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Ottawa Palyul Dharma Centre 6 June 2011


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So the topic per i joy and meditation. And I can probably... I I there is a document I have written up as hand out or the inventory teaching course vehicle join application. And do all of you know where to access that? I'm not going to assume that you have read that badge. Betty it's available to you Perhaps take either help relieve any confusion i create and I'll or or perhaps add to. So I'm sure all of you are we're one way or another. But profound feelings of joy, are known to be associated with meditation prop.

And sometimes this is referred to as Rapture. Because of it is unusual and form takes and it's quite test. But you may not be aware of just what an integral part meditation practice that i actually is. So I'd like to point her out to begin. I talked to you yesterday about unification of mine. Have why that. I mean. If you have been able to recognize that your mind is not one thing. But a large collection of different processes each with its own, agenda that and always working with each other. And one of the things that meditation hopes to accomplish is to unify all of those different processes that they've got our mind.

So that they function more harmonious coherent lee. Are directed towards the same account. The result of that is the mind that is unified is very powerful. That's kind of true of you knees. To penetrate to understanding hope the true nature of reality. So in a sense we can think of unification in mind as being a primary objective of meditation. One of the ways that you can tell that your mind has become unified is when meditation practice becomes effortless. Before that point, one part of your mind, the part that is dedicated to the practice believes it has value and is determined to succeed at is in a sort of ongoing struggle what other parts of line I have different ideas.

No. I mean. And as you proceed in your meditation, it does get easier. But even even when you're quite. Mass medi will find that They still must be vigilant because if they relax their vigil. There no other parts of their minds that are gonna take that lapse has an opportunity to take the attention elsewhere change the direction of the line that its activities. So even for an advanced medi with very good meditation skills, before the mind has been unified, it's not effortless. Vigilance is required have a continual process of correction and response to tendency but is detected by vigilance to take you away from that state.

Now the mind of this advanced medi is definitely more unified than the line of beginning. But when the line truly becomes, meditation becomes effortless. And when it becomes effortless, medi joy arises. Which the reason said that I think that this always happens. That really happens. Is I believe the natural state out the mind when it's not struggling against it, itself is one of your. And as a matter of fact there are some doc tri systems that says suggest stuff the mind is never completely without a particular without some vest of this particular state.

Call joy, but it can be masked by so many other things that you're There's no evidence of his present. But this is what you would expect if indeed the natural state had climbed was charged and that what mess that this when on fractured was start me itself. So along the way, as your meditation practice improves. You're bound to have moments of relative degrees of unification of life. And some degree of this medi joy will manifest. And those are important experiences. Not that there to be chased after because there's no advantage really in in doing that.

But that that helps you to understand where you were going and what needs to happen to get there. When the right causes and conditions have been created, so it arises. But now this word Joy. I'm using the English word joy. And I'm using it as a translation of the poly pt t And it's it is the best English translation of our route. What you probably used and were a enjoy yourself and have heard it views constantly throughout your lot. And much more precise ways than as the word pt is being used discuss meditation.

Joy is associated with happiness We have two things which probably sync to you very similar but they're actually different. Showing and happiness with two very different things. They're very interesting. But they're very different things. What what I want to tell you about is that If you understand what joy is, you can cultivate Joy. And if you cultivate Your art, the quality of your meditation will improve have to the degree that you are able to cultivate joy, stimulate some arising or joy. You will achieve identification of mine, which is the goal of your practice.

And effortless and meditation more quickly. Which need to a much more intense reversing of joy. Usually, in in in all of the descriptions of meditations that I'm aware of. Joy is mentioned as something that happens at a particular stage of the process. The impression you get is you work away your practice. And once you get good enough, that your practice, troy will arise. And this is true. This is true. But the thing that I have discovery, but I think it is really radically important is that you can cultivate Joy.

You don't have to work way at your practice for some long and period of time. And then someday will come, you can cultivate it from the very first day you begin to meditate. And the more joy that you can bring into your meditation practice. The more powerful your practice would be and the more rapidly you will progress and. And that that's a pretty valuable thing to say. That's the good news. I aim here you hear you. And so I want to tell you what joy is and I want to tell you how you can call it.

They you know what to do it. You understand what it is. And you can actually understand how it is that you can intentionally bring more joy. Into your life into your meditation. And therefore first succeed. In your whole spiritual question. Okay. And before I go on, though, I want to acknowledge that some of you may have heard things of about joy and meditation that appeared to be exactly the opposite of what I'm saying. And if you haven't you anybody in the future, so I need to address these things.

Within especially with him the terror would tradition. That's Usually, when you hear the word with Boss and I in North America think come being referring. So tradition will then the terabyte audit, which is actually not that old. It's not even a century a have But it has its roots back many thousands or years ago, can't Say ninety thousand. Fifteen hundred years or a ago. And a book called with the Cd bog. Which in the air tradition is treated as one of the most important tests they have. But in this text, it refers to Pt as one of the ten, the file months of insight.

And a lot of this text is devoted to the development of insight, which culminate in enlightenment. And so this appears to be saying since pt pt tranquility, as a matter of fact, a whole lot of really desirable all, make out this list of the ten to violence of inside. And Now if you understand this properly, this ancient teaching. You realize that there's only one of those ten that's that's actually a bad thing, which is the last one on the list, which is attachment to the first nine. That's why they're known as the violence that's the inside.

And they occur at a stage and the progression through inside. That is known as the knowledge of what is and is not the path And that is because when Pt arises very strongly, And when it matures and an additional t and that. It is a state that can be easily mistake or enlightenment a person experience it and come to the conclusion. All this is it. I made it. And sometimes, that will carry over strongly enough at their behaviors and actions that they find it easy to persuade other people that indeed during like.

And the more people you have with believe enlightenment they were trying, you believe of goes. And so it can be have to file of the progress and right. For that matter, if you do nothing more of them to become attached to it, so that every time you sit down and meditate, all you wanna do is experience. Get you don't make any more progress and it with file in this button. But looking at it in that way, you you failed to understand I appreciate me really valuable role but i think can't find. Why i'm at this?

There's a better important valuable role, but I want to bring your attention. I don't know if anybody's told you or not. It's path to awakening has some rough spots. And these rough spots well they Are you familiar with Saint John of the cross from the dark night of this whole. It's not restricted to can Christian conte with us. As it the deepest level of your being? Parts of you begin to realize that the self is an illusion the world as it appears is empty. Everything seems to be meaningless us.

Can lead to a our hopelessness and despair. If your practice brings you to the state beginning to have these insights, into your permanent and emptiness self and suffering, which is the inevitable result clinging to any of these things as being they have. In part of it and empty and without If you come to point having those insights and you haven't cultivated p team. That's going to be a very miserable experience, which can last anywhere from a few hours or a few days. Two years. People have got lost in that in nine or ten years ago.

It's also been referred to as the rolling up from that stage Sometimes people will give up. And not only what they idea about they will immerse themselves, and sw distractions to to try to bury the insight knowledge that they have un contact, but. On the other hand a mind that is strong sense joy and tranquility and anonymity. Is far better prepared to confront these insights and come out the other side. So need not be sort of traumatic dark night put it off is. That's another advantage of of called Pt.

So these are the things you're lot hear with regard to joy, is be warned that Oh, no. No. That's that's a trap. You you'll get attached to the Pt you end your practice. I do have to say in my experience, I've never seen it last that long. I've seen people become rapture as a matter of fact on my website is a recording and the discussion I have. But oh man it was in that state of being in w. It's very interesting to to listen to you. I've seen people become inaccurate, but I haven't seen people stay there that long after a certain point, they began to realize that, you know, and and that's the way the build did it was first teachers this is all really nice, but it's not it's not what I came here for.

It's not what what I accurate here. But you will... There's a good chance, you'll encounter teachers who will suggest to you that joint might be dangerous. And it does have that possibility of danger, but it's not it's not... If you know about it in advance, it's no danger at all. Yep. Let's i turn tremendous this disadvantage it shit. So Joy is an important part of meditation. It is one, what's called the seven factors of enlightenment. And Joy brings with it or develops into tranquility and. Which are two other seven factors in the ninety months.

And in order to get to the place and enjoy rising in meditation, you have to cultivate concentration of s samadhi and mindfulness sat. And And sa are two more of the factors of enlightenment. So five of them all come together. And as as I'll explained to, within those, joy plays this crucial role, which can't help. And and advancing our meditation and bringing you to the point where all five of these factors in the night are present and your mind So I can the joys of thing. You probably didn't doubt that way or if you if you did.

You were you were willing to go for try even Even if it wasn't. Such a good thing. Okay. Any questions about what I for? What the other ones you have fact the and i... But the flight I mentioned are do you want them and poly english drop? Concentration. Mindful awareness. Troy. Tranquility. And entity. That's five of the seven factors. And the other two, our investigation and a word that i think ingredient Transcribe is diligence or energy or Can you type it up what By saying? And a diligent investigation of experience.

With a mind that possesses concentration awareness, joy tranquility and acronym results in it enlightenment it sense. Any other questions? Yes. Sorry I was here this weekend, so I missed a lot and I asked you something that you called to there... That's quite alright. And there are many ways of meditating. And I've tried a few. And when I reach a place where I do feel joy and peaceful nest. Mh. And big months i've have been meditating in a certain way. Mostly made came on love and bringing things to others, so I have a team when I'm meditating years and years ago, I had learned to meditate through a teacher who had her guru in India.

And she had taught me to meditate with a mantra, which was for mantra. And when I was meditating that way, at that time, this is twenty five years ago. I never felt that peace and joy and, I felt no fear and I had some very different experiences when I was concentrating on the mantra. And in the last year and half, I've been trying to meditate on the buddhist way when I read the books and trying to do what I've learned, and and some at some point, I came to a moment in my life where I felt like this joy and peace and.

It lasted couple of weeks. And I thought this was magic. And I I couldn't even mention it to anybody because I was afraid it would disappear. And it did. After two weeks it did go away. And it hasn't returned yet. But I'm just wondering is there a a specific way that will bring this more than my previous way of meditating, which was with a mantra, which took me to other phenomenon, which is not that some other things Is it because mantra will leave me more to something and then meditating on love and and giving would take me to more joy and happiness.

So? Well, it is definitely true. Yes. Meditating in different ways produces different results, especially in terms of the most immediate results for that is true. You know, if you if you do eleven meditation, It does produced joy. It produces happiness. This is strong. And as a matter active, it is a very useful tool. And I would recommend including that kind of meditation in your practice. But The goal is not the produced joy. The enjoy arises when the unification of mine And that's that's what's really most important.

Then you have effortless concentration and powerful nine words. And what I'm suggesting, though is that you can cultivate joy intentionally, you can use the joy to be able to achieve that unification of mind. More quickly more effectively. Okay? So yes. This is an important point is that we're not turn the mistake joy has been the end or purpose. Because there are ways that we can induce joy that don't contribute in any way. To our our spiritual goal our meditation goal. So we need to keep that extension up.

But if you if you know the role of joy in meditation. And then you know different things that you can do that can help to talk to hr. Then you can use out Have your practice okay problem. Sorry that's. Any anything else? Okay. I don't just to ask you the weekend. When we go about thinking as one of the buying practice Jana pact. Sensations and and we shaking some. About the same Wait. Right. Let me explain this a little more for. Let me let me make your distinction. For the sake of this second discussion between joy and medi joy.

Okay. And drawing. It's fundamentally the same joy. But is the joy that arises. And meditation has a result of the meditation project. Have it is dedicated joy is a unique phenomenon. Differs from, you know, ordinary and joy if you... When the lottery new experience joy. Something good happens to to you your experience right. Right? And it it is basically the same drive. But medi joy is not arising because of some good thing that's happened. Medicaid joy is arising because you have transformed for the way your mileage is working.

The way that I would put it. Medicated joy arises when you've unified the right, because the natural state of the unified moment is one drug That's how I put that In the process though that we're really wanna just describe his the end result of a process it happens in meditation. Before the mind is completely unified, and before the requisite changes have taken place and your brain in your mind. There will be a variety of other things that happen. Have in the technical discussions and the meditation texts.

All of these things that happen has a precursor to what we would ordinarily think of and describe this joy are all subs seemed under the same term Pt. Just they're all called Pt. Okay? And what they include is a variety of unusual bodily sensations, some of which are unpleasant, a variety of godly movements glucose and other voter activities on saliva sweating, hearing. Looks like the severe cases and nausea. They in addition to those movements and bodily sensations that includes experience of life, that is not external an origin experience with sound, that is not external Alright.

And then ultimately, it includes the mental state of joy, which corresponds more what we've familiar with. That's joy. So this is all called T t, but there's really progression. Situation Yeah. Yeah. Because there's... They're this described as being five grades of Pt t. Yeah. So good there's minor or p, which is where you might have just one or two of these things occurring by themselves. You might have some light and it's gone right out of get sensation on your skin and then or chills, or things like that.

So and that's... Let me try to remember to the name five reads. Oh, that's the first grade is moment. What I just prescribed to is moment military Pt. This is something that happens. It's... When it happens, it's it's a sign that you're that you're approaching the changes that eventually culminate. And a very profound experience joy. That's followed. Voluntary military T is followed by minor few, which involves more of these things occurring together the light sound, a lot of strange bodily sensations, pitches and things like that.

And then after that is the... It's called wave like. It tends to come in range against intense, And by end, usually, there's some element of joy... There's other sensations and things like that. But there there be some mental happiness not physical pleasure often associated stated but not always. But it comes in ways and I get strong and that great. And then you'll have experiences where all of these things come together the next stage. I I'm sorry that I can't read that right I've having relevant in everything statement.

Not name really smart razor the the usual standard designation of. Anyway, the next one is they start to come work consistently and and they they last longer. And then finally, there is a being fully developed to. In which all of the physical manifestations tend to fade away except there will still be the light and they still they need to sound. But all the movements and the other advertisement body sensation you disappeared the body actually feels very pleasant or sometimes the body seems to have disappear.

But there is the state Joy as a mental state. Is very powerful and there's a strong experience of happiness. And so it's this last grade a Pt that causes it to be named pt, which means joy. Not the for the preceded, which can't involve a lot of at the very least strengths experiences. And the worst, they can be a positive So that's what it makes it confusing. See. And we're talking about... You're using one word to talk about in process and the early parts of the process, you know, somebody is in the early stages of the arising of Pt.

They feel energy moving in their body and their jerk, and they you strange sensations. Hey, it's would not be client recognize that. Is this is joy or anything? What do you get back month? Yeah. But anyway, so meditate joy it tends to develop it this way. It tends to to start off and then go through goes through these grades before it culminate and state that you and as described this joy or because of its intense team, you might prefer to use words, like, rapture or list or things like have to describe it.

So anyway back to joy ordinary Joy not joy. In in our ordinary speech, we don't make a clear distinction between joy and happiness. And in our dartmouth studies, we met your very sharp, clear distinction between joy and happy. Been two different. And if you're familiar with the five sk, joy belongs to Scan of some cards or mental foundations. And happiness. Belongs to then Kinda they or feeling as a feeling tone. I is a bit like. Debate those are pleasant unpleasant and neutral and happiness of price a pleasant may nine.

So they're are two different long and two different categories completely from the point of view the large space. Can you repeat that, please? Sorry. I'm I'm sorry miss that. Which part. The part about the men to formation the they us and the... Yeah. Sorry the joy belongs to the Sank sahara. It's a Sank clara. And happiness is a abatement right. It's my network call eighteen and the phone describing Yes. I I can understand that. Yes. And I want to try to explain that Pt pto and medical formation.

Pinky almost always... I what what i... Okay. Let me say. When I was using the word Pt a few minutes ago, I was including all of the strange experiences that are neither particularly joyful or pleasant. But now when I say pt, I'm referring to the two did Sorry? Made did join? Well. What... Know, now what I'm trying tell word T, that's what going to it's the fundamental meeting. I see see if they put this part. Pt Names Joy in English. Or it can be translated and as roy in england, but it refers to a mental state.

Which I'll describe to you what it is. There is a process that is also called Pt, because it culminate in the mental state of joy. But the first parts of that process are not the mental state of joy. Their experiences that happen to a person as medi joy his development. Okay. So question is, what is the mental state of joy? And here wayne the mental native Joy has the same characteristics, whether it's the ordinary joy of the world or whether majority of arises and meditation. So both ordinary Dry and medicaid medicated drug are are the same mental state.

Although they arise in two different right. So why do we call it a mental state and where is it name to be a mental state? The... First of all, just except for the moment. That the feeling of happiness that is associated with Joy is something different that always almost always comes along with it. So when the mind is in a mental state, called drive. The feeling of happiness will usually be present as well. Which is why we tend to confuse this. Joy is a mental state as a natural state, it names...

You know, your mind can exist and a large number of different states. Right. Forget joy for the moment. Just think the mind can exist at a large number of different states. The wave the mind will function. We'll depend on what state it's in. And two different states, the line go function differently. Makes sense. Okay. So joy no way we're using the term. Is a mental state it causes the mind to function in a particular way. Let me describe to you the results of the mind is in that state called. What myself?

Is that. What you... Your attention is always selective, whether you realize that or not. But you cannot attend to everything that's available to your and the present. In terms of what's happening in the world alone. And of course, your mind adds a whole other dimension of things So in any given moment, you can only pay attention to one thing how to accountable possibilities. And over a period of time, a minute and minutes and a hour, but within That period was a very limited number of things that you can pay attention to and it's vastly more that you're not going to pay attention to.

Your mind is always selected. And this the way that your mind selects what to attend to and what not to to attempt to is I think you'll agree not surprisingly affected by your mental state. Joy is a mental state We're in any given situation, your mind tens spontaneously to notice an to down which is good, positive, wholesome beautiful satisfying. So if a person his mind is enjoy, state of joy walked into her room. She might notice that beautiful thing on the wall. That's my space you know, and the the kinds of fonts, but out all all the different spots that are going on at was side subconscious the ones that are to merge into into consciousness, which the attention are going be the positive thoughts.

So the state of mind called Joy has an effect on the selectivity of attention such that a joyful line preferential attempts to what is good cause wholesome beautiful, no will find whatever that id you want kind of, like when you wake up on the right side of the bad. Exactly that's exactly what it is. Yes. Exactly what it's yes. Would you also say that the line of joy, not selects the positive things to pay attention to. But also kind of positivity on things like playing milan, even the garbage joint.

You absolutely. That was that was... That's actually the next thing there. I was going to to continue. There's a number of things that the mental state of Troy does does... And then that's that's sort of an excellent. This is the first one is there's is well no ten to and what you or And and before I move on to that, just the illustrate this contrast the line and the state of joy with a mind that in a state of a grief for depression. A sad line. Let's call it is happening a sad line so it's just the opposite.

It notices what's broken dirty foreign ugly on nasty. Right? So this this is really good to help you understand what mean by state of mind. I is a statement mind. It's a mind that behaves because of the state that, it behaves in a particular way terms of slack of attachment. There, As angelo says, whatever the line takes says its subject object of attention, and mind is a state of joy sees it in a more positive way To use the example of the the glass of water. The blind in the state of joy doesn't and doesn't see it as half empty.

Since it is at. Right. And it tends to... Whatever it looks at, it tends to see it in that way. Tends to the interpretation tends to be more positive. Dan a third effect nature effect that outlined in the standard. Has is has to do with the feeling tone or feeling quality of any experience that you have That's what I mean by dayton. Ain't now is is pleasant neutral or unpleasant. And a joyful mind, no matter what? What experience you have sensor experience, mental experience, whatever. It's going to shift it in the direction towards the positive.

Which means to something that would otherwise be incomplete part is very something that would otherwise be digital is pleasant. Something that was mildly lamp unpleasant would be neutral. And something that was really strong and unpleasant is only mildly so see if you just put the shit. We really need that joy. Yeah. Well, and you think about you come... You know what charge is. Now do you think about you is join. You you want joy. You you try to find joy and you're like all the time. Now ordinarily, There's an interaction between azure pleasant happiness us and the mental slate of joy.

When something good, it happens to you, something is pleasant. That fine. It tends to generate. No more good thing. The stronger that state of. And the more profoundly pleasurable you find what happens to you. The more strong is gonna shift you into a statement. Right? Which is... So if you think about it, you spend a fair amount of your time whether it's consciously unconsciously trying to structure your life so you're gonna have those positive experiences that create a state of join your which was really need if you we would like to be in a good mood all the time.

And so we try to do those things that we take going person. And just the opposite is true of things that would put us in a bad we try to avoid those things, dig around those people in situation so far. Let me know that be grasping version. Ras in a version... Being at yes. Hard by grass comes... We're not just grasping for the pleasure in the moment, Although we do grasp to that. We're also grasping to the mental state and we know we can't derive found from the classroom in the moment. Yeah. But and if if you're in a pro, to enjoy.

Doesn't enjoy loose. Well in terms of terms of the kind of joy we experience our everyday lies most definitely does. And with medi joy, it two undergo a transformation in terms of intensity. But it's not so much one of the middle state of joy persists. But it it transforms into a joy as accompanied by tranquility and. But yes. What happens... And this this is the problem that... Just the opposite is true. Unpleasant things happen to you and it put your mind in a different state. State that's compatible with the state of joy.

And it's inevitable no matter how did you live when you get out of bed in the right? It's say inevitable little of sooner later something gonna happen. Just try that money. We hold on to it for as long as we can. But in in the world sooner later that's going to be lost usually centered. And do we look at that how, you know, a falling in love is being in a state joy. Everything is beautiful. But you're my you're love, everything is wonderful. Even the things that aren't wonderful. Alright. So bad.

Yeah. That's alright. You don't mind. The way I describe joy you're gonna recognize that forward to it. Now way you're talking about is it doesn't last. There's a whole lot of reasons in two thousand five. You know, especially when it my majority comes from following up But probably it is that If is dependent upon external circumstances, that to sustain an intense state and troy means that you have to repeating external circumstances of appropriate intensity. That's just... Possible to do. And that's almost like attachment to that.

Yeah. Then... And you're not supposed to Yeah. Because to them you don't want to be announced. You don't want to be a intense. Because if you look at text to your joy, you only suffered that much more when inevitable will happen and the patricia. Yep. Yeah. My only comment was it because in the end, these are still all under right? I mean, wasn't right? Absolutely which is what? Yes. It doesn't Yeah And then there's that loop that goes on because it's true. Your mental formulation whether is you know.

Will somehow dictate two to kind of spot supervisor what you intend to. But then you can also train the mind. Right? That's why we have called it in the therapy to train the mindset side at the phone. Right? So that you don't allow thoughts to just counter the way. Right? So... And then so they the... So that look they they kind of need that's what to. Okay. Why is to the... There is are positive feedback with Here. Very definitely. And that that's very. And we'll talk about that next. First, I just wanna check is everybody clear on how joy is a mental state?

It's a mental state that produces happiness. And it's a mental state that can't be induced by patents pleasure. But as a mental state, it's not the happiness. It's not the happiness that causes it, nor is it that administrative produces and its current. Okay. Did you say there were five things that George does? Like you said, select a good to pay attention? There are more things than that there's three that I mentioned. That's right. I think these these, I usually consider to be the most important useful for us.

Be of it. And when I just review that. It causes you to you. Let me to to what's great. It because you to see the best and whatever do. And it causes you your effective experience here to be more positive more pleasurable every experience that you have. So that's I mean, that kind of drives just true acceptance to whatever caused conditions to happening and you have that positive. If you can manage to be positive notes or whatever cost and conditions are they, then that can be sustained after quite a long time.

That's right. Part of this is... There's the negative feedback aspect you need that one of the reasons that state is such your good word to describe this as, is it extends over a period of time. You and you may have heard. Okay. Heavy dollar doctrine, which is fat, like in consciousness consists of a series of the discreet very brief... Mind moments. So what's an important about joy as a study is it can spam a huge sequence moment. You know, strong form. K. So it's a state has of state you have a duration.

And and because I have this positive feedback aspect. If if joy is present, you experienced things in a more positive way and it is these positive plus and experiences, which are conducive to being given the state of drive. So it is self reinforcing, unfortunately not so strongly self reinforcing that it can survive the realities of the world for very long. So we get it. We last about for while and then it's eroded and we listening again. But it is had there is this positive feedback. A person negative feedback loops too.

Add things happen put you in a bad mood and then everything you look at yours universe. And and sense once again, to think of the line as a single thing and i think that we could described the line, in terms of a single state life joy if it's not gonna work. It's not really the way things are So actually, I mentioned the Every, the Abby dealt. Refer to this particular car as a factor So it's it's a state that is a factor together with a number of other factors and these with this for variety manufacturers that are present one time.

They're interacting. And the nature of their interaction is such that You can be in a good mood. And you've have this experience. Your in mood something happens and you're still on a good mood, but someone part of your mind is starting to go the other direction of. And there's a period of transition where they were struggling on each other. Until one of the other lens out So there's. And these other states to the same way, they tend to be, you know, south and far I'm saying like yeah. You probably he's throwing a red pairing into this because as I said, yesterday, I heard over very much on practice, but I was just I I think they understand the concept of joy has being information.

My question has to do with also being able to go into deep medi statement and insightful. When you are when when I am in despair. Right, but but to to also be able to have that spacious to recognize this is what the spirits. This is the element of water. This is the element of of earth know. And to do that, So it's not... I can't say there's it's a a joyful thing right a little not, but but that's how does that relate with it, I guess the John framework work, I guess. Right. Okay. Well, actually the discussion right now we're not really in the John framework that's not the important thing of about writing asking on again quite good.

Yeah. So there's the the medi joy Yeah. Right, that we can cultivate. Yeah. I guess what I'm saying is that when when one is in a state of of of of pain, like whether it's physical. Or Right? And one is very present to that pain, However it presents itself. Right? So the practice of course is to just recognize it. Pain and to recognize the elements, we provide elements of how you are experiencing that because then that then that, you know, then we get into the concept of then you realize, that there is no.

There is no nothing actually. But it is. Right? So this this this p somehow is ptc still in the type of experience? Yes. The practice is to seeing whatever mental states. Most of the things that we call them motions, matter how all of the things that we call emotions are some cars and would be would fall into the type of sun car all that state. Anger here. Anxiety board and all of these all of me saying. Yep. So they're all different mental state. And the practice is not to identify with an apple statement.

Mh. About to say. I haven't I am afraid or even I joyce. Right. Okay. And the reason for that is that the aspect of your mind that knows the state is separate. It belongs to a different guy got consciousness right. It's the right consciousness. So the right consciousness can't know joy without identifying women. Because identifying with it is actually another car. My consciousness, sees joy and and says I am the majority. That's that's a second same carlos who's been added on. I am angry. Ryan Anything else I've that.

I'm making This is really interesting. Provide the only people for some pulled it out of medical of formation have made its own type of consciousness, but I making in consciousness. A settlement consciousness said my only is I'm Yeah. I guess maybe what the the thing that was going through my mind is there there's a fine balance between trying to cultivate the join seeing goodness in everything that rises and also in being present with pain because I think there is a tendency you might fall into the trap say, oh no.

But I'm supposed to cultivate the today what is good, but it's nowhere what pure with whatever. We instead of being present without pain because clearly between this So think. Experience, it only lives talents Yeah. I think what you're asking is are the things you're sort of looking ahead and seeing before I said it while I'm gonna suggest you do the cultivate of join. Okay. The call me just need I'll get into that. But they joined, yes. And you're forecasting what I'm going to say, which is to cultivate joy, you're try to deliberately pay attention to the good things.

Yeah. That's true. And you're asking, but is that in conflict with the instruction to be with what he is. And it's not really in. Okay? You could you couldn't interpret it. But... But it is not. For the simple reason, then you cannot possibly attend everything. The selectivity is always there. And I will need that as much as you might give intend to notice what's great. There are some things that are not good they're gonna be there anyway. So you get to practice. Both just being there with the great.

And been there with the not. And not to worry about. Just realize. Yeah. Just And really, you want to take this more detached perspective. You want... It's not that you want to be joyful unhappy. Because that would be that way of thinking is going to limit you. You want the mental state of joy and the feeling that happiness to arrive. Add to the degree that you can intentionally direct your attention and influence what your mind does at the moment. You you want to direct it in this more conducive to these things arising then have.

Alright. Okay. So answer that. Yes. So to be fair to say then John that, you know, the whole kind of foundation of that is is not to get attached. Either hard. By doing that, you know, it like... That puts a put you united state of a joyful one awareness and mean that could just subscribe on that just to try allow it to be That's right. Tell? Well, I just say don't attach to it. And that's an possible structure. Because until until you least a certain stage in your development, you're going to attach trend.

So just accept that. You're going to attach it the important point is to be aware that that's going to happen and have the intention not to become. Or or or to... As especially as you can, you know, not become to attach it. Because know, the the truth is no matter how much you tell yourself, I'm not going to be attached to these things. You're going to be attached so. But the important thing is knowing that you're attached. Right And no i'm attached. I know I don't wanna be attached. But you look at that attachment.

I see that attachment. And any the actively looking at it has the attachment weekends. Yeah. That's what's important. So it doesn't have to go away. Because just have to see it. And after a week and that's get hooked. So and that's cargo by. When you look at attachment and the attachment weekend, we are making a kind of car which gives that particular kind attachment, less power in the future. And and and then true the same could be said then if you look at those chat experiences is Appeared. If if he's still applying the same kind of folks, that you're not get attached and you go a little bit further and you look for the positive that.

That's right. Yes. Right. They they potentially can become joyful. Things. Right as well. Right. And by way, I'll just mention to you, that this practice of cultivating joy, has a direct parallel and the advisory yada practice have seen everyone as the. Right? Because you're doing it you're seeing the good and everything and everybody. Saying your teacher is perfect. Even don't though. Yeah. No. Yeah so... You know, it it is it should be related to the same thing. Yeah. I'm just wondering i should could just clarify just a little maybe one in that time.

Yeah. He mentioned first but of joy mental state for a few. Yes. And then we mentioned that all of our emotions are a type of mental stage. So is there a difference between data? Can I feel I? Yeah. Yes. And that's I'm thinking you're asking though. So I can clarify it. When when I used to word anyway I'm using a common Angle english translation of a word. And? We'll try... We'll use is feeling tone. V that does not mean a brochure. Emotions are not right now. And Bing are not sensations. Sensations are not big.

He called, you know, mh why are. None of these sensations are made. Ne is nothing more and nothing less. Have they quality a pleasant or un unpleasant. Or neutral. Yes. You need to think of it is like it's like, just one single line. One single dimension. As as you can possibly imagine as unpleasant as you can possibly imagine and a person neutral point in build, and Vape is the Vein associated with any experiences where you fall on that line. Okay? Yeah. Got. The the the ultimate alternative, the open hand sanitizer and the neutral plate in the middle just got a single one.

It's a scalar quantity. And so every experience she's have. Every every physical sensation every mental object arises is associated with a abatement somewhere all that line. So so happiness then is just a point on that. Happiness is your point on that, now the other way the other thing that mention about dating is that if we look If we look at the positives of m pleasurable end, we can divide that into two different kinds of pleasant. In the same way if we look at the unpleasant hand, there's two different kinds because, you know, does not under this room by this body and this is the material and there's the vessel.

So that means there is pleasure that arises in the mind from things that are experienced by the bind. And then there is pleasure that arises in the body because of things that are experienced by the body. So if you if you arm the stroke there's a physical feeling that's possible. If it's somebody you love the structure, that produces a meth feeling or pleasant message that is different student and things which you know it's different? Because if somebody who didn't like structure. You wouldn't have.

So the the mental and the physical z are are different from each hiv. And the same thing was on time. So that so that you have unpleasant. That's physical origin we call that pain. And I'm finding that's meth oriented we call it suffering. K it's. Alright. Not we'll talk about the fact that the first noble truth You really understand it is pain is inevitable suffering is optional. That's right. Duke Unpleasant is Du. And there's are two kinds of du, there's Du which is metal suffering. And duke deepgram, which is just plenty old step on your throat.

Definitely. I didn't see. And I just gave you the key to that branch. And that I stop his out. And all of these fall mental formations. No. These are all i but news and sun all fall under for. Sorry. Turned dollars. Sank cara, and mental foundation, English, poly. Same feeling tone. Okay. Okay. So of the five, sa, which equal mental formations are once got there. And tom, take no. It a different. So I'm trying to again get get a a a feeling for the the relationship and and sort of interaction between feeling bed up and mental states, some cars because okay and isn't an of all.

Suffering is optional. So pain is the bit enough a feeling. Yes. But suffering is the mental. Says it's on car. So because... I mean, even a mental sort what is whose mental pain is not necessarily be suffering a mental state of suffering. I'm I'm trying... I'm give you an example, and it's just because it's personal to me and I'm trying to to sort of put into this for this psychological costs. My grandfather loss, my husband is really like, the air I breathe, you know, but it doesn't prevent me from feeling to write.

We feeling enjoy. Yeah. Right. And if I I don't I wouldn't put it in the even though it's sort of the i when you put it all in the fight. I wouldn't... It's... It's because I like that because it it is his presence even though it's it's my greek. And and... Yeah, that's not a mental state of suffering. I don't experience a mental state of suffering. But you're right, I have the feeling of the sadness or grief or whatever. I so. You just... As you were talking about just grief for those. Kind a pretty situations in your throat.

Yeah. Your chest. Probably your head and badly. And those aren't particularly pleasant. Right? They're not particularly pleasant, but it I don't particularly well to go away. Right. Okay. You know, I'm I I believe okay with that. What you're saying is you're experiencing unpleasant physical sensations where you're not experiencing your version to. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And right likewise. A moment ago, you may or may not have experienced some brief period of mental. But mostly you didn't. So I I mean, I let's just assume that there was that here is missing no metal suffering as a result of the feeling of grief the rose and process metals causing sensation right.

So that that would be... That would actually illustrate exactly what I'm trying to say here. That there's quite separate. That's right. Your your your brain is a part of your body. You're make a lot of these other parts of your brain. Generate emotions. And so certain certain changes are gonna take place in your right. And nerve ulta gonna go out to your body and you're you're going to have the physical competence out of that emotion. But that doesn't mean that you'd have to experience mental secondary association with that.

Which was what you said about the progressing whether it's a good person that you want to harass you or a person that you don't want to correct. Right. And even in grief, you may experience just things happen that that trigger our mind to rec recollect our loss. And when that happens, sometimes we need it with a feeling of happiness because it reminds us of the person. And the longer they're gone, or less often we think of them So there's a certain point, where we're no longer... The the loss is not so immediate and painful we're constantly thinking of them.

We don't think of them so often. And then is a sort of client pleasure and the fact that just caused to think of this person again to bring in the button. You experience that? Not yet. I mean the the the the presence Yeah. Of the... The... I mean, there's there's no kind of long period of time where I don't recollect that my loss. No. I think. Yes. And the other thing to is... I I don't know may not be fair focusing on human but you... Well know I the... It's just that. To whatever degree. Anytime this happens that you do experience a mental suffering.

If you examine that, you'll see, yes. Your loss and your attachment that causes the sound. Oh have. Which is second notable trip. Yeah. But Buddha is said in turning of the wheel sutra, he said, anything is the cause of suffering. Let go of cra and the suffering will disappear. He was describing a practice. He was saying, every time you expand something, This like a big red light coming on the last saying. Creating press craving present gives you the opportunity to look in and say, okay, there's the training that's causing us.

Yeah. And you can let go of it. And if you let go of it, and may you may not able ignore it for but just this long. But for however long you i go, the something goes the away, which is where you will get the conviction that... Oh maybe really true if I could give up all training. It'd be no suffering. Oh, yeah. I mean, I I I I well that's I said the other day. You said she attachment, not gone in this life because of. Why you said that to yes. That's right. So that's so i'm your folder. Yeah. We we can't fit talking about.

This is something that's very true. Just keep that at mind. Anytime you suffer, it's a gift. It's a it's an opportunity to practice the teaching in the second oval. Find the. Are obviously be able. But if you can, you can find the pavement causing the suffering. You can let go of that and you can affirm to yourself one more time and one little way but fact, that trading gives the cause of suffering and the cessation of craving is the cessation Of effect. Nothing better you could teach yourself. So I just wanna review hear the avail it when we're looking at pleasant or un unpleasant or du that the pleasant or Su can be both in the V body and mental.

Yes. Okay. And that the Du, can also be either in the body and mental of meaning pain or suffering. That's right. Okay. Good just got it. That one one thing, and I was just kind of wondering drinks something, and I might be completely up to lunch on this. But that craving that attachment that, you know, that is a cause. If if we have that mindful awareness about that, but and it's legal that's driving that primarily. Think. Yeah. And if you practice that skill to share that, yeah. Mh. And it's it's potentially you need not quick.

At some point. You're potentially not crave. Yep. And you could potentially kind of keep that ego and checks. Definitely and maybe the mind can be present that. That's when that happened you stream her. Okay. Well it's not gonna happen but sure. Yeah. What I mean? I mean, just just, you know, just said that you know, cog of that. Yes. Is half about two. Right? That's right. That's why it's gonna happen in your life you've already yeah. So both you know I just said this morning and some has been heard.

Yeah. I'm you let go of that. And unless that justice is very. How do you let go about that? Right Yes. You you see it in injustice done. It's not right, they you bet, but right, your suffered because it has not put bright. Let that. Well, the same way you went go the form of suffering. By seen how you were creating that suffering yourself why your payment. You say you're quite capable of doing obtaining actions or regulator off? You don't need to suffer an or agent it. Right? But if it isn't if it isn't made right, if it isn't a right really...

That would give you reason to continue to do anything that was in your power to do to make it right. But you don't need to suffer because of it and you you know, a huge part of this is accepting what is. You're totally free to change. What is. But you must first totally accept my this. Part of accepting what is and being free to change what is, is you take your best action with no attachment to the outcome. Yes. To the degree that any of that you don't succeed and you give those you will experience suffering.

Sorry. You don't accept is? You will stop. If you remain attach to the outcome of the action you take. It's a good chance you're gonna suffer. See even if it turns out there way you want, you don't suffer down, you'll have that much more attachment next time something comes out of something. That's all. You that. Yeah. It's just a comment, but I maybe was was I'm getting from my Christian background, but it it feels... Not intuitive, it it feels wrong to allow you something around the supplement because it is, didn't it then you believe you have a mission to go on schedule journey to go your yourself right.

Just it seems like counter in to say It's okay for me to do this. Without something. Didn't do you what mean? That makes sense? I I I'm not sure I completely Got it. So you're on this you're on the spiritual journey. Oh yes. One of the goals of the spiritual journey is to overcome suffering. And At least in the beginning stages, that's probably one of the most powerful motivations that person have. Right. So now I don't understand where you doing. Saying so it just feels counterintuitive intuitive or wrong to say to yourself.

I can go up my need to suffer. Mh. Then what are you searching for if you have nothing to straight coverage? Oh... And then what your asking pores? What is the role of suffering. Yeah. And and in the spiritual life. Because even in the Christian condition, god is more us to suffer. Right? The goal of the spiritual life. The goal of the spiritual life is to achieve the wisdom that overcomes the ignorance. It gives rise to the craving that causes the... Me want to attain the with stuff? That overcomes the ignorance.

It call is the craving. And to they'll you over, and tell you to take that wisdom. There will still be something else. And as long as there's any hiccups, there will still be some training. And as long as there's in indicated, there still be some suffering. Now as you approach this goal, the amount that of suffering crane and decreases. But i until you completed so ask until you completed to journey, there will always be some. So working with your own software? Is that is the nature of the path.

How you know, what is the ignorance? We need to him? Now what's the wisdom that overcomes the ignorance ignorance? And so maybe tell me if this is If you discover your emotional your emotional attachment you come to the need or something? Yeah. Then you can you can let a call something? Yes. That's true. And so the put way are you like You do that by youtube do, but that right examining what's happening in your experience how arises. I'll i'll just point out, you can and people do people don't have any spiritual path at all.

Do this. They realized that this is getting rise to suffering, and then they tried to detach themselves. They try to neutralize or bury or hide or come on their hearing. To protect themselves from the pain. This is not productive. Right? This is this is not what it's about. Because this is just another active version and the version is just another form of painting. Every time you act out of creating, you reinforce the same ignorance. And put your saying create that much more distance between the that you're after.

What we're talking about in terms of working with your sn is confronting it with mindfulness. Seeing it as it is, saying it's positive as they are. Understanding how those causes are rooted yep delusion. And then you don't try to do anything more than that. Because that's all you have to do. To scene an understanding will make the changes. Okay. And that is really important point. It seems that what but the four nobles through sun. To. We should see how much of the du card. They're suffering or whatever it is.

Is and cured part the by recognizing that green? Yes. I I she needed my own life the a child him to lockdown. A lot of in one eye. And so I suffered and very hard as mother didn't. Yeah. My child should not have been infection. My child should not suffer. If if it's another child, I'm sorry I think that sometimes i love which is such a powerful emotion is what really causes the worst... Well, it's because we're not able to love that sure way. In the you're all my... Looks like to say by the same kind of green that You was.

Like these tentacles that are wrapped around Yeah. And it does close. Yeah. By doing this by doing this to john opinion basically, your planting car exceeds. Better. Better because. That's right. Very positive next week. They in imp love also that is has all angeles as you said. It's not only it's like green you know, relating to, okay, mine, right, my child, etcetera but it prevents here, I think from loving because become on track. No. It's a very contracted and i with the i we call it the pure the lump and the the broader the.

The love comes out of our nature. Then takes it over. And the ego, you know, you love this being this person there? That's mine. Hand parallel away. And then you take your self boundary and you stretch it out and you wrap it around the other thing And now it just becomes another parcel ourselves. Yeah. Can I just throw in but that that when it when it comes to social change, social activism where the suffering that you see is really someone else or another another being... Or other species together that for for me, the route to kind of right action in that context is is compassion.

That it's... It's not like Sometimes when you first spoke to buddhism you think this means detached and not failing amazing about people who are suffering in justin sort of war but but there's somehow a shift to to use the focus of compassion rather than anchor and the other more ego kind of connected states. Mh. That frees you to have a more correct action because you've examined we've done the same process as you do with your in your own states. It's a social... You're you're looking at yourself, but you're also observing and aware of other conditions external and then the actually kind of arises out of that without the So then a it's not a common commonly taught or or storm even articulated process in a lot of social change groups, which is probably why, you know, yeah.

Anyway, whatever. But I think it's important one longevity certain. How to do that Well, first, let's just go back that is why do you want alternate make charge? I mean, I even in fact that sorry better. Don't makes some happy me desire happiness do let know know getting out. But Joy. Joy is a tool. On the spiritual path. One one. If you And think in your mind the so I subscribed to you. Not one thing, but many different parts. And that you want them to work together harmony. And if we do work together in harvey, The result will be effortless meditation profound insight into the way things really are.

Understanding apt emptiness and understanding self and becoming a. Good result. But you're having the experience that my mind is is divided against itself. I'll do identify on money. When is your mind unified anyway? The Unified mind is a joyful mind and joy to the degree that you can associate join with activity It will cause a different parts of your mind to get on and onboarding with that activity. You see it's as simple as that. If you can't associate joy with the process of meditation, you're gonna find...

All these different parts of be. Watch Tv or go for a child or have a beer or make a phone call? Yep. If joy is a part of meditation, these other the parts you're buying is you know, okay. I can get on more this. See. That's the reward. In addition to the joy itself, which brings pleasure happiness, and which is quite okay and itself adds a tool. It will... It's a very powerful tool, for training your mind for bringing about a identification line. And a positive feedback blue. The more parts of your mind come into harmony and the easier your meditation becomes, but more joy pleasure there is associated with utilization and it just keeps building on itself.

So all you need to do is trying to get that joy started. And once it's there, do whatever whatever you can. It just keep it happening. So... Yep. So external circumstance to create the joy to make you wanna So when you're in that joyful state then go meditating? Well, we to started to a certain degree. That's true. One of the things is very helpful. Have. If you're trying to establish a regular meditation practice, is create a special place. Make it just exactly the way you wanted it to be. That maybe you're comfortable for things are meaningful stem a particular time is your time it's for meditation.

Get all the rest of your day in your night to other people in the rest of the world and your job and this. This place this time, you make it special. That's gonna make it easier to sit down there area. So i I mean, so it is true and that way. But first, I was gonna start with just the meditation process. When I did the guy meditation with you yesterday, I said suggest is that. You discover whatever pleasant qualities there are in your body. The stillness right is pleasant. Any pleasurable feelings things like that.

And then well, keeping your attention focused on the meditation object. Sustain those things in your awareness. And I don't know if you'd had a chance to practice that since we do that. But when you've meditate? Discover, investigate discover, what is pleasant physically, in your body about this experience. And trying to collect that slip away from your awareness. While your paying citation. Have them do exactly the same thing when you look at your mind. And if there's a piece in your mind, if there's some happiness in your mind, whatever pleasure there is, what whatever sense of satisfaction, but you might be rising but the fact that your mind hasn't wandered for i that way it doesn't matter source.

And I'm not telling you to focus your attention on that because you're using your attention in your practice, but your awareness, keep that in your awareness. This is i to make your meditation or pleasant. Any pleasant experience is going to shift the line in the direction of the state of joy. Might to send a state of joy is gonna naturally experience more pleasure and become more unified. And so over a period of time, you'll find this little simple thing and really improve the quality of your meditation.

My experience is somebody who's tried to end I am implementing a day to day practice sitting is that it's quite grueling, actually, I there was my a pleasant sitting in the situation and that it was after a period of six months, I think that I express to Sean. Okay. I'm not feeling this deep version going and sitting right now. I'm actually feeling a little bit comfort and going to sit right now. That's taken me a long time and if I stop doing it or whatever or I feel like I'm not doing enough of it.

And again that mind obstacle comes into play. And then again, the aversion kinda comes in again, and then I'm back to that nice. And So it's been really hard to maintain that daily hot... I've done it. But I mean, Sean knows I've i called them out oh god. I gotta sit now. You know One of those things. What I'm talking about? Now. It gets a part of a it just one part of a bigger picture. And yes, when you... First normal, like, is that? Yes. When you first begin or meditate, a lot of physical discomfort is a part of it.

And also a lot of mental agitation, restless, dow, you know, the hindrances are all there. You know, of I can't really do this. Other people can, but are you? You think this is the wrong method. I I've better go try something to maybe. Or or whatever, You know, but yeah doubt rest all of these things. They're they're really strong in the beginning and it is a major obstacle. But even in the very beginning, the physical discomfort gives you an opportunity to discovery something that that you need to discover and and you probably weren't wear it before, and anybody who hasn't discovered that already needs to discover it.

That even when there's a lot of discomfort in your body, it's extremely rare that there isn't something that feels great. Almost always something that feels good. It's a question of finding that. And there's a question of keeping them your awareness rather than the eight and so so far. So and and you know, it doesn't change the fact that the beginning from the beginning it's a difficult period Start well, but you... If right at the beginning, somebody you're lucky have to have somebody to tell you, no matter how bad it feels there's something that feels good.

Attention to that or be aware of that preferential. Two other degree you can. And train yourself to be aware know that. Likewise, in your mind first of all, if you don't identify you get restless this comes up. Your first tendency is is you the experience you have is oh restless. And if you could just train yourself to like girl that's... Okay. No. That's just a feeling arising in that line is just a. It's just a mental state in arrest. And be on the lookout for pleasant natural experiences. At first, it's very...

You'll probably find is very difficult to identify your bethel state until you get some practice. We're not you this very often. You know, when I asked you to do that in the meditation yesterday, probably a allowing you, look at your mind find anything there. But with practice, you'll definitely find it there's. There's always something here. You know you you always feel something way it's pleasant or it's time pleasant. And beyond that, you'll find this some more complex state or always behind the feeling.

And and this is something that you want to learn to be aware of anyway? But what... In terms of cultivating joy what you especially watching your do is learn to identify the positive aspect even if there's no pleasure, there may be peace. Right. And peace peace is good. But that's quite vital told you'll find some pleasure there. May have go and it may be fleeting. But if you can learn or be aware of it, and you are going to be able to your mind into to making. Medication to be a more positive experience.

Now you can extend this to the rest of your and you absolutely show If you call to enjoy all day, by intentionally reminding yourself to pay attention to to the good and the positive. See the best and everyone and everything. And not to do dwell on the unpleasant. But two. I ten keep as much awareness as you can't of how quite as pleasant. You'll come to be and a more very state of night all the time. Which means when it comes time to go slip and the krishna another, it's gonna seem like a far more attractive idea.

Right? So I think and you're gonna sit that. The other thing is that there are... You can find something you do that you can do at the beginning of each meditation to bring to mind as much joy as possible. And I invite you to experiment with different things at find different race to it. Why the one simple thing that I do with my students is I teach them or I called them nine dollar prayer. And ask them to recite that to themselves along with the visualization. So the that pain our repay trying to induce as much pleasure and joy associated with the meditation as we can write it through beginning.

And that that prayer goes here is the great bird. Filled with the smell of intent. And here you can visualize, you know, not just the smell enhancements, but all of the incredible sensory delight just life in this open. Offers to it. Then the next line is covered with a blanket of flowers. Not flowers, flock of furniture schools of fish, forests, grasses life. Yeah, other words a wife life on this planet but richness. But beauty a magnificent of life on this planet and the fact that I'm part of it.

So fortunate to be. And the body, l. Great mountain. Before continents. And here's the physical plan. Think of beautiful mountains. Valleys. Hazards, cliffs, oceans, planes. Canyon. Local physical beauty. That is experienced. Why a human being like yourself in this life. So you back the mind. Wearing a jewel of the sound not just the signing in the room, but the star is the galaxy mix. You can visualize the magnificent of this huge things, wonderful universe. It's... That's goes so far beyond they capacity line team even and imagine standing out forever.

You think of those pictures of nebula and things like that that taken from the hubble space telescope. In my mind, and may it found a paradise and you know that this is the paradise would do that. Right? Nirvana is not different i'm felony experiences. And my mind, I may go down a paradise for the building. And. And here's where jessica. I offer it all to you. Sentient things everywhere. And just imagine that the the appreciation that you've generated in your own mind was going out to air after y'all sentient sentient things everywhere.

By this deed may all beings come to another the pure world, from suffering. Medi. That's a really good way to start. But you can use that if you want. But font your own, but you get the It idea. Start your meditation, You know, and it's good to sit down. If you just sit down and start to practice without some sort of a transition your daily life, it's it's gonna be kind of abrupt anyway. So something like this can be really really least So cultivate cultivate joy in your daily life and pulp indian meditation.

By intentionally attending to what is good, seemed the best in it and holding present aspects moment of experience, give your awareness even while you're training your attention. And even while you're using your attention and whatever specific task depending on your practice you might be using your attention to generate specific images and things like that. That doesn't keep you holding the pleasant aspects of your experience in your awareness at the same time. If you do that, you know, what that?

Has always happening in here try life every time there's been the element of fuzz and activity, it's been easier to do. Meditation slow. Used time? Think we're getting close. Last questions about Yeah. This my offering. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Covered Yeah. We do it Know. Especially have this is quite all of that and and did. I'm unable to be here on Wednesday. But thank you very, very much here. I do open new bit stores for me, and I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much. Thank you and your gross welcome.

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