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TCMC 16 June 2011 (Part 2)


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Okay. That's should we talking about now. Yes. I've been wondering about the meaning of words being behind words and the word is just a budget warm or else it's a sound, but it seems have me kind of a leading behind it. Mean where does that mean reside? Well, where? Well really interesting when you here not ready here. Language throughout isn't that. Sound. Right. So... Yeah. So what what that's the meaning to the words we didn't? we learned to associate ideas with sounds. So and somehow other is a part of our brain that's really well designed to do down.

But maybe the question you're asking is where the ideas coming up? And that is a very interesting idea. I'd love to hear what professional linguist has. I see the question is seemingly is it simpler complex. I mean, there's a lot to it. So deceiving like but... It could be. I mean, yours gonna be used as weapons. Yeah. That's true. But also something Words themselves and particularly a language. Reflect often or can reflect the orientation of a whole culture Like, there... And I may have mentioned this before that I I am...

From then here so I know stopped find one for chicken that that has a lot of hanging to an i am G. Like the tree is... We saved the tree. Yeah. But this lane will say, it is treating. So the the the the words in their lane reflect the orientation of of human beings speaking that language everything is alive but it is in process. Yeah The that is profound. That is. Sorry. Didn't mention in i think Was... I think it's an yeah. Interesting extension follow it a lot studies languages that reflected in a different cultural ways of thinking.

And that's an example yeah. And one of the things that seems to tell us is our language shapes our view world and vice first name version. So all go belong to all yeah Western European cultural groups on to the same basic. Language group. And so I don't think that the Spanish and the german at the french see the world in a terribly different way than neighbors to. But to more, you know, the waste from that basic group, I think, but Chinese, the Japanese and the thai is much bigger difference. Obviously, in the navajo the after languages, things like that.

Well, that's interesting... That's an interesting thing to bring to the discussion that language, molds our views the world. What thing about words names? Mean language is more than just nouns, but name is very important thing. Right. Have you ever noticed how when you can name something, You feel like you know you have knowledge And yet? It it's on odd sort of thing because just being able to attach a name. Doesn't necessarily mainly, you know, one tiny width more than you did before you had an name at thing.

But it gives you a feeling i can do And isn't it there... I believe there's something cultures... At least I've heard dish. I can't remember where. Or believe that when you can name something or when you know the name of, it gives you a certain power. Yeah. I've also found that you give you're given a word or on feel where overnight. Or kind of like a construct and want several where at eight might the i fever. Or something along the lines. I will start... Actually coming to... Just started noticing it like you somebody me just give me you in look word form, they'll kinda start relating it out or he'll search back to.

Man you physical or I've just noticed that or say see learn no word you're more often. Yes. You never noticed before took the back. So it starts that. Things you pointed it out while back. I have been watching for and being astonished about and that is if we really try and just sit with our objective meditation, and it's not a weird thing like breathing. Mh. And then the thoughts arise, What we observed is that the thought presents itself full. Can't really catch the thought for me. And how it presents to me as full most of the time is this language.

There's a surprise little rumor and. And when you joined us during one of the retreats to try and do away with words and language and that permanent little dialogue, Then it became more pronounced that when an idea emerged tool, it just had burst on the scene with zoom now it's in some verbs. And on And and and so I went on a hunt for... Where did you come from? How did you piece yourself together look with your fragments with before you got to my consciousness. And I cannot tell whether there's some underlying speaker that I can't hear before it comes into the part of the language that I I do mentally hear.

Would you care to say whether there's somebody under their charging that I can't hear more or what? It certainly seems like that. Definitely. It does. And it they spoke on this thing. But if you pointed out that I would we never have thought about before it's just that's how I think, of course. And then is it is it? So please? Where did that do... Where do you thoughts come from? It's just what you said? Mh? Yes. Brother. Let's let's assist. Take this as as step of time. So you you you've brought the discussion under a very important thing that we do an awful lot of our thinking and words.

Not necessarily one hundred percent, which is really interesting. And there are some differences one individual to another. Yeah. How much have other nonverbal thinking takes place. But we mostly think in language. But. I was just couldn't say the same thing that there are total differences in people's learning silence. Yes. Very visual. Whereas on there. Like points when I'm in that space and makes month better visual things that have nowhere words to capture. He's a toast guy. I was no there's no...

Language which just visual metaphor for. Sure. Yeah. So... Yes. There's also some that you in Indian I would still didn't get my transcript that there's non conceptual happens which causes an effect on the energy and the body the energy in the body and they are the channel in the Pod energy channel in the body. And it's not with have reverberation which creates a sound. So then that the wood which came out from that movement to be the subtle sound of the vibration that's the non government produce the through the vibration and manage.

That's theory chunk channels in sam's creek. Well if I can just see on one part yes. The non conceptual thought is behind the words. Because if you're thinking verbally, is false seem to emerge passwords. And you wonder where did they come from? And if you wonder and if you'll find yourself asking, we'll do want that fine Mh. And present like then. And as a matter fact, if you listen to yourself and you talked? It was standing there. Who is coming up with this constructed way of expressing. That idea.

And because you don't actually find yourself doing it dude, it just shows up. But then if you let go of the verbal visualizations, like we did him that medication retreat. You discover what you discovery. Behind is conceptual file and behind images you find contractual thought? Do you know what I mean? Just experience that you're familiar with that behind journal or imagine magic thinking, you know, in thinking and. There are still concepts. Right? And and the words are actually ways of organizing and presenting those concepts.

Right. If you look beneath that, Well, maybe before you look at beneath, do you have to think about what concepts are concepts and where's have the close relationship he's having? Those not quite one to one relationship, but all those one relationship between words in concept. And when you look at the definition of a word has presented in a whole bunch of Other words usually that are showing how this is a concept that's constructed out of public transaction. Mh. Either that they are the elemental components that they're together to make this concept or else this is a concept that reflects an over overlap interaction between other concepts.

So there's a very close relationship between words and concepts. My thought on this is that not only is language wonderful words wonderful with hesitate they allow us to communicate their contents of one line to how mind, which is otherwise. With tremendous facility, which otherwise you can't do anywhere nearly as easily. So where what are your signs to about communication? But I think words are also they they give us this gift of being able to manipulate concepts very to a tremendous facility. And thinking a lot of thinking is donation.

Oh yes. Yeah the human being doesn't get my like four? You get. There's a window. In the brain... And there's a time period if you don't get. The ability to get it. It's going. The very struggling. Shortly go. Know there's been chance to abused or based like walls literally. And they try a teach language and oh vocabulary like, three hundred work. That's it. I I I think that the same idea underlies dashboard. Common experience we all have. But the we get the harder it is to learn new language. And Young children.

Certainly, preschool children can very closely paypal. And they think take third i week. So is it So they're there's something about development of the brain that makes it easier to sound like languages like younger. But I was just... I just wanting to have us think a little bit more. Concepts. You mean. Words are symbols that represent concepts. And when we think in words, is a away of manipulating those concepts that makes it a lot easier is it. But in turn. So we got alerts the concept what's the next step.

What what are concepts? I'd like to suggest the concepts themselves are operators. Operators. Yeah. When everything you're saying right now, I'm running to a a mental filter to decide if it would still be truly we're talking about the language of music. It would still be true up when we're talking about the language of mathematics. And then each and and for instance in math, there's there's things that are painful to put into English, which is why learning your algebra at first is so hard. And then when you get it, that's what you do.

You you it in algebra. You don't stop and and and say seventeen times x it or... You just started moving it. And come... So I'd like to suggest this is tentative. That concepts themselves are operators. You start using them to to manipulate all. Components. What are the components that... What what did the operators operate on? Seems like it's a relationship between our direct experience and that concept for women experience and leather experience. It's so of, you know, categorizing or breaking up that experience into some sort of network of relationships concepts.

Yes. I agree with? What? What I find is that in the same way that. The definitions of words are build up of other words, concepts or built all of the concepts. Some are simpler no there's On... Like, for example, one isn't it's very simple contact. Right. Which candy combined with a lot us number of other similarly simple concepts to make them more complex as. So I I think you're right, there operators, but what they operate on is other contracts. At... What do you think of the idea that concepts the cells our mental representations as words our representations, of concept.

Not you take the mapping and say that simple mathematically is a very compact way of representing what would otherwise take a huge number of words. And words similarly compact complex concepts. And the concepts themselves are similarly mental representation just as mathematical symbols and words or representations the of these things. Are also mental representations of what? Ultimately, sensory experience. Mh mh. It a sense. You could probably trace backwards any diaper and and find that it is...

Just talked out of the simplest kinds concepts, which are just natural representations of sensory experience mh. Okay. That's what it. Funny... We say a little more of about about words. It they they have a huge role. Familiar the thermostat and Rip up. And dial is basically short for everything. That's mental. And Is sort for everything that's not metal. And so harry's that is. Is either Na Rip. But what does the not think? Mh. Exactly. So There there there is an inherent recognition and. Use and him all of the India religious and mystical traditions.

That this word that literally means name, is an ideal representation for everything that's met. Just on the similar basis to what we just went through here. So now the donna stands for it stands. It it it represents everything that's met. All natural processing. Well, names literally, four, which can be interpreted as meeting everything that is material and it's capable taking on for them or getting rise to form. But there's an interesting thing again and certainly with english word form. How do you how did he cog your form?

Form me something sent letter to shape. Does it not. They you see something and you see a shape. Or you can feel My house field shape assignment. So And as a matter of fact, how do you know that there is any such thing as matter? One way. Right? Matter interacts what your son's work. Which is dental? Very interesting. That's... Sonoma. Yes it. Yes. Could you look at it in a particular way? Everything everything's not. Even the sensations that we from from which we infer the existence of materiality form and stuff we call Ru.

Are also mental. Mh. But even so, this this doesn't homo everything. Because of all the dental sensations to occupy a unique position and play a and. So we can still use the term rip to represent raw sensation. Which is meth. And which I I would wish everything else that is it it seemed to us at least when earlier that analysis mental seems to be built up out of this part of mental, we call root robustness. That's an interesting thing. Yes ma'am. Yeah. I'm gonna stretch this maybe you legally. But could you met Is it possible?

Is it realistic to map na and To the sensation and perception? How mean. I mean will would be to together around perception since it can... Well the those two do. Nah. Very directly. Sensation is is is the root. No ma'am. Yeah. And sensation is followed by for perception. Right. So I wondered if it was... And, like I wonder if I was stretching it too far to try and map that anything it's that perfect but... Let me find out something too. Yes. How much sensation are you actually conscious yourself and of course of you're launching.

Mary guess. See if I'm lucky. Oh, two or three percent of what's going on on? How much? Maybe two or three percent. Two or three percent. Yeah. You'd actually must've have thought up this again before... Yeah. Actually, for like What's this two thousand eleven? I've actually been actually working on that question for about eleven years now. And it shows that. Yes. Because our our experience is mostly perceptions is mostly a really complex sophisticated mental constructs that indeed, they do rise out of sensations.

But we want to go now have that just... Taking the tiniest samples of sensory experience and using those to generate our idea of the world and what's happening in. Yeah. I remember the very first question and that got me started down that path when I was still a teenager was someone made this Ridiculous declaration, that fifty five percent. They had a number, fifty five sense of how you feel about somebody is what you look at what you've see, how they how they appear to you. And if they're pretty and their you know, well turned out.

You I you feel about them is is is is fifty five percent in your opinion as well. That that's if you isn't that. It's gonna be what you see. Am I I I've been by the idea you could sign a number to it, and that it would be that large that I've been working on it ever since, you know, the judge book place cover thing only for the whole world. Well, Yeah. I I I like you, I I think I have a lot of second thoughts about somebody being able to produce number that exact. And in terms of what you see, it's a very a very interesting thing.

If But all of the senses, Vision is the one that is hardest it's the most difficult to get to the actual sensation and to experience the sensations of the become. Aware. Because when you open your eyes You don't experience visual sensations. You see things. And it's... No matter how hard do you try? You see things. And whatever sensations it's a lot of you find out are really difficult to get to With with the other senses, not that it's easy, and you're right. A tiny little percentage, about what we experience is actually the sensation.

But vision so, you know, whatever that person meant by it, it's certainly not fifty five percent of the visual sensation. That creates our impression in the person. So what is it Dan? What is it that if the mind is taking such a small sampling of sensation, what use to create the perceptions that we have? And the world that those sections are part, fast conditioning. Yes. Past conditioning Yep. All times ideas that we had built up from our past experience. About to wait. Thanks sorry. So when you hold that car?

I call What time yep. Absolutely really... That's precisely right affirmative. Yeah. Which would mean that you could say when you open your eyes what you see, by your time. Not necessarily, the visual sensations that it arise. So what do you see? Is a determined. Right What's your definition of visual sensation actually? That would be the raw material of light on a color... I had even really captain his on color with... Let's let's be generous. If say, okay. Intensity of light a color of life and contrast.

Motion detection? Motion. Yeah promotion. There. We could... As long as they saying color, we should probably also say things. So i motion lines that's like had. Those are even those, any the color is color is a mental product. And there's no such think color in the physical universe. Right? At one point, maybe sometime not too long afternoon. It was thought that color was a wavelength length of light. But it didn't take very long with people messing around with color. They changed that view and color was recognized as being more having more to do surface reflect and reflection like, yeah it does with the wavelength ones but, like which is actually how targeted basis of photography things like that or deep particularly land and polaroid that tolerate the part based on recognizing that cert left tense.

Is more important to wait. So color blue red yellow great and purple you know all colors. Are actually things that aren't mine to generate and you're not capable of detecting the. Of it. The the physical... The actual physical stuff that divine says color. You can't even touch that. Sorry. Visual sensation may might as well call of color enable that at and shape things like that. But we don't see those. You see things. And when you see a in person, you you form an idea of that person based more on your past experience or other people.

Far far more than i you do of whatever actual visit and visual sensation should. So that's what I need. Well, I sitting here thinking unless i missed something. That's highly likely. That that we are more than a Cat system of neurons and so on. That that that there is such a thing is the word. Things for which they're arguing doing there. And and and it move beyond him in my mind to things that that which can says in terms of. We know seeing hearing touching smelling. That... And I'll go out and a limb and say that the human heart, literally the muscle looks fire so the order that suits part.

May well have a different kind of via different kind of sense. And and and would be an organ that senses that which cannot be spoken about. It can only be. It's a word sense. I know that when I am truly touched by something, or even a concept blood loan human being or a circumstance that there's a resonance in the heart area. A heart chakra. And and it it's filled with something that I have no. You know, the concept of that which passes passes all understanding. Well, you're speaking about an experience that that kind of experience and aspect of experience.

That is familiar to all of us. But you should know I think you already do. That there are there are many people who believe that how... And Not just believe they're they're very condensed kind done a lot of work to support that. That all of these things. Are explain in terms of of the physical material. That and be all those things that you had attribute to heart rather and brain, ultimately our found brain. There is Those people who are material hard for material that. Matter is all over the three years.

The material physical universe all of. And that consciousness and all of the kinds of things that you're thinking here. Part events that happened in a material ring. Karen basically, i like they to explain all of that and they've done lot of work. That, you know, you could stimulate particular your parts with the brain. With a small amount of electricity, and you can produce all kinds of experiences. Even seemingly mystical experiences. And of first, there are chemical substances which can alter the functioning brain Do got.

So there there it's a few that says that all this matter and mine does something to matter in informed of the brain it does. But We can follow course that. They were on just a little bit earlier and come. An equally dramatic officer conclusion. We we saw that na was built out out of sensations and even sensational are a kind of mental phenomena. And considering that he experienced sensations, you can experience sensations and dreams. You don't I don't think you've experienced sensations even as much and dreams as you do.

Waving lot. So you still pretty minimal. But the sensations can happen and dreams and patients and things like that. So one of the things that you can do. Is look ahead and say, well, actually, we don't even need to hypo hypothesis the existence or of the material physical world at all. The body only exist in the money. The brain. Their sense. All of the stuff. In a really true sense. All the exist on the line. So maybe there's nothing but mine. What is mine? What is mind? So And you know, you're you were saying before who is thinking that's, where do the dots come from?

Mh. So, you know, what is mine and what what is producing experience? Yeah. So I'll say that we don't really need to answer either the material question or the name for the other group or Id give us. We don't need to to we don't need to resolve either of their points of view. All we need to do is recognize that We experience something, which can be described in both of these ways. And leave with at that. So what you're talking about the experiences that we have flow part time things, the subject of experience or consciousness, all of those sorts of things.

I they don't need to be located in a muscle and his very chest. All all we really need to do is recognize the data is an important component of our experience. And if we want to understand ourselves, we can't figure ignore that on. We can't we can't throw those out. So mind is more that mine is definitely worth a. It's waiting more concept. This matter of fact. Sensations and concepts all things you're were talking about earlier. I would suggest to you is jessie. The the tip of the iceberg here what what mine really is.

It's the part they conscious of. I like to surf the boundary between nam and Ru. Mh So so so if if warmth is a concept warmth conveys loop physical. Yeah. I like to sense warmth and and so sense it. And and Right now, sensing my warmth, marks once, it's... I feel it as penetrating into the cushion. That's what I feel. But I know that I can't feel what the cushion feels. You don't have any nerve exactly no I do not. And so so what I know is is that I can't seal the end of my warmth mh which means I can't feel my edge and I never could.

It's just... It's it's that's how this mind body network will always put a boundary around a itself. And so I like to find the boundary and notice that it's not there. Yes. Too good morning you look for it. It keeps getting away on here. Yeah. That's. And the same with words. Mh Mh. Mind objects. Yeah. Did seem like pictures, but never are are car forces to believe that there are pictures in our heads, but there aren't... And there aren't sounds there either. It just seems like it. Anything. That we think of in terms of things.

Disappears a little across. And you heard the sixth Entry herself. We named what's his name. And of all of the things but he said, probably, you know, brilliant deep expressions here the time. The one was probably we've been repeated to most, definitely by me, but I think right everyone else. Is it ultimately there is no thing. So as soon as you start looking for a thing. You're not gonna find anything. But how much that you keep? Whether you... Whether it's the boundary of yourself, or or anything else?

So... And so the way department did that. It's almost like heavy you out your car at this the amount of things that you allow yourself that you allow to your bike way? The what weather checking explain out a little more I don't think it's a great thought of. Well, that's that's. I thought it's just that... Well, i I guess I already even kinda lost. If you're this is like if you're unconscious, you're actually in some ways allowing more things enter. Mh. And when you're conscious, you might be trying to concentrate on a thing, but it's becoming more or less a thing.

And so it's like, less front you are the more things are entering in your life without knowing So it's like where it does I guess that's that's sort of quick. Oh okay. It is... And I would agree with you if I i understand you. Correct. When when we allow our monitor function automatically, what they do is k. Construct a whole lot things and attach a whole lot of values to them. And all seems very real. And we're not unconscious but really minimally conscious. And so over we're conscious saw, all those things that the mind has generated.

Whereas if we become more fully conscious, and examine more carefully the things begin to dissolve. But even more importantly, as we realized that things never existed anyway, but Von just created them. And as long as the mind is going to keep creating things, as was long as the world that you live in. Is going to be the result of things as created by the mind. Then you don't have gonna have to let it just have my accident, the way it has been you can be here to. There's that opportunity for some kind of choice in direction.

Yeah. Awesome. Is that what you're saying? Yeah. Yes. And that... Yeah. And that is that is is current when we blindly go along. Allowing our mind to do what it tends to do. We make a few like huge amount of the partner but we have all of We are the separate entity living in the world of all these things and we touched all kinds of values state everything, and we just get totally lost in this. Employee you night. And and so that's where was there, and that's our firm. Your your time is to live in this world that your audience community.

What? Just have to be there way. There is. There is an all alternative code. Yes. Like i I was thinking about this. It's it's interesting about our, relationship to our environment how he might participate of the outcome in a in a way. And over the years that with the different native American people I've worked with i've seen all these real incredible things. I've seen she eighty people basically pray for rain and it rains and and, you know, pray for healing of happened sometimes very dramatic or things might move in a room where there's a kind of a limitation or life all kinds of of things like that.

And so, you know then I wondered again, how does that happen? So I just sort of a search, you know, I how how what are they doing that my my my cause is? And and they were talking about it, but they would talk about it just they kind talk about the happening I live. And I didn't really understand that. But a few years ago, there's a man great brain and we talked to that and and prayers forth. So no lady he was talking about it. If he the way, like it's a medicine person or someone is praying for rain, they're not really asking for rain.

You know, in what looks like the prayer, what they're doing is, you know, they're hearing the thunder and they're smelling the thing. And they're feeling the rain fall on them and they feel water needing lettuce at their feeding you know. All of the elements can be sent. They're bringing all of that in real strong. And then the... Mh it's not like, you know, plea, rain, here's some altering and you do all all they long. But it's more. They're they're they're bringing every part of their being into the the the the feeling of them and then doc.

The same with the healing. So yeah. So there's a you know person you know, Mayor he's working on somebody for helium. They they are are somehow feeling the healing cap and whatever it might feel, the arm itching the phone dance. So whatever it might be mean, they're really doing it so strongly that it engages as the person who involved with happening too to to be in that in that mindset shift. And then the only thing he wanted is be careful because, you know, if you it and get more pain that you want.

Whatever. She must try of. Like there's there is a there's saying something there too them. Once you open that door, So that's another thing is having them the skills to know how far to go with that but you somehow the the relationship what we're talking about you. Participating in little different way, but the feeling is sensory asked. Does that make any sense? And kinda know we're talking. Or can you see how that would? How you can that fit? I would like to see how it fits in the meditation. Like all of the things that people have been touching on you know, how does that relate to our meditation practice?

Because I think sometimes words and language and concepts can almost be an obstacle for that. And the point that was made about the more we create things, I think so less touch we were in touch with reality. And I think what Tim said as he was as he were talking, I was sort of thinking of that in the context of our our meditation practice and how we create our meditation practice. No that makes sense. Sounds good is you're going along. Well, it's... Okay. So when you're when you're teaching us the meditation practice, it seems that the practice will lead us to a more direct understanding of reality and a more direct experiencing of joy and other things.

And I think that often when we use concepts and language to create things, but that's like a and an obstacle in our practice mh. And what I was hearing tim say is that sometimes our way that we think we are manifest you something in the world that we are doing it through the conceptual and the linguistic And what he said, I think... I'm getting at all that the native people have sort of found another way to be with Nature and to... And I... And I was... It seems to me that That the parallel in our meditation practice that...

Well, certainly The work that we're doing on our meditation practice is to to get beyond words and concepts and most presumably to get beyond so model there mind create which we can do by using more more find models up to the point. But ultimately, if you mind, cannot generate an model of reality is that here. A very practical way I'm working with a man in Florida right now. That is spinning itself out of control and it all comes down to words, and he'll say to himself. I feel like I'm in a closet or he'll say, I feel like walls are closing in And because he says those words he believes those concepts.

And then that internally becomes an expression of threat and the threat then reduces The father threat produces actual physical biochemical and a cascade of things begins to happen in his body. That literally changes in an imprint and physically, so he's he's changing his karma. And it's like it's like the the genesis scripture in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, little g. And the word was God, meaning it is generative. And so just saying something about closet and walls and field sensations and then to use Sc as language talk in image that whole that produces a stop that then produces.

And now he's got all of these labels because he's gone to the doctors. And he has names for all the things that he's generated and all it all comes just from a starting point of believing that there is a closet he's in narrow walls that are crushing in and and And there... There is no closet. There all in no walls, which is which is strange, you know, but you believe it's a strong But don't we do that on the hotel or... That's all done all yeah. So if you're light yes. Completely perfectly incredibly satisfying it every way.

You're your mind is what's creating it. So he can figure out how and why you're trying to create it. Wait it does. You might gave do something thing to change it. Seems is the a lot of other people are purchased stating that creation, Well, this is a joint effort. It's a huge effort. What on. Hey that's. It's definitely a joint effort if there's a whole lot of different temporary runs of us. But here as was just saying, the line's creating at all that really got aspect. And and and we can accept that.

As long as we know that that okay, that that too was created by the line. Then at least for a lot of purchases, we can work with that. Okay. We're creating this collectively all of the separate itself. And then when it becomes necessary, we can... When you drop that idea and and say Okay. That works for a while. That it was all set shelves where collectively create those know. And drop that idea move on. So let You're not going to... I mean... I I spam around or headlines like, you know, the massive No more a jellyfish division in Japan is going on, you know, over the fifth or six summer in a row and and.

And these guys that are studying against are saying, what? Are the Jellyfish trying to tell us? And Anyway, that's that's good trying to be just getting hardly. Yeah. Yeah... Yeah. I think stuff. But What there's this thing that's going on that I think is outside me, which is like jellyfish invasion happening. Ecological disaster have i no goodness so care. And I I I have a really hard time thinking about a world in which our collective just Okay. Well, so I'll do something different now let's... you know, and the planet, you know, goes through the feedback arrives, i it's all better.

All at once. This. That's reach marie. Well, yeah. But it doesn't mean that, you know, you you can you can look at a world where to jellyfish in Japan or telling us something. Not everybody will. Okay You can look in a world where The earth is through all of these all the strange weather fires and everything else. The earth is calling to something. Right? You can hear. And and anyways, that's a lot better world to do that. Than the world work not just not just imagine this just. You know, just...

Yeah. I just. The fixing parts, where we change our lines. So the little plan just rolls it over and, you know, that's part kinda... Let's see the the thing is all of these different models the line can they and that's where we have. We can take a a model of the nuance of those the world or reality where and we have to cooperate to do it. But if we all get together and agree that we're gonna operate in a new model reality where all of our lines. Times that we're getting paid in my credit world and my brothers society.

That's a really good thing. That actually great results. This still. It's not fundamentally different than what we're already doing. It's just a better version at the same thing. Can't give your reality. If the mind is generating reality appears to be made up with a whole lot of different individuals, you're gonna have to somehow develop a huge amount vibration there make that happen. Which is not a bad thing to do. While been accomplished than passed again. So correct yeah Thought we dancing around with is.

One form of the discussion the nature of the reality. And simply put, which hopefully everybody followed the discussion Understand clearly is a very simply put. The ultimate nature of reality is empty of being in any of ways that are mine. To be. But. At the daytime time? He going to live and model what reality created by your mind. So for so long as you're doing that, let's make it to that model little reality reality that you can't. And you are not at power who is in control of your mind that can make it do wet as he want.

The first thing you have to understand to do is understand how the line goes about the its business so that you can't. Better reality. K. Thank you. Thank you for your patience. We did go over overtime. That's what happens.

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