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Stronghold 12 June 2011


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everything is formal today. But if anyone has anything then questions or they would like to discuss, if you still do that. I I'm really that off but subject dia, but maybe not. It's that. So a message from. Fierce fire for water didn't have made Yes. But the fire element by around. And itself the of it. The water element sometimes. But this is just just objection this thing? Eighty. One I spikes where I'm wondering... Know, should we say this is just my projection and And I put it get better and I this is gonna get turned up and my up Perry Way but you can actually.

We also say that everything connected everything two one. Something to say understand left all your ventilation all set. I it just blocked the there let me know. You struck me that there's possibility that So your question, because I understand it. Has to it people suggesting me. Yeah. Prayers. To spirits. Like how and affect. On five. So there is. There is a view that holds back my printer our prayers have power reaching other entities. If there's have power over the elements. Which could then cause us those elements to make positive changes in the situation if we see as it's control wi of.

Add that. The other things that you mentioned where about. Sometimes in sometimes people speaking, buddhism and say, that everything including this buyer is a projection of our own mind to saying. Shit. Is it. Does I this is a projection of my mind. And I can't remember exactly what you said after that. But it seems to me your real question is. There are views that pause particular kinds of entities. Particular kinds with families. And then they seemed to be other views that totally different perspective.

Clarity my my own in my own mind regarding and how he said that everything we say can do affects everything. So I... That seems to work from. That that everything we thinks i and do does affect everything. And sometimes the effects like sometimes sync so. But that is not only a dispute that's a modern scientific team that's going. Let's statement my type let's get back to, you know, what what the reality relative or ultimate the things that we proceed. And saying that he says, this fire is just a projection of your mind.

Or if they say this fire is just the projection of my mind. They might think their expression of boost too. But it should be... If you understand buddhism is and they should be immediately all the sense as the works kinda well. That is not best because perhaps the most fundamentally important thing that buddha introduced to the system of thought at his time. And likewise it is a radical and our time is that the you and the the statements is vision k. So in terms of the the cycle physical entity that we perceive ourselves today and that we perceive others to be.

Which is relative reality. That is a projection. Line. And so is everything else like the fire, the projection got why. But it's not coming from. The fire is not coming from an individual line. The perception of the fire is individual. We perceive a fire because of find the things that we are in the kind of minds that we have. And that's the projection i as an individual procedure perceive the virus. So do you perceive the environment? Because that's that's the representation that might Alright Creates.

Quite a straight place. It's empty what it appears to be. So there is a reality. There is an ultimate reality. But the appearances is a relative reality. Don't address the nature of that ultimate. And that extends everything from perception of you and they to all of the things. In between like the fire to whatever cosmological view that we might hold all of these things are purely material phenomenon that hand happening rampant by chance or whether their experience. All of these things are just different ways.

That they're just different things. They are our minds can't project to try to make sense. About experience That's the. Perfect. Alright. Bye. The the reality of that fire is far greater than anything that an individual might. Might be capable of imagining or of projecting and A state a nation or something like that. The way it appears to us. That's the projection. Right it. Is rooted and something beyond the limitations of our own mind. And i wanna just sees it in the way that sees the universe and one another and we can see the universe who's baby about and.

Of spirits and powers and forces, which can be controlled and we can see ourselves as being separate individuals, but who can implore spirits to impact on already behalf. And that's perfectly alright. What we're doing let we do that since all of our thoughts and our whereas Isp speech. Has effects. And since the intentions behind that are basically also positive then it has some kind of accuracy. And it doesn't matter that it's only on your data way wait thinking of thing. So it doesn't really take anything.

It doesn't take anything away from it that it may not happen exactly the way our minds would like to we'd like to think we're able to understand it and we can make this picture always saying that this is how. The fact is, it's much greater as much beyond of that. But the same time the fact is that because the self is illusion, everything that happens in this mine. Is a part of everything. And so everything that that this mine does if it does it in a whole... Right is ultimately really have some sort of positive benefit.

So really what I'm saying is the view are are not the specifics except the views is very not important. So long as they knew don't attach to those news in such way that. It stands in the way of you you increasing your wisdom and understanding or you don't attach confused and inside your way in the call here too. To think that can speak raise that or somehow out hard pay yourself and others. So or that you feel that you are self consultant. Right? Know how they should. This is the specific danger of that of the that view is that if you are on the path, the realization of those self to that's the enlightenment money.

Them gave you the you old that reinforces the belief himself. It is going to stand in your way. And it's unfortunate that there are any people who call themselves buddhist, who are teaching things in a way the reinforces the belief and stuff. But that doesn't make the... you know, that doesn't make the actions are praying to deities forces or things like that from... It just means that this is going to create an internal obstacle to those individuals eventual waiting. If you can use those views as i say said well, this is the easiest way for my to deal with the situation, but I know is empty.

I know it isn't the way really it and remind yourself. I know I am not this self self I i am. Then you you can by that simple step they gave that they get out here undo the negative. And back with the virus know. Separate from fire is not there's not an a other... Fire is not another the thing mh. That. Hard. And lying around the last side the the fires players. We're not which just The same. The i is... Did do you think of yourself as this human body in that virus bunch of lightning gases and burning fuel.

You can't you really just... You know, how long are could we be the same? But if you have the ultimate reality that lies behind the fire and the ultimately reality otherwise, behind the so. There... Appearance fire. Yeah. Now this is showing it's manifesting as something that we don't see or understand So on another question, if you if if you say prayers have front. You know, get to go to Jason married to spirits issue. If you make prayers holds me to the wish, that will change and fire will die down then no further wildlife and Destroy and those further human beings homes will be damaged during danger and know further people will have to leave in homes.

Elijah of years. Yeah if you if you pre to whatever you might project those prayers towards happens. In some way that you can't fathom them the fact that is interconnected fact that that is a good wholesome wish face of compassion, but like that. Is going to have a beneficial effect in the larger sense. May not be able to recognize and understand that. And even though you know, it it may be that the fire gets ten times worse after your prayers and goes on for another month. That doesn't change the fact that the something positive has come.

But also in terms of your own mind, you know, this the line that is actually generating those thoughts and attachments. I holding those thoughts and connection loud compassion. You. You have had a a very significant beneficial effect on your line and that that eos Carmen. That's really the meaning of paradigm. What's the when I see the you if your actions are care about others in desire to to to lessen sheltering in any way that you can that is softening at the heart softening of the selfish opening of the saying of the personality would change seems to have an change, i of figured the change in the be, would the...

Whatever it is is but this processes that are going on your mental processes and your physical processes. Becomes more healthy see guys. Yep. It it is it is moving. Your individual line definitely in the direction of the becoming the buddha mine. And that's my. And so in that sense, it's very good karma good effect on you. Two, whatever degree that good karma is mixed, but a idea that I have this power through my prayers. You're making a little bad karma and before reinforcement. The belief in their herself that's this ego entity team that can do thing.

And to whatever degree that that... So you fix example little that harbor good correct? And if associated with that is also the the idea that i understanding the reality is accurate better than other people's, you know, things are much more like the way I see them to be. That you're creating also the same negative impact on yourself, that you you're increasing the attachment a hold that these deals have one your mind makes that much more difficult to to let go over that you. We can get future her.

So these two things can't be present at the same time. That Would be every time you say oh so terrible why, you know, like this... This just test stop those people that set that fire, you know, or whatever, you know, that's it when get into the negative thing because you're your creating your own discomfort judgment. So the basic we have to have analyze is that that that things of beyond our understanding and that post just go the way. You might think in wilmington to. I think accepted. Great opportunity yep And.

It is. Every time every time you're I'm unhappy with the. Sorry. If you can yeah straight mind yourself. That's just because you you think, you know, the way they should be better than reality that's better professional step. And what effect does it have? So doesn't change anything out there just make you feel that. It's the total effect. To practice. Is practice of them. From Say, when I learn songs, i get very emotional, but then they been some like a very profound story that's going on or something that you happened but the war, whatever.

And just and overwhelmed the feelings of sadness of the compassion. When i read is and And I always said, you know, well, that's the way I feel open it. Somehow lately, I just have that feeling that even Even if they don't know about, even if I'm seemingly me some disappeared emergency and they don't know about it. I feel love Mh. And I feel sadness and and somehow, I don't know who the things. Is something that connects someone. We were talking about maybe that month that is that feeling of love that won't change buyers.

Know they might be... you know, like, the judgment of doing more or do we need to last Is is better. It's my judgment, i'm more fire buyer or this is what's what is, spur me. But if I send this feeling sadness for yan the trees that I burden. Somehow I see I have a connection there that there is that were connected even though it doesn't change. And so, you know, when I start seeing, like, this I... Now I feel comfortable we it. And feel, you know, like, those feelings are Not room. I can sing the song without crying.

It's just like I put it all out there. We're connected now. Somehow No. Yes. Without anything else by making yourself after. When you change the view? May piece. Yeah. And and the code i has been interested in the closing message to the world. I I saw it in the nineties so now they they me this document themselves. It's hard but the ten minutes here just like very little cooking just show you what they. And they just be like oh, What are we doing? What are we doing? But does like purchase? Uber but not.

They're not past children here. I know. It's not the same. But At least I'm not gonna pass the. So says tears yourself.

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