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TCMC 2 June 2011 (Part 1)


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So do we have any beginning? You're beginner? You're a joke. Fine. It's true little dinner also. Oh that's. That's wonderful your fault. Welcome. It's good have. You and had do too. So so are you complete beginner meditation or what is we'll be there again. Yeah. Again. A beginner again. Instead a complete beginner. Mh mh. But I've had for regular practice up on third years four weeks at time, but not more than than weeks at time. Okay. And what sort of method of meditation have you used in those periods?

Different Okay. Okay. The the practice that I teach here uses the breadth as meditation project object? Actually, that's not quite true. It uses the sensations reduced by breath that's some medication mark. Him back regard the intention is to anchor your attention to those sensations. I just keep bringing and there back to the station. And at the same time your you will be to developing and mindful awareness. So yeah. They questions about that. You used the graph notation with before? Yeah. At the notes or on the.

Well, I wouldn't say that it was has been that's specific. Hasn't been that specific. Okay. Alright. Okay. Well evening? So are you by any chance for beginning medi? You are. Good. Good. Thanks. That's what. This evening is spark. Beginning medi to a very good start. So how how much it it be begin are you? like i i've been slammed around the friend. Okay. Ten twelve years sitting hundred. Sure but sure. But when start, daniel? Oh, for sure here. Okay. And we'll add... I what to sort practice said you meant when said I know She's watching the brand bunch of.

Sometimes mantra and cash actually Britain. Alright. Right. Do you have any questions? And in your mind. Alright. Well then I think what I'll do is i'll be end doing a little guided meditation just to give you an idea how how does your practice work. Okay. So first thing to do. Is just get as comfortable as you can. Okay. Few minutes sir. Few seconds my statement. Adjust your posture. Now The position that you sit in is not terribly important but as much as possible you wanna have your meeting you're back in neck into here.

Now him up and straight line both front to back and sign side. And when I say straight line, I we don't really mean that. I named straight. So the all curves about her spine and So basically, that's a very comfortable natural position with your hip. Balanced on your shoulders. Sure. Now be fully and present. You probably call her right now. And so just try to remain your press. What I mean by that is as we sit here. There will be thoughts, memories, so forth they're time along. That i not to do was depressed.

Do with somewhere else. Some time in the past or is nothing that might happen in the future. So to begin with just close your eyes. And be fully aware of the person. Sensations in your body any and all sensations in your body. Sound every kind of sound. Any other things. Be aware of thoughts that come and go you're not trying stop thoughts when continuity you doing. You're just not... I to go with her right is on thought about later turn tonight or something happened earlier today. You just sit there and be version minute.

I'd like you to notice your intention have the movements of your attachment. Notice how the focus of your attention. Can't still from one day to. And maybe have the experience that your attention something not settled moving around. Doesn't quite know where to rest. So just watched that. Watch that with the intention. To explore the pricing in terms of bodily sensations and sounds any other aspect of driving vision. Your attention. Direct attention to the sensations in your right hand. About just your attention to the sensations in your body in general.

You'll notice that you're aware of all of this. The things that you direct your attention to. We're already probably pressing in your awareness. It's not creator or that's pretty great. So that's the way it is. But those things be there in your awareness. What you're interested in is the direction of your attention. And what you're going to do is to learn to stay in your attention. Let's stick another minute to just observe constant movement of attachment. The movement and the mind is movement of attention.

So now direct your attention to the sensations of the drafting. As it interest and leisure no something. Yeah. Do. Anchor your attention to those sensations. You can reduce or possibly even stop always constant movement money of your mind. You just try to it down. Why your attention is anchored to the sensations of their breath and that it was you still fear at the conditioning. You're still aware of your body. You're aware of all kinds spelled name. But the mind is more to the degree that you can keep it focus on one thing.

Let's do something else expand the scope of your retention. So you're focusing pretty much on the whole body just allow all the different sensations in different parts of your body. To be there, can't about your intention your attention. To move as it will from what the sensation turned in your body. In other words can find your attention to sensations in your body. But don't find it by the. Just observe the improvements i you change about send that compliant area with body sensations. Imagine your attention immediately linked to that sound.

Then it entities leave it back to the sensations of the bottom. What do you mind notice while Observing the sensations in your body is that one of the most predominant things that is there be observed are the sensations produced all the active breathing. So explore those sensation. That are present in your abdomen? They're present in your chest, maybe in your shoulders. Certainly present as here, bay notes. So now can find the movements of your attention to the investigation. The sensation is a good breath.

Wherever they happen to be in body. Now focus your attention more specifically on the sensations of press. Can say rises and falls with each brand. Now shift to your attachments to the sensations of the air as an interested and leaves your body, the area around the nostrils. Not trying to block anything. Know, hear they are airplane he'll military the door up and exposed. Be aware of other sensations in your body, including perhaps the sensations of the breath of abdomen? But your intention can't be kept focused on the sensations of the breath of the nose.

Try it out. Okay right So Perhaps he noticed how when your attachment was focused on and I was the last chocolate that. You're mind you was fairly calm and still. You're still alert where it sounds part sensations you weren't shedding anything out. The fact that your attention wasn't constantly moving. Produced their trying to still that you notice that. You're trying it. That's what he wanted to. No. You become two focused and the beginning, you would forget what you do. Or fall asleep. So you don't wanna try to return two photos, at least until you become sealed enough that you're ready to engage it.

Some gas practice that involves being. The other thing is as you sit for longer period times. Don't notice that the variety of external stimuli times pretty after loan. But the mine starts to be more and more accurate. Maybe you have that experience really now. The not start to count. And the more still aligned becomes the more that thought start to level one. And first the thoughts draw the attention. You forget what you're doing. You get lost. Does not. So the idea is to learn to anchor your attention to the breath.

Do aware everything, but be aware of the tendency for these thoughts sticking kind about? And take you away. And you wanna train your mind? So that you just get kinda it stays anchor to correct. But when I make that sound, your attention Went away it came back right? Same thing half the slots gonna come and your attention is gonna deflect to that flight. Do you want it to come right back? As long as it comes right back, gradually, your mind is an more and more call and still, and more severe. One allergy that is maybe high.

The combined is like water, like water with dirt next time. If you can get it to be still, meaning you can stop movement retention. It will drag go with the clear. That's where you want go. It's not about shedding anything. It's call need up stabilize that get attention sort constantly matter of the line stops. Any questions. Okay. So I've done this as though you never meditate before, but I know it. Everyone in here, including the two soft declared. So what about some of the other things that have happened in your meditation Sort a technical good question about my reading.

I reading shallow. And I'm wondering if there's something about the quality of the breath deep shit. They're just keep... you know, not worrying about how deep. Yes. That's the thing don't worry for that. The whole... Okay your body gonna breathe by itself you're to away for sleep. It's kind read. Just the right amount. And keep your blood oxygen at c o two. Exactly really they need to be like and that happens twenty four hours a day. You don't need to give the phone. The fact that this is going on.

Provide you with a source of constantly changing sensations that you can use this mutation. And so now you will notice that as you observe grow. It changes. And sometimes you'll feel as though is changing because you're observing it. That doesn't matter. So about if it is. Don't intentionally try to breathe in a ridiculous way. Don't need to intentionally breathe more deeply or less deeply or anything else. And get the changes because yours gonna change because you're observing it but without the becoming intentionally involved.

K. If you you said you naturally breathe shallow? Yeah. But you're still able to perceive the sensations. And that's all accounts. And sometimes, as you said there and become quiet, sometimes every miss brett, kinda smart shop. Sometimes you'll become such there baby parts of the rest that you can't stink. But you just keep keep your attention and focus on those sensations. Know that you know they're there even if you can't detect them. And your mind will sharpen up and you'll end up being able to detect sensations.

Any other questions or comments? Is is the word does it turn by wandering cat any significance? That. But I mean by mind wandering When. You for forgotten what you're doing. If you're in roasting and some thought memory? And that, it's gotten stale. Your mind goes to something else. Now it's wandering. And when it gets tired of that second thing, it apply yet again something else. And so wander from this thought to that memory to this worry to wondering about that. That's what I need my mind. That's we back it up though.

Your line didn't wander until you forgot what you would do. And if you You probably noticed this in the past. But if you haven't, look for this when you meditate that you're receiving tomorrow next day. What happens is something comes along. That catches your attention. And if your intention stays on that long enough Then you forget what you're doing. They have. I. So the order which it happens is first, There is a distraction. And your intention goes to this distraction? Now that one, you may not forgotten where you do.

There's just the distraction in any new you're going to distracted. When I say you haven't forgotten... You don't totally forgotten what you're doing. The fact that you allowed yourself to be distracted may say you're not fully aware that that allowing my mind my my intention to go to this obviously thing is not really what I yet we do so you're already on the way to predict what you do like. As soon as you allow a distraction to take hold. But if you stay with that distraction logging, and I'm sure you'll complete deeper yet while you're sitting here.

You had that happen. Right? That's where of the line run. Yes. So over the kind line monitoring, Right, just two parts to. We're starting in both hands... When we work with both ends the process. When you realize that your mind was wandered, what's important is that you realize it. Not that you're mind wander. Ryan's wandering. Beginning medi always have one lines. Don't worry about that part. But take note of the important advantage having. You suddenly woke up, to what was happening. You suddenly realize that oh, I'm not meditating.

I was thinking about session sat before that it was But that's another thing. That's what's important. Has that in that moment, you're fully present. You know, what's happening? You know, why it's happening, you know what it is you tend to be doing. That's the kind of state that you would like your mind to be in all the time. So in terms of working with the far end of my block, You wanna focus on that a weight heading to the present reality and the representation of Where you are? What you're doing?

You have to do that? Same for that. Remind yourself that, yeah, this is the kind of state how you wait for awareness that I would like to have all the time all the time while I'm meditating. All the time when I living by life the world. So i attach your value to that. Try to shoot it when I say Savers saber, there here is an extremely to having that kind of awareness. And so look for that and find it and notice it. And you can take... You can take a few moments to enjoy it. Before we bring your attention back to the medication process.

Okay? So that index thinking you. Now this realization happened all by itself, it just boom it was there. You can't make it happen. Well if you feel really good about it, every time it happens, it's gonna happen more often and work way. So that means that your periods are mind wandering are going to get short. If you go to the other end of the process, what you wanna work on there is In this moment of awareness when you bring your attention back to grip, there will be a period of time. Maybe only for the next embryo, maybe for the next breath maybe for the next five breaths, is going to be a period of time where you retain that sense of being fully present being aware knowing what you doing and why you're doing it?

And that's why you want to you want to preserve that because even that period of time, if that last idea of where to come back, some new thought comes up. You're going to know that. Well, i'm I I not thinking those kinds thoughts right now and meditate. So just refocus this month on the graph that it's no problem. So that's how you work with it. On the other side. So if you do these two things, what will happen is periods of mind wandering will become shorter And you'll become more aware of the events that lead up to the line.

You account to a point where you make sure forget what you're doing. But you remember before your mind moves on to the next thing. If you keep on your vocabulary point where, you realize that you've been caught by a distraction, but you realize that before you completely regard why you're hear what you doing. And if you keep on your account to the point where routinely and consistently, you'll recognize every time something comes along has potentially to pull you away. And you can just let go over and focused.

Yes. Again to the point where I don't I wonder what two or three steps away from the initial floor. Yeah. By myself, sometimes backing out, So I'll say i three steps that away I two and one. And then I'll say, oh what was... I charge on the particular on. And then, you know, I'll experience the residents of going back to awareness. And i get a small insight into what it is that might be my next to distraction. Yes. Is there a practice around? Yeah. Yes. There is. That they definitely as and and you have you have intuitive the nature of that practice?

You see? For one thing, especially if you realize this is the same thought that has carried your way previously. Then you can reinforce that recognition and you can be on the lookout. Also, You can you can be able to after that kind of thought counting along and same thing you happen. Even also, you notice the interaction between your mind and that... Some kind of attractive there. And that's that's how any particular i was say the capture enhancement, it's appealing to some desire or interest something was president decline.

Have been having go where of that is very is very powerful. So if you practice, you know, if what I call the var of the laundry, if you practice some awareness, you you're not engaging the thought, but you're recognizing one at one point I described as as you've been abducted. So you're looking at doctor in the face, so you'll recognize next time. You know that's not trying to awareness. Or you're what and taking... How did I get into this situation That's sort then we do come back. You bring out a awareness with you.

And that helps you to to catch these events before they can. To far. Any other question? So that's a brief introduction to how to do this practice. And thank you. So now what we'll do is we'll set for forty five minutes. So you've already been sitting in listening to eight for close forty you minutes. So if you need to stretch by end. Just your question on hold. Yes. I will that. Okay. So I'd like to begin. These meditations with what's called the nine dollar prayer, and I they explained the recent for.

Just a brief little to put you in a good train of the mine to recognize just to remind yourself, What a wonderful and special thing is to be that conscious human being. Yeah. This incredible word. And that's the mindset that when you enter the him the meditation number. The joy of being conscious bank hadn't and holy i wish that not just yourself that all names must always be aware of that state. Okay. So Jessica has passing out copies of that. For those of you that don't know my parents.

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