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Stronghold Retreat 3 July 2011


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Had something that happened to me during the limitations today. I got like tightness or almost the pain in my chest. Right? Near my heart. And then since as I really began to focus on that, I got really sad. Sadness and anger. And I I figured they're connected or I... Not sure if I began focus the more I felt more the emotion. And so I'm wondering what do in a search circumstance Like have are you when you're meditating in do feel an emotion bubble up. And why that happens. Well, the most important to thing to do is to allow it pick and you know, he didn't invited it to intercom.

Why it happens? Somewhere in your psyche areas, something that is the source of that using said with sadness and anger. Yeah. For sadness and then layer the name. Yeah. So nothing happens by accident. So for your he'll sadness and angry sky cause there's something in there that needs to come up? Have. So just let it come of encourage it to come out. When how About just be open to accepting whatever it has off you. That's should you focus on the sensation? Well, let me ask you, was it was the sensations strong enough that it was drawing your attention that way.

I could ignore going to but... Yeah. Caught my attention. Okay. I would have been interesting if you had ignored it for a while and so I i might have gone to on it's no. But as fine, you put your attention towards and i gather almost right away. Emotional contract of the right. What? What happened to as you looked at it? They got a little more intense but an station. Realize there were are other areas of that were kind of connected. Mh. And I I mean, I felt the emotion item know i do the the emotional for rather than just the physical sensations and now which to really focus so kind of just stop both?

Never when a went just just kind of bit made when I stopped meditating. Yes. When you start goes But... Okay. So when you turned your attention to if that not only persisted you were more sensations you right turning your attention there. So whatever is behind adam. It's still there, but probably would come up again. You know, no. But when it does, it it... It's good... It's say it's something that's not resolved. And when it comes up, you can just deal with it, accept it. You'd be seeing for what it is.

Could acknowledge it, especially, you know, By just speculating him first it's probably police i either specific past event or maybe pattern test. And don't don't judge the fact that you feel angry, for example. That's alright. Just observe the anger jack february. And yes. Some memories or images come up to the same thing with that just allow them to be there. Acknowledge that, you know, they do cause and there's nothing that you need to kind you don't need to avoid him? Quite capable allowing come up be with them.

When when whatever it is comes up. So I was chance to look at it like i'll but be. K. So the best way to allow it to rise and run a score and eventually and anticipate would be with some cessation the party are actually to go outside or into my tent and cry or get my pillow or would be better to let the yeah. I much better if you. If you stay in meditation, and they would try any your belt. But I I sometimes, you know, I'd be so older well. But that's not an option to go back so all but. So in general, first of all, it's being in meditation that gave us the opportunity technology.

Right? And that's why it's good too when something that was coming out as much as possible, but continue meditating exactly the way you were and give it the opportunity to just come out. But at some point, it it is a appropriate so put attention to it. And how It's a good idea. I think always do start with the physical section. It gives a chance for the emotional aspect of it too can't fully into the open, and it also puts you in a very sort a objective to perspective with something you're less likely to judge whatever it is or judge yourself or for you know, So starting with the physical and that motion on the physical for the emotional component and then just let whatever else it might have.

Preparing that by date associated with detached and gives the opportunity to go up. Was it so was it strong enough a feeling that crying and meeting your bill would been appropriate? Well, I I I never suppress it a little bit. I imagine if I really read it it so it's full. Being maybe what it cost. Okay. Well, what you would like to do is is you'd like to be able to what we come up. But you would like to be in the kind of relationship with it that you don't have to cry and meet on go. What I mean.

Because if if the emotion comes up he's really gone and then you have to identifying with emotion and and backing out of the, you know, releasing we emotion. You won't really get to what's behind it. You're good. Yes. I have thinking about what he said and I mentioned you earlier that I had moments at P this morning. Yeah. And seems like sometimes when that happens is moving me. I have I often had tears associated with it. Happened several times. And sometimes I don't. I'm wondering then it that's something that i guess is okay.

Just let that go. I mean it's not. It's not Like emotional heart tier, it's less small tears. I that's okay. It it's completely okay and it's really it's it's important that you don't. Try to judge it the press it's completely okay. And I knows what else that has to to teach you. So just be open. Just a con, but it's hit sign. It's quite possible that letting that come up and Letting think that be there is going make Pc much far accessible for it. Have a question about history of meditation, meditation was obviously a widespread practice by the time of.

Do we know where this specific practice came from? Or whether it whether it was of of psychological technology thousands of years ago? Well, it's. What I know about the history of meditation scores? Yes. That. It most likely was know the right where intent or discovered, maybe discovery is my behind. Of the tradition of memorizing a very long ritual hands. Don't know if you heard to feed. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So what are the tasks of the bra class supposed to memorize the v and to to be able to those circumstances.

Have part that tradition but a huge amount of emphasis on doing it perfect. You know, I had... Quite frankly there was a a belief that the changing of the these have magical power. And that the the degree it was successful to canada on how. How perfectly you did and making us say we could leave that we cause us the officer kind consequences. And so by perfectly, each syllable had a particular way it was supposed to be pronounced. Not just every word in him. And so you had many generations of drama, that it devoted a huge amounts of time to memorize enchanting these stems.

As you can imagine, they entered into an altered state of consciousness, this really a result of that. And so this from what I read, this is what's thought to be the origin of meditation. Right. Hasn't an evolved. People started using all kinds of other modifying the laser death technique and and using batteries using what's called casinos which are just a visual object is a particular color. Using stones and candles and things like that. And somewhere along the line, somebody realized that the sensations of the breadth was a really great way to bring your mind to that altered state.

So by the time, by time the buddha came on, yeah is it there were a lot of different methods on a lot of different meditation objects that have been developed. Was enlightenment. A desire? Prior. The the major goal of most of the different religious belief systems that was to escape from the invoice a cycle of endless rape incarnation. So the underlying belief system of most of the practices was that required over and over andy and and guys all of his suffering. And the idea that the circumstances of your next incarnation are going to be to Canada deployment how well you conduct yourself in this life.

But the net effective this was that to come the conclusion left to the the best possible thing was to escape from the cycle of the brake. And another part of the the most that seems to be the most common philosophy at the time is we believe it i and ultimate entity c from and So a of our elegant versions of this, the idea is that that we all came from on every way it's gonna escape. The cycle burden was to return to ground. So when the buddha went began his spiritual text, he saw out on a teachers, two teachers Doctor Rama and Aurora Columbia.

And they did practice deep meditation of medi absorption called John. One of them was the master of the seven John followed is called the basement nothing that's and we had known the master the the eighth Gem is called the base. Neither perception or non perception. A very very sophisticated very profound states have not from search. And basically, the belief system those two teachers will want to set that when you entered it into this medi state, then in that state, you were temporarily achieving this union the product.

Have that if you spent enough time during the lifetime, sitting in the state that searching, then when you died, your hotline would go to brown and you would not be reborn. And so the buddha studied with these two teachers mastered the meditation ted and master the doctrines And apparently, he was invited to and one case to be the joint teacher with one of his teachers in the other other case, the teacher said here to take over my walking. And in both cases the buddha had said out, he said, this isn't pouring working garden.

So when he introduced the idea that you could become enlightened in your lifetime. You up. And and you see his goal is to be free from suffering. You know, you he wasn't satisfied with the fact that... Well, after you die, you don't have to contact conduct anymore. He wanted be through session this lifetime thing. And This this is his accomplishment is achievement that... Because it's what me call. And so the end of the fact the idea that the end of suffering could be achieved. Can a person's watch.

And then they could come on living, you know, in the world. Was very novel at fine. Nobody else not. So it was a different take on. Also, most of the predominantly belief systems were that words this cycle and that... I mean, the there's a self not mine. It is what is takes on a body like i set throat had another very remarkable thing i about the Buddhist teaching at they everyone else. It he said, there's no lot. Now there weren't other teachers who said there was a lot. So what they down is that this self that you experience, is only temporary and when you die.

It's annihilate. And the buddha refute both of those views. That you know, eternal along that you're rein imp whether you're we turn forever or living something it. It falls in the general category of is. Have they have some sort of self that is persistent. And the other view is called that annihilation of that you you are a real self and all the best you go forward to is violation at center point. And so from and he says, now maybe one of there both You're both wrong. There he is no cell. Right now.

That has been. And it will be there's nothing to be annihilate. It's not saying to be reoccurring. That was a very different point of view. And the other very your remarkable thing that he. Candice this is him his in one of his situation. His... You know, he took the method of meditation that she had learned from a around future. The the meditation answering between Cha. But the way that they would practice these job gives was that they would enter into this total absorption and there would be no no awareness of anything kind else.

And the buddha taught the same into the same absorption, but in a different way. Entered the assertion with su and sao which with with mindful awareness and clear comprehension. Specifically, it's intros of your online. And to use the Jonas as a vehicle or discovering your own nature to nature the line right. I was these were all the remarkable unique teachings that brought. You said that the Buddha said there was nothing to be reborn. And I know that people often and talk about enlightenment as either a symbolic escape from some I in being, you know, constantly reborn in a sense during your own life and someone who's constantly seeking new identities, but they also talk about it quite literally.

And I know sometimes they say, well, it's not a soul that's being reported some sort of mental formation that has energy that needs stu some other body after your dyer what and I wonder though, but or what what do you to say? I. Well there's been in the history of buddhism is and all the different traditions of buddhism are filled with different attempts to try to to try to accept the buddhist teaching, but at same time find finding right not. We're. And as a matter of fact in buddhist countries, but calm form of buddhism.

Doesn't even doesn't even pretend to deny that is just, you know, embraces the idea of rein. Toward what I think are not terribly honorable motives. Always late people really use it. Their only hope is to be reborn to be able to come and buck and have what next lifetime, so if they can become inviting it on. And the only way to bring that with values to have lots of donations to the temple and support the and know as others done. So that view has been very much encouraged. And there are subtle points and buddhist philosophy, which are frequently interpret in in such your way he has to restore some kind of a cell.

The stream of consciousness is one of those ideas. It's all all there's no self. But there is a stream of. Is your wife's stream consciousness. You got yours name consciousness and I got mine. He's got his. She's got hers. Yeah. That's stream of consciousness. Yes. In this person and that person and that person linear away. And hey. Well, you know, there's not rein of soul. But is it? I call Out a string the consciousness. Doesn't really, you know, disguise it very effectively right. So then there's a lot of things like that.

All of which. To the degree that you embrace the. Does two things. It shows that you haven't that discovered the truth that was trying to tell people. Somebody teaches that doesn't have pure wisdom and understanding. Because that is the essence of what in Blue and wisdom white right. Is the realization of truth of that. And the other thing is the degree to which you hold to those views. Is going to make it that much harder for you to realize that trail because you're you're you're firmly attached you're to something that is not true.

And yet your engaged in a process return to see the truth you're trying to understand what your nature reality. On the back. Be... I think it's obvious. So this this is not a good situation. That's not gonna be the most country's situation. Now the truth the true nature of reality. That lies beyond the appearances that we're captivated by. Is actually far as far more marvelous than any these ideas that people clean to, they're give them comfort, The idea that that I really have this self that I believe I am.

And this self being something who went another perpetuate. And the s of, what the buddha taught is that. When there is when there is no self at any moment, but the cell gives an illusion. What is it that is not there? What is the most essential defining character that? A self based self, any cell the idea of so. What is the most essential defining characteristic? That's self preservation. Well, separate. Self reservation comes out of that. It has to be something to pursue. It's separate. But self had not a soul the way that Human mines in general tend conceive of such thing.

Has three characteristics. That you have or are one up at syncing. Because if you think about it you think yourself to have multiple cells isn't usually what we're inclined to see. Secondly, it has some degree of persistence of reality. It may only last from for to death. But it endure for that period. You are the same self that you were last year ten years ago. This is part of the concept. And the third aspect of it is that the self is separate. It is separate apart distinct. Dependent what is not so?

These are three characters. Now the first two, you can and and people have accepted for that. You know, maybe itself doesn't have to be one thing. Baby self can help price to it. Maybe self, doesn't have to be seen. And there are different ways that you can philosophically play with the idea Of it. The enduring quality of the singularity. I mean, the most obvious one is that well, I'm the same self that I do change. I changed considerably. You know. And trying the example of that common example is paul original accident in my show.

I don't know. I haven't sure to take. And Ambulance been replaced twenty times they had standard twice thirty times. But it's paul bun it's original So that the continuity, we can conceive of an enduring self even though parts you're added parts you're removed. And maybe even over time, none of the parts are the same. But it's still the same self because it's that company. But the one thing that you cannot eliminate from the idea of self is separate because it it has no meaning, outside of etcetera.

Yep. Self only has meaning in contrast to drive And this is most specifically what the buddhist teaching chain buddha teaching. Denies that there is such a separate self. And so the nature of The true nature of reality is not made up of all these separate entities of all these separate things, of which ourself is one. It's made up to something. Had far more wonderful, but difficult to understand. Which was designated as such or that. And as a matter of fact the most common that was used to describe the Buddha is to target ta, which means has the word to need such robustness for business touch time.

Got means gone to. Although technically in poly got and also mean come from, but it doesn't really matter. Gone to such or come ces, doesn't matter which way Gone to his, come from his That was what he was that's the name that. Call Along buddha, which means we run. A lot of other names glorious one, the teacher so so. Because this this is the reality when the self doesn't exist. You can't lose yourself. You can't lose something but you never have. All ever had is the illusion yourself. And so the reality is such.

And so in that sense, you are already all times. A are eighty gone from order time trump. They're gone to or time such. But there is this illusion hanging around that doesn't recognize that the procedure you suffering. It's interconnectedness fitness. That's it is a difficult to convince it's impossible, you can see one. Not an am office putting of existence. Our modern razor thinking the one that I think is most appropriate is the holographic damage image. I... Had a hologram ground, the entire ground is in every single part and every part isn't the entirety day And that is the relationship that the parent individuals that we see and i wish like we are has good sessions.

Such as gives and us. To all us such and and we are all in such And actually, although this is a very modern idea solar traffic, the concept of very much twentieth entry. And these explanations are, but there's something much older than that had concept interest. Yeah. Interest net fuels. So thousands of years ago, those people who understood the true nature real reality. Tried to express or that or at least point the direction towards the room by the the metaphor medical tools. Actually, I don't know if it's an analogy or metaphor or right absolutely documents.

In net of j is all of these... It's death j and carefully jewel. Has always different facets and most facets that reflects every other that. So if anyone duo is reflected in every every attitude and each tool reflects every attitude group. That's the nature the relationship of the apparent individual should the ultimate of reality such. So much more interesting and attractive than some sort of energy thing or stream of consciousness that bless answer. We will start to and work our way gosh. Well, what what my comment was it's directly related to henry net.

I love that concept. Know So perhaps it to stretch the analogy just a little bit more. Tweak it a little bit about it in no means changing it would be that each entity that spark... You know, each little spark of life life. When he when it occurs in... you know, it has physicality. Perhaps all the jewels. My mind is playing with this. Love. Each fuel on the neck. Comes in probably, I would imagine exactly the same. Every single one. And then based upon the era in which this little speck of life escort to the parents, the Siblings, education, everything, it's this this little no of life.

Takes on a little different with this color and things of it. So is unique in way. The the facade as you need. But underneath, all the same. Way to stop block it's say in my lane, what what intercept? Because because it's all all the same and all in murders. In all one, and yep, this thing that we notice One is a male once the female, the star care light here and all the particulars. It's you know, the adaptations of the genetic. That's very very good pam. And that this this is this is the way it is.

And just accepting this. Understandable you reflect. We are all the same. See at the level of i love consciousness. See. I we probably all heard to everyone hurts the same. Right. That's steeper than that. They. The variety is in the object conscious experience. And each of us, experiences the world from have only unique perspective. And so every sentient thing is experiencing reality you one unique way. So the object of the consciousness of every sentient name. Are... They're they're all different.

And not only are they all different from under to the next. They're all different term cancer. That constantly changing. But what is the same in there you know, in the the consciousness of we getting can understand. But where he is. The consciousness is not the same thing as the object or consciousness. And we can't understand the auto because of that might be conscious of things that are totally different than we are. I i. Okay. And they use it bet because that's really different than you. But then we'll move it to preparing us to each other.

Of that maybe what the bat may be conscious of maybe so totally different than anything that I ever conscious is after all that's c by echo location. Right? No I can't even imagine it. I don't know I hear it. I cannot imagine what the experience of seeing by location would be. So while I know our question is the subjective experience is right now to call they just consciousness part of. Just the same as your hurt may feel different than my hers. But to consciousness Of the pain has exactly what i'm saying.

The consciousness, That's the one thing, do you look at your own mind? Consciousness of visual things, consciousness, how auditory saying is consciousness of tactile things. They're all very different from each other traditionally, they're divided up into these six types of consciousness on the basis how what it is conscious of, but the consciousness in your own experience, consciousness other color and consciousness of the temperature. Is the consciousness aspect by few different and wonder the It's only object of process sister.

So now we failed something that is really interesting. It's truly it it is truly universal. It's universal hedge. All of us. Universal have holler sentient thing. But universal, my consciousness is always consciousness of something. And therefore, it's always totally different than your consciousness. Pure consciousness is gonna something different. Have. In this five aggregates this this psycho physical entity. But each moment that passes this consciousness is is conscious of something different.

So consciousness is totally unique. But the consciousness itself is totally universal. Here's interesting thing about this. Here. If you could imagine. And and and actually it's it's a bit of a distortion even too to imagine this. But if you could imagine your consciousness, somehow being miraculously transported how? Buy by with all of body memories by personality characteristics very else And Karen with it absolutely none of yours. It wouldn't be any different and the way is we could exchange consciousness.

And be no difference because all of the difference isn't they in the attributes and the same person as. They're trying. So this is this is the This is the illuminated aspect of consciousness. If the this because the pure of consciousness to clear light. And me is only one. There aren't there aren't whatever is canada or twelve consciousness. Is only one conscious. There's only one consciousness period. But. That is That is what is the same and every jewel and it's neck. So what you were saying is right on this return.

I forgot my my first question, but that's okay. Because now I had another. What. So before the evolution or maybe there's... It's can't can we assume that sanctions evolve along with physical form. Did sanctions evolve Well, let's put it this way. Certainly in this world, that's absolutely true. We can entertain the possibility a different kind world since that's why you've evolved been a different way. Okay. So before sentience evolved in the universe, There was still consciousness. I mean, are we talking...

I I hear you saying these things about consciousness. Said oh, those are all the things I heard about God when I was a kid. I guess. You know, it's if it sounds sounds like god. And I shouldn't be surprised get that I suppose. But does the consciousness always exist? Well, the thing is you're mixing your mixing different views to together. Oh okay. And i'll I'll explain to you right. You have the conventional standard view that matter is this stuff and better somehow evolved to the become sentient being.

Okay. Okay. So then you're saying what we're just... What the relationship you consciousness this one time stuff matter other times. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Absolutely question you're have. And that's that's the flaw and the question. Because there's only one kind of stuff. There's consciousness. And so you understand that there's only one kind of stuff, and we're not talking about two different kinds of stuff. Yeah. Not only that let's take it one step further not only is there only what kind of stuff?

Time. The wing we experience time is an wisdom. So when we say has... All these been consciousness. Were already already applying another part of our our guidance. But they and ultimately the answer it. Yes. There's always always been conscious next. Before time, but it was kind just... Not like it sound like god. Yeah. Bye. And Edward and and The other thing that I need to caution you is, you know, you can be on realize consciousness. Okay. I got it. Such nice his consciousness. That's that's it.

But no consciousness is the way your limited mind. Can concealer and perceive whatever it is that we're talking about. So consciousness is when we talk about consciousness? Our minds are projecting something. Our mind has made. Onto an ultimate reality, which it can't grasp. Okay. So the ultimate reality that this step we're calling consciousness has always existed. All these other things you might wanna say back. But the important thing to keep it keep that mind is that how every you're thinking of this consciousness?

That's not true. Or buddhist terminology. It's empty. It's empty. Like mind itself is empty. What? We can conceive of as mine to the empty. Consciousness is empty. What we can see though this consciousness is empty meaning. It is not the way it appears to us be. Is not the way appears to. Okay. Okay. The thing is here your original question was really good and it was right on. When you start to realize, that the primal quality team the primal policy of this consciousness that we're all experiencing that we're all experience he's not the right word, but that we're all familiar about.

Then media that sounds like god and you wondered in a universe without sentient things, use consciousness, a part of it. And yes. It is except that it's not what we're thinking of of this consciousness I thought. Yep also There isn't an any such thing as this world of mattered liquid imagining. What we're doing. So they're taking two projections right eye. They're occupying, allowing have to occupy a space and then we can ask the question about the space that they occupy. And the correct answer to that is is yes, burglary is as long as you realize the that are occupying that space.

There just projections right. No okay. You're better question. Yeah. I... The one was about it that seems like there's this Either or thing go on, like, self and this unit to you. Self what. There's self or there's some kind of unity this separate of this. But it seems to be like I don't know my experience instance diy way it's it's like there's degrees of unity. You can talk about. And I was thinking about it in terms of. Obviously, I think the idea that there's over new in here against everything else is ridiculous and you're not influenced by anything give you're i, like you beautiful and separate and stuff that.

And so. But at the hand there's, like, you you're connected in the sense but we're all done losing country now part have we talked to like size. That sort of less... And all the way up to, like, physically you're connecting not physically ones i hoping But at the same time that doesn't seem to necessarily... One doesn't give me the negate other? Because this body is still here even though it's not reason. And it's like it's almost like your head your fingers are separate from your hands when they're not.

But they are at the same time. Because if you, like injured, you think it would make sense to your hatch. You know, so it a sense there it doesn't seem to be a contradiction necessarily clear but Yeah. Hear you're absolutely right. The thing here is that when we we can see himself separate from something with not cell. And that's an illusion. And then we think Well, if that's an illusion, it must mean that there's a unity. But the unity is just another see If we examine the unity or the cell, what we'll find?

First of all, if we examine the cell. And then this is sort of a classic logic that's the flight. That how yourself is made up of all these different parts. Mh. Right. And... Yeah. Like, you know, your finger fingernails is part of yourself. But they would you trim your thing else it's not part yourself anymore. Right? Mh. Alright you're your party is your finger off it's not part of yourself. Oh much. The the... And and, of course, your body is made up of home. Do you think? Yeah. But it's not it's not a putting first process.

That's right. Yes. Yes. Not a thing. Yes. So yeah. Because this adam by bread But the whole thinking of self and unity. Is actually an expression of the limitations of our mind. We we can only I think of either we divide what is into self other or else on. Because it does appear to be like, a low people like append this. They're right. There does appear to be some kind of look some consciousness. There's something yet. You would say that was an illusion Absolutely, there is... They... No. The the thing is that the real cell.

And see this is this is how the glue top that. He said the renal cell is the the five aggregate. He he... He said this is the only cell just and they're constantly changing. Mh. And is a matter fact me you look closely at. Even although we can see them has a collection of things. There are no things. There's the only process. Mh. So there is the basis and the five aggregates gets are the basics, adjacent self in bad cases. But the five aggregate the five aggregate gets to have a totally unique point of view.

And so there is a or the consciousness. Mh But you're experiencing saying that makes sense to you. Yeah understand that. I'm not totally sure about different, but I mean, it makes sense. Maybe maybe it's what I'm thinking about itself and the same idea that don't think of let makes to stop stuff not sure. Then I also wondered too like. How can I know all this stuff and looks point of talking about it is driving. I said it's probably the the hill thoughts, like, wow, catches this area and I know it just because I know it.

But It just seems like one could just like end up t out in cut. You didn't kept lost. Yeah. You're absolutely right. Are good. All of this meta of physics, this is what we talking about is. The mood went out of his range to avoid teaching nurture children. And there's one on very classic story associates. One of the buddhist followers that came up gentlemen said? I'm gonna quit not do this anymore. Unless you answer some of my questions. List meta physical questions. Where I come from what happens after what happens to build when they die?

A homeless list the questions. And the buddhist answer was that it was to... It's who make an analogy with somebody who could chuck with a po And who said, I'm not going to sit to the doctor. I'm not going to let you remove the arrow for the place in. What kind of bird the veterans come from? So That was the Buddha approach. He said, this is the path to when. This is the path to least. All this intellectual speculation is is not going to get you there. Therefore, I'm not going through. I'm not going to help you indulge you.

Since then, we... You know, we haven't been able to stick to them. Since I I'm sure since the day of the Buddha had died, if not before, buddhist have been busy, generating better physical explanations. The only reason for answering the kind of questions that who I was answering tonight, is so that maybe if I answer your questions to your satisfaction you let the doctor move the. Because you noticed they answered to every question, always ended up being something. He really couldn't quite. Right?

That's that's the way it is. So...

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