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TCMC 26 May 2011 (Part 2)


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Okay. So if you'll indulge me, I'd like to ask you once again go around room and everyone say the first thing i part of That's all getting to know each other. Jared. George. Michael? Yes. Terry. Wanda, Jessica? Right. Right two. Michael. Susan what? Mean molly, Lori. Chris. Jordan. Shelley. Okay. Thank you. So we've been about Talk about Karma and we're going to Well, think you're so interested in that that is. We're at the point really during reconcile you think. Department is Causality. Current is a particular kind of that has to do that originates with the intentions formed.

And our mind. But there's a couple of things that we need to examine to reconcile and capacities his one as Ultimately, there is no soft self illusion projected by line. And of course, if that's the case, and who is it that is generating these intentions? They the car? How does this cover fellow? Another thing that we have talked about is free will versus deter if everything is resolved of causes and conditions. Which is a basic premise of the doctrine of Karma. If everything is due to causes and conditions.

Then, of course, you come the question well, how can we do anything at all to change it that? Isn't everything already predetermined in that. So I think that's kind of where we are, this discussion. Is it anyone have any thoughts as a resolved there our previous discussions or any anything they wanna put up the table right now Let's regard to that. No nothing. Nothing that you came in here with anyway. Alright. Well, How does what what way you like at for this is how how does car work in terms of free will versus?

Oh i'm looking at free well. Here's versace saying what what would it date? What is it thing? What somebody you please offer me, you know, your best description or what he's saying free will names for is. Yeah. I'll bet your news choice. Moral choice. Laurel choice. Yeah. Okay. Alright and who is my choice? Is it normally, we have to see anything I am a myself, and I am making a choice. That the self free will essentially suggest. Is a cell in some form. That is capable of making choices And independently of process and conditions, not deter strictly.

Right? So that means with self we think of everything else that we know from our experience. Then this hypothetical self stands of everything else we know and the to causes and conditions. Independently it causes condition. Is that not what's this is suggesting? Each other's has self this somehow, in independent causes and conditions. And therefore, and make choices and perform actions that are not constantly returned. More likely we form up our causes and conditions. Way? We form up our causes and conditions.

Well, we... Whoever that refers to. So and as an ongoing chain of, in particular this point in time, the psycho physical entity or stick the label we on. Of course, all all of what's on before, including all of our choices and intentions and things like that. This this is the comment that we're talking about. Our choices and intentions. Have created this that we have in the present. But the question is in the press moment, canvas psycho physical entity, do something that is not predetermined by that fence.

Yes. We have the will to freedom to choose where we focus It's whether or not the causes conditions change our relationship to the. Our relationship to the cause conditions. This that... That's actually a very a very meaningful question there. Something very... That it's that is something that we need to work out. So There is this physical body brain the nervous system. All of is operating according to the laws of the physical universe. And there is a phenomenon that we experienced as mine associated with fast.

Consciousness. And What we're really asking does this mental experience consciousness? Does it have some kind of causal power any kind of causal power. And and this is This is very serious question that's been asked by most brilliant lines to. Some that concluded that mine and consciousness is hefty phenomenal, meaning it serves know the purpose. It's just their consciousness. You don't need consciousness. How doesn't surgery proof is it doesn't do anything. It's in everything it has no cause power.

But all halt the power is in the material side of things and about the financial science. And many other people I I think any ordinary person based on their own experience. Puts themselves on the other side of that and say, well, it sure seems to me that my consciousness and my mind do have some kind of causal power. And it's not just some accidental incidental meaningless happy phenomena floating over this bunch of neurons that are holding the answers to everything. So does the mind and consciousness have cause cover.

And if it does, what form does that take? Hi how does it relate to causality? You you come? Well, I... You know, i just way seems so one was up to it. What some people might call town really just Not sure Put this in forth, but it it's it's really more aligned because they my basic It is the transcend physiological chemical reality universe in other words. And and and part of what would belong that is when some people would call instance. So my human is is I'm tired. My eva instinct is I'm hungry unreasonable let we get up to go something get some three.

So you could say that I have the ability to have cap causal power and then I can make a decision to get on right and we go take the hat. But am I really engaged in a decision making process or is it just my instincts in the form kind of a psycho of sudden the psycho process. That's simply taking place and and that may be interrupted by material events surrounding you know, I may turn around and seeing the blanket and ensure wearing one your shoulders and be attracted by the color and decide Well, I don't need to take yet.

I'll sit out on little list. So again, it's it's almost like it's it'll in many ways is it's all going on. Beneath the surface and I have a sense that I'm making decisions, but maybe I'm like a bird vibrating. Know I'm just operating or to hold universe and Yes. Okay. Let's yes. You have m six. Which presumably are the result of your brain being wired integrated way, which is presumably the result of the genes that cost your brain to be structured in the way it is. Right? So looking at a pretty clear pathway causality.

Then so the think the instinct gives rise to the un unfold entire I think I'll go home. And that's something else comes along. Whatever it is. Now you know, if it's something i've got my meditation show. Why would your brain produce the response that as well and now let's cancel that. Instinct that signal on the rest I'm tired. I... That presumably also is result of the activity of the nerves and ourselves in your brain. Right? Which turn is the result of past things that have happened, your past experiences and your your thoughts and and feelings and things like that association with cause a ridiculous speed of mind to to that way because you stay here rather than we.

Right? So we we still have a pretty straightforward forward path of. Anyway. So so this is getting down to it. The question is, if we... If we look closely enough at the ph physiological goal and molecular at the sub level. Are we gonna find that everything that you subjective experience has been choices was ash is actually determined have a purely physical level. And therefore could have been predicted a thousand years ago. But I think there's two issues. The one is the former is different than the latter.

I mean, just because our Random. We we can't actually... Because we need to update our view here. I need to monitor argue view because on the base is modern physics, has you can't predict that? You can't predict anything. The only way that he can even begin to predict, something sometimes, you basically have to know everything to predict anything. I don't know if it's clear why that is the case. But There there are several different. One, one is this uncertainty quantum level. Wish? Which means that at a certain level There are all probabilities.

There's only ramped brand of this. That's a very fine structure level of the universe. And the apparent predictability and the kind of cause that we're talking about that if you do about information, figure out what's gonna happen is the result of the fact that although at this quantum level, things are only probabilities and there are uncertainties that at the level where you add huge amounts of this together. And adherence of certainty bridges. So I don't know We don't need to go in that too far, But just a simple example, whether a client comes out heads tails and limit is completely random chance, at least far as our ability to predict groups.

Right? And it's it's a fifty fifty chance. But We can say with a high degree certainty that if you flip the coin a hundred thousand times. It's gonna come up heads very close to fifty thousand times. I we say have a really strong degree certainty. So the world appears to be deter at the level of which we experience. Even though at its deepest level, it's not it's not the deter as is he yet determined. The same way, you can't put a single flip of the coin. As you can say with highly certainty is an does it sense you all?

Okay. That's one sense in which our intuitive view of turn is on a slide. That brother is that. What's been discovery over the last century is that opened dynamic, not linear systems. Which without explaining what the that is, everything here. Everything is all I except for imagine and artificial situations that we might create. Everything is ultimately an open dynamic on in system. And in those kinds of systems, extremely small differences can have huge facts. And one of the ways this is expressed almost poetic is that on a butter butterfly swings in Hong kong, it can calls if founder thunderstorm.

And i hit her fill. Yeah. That's that's because they the kind systems and everything here. And and naturally, the only system that really fulfill the definition of the whole system, preexisting definition on closed system. He's take the universe as a whole. So once again, the only way that you could predict consequences is if you know, absolutely everything about everything all at once. You know, So maybe if you were going with total, then you opinion. And you had live in a deter for... I mean. So predictability.

Think we predictable think falls down. Now we can still say, well, you know, okay. Theoretically, sound. And I guess, we have to make negotiate theoretically to have enough information. To sort predict the future, which we think that things really are turn. Well, we've have a long way. Just even getting to the point we're saying that that's how we've had. We come a long way from for sort of intuitive looking at things has being everything constantly if to turn them and saying well, if you... If you didn't actually you could hear me everything everything's predicted.

So that a thousand years ago, we could predict what you say here tonight you're not or if we have enough information, Now we could predict what kind of moral decision he might made without something o'clock tomorrow right. Stuff so so i around... I I I ground for the way we've been thinking of things is getting shay already. The other thing is all of this is based on an assumption that the description of the material universe the physical description of the universe. Is a complete description of reality.

If follow or that one So if knowing everything I can know about the and a brain to tell me how that brain is gonna behave what it's gonna decide our next week. This is also assuming that is all the the physical material. That the physical material description is a complete description of reality. Is that consistent with your experience? No. This is a big problem that is now receiving attention. Consciousness studies where we're almost forbidden until roughly twenty years ago. Now they're about the biggest thing happening you know, i'm in the forefront the the human pursuit of the nature of reality.

And you know, you could... Treating just a lot of things, but I think basically, it comes down to the fact that the the material description of the universe totally fails to account for the single most prominent front aspect of our experience, which is the attractive of experience itself. Consciousness of aligned, So the whole part of the nature of the universe which we they have no adequate frustration on to sorry. Which? So so let's not let let's leave aside all assumptions that on a physiological and Cameron covid.

And and physical basis that we're living in a universe. There's a lot of open questions. There's a lot of jobs. There's a lot of room three different people to perform theories and are you at about and things like that. That's level all those people do that. Okay these a philosophical questions. Your experience is that choices are made by the psycho physical entity that for convenience you referred to as as need myself. Alright. Right? That's when we wanna look at mark's mostly. If you look at that more closely, many of you already have and everyone needs to look at what's actually going on.

When do you think you're making a decision. Eric is what you assumed to be taking place really taking place Do not decisions, choices eyes and consciousness, pretty well form. Most of the time. And and I'm a smaller number of situations. What arises is in consciousness is and either or type of situation. And that's what we wanna look at is okay. And that particular example, talk with you care for chocolate ice cream where I have some really nice fresh can't cut food. Sorry. Do you really have much choice in that situation?

On the side. Yes. Yeah. I guess it could be conceivable been depending on someone's learning yesterday. I mean, in you know, what they were conditioned to to either to to have available to them. But I mean, that seems prevent. For. Well what's it... Would you might be pretty far that still you're coming back to the same thing because you can you change the conditioning, you can change the result. But it's still the result of conditioning. So what's happening what we think decision is that there's different parts or ourselves.

The interact other parts of our mind that interact. And They produce a result. It's more like the functioning of committee than it is. And executive ally or herself. Yeah. Sorry this is what we're gonna do. You have you have these opinions horizon consciousness. And at some point, one of these different opinions about what you should do, I you change it from chocolate ice cream and and food to chocolate ice cream or stronger training. Okay. And now it's do well, maybe just maybe that. They stay companion so they can go back and forth.

But at some point, the decision comes with. Yes. But is there any self that made the decision? There is a in your head, which will tell the story that Well, he asked me whether on a chocolate his strawberry, and I thought about it and I decided I wanted run. That's story we tell ourselves. Okay if we look, is that what really happen? Or you? The first ground loading chocolate out the most roads. But then there was another round strawberry got most problems and that and the final round strawberries still have the votes and so that's what I had Isn't it that more?

I say he this more what you actually find? If you examine what's going on your mind when you make these disconnected of decisions? Shit should I buy this card or not? All these kinds of decisions. There are always different voices in our here. And they can offer different arguments and try to persuade each other. The other thing that happens is there's no you fine sometimes. Even weighing this decision and all sudden do voice shows up voice shows up they can totally sway which way things go. Right.

Okay. So does this mean that there is no such thing have I I mean... The description I'm just given you is very consistent with the view the consciousness is actually all all. And does nothing. That the decision was already made at a subconscious level. And that... Once it was made, is he irrelevant by the you were conscious of gonna. So what's the? What? Is it that we actually did the willing? In en self actually johnson. And that's not your philosophical about whether there's some alternate level of reality where That is that intention this meeting was There is a process that goes on in your conscious mind.

That is associated if may not being what, produces the final choice. That gives a process going on your might as to what you pay attention to? And and what you ignore. Is that another part of your decision making process? If if the only thing that the conscious mind could actually do were to direct the attention. That might be enough. That might be enough to resolve this problem what we have. Can we really make choices do does the subjective experience line and consciousness really have the ability to produce effects and to influence the outcomes of my future sales behavior.

What do you think is in? Could that be enough? Do you think it could be enough? I do find when I'm practicing saying what meditating that. The one thing that intention really does have direct control over. The one other think that can be in indirect influence but ultimately everything comes back to. What do you pay attention to? What you how do you direct your attention? That's what that's the one really solid thing the intention can do. How would that create a situation where a human being, but kind rate may have could make a horrible decision and actually be responsible somehow how for that moral decision.

Well, first of all, if you're... If your past conditioning a such that the moral decision you're gonna credit with is like cat food versus Chocolate ice cream. The outcome is pretty much predetermined. Right? But it it's more like the choice between the vanilla ice cream, the strawberry ice cream. It's gonna to depend on what... Other things are pressed in your mind. That come to be included in the decision making process. And so the direct of attention the intention, of national directing attention begins the later role.

Do you see that you all? No. Not sure. Oh you you were been with me Last week, and I said that the... You could see that the intentions that he generated caused you to think particular the ways and speak and and this produces consequences. All four levels of cause including what we call karma, which is where you have a formative f influence on the line that will be present and future situations. They're all davidson. Okay. Alright. So our question is are all of our intentions just automatically generated out to pass processing and conditions and we're totally without any ability to alter that, which is a way of saying, there's material of to explain everything.

Is there any room any latitude for some other kind of causality? And if we pause that, we got positive and way. It doesn't blow the whole structure modern his is the cosmology department. Right? Because it's on solid ground. It's worked for a long time continues to work. So if think that we suggest blows it up is probably not gonna be very successful. Go ahead. If it's possible that something can happen in your mind that influences the outcome decisions then you can make moral choices which you can take credit for.

I won't say being responsible for. Because that's really not a very good way of of looking at things. But you can take credit for it. More importantly, you can exert any influence over the future direction of your life. And isn't that that's really what the fundamental amount question here if. Not are you morally comfortable for your? Test decisions. But can you exercise some sort of intentional control over kind of being that you are in the future and therefore the kind of experience you have kind of existence that i about.

That's was mostly for. K. Well, first of all, if there's no cell, if there's no well, but again there using no single entity in ear, that is in charge responsible for making the decisions. Then you have a whole collection of things contributing to the decision making process. Right? And So so it's sort of like a a A committee or board of directors that's making your decision. Right? So even Given your past conditioning, the physician is gonna depend who shows up the pavilion. Right? That's the first thing that you can input.

Is determining who shows up at the need. The other thing is where gonna all that past conditioning After. Is is a little bit circular here isn't it? It's very important. All of the different voices that are gonna to vote on your decision in this moment. Are inclined to vote the way they are because of your past experiences and had actions here in Texas. And so everything that you do and everything and you think. And everything you say is going to impact your future without I mean, we we don't need the resolve the question determine this or anything else.

We don't need to have ourself. We can have line that is a composite of many different processes. Right. What the way that mind is going to behave at the future is going to be influenced by... What that mine doesn't present. Right? Yeah. Can you talk about who shows it meeting? For a moment, it seemed as if you suggestive that who has shown up for the meetings prior will tend to show up more often. And yet, there is the possibility of a new voice attending meeting. Yes. Which... It is it in fact bias that no, I always shop for these things.

So I'll show for this note too, and and it's hard to get a new voice? Well, correct how do we get into invoice? And the thing is... What I would suggest to you is every time you the decision, you already have a whole lot of other voices that you haven't. And the one thing that you could do is is to call a lot more voices. If you make impulsive decisions, then you you're only gonna get the... It's only gonna be to allow the strongest voices to determine. Alright. Determine your actions. Right? If you're All of this is taking place at the arena consciousness.

If the arena consciousness is very narrow and tight can't hold very much. You're not going to hear very many voices. Right? So one way that you can one way you can change the process of standing price? He if you can become a person or the arena not is larger to invite more voices. The other thing is you is where do the voices coming up, can't you create new voices? Now one of the things that we talked about a few weeks ago. I think probably a couple of people that There is this ind. We could we can hypo that in many cases there's a situation arises where it's not determined.

There's not a strong influence one by the other. It could go either way and therefore a perhaps element of chance perhaps into to it. Some people didn't like the old but. A chance. So grandfather does. But the nevertheless as long as things aren't absolutely determined, then new events and new processes can be introduced. And I would say suggest to you that when you... If you study the Da, if you contemplate morality and ethics, get you practice mindfulness and reflect on the processes that going on.

All of that is creating new voices. If you put yourself in the way, positive wholesome information. Fast creating new voices at one particular type. Of course, if you put your way through yourself in the way, un hold some information and influence you creating other kinds of voices. So we're not necessarily answering a question and whether, you know, this is determined in advance are not blind introducing the fact that some things are decided in advance. But you can see that your future evolution is is in fact not determined.

It can't evolve in different direction. If you surround yourself by noble companions, meeting people who are also saying and practicing the darn. If you if you listen to study take part and participate and things, they create these the that expose your mind to these positive inputs. So you're creating a lot of new voices. Right? So in that sense, you're creating a positive kind car that's gonna make you into i... Is gonna make the future you someone more likely you'd like to be. And bring about all the consequences account from that.

So in terms of in terms of your home genuine real experience. It seems that you do have the ability to make choices, particularly in terms of what you pay attention to. Is what you pay attention to? Tends to be a incorporated and to enter your mind strength. It becomes a part of the structure of who you are and it has some potential in the future to influence your intentions and your actions, and therefore the outcomes. Does that make sense? So we don't need to get into. Philosophical questions, and we don't need to get into hair.

How although can look at those a little bit. I'd say, you know, we live in this reality. All of the elderly may be something different. But where we have to function is from the reality that we live in. Another thing that modern physics is pointing out to us, is the time has we perceive it does not exist. There is no such thing. There he is a dimension equivalent to the three spatial dimensions that we're familiar with. In which the events that we described as happening and time take place. And everything that can be dessert about that.

It's just like the other three spatial dimensions, which as you know, it doesn't have any preferred direction. I can move to the left as easily as I can move. So that's just easily as i go to. Right? Right. Yeah. Yeah our subject of experience. We have this whole quan but we're always in present and the past this gone the future hasn't happened yet. So whole idea of time where this idea of is is rooted. It is actually on pretty shaky grounds itself. So we don't need to answer the question. In terms of ultimate reality is now as the...

Has medieval Christian philosophers put it. There is no time there is only Eternity. Got e or any allegation of the talks, which is time. Eternity means. So No passage of time. That means the the beginning any the old person of it was. Maybe in terms of all of my reality, that's the way the Who knows. Does it matter too us? Doesn't matter to you? Your reality that you live in, is one where every moment of your existence. There is that subject of experience, maybe you don't actually decide between chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

But you do have a subject of experience of paying attention to different things. And the things that you pay attention to have a powerful influence on the way your mind works. In terms of its present decisions and its future decisions. And so we're doing pretty... We all this other stuff is on shin around. But we're not really solid ground. In terms of our own behavior and the reality we live and have how cargo works in Terms of that. You you don't need a self to right car. There only needs to be the psycho physical entity to how is could be made up of tremendous number of different processes and have no process in charge.

Self is not needed for this. All needed is a psycho physical entity, and that's actually... What For buddha said. He said, there is no self other than the fine aggregate. That's the psycho physical entity. You don't need any of cell than that. You don't need one particular brain circuit that is in charge of all the others. You don't need anything that even vaguely resembles yourself in eighty four to be a psycho physical entity that exercises choice and makes decision that generates generation tension.

And most fundamental intentions. Are those are they most fundamental level of a source of attention are desire version. And our mistaken beliefs that things are the way they appeared big. What actually is the dynamic between choosing between chocolate and the L ice screen? Is if not ultimately from lead desired version? This may be very subtle desires, very subtle aversion, interacting on each other, but ultimately, that's where the choice. Your decision to live, you steal or it say something that hurt somebody else's experience or any of these other trying of?

World actions. When you look at them, they're coming from exactly the scene. Right? Desire and version, and out of that is rising and intention. If the only thing present is your anger, you will probably do something to hurt somebody. If in your psyche, there are other counter avail influences. You may restraint yourself from doing or saying something. Depending on the nature of those influences. You may even choose to attend to different things. With the effect, Then instead of anchored, you started to feel compassionate for patience.

Understand it. That's starting to be a pretty dramatic change. If you have those kinds of influences and if they're strong at enough, You can overcome the inversion. You can overcome the hurry you can overcome the anger, and you can move to the other whole of lot of compassion. Understanding patients even kindness generosity. You follow the whole? I'm trying you there. Yeah. Play more on idea that it takes energy to rise above to are alright Sticks whatever, which might be take, like, water going easiest taking half police persistence.

So it takes energy to have attention or maybe it's not just a version and and desire. There must be something that says I want to focus my awareness Right there. I mean, right there are just even that much requires... Is that just version sorry? Is that where are we in the cycle of... Well, where where are you? If you... I mean, you can... He either have desires, the desire can be positive. You can have the desire to be a better person. You can have the understanding that everything you think can say do, has an impact and you can also have an understanding that what allows you discriminate between the positive of the negative things that you if if that you think and say and do.

So it could be that if this is coming from a desire, the desire for your own happiness, or a version the version for your own potential suffering. What? That's said and that's just sort of a different level. And you can work with that later on. First of all, you work with these gross problematic things that are creating all the disruption. In your psyche and in your life right now. I one thing that just because These are the roots who are un hold current actions. Doesn't mean that oh, therefore, these are van therefore I should tried to ever have...

And never experienced our version. Because first of all, it's it totally lost cause. It will say you cannot do it. There's a long long enforcement of evolution have to go through before you know become site conversions. So you said, okay. This is where I have. This is where I operate from. So light as well direct these things and that was positive. Right. That's. The energy Initially, the energy is coming from exactly the same place. That's what I'm saying. Okay. Nine. You had a question. Oh, you you I was trying to step outside of craving an immersion because it looks like you completely collapsed.

The whole dynamic of what we're carefully spending as free will into... Well, even if it's committee, we've got craving inversion. And and it just kinda... Yeah fell. It was it was this there's lots and lots of little balls in air and then And then and so I was looking for ways to to steer around... Is there was some way to step outside of approving version because it looks like you completely collapse the old Function of free will. The important thing is to work through those. And, you know, They're are part of you.

But think the self. Creating designer of version are there because you experienced yourself as a singular, continuously existing separate itself. Right? And that is what gives rise to desired inversion, and that's what gives rise to all un actions and that's what gives rise to All our suffering. But it is a foolish state to say. Therefore, let's crush the cell. That's not the approach. Because it's... Like I said, it's not gonna work first of all. It's just simply... There's no way that you can do it.

You'd have to start with with where you already you work with what you work with what's present right here. But how do you work with it? So will... There is until you reach a certain point your spiritual revolution. Absolutely everything you do is gonna come out of a desired version. And As you go along, you can begin to modify that so that you have desire that's ming with generosity and well and things like that. And the version that's ming with compassionate and understanding anything like that.

You know, but you've gotta start with where you are. You can't jump ahead of the process. And how do you get there? Well, if you did nothing but focused on the times when, greed and lust at hatred or rows, you know, I'm gonna have a any success. For you and have security great about that success. You have to cultivate good karma good wholesome attachments. Continuously and the most important time really are all the little times that it's easy to do and there's not a big internal structure. Just true.

So a thousand small choices. Of a positive nature are going to do more than putting yourself in the in a position wrestling with yourself to make the one one right choice. All of the... All of the small info will add up. Rate that it will become they will then become much easier to deal with degrees and the less than the hatred than they arise. I don't think you should ignore that from the outset because you shouldn't you still need to do your best, but in the beginning. You can't stop yourself from Hatred.

The very best you can do is to stop yourself from acting on. And sometimes you can't do that. And you can't do that, then what you can do is they yourself fully aware of the consequences that action is responsible for. Which will help in the future to make it easier perhaps not act. You know, what you normally do Anger arises, hatred arises, you say a hateful thing. And it causes all kinds of problems. And your mental processes act are all rationalizing now. Well, you know, it was a All right thing to do is only I could do it was totally justified or you...

Well, I shouldn't have done that but still, you know, it's understandable that I learned all. What we're doing is hiding for looking at oh, how does that make me really feel? How's does make out of person feel? What thing that says it may happen as a consequence. If you really look at those things, basket produce. Once again, it's directing your attention is paying attention. Is is Those are all cardiac actions. If you reflect here of the consequences of your actions, even though you weren't able to straighten yourself.

If you reflect honestly, and openly, on the consequences of your action, it's going to have a positive influence. And the chances that you're being able to can't get it. The speech action the future is gonna be greater. But all the little things all the time. This this is where this is where you can really make it make a difference. If you you can't turn it off and just turn it on here now and then. I'm going to... I'm I'm going to be oral individual and make wholesome and generate wholesome intentions for this this...

Get these specific situations of these times in the day. You know? Try to do it all the time. And they're very simple hills. There are pretty the perfection. So are really know the tools for that, if you keep those in your mind and you just try to use them. So I can't you past eight three. So I Will. I was let hugo go. And anybody that has to go now you just feel free to get off that. Right. If you don't have to leave, if you have a comment me, I'd love to hear it. We don't need to continue the discussion, but anybody has something that they would like to say.

I'll stay here and hear it. Thank you. For an instance you created a stepping outside of time. And then we fall back into it because we're busy wearing time spaces suits. So without trying very large digress into re physics. As long as we're stuck here in time, things do have this evolution of one to one direction and and linearity. So so our decisions very much appeared and take place within time. K. So do they? Well, point of view with the reality we've within there. Yes, they do. And you if if you had an intellectual entertainment want to about it?

No no. I just don't wanna paint myself in any further quarters. But from a practical one view, that's the way you experience. Sense and and you may not always experience things so fact come to like where don't experience thanks to the same employee anymore. That's that's the time to make that change. That there is times in our experience. What we we experience the timeless experience. The lack of this this feature that's just programmed to to do the next thing in creative a pursuits, you know, we've all experience meditation we can experience more.

Working the notion of du doing, you know, whether there's an absence of the self, And it's it's a wonderful feeling. We could be outside of this soup we're in and experience the timeless it's what it's it's where he... It's what keeps us going into our, you know, practice. So I just wanted to raise that that whole experience that we have of it's it's part of our practice to just experience the emptiness. Of our existence as as a path, which is outside of our condition. That's what I see as as an enlightenment or an would be somebody who no longer has these all this conditioning the ask of us, I think they're called they come up and determine what what they're gonna be doing.

Like we all do. They're acting from a place of no self? No. It's not not even any intention. Yep. That's that's absolutely right. So like, we can touch that in our experience at times. Yes. And that's a very important point. That's a whole new topic. You know I had maybe so should talking about next week. We all have those experiences. That's right. Because another type everyone people know practice has those experiences. We all have experiences as of no self. But when we're in the place himself, the self can't conceive with no self.

So you know, we're not aware of it. All of the all of the insights, that you will eventually realize that transform you eventually make you to be at our. They're all right in front of you all the time. They're. They're all all always there. There's some other of that, you know, it's like the microscope allows you to see things that you can't with the naked i. Cert skill of meditation allows you to see the fine structure of experience and so you can you can have certain kinds of glimpse of imp and emptiness that are unique to the benefit state.

But we all have experiences anti. We all have experiences know so it's a part of of the human condition. It's just that we're... We this... You know, it's like for the history of human things, they looked at Ross and mountains and he wasn't until a couple of hundred years ago somebody who looked at rocks and downs and figured out how they came to be that way. They didn't do anything, but But look at the same thing or everybody been looking at for the whole. I don't know if you're familiar with it.

They Google with history of geography, our geology, The history of geology, geology came about because one person looked at everybody also looking guy for thousands of years. Kinda all of a sudden saw what was telling him, you know, And that's the way that's the way spiritual insight is is all there all the time. And that's one of the reasons that, you know, inside and weakening can happen at at any time because all of ingredients are are always present. We've got a practice because. The point is to keep on practice that can tell you until you can say keep aren't working into so you see, but it's not already yeah.

And these experiences are already already there. So you've all had the experience of F s. But you just now right now may not be able to recognize an color. And when you have that experience and you recognize it? It will make your profound impression. But then you'll probably start to forget it. Till it happens again. The now that you know what it is, the second time it happens on the third the fifteenth to the fiftieth, it's all going to have a much different effect. And did the first five thousand times you saw didn't recognize if otherwise.


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