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TCMC 19 May 2011 (2 of 2)

What is karma? What are the results (i.e., the fruits or vipaka) of karma? How did the Buddha re-define Karma? What are intentions?

Karma is one of the most powerful influences on our lives. How can we change or improve our Karma? Can mindfulness modify karma? Is there a more powerful method of modifying karma?


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chance down here. We don't have time with this tonight for i for Maybe next week as well. I'm not sure we goes back. Great. So we don't have champ tonight. Well, one thing I would like to do is to continue the practice we started at going around and just saying your name so that we can we can all get to know each other. And if you are new part relatives we do, be might next just that kind of any invitation of brothers. I'd like to get to know So michael. Chris. And lauren. Jordan. Thank you. Oh, yes.

Yeah. The last thing I'm we were talking about Karma. And seems very appropriate to continue that discussion. Is there anyone... Who's was here last time who has some thoughts? Since that discussion that able like to bring out at this point. Yeah. Last time, you know, what said with me was they're talking about how intention and so a integral part of car right now that really dry car on a certain model. And I thought they had coming on for me and I think someone else voice did too was you know fairness attention come from or kinda where what's behind intention or who is intending and that was...

I didn't get much farther yeah. With it than that. Yes. And that's that's really what we should look at. Because the buddha redefined Karma. The famous statement was. When I say Karma, I mean intention. So he was changing it from, you know, previously when people said karma I got some kind of universe at all of the universal causality, which through some mysterious and inexplicable way accounted for everything. He was much more explicit and definitive if i about. Everything is positively determined.

And he identified other kinds of causality other than Karma that is physical causality biological mental and paramount. And there's a fifth kind of causality which is that which leads to liberation. Right. But for the purposes of this discussion, like Par is the fourth in sort of a hierarchy. And so having identified these different kinds of, he said, when I say Her, I mean intention. And he said, the all actions at all speech. And even all thoughts ultimately arise from intention. And that's what we need.

To to look at. So when we're looking at attention, we are looking at karma. Okay. Maybe before we get into In intention, let's just say a little bit about the other times possible. Okay. He acknowledged that there was physical that things happen just the way modern science and physics and the way we're used the thinking that that is this whole round as it out. And basically, If you don't change the in your car? Your engine's gonna cry. Right. And then just biological car. Wish he is sort of the next level matter interacts life has risen out of matter.

And the whole realm of biological organisms has its own rules of functioning and its own kind of causality. So For example, you eat too much strawberries in whipped cream, you get fat. That's biological. You don't take out the garbage. It smells bad and You've got lots of flies. That's biological. Right? And then there's mental cause. If you tell lives, people don't trust you. Right? Things like that. So there are always these levels of causality. And then is the cause level of causality. And as you see with all of these things they have to do with what happens to you.

You know, what goes up must cutting down. So if you throw locks in here likely to get hit the head right. And you you plan you plant seeds, you you get the appropriate plan those seats. So what happens in the world follows this kind of causality. But he said, when I say Karma, I made attention, and by that he's meaning who you are? Who do these things happen to is is the fruit is the result of your intention. And usually, when people hear about Karma, there's is another term that they don't hear much.

Our Karma goes together with another word with. Which means this approved. Okay. The results of the car. That's the wood pocket. Now we go back to... you know, if you if you don't change the oil in your car, your engine will quit working. That's physical cause. But why didn't you change the oil in the car? Probably something like late procrastination. Right? Where that laziness and procrastination come from? Well we're talking about what we're asking really is what college you to be the kind of person who went...

It was time to take the car against oil change turned on the Tv of instead. What caused you to be that kind of person? Because there's also a low cause you'd be the kind of person who the way on needs to go somewhere and car. Right. So where you that tendency for laziness us and procrastination? The laziness impressed procrastination is Is the fruit of your past intentions. And when you act on that, Turning on the Tv so changing. At that point you're making new karma new intention, which is going to have a new fruit a new pocket in the future.

You are going if you obviously in the past, things happen that caused you to be the kind of lazy procrastinating person that didn't change the soil on the car. And or let's put district. Make you the kind of person that when the time when the occasion arose that you should change their own my car. Cause there to be laziness and procrastination present your mind. That's the wood parker. The lazy bird fascination the. That's the fruit of your your past history. That's the result of your past intentions.

And If you act on that, if you turn on the Tv instead of changing the oil car then you are going to be even more likely in the future to go allow laziness and procrastination. You're reinforcing that tendency and you So maybe then you won't take the garbage out, you know, you why it's. I and you know the people would don't change their oil or often the same ones and they'll take out the garbage. Right? Kinda because yeah. Because everything that we do arises out of some internal process that we call intention have to get it it's not something magical thing is if if you consistently react to circumstances in a particular way, You're more likely to react in the same way to similar circumstances in the future.

It's as simple as that, you made who you are you formed yourself. And we started out as infants with a set of fairly instinct and maybe genetically determined candidates. But then from the time we were going up to a present moment, you have been building on that. Reinforcing some and and and eliminating others because there's all the tendencies that you started out with. And this world that over overcame or you... They didn't last very long. You molded yourself into a kind of person who didn't. Behave in certain ways.

Did didn't generate the kinds of intentions that cause you to be a person who would have similar how the rising of similar patterns of behavior in the future you follow i and say? This is What Car. It's extremely powerful in terms of human being. It is the most powerful influence in your life. Yeah determines who you are and how you will react psychologically, emotionally, physically and thought and speech and action to anything into everything that happens to arise. It is, of course, coupled with the other physical biological and mental that you said in motion through your actions.

But it's the one that we really need to learn to understand and deal with is how how we shape before ourselves and how it determines the kind of person we are and the kind of experience we have. So let's look at intention. What is what do we mean by attention? Anybody you'd like to take a stab of? What describing what intention is? Doesn't have to do it the past. Directly? Does intention usually have to do with in future. The idea of Have an intention is to have some kind of a desire or a wish that leads to the formation of an intention Now that intention flowed funds and how those slots slow speech action.

That has has to do attention basically has to do with here we are right now, and what do we want? To happen next and either either in the immediate succeeding moment or next week or next year. But the intention is coming out of the... I our wishes is our desires i've wants our hopes their needs. All with me on there? That's what the intention. Is. Do where do our intentions come from? Well I just you know describe the intentions, I really kind of told you already doing it. Science. But wishes and desires?

Wishes and designers, the versions, which is an department of desire. It's His gets coming from our desire our craving are wanting things to be and right. Even it doesn't necessarily involve change because even wanting things to stay the same, is still that's a kind of desire wanting to hold on to what you have was a kind of designer, which will give rise to the intention to make things stay the same and and everything else flows out of that. Right? So whether we want to change things, to get something we don't have change things get rid of something that we don't like or keep things the same.

Hold on to to things the way they are. It's all coming out of desire and it's causing a mental process of intention to far that leaves in imprint. So as we've seen the the speech and the actions that flow out are around. Produced their own kinds devices. But the intention itself has in turn that the intention has So the intention as Karma has some immediate with, which are the thoughts and feelings that come out of that intention. Right? Internally those happen right away. And So then, of course, that is reinforcing to the intention it eventually leads to the speech and the action.

Examine. Thanks. Let's examine real life situations. See where the intention is. See where the fruits of passed intentions are. And see how attention to the moment are the kind of person we are in the history. Been internet disagreement with anybody? I know most of you never do that. But have you ever have how have you're said something that was... Especially if you're having an argument somebody, you know where something was just perfectly designed to hurt them some way that they sensitive. Well, I I know yeah.

You you've seen it. Right. Yeah. On Tv. You can imagine. Tv Okay. So if you do something that is obviously designed to produce a particular kind of effect saying this thing You looking at objectively say, well that statement was designed to hurt her. That's the intention behind. Right? So you go look... So where did that intention come from? If you think about the times that that this happens, if it's ever happened to you. Yeah. You might not you say, well, I didn't... I i I know I said it right I didn't have to spot in the mind.

Oh I'm gonna say this, so it hurts this person. Right? It just... Boom, there it is. And at accompanies, the they hit a company's... Everything that's going on. Inside you between you and the other person and all and all sudden this statement, this carefully calculated statement. It just hits them right where they're vulnerable comes out? Yep. Peg exert six thoughts. Because that the way it happens. I mean, sometimes you might, you know, might actually be the state we're you're actually consciously formulating the intention to hurt somebody and thinking how to do it.

But so often, it just kind of happens automatically. Where does that come from? The intention to win an argument or to hurt somebody who's disagreeing with you? You're buying this condition to that his conditioned to do that. In those occasions i an example I'm giving you where you suddenly say something without having fun talk about it before. That's coming out of your subconscious. All all the work has been done at the subconscious level and then there it is. But it has a history. And its history is the way that you have become condition.

Really the way you the condition yourself, then in certain kinds of circumstances, you want the lash out, And it's possible to change that. So the the intention driving the thing that you said, the carb may be something in the past. If they mean many things in the past. Doesn't a matter how it gets most probably a number of different things in the past. It is the fruit of that past intention, that past karma. That causes you to feel the way you do right now and to play out the thing that you learned out right now.

Now the thing that we can have extrapolate all kinds of things all the time, much less dramatic things have had ordered dramatic things in this example. Something happens And we have a reaction to it that is based on our past experience. Came to the past experience. Right? Does this not pretty much describe a whole series of things is happening all day long. I mean, many benign things. But they're still coming out of your past ex experience. How do you feel about something? You go for a walk at lunch and you see something.

If it makes you feel good or makes you feel sad? Where is that? Couldn't feeling that had feeling and coming from from your past. Right? This from your past. It's from. Intentions that there is in the past, made in Had been formative to Who You. So the feeling that you have that arises out of the past, that's the fruit. Now the way to buddha taught this, carve produces a fruit. The fruit can be right away, or the fruit can be a long way down the road. And the fruit can actually arise from a number of different harm or intentions, interacting with each other, or a long series of similar intentions reinforcing Each hr.

Or a more complex scenario of some intentions reinforcing each other and some counteract each other. The end result is here you are right now. And the reaction that takes place is the result of that past history. Okay. So that's with Parker. That's the fruit. So Karma always predicts produces a fruit. Either immediately or with the delay of all kind of any kind of variation. Now. The fruit, Immediately, in that incident, the fruit is always creating a moment where new karma is being a As a result of the Wi as a result of the fruit in this moment, you are going to generate a new car.

There's no delay in index. It happens immediately. So if a feeling arises and give you Yet. The mind forms an intention as a result of that feeling. And if something is said we're done, and we have... We've completed the whole cycle right there. Give your past karma pre predisposed you to anger fear for generosity or any of these things need while if your past partner pre predisposed you to one of these things. It's going to arise as a free as that past. Then that next moment, there will be a new car made.

If. If the past karma, if the new car you make is consistent with the past karma, you're reinforced the pass on and in the future, gonna be even stronger result out of it. But it can be different than that. You can have the urge to say something arise, and you can stop yourself and not say. K. Is. The stopping yourself from saying it, had an intention behind. That's the new karma in the moment. And it too is related to something in the past. K. It it could be there's all kinds of things. But why why would you...

Would you hadn't in the past yourself from saying something hurtful? Now you're do the present all. What kinds of things could they do change your response to that? More information, so wisdom. Yeah. Wisdom could. It's lot of compassion. Good. So there are there are some wholesome groups for making good car. And there are un olson groups for making. The also are just degree and ignorance. And the whole are the opposite of these. Generosity, love and compassion, and wisdom. So in any moment, whether the feeling arising you in you is one of check or wanna agree.

You'd have the opportunity to to either reinforce that or do nothing to change it and some way. Right? That makes sense. Do that where it came from? You don't have to know where it came from. Yeah. Absolutely unnecessary. All you have to do. Is... Well, I let's not even put it in the and you have to do kind of terminology. All it has to happen her is that intention in the present moment arises. As a result of... As the as the result of what has happened? And the past. This occasion is here and now there's going to be a new intention that arises.

This is really tricky word. And Sometimes you can see someone miss mistook you. You meant one thing, and they took another. Yes. Right. And I'm thinking about a case where there... I used to be a person in my life. We're about half the time if you know, it was a conflict, whether they really got what I was saying or took it badly. And there's a there's a temptation to put it on them that oh, well they just misunderstood me. My intention is okay. Then I'm listening to you, and I'm saying Where comes this fruit that I get myself into a situation where I get misunderstood.

I might have I'm might have been a person put a different. And now Now I'm on the hamster wheel trying to listen to what you're saying about, you know, the only thing the only person I can control this me. That's right. So so and the only response the only reactions that you're responsible for dealing with are you're on too. And the situation you you can ask yourself, how did I get myself in this situation where I with this person always misunderstand him? Good question. And if you really look, you'll find the answers there.

I mean, none of this has happened by accident. And Carmel will have played a large role in it as as will the other forms causality. Do you you know, You just trace it back and you. You know, there's a reason why you're with that person. There's a whole set of reasons. You've made choices along the way. Put you in that situation. And you made choices every time you made a choice there some motivation in behind. Right? So definitely, if we looked into it, we could find the history the intention Ar.

But caused you to be in the situation with that person. Yeah. Mh. But that person has their car too. I mean, they have made themselves the be person who's pre predisposed understand what you say? And presumably, the all reason you're mentioning it is they're understanding it and some very negative for you. Mh. Right. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Right. Like, I could really tell if I was misunderstood and taking in such a positive way. When would I even see? But you are a person who with all the best of intentions says things in a particular way.

And who's in a situation with a particular kind of person. That if you if you look at that, that's That's the fruit of your past attachment. It's not some magical process that in a previous life you behave this way. Therefore, Now no matter what here stuck being in the presence of that person, it's nothing like that. You made all of the choices the decisions formulated the intentions that may you a person that's in this situation with the other person. Who speaks in the way you do because somebody else with exactly the same intentions have exactly the same information to convey.

I'd express it differently. Mh. Right? Yeah. We have our own personality. We have our own psyche. Mh. We have our desires and fears and everything else that caused us to express things and particularly right. And some of those ways of expressing hangs, are more easily misinterpreted to have. So then you had spoken about that giving rise to the next the next? Tell you say something and the person reacts. And and then you start formulating this new intention that drag kicking and screaming and into your light.

I'm not going to do that again it could take a lot of different forms your reaction to the person's reaction on what you said. Because to late them. And that's gonna make it in print on your mind. That time it gets it's really coming out of a version. Right? Yeah. It's coming out of a version at ignorance, and it's going to affect your mind and such a way that it's gonna produce consequences that you don't particularly like in the future. Yeah. But other way you could react is with caring and compassion and immediately want to want to do whatever you can to make the person realize that there's no need to be prevented or That's a different kind of attention.

Right? It's intention arising out of positive motivations. You could You could that could come not only from love and compassion but also for wisdom. You could have the awareness in your mind that Oh, it's this Person's karma to hear me that way. And it's mike Harmon, to speak in a way that causes me to be misunderstood. Out of love and compassion I going to do my best to do what's good for both options. And if you do that, that's gonna have funds. Does that make sense to you? Anybody have make sense too?

It's really profound. Yes. So it makes sense in terms of, you know, intending to act a certain way that's in my experience that yes. Based on my past action that. What I intend the, you know, that the impact is not always the same as what I... What I had... Right It seems almost like there's two parts in terms of what I intend to have of it and then you know, depending on high level of scale. You how that comes off. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Sometimes, Sometimes there's a big gap between our attention and and the effect it produces.

So what's what do you see is the problem? I guess, for me sometimes it's not being clear on what my intentions are. And then there being some sort of impact and so then I can get a little bit money in terms of was this, you know, kind of delivery and or was this, you know, coming from some place that was what's the generous? Mh That's a really good thing too examine. Yeah. What what were your real intentions? Because do we always know what our intentions are? I'm telling you this for your own good.

And at a many words, similar examples in that. So we may not... We we are our immediate impression of our intentions may in fact not be accurate. But also, what we do, the actions that we do the lead to an effect that we didn't really want to to lead to. What is there about the... That caused me to act in that way or did not see this consequence. That's that's where we get into the history part of it. You know, it it may be that my intentions weren't what I thought they were. But these attachments, these are the new car on have.

And if I leave those intentions alone, if I don't examine that, just leave them alone. Then they're, you know, like a scene has been planted and wired it's gonna produce its fruit tomorrow next week next year. But where... How did I come to be the person that that acted in this way and naive didn't recognize it and its potential for this undesirable outcome. Now, you don't have to know the answer to those question. You don't you don't need to go how you got to where you are. That's the really good news.

Because otherwise, this would be a hopeless house. Right? Never be able to figure it out and even if he did try to go through I kinda to figure out what there is about your past next thing honor in the present. Well, they keep us there as well before. Anytime keeps there us well for. And and and and it does do so good at that level. But well, for what we're talking about. You have just that a set of principles to follow if you are if you are aware that everything you say and can't think for that matter is coming out of intentions.

And that Probably there's a huge amount of desire version at ignorance. Serving as the the driving for for intentions. If you know that, And you know the... What you're going to be tomorrow is a result of that. Then you instead try to be present and try to replace those kinds of intentions with those read. In generosity, compassion and Wi. So here we go to it's not as big a problem as trying to know where how you came to be where you are. But it's still An easy thing to say and a hard thing to do.

How on earth? Do I manage to be mindful enough that I changed the course of my life. I might modify my actions, my speech, my thoughts, and ultimately my intentions in the moment. So that lead so that they all collectively lead to a totally different set of circumstances in the future. Well, that the the single word answer to that is mindfulness. And it's as we've talked about in the past, being mindful is difficult. You have to hit a skill. You have to develop and you also have to develop a a capacity to bring that kind of conscious awareness.

To the present moment. So it's a combination of skill and development capacity. So we will get into how do you develop mindfulness now, but that is the key. The fact is everything is subject to change. That's the really good news. Who you are is the result of your past karma And the Buddha said when I say car intention. Okay. So who you are now is a result of these mental processes but been going on your whole life. Some of them rooted in desired version and had ignorance and some of them really.

And generosity, low compassion and and wisdom. But that's what leads you to do you are. But you don't need to resign yourself. To oh, that's who I am. I can't change. I don't know how to change You can't change because you are recreating yourself constantly in every moment. First step is just coming to realize how that I am creating who i I will be, and I can change and I can account the person that I would like to be. I can have. Whatever that means. Whatever kind of person you would like to be, you can't become that You could become the dollar lot kind person could become the donald kind of person.

You, give. And really if you can't make that kind of change. But you have to understand how this works. And that's what we're really talking about here. That's what that's what herman parker hard intention, is they train the characteristics that manifest does a results of their passed attention. What and missing? What about what? Aiming and missing. I have this intention It's pretty pretty consistent. I want my environment to be orderly and clean and tidy and, you know, and have have a functional irrigation system have all these plants intentions.

And around battling entropy. And instead of becoming this person I intend, which is of conscientious. Just what I find is that... I'm completely filled with busy work and obsession. That's not Not who I attended at all. I wanted to be this this very, you know, constructive human and I'm just whirl around. Okay. So i at have one level at sort of a high restricted level high ten to have the world being. Exactly this way. My hand. But the level of intention we're talking about this is intention coming out of desire in a version.

Wanted this way, I don't want it that way. Yeah. Ham hi ignorance. That things are never gonna be exactly the way you want them. Right? Right. Right. So what you want to do... I mean, what do you really want? You you said, my intention is to have an orderly world. It's exactly the way I want it to be. Okay. Is that really your intention? Or is that the leaves to him? Like kinda aren't you saying, if who was like that, I'd be happy. You isn't that really what you're saying? Yeah. If it wasn't the way it is, I'd be happier.

So I have to, like not be attached the garden client's following well. Okay. Yeah. Which which doesn't mean that you let the garden go to hell, and you don't change the oil and you don't take down of the garbage. You're front thing out at all. And ten means that Stuff happens. And what happens. That's so okay too. You keep on doing the best you can, and it makes you happy to do the best you can. And you're also happy with the way things are. That's where you really wanna go. So so to take your own example then, if I am on one level, the kind of person who...

Oh, you know the i doesn't really need changing. I I tell myself, I am... I'm easy to get along with And then the car falls over. And and the person that I intended be. So easy to get along with the... You not, least I don't have to drive people crazy to this, you know Then I I am this other person who's like, helpless with... Oh, nothing ever works right for me. You... The this is what I'm trying to to frame an example for as you aim for one person. I want to be easy to get along with and you end up being this one over here.

Yeah. And when that happens, what the means is you fund you doing one thing that you were really be doing something else. Right You thought he go back to Exchange thought you want the world to be me and orderly. We did. Really. You wanted to be happy with the way world was. And what you thought you wanted wasn't it realistic. It didn't fit with the way the world is. This universe is subject to entropy. There's no getting around. No amount of energy that Chris can put him anything is ever trying to stop.

They progressive increase in. Right. So doomed. You're absolutely dupe with that here. But if you can go beyond then and say, oh, what is it that I really want? And what's really getting in the way that? Then you have you have a really good chance and you have a hold. Hear from somebody else here. Seems the tricky part in all this is my intention is creating a self through designer to become something in the future or the desire to not be something in the future. I'm then I'm gonna end up suffering there because I'm building this a cell.

That's right. This is what the buddha was pointing to. This is the cause of suffering. Crazy version. So then you have the the f the right effort to color may some intentions. And to that call to be on olson intelligence. Which is coming from a different place. It's coming more from the place of know self. It seems to me a more pure These are these are the more pure intentions to follow kindness generosity. So it seems... And and in the society, where ego is the driving force in a lot ways. And it...

It's very difficult to decipher When your intentions way towards ego which is ja. I mean and when your intentions are, wholesome, it it it seems very difficult sometimes for me. I I agree. If if it's a it's a big challenge. And the ego had never slash. He of any happiness that revolves around the ego is never worth them very, very temporary. And it's only setting you up for another period of unhappiness. But the way the mind works, it's it's normal way of functioning is that I am this self, and there is this world and I need to make this self happy.

And so that means the world needs to be that later these things need to happen. And then you just you're in you're you're totally in. That's that's so sorry. And yes you can. Because you're buying is so So deep in that group, there's a a tendency to... I think that you're doing something different than what you were. Yeah. And is it is there. Because don't deny that. That's why we need some really simple easier to never principles to apply if we can succeed they mindful. We need to remember that the self is an illusion that the world that we're experiencing is a production of our mind.

And this is this is a part of Karma. One of the important fruits, most important fruits of Karma. Is that what you see and what you experience is generated by your mind. Sensory information comes in and your mind puts it all together. And said Oh, this is where I am. And this is what's happening and it's seemed good or it's bad or it's wet. That is the fruit of your car right there. And and we know that put two people in the same situation and it's a totally different experience. So we know that.

But remembering that, If we remember that self illusion, if we remember that the world as we perceive it is also just a projection of the mine. Determined by or her. And if we remember that in this moment, we are creating the mind that's going to have some kind of good or bad experience in the future. That's that's the principles. They're pretty simple. You can keep coming back to those. You you keep reinforcing those. And if you haven't any still in being mindful, you can apply up to the degree that you have skill being mindful.

You can apply those principles. You gotta ask yourself is there desire is there a version? You know, what what are the the routes of this? And there is there away. I just understand it's not a one off. Right now. This is it It's a continuous process. It's a continuous process. So part of your mind us is to remember that anytime you experience suffering, Been some kind of attachment because I'm kind desire and inversion. So even though he thought there wasn't, and didn't say over yesterday, if you are experiencing the dissatisfaction is suffering today right now, it was there and you can look for it.

And then then you can do something about. So that's basically very, very powerful. Now still, there is a problem with this. Even if you're capable of being mindful, and sustaining a high level of mindfulness all of the time. And you work on their side creating good karma and overcoming your bad conference in the past. That's a lifelong endeavor. And you might not live the seven or eight thousand years that's necessary to get you where you really want be. So that's why there's more to this. You do need to do this.

You do need to you know, it's called practicing morality and this call having right understanding. If you... You know, the principles that I described, that that is the the understanding that you need to bring into a prospect process. And practicing pre and using the the the perfection, trying to they your Karma, your intentions to be good at all times. This is really important. If you don't do that, you're never going to be able to get to the place for the next more powerful vested kicks sam. More palatable method that remember the roots part desired of version and ignorance.

And really with the karma process. We're working on the desired conversion part. Aided lie the degree of understanding we have of the nature of our ignorance, but we're still living in that place of ignorance. Wisdom is next thing. And other words have an intuitive level Your mind is seeing reality and acting on that reality in the wrong way. At the deepest intuitive level, your mind is functioning out of... I mean, we translate the word has ignorance, but delusion would probably be more appropriate.

It's ignorance of the way things really are and the false belief and self and it things being the way they appear to be. When you can overcome that ignorance, what happens is at that same deep intuitive level that determines how your might interprets the world and and acts on it. When at that same deep level, there is, the ignorance is replaced by wisdom and understanding. Where the conviction that I am separate itself yet my own private or with the world is replaced by the recognition that there is no set itself and this world is just that a con of the line that really this psycho physical entity that's experiencing this is a totally interconnected part of everything else.

Then at that point, it becomes much easier you know, if you think about it, When the with arises when the fruit arises from their past karma, if it arises in a mind, viewed with Wisdom, what result does it produce produce? Anger arises And anger is predicated on you heard knee for I'm gonna hurt you or destroy you or blah blah blah. And is that a emotion arises in a mine that knows better at a really deep level. It doesn't go. You're in other words, you've you've neutralized your past target. The you know, as as until Until it's exhausted, you may still experience that arising, but it's not going to.

Like it's not going to reinforced itself. It's not going to make new karma. It's and and and that's that's the really good part about. The other thing is when you have the distinct kind of wisdom, your actions are naturally other kind that perpetuate the positive aspects of your va behavior. So in in essence, acting think had ways becomes natural and automatic. To at least the same degree, if not more so than in the past acting it permanently. Un some ways. Was National and automatic. That's a difference ignorance wisdom.

It's a pretty powerful tool. And oh, it's getting play. How gonna I have to let you go? But what really our discussion last time which we didn't address Tonight... There was some question we talked to about free will, and If there is no self... Well, the the thing that we need to talk about is fine to to say, you know, I am going to make these choices that I am going to behave this way. But isn't that still locked into the same collusion of cell. How does that help? And and is there such of things free will things like that.

So I think that's that's maybe what we need to address in next week. We. We needed to fill in the place with what we talked about tonight. But I think next Thursday, we can get more into the question it was raised from the week before. Right? Heard from the last time we talked. Anyway, thank you. It was that was good for me. I hope it was good for you.

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