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TCMC 30 June 2011 (Part 1)


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Okay. You can adjust. Sounds a lot better from here. Good afternoon everybody. Let me see here. How everybody tell me here? Yep. Well have been in correspondence with be a friend who is worried bind to use journey and then regular meditation. Correspondingly all stuff how soon they are. And I been taking liberty of. So now says your lectures. She's she's she wants to look two tucson now. But now, I'm really stuck. I've been doing the similarities so powerfully. I I'm am not that clear anymore on the differences or very specifically, how to say why we pick one technique over the other?

I'm I'm very clear on why I meditate and getting less clear about traumatic journey, and And maybe that means I don't actually have very clearly why I'm managing. I mean all wonderful to say. Oh, i'm I'm gonna be lighting now. I wanna be mindful. But do i have to? I'm having this huge And I'd ability need to to distinguish... I'm here More nuance. I'm here the learn or more than just following my breath, and you've been doing that. You've been teaching me that. And now all of sudden... I feel like I I just got rolled and sent back to see.

Oh well. Alright. I should that won't last month. Okay Bye sounds it's a really good thing to stop ask yourself. Okay. Bye. So, why are you better anyway? They're because I wanna be in lighting on I girl? Steve that had asked to ask got a chris the next question questions so just. Was it mean to be enlighten and what does it mean to grow up? Yeah. Yeah. Working on on at least one. Yeah. So So actually. Why are you meditating again so that you can? So I could be enlightened when I heard what. Lastly, it's I have got lot you over?

My friends and i don't know writers. And so it resonates power. When you say part of suffering is the story, we tell ourselves, and then how the story migrate into our belief system without our even recognizing that we could convinced ourselves a fact. Well, yeah. The started you're telling the tragedy and you're the v. Mean if well. Sometimes my friend wrote. But she was deeply depressed because the tree in rear yard has now clearly and obviously got insect damage that will cause it to follow out to die horribly.

Mh. And I I wrote hold up When I was a little kid I had to follow tree that was a source of an, they delight tuning for forty years. Before finally a storm twenty or token. And as long as it has its outer shell, it's stable micro can. And and that maybe the next people there ask way to get to have tree that would be that entity delight their children and that this was an enormously wonderful train. And i she wrote back. Wow. That really turned everything around for me and I'm like, I can't take the credit for this.

I stole this room to it does. I too. So sorry. What is about the story that she was telling herself for a moment. I actually got to say, she's creating something She's telling his miserable story about her disease trained what the despair brings her, and that I told her the same trait could be a source of joy. And she she got it. Yeah. She's a storyteller, and and and it it really must been writing. So when you get down to the nitty gritty, you're why right here why am I meditating why aren't studying how we create stuff pray for ourself, this it's just part of it.

This is getting getting katie to help with brenda and bad jam coming. And i understand. That's you pretty well this guy. Why you meditate? We medicaid and most of medicaid so that we can we richer fuller happier more satisfying find bias, but we can we can enjoy the whole rather than than getting up set. Unhappy. Course more to it than not. But right there that that's kind but but they're process started to to be happier to be or fully what we can deem to experience. Lot of joy on the sold all of these things go and and on, but that all kind down to it so that things can be better and we and you realize that that's what's going out in your mind determines whether they're better or worse.

Let me talk about the similarities and the differences which made. Shown and journey hand meditation. And it has... In terms of methodologies. There's a lot of differences. Was really interesting is in terms of methodology, there are a lot of single so eighties too. But as terms why you would do he want i think it's the same reason. Shamanic. So shamanism is used to solve problems, about healing, spine guidance to achieve spiritual growth and all stand. In all those different ways to to big happier and being a better life and There's don't think about shoved that isn't so obvious in education.

That least in traditional shopping isn't As S and everything in S does is for the damage kind. Search the group data to tried. And that's their role. And it all of those too. Live after and two things that are conducive to the well being of the community. Sorry. That's all wondering meditation was a lot that obvious. But you had some that experienced realizing there what you learned. Why learning it yourself, you can't share it. Since everybody wants to be accurate. Okay. A good afternoon. All you come in the last few notes.

Love to hear How are you doing? Yes. I have a a friend. Something that you. Out repeatedly. I thought one things person took out way. Replied that they were. Which I chose to be the american weeks Now there's a very interesting thing. No matter what you say can be understood and the variety of your brace. That I spent a lot of time trying not be my myself misunderstood understood right now then. I found out. Oh, somebody missed i just sitting here really good. Wait helped that. Yeah. You know, to to speak quite honest.

Quite have the experience that giving entire or you kind of a batteries and and think me and tell me what they were saying before. I'm thinking... Well, I wish I don't said that. But, you know, It's... It if they've seem like i that was something playing and they help somebody else. But I think we all... Most of this. It's it's a wisdom it's already inside device. And how. All one person does. You said if they tapped the wisdom and inside if now, they may be able to do or say something that helps another person gotta do the same wisdom and inside of themselves, but ultimately the wisdom always comes from can start not an outside.

And the teacher is inside. The do. My back person might be said of your costs or in front That's important role play of course. But where the where the wisdom comes from and his inside, and that's why. That's why people can't hear all kinds of wonderful things that I didn't even know I was saying because because the source of wisdom is inside. Yeah It's always there be okay. You read? Yes. Makes much easy. Well, and and and there are questions that you may not know you probably answer for at the moment Or or or far further away.

It's for buried and than to have a teacher say something that you may understand at one level, but it grows. It grows at time, but that seed somehow helped whatever was there. Blossom them better. Yes. Yes. That's It's interesting how... Yeah. How like to see, it it can grow. You you have when you first obtained some particular idea or or subject or here? You you didn't really appreciate even a fraction of what had to offer that assigned why it keeps enriching you more more. Even in that moment, you may not have had any bit of insight just having somebody say something.

Committed a profound impact. We you jeff. You know, there there are a lot of different schools and but call heinz and education. Philosophies. It is all kinds of spiritual philosophical mystical schools at every time. Trying to different philosophies. You Go ahead Is true. But the school that I find identified with most is that's my school something. Shed rodney. And or they y tara, my car. If she everyone pursue it. But the thing that I was just saying it's he saying that the ultimate is the good in nature.

Or the alternate one way understanding the ultimate is the buddha nature that is in all of us all. That it the open. Yes. I just wanted to say that as I hear you speak about this, and I think about you know, the whatever, you know, the the matrix that's inside myself and all oh two ones this that there is a kind very... The word it comes different with difficulty. There's some sort of mystery there between between a student and a teacher. I mean, there's a resonance there that is that it's almost a intrinsic.

And and I think that's why there it's... We have to have so every culture has its teachers and everybody, you know, people have different teachers that there is some kind of invisible resonance. That's very difficult to would be difficult to be fine. It's a beautiful thing. It's a kind of mysterious thing. So I think about it. Maybe I think about you as my teacher. You know, it's not an accident. You know, the way you phrase things. The pictures should you view... The the way you create pictures, in my mind, and then my heart is is unique to you as my teacher.

And no other... Although, I think there's so many wonderful teacher. But but that's that's a that's part of the great mystery in my mind. Hey you is part part of february. Because I don't do any internet. And happens? Well, It's a resonance. Which cancer and it and it takes its pathway between a student and a teacher. It's a rich pathway. And that's particular to that feature and that's due. It's interesting. That's right. Were you when you out there be just do our virus are saying in whatever around us is that resonates would that be as there's in hard but the holder.

You know, couldn't be a teacher of ours student. That to when teach when the people is ready to teach her appearance. Oh it that? Kind the same thing. Told you be talking with, you can't have a teacher. So it's all wonderful dance that we're engaged in. Exploration and possibilities that potentially html analytics use. Pre boys or discount. There is a strange distribution. For me at least that the title of the christian. Brings instruction therapy very tiny. I can't point to anyone sitting most of the time no.

Well, I certainly got locked them there and no die. I can't do that. But then when I look bad over the time, I have to have been doing grade guns at each city into a covid span i'm see what it. And I can't see it happening to me. I can't catch you. Well, yeah. And you're absolutely right. Because what you can't see in the sense that what you're conscious with under your conscious of your recognize. How thoughts about? It's just a tiny piece of what's going on. So, yeah. You hear you only see just use that you call yourself.

But as a result, a feeling that each sitting is is microscopic in its advance. There is a temptation say kind... Yeah. And your right. And that is that that is that is the temptation that's there is it is and to have down arise and to feel like, oh, I'm not really making any progress so this is... Maybe I'm not doing the right. This is a waste time. I'm sure that's in everybody's tired me. But But see the thing to do is to to remember what you mentioned care that that what you can... What you can't immediately see or you can immediately proceed is only small part of the whole picture.

We you it the larger part, you see how far you come and again? That helps to eliminate illuminated it down. And to reinforce the motivation. Should be important to to do that. To keep your motivation your understanding your appreciation for what? You accomplished your reasons for why you're doing. All things we've talked about this... You need to keep those present. And in your line to well, if you put at this one a you keep dev right the degree to which you can keep those present then the more powerfully effective your practice will be.

Yes. Hello. What is progress? What is progress? You know, I I say that simplest way to just describe a part speech that is here you experience Less suffering and more love. I don't didn't even get it elaborate on that, but you really really simple both both deepgram suffering and more love. Come as a result, of probably a deeper, more profound understanding. But wisdom, wisdom is necessary wisdom is the cause of a subjective experiential change, which means that I I I feel less suffering right in my life.

I feel less unhappy as war joy. And the wisdom is also responsible for feeling more more compassionate or understanding or old. Really together. So so long as you can't in any sense say that you are Girl in wisdom experiencing less suffering and more love, due definitely made progress. How. Does that work for you? Okay Yes. Last week. Of course, it was very high. I was loading twenty two boxes neighbor came on. And I said, where are your blades was specifically little playing around what? He was this he didn't bring his moment lane.

Ring what end And then he looked at what I was doing and said, oh, help you. Did a. Those there's a hot a. Yeah. I try boxes to load. Yeah. Help you. That's pretty good. Do you see? Well, tell what do you think about that? Well mh. One could have ray. I just felt real good. Yeah. Well yeah. You Just always something you feel good about. That's that's what be a basic thing. We you probably felt good about. If he try buy it and he had his roller blades, ways she asking role lady by. Good understand.

Good. If there there's a... I don't know. This sounds like trip. But you should have been schooling us about creating an aversion out a remain mindful when they engaging it? And something feel good. I absolutely confess I will gravitate towards that eagerly. I will crave this. And That sounds like a a a set for created. Doctor. No. It's mine. Important word that you is how remind idea of is mindful fully. Okay. Because our course you have desired. And of course, your desire is about okay. Anything statement that you desire, if you examine it, the reason you desire is because you've believe or it's back but it's fine making you feel good.

Or he has made you feel good in the past or it's making you feel in now and you hold on to certainly. Right. That's the reality error. Mindfulness just remind you. That the side of this is that whatever makes you feel good can be lost. And there's other things that can make you feel bad. And to engage in an ignorant ignorant belief, then you can always feel good by pursuing certain kinds of thing. Holding stuff. Right? So. Come. When gets kind of buying with desire it produces, compulsive behaviors and the end resolve is suffering, not just suffering for you, but you often tend to do things that make other people suffering so well.

But as long as this desire, desire can being used skill. You can desire to me, like, you and desire to help other people. Sorry and take all kinds of for wholesome forms. It becomes crazy when it is aligned with ignorance and when it becomes come comes also and when it makes you blunt and might set you up for suffering. You have just reminded me of a dialogue I heard from my grandpa on ten colonel. Way tiny. He was driving he's farmer. And we got five out of the end of a year. It's a big conversation.

And he driving the trial and my dad was a passenger side. They would pass this enormous obviously and this thing just... A building. And My grandpa said, one hundred of. And this is like i sharing statement. I mean would use that mini words. Got my attention immediate. That's trying being companion so... Okay. Well, you know, you can call and get food and those your funds store them. You could have you get more. And keeps driving any big spare while on? Wait as well. With that as something else.

Smart. Me get that until right here. That's pretty good. Yep. This is important thing remember that that's true. The goal of the town is determine buddha. Now believe is gonna completely be pretty strong crazy. Tell you to become buddha. You were to skill play go got. I didn't. I do want. Scare. Yeah. Skill comes from my. So you know. K. Well, now did everybody here was something that shit.

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