. Yeah. Sort of of purpose.

But sometimes sometimes even the situation changes so much that no longer service this dispersed still is retained. It's still that's still part of But that's really... That's what really, I think self consciousness is a combination ego attachment the need for social acceptance. It's a it's both learned and and a think that helps to something degree to assure that we behave in ways that that make us more structural acceptable. So it's also to, but but. As an intelligent human being you can examine yourself?

You can. Except yourself for what you are. You can resolve to. Make for death what you are in the certain circumstances that you're. And why washing your line trying to say mine told list you can begin to undo the conditioning that makes you feel bad in different kinds of situations. Best sound, like, a recipe for dealing with that. Mindfulness the. Can't deny it. I mean you can do all the other stuff and it would help. You could look at yourself and be self accepting, and you can minimize your short shortcomings and characteristics and things like that.

But without mindfulness us, you're gonna still suffer the ego attachment. You're gonna still have the feelings that you have when you think there's somebody else might be judging here you're gonna feel bad what you know, the all way to undo that because those emotions those feelings are they're just coming from some from blank programming. The only way you can do that as what the mic. So howard i for example how would I cultivate to confidence and acceptance to the degree? I can go out and dance care free.

Look at arthur murray. Yeah. There's a number one thing that you could do... Yeah. Take dance questions and trying to be become of better answer. Then the thing that you could do is Not like the waltz that I think I. Another thing you could do is really look at other people dancing and and realize that you're probably diagnosed this. What if it just focus on, like, how what dance just catch your yeah. That's damn isn't well, and can also look at it's really good to look at why you're dancing. I dancing to a good hell of dance floor?

Then that case you better go to our yeah. Dancing to attract partners who are really impressed with what a great deaths i have. Better go see right? Have... If you're dancing for the fun of, and you just get into the front of it. Well, you know what's gonna happen there is people are going to pick up on how much you join dancing. And they're not really travelers. The. That guy is really. So what is that not true Yeah? Yeah yeah. I... When I do get to that feeling where it's just so fun, and I don't even think about, you know, what movements my body make, then it's just an amazing experience.

So there you can all need to do is figure out how to get to place more quickly and Right. So. I what getting something worry of about? But gets have way of that is the self conscious that attach but. Make more sense to face attention into the one and the catches feelings. Is it might certainly make more sense pay attention to the fund feelings then to the self conscious loans because of you... Because you wanna... It's certainly it absolutely does. It absolutely but the real reality is. That sometimes sometimes the self conscious feelings are so strong.

Mh to try as you might you can't capped with the front. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It sounds. So that is that that's part of the problem to like Lawrence Welch style. Yeah. Like and stuff. Have wanna Yeah. So Most important take advantage huawei. Exactly. This really good you be aware of these for meditation and continue to be aware them an examine from a perspective of recognizing that. That it says this is ego attached this programming is this based on a lot of stuff that isn't real. And so it's really something worth looking at closely kind Yes.

I did have a different question if it's okay. Okay. I was thinking of how today when I was when we're sitting There was a feeling of things coming inside like it's hard to describe but a little bit of a feeling of things coming inside from the outside, like the things were around. And then I wondered if... I wonder kind of what happens, like is the shift that like you start identifying with your ego and needs started identifying with, like, perhaps all your experiences. Maybe that's something that happens.

I don't want it about it. Or. I thought well, wait well just simply stop identifying period, you know And i just was curious, I don't know. Well, with you scott my when you stop identifying with your ego? Here you go still later. Mh when you're in a different relation to. Just it's just a other part of view. Yeah. You can. Examined and you can make use of or if it's getting out of hand, you can Great to do. Yeah The key thing is the cd the ego is is is a necessary thing. You have to have an idea of who you are and what you are in order to function.

But... Yeah. Ahead. Sorry. I the thinking what you say who what is though? Is partly just a... It's just identification much. That feel it's right identification. Yeah. Yeah. That's your whole problem. You say I have my body? Then that becomes the problem. But it'd be kind of identify with something like perhaps your totality of experience or something are I don't know something else. Yeah. Are you just stop identifying at all, you know, just maybe forget time? Well, what happens when you cease to identify with the ego?

Mh? Yes you you continue to identify with the intent inherent sense of being a separate person. Mh. To identify with that. You can see that I not my body got of my mind my personality. Only stuff. Not what other people think of me. And I guess really easy to do that. But you still identify a external feel like me yeah. Yeah. There's this i in mind and it still feels real. Now what almost always happens with people when they get you their point? Is The the identification goes beyond just the feeling.

Because the feeling kinda named worthless. So you're keep trying to find something that you can identify the feeling. Right. You know, And well, and like, consciousness, common thing is to identify it would consciousness that. So you trying to figure give yourself. I. Right. I. Alright i have the watcher. Hi. Wouldn't Right. Right. I have think that it's part. The developmental process on a spiritual path and in meditation is to have the experience that being the witness mask discovering the still.

And it's a very important thing to come to And it's also something. That's very easy to identify my happened all the service. Yeah No it's it's hugely better that the other identification that let go. Really you're you're way away. So way it's it's not even bad thing. It's a matter fact. I think very very often. Started very often. People feel like they have they've achieved the rewards of the spiritual path when they get to that plane. On the field that... There's just this sense self and they attach it to to something like like the...

I watch. They don't realize that there's yet some place for to go. Mh. And and they experienced a lot of satisfaction and and is very rewarding to be in that but but corporate time to Discovered that. It's it's got. It's got it's downside. That's not flaws. Things aren't. Quite as good as it could be. Mh. That there is for. I i know where we got to for a field from what you started talking about that. I guess I wondered whether or not that whole process It gets confusing it gets hard to speak about because there's that internal sense of being miss of a specific kind of being, but you might call yourself or whatever.

Not just being by the specific being. You know. And it's a feeling. And it's not necessarily an image or supplement or whatever. It's like emotional. It's a feeling more than a like a sensation more than my thought or image. That's right. Exactly Yeah. Again it is. It's a feeling. It's a sense. It's not modified thought. It's just this this sense that this is who already do. Yeah. And that's gonna be with you for a long time. you you can't you can't go beyond view. You can occasionally had experiences of meditation where that sense disappears.

It was very strange. And looks only lasted a fifty few seconds at a time, but it just like that. Because just like just experience and there isn't that sense of once. So... Yeah but I don't know. That's very upsetting in a certain way. Like, oh I god what happened. When i got of thing happens a little bit. It's interesting. It's that's okay. Well, yes. Because he she your mind cannot comprehend. They're not being to self at this pretty deep level. Mh. Adam so when you have experiences of no cell, you have brief experiences of no south here like after the experience has gone here nearby can't comprehend handle what it happens, and it tries to but just understand what happened.

In ways that do make sense to it. Mh. It will call upon whatever you've heard or red had been told in sunday school. To make sense of it. Because it's just simply not something that the mine address. So or at least. At least not conceptually. Awful lot of work. Yeah. So there was a question about devotion. Okay. Can be tomorrow. Is have the questions. Sure. Alright. Well, that's probably good for tonight.

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