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Ottawa Palyul Dharma Centre 5 June 2011 (Part 2)


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my meditation with a group who's not as effective as my meditation. One I'm alone. My body is not as relaxed to my mind is not a relaxed. Well, we are interconnected and it can work either way. Sometimes. If you're listening achieve our strong often that can and prudent quality rehabilitation. It's sometimes just the president all the Psyche near nearby. Just disturb. Yes. Won't you suggest in terms of strategies so you've because like I I understand the the... I think the the point of being able to get one point in this and we'd being able to shift with broader awareness.

Right? Because it's a still and then again, only when something was settled. I'm wondering if is there a brand board something arises such as you know, so called that comes up. Right. And then you know that, okay versus is this is something that can be an object of annotation. Right? And then we just watching it, just watch it but ariel... How does wanna know whether when to kind of get it to the broader target and go back to it. Well, you want to be able to learn to use that to fight tune your practice moment by moment.

Their approve quality and meditation. So there's several different things that you would take into account. Sometimes you... If you focus in closely, you'll have a sense that it's creating an agitation good indication to and it's be appropriate to sometimes when you're focused on closely to, you can have a sense of that you're thinking into dull. If you open up your awareness, it more large stimulation housekeeping keep you more learning. Sometimes though what you want to do is is push yourself to go after being more to aware of the very fine details and see how much you can enhance the vivid of your perception.

You know, if you're very alert and you're very awake and your mind is is pretty calm and stable but push yourself in that way. Let's see how because what you're trying to do is you're trying to increase the the power or your account see it is. And you're trying to do that at same time as being able to focusing on keep your attention stab focused on an object, but not lose awareness, especially if your mine. At first you may find that learning not to lose peripheral awareness is easier if it's your body awareness that you're keep marriage.

But the direction you wanna move is because body awareness is not gonna be very important. It's the awareness of you want. Gonna move in the direction of what I get. The second thing I'd did asking you to to try to be a aware of the state of your mind feeling the activities of you're on as you're meditating to to be the to moment whether might is becoming more restless or or call them. you know, this you end up guiding yourself in your and therefore... So if restless less line result directly recognize just mind, the practice to also enroll out to I did get the opposite restless one, which was gonna call.

Exactly. I go from to to just a bright. That's right. Okay. Yeah. I think that was the part... Because I think before, I used to say, but is this not seeing things and just accepting things if they are, but because it's it is scale too. They're still checking. Things so this is just to, but the idea is able to recognize it and then move on the... Exactly. Right. Yeah. You're still accepting things as they are. Because one of the worst things you can do is feel annoyed that your mind is restless.

So No exactly charter present or something like that. Sorry you know I just totally accepted. This is the way things are. The thing you work with it. I don't confidence. To this same. Right. And it's a learning process too, you know, we'll you'll try something it'll don't have the opposite effect, but you've learned something frame it. So... I find very much other. Done to my attention the she. I just supposed to be the same or his attention we on a spot. No. That... I I think you're making it into two things and it's not.

The The object is ultimately the sensations. I mean, that is why you're proceeding. Sensation arising. From the nerve of endings in your body. Right? And the potty spot is the place where those sensations are rising from. To place where they are most clearly present, which won't be the same for every. For some people it's on the upper, some people might be inside the nostrils, some people might be in in Nostrils. But you're on a body spot. Is the spot where the sensations are most clearly happening.

So at the same thing. And then when you got your attention on that coffee spot on. Hate. Wait a second. Anyway. When you got your attention to all that. Then what you're doing is you're you're examining those sensations more clearly. That's where the following of breath to. That the beginning of the. And they end at the and then the pause the beginning of the and end the office. And then as you go in work closely others the beginning of the end breath, it's an impact followed by a sensation of cool.

Is that outside air sensation of of well, it's got it's going to be unique to you. But the way I was excited is is a sensation of as as it moves to the nozzle and nostrils as a kind of an expansion. And so you you'll see in the course of the all these different sensations rising and passing the away. And you work up to that graduate. You just start with trying to adapt identify clearly where the beginning and. And then you have have to as has as the acuity of your perception increases and as it serves your purposes to practice me more or closely focused.

The the there's not a size limit to the There is... For one person, it might be the size of that's what we're raised. For another person it might span the area that's an itch or even an half and d. You know? And that doesn't matter. It's just... Once it's clear in your mind, this is this is the place I'm of paying attention to the sensations coming from here. I opposed to add everything else. That's what makes it deal spot. Okay. Yes. It suggests one time I can't even who, but they were saying that it's it's helpful to up.

To get that flow of the breath. And to they had a basically, a three cell of launch and, you know, home way they my and went on oh to spell the graph. Did you about sweet lab it was a pause on a seventh. So, basically, once she back through him and give built, depend parts them and stalin and I guess, it's... It suggested that well give me more awareness and of that phone not. You know. But this was quite interesting because that sensation good you were talking about like, a temperature on not cool and then moments more reaching out to but I found that it was physically, like, when you suggested it, you know, to the discomfort everybody you may be drilling penalties just focus on that.

And my total attention. I got more attention. Mh. Fixing out of more attention and they adjust. So that he three years he came to. It might have been a lack of focus on the graph response. That they kept on back to the physical haven't. You that. Yeah. Well. Yes but. What you wanna do is is you want You want to have movements of attention be the result of your original intention. That's the bottom one. I And sometimes when here movement, it's just you one your retention. It's just on moving. The best way that you can deal with that is well it's gonna go there anyway then i'm gonna and and we Yeah.

If you... If you end up struggling against yourself, no will produce tension. And sometimes it's you can finish finesse the situation. Does matter how we do that all the time. When you? You bet you have pain? When the pain becomes significant enough and intrusion got. Keep throwing your attention. Or right? Make it for meditation logic object. Mh. Right. That yeah stops the problem. Thinking with you know, sometimes emotions lives. And and productive breath and meditate on the sensations of emotional improves in their body.

Just a couple of examples there. A lot of answer here was, things they wanted to back and that know. It like physical violence. Right? It was hard for me to set up right then. They a physical position. So I felt. But my energy... My interviewed dropped. And so maybe, and we you saying I should bring my attention to the engine. Referred to the feeling of struggling to to be still and sit? Well, if your experiences is that... You're feeling a kind of tired and and wish to lay down that's so strong and it keeps drawing your attention away from the ground.

Yeah. Yeah take that feeling of the tired as your meditation object. Same i'm played against it. Let yes. What I'm saying is is, is it a tendency when you start focusing your mind for tension to build on? In your forehead and your shoulders and just places like that. And so if you find that and let go of that. Right. But if you were experiencing attention, I think if I understand you correctly, because you have this overwhelming sensor of wanting to lay down. Yeah, we were forcing yourself to keep back paying attention to the.

And so, yeah. What I would suggest for that is that you take that sensation it's partly bodily, but it's also partly met. And it makes that the focus of your attention. Until it goes away, which you might do. When you focus on it that way very often because it kinda disappears. Then you go back to the breath and it comes back again and you can out not it. Yes. He x. Yeah. So maybe I was changing a little bit. I don't know. But I love that you included the smile that you you you mentioned the smile.

I think that it's a very important part with segmentation. And and very often I don't getting other medications and honestly, not many have included the the general, the used of the smile for me There's an anything comes with not. You the that smiles and meditate. And I learned the very early as I met change so was Always a part of that, but there's an energy there. I mean then i've really... We just talking about the the fatigue, Whenever you mentioned the the dis smile, I realized that I did not maybe my don't.

And as soon as I put the smile back and and we're talking to mile, the energy image rose again and and and and So the smile and also the smile for me is I I became very aware of room for people with the smile on their things. Give created the energy which is human unique. Yes. And this is why I'd love to... And like, you know, so, I love to let say in a room of other people because of vast energy. The the I don't often get, you know, and I'm I'm not alone. But yeah I could thank you that the inflation of the smile there and and an all.

We even not there just a reminder. It it doesn't a lot for me, but I you my and to keep me brain back. Yeah they're something about that smile. So really very so it's a very powerful thing thing. Yes. Go ahead. I was also fighting asleep, and I was able double disadvantaged because I had allergy samples today. So i really... I didn't fall sleep. And when was... When you started Did have a guy you gates afternoon. And when you our attention to the upper arms and the i and the rest of the body, suddenly, I became a awake I had a challenge.

I think just just concentrating on breathing in breathing out people in being up I find it boring, and that's what builds on the down. That's right. But when me go all over, it's much more interesting. I'm why to right now, and I don't need any without I could feel any allergies upset Yeah. Well, I had probably should talk a little bit about dealing with illness. But I have one more question here that answer first before I did that. I don't not even sure if i can I find that the following of breath is two.

I've been doing it for years and years she ago send you bad of so she didn't start giving because a little bit impatient. Yeah. So. I used it. It's a really... It's a wonderful tool for me actually for dealing with my patients because you have a day, I think and I tend to get an impatient when I've got many things to do. So and I can really relaxed into it and I can really follow your instructions and go from, you know, the different body sensations in apps we feel out that part of that body and whatever else.

But what I find is with sound is very disturbing to me. Not a general background, but all of a sudden have the dogs are. I could actually physically explain like my mind or my brain kind a jumps. Yeah. There's that... Type of a thing. And it's that pretty normal or will bob eventually fade away Because that... I mean, I can go back into being attentive, but there's that sort of jolt almost out of that state of into like, oh. That that kind of reaction will tend to go away. And I don't know whether this is the case or not.

But if you if you become overly focused, it can produce a subtle state of dull and it there's a sound he be jerk. You know, you have a reaction. I'm not saying that that's what was happening to you, but that is something to be aware of about kind of startled reaction is a really usually a very reliable the indicator that I so all. Okay. So... But when you have when you're meditating, and your mind is still in the sense that your attention is stable and not moving. But your awareness is still packed and present.

It becomes... And and this has been found in and research studies. It becomes very difficult to study to start a in that state. Because they the... It it's like they almost know you know, the sound before it happens. And so they don't react to it. Study of ne got really, deliberately produced those a well short noise right next to them. They didn't respond. They for their brains didn't respond electrodes on stuff. And even their brains didn't show these typical response to so. Great That's Lines have a a story to Loma who used to make his students meditate beside a banging door.

It's falling and dull I I find it Sort of difficult to not to follow over the kind of meditation I start out really well. And start out with the and graph and and all that. But as soon as my my mind is settled into the into the front, then it's like my body is Now the breath is doing me. Or. It's it's... You know, so then so that I five five minutes even So I'm so sort of half consciously saying, okay. Do this with with breath or my breath will completely come down. Like it will just completely get.

Corey my part until maybe sometimes i don't breathe for some time and let and know again. And then it... So that when when you come to the end and and say, okay, you know, take breath and and open your eyes. In my head, I'm saying, okay. Take breath up eyes and and but whatever else is going on is just going on there, you know, and I just have to kind of wait that over. Is that something that is part of Jon practice or associating. If it's it's a pretty normal part of some practice that that you gets gonna state of stillness and use.

It takes a real effort to bring yourself out it to bring that. The physical stillness and the mental still. They just... There's so nice and some part of anything saying. I I don't wanna go Yes. So when vendors that the solution of of the gillette, did you describe earlier the you're talking this morning, some sometimes you you're not really we don't we don't have that subs sensation of of the bread coming in that. The dissolution And then there's just a general state of awareness this in in june It's a technique to just stay with that and just to see what arises or this one or did you try to shift the attention to anyone from that open open spacious last so like describe what does one doing for or what are the options.

Sure use not. So you you're talking about when the breath becomes so shallow that you can't find the sensations to the rep anyone. Yeah. Okay. Can money. I don't upon how completely hours and P. If you can still detect some sensation during part of the breast cycle. Well, that's really all you need. It allows you to keep looking for the reps. It doesn't matter where you actually find it not you're still your attention is very focused. And it's going... And of the... Your sexual acuity, he is going to be increasing as as you try to detect those sensation.

Okay. So it's there's even even one small part of the breath, president future can continue to follow the breath even though can't see a lot of the other. Also it is to go back to. Yeah. If it happens though that that you just can't find any part of the breath at all, Yeah. I can just can't find any of it all, and you can't find it at the abdomen or anything like that. Then at that point, You always want to have your attention intentionally directed. So that point choose something else. To direct your attention towards.

Or if you can, if you if you're capable of expanding your attention to just kind of state of open awareness that you can do that as well. Well, it is that state awareness. And that see when it first happened, because I was neutral mh. And there was I what is going on. So I went to it was fact. Didn't we judgment of this, but it was actually kind of stepping backwards that it was actually okay. Which just staying we're that be a spacious and and not cannot not go back to something as chorus as physical.

Yeah. And it would be good if if we could talk a little further about this. If if you can achieve an open spacious awareness, that is highly alert and highly conscious. And that is that is one of the things that you want to do. That's something... That's really good thing to do. And you can learn to practice with that. I mean, that is that open awareness is what you cultivate in order to practice version and you you just allow sensations or thoughts or whatever to enter into that space. And you get to observe by about.

So so if it is if it's a a space, a spacious awareness that is very alert and very conscious. And that's that's a good thing to work with and our ways to work with they extremely productive. But be very wary of a spacious that's just like kind of dull. Yep. Oh, that's yeah. I think i'm not giving the... The coast scheme. Right? Some in conferencing see. Yeah... Yeah. Right. Kind treating like, yeah. We that's different from. Seven Yes. I have experience where I'm that. If there's a lot of activity and movement and noise or homie me, I find it very easy to be sort of be just virtually aware of that.

But very focused in and we're putting my attention. When I don't have all of that context is is when I get fuzzy. So it's that just another way of like, keeping myself occupied by being peripheral aware and focusing. Is that like, a a flaw that I need to work on? Or that like, get in a direction? No. I I I don't think it is. I think what's happening is that if there aren't those external sensations, that your... That the broader awareness we talked about tends to contract And and then then that creates a problem.

But being aware of external sounds and lot these sensations isn't very important. On the other hand being where that was what's going on in behind idea, So when there's not these other kinds of distractions, focus your attention and then practice being aware of what's going on in your mind. Make intros awareness it. To be the priority. And if your mind not being drawn towards external sounds regard that as an opportunity to be aware what's going on inside. Okay. Should go back to the bak. Shouldn't be the for that shout parking of the dog which is offering for me permanent food.

They who strengthen they say thing. Yeah it's a of loan medication. So got or or where a from? Can. It can help to make you. Experience that I have You know, when you cultivate a joyful state of mind, if you're sitting the in a state of joy, and somebody costs, it's like the the reaction to the cough. Doesn't being wanna no answer or neutral is. We'll have the life. I think that's that's a natural consequence. How Pt one and develops is that whatever happens tense tends to be enjoyable pleasurable satisfying in that way.

Yes. John, would you be able to say something about different type? Self trans. I'm just kind of making the brains here a little bit. In terms of there's a breathing medication whereas you have guiding us the practice just to become focused intention, exploring kind of perception height perception. And then there's a kind of another type of trans where, you know, in your eyes close, you can still have your eyes rolling up in your head and then your body starts to shade, and that's a more, like, kind of shamanic.

Right? Trans when they were go into the fair state and, you know, fall down the the spirit and it Well, would you have to say about in terms of their relationship or what's different there? What's none different there? Well, that's that's a very different kind of practice and You know, I I did some On work with Michael partner. I found a very interesting name. They i think. You're entering into Not exactly. I I don't know if trans are right where but you're you're into a very definite altered state of coaching yes.

Yeah. And where you the purpose of it is to allow you to open up to how kinds the input awareness. And in the in the san practice. This you can get into a state of dull where the hip imagery starts to become very strong. And it is very much likely a shamanic state. But within the context of i'm a time practice, you'd wanna recognize that douglas list and bring yourself out of it. Yeah. This is what I I generally tend to do. And I... Because I find myself falling by easily into instead of tremor or eyes rolling up or kind of, you know, whatever going on.

And and that I I usually say, okay. Go and go back to the branch trying go back to to what is the summit practice. So... And and that's that's the right way to do something america. Mh yeah. These other things. They have that in they have their place yeah Shamanic can right. What about the experiences of Pity though? Don't they also have some very peculiar manifestations because it is physical. Yes. Right. It does. So. Principal manifestations of Pt, maybe prefer something about that. Well, there's with yeah about.

No. It is quite common for Pt to be associated it was strong. Movements. A lot of really strange sensations talked about earlier, but also with a lot of physical movements share to a chain and rocking back and forth it, things like that. And... You know, I wouldn't be all surprised if on physiological level the shaking that you're talking about but it's not related in some way to the movements that occurs a part of P mh. But they're happening in two different contracts. So, you know, i it's that's just my speculation yeah.

I probably have this similar physiological orange. Would a person going some of the practitioner. If the manifestations of Pt arrives in whichever form, should we then say, okay. Now kind of sub sub you that know When they sense manifestations of feet rise, the way to deal with them is is let be just drop count. Like to be, Let me go, you just do as much as you can to stay with the practice. If they are... If some aspect of them is so disturbing that you can't do that. And you as I said earlier, you can take that host of meditation object.

But from a very objective standpoint, you know, if a lot movement. System is so of distracting, when you just objectively observe this movement taking place in the sensations associated. So how would I distinguish between what is sort of some kind of machine style absorption that one should let go and manifestations of feature that one should like be. Okay. What I is is my guideline. When Ppe is rising, they should... The vine should be really clear and sharp alert there's no question, but there's not any dull there.

It was that ain't ain't vaguely about. Yours you're just you're totally strongly present. And if that's the case, let these things go. Like. Confident. Right. Thank you. Yes. Should, you know. But Mh. And the one stage is as same draw The first breast control and withdrawal. Clear to Well, yeah. You you're ready. It does. It does parallel the entire process what makes it confusing is they use the words in different ways. Mean the word samadhi by samadhi, they name something quite different than what is typically taken the name in the context the buddhist meditation.

Be didn't mean some super monday? Yes. Yes. Again the yoga and the yogic system Samadhi is is regarded as the... The highest state of consciousness that you can achieve, whereas, you know, I would use Sam to refer to the practice of concentration. I would describe you know, even a relatively inexperienced has able to demonstrate some degree of some samadhi in like a a yogic practitioner or what would be appalled with that notion shouldn't matter. That's just difference in the use of the words. But if you look at the description of the states you can see that these are parallel paths.

And now the differences, but they're they're very strong parallels as well. I think they mentioned but, the pulse slate. Yes. So I asleep and I'm seeing away yes and really when they this some that that to Yeah. Yep. And why why in buddhism then has being sort of downgraded to excuse not that. What what is course I don't think it's not much just as the the language is evolved in different directions. You see the... The original buddhist teachings were all being preserved in Poly until there was a a a sc and at the the third major conference they had after talking to Buddha.

And... Said? Think yeah. The the canceled. Figured out counsel yeah. So they went off and they said, we're gonna translate all this stuff at the san it. And this the san script they translated it into it it they carried over all the buddhist terminology into the San. It doesn't a matter like that that version of Sand grid is called buddhist San because it contains a lot of poly words that weren't originally part science. I mean, Probably derived from Sam's grid ultimately, but San continues to evolve the poly evolved in a different way.

And that's some of these words were brought back in. So we ended up after that point. In the meantime and the Sand grade language, the yoga tradition had been developing a long yes. And the word ie from Poly got brought back into Sam's at about that point. So now we have today thousands of years later, we have the San meaning of Samadhi within the yoga tradition having different connotation and have way it carries in the in the buddhist tradition with roots and somebody some names gathering together are pulling together and has has much of same connotation as concentration you know, con centric bringing bringing everything together in the middle.

Somebody concentration or something odd don't. Also what I find interesting is it also fits very well with unification of aligned respect unification. But it's... I suspect it's in the San branch that the were evolved and a much more specialized use. And I think the the buddhist use of sam samadhi to name more or less conscious... The same thing we mean in English with concentration is has probably undergone less transformation in the same period. It's just one of those accidents I think of what happens was.

Different. Different cultural used words differently. So that... That's a you person started with the b jonas, probably sensor withdrawal. You think Like i mean, i'll right. Alright. Could you repeat that trouble hear you person in your death background. Started with a deep challenge of. That's right margo so That's right. Yeah. I started with... And and just a matter of fact, while I was told was that's that's that was John and that was the only thing that was talking. Which I subsequently we realized was not only true, but that these lighter forms of Jaw not useful.

Somebody was asking a yesterday. How how well we started out asking how long it should take to... Okay. Second I can't hedge him not computer a specific answers so. So he cleverly rearrange this as well, long good thank you and I told him. But then I said, but it shouldn't have taken that long. Yeah. Yeah. If I have there's certain kinds of information that if might did have access to. I i I think you would have taken it nearly as long. That's my project. Let's try to to click that in Well, I have somebody helping with me with it.

We're working on the summer. K. Keeps taking longer than I expect. For a certain period of time that was taking longer because I kept wanting to add more to. I finally got over now. This is what it's gonna be about. Anything else is gonna have to wait for later. And now it's, I I have a very really... young, man. He's Phd and sociology religion at New york state University is working with me on this. Yeah. I write things that I think it's absolutely absolutely clear. No. And he has back. And and one the exact candidate to here verbose reach anywhere.

So he'll get what thinks I myself bring her back i hand half the leg. He didn't get complain at all. So and I'm learned him I'm learning a lot, and think about how we get finish with it. It be. Hopefully very clear i'm easier to understand them if I be paying it on right on. But It's it's keeps taking more time than I think he was going to. Like, like, he's working with me all summer long when I get back to two tucson. He's a arriving in Tucson airport at the same time I do. And he's staying for the summer.

So wanna try to get this time. You. Yes. Could you speak a little a bit about thomas because this is my first meditation ever. Oh first so. I to say that it was rather eleventh. Yeah. But I thought in the Beginning, I felt now is of forced on my legs. Yes. And couple dog, there was some dollars Yep. In my line because my mind was truthfully way. I started to dream. Actually it happened, like three times. Already? I was not speaking eighty on. And then I didn't clear the... I'm missing my next anymore.

Yeah. I just sit straight like that and i didn't even feel tired. And but at the same time, you said that Now i'll pay attention to your name. And you know, if it's happiness or order at And there were not many thoughts either. Yeah. There were some a little bit coming english. Rest, it was just... How. Not many either. So I thought i doing. Yes. So will it down is, So could you speak to Permission? They... Is it... Did you say this is your first time meditating? Well, you're doing wonderfully, it's not unusual when people first begin to meditate that account.

Because this is new, This is different. This something haven't done before that there's not a lot of distraction, there's not a lot of thoughts. So you can expect later on. Keep give luck. That. That happens don't be disappointed. Okay. You have a little bit of darkness. Which was probably as much as anything today due to did the time of day and and so and so forth. So let me just address all this Dull. Usually... There's... It's usually when you get through belt the fourth stage that you have to confront and deal with all this as a major problem, which means you have to train the line not to go into donuts.

So most likely, you don't have a lot of problem of dull for the next little while, but as start to get some skill and your meditation gets better your my call or required, then you'll have all coming up as a serious problem. Now the way to deal with all, the way to train your mind not to go into Dull is first of all, you have to realize that your mind's already highly conditioned. When you do... When you close your eyes and you stop thinking about everything you start paying attention everything else.

All of your life you've been doing that when you wanted to go sleep. And so there's a lot of really strong conditioning here. So what you need to do is train your mind that what we're meditating and we do that, it's different. It's not like litecoin to go with that. And the way you do that is that when dull arises, you immediately employ some kind of antidote to bring you out of the dog. And the... The rule of thumb is you want to use a strong enough antidote To bring you out all so that you... The dull doesn't return for at least several minutes at three to five minutes.

If it comes back more quickly than that than the antidote you've used wasn't strong enough for the degree of dollars that was spread. And so what if you don't round yourself completely from experience what's called sinking. And just immediately background down. That means you didn't really bring yourself out of development. But if you can sit there for, you know, a couple of dozen breaths before the dollar starts started to take you again, and you used a strong antidote out. And so it's it's all about learning to use the antidote judging an appropriately strong antidote.

And ultimately recognizing the dull earlier and thirty with the process. Because the earlier you I say, the easier it is to turn it around counteract. So like, if you... If Douglas is very, very mild, you catch your right away sometimes all you need to do is to just expand your awareness to be rarely your surroundings names, your body, you know, there was bring more sensory stimulation and I will bring you back to lu. But when you first start dealing with dull, you're not gonna to recognize it early in enough regard work.

So you have to use more strongly things. Like the things said that I found very useful is you take several really deep breaths and then you left the breath out really slowly against per lips, and that has en the effect. So you do that for three to four. Get we'll wake you up. And I it wakes you up for as I said, three to five minutes. Stronger. Another thing that you can do is and hold all of your muscles and then release them and repeat that a few times. Now also stimulate and mouse to breaking.

Sometimes too, if if you've done that, and you feel with all this kind of is not really strong, just meditating. When your eyes open. And be enough. But there were times when none noticed things were. And but that doesn't work standing up. It's a very uncomfortable medicaid. But you won't fall asleep. Happy Would So you standing up for a little while and you feel like you're you're alert enough, but you can sit down and sit it down. And if you find that that doesn't work, if you find that that that's not up.

And get more scope. Splash some water in your face to go for a walk and then come back with everything everybody. But that could also mean you're not getting enough sleep. Well, yes. That this assumption here is that this is not a darn this into illness or or fatigue... Which the. There's no point in trying to fight it. Happen down. But we are sleep deprived in the society. We are... And you and you discovered that when you you get the bed you're going doubt you're not necessarily getting this much address as you unique.

But if you if you counteract all this in this way, you don't expect the new counteract it once second it's gone is much more typical is it keeps coming back. And this whole meditation sip may end up being about nothing good told us. Recognizing dominance, counteract gauntlet, how back you doing account. But it's all training. The repetition is what eventually brings you're buying to a place where it doesn't do this anymore. But what you will have happen is I think what are you experienced and what you described as well.

You'll be counter your don't, and then something will shift inside it. All of a sudden you'll alert you don't have any more problem that it. And so what that happens then, that's great, at least for today. But every medi has to work through the problem problem. It's just one of the things that comes up. When it does, just accept it, hey, this is part of the whole thing you know, once you have... Once you have successfully worked through Da, it will rarely have arise again. I only when you're really tired or I shift how you like the excluding stocks?

I noticed that the briefing. Because it came to me three mine, but I i was being? Yes. And then I purchased this said go back to the green. So I followed three times. And then that's when suddenly, always must be anymore. I was just there. And then it's started to become since you're beginning meditating, let me give you an tab. You're going to have the experience of forgetting and not wondering. You forget what you're doing in your mind wandering. Then you suddenly leaning remember or what you're doing?

And the most important thing when that happens is you you do not allow yourself to feel it all annoyed because you forgot gravitational object or patient volume wandered. Instead, what you want to do is take particular note of have the life is to be aware alert and and the present once again and sustain that for as long as you can after you return your attention into to brett. Private children calls out a mini awakening when you actually. Yes. Hey there it's any and it. You know, if it's... If you allow it to be, it's a reminder of where you're going.

You wanna be like that all time Yes. He had a question for a long time dude. That's okay. That's fine. I was up... So I went on the website be yesterday to find the... Said we download your it's a draft that would be of your book. Right? Yes. And I I joined group, and I could I can I joined the group sorry so I could download that file or you can access that file zoom. Give your probably with that link or something. Think Did you you found the file within the files section? Yeah. Yeah. And I clicked on the link and I couldn't it would let me download i'm wondering if if it's possible if you can access email it so somebody have spread it around so problem i.

I got. Actually, could you... I got it? I got it down. Okay. Okay yeah. As try it again and and if it if there isn't a problem, the best thing had didn't just post on the discussion group. The the fact that you're having trouble with, yeah blake barton who's the moderator or will see if you can fix whatever on the way to chime in there. Here. I just been let sitting done getting back through loud where experience I mean I've... You know, I felt some physical pain in my head and what and that was noise of course, because I was getting bug really focused on the what.

And then you were talking about trying to apply anecdote meditating kind of i abusive things. So I... you know, I didn't ignore it. But I kind struggle to breathe then. And just when you were disrupting his to shoulders and they started really and breathing into that pain, and that seemed to have... Settled. And even, you know, mean i was, you know, more comfortable So Yeah. I guess we take it super surprise then. I made listen I didn't know what to make of the instruction to build it back my shoulders because I'm one of those said I feel red going into my life now.

But when you when you you use two words that were the triggers for me to understand what you were talking about and you used expansion contraction. So then I could... Then I could sense and feel the in in graph expansion of the whole body and we contraction of the whole body. So then could feel the the in and out right the flow. But it it didn't take those those two words for me i know fiber it together. No. Yes. Sometimes That's the way it is. Just... You have to get just the right description.

February your mind can because. Body Breathing in these experiences. The whole body breathing out is fine. I've seen there a idea what this means was i believe when i show. And we just think. Involving what can I do that Well, what you you you can do that as an aid, to moving in the direction. How what you want to do is to perceive sensations that are spontaneously present rather than those that You are imaginative projecting. But that doesn't a mean you can't use imagination to guide you to the place of being aware of those sensations because your pre concessions can be barrier.

You know, angela have for her hair goes into the lungs and out of the lungs. Right? You mean shoulder. Just another place in the shoulders were there to go to. And yesterday, we were talking about, you know, feeling the the the breath in your knee gonna hit your legs and your feet. You know? If your image of the body is gives of the this relatively solid structure, then that's a nonsense idea. But what really after is the really are sensations that or associated with the the horizon house prices.

That's associated with the energy of the the energy of the breath. Have ultimately, that's what they are because they're obviously not the result of eighty percent nitrogen twenty percent of oxygen going to price. Because there's no place for it to go my... Right. Alright. So like she Yeah. So the the words and the mental images, I they you need to help where they can get in the way. But really after is refining our awareness. To the point that we can perceive least subtle sensations. And so doesn't matter how we get there as long as we get there in the air.

But we use imagination to help us go there. That's alright as long as we are able to leave the imagination behind once we succeed him. And discovering what's there. Yes. One of the things that I'm I'm like, when I'm a little bit confused on what that flow that you're talking about getting into that flow and and getting into the breath. There's a tendency for me to con contract my breath. There's a tendency for me to exaggerate certain parts of my breath for a period of time. I'm many. He was subside to its regular in order to really be aware and to really get into almost a deep flow of of energy running through my body.

You speak a little bit about that? Or or i totally off here or not? Or... Know what you're you're saying that you have the... You feel like you have a tendency to be altering the brain? Not so much altering, but there's many the day I'm actually going through life, and I'm actually not breathing. I mean, my breath is like, you know, like it's not actually a full breath. Yeah. So that whole process of actually... Breathing fully is something that I'm not even habit in doing. I I've caught myself when I'm in stressful situations.

Or if you catch yourself, you know, in a cry, you can see that there's different kinds of breaths going on throughout your day to day life. Well, me just point out to you that these are extremely powerful mechanisms and your body they're gonna make sure that you enough matter. It's true stress and emotions and things like that can't produce erratic breath patterns, But you're still going to agree sufficiently. And, of course when you're asleep, three. Alright. So as much as possible, you want to put yourself in the role of the passive observer.

Talk brand. I'm not our left breakfast too. Okay. Now when you have... When you're observing the, yep does ten to all. Initially, if you're trying to see exactly when the breath and hands. Without really intending to, we'll start exaggerating And the thing to ask yourself when you become aware of that is am by doing that? Intentionally? Or is that happening? Secondary to to my... So if it if you're not if you're doing it intentionally, it stop. But if it's happening and a side intentional, just observe.

Just me aware of it is part of the whole thing. And then as your concentration, improves your breath becomes really shallow. And your breath can become social shallow every now then your body spontaneously case of signed breath. You know, you what happens a lot of the Alveoli v light and your lungs are starting to collapse and sense Du closest to your brain says, hey we gotta do something. So that deep that happens. And did he just watch it. You watch your become shallow one fame. You watch the sudden strong signed breath that happens?

And... So the try not to intentionally it. And anything else that happens rather just be the pass observer. K. Yes. Yes but i one of the relationships that I've had we not you kind this system The very first lines. It begins with thus heard. Wanna they they all have the same similar section. If if she means something right at the very beginning, that's why I'm not sure about. Nothing. Find said at the very beginning. There's a section where he says, you know, this is happening in her retreat. And he says, you know, you guys are doing real well, some of you are non return and some that you are that's some of your...

You know, he goes on and on there's little bit of a pre. Now I never memorized that very much but No. I'm sure. No. I'm not idea. I agree without knowing that I really okay. Short and they blown. Yeah. And he brings in a lockdown room. He knows he along. He he beeps no. Yeah. Now include angela? Imagination. I think what this is referring to no you have... You're being in long, breathe out long, read short down her. What is referring to is you have you're very much fully aware of the breath continuously un uninterrupted.

So that you're aware that, well, this unrest a little shorter than the last one was. I just have a little longer than the last one a lot. This breath is longer, but the all breath is shorter you and needs that you have got continuous of the awareness that. And and and in some teaching traditions that is technically known as connecting following the graph is where you noticed the beginning and the middle and the end of the pause. Whatever sensations along the way. And then there's the next part to the technique that called following and conducting and what connecting means is you notice, first of all, you connect the parts of the breath cycle.

You you and connecting means noticing whether they out breath is longer shorter of than the end embryo. Noticing whether the pause between the unit and is longer or shorter than the pause between the. Noticing how that changes with the mental stay, part of connecting he noticing For example, you might notice that when you when your mind is still fairly unsettled that the pause between the breath and the next hand breath is quite a bit longer than the pause between the end of the breadth and the beginning of the.

But you'll notice that as your mind settles the switches and the pause between the pause at the end of the inhale comes the long one. So those sorts of noticing those sorts of things is connecting part. So I I think I think what the sutra is referring to, at very least is the kind of awareness that this breadth is longer than the last one. Education. The online and utilization being useful as the spotting. Yeah. Bad was something else. Washington. Yeah. That's the the lungs sticker. Experiencing the whole body.

Yep and experiencing the whole body with the draft it agreed out. So that I am see on the is my That's right. Not just free too. We that's right Yeah.

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