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Stronghold Retreat 4 July 2011


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Say anyone have anything? Yes. Yeah. Yep. I would like to pick up when we ended last night. I really feel belt the usefulness or not of you about talking about balance. You know these abstraction. It's kind of where we let night. So my question has to do. With My question is is there evolution of consciousness? Yeah last night, you you spoke tale as I understood that there is a great difference between what we conceive as consciousness and associates. So I wonder at the time of the bullet for instance.

Is followers. If if their consciousness I mean, is there any evidence to suggest that that there's any difference between the consciousness then and the consciousness now. Now the reason why I I hundred your is because we have something called quantum physics there. And and we it has shaped at least greatly shaped And I know next to nothing about front him because expect but just a hear a little bit, and it's so deep to my mind. And by wonder, you what we we have available to us? Sleep knowledge research and studies and looking under the microscope the electron might might still.

There's somehow it's shapes and deep our consciousness. And if it has, then it gets back to how what we want like then then using it about in discussing reflected on these things does help Yes. Question very good topic. First of all, your question? That is the the ordinary sort of consciousness that we're familiar about. Has that changed and and tangible as short counts two thousand years. And matter of fact there are those who believe it has. I can't remember the name of the person. But Who's a book written with some thirty or forty years ago Time.

To buy online. You anybody hear right here remember either the title for the name of the. Called the evolution. The evolution of consciousness services have online. Can't but... The there were two things that were very interesting about. That piece of work. One is the evidence that we offer. Consciousness and I said under on some sooner significant change it, which was based on literature. It's based on india Alright. We read plastics gilead and the odyssey and the changes and and way of them The forum the the narratives.

So Have the ever been before the that he or? As to what had changed, how this changed it kind about? I would He was basically suggesting that we are self conscious in a way that we didn't to. And the the way that came about is the fact that we have essentially two brains a front hemisphere. And so that One side of our brain can observe the other side. And prior to the evolving self consciousness is reflect sort kind of self business. Information is generated by the silent side of the brain. It was was often taken to the messages from Gods and spirits things like So I don't think nowadays there's a lot of people, but really except in his theory as to how this happened.

But I know the evidence that he brought out. Based on recorded literature has been has attracted attention and other people looked at that. And There is recently a really good argument that some really significant changes have taken place in. The way to they're very least in the way that keep things spent. Whether whether it's due to section dramatic transition as what suggest? I. I don't know how anybody could ever and I was sure for having a time to shave me and But I I think what it illustrates he that when we changed the way that we use our brains, our brains do change and and our brains change, our volumes chain.

Or put this other way wanna change the way that we use our minds. It changes the way our minds work. I think that is very very much true. There's another interesting tank historical thing that period where Jesus and Buddha, and there's a name for that area where these great teachers in a sort of revolutionary on tips. And cultural shifts and how things were viewed to get rise through the modern religion. Tonight, by... I know I've got memory What is that accident? Yes. Yes. The the actual. That does fit end pretty well but this theory some kind of really dramatic change took place in the way to people's think.

Yeah She pretty rise to. Great teachers that are revolutionary ways and thing. I don't know why sell a friend. I read when I read the citrus, I've struck by two things. On abstract, like how different those people following that stuff my way their nice. Everything struck by is called. We understand that Buddha seemed to have. Was actually so much more consistent with the kind of understanding that is much more common commonplace nowadays health out heartburn. So somehow power another. He was able to He was able to grasp things about the way to mind words that.

It's taken it's essentially twenty five hundred years for science from psychology, cognitive science, philosophy, Might obviously just extent this because, you know, certainly clients physics is contributing heavily too. Really different understanding. How we all you. And i'm sure you know. This is one it things that's constantly being or not is modern science philosophy seem to be coming to the same conclusions that the buddha came to twenty five hundred. Major. Now we even those who probably not sciences or philosophers.

Have still grown up and a culture where this kind of information i I think it's very difficult difficult for anybody not to be affected by it and I think it's probably impossible not to for our culture as a whole to not have changed in significant ways that reflect these these views. The me that sales an educated modern western assignment. Already have. In their psyche seeds for the understanding of many of these things that The average person two twenty five hundred years ago, certainly didn't have.

So again that sense our consciousness probably would say. Our minds. How they were or consciousness sorry understanding. It's definitely blowing. And I think as I say, I think the modern western educated person is a much more ripe candidate for a weekend. And where the people the buddha work to us. And yeah, he was really successful back Yeah. Really nice if we could approach something like the kind of protective that he had speech it would be nice because while on the one hand, I feel like there are a lot of mines that are really right.

On the other hand, I feel like all of these lines that have been blindly pursuing the instinct in airborne drives desire version. Plus the fact that we've been really successful at sat the pilot with our species to at the expense of definitely lot of firms. And actually to at the expense of to the detriment of future generations or client. That thing that's the downside. Know really, the only light at the end of the tunnel where I can see is related to the to the fact that I think that. So somehow or another a large scale transformation of of many individual consciousness.

It don't see that happening little? Well, there's evidence that it's happening... Yes. Absolutely. The question is, is it happening fast enough and extensively and on to make a difference. Right? It's like it's like when the house is on fire and it starts to rain. Is it gonna rain fast enough. Let's just save the else. So But yes. I think that there are... We he's... You you say consciousness say am Consciousness is... I say probably all of the things. The People are trying to understand today. Consciousness is the most difficult and challenging time scan.

So when I answered you or I went beyond consciousness, and I think spoke to what you actually have you have. Not just this mysterious and elusive thing. This eliminating lust that power that we have our consciousness, but he made the bind. Kind of the find works and how consciousness vanish manifest. So that's how I interpret what you said. So then then you would say that it is not oh federal to to discuss these kinds of things. Yeah Like people all read in you said last night. He would not answer said it teach suffering the end of suffering.

The end of subject. And all it's been that huge behind that. But we speak of only these other things. So... And, I think it I I do agree. It's a good thing. And even though the buddha refused to me drawn into discussions about meta physics, I could say that the buddhist meta physics is probably the most elaborate meta physics most detailed and elaborate meta physics, but human beings have so far generated. Had an all came from things he said, he though he refused to frame has a better physics. He put all the pieces out there and other people came all and wet here and put them together of and they did it very quickly.

You know, the the sutra are one third of a collection of the delta the, the three baskets. You know what I mean? No... Okay. Good what. This is a wonderful thing for you to know about. The what of this sacred scriptures are are called the cut and pick these basket or three baskets. The three benefits are teaching. One of these are is called the and gi is what the rules that bombastic live by is based on. And it's a collection of teachings of the buddha. That the general form of the entire island is some kind of problem came up.

And so the buddha looked at it and made a rule to resolve it. So that when I was often regarded as a big collection of so I well, and he really hears that. But when I is pulse. A collection of amazing stories of the kinds of problems that arise within our community of people. And so really brilliant ways of resolving a lot of them. Tedious and boring, but you would expect a lot of the problems that Rise group people gonna be. The usual things and tedious boring. But but some of them demonstrating market inside.

The second basket, but these, but anyway the banana is all things have the blue himself time. It's it's words that he spoke with speech though that he gave me. At least took the degree that they come down to us on an altered un, so I The second basket is the sutra. Miss your marshmallow familiar most people are. With the teachings, most of them are teachings. Spoken by the Buddha. Some of the our teachings why the most senior rocks sorry, perch lawn I'm in some of the others that basically received the endorsement being provider of reboot master included them.

So Issue is his collection teach hands. But the third basket, the reason mentioned this is the third basket is called the Abi dominant. It is hell, in the same estate as an i have the suit. And the for all intents purposes, the actual word The emmy was created the lease team having years after the they were done. It doesn't... But it is held in the same thing. See. And basically, the every is a very complex psychology and it contains a lot of meta physics and that physical implementation setting.

And it's based entirely on ideas that to look for. So when I say is that all the learned the declined to formulate and teach as. Obviously, Was this kind doing? His mind operated on the basis of the of. Which... I mean, mine would mind has to, yours has to. And if we were if if we're going to do anything, like he did, we have to have theoretical but this from which work for containment let officer. So We they easy reference to key ideas and things like that. So definitely the buddha had. There were followers of his that went to the trouble to extract.

The pieces of that. Forming the and that's subsequently all of the much more complex, not physical populations that that are a part of prison. And the tradition. These are also called citrix and they are... They're supposed origin is that as a variety of things they're Citrus spoken during the life of the buddha, but we're hidden away out the ocean until human pains already, and I've ever bought my. So with them, I teachings, that were received from various buddha and their buddha heavens delivered to with bugs.

Saying in their their cells and they... And, gonna, like, By dictated a number of citrix I did various sources like that. But what they honor is they are they are el of all of the and here really taught. They're even though buddha didn't teach by president and I think it was because And those days, it probably would have totally short uncertainty what he was trying to do. His followed have not neglected it at all. And a lot of the buddhist literature is there is very specifically directly not a choice.

Let me just get to by long round right. Yes value that. Yes. It is. I think there was the value in the buddha talking about physics. The people that left their homes involved you know twenty five hundred years ago. But I subsequently, the has found value and ideas about as... It changes our way of thinking the audience of understanding. And it makes us part of more amenable to see and understanding a truth that is different from what our inherent instinct to inclination are to. But yes. I think it's about.

The the word net physics, I wanna be sure I understand what what is meant by that? I mean, I guess I have i I do know I didn't have my own definition, but what what an example being in relation to the buddha instance the story when there was a murder that was Murray so many people in this little child and everybody was fighting in their phones. So afraid, even the soldiers were afraid to fill out. And the buddha is told about this this individual, and he went single handedly barefoot right down into the heart of the town in his mess.

You know the story I... Read my way. Yeah. Yes. Well subsequently became a a devil t buddha. It's. And in our time. So and and the buddha hut, the buddha without laying a finger him i guess he shot back or something. It mean something as we might say meta happened the some. I mean extraordinary powers. It's that what you're looking by none? No. That's not that's not what I need by now physical. That would be supernatural. Okay. And meta... I mean the whole idea is that it it goes beyond just. And just understanding anything else.

A description of reality and the way things are. Like that it's more of an alternate nature to that goes beyond many point it's but describing the alternate physics. Okay? Have any physics would have if it was an alternate artistic. Would have to account for all phenomenon, including the ones that appear to be supernatural. So meta is what makes supernatural phenomena actually bachelor. If you follow what, I say things that appear super supernatural. Like somebody from two hundred years ago. Saw somebody take a little square thing out of their pocket and talk to right now i back to them.

Other talking to somebody hundred miles a away. That would seem super naturally. Right. It's not super supernatural to said all the glucose. We know even if you don't personally know how that works. You know somebody knows how work. Is understood. And it's completely understandable in terms of everything else. So The reason that I I think that you might associate Not a physical, what's the supernatural? Use that meta physics has always these tried to explain things. Yeah. Where goes beyond. But the knowledge they're calling conditional knowledge their have.

That's its whole purpose. There have always been some people who for whom is very important with it things call super supernatural. Actually happen that you can communicate with the dev but let see site. I should things like that. That's so especially in the nineteenth century, With that sort of thing, was very my turn... That of physics. Was used in association with it because so was there was supposedly That was a way the things would being way to turn was being used. So meta is really is it's often philosophical, but it is have much more extensive it's an attempt had a much more extensive and and all i found the expedite agent.

In the case of i'm googling ba, actually, The faster he ran after the buddha, they didn't make any difference to boot always stayed the site distance installation. Which is supernatural So that's that... There are many accounts, many parts of the sutra that include supernatural things that moved did. Or was said to have done. That's not what we mean by nav shows. K. What we need by meta physical is is the discussion. So how well on that nature have how the mind of buddha might work? That might be different than our minds.

Those are better ideas. When we talk about a danger of matter in mind. That's creditors. Physics doesn't touch my physics it says tells me outside my to make. Data talks about the interaction relationship script between mind matter. Yeah. I I know that this is a large topic. But. You would you talk a little bit about Karma at the and the connection between Carla and intention? Carta had intention? Well yes. Because Buddha we to define the word term. He said, when I say karma, I name intention. That's that's statement eighty night.

Have That was a very revolutionary idea. Just the word karma meets action. Have the prevailing beliefs in the world in the Buddhist world with that time tandem for a long time before that. Was that through some mysterious process of causality your actions would produce consequences in future so that if you stole money from somebody, that money would be stolen from new. If not in this life and it's not future like. And carbon action, whatever the action was the. Was somehow in the future gonna produce k, corresponding contact lines.

And the Buddha choke that idea and ref ref deck He said when I say Karma, I mean intentionally. And the consequences that he spoke up, is our that three three or Where I put this through your mental activity, you create who you are in the future. And every moment, you are creating yourself from the future. What you are in this moment is cumulative result company. Everything they we we haven't settled them experienced in the path. Can you see that? In the in the gross terms, you could say that the mental happens that you form Mh.

Now the mental habits that you allow to settle in mind Yeah. What you are right now is a result of all of those mental habits can give find thermostats. Got Right. That's what you are. So And what you do now can either reinforce old mental habits or contribute towards making new ones. Or perhaps counteract, old not habits are and enforcing them. So there's a whole lot of different possibilities. But Intention, really the only thing that we are capable of doing is formulating intentions all of our actions, well our intention.

Even I lost a lot of our attention. And so what we will be in future is a result of our actions, which is a result of our intention everything comes down to an attachment gonna yeah. Because there intentions. We think the way we do feel what we do speak the way we do i do. And because of those intentions and also all the other consequences that flow out that. We will be in a particular situation that we will be tomorrow next year, and we will be the kind of person. That we are tomorrow for next year.

And so this is this is the absolutely revolutionary mary way of regarding karma has attachment. So if consequences occur, at our unexpected or torn, then we need to go back and examine our intentions and that sometimes there... We have intentions that we're not even aware of. Well there's only a limited utility and going back and examine your previous intentions. But sometimes it's useful. The real value is if be... I'm just so man. I'm examining your intention to the proposal so bad. And do that perspective of knowing that your intentions are going to determine your future.

That's that's the real value. You're right. A lot of the time. We don't know worry problem. Even with the the action car community at the time of the that still is popular. The idea that anything you do is going to produce consequences even near, you could you can commit a lot actions that we're automatic habit unintentional accents, but you still have to build the consequences of that. Right In terms of attention, yeah. We we go through waiting too much of our life as a automaton times. We are acting out of intention, but they're not conscious intentions.

We didn't arrive at some moment where we where we were consciously aware of alternative process of action. We chose one. But it doesn't it doesn't change the fact that contention was present. And intention is is the mental act that is essentially leads not only to thought speech and action, but also forms the light in the future. So you know the intention say you're not aware of. Your habit term. And every time you you act out a habit visual car every time you've hacked out of intentions that you're not aware of you're reinforcement the same thing.

Course, it's not always that simple, sometimes there's a mixture of attachment. And so you're not only reinforcing what intention. You may also be fashion a combination of intention And this is all happening without you know. But it's shaping who you are impeachment. So part of our task is to become more conscious of what our intentions are and at a finer and finer death. That's right. Level. That's right. Okay. Yeah. Oh, sir. I had a couple of thoughts about what you were saying because I was thinking that One being that.

I think so true... Since I really really important But it's not that magical thing like building think like just have the intentions that you know know? Because it's not like this magical thing like so people won't to make it out to three loud. Yeah. Trade things about your intentions. Like. Yeah. Like the secret. Because there's also other things that influenced you too. Like yeah type culture new situation and then instance appear the called jobs you're really good friends I found that. I was really lucky when I went in Philadelphia to have really good friends that it really changed real alive.

It know. And so there's different things. And so part of the whole idea part of the whole. Intention isn't just your own internal but Has to do what they don't spiritual like the like we get job where you want check and make sure you're hanging out. Get to be around. You know, They're gonna just kinda get to say soon. The time was speaking to a holiday. But you were talking about that, I was thinking about me, I was thinking about. I was spent a lot of time working on the kinda of internal aggression in Internal...

Internal aggression like myself the. My left. Trying to leave this on bits myself. We're trying to control control this myself. It's the internal aggression stuff. And It's interesting because there was definitely any intention of dealing with that. There wasn't really understanding of what would come bad. But I can see like a lot of fruits of that effort, you know, now. Absolutely. But things have changed so lot and it's inside. And they weren't really expecting. The know, they're different that they expected.

But there's all these fruits of that So I think it's really possible that there's, like this internal compass internal sets. Of direction that one we can have and trust it that. But it doesn't not even know what's gonna happen but you can kinda trust that internal direction. This there's a way that one... If i thought was like an immune system. You know, like, you had we need anybody like body knows how to stay physically well, but i feel like i'm mental so students already that one can one can And some people we'll kind of know what's the help direction to go in.

Even if one doesn't really know what's gonna happen, but I and i respect to you. I'm probably. And over time it adds up, it know starts really tomorrow over time, but with continued application with something you like Whoa It's so chasing stuff we're we're all already and enlightened discount know they all have to boot in nature in it. And so food in nature can always guide it. But of course, we can mask and vary the blue nature so get. You I I had sort of an interesting experience something that I think relates go have been talking about so.

I just I'll just mention that. Okay. I said I I I had an experience this afternoon that kind of relates what we've been talking about. So It's kind of long around about, it'll get back to the front on. I was doing as the the second... Nancy. And I left and she told me that I have mute effect on you. You know, again this disoriented you are pre oriented two or whatever. So so I I I I walk out of there and I felt very very strange afterwards. And I went into my meditation session. And all a sudden I had this this flood of recollection from throughout the day and for much earlier pertaining to to clinging.

And I realized all this this flood of things going through my head that I had associated with myself, absurd things like I'm sitting on my meditation cushion and my foster bad. Oh, i'm that guy was bad posture. You know, and because this endless absurd list and And it occurred to me that even though I'm in a retreat setting and and, you know, practicing diligently and so forth that in a certain sense, I'm completely crazy. I mean written end and it hit me with a vivid that that I've never felt before, and it was I was really taken aback by that.

I said, wow, this is really... Totally in everything I do. I hadn't realized it before And given all that clinging going on, we're now i'm getting back to what we were talking about when you consider intention and how to act intentionally, when you have all that pressing down on you, When you consider the odds I guess one perspective, is it is if you consider the odds, it seems like they're they're stamped against you. And I was wondering if if if you could say something about overcoming those odds despite all this really crazy and invasive and kind of most of the time for me and physical cleaning that goes on.

The odds are against you specifically in terms of what? Yes. And I acknowledge that I'm I'm certainly thinking about mister role since, of course people do get past it. But that's fine right. Yeah. No. It's. I was thinking in terms of percentage like, okay, ninety five percent of my thoughts, so Cli Oriented and five percent aren't. You know. So because ninety five percent of your thoughts card, clean oriented ten other words reserve they're rooted in. Say version and Train. You say. Okay. At least ninety five for half like.

Good observation. Really. Really good observation. Sure. That's so the question is. Yeah. It's can human being really pull themselves why bootstrap. If if there were... If the perception being a separate cell is responsible for dealing this. Odds would be definitely against here. Because because you're so you're you're such a complex being. Your mind is such a complex team. And it has of this really extensive programming that's causing you to to be think in this way. Yeah. If get... You were the self that was the owner of this mind if you how you would ever straighten at out?

Okay. Especially since this mind is also what you seem to be as the self, but i would gets it's really. Hard to see how you could ever find your way out of this. Well, Let's talk a little bit about doing work that you do and the our practice. Now if you decide to keep a pre presynaptic for example. And might have i'd have a enter sense that i I'm going to try to catch myself every time I use wrong speech can't stop myself i'm doing. K. And if you dates spend a lot of wrong speech and issue, like, most people if we say, lot of circumstances in which some kind wrong speech seems like the most effectively deal with the situation or can keep yourself out of trouble solving problem?

I'm gonna be really difficult thing to do. But the image you have note here here I have the driver here is this why now I'm gonna try to bake this one. You. If that's the way tiers. When you decide to keep that pre, if you if you are capable Maybe watching what happens? What you'll find is What you bring to each circumstance is merely the conscious awareness that you have the intention to keep the pre. That's it. It formulate the intention to keep the preset. If you're gonna have any success at all, you go keep renewing that intention, so it is there.

And then you're gonna have to experience of... Oh, I feel like same this thing. Oh, well I have the intention to keep this preset As a result, Was being consciously aware What's happening in the moment? Change is already to come about. Sometimes you're gonna go ahead and say that. If when you save that thing, you immediately find yourself from it. You think of a good rational. And then a sub problem comes out had you later on, you know, or how all you're concerned with is... Well, it's not my fault.

This shouldn't have happened. That shouldn't have happened. So I'm so right. That thing will change. Only way you're gonna really succeed at keeping your pre is to pay attention for two. To pay attention be where what your what your intention is of about left to keep the pre the fact that some part of your mind some part of yourself that and you said it anyway. And if you continue to be aware that this was my attention. I didn't follow my intention. And now i'm doing this and how this is the result it's happening blank.

And this is a result for That tangible awareness. He is going to have the effect that the next time that you're in that same situation, you're going be more likely to alter your behavior. Is it because the ego itself that's the end control, is now stronger than it was before. Not really. It's actually has the part of your mind that caused you to go ahead and save the thing that you said. Because you were aware that because mindful, that part of your light saw of that boom this had a different outcome why, you know, that part of your mind probably had solved the problem.

By saying this thing? Why, That was good. That care of everything And if you refuse to look at the consequences that blow out of that, that part of your mind both. Go back to sleep, cell on the back procurement. But if you look at the consequences of your actions if you continue to be mindful wear, the part of your mind that was able to over power this the this ego self that would like to been in charge. It's gonna change the way that work. And it's at the very least it's not going be just powerful next time.

So it's actually by being... It's by practicing body full awareness By practicing mindful awareness is, do you change the way your line works? You don't change the way that you're conscious find words nearly so much as you changed the way the unconscious right works. It changes the radio unconscious works because you're providing with information that it's never tablet for. Because every time you've done something that some part of you thought was wrong. You hit it. You wanted to look the other direction, change the subject?

Distract yourself with something else. You know what I mean? Good isn't that what we do? Yeah. We wanna forget about it as soon as possible. And that's just the opposite of what we should do. We should pay really close attention and be very aware of what we've done what the consequences of that are. Because that's the information it's got trickle down to whatever that part in your mind was, those was causing you to behave in that right. And was just gonna change it. The holding the attention to keep a pre combined with the practice of mindfulness forward awareness, you'll find at a relatively short period of time maybe become pretty good at it keeping those pre presynaptic.

And it's not because you developed some really strong inner display area and that, you know, slack up was really hard every time. And I know if I'm expressing this very well. But if there was kind a myself that had to rearrange the way your line works effectively enough to change your behavior yeah, Would be pretty hopeless cause. So you don't have to. There is this wonderful amazing thing how about consciousness. What you... What is present in consciousness is available to all those other parties to be mind that are hidden in the background and making you behave the way that you do.

As a matter of fact the conscious wide is such a tiny part of your mind. And the illusion that we have is that we are this conscious mind. And we're not the whole function of the conscious mind is to be whatever you hold in consciousness becomes available to the vast rest of your mind. And that's the whole trick to changing everything is much for awareness. If you hold the right things and consciousness, It will be. K will change the way your might works. Yes. No they really wonderful. Yes. This is this is the...

You see mindful awareness works retrospectively as well. Doesn't work this doesn't work it's not nearly as powerful retrospectively as it is in the moment. But it does work retrospectively really well. If you reflect on The circumstances that happened, how are you reacted to the consequences that they led to during that period of conscious reflection, you're still making that information avail Right? It's said it's it's like it's like looking at a photograph or or a sketch rather than looking at the real thing.

And that's why it's not as powerful. But it is factor. The four powers, anybody here put the four hours us? I did than you. Okay. The four powers are paid method for dealing with Carbon. Tradition. What do you do? When you... After done that something that you know was that wholesome and you know it's kind produce and non some car result. If your time machine's broken in and you can't go back to just before you did it. What can you do? Then this is the problem. And before powers is invested for dealing like that.

The first is is you'd have to have regret. This might sound Catholicism. And actually, I think this is the basis of catholicism system, and I think if it would it was totally valid, although it's they're come to start The first thing is, you can. Sincerely, If you can understand the significance of what you've done, and you sincerely regret it. You feel like if there... If there want some way to go back, I would undo do that. So that's the first thing. Correct. And to truly regret something means that you'd have to reflect on the consequences of what you did.

You'd have to reflect on whatever the reasons are that you think that was something that he shouldn't have done. Whether because you're gonna have to personally talk to the consequences or somebody else who's gonna structure the consequences or you old a belief system the aisle a or or whatever the reason. The way you can jot something is to actually. Dream and the consciousness on looking lieutenant it. And whatever you bringing up into to consciousness? That's gonna filter down to the places with that action came from.

Regret the first to the fourth numbers. Sincere N honest, at security or at hills or powerful by first paragraph of. The second power is resolved. There is resolution that I don't ever want to do this. Yeah. I want to change the way I am. So this doesn't happen again. That's that's a really important part of it. Hold that and consciousness. Think about what you're going to do. How you are going to change yourself and what you're going to what what you might be able to do to undo the consequences or what you want.

K. So this brings us to the third tower. The third power is it comes from making some sort of... I'm trying to think of the right for... Restitution yes whatever... What whatever foreign it takes, whatever it is that you can do. If you can't restitution if you can return something you've taken undo some harm, you you've done apologize speak to somebody. You know, and sometimes you can't actually undo what you've done or... I mean, maybe the person is not available, you can't even apologize to and things like that.

But in your mind you can. You can make a very powerful restitution. So the resolve flows into restitution. Part of the restitution is the determination to to meditate practice mindful awareness practice the da king pre, practice the perfection. Do the things that you know, will change you and such your rate, that you won't do these things in the future. So that's the part of it doing anything that you can't to Undue what you've found in terms of undoing its impact. It's internal impact on you. And the fourth power it's a refuge to take rash and buddha of the dog soccer, which sounds a lot like.

You know, that made my confession. All. No. I have so many hail barriers. Right. And and we you could think of it that way in which case it would not be a very powerful power. Okay. What really what it really means is that What I spoke of before about making determination to practice the dha to to believe that you can transform yourself to believe that the dha is the vehicle it'll will allow you to do that and to recognize that there are others who will support you in now. That's that's the the power.

But do you see how these are all working in your own line your own attachment? To undo the impact to some degree of the actions that you've done. Regret sincere grande voice is a powerful sponsor why cell, couple that with the result not to do this anymore. And I couple about with the determination to do whatever you can. To bank restitution and change yourself. That becomes a very very powerful way changing your didn't be s your internal buddha help in doing that. Yeah. That's a matter fact. Yes.

Taking refuge in the boot of the government longer can be taking refuge in the fact that you have a good nature and but all you need to do is to clear the way and this mood in nature come forth and not you to take care of you. The only thing though was that that all of these power can involve reflection credit require... They can both exercising consciousness. Attending to certain things being aware of certain things, acknowledging certain things accepting certain things and formulating attention.

And that, what it happens in consciousness becomes available to those unseen parts of yourself that are actually the condition components that are responsible for you doing or whatever you do. But they way changing yourself. That's a good answer to your question. Just what asking about, you know, the percentage, you know, like, you know, I mean, how caught up we are and total saturday no. I you know, I mean, effort totally makes me laugh when he talks about it. Is everything. You know, it's like hilarious, but you know, it's that I not symbol food is of Insane so.

I'd always assume that when I got enlightenment, you know, five years down the british but I would see that, you know, about seventy five percent of what I'd been doing was insane. I know for the almost ninety nine percent of it would be tile really made. Five years to see the seventy five percent we've been saying to you. Realize ninety five percent year so can. I guess I sticking to that, like, i think think i one is percent is it can get really hard. But I you think it would ship the reception that's already happening.

Yeah. This is another way to look at it the might they you bored. It's not like you overcome ninety five percent of these It's the underlying perception that changes... Yeah. Mh. I always like the scene the matrix man. That poor guys ever set. He's in that pod and he wakes up he thinks he's out running around he's in a pod. Him. So let me give you another way to look at this that kind relates back to where we started with Pam kinda that question. Consciousness. In it's in the true sense is such that is booting in nature.

They're all the same thing. So if you want to bring your buddha nature shirt to the fore, and the most powerful way you can, you bring conscious awareness to everything that you did. And everything Right, we do bring it. But more consciously or where you are. That that is the buddha nature that is such or consciously where you are the more food and nature is out there in the front. Gives bud nature a chance to change the radio. I was thinking of shifts of perception because it's something that happened today because I don't know if i was you decided or cherry...

Like from you said you say maybe most of it. Without paying attention to the moment of coming back to awareness, when you've kinda gotten lost and thinking about stuff, life to that pig attention and you come back then touched it again. And doing that, and drinking you then and doing it, like it's positive thing. And they happened today. And it was amazing because it was very wonderful. You know, it felt wonderful. But the same time, I kind of realized how I had been in the past, but like, kind of deal.

And then in thinking it would differently... It was almost like, wow, what bless see. I can get back on try. And it was just like a different take on it, you know but it was interesting. Like sorry recognizing your butt nature instead of beating up on. Mh. Just having a different take on what happened there. It's like one can switch. You i'll wait into the present to the reality to what your intentions are what was actually happening. And wow, that's wonderful. That your root nature. Is it good nature to be amazed that things?

What's happened? To be a amazed at thing with all these birds up with sky. How much crow look? Hello. That's this is kind amazing. How a good in nature it allows you to be a amazing center appreciate and enjoy that. Even call Buddha birds. That's right common buddha birds. They can wake up the. I'd be like, oh, You anyone have anything else? And question. Or I mentioned it to you January I meeting today, but you'd said that bring that air sent. I've been watching my thoughts a lot lately. And I've I've noticed this one before, but it became much more apparent and so meditating and being here.

Is... I I wonder people are watching me. U. And I seem to worry about what other people think about me. I like just some well a stupid example. Like, I get so much food or, you know, my plate is really full. I wonder did I think I'm very Oh, if I... you know, maybe it's really hot today, got kinda of spotty, like think I smell. B like you know, or you know you're damn saying or singing you wonder. About touching me. I guess I I was wondering what causes us to care so much about what other people think right.

And then how can we allow ourselves to be more more care three and you accept things for ourselves. Okay. Yes. I to really go into that topic gently. Right. That's that is a part of. No Talked about I said it's not just who you think you are. It's also a big part this moment please. What you out for people right back. And so it's it's it's that eagle maintenance part of your mind that you're daily those they have been worries about oh do they think I'm invest or not not better? Smelled what if Right.

So and I fully intend to get back here as soon as possible. We just don't have. Every time those thoughts come up. Remember what they are. And examine them and not too. It... It's not to look at that I'm like, oh I shouldn't be that way. Gets I have that way let me hit this the real him. I i am reacting natalie where about this against look that That's bringing your food nature part there's survey, but they attention to. And at least time being that's that's all you need to do. I what said. If you just noticed it, if you just allow new yourself.

Instead of being caught in the. Or I want you to what I wonder if there's somebody feeling there about it out. So you feel left. That's. Again. All makes you feel superior birthday. Conversation bowel feelings we do but? That. Well, back here. S show me this he's wonderful very bright for the cheese.

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