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Carleton University, Ottawa 7 June 2011


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who is The wording meditation the different people and the first a kind of practice that is exclusive to tourism. Attempt. One and pretty well hold with the major. Because you're so flash to everything. Different different schools of different different traditions with emphasis on different nas. So three years. There is a poly. Which basically the expectation, but a more literal translation of it is mental cultivation. The important thing about this is that On the point of view reboot traditions of medication.

Most important thing we're doing is training in your mind. You're cultivating. And you're cultivating for a specific reason, they achieved a specific debt. The the end course is the goal of women. Dispel ignorance, the realization of the nature of the reality. With some. So do you need in order to have that kind of of experience? You need to train your mind so you you're buying if i'm suitable to it or the code The bottom line is that in buddhism, meditation isn't about. A british state. A particularly kind of experience.

About training your mind and a suitable tool. Bring you to a a very special state of knowledge of understanding. I'll give you some other meditation words here. Login. Southern. And these are the only versions of these words and San. I use the same subject. I English, we usually been here. Concentration. Sa has I'm going to put it down his mindful awareness. And i'm was funny to why off no some and just translated my for us. And Sergeant try? Ceramic. And we pass of means in inside. Or maybe what I should say right than this being status was these a words that used literally using standpoint.

This is sort your key navigation words it's key terminology. The first two. These fields here, these are accounts either about the five. That meditation sets out to develop. We translate this one as concentration. Think of it as teach stability. You're. Got any given moment? Your. Particularly aware of someone particular been involved continuing sensation your. You are most particularly aware of that who being attention to it. And intentional stability names having the ability to direct your attention where you choose this and being able to sustain your attention wherever you choose the director.

That makes sense You? And of course, we all your. We do all mind be happening or. But we also... You be attention with all of the one moment like receiving your attention it's response big. Your on long way i work the things that you getting consciously and choose to pay attention to where pension through. And of course you the intentionally venture attention moves. Stability the you can place your attention where be rich. And you're just to stay there. Well. Take where the vice. As long as you needed to.

And in order to investigate three reality experience your mind. In order to carry out the behind investigation, needs for go and the blue practice, which is frightening. Indeed that kind of stability. Like, know if you had a a flashlight slide in this all over bit the funds we can't written. We can't really hear a very good job investigating the behavior. Real. That's. There's also samadhi in the training in Antibody at the the that i only that. Maybe realize that your getting kinda take for or last and you get the snowflake with him, but you would finally me listen.

Or you can take the. And that's also something that be me have some degree Have so this is this is also something that you're training them a patient. So concentration, samadhi, attention stability. Is faculty. The second what, awareness? Now the reason i mind awareness usual this words was actually even when english this microphone. And the problem with that is that the way we use our mindfulness in English, it mostly made paying attention. Or remembering to pay attention. That's not that doesn't really quite capture what this particular mental skill is about.

This this field is much more about be able to pay attention to the right things at anyway. And so I have this word awareness here. You can think of your conscious experience as manufacturing simultaneously at two ways. You have a personal focus of your attention. But at the same time, you also have a much broader peripheral. And if you pay attention to what happens with your mind. You'll see that whatever you're paying attention to, comes from that part the field of awareness. That field peripheral awareness that was a minimal amount of information processing on all with things you aware to the diagram.

But is that from my set that return this whether or not i they attention. So you have to have in order to use your mind effectively and parental awareness has we're in an optimal way with your intention so that your attention will be directly where it's more most useful visual value. Now the way this term Sa is used and that we sutra if you just were to go through something where it gets used i think white. It usually advised a more fully conscious statement line or fully. Definitely very it's not not mind this consciousness has been stronger our thoughts of the tabs thoughts the future, not.

Post not iran. Conscious awareness that see here what's actually happening. And it appears very alert powerful career consciousness. So if you call particular the and say that have mindful awareness? Which means? Data like for example instead of so often. That suddenly comes out. And they takes all of their attention and we lose new loops awareness of everything else. Thing so should be transcription or the same failed we the consequences fine. So i'm so. So that's why there more fully conscious aware surge writing attention or appropriate more news or value.

So. You have a navigation? You put your attention on. Your chance goes away or not. You right the back. That's very simply the the most simple this the most simple description that you can do go what's all medication we have you have intention every time your mind, does something that respond with you're intimately. But when a person does it if you around to hate this practice want to discover is that The mind is constantly doing other things. International high are places intending to out by you do.

And so the only way that you can succeed and develop a good concentration is to develop mindful awareness, So these two go together. We we didn't can't develop adi without talking we can't really develop concentration we without one us. Although some non prescriptions. And and beliefs. Interested in transit or engineering really why you wait where what we? So the line come it's very important. Yeah. I you look i can coach these are big medication of where spirit. Passionate. Now when you look into to the subject litigation?

One of the impressions that my use gave is that these are two different types of. And that will happen. All give some writers on delegation of new asset i and say that. Say that was two banks with medication. I said was very known. Concentration meditation and mindfulness i. Sometimes as as serenity rep. Right. This is a this is an misunderstanding. The each of these ideas is an Allan. I. A potential result I've gonna crap. This cha. Anything. It is It's a label for a state one first post very power concentration.

Very strong time for. And as a part of that, they experienced jody vancouver food and. So that's that's on. Process eventually release the doctor. And, of course, you can practice in such a way that your practice is primarily geared or it's cheating. Names. Particular supra inside insight on. Sort of ordinary may Usually use the very. But my mind that is capable of all the concentration and micro awareness that is applied with the examination. Of itself and i experience as it verizon to the investigation the phenomenon.

That kind of mind will be begin to build insight. In terms of lewis partners? Yes. It's a transformation in the way that you tend to intuitively receive yourself and world. That's the so. I ordered group bracelet students. So does anybody have replacement me? Yes. I'm just very interested with your experience. Is shout in States. Can't really father me. So you can't really help during a Yes. Well is anyone pretty? Is a particular find of notification? John, wireless less and absorption completely absorb.

When you... When a person practice this John on depending on strong concentration here. Late entry into a very nylon Typically, you seem to be want yeah whatever he is to your majority of that. So be things the experienced they are ourselves as object. Against biggest just yeah. Have it's a company line a very strong joy and admin, which actually serve is the son taiwan it's not in the form of don. I sounded i was very. And what John is is basically another way of using validation and skills and you developing in fabrication.

To investigate the late client and an the experience. So what you no. Not so sure The four material genres interest their material. I it's about as far as I know. I remember reading the... Yeah. I have been for challenging. One of our readings was the that's engineers entering the more material then for the immaterial background yeah space. Same some word. Well, there did four form genres And to call them materials on us. I I think form is a better word. Because these are... Twelve refer two is It refinement of the medical state.

And in the ordinary muscle of state, sensory input is is very strong next time. Have then we how conceptual foundations that behind generates and response to our sensory release. So that's for player to those removed and you go into john. It's pretty much not in conceptual and to a large degree of normal sensory experience interrupted it's on hold. But in the first four, the first in the first shot it's defined as having other daughters we find in terms of certain characteristics. The first time is defined part of the in terms form straightforward forward, John Characteristic.

Direct the sustained attention. She Already talked to you about. Attention on a meditation object. You are sort of focused on that that you kind absorb into essentially the mine was confused what percent. That's during sustained attention. That's the first two manufacturers. The third factory is the joy really time about. Powerful concentration is associated with arising the state of joy dealing some happiness. And also some exclusive for physical measures as well. So that is another factor that's value.

Late happiness and a pleasure are actually. You're join the state of I joy that produced for happiness us great. Are the third Jon factor and the happiness and or leisure better... That's the bright. Thank you. So now you can refine this basic state of mind. I'm your first done. And if you it, first by letting go of the direction sustained attention to a meditation object. You answered that you have been using it better a used for the first chunk. Disregard down. And if you century your conscious awareness now with the experience of Joy happiness us on pleasure, then that's the second job.

You see how it's like we moving another way of I mean I don't find my ear consensual file the sensation. It's like when we we we out my like. Now rather than having attention to focus on one particular contract object. What you're doing is you're expanding your consciousness really so that it's taking in the mind itself and is appreciating the state of behind in and the effective quality of happiness. So then you proceed to refine that further, but how do you recognize clearly and you understand they the the state providers and the feeling that is generating.

And you you make be shift. You go awareness out the state of time when take goes document them. It's not really intentional but you're awareness, you're not just harassing. Goes through the of happiness. And if it was a kind of charter where it has physical closure with that the but we pleasure to its associated about those like our end. And then in the third be about. And you entered an report while way you know effective quality and acting pleasure. So that's for refinement. But all three these are whole form johnny.

And There is in the, where is still unaware Located and place. There's an awareness a spatial awareness. It's part of our novel. If you are able to expand your consciousness in such a way that you sense of being an entity located in particular place of space, then you will now be in a let's call the form state. Because you've already discarded most of the other aspects are form. Sensations coming into from the outside world sec centralization. All all these other things that represent that are referred to do by the very form one degree other already on.

And now need... Now you let go the last one. So that's that's what we mean say it's a form time. And then you can proceed out. Data can you got about Well, the next month is usually pretty decent. If you have the the vagina which on on base of infinite space, that the only way that you can have the written. Consciousness is like i'm just likewise implement. And so by making that the focus of your cognition and the moment view entered, which but i. And the next one is a little more subtle it's probably with base thing.

And it has to do with any recognition of the house of anything as the project object alert. Have... So you are again through this Journey or in condition being very pointed aware no or absence. We're something to most people have experience momentarily, that gives you a really good feel for that genre. You open controller expecting you to see an object. It's not there. And or a moment, your mind is quickly taken... Up by the absence so where you expect to refund that that has something your forward.

So it'll be eight The fourth before miss s is about all cessation. No. It sounds. It's the it's the of neither perception or not reception. That's pretty difficult this driving. It's in center state. Basically, it's suspended perception. There is something cessation perception, non sexual knowledge. We all have those when you're in deep sleep, yeah you're the in state of non reception. That's the state of not disruption. And as a matter fact. Even while you're sitting here your stream of consciousness is was interrupted any distance of non perception.

But just think of none perception as what happening run. Proceeding and the she way. So this last is neither recession, which is where you are experiencing a perception or something no perception. It's it's between two and interruption. Of the perception at. So this just this is job. Now let me just put the on in every. I don't mind engineering question, but I'm just certain to there go wrong. These genres really big him. The others are a particular kind in practice but ultimately does lead to insight.

And then you can only practice relevant to certain degree concentration. They are spoken throughout the the the british signal this This is about a practice that it was most frequently referred to and with teaching do softening. What he's thought and it's sort a curious thing that i and modern times not very many people. Comparatively speaking are doing meditation intended to produce drugs. Whereas a lot of people are doing. These kinds of practices. Practices that are intended to lead the insight.

But without doing John that has teams being english triton. And that is all considering how important that was. To the ability himself as a part teach anti speaking. So this is very valuable getting getting power practice but it is an advanced practice. You can't all concentration i. Actually sure do we're our practices that are popular terrible and would our insight practices that have become very popular in North America and actually through throughout the Southeast Asia in the last century or so.

Order to do now, you'd have to bring well the same level of concentration that might order back factor. Once you development that degree concentration and line four. Get a chance to give jot back you could choose to go more deeply or you could choose. We would do these other kinds of practices, which Are haven't talking about with passing they as a personal practice. But essentially we're paying for, is only moment investigation. What is rising. Would the I more advanced that space and like for remaining up.

Wow well. No. As i fact. Two certain degree, meeting and all fighting in the world brings with pain been achieved quit your dog and go basically the medium around four or two weeks and three weeks for and basement between you can achieve allocation back home back work again i it's the same. But they're not despite the opposite. And individual has very strong, on the top krishna we're going to be an exceptionally good person. Their relationships with other people the significant they bring their action.

As far as performing work responsibilities facilities things like that. What the source of your question? Very powerful sensations it's happening body you be anything distracted. So. Find you Well, That doesn't i I would say that doesn't come some much the date of stay but have for the. Make the kind back engines we reach them. John does toronto watkins does it to the liberating inside. It that's sort needed back No. It doesn't. You have to do it at the right, right. Because jarvis are very they're very positive states.

And it is possible to enter which i'll wanna sit there for hours at time. We'll have the very positive. In fact on you we we'll get sitting in john for all times. So we the joy in the tranquility and the that you've enjoyed in is knowing you're going to carry it with you and it's going to maybe it's quite much better. But in important to experience insight view have to practice the Jonathan in particular way. Which the buddha did describe? What you do is you have entering the job maybe in the John for a sufficient period of time.

So when you come out with the job, that you can reflect and review. What was Present before are you and ricky gentleman while was president i absent before you and with on our well president absent nearby wall john. And what his president has if find out for leaving which i. That's what pays good the insight. I trying reflection with you. If I said you just answered on that sit there, and you're just going know really nice security. It is an extremely powerful side practice. If it said it's just syncing there.

Now, for example, if you sit there for two hours, you have an accomplished management. If you were hurry out that review and happened you would after you left the job. But if and course to i say two hours, you repeated this process with entering the Job of sitting for period on production. You repeat about even more so if during that period, you Did this with first John and then second john, i'm third out four time they me back to footage on second can join the first time. He did that. Yeah. It's a powerful twenty nineteen.

Yep. And is there so a very receiving issues through something my time. There's just I'm gonna kinda look up. I'm hearing is all more. I got. The question for those of you who can here this whether the Jana practice uniforms you have with with a investigation. That's a very big question. That is a very good question. Well, I type my shoes here. I'll i'll answer. There are. Even within individual Buddhist are going to together. Different responses to John. As I mentioned before, one of the most curious things about buddhism in the world today is that the the single most discussed meditation practice and the buddhist sutra is rarely dynamic today.

And that is because some people who have not with the attitude that John are not a frequent problem. And they're not if you do them. If you just sit in the Job for six. Now if you don't know how is as insight practice then they're not particular. Particular truthfully. And so you might within the term of tradition, there are teachers who teach the armies and then teach the Job as the most powerful insight. That's what that's available. But there are only two that have given the care information that you would go to.

We would say, Now it's a bad thing to do. You'll just have a good time and enjoy because you won't have light know. And then still wonder you'll go to, and They'll say you well it as i great if you could do it if a call had one and a thousand people can ever succeed every done. And that's because Sometimes y'all is gonna define in terms of makes that virtually una attainable. The fact is the jonas is can be practiced from many different levels of concentration, but it's certain visible level of concentration high have.

But that's not that's that is that's sort of moderate level of retain right. And it get the definition of the Genres that a person is using, our finding job as it can only be attained from the very most profound level of concentration will then be need. That is something that is much more difficult chain. And the descriptions themselves vibration kill brazil and beyond beyond the region, yeah not words troubled. And there are any teachers within tradition that's that's the description of John there familiar And so if you were the ask them answer you again.

Don't bother on date they probably money eight thousand. Now if you go to... The traditions, you find the same thing that they're being defined and very restrictive terms, they take them pretty much kind for example and in the to tibetan tax. They usually define the entry in the first jonah as being a complete withdrawal of the buying from the sensor. That's not easy to do. That's something you can do. If you have the fully developed sergeant talking to geo have really master concentration at my so if you're a truth of doubt, and you can do that.

But if you haven't reached that level of proficiency, and you're not going to be able to do it out. If that's the description of John that you're working with, it's going to be very discouraging. Very few people him with that tradition. Practice, san talk, or, for. Is one b Allen Wallace. Is a scientist and experience. It study with the dollar alarm that. And he's written quite extensively, he'll come across his name of the library and storage. But it is Phd these faces on some of our practice in traditional.

And it's so wonderful worked well with me. But parent, he mentions a survey this deal. How much both to that many. Meditation masters is a terrible and meditation masters in sri lanka time. And in both cases the account hardly anybody practice joining anymore, Very few people like for. Just very strange. Thank you for my point of yours. Not doing ready do webex experience. To any of the other practices chat even to be successful if so of the practices. So the answer, the answer to your question is it's not so much?

One tradition rejected and another one does although I will mention expedition. The zen tradition has its own description of of meditation and what name. And it does not... It does not subscribe particularly to the system of on practical. But it's not so much that there's a different one tradition and the of driving and some practice. But rather you modern buddhist traditions it has been largely those kinds of practices of largely slim background of company. Lost in favor in the case of begun tradition, but more interesting and exciting practices.

And again the very volume tradition the behavior of what's called to drive the inside practice dry with austin. And what makes the drive reason that Paul Dry, pseudo and passing is the called chico with Mo which means str costs because they left the lu retaining moisture of snow. They lack the join tranquility, and would otherwise by those mattresses or easier and more comfortable to do. Any validation practices? Done in a way is intended to bring about an insight this. And somebody it says i teach.

That's really that's a conventional use to return. Where you what they need usually is that I teach knowing that's the bill of those developed my my save about. Or else thinking I teach the practice of Barney scan that was developed by Blue and popularized by And so it's very easy make the mistake of thinking that the term will pass refers to these two specific projects that. That comes from doing all give of these back to. And obviously, if you want to right now, insight is necessary part of that.

And some, by itself doesn't necessarily lead to inside. So I won't necessarily need to be awakening. Summertime ton needs to be done in such a way, that it does lead to inside. So requires as a teacher in requirements skype. But there are a variety of practices that go running and in a summertime for us not back. Which their purpose this is exactly that. They develop as a basis or achieving ingredients site. Researchers switcher you needs yolk together, like two oxen yep together. And you get not, that we those to wait so by one of these ways.

They have achieved Summer preceded by wisconsin but preceded by Summertime time or some time with pumps together. If sunday skills the concentration mindfulness they can take up just about any practice that's intended to generate insight and they will very, very quickly achieve inside and they will see the insights that move to like. That would be that is preceded by summertime is some time to bill us basic skills that are so necessary in order to carry out the successful insight. Now the has preceded by robust on.

That's the dry we're pos. Because you can't actually you can't actually achieve the way change with without both summertime or us. What happens in the drawing inside practice is the achieves inside he or she will achieve the knowledge of dissolution that's leads to insight into permanent and continue. And then from that will Verizon what's told the knowledge of theater history and discussion. But beyond that, this volume inside practitioner will as it continues the practice and actually, this is what happens up with different of going through the sort of experiencing a lot of despair and and things like well.

Contra point of resolve and continue their practice so the insights that experience. And the process of doing so Well... And and yeah, the entire process is we got led up to this point. They would have developed the necessary concentration and vital awareness. To achieve silent. That's what they did negotiation other the. Is referred to as the knowledge of towards making. So in the Not sutra that I mentioned Buddhist said those we achieve waiting so by one of these methods enhancements. Are summertime preceded by that would be the the dry.

Very after. But it does involves because. Is achieved. Immediately prior to the insights of Person's experience coming together and and we what speak power I can probably. But that would that would is the experience of a weight gain of achieving the first level and light screen through. So So we have skills, mental skills and person development so society insight both have to be dark. And ultimately in terms of initiating the the goal of the practice, which isn't great today. Both sides passing must feet and pain.

We're not skilled. And whether one is retained prior the other, blue two are attained together you'll bedroom. By getting crossing practice which produces inside process So they one receives the other weather both or at the same time. They are required for reminded my whole thing, which it is she's waiting. That makes sense? What else would you like to know about medical medication? What is your name? What's that? What is your name? Meantime a dedicated late practitioner. I... I one probably the i lost prop.

And literally, these one use ships close as it when who close to the buddha. And it's a tradition back time of Voodoo some people choose not to give up the lay life not to become or buchanan. But to take either eight or ten pre subs and to get while manually for and dedicate their fine groups too. I dedicate their life to to practice of the doctor. So that's what it gives it's one the title. I i'm I'm label. Instead of wait night. Sure you it's the little lesser small. Certainly needs certainly.

So you could transfer you better a humble certainly. And it's a very traditional lane. Most of the time. Nice names like That. Like that. But my teacher because I was... I was an area Krishna. Why probably stolen. But he came me before didn't approximate information. And he said, we should call you she officer. So what does that mean these published use? And that that difficult. He was he was intentionally giving a hard time about traded arrogance. But I realized that also other teams are chew with us would be afraid I used for example, stable boy opposed student played now.

They answered hospital. I think idea i been humble sir because I felt like I needed to learn some humility and I already needed going of service. So when time for ira patient, quite chose to use the name, but need have offer deals or whatever. So maybe dedicated gave three percent to tries to be servant. The, I don't wanna leave without informing you and a really useful valuable functional rate about meditation. I addressed jay from this action. First of all they he didn't don't know anything about meditation.

Secondly, that you are very bright University students that I present you Well we technical the whole description of meditation in which she would be able to assimilate a build department. And i hope that I I just see. But Please. Don't wish you like to know more about what. Do you know when you reached state of mind? If since a gold, it's know when you reached the state of mine. But, again sense the essence of meditation feels, learning to observe your own money and learning to understand your own mind.

I could aside all those other terminology and everything else we've talked about. More than anything else, meditation deals. Turning your consciousness inward and examining your mind as for the reality that you experience is is unfolding moment by moment. And so as a as a result of that, you need you you do come to nova state of your mind for. Example mean you sit down the. And you realize that the state of your mind is agitated or another day you sit down in meditate and you realize the state of your mind is very piece with it possible.

Peaceful. Another thing you said down from medicaid you discover your mind is is to bone and So you're company recognize your the state that your buy as you go. I think you're probably asking how would you you achieve that stay like summertime. Well, it's it's a process. And the character is or seven top our concentration by floor awareness. Joy. And as you go along in this process, know, he's his obvious to and your concentration. Accounts good when your attention becomes stable and you put your attention on your meditation object and you no longer least mind one.

The bank awareness aspect white price. When you begin to meditate, you put your attention on the meditation object, it's a struggle to keep that object vivid clear right chart and awareness. And there's a tendency for your mind too sink into development, but you are cultivating clinical awareness when First of all, the power the perception of the meditation object, you're able to... Discern more and more details. For example, if using breath was a meditation object, along the way, This may sound difficult but it has much more easily with you that invite thing.

What how to the point where if you're observing the sensations of the graphic the nose, being kind observe anywhere from forward to a dozen distinct sensations during the course of an inhalation. Town a similar number well, usually not quite not many during the course of an exhalation. And you'll be able to identify those sensations with each recurring breast cycle. Now that reflects... That reflects a very strong degree of conscious awareness. In addition to that you are of necessity is a about conference, you're cultivating the ability to know what your mind is, being threatened and by distraction or being threatened by dogs so you can make corrections.

So as far as knowing that you develop mindful for awareness, it be become... It's very obvious. I, you you have no doubt. But My perception is really sharp clear. I can be very detailed and my observation. And at the same time, I can sustain a kind of vigilance school alert as soon as there's any tendency for my attention to honor but for dogs to develop. So the presence of mindful awareness is i'm mistake really clear. Like i likewise will join. Your minds in a state of joy and your experience happiness us.

It's pretty unstable. But in the course of developing that's, What will happen is a lot of really strange bodily sensations, altered perception, involuntary movements. Appearance of light in your eyes and ringing or buzzing or other sounds in your ears, and things like that. These happen before the joy. Verizon And when they happen, you know the year practice is progressing towards the the arising of the drug. The sort as the tranquility and the, which further define a state of cyber. When you are able to sit down and fairly consistently achieved a level of concentration where risk state of joy arises, what you work to do then is basically to become used to that because that that joy is is very...

It has a lot of energy associated with it. It's agitated. And and it's also new. It's also because of it's very unusual that holds a lot of fascination. So there is a process by which you get used to your light being in the state of joy. And as a result of that, you move to the intensity of that size and is strike. Have them associated with what with all in the electronic you begin to experience what's called the of Startup. It's a you will find that cease to react. By grasping toys or and have experiencing of version designed to push away any kind of experience of mountain rise.

So that prior to raising, you might have a variety of different reactions to a disturbance during and meditation. As being with all these to react us. We're fully conscious. If something happens. There isn't a there isn't a kind of reaction have for. It's really not mistake. That you've reached the state because each of these five characteristics, you know, you work towards your development, maybe you change a certain mastery. So just no crushed. Somebody somebody There's somebody doubts if you're not certain more than on much or.

Not probably haven't. Just because if you have which really. Now we'll point out to this that states of intense joy can occur when somebody meditate. But if they sporadically rather consistently, and if you don't point know what it is that you've done the because of the rise one time but i other Then it's not it's not particularly useful. And you been really save it. You have seen succeeded and achieving a state summertime. But you've done achieved a state at which pt arises because you're accidentally you're the causes conditions particularly sort make sure.

You've accidentally managed to agree ambitions. What you need to do is not we kind catch to that. I'll put a label on cell. Partition. Should move on the next day. But rather, work to be able to to know exactly what it is produces that state and be able to reproduce that consistently. I see. And then what you can do, when you work through all these stages when you into that statement the attention agent consistently way, absolutely no russian does that answer your question? What your questions? It's not profitable organization is registered this tricky obviously see.

Buddhist sa it's the people who work with Nate in Arizona and california.

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