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TCMC 30 June 2011 (Part 2)


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know with the rotation of it in the magnetic field. And in that instance, I understood about the entire electrical grid works. It was like bang. We're like... Well, you know, so there is understanding that can happen. Tell you this happened for me had response. Response. You know, so problem. I've been, you know, turning open over three years and years years. In a meditate state. The solution presented. Itself... I imagine a lot of people can't have experience I'm sorry. Understanding or something that it possible you for troubled you for a long time.

Guess there's a lot good reasons that nice shape. Keep calling. Yes. When your humanity. Do you forget a powerful sense of connecting to at least everyone in the room just like, there's a whole wave for happening. And didn't that... If you were in little you know, going with pocket by yourself. That wouldn't be happening, but you get to enjoy the presence of the people around you you know and everybody's meditating and and and you're and you're getting that. Mh. And it kind of it kind of in ent.

So did you get a a better time of it? You... Do you ever forget that? Very have experience? Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. There's a... There's two different things. Was closely related things. I'm not sure if you're mentioning both of know. What is a feeling of? Just interconnected that's not being quite so much the set itself as as, you know, usually do. And that that can be just feeling of connectedness with the probably people around you. Sometimes I can go much beyond that, really you just have an experience realizing how totally interconnected everything is.

That's a familiar experience for can you I do think though. I don't know so you're saying this too all say. There is a real benefit. As so the interesting trial happens when you meditate with other people. Yeah. Meditating with as a part of the group produces. I different and sometimes noticeably more profound how experience know what we by yourself? Is that... Yeah. That was actually trained to disabled both of them... And I'm not sure where they leave off from each other. No. They're they are they're they're definitely related.

He has experiences, they can be two different things. Throughout my better when me come on thursday days or something like that. Is not necessarily the same thing as being really connected to people. But those two are very closely related. Well, if you accept that the feeling of interconnectedness this is in some sense, genuine. It's in some sense reflection of the reality beyond the apparent separate as we are ordinarily but yeah have follows from now. That when we meditate together. So I think happened to me.

All of our meditation smart powers architecture. So that that I think it's not there. How they connected. That's not too valuable to go down. I'm not sure whether produce the effect of the connectedness by being together. It's you know, there and even sense that's I... you know, i I really miss philosophical inconclusive of, it could be it could be, but I'm simply watching tonight for the first time it was really clear to me. I am know my Thursdays so better than all the other days aren't think.

And and that was kind of... I don't know almost a free ride. I I I kind of me ask why we meditate mom I really look forward showing up on Thursday so I can do is so much better. So everyone else accepts your appreciation making. Yeah. Thank you mentioned. Yeah. There's an uncertainty about what causes with. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So You can think other explanations other than fact really or something that you're connected us two explain no duties our meditations are a bit. Right? And and and somebody from separate front the scientific disciplines.

Would take that feeling of interconnected and they say, you know, if I found just the right place to your brain, you feel connected everything. And that's all. And, you know, they're problem. Right. Yeah. But I will be meditation finding that but my brain every time. I'm okay with that. That's a good thing. Well, now there and and there's a very good point. Doesn't matter her if enlightenment is just a brain phenomenon, that could be reduced of electrodes. If it's reproduce and verifiable sign the oath.

Yep. You know, and that's but that's she in approach. He says, I think we should... I they he I he he wants us to find out he told me his... My my image for the future will have this clinic and you you you go in and you sign a waiver and then can do this to your brain and you walk out of like. And the interesting thing about that is I you some people i find that idea absolutely important, you know, for various reasons. Other people love of that idea. But you have to ask the question. If it really were.

Doesn't it matter. Oh, was it isn't that basically what typically living the say. I mean, and and isn't that with the pharmaceutical companies implicitly. That's right. That's our companies. That's why a lot people they're science believe was that anything this any possible stage or, you know, condition, that the person kind of experience is. The result of this side. Just collection a mattered functioning of the way, and it manipulated. Kinda their returns cat. I'll pass you other. Some people are really afraid back to my but Was really disturbed.

I need. You Start here. I don't believe it. Okay. Yeah. So that's one way. I don't believe it either. I don't know. I think we're missing a point. I think they stop short of the truth. Exactly. That's exactly what I think. That's exactly what I need. People like reality and So sure want one hand on the other hand call it mind, call it spirit, call it Psyche Color. Whatever. There's other kind of stuff. Right. Do you guys two kinds of stuff net in this kind of stuff? And not just the cat that says all of that kind of stuff is really just a result of like, good stuff.

That and so... They reduce everything material. And have used my group the same talk? But manager doesn't even maybe just that there's and usually they're reaction to this. It they... They idea to them but everything's open on material alright. It just makes them cringe. So they go to the other extreme and say. We don't even know the real essentially things matter. There's only. You can't prove that there's any the... Anything like that exists at all I think they're both missing point. Because they're both assuming yeah.

Sense. Well what it's sending tab. The that whole spiritual. Is not how lesser in insignificant secondary. After you said on an or something like that. Right. Mh. And they do this trying to see to matter. The other people are doing out the reason are applying to them because they don't like effort. Right? Yeah. I idea of it. That love could just something that bad search for? Takes care longer of... I I I think the point dismiss is that There is no matter and there is no buying spirit i you wanna call it.

There's only one stuff. And that stuff can look like matter. And that stuff can look like. I and even though it can't look like matter, it looks like matter. It doesn't make it any less pressure is perfect wonderful than it is when you look at it, and it looks like my Yeah there's not a problem. I wish that idea who decide for it. But one of the reasons that I began to meditate way back was seventh of famous a Famous space Yogi, was explaining to the western that that this matter of mind taxonomy thought was He said, well, you can think matter as the cell the gross sport of mind, or you can think of mind as the subtle matter.

And he really nailed what you have just said. There's one stuff. And it is remarkably Flex And we've got sense that oh that we are and experience and arise from and transit through is Is is is it one thing. It's it's... I don't know. It's like trying to explain all the world as a texture. And that's his very strange. So it's easier when you are hanging out with the body and worrying about, when i half supper a tonight. It's just easier keep the dichotomy matter in mind. I'm on separate. Census because anyways, you're gonna get stuck looking at your glass of no I mean, you may not get anything else doesn't have it.

So, you know, in the interest of Read, All this huxley stories of. When I was about nineteen, I was assigned to us son I was really struck by his argument that Our census are created to funnel out information and without the sensory apparatus, we with no way lots more than we do, but the sensory of apparatus is to specifically to to provide them survival of the and you get what you get because if you were running around and light and knowing all there is, all the time twenty four seven. You get it.

You said that? I sounds like, go along with that to a certain. It is absolutely a fact that he all of our sense already taken and enormously our information. That can be processed by our brain and and what we have conscious experience out just the fraction that. So that's really true But the sensor again. The brain and even the mind itself all active, filters to district disregard everything that doesn't seem to be immediately important in terms of survival. But. The last thing you said, I wouldn't go on.

Yeah. You that if you were, like, lost in knowing. Can you be lost in know? I I it hasn't what you mean my knowing. Because you could be you person could be lost in in. You could you could be overloaded by sensory information and of course that way. Thank you very for fox. But Don't think anybody's ever set that. What like the manage about. Mh right. I don't know. I haven't gotten there yet. What william blake to. The doors of perception huxley took that the william Blake poem the marriage just having.

So just red that for. All nights ago. So i was quite taken by what he talking about the closing of the doors of the reception to know infinite and that you didn't get lost in finally, but he felt really bright felt there It was important to... It you to know the and for that perspective. Let me give some sophisticated. Consciousness front awareness. That's What can get overloaded is what we call consciousness and what is referred to as i n. And more awareness does is, which means knowing. Means d is a complex prefix because it means it it implies a dual and it means sort of in and out.

So no health. Dual. That's the kind of consciousness. That could get overloaded. Depending on the limitations or whatever to in his the the overloaded it. Right? But. P awareness. Yeah. That can't be it. But it like how I said this is... This is some fancy sophisticated dark But the reason for that is because Yada is universal. If it's if it's It's sb b because everything. K. That's why I can't be everybody. To the awareness. That's what like make have. And the light being was which has? Well, way says it has how can I it has...

It's interesting some authors refer to and, like meetings just get. Because they're not people anymore. Person's anymore. But that like... Do they look like these? I'll only other people. For awareness has these different forms or aspects. Okay. So there's the awareness has its mirror aspect and the priority awareness of A buddha can see everything the way it appears toward kind people due to the mirror aspect. But because it's p memorial awareness. It's not limited in the same way, that ordinary dual i see that kind of consciousness in this works is not yeah is left not yada.

That sense the p proverbial awareness. Has it's his babies everything. It can also accomplish all of the appearances. So doesn't get over overloaded either. Have the other forms of awareness of the party awareness that? That recognizes the illusion of the distinction between i you this and that just and the other thing. And then the force aspect of from awareness is the the screening eighty awareness the function that our ordinary mine does and make distinctions between us and that. So it can make a decision about whether an not standing in front of the truck is a good idea not Have them the the fifth kind proverbial is of awareness corresponds to all of those life consciousness, which allows us to know whether or not a truck is coming to, whether going right going left his better and so so forth.

So it's because i blew out has awareness rather than consciousness that they don't get overloaded they don't get. Good. That's. Okay. Yeah. You post this so I can listen if we didn't get back. Yes. Yeah. Good. Yes I think I gotta it. I love these kinds changes. I love the way always brilliant people over twenty five hundred years wrestling with all the different kinds of so philosophical logical and intellectual problems that okay. How that we're thinking about future. Wonderful. Got. Thanks bro you're originally talking about I need to if i you all go home.

Yes. We perceive the world has consistent of two different kinds of stuff. We can Help that. And so it would be silly not too. Except that that that doesn't mean me have to believe. They're really too different kinds of stuff. And we don't need to judge it. And you can search it. I guess my point here is that if you king in life. In other words, if you were a, possess we're rather than here ignorance. Free of all craving. Who therefore experience no unhappiness or dissatisfaction of any kind. There's a matter fact experience.

The most sublime form of bliss that comes from completely being preview every kind of crazy. And because of this wisdom of your reason for getting out of bit and the reason for everything you do is I would love and compassion. Or other day. So fax one. And if you could if you could become that kind of enlightened thing would really matter how or we'll recall what that came about? That that was the question. If I had you intellectually, because you might have emotional attachments to get being this way not being that rent.

Right? If you were free of the kinds of cravings that make you and be attached to sabine something anything this way of got right. So then a wouldn't be report question. So it since run, The youngest is right and one of these days we'll be able to. Sign your way here go from number three and the technician will be in there ten. But it's an interesting question that the camera arizona validation research interest group, you know, ta. I remember what that question was was was raised, know, exactly that's yep.

If the experience of being enlightened was something was only result of the brain being in particular state. If you just start from lecturing, if you make it happen. Would that rendered it. No longer meaningful, desirable worth striving for or anything else. To know there it's just a Green state. Are you actually asking on what? Anybody from... I don't maybe say just then you're sort of trivial wise internet So there's that's... Yeah. At absolute of... Yeah. That's exactly. Right. You say just? You say bind this just matter, you're trivial realizing it.

Not really asking the question experiential. Does that trip? Does that trivial realization hold? Does that have any way do? Me Yeah. That's great. That's good. How else take that. Why don't. State? You safe suffer you never experienced. And broken hearted create the loss of the loved one or... You you think of it you've got them in your wife. I guarantee you that is i would great today. Why maybe quiet drugs are legal. It's a of people think very like can do food on society judge don't make people and enlightened.

That's why. But i mean have enough people were light... I mean live at buddhist time. I mean, he had thousands of people who left their employees. And they had the communication in the and the enough the military they have today in the army lot the and the police... I mean, they would make a illegal to have thousands and thousands of people go out in the street and paying for food yeah. You're right. We gotta do it different way. Something right we'd have to do it a different way. Hundred five. But, you know, it...

And and I got a my vehicle home. But there is a big i drugs make you feel good for a little while. Just like all kinds of other things make you feel good for a little lot. And drugs, make you feel bad afterwards or when you can't get Just like something in here. So what we're talking about here hypothetically is something. Yeah. Would not have any of those of. I mean, this is what we've there. Just a little bit of interesting intellectual digress. I think. There has a truth yes. Anything that any any way that you would reduce mined or or like anything else just something lesser and trivial it is based totally on a mis section and this misunderstanding of reality.

Which is precisely what the teachings leading to enlightenment are offering you. They're saying, reality that you that you claimed to. That you think is real. Is not it's an illusion. Spiritual teaching safe, you can discover this for yourself. Mean you do discover this for yourself, you'll be free from all of the all suffering associated including decipher of the idea that maybe you're just nothing, but blah whatever usage image. anyway. Thank you. I really enjoying all of good reasons for Okay.

One thing. Yes. You can't say right there. We have one more kit for Juliet Alpha. And that's a portrait of all of us. With him. Up here. Oh I grown my camera. So could we do that? Could we all. Alright.

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