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Stronghold 1 May 2011

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Well, just reflect on what is the major you think happening in your life at this point? And see if there there's anything in interaction with that You'd like to ask a question about her to discuss Yes, ma'am. Just my heard day yesterday, A very interesting program on radio. And what it was for you tablets for the discovered in majority. And they're very unusual That the being now like that. I can consuming me out and trying out web. They call metal tablets And so and they... I'm not sure how long we go able trailer spoke readers and.

Little my thing, but now they can tell us not because it's written you're very ancient term hebrew language. Such right. That at that time find which. And But anyway, so all of the research being done now and and these are totally rudy Christians right. And they're like they're they're they may be even more important than the roles. Mh. But the focus is very different than we would think of Christian christianity the focus. We're very much on you achieve a one that's with god through following a path of discipline of behavior with right action right behavior and and medication.

And and this record is pretty much state there... Now and it appears that there was kind of a split back yeah. Good This jeff that these one of the original teachings of Christ was more that each individual has a direct connection with the source so was at one through processes that are very, very much, you know, buddha from in the changing but then there was a kind of a wet there where I guess it was all and something came up with you you know it's that can only happen through the grace. God, which requires people who are already enlightened to deliver that to you even know, the priest knowledge from.

But the agent writing from this particular group apparently it's trying to maintain that. Belief system and probably under siege ended up buried new i calvin. So that's... You. Very interesting. And this guy that relationship there and yeah. So I I I went with more internet. We have always sort of suspected really. Yes. That is Entry interesting. So what you're saying is that these tablets basically are saying, forget about Priests and Saints and Holy. As session between you and got it's totally up to you between you And got.

That's why part of it. And there's something else that I heard it. The the the process too arrive at that and individual process of purification through action... Exactly you have you have to do medicare yourself you can't wait for for some magical process from some supernatural color take care bringing that that's the other page mh. I find that very interesting because it seems like the same kind of this is evidence for the same kind of dichotomy and christianity that you seem to find. Over and over again and every religious tradition including religious buddhism.

Always wanna always... You know, the... When we We go for to the buddha, properly speaking, going to refuge to the fact that he achieved a enlightenment met. On his own and that we can do the same thing because we are in beings so slight count, and it didn't require any supernatural powers. Didn't require the intersection of any other kind of being it was it was the result. Of effort that was made, which isn't to say that there isn't something much greater than than our individual self. It that...

That's not saying that. And in a sense it's saying the same thing as the praise God helps those who help themselves or the buddha nature the awakens and those who, who undertake the work to to awaken their nature. So So it really... It it brings it back to the individual in a powerful way whereas it seems like, well, of course the the church put all, you know, the all the power in the priests. And then there was really nothing anybody could do except surrender totally to to Jesus as their savior and then as a result of that, they would pay he say not as a result for any yeah.

So very very interesting. Isn't think same thing as happened to. And buddhism is. And again, most countries were buddhism as a predominant revision. The the bunk are set aside as a priest class. And sometimes it's explicit but i, the only thing... The best thing a late person can do is donate a lot of money to the mona series and support the mock. And if say she not merit it, maybe they'll come back and another life and be able to cover on. And mean he not search. There's the same idea. But actually, something buck which is a A organization.

I absolutely flourished. By. So good. Hi. African japanese late buddhist movement. That has really it's not very old. That's I'm not sure exactly me... Seventy seventy or eighty years old was something like half, but it's expanded enormously. Because basically, it it pursuit that whole idea that there's something special about monks and the okay It's that it's basically empowering and individual late people to we're recruiter on the lifetime time. Of course, they had and the hindu tradition. There are these guru, you know, and and your your best hope is to find a a truly light guru.

You can ae with a s hot and so they're open here chakra so that you can then become white, but if you can't find that guru it's kinda hopeless sergeant know. So you see the pattern over and over again. Take it the power away person. I some good. So teachers. Are very good teachers. But, yes. Because has nothing to do with yours your good teachers or not. It's whether something somebody can. Whether you're only hope is to find an appropriate priest or guru or something other intersection area who's gonna bring some kind of power to process the email epic itself.

That's why i like the doctrine of the Buddha nature Care and I has a been nature. So... Yeah. And in the morning but I guys more enlightened. Aspects of the hindu education, they say, the guru is with him. The external guru is just more a tool and a symbol and something to practice with. The real is is with you. That's that's the really nature. Or the for the holy spirit, you know, because Christian point if view that they divine connection that we are already already have i've got. That seems to be...

I I want essential perhaps, at least fur essential too living the pre sips and living these values kind of sift down. Net by minute action, when one becomes, you know, it trying to be mindful in the moment. Sift out what is cha and which is seed in terms of one's motives in terms of everything. Is trying to see what is what is within one cell. That that is part... That that is the buddha nature within himself. And and what... What is sort of the result of one's past one's damages, you know, and bring, you know, the the baggage that we carry that is other than the golden nature.

And That is a very, very big task. That's such a a huge thing. And so difficult. Because there is a seed of beauty within each of us. Definitely is... Yeah. And you you say it's difficult. But i I think I I think it becomes easier and easier. I need to degree... You know, the what metaphor to is awakening our own buddha nature another metaphor is cleaning the crystal, you know, the diamond. That's already. But the more you succeed in awakening, the buddha nature. For more of everything of value is related to that food nature.

So no. It it's all... You said it's difficult. I think it's... Initially, it seems really difficult because you're so overwhelmed by wrong views, views and attitudes arising out of desire inversion, those are you acquired from other people as you grew up and as you lived your wife. You have this huge load of stuff. But I think that it starts to fall away really quickly. Once you pay enough attention practice enough mindfulness that you are away your own mood in nature i should be to become. Easy Yes.

If it... Yes. That that is very true. The the parts of ourselves that are not of the baggage product. Is an interesting phenomenon that lives within us for a while. And it and it's in the disguise. You know, when him into to see it to begin to see that and begin to recognize it and of observe it. That's just of serving. Mh. And then i goes to bay. When it's the light of that that mindfulness is it's this is like a flashlight light just showing it on it. That evaporates with attentive and continued my.

Yes. That that's the way my awareness works shannon. Mario practice mindful awareness be. More the deeper that elimination penetrate and the more just burdens away all of the accumulated stuff but getting the way. Okay I see the interesting that you mentioned that because I had experienced last night and sitting with your apache truth so I can go into that grill well, you know and dance. But then as soon as they start with the jesus stuff, I disconnect, you know, like, you know, they changed that and going to jesus...

And I question myself about it because trust. Now as soon as you name, she says that a just i don't want. Maybe because of my past experience, That's the baggage. She's talking about them. And need to look at that too now and not be maybe way down by just letting it hug. But, you know, it affects me affects. And shut. I should I shut it in totally whatever. So I don't really attention do it and anymore you know. That's what I do, but it it bothers me. Yeah. You though they're saying something they're talking about me, you, i know it wasn't nothing.

I would just like to find because, you know, for me is similar. And it's not for me yes not about jesus. It's about all the rhetoric and the dogma and hypocrisy. There's the baggage of the church and the people that call themselves christians and how they clothes that this is the only way and Jesus christ died and processed from their sense. So then they can just do whatever they want because they're already saved and this is not full. Mentality, you know I find version too and So it does, you know, it's very unfortunate because Jesus was a pure yet.

Also I... The idea that... What who who was james is an m? He presented himself as a teacher as a guy you know, showing the way. Meeting other people. But somehow he was made into the ultimate being. But the only way you can be saved is by jesus if you keep up the i around the right. Just just an amazing transformation of everything that I see and that. In in in the new testament, even the way we have it knowing that it's been changed. And many projects thrown now, I still to fight present that for that.

Fine. Not not that we have to rely on anyone, by ourselves. And this is this is this is, I think would be the big problem. Or I'd like to see maybe as Buddhism comes to the rest that it maybe if it can possibly leave that kind of problem behind and see all of these great teachers has. People like ourselves through made journey and are trying to show other people who way to make the same journey. To do the same thing the accomplish the same thing. That's how... you know, i I think that's what any teacher is.

Myself or any other teacher. There is somebody like yourself. You know, it's like we were talking about a journey to an unknown lamp. Somebody can make the journey and they did come back and they can tell you how to get to, you know, how to make the same journey and give you all kinds of tips you know, go this way not that way, to on and so forth. But you've gotta make the journey yourself. There's no there's no way somebody can there's no way some great explorer kinda come back from from the new world.

And give you that experience. You have to view it yourself. And I think that that's all any teacher can do his share. Your own experience. They're journey the knowledge that they've accumulated that helped them to make the journey. That's sort the thing. And and that's an important role to play. It's a very important role bite. We we help each other. Everyone helps each other. Anytime someone has the opportunity to share their experience and what they're wanna with somebody else. That's a wonderful thing.

And if we all do that, you know, we can all make the same kind of progress. I think that's that's what we really want. We don't need another institution with a hierarchy and bunch your holy beings and charge. Have all the power and all the ability and they rest of these t odds. The best we can do is to wash their feet need to comes off the plate. Okay. Let's have done with that. I am a question about joy. Yeah. Once the mine is wired down and joy comes very so often. Can you talk about the the differences or or how to work with Joy comes and you just being with it.

And then perhaps you're encouraging it but then you could go into grasping after it. Well, the... I I think the important remember is that Joy is a a state of mine that matter a particular way. And you can reinforce that. But reinforcing is different than forcing a a grass capture. And also on joy only serves a perfect. And to... And part of the problem of grasping, is where you you make it into and and rather than it means to a greater end. Joy is a state of mind that when it exists allows us to see what is positive.

And as a result of that allows us to experience, happiness a pleasure satisfaction and the good things in the world. The world isn't an bag. It's got a lot of good and bad view for. Right? We already know that. And Joy is a state of mine that allows us to appreciate the positive side of and to experience the happiness that comes from being in relationship to the good. So we can reinforce to whatever degree joy is present in our mind. We can reinforce that. And even majority is very minimally present, we can encourage it as arising by intentionally using our mind in the same way that our minds would spontaneously Va joy or present.

So we attempt to what's go and beautiful we see the best and what rate is re intend to. And we look in our mind and and our body for what is what is positive conducive to happiness peace and so forth. So by doing that, we'll either allow joy to arise or if it's targeting risen, we'll reinforce it. And that's the only way that that I know of that we can actually intentionally do something to contribute to joy rising and to to joy being sustained. And if you become attached to the pursuit of joy, you you really run a great risk of not doing these things.

Not not noticing what's wholesome beautiful. And not seeing the best and everything, but rather going back to the old way that everybody always behaves, which is trying to manipulate circumstances so that things will make me happy if things will make me enjoyable. And so that's the danger that you write is that you forget that all I can do is reinforce a natural process of my right. And if I try to covers that by manipulating external circumstances. I totally lost the the path there. And then then back to the same only thing.

Percent five forty. Then the other thing is that we experience joy, It's wonderful. We want we want to experience it more often we want push last longer. That's good. That's a good goal. That's a good objective. That's a good thing too. Wish for and to want out happen. But it's at that point that you'd have to keep in mind what the value and purpose is joy. Because joy is it's a temporary state of mine. It's due causes and condition whether they're extra external what hit internal. And therefore it's permanent.

And therefore it's a limited value and another to sell. And as it's imp, if you become attached to joy, then your life becomes just the process of pursuing it one or not. Joy has a purpose. So I... The purpose of joy is that when the line is in a state of Joy, it becomes free craving desire and version. And joy is con conducive to e, which isn't this it's not something that's always obvious, the joy. Is conducive to because it seems because joy Joy isn't really us in itself. Joy is this exhilarating happy feeling that comes from.

Your positive reaction to the positive things in the world. So how do we make a jump from that to? Well, if g if your enjoy is internally generated rather than externally generated, That is how it reduces craving. If you are in a state of joy, the negative things that might happen to you don't bother to you as much, and don't generate as much aversion. And the pleasant things kind the world because you're already you're already happy because your mind's in a state of joy. You don't have the same compulsive deed to go out and and find experiences and things and situations that are going to make you more happy.

So internally generated joy, the kind of joy that comes meditation actually reduces greatly the the the tendency to craving, the power of desire and version become more and more muted. You know? And this this is how joy develops towards. There's an intermediate process The initial intensity of Joy, the energy the the eu euphoria enthusiasm of Joy. Can't be sustained and it isn't. Get gradually quiet stay and becomes more of a tranquil serenity. It's still it's still aligned in a state of joy. If you've examined your mind, according for the definition I gave you a joy.

You'll see that even when the the, the ib, the energy of joy has has fallen away, and go out in the world, you see what's good what's beautiful What's wholesome? When in every situation and every person they you're able to see. What's good. And you are not experiencing much in the way of unpleasant as and your the experience of being life is is is flavored by the quality of pleasant. Even though you're now in a state that is much more tranquil and serene. Is that name the case And of course, much more independent of external circumstances.

Those things that would have created a version of desire before much much less power to. And e is non reactivity. Is not feeling compelled to pursue something because you think it's gonna make you feel good. Not feeling compelled to avoid something because you think it's going make feel bad. You're much more in place kind accept. Accept the good. How shut the bat. It's actually all fine. And I have joy and happiness. In my heart So I don't need to struggle against the the whole world in going to make things.

Be the way they need to be so that I can have you happiness and peace, because I've already gotten happy this piece. So I can be with the world louie way is. And I can function effectively because I'm not made embedded about my emotions and reaction. And so that's the purpose of a joint. The purpose is to put us in a state of mind where we have happiness and peace. We have this non reactivity activity so that Joy is one of the seven factors of enlightenment. And track tranquility and e are two other factors of been enlightenment.

So would you cultivate a joy in meditation get matures get to a point where you'd have three of the factors of the enlightenment present. Get your meditation, You also have the develop concentration and mindfulness, which is how you get to withdraw arising. So actually, since those are a two factors in, you have five factors in the light that present by the time. By the time jo matures, you have five factors in the enlightenment present. The only thing only two factors remaining. To lead you to a place of understanding profound understanding of the true nature reality, which provide which will permanently changed the way your mind works and will provide ultimate liberation.

And only two factors missing are the investigation of reality with diligence. So the purpose of joy is to bring you to the threshold awakening super monday they knowledge way thanks really in regard. But it's not joy for I would say. It's joy as it means to a much greater end to the ultimate. Yeah. And even the joy itself, When you start clinging to it, you tend to claim to that energetic fu aspect of joy. And what you really need to be doing is letting it mature to state of serene joy. Answer your question?

Flexible of What's really interesting. It's some people get into to sort of it acidic aspect of buddhism, and they're free of joy. So joy can't be a good thing. Know. And it's really funny if they look at the life of the Buddha. He he went through that stage and he actually left a very profound teaching for anyone that finds himself being afraid of joy and happiness, and you like, they have to be au serious saw that, you know, just this is great business. Because he spent several years practicing austerity came to the conclusion that this goes nowhere.

Recollect as experience John. And I don't know if I could quote exactly. But it's something like you said. I recollect that joy. And I realized I don't need to be afraid of this joy. This is not... This is not the the the joy of the world. This is different. And this is a good thing. In So he sat down under the V tree with that outright and practiced the genre. He developed practice the became enlightened. And so whenever you hear somebody presenting the au version, blue is you might like to remind yourself that Yeah.

The buddha went through that. And you realize that doesn't go anywhere. Dropped out. Sat down and cultivated the end inventory that leads to fighting. From blake. How joy said, he who that find himself to but he who binds himself to enjoy that the winged life destroy. But he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity sun sunrise. That's very beautiful. Yep. See why. Really true. And that's... That is one of those statements that that really it speaks to us so what it's like to be in enlightened?

Has... Yeah. You accept everything as it is on its own terms, and you don't try to clean period more important you don't have any need to explain to it. There's no point. It's... You know, it's it's all it's all perfectly there alright? It pills like gratitude has a been place in that. Just being grateful for for having it for being alive. For just being where you are and that that brings that kind of m to the... That's say not so much on the cushion, but just in your everyday life of of when I feel like I don't know this and that that I suddenly think, well, I'm still alive and I'm and how wonderful the body is and how beautiful it is here and everything, you know, in in the on the ordinary level of reality.

The gratitude brings that kind of joy, which is different from the inner joy, but it maybe as adds to it. I think it's actually... It is really related to the energy or it's joy this stated line that allows you to look at their world. And I look at the world that way and just be grateful for. To light to be able to experience, you know, the the sunshine in the air. But and and it's opposite what's the opposite of gratitude? It's we when we put ourselves in the place of judging what is and condemning it.

Right? Instead of being glad to be why, we're saying hey. Well, I'm don't lie. So I have a right to have things the way I want them. Can't gratitude. Give me more. Give you more. This just not good now. Ranting, I guess the world, okay shot to how you want. That was a wonderful... In my eyes, this discussion you had my joy, I think was. Jim. Thank you. Anybody else have anything Is there like a way that you one could remember and and gratitude to and acceptance of whatever they're experiencing. Without reacting to a feeling version traction.

I because you like something that we can remember to do? Is it, like a way? Something that we can remember to do. Well, now a lot of different things ways we valued advised to help us they help remind us of these things. But of course it's easy to forget the purpose. I need both most rituals and ceremonies values and things like us. Their underlying intention is to remind us and make us more aware of these things. And But it's easy for them just become empty rituals when we stop noticing what it is you're supposed to find stuff.

Yeah. Also being a around for people who are practicing remembering to be aware of the same things. That's a big help. That's sort true tremendously valuable. Think. You know, the word reminders you could create in your life, the better Some of them can be happy. Can be habits. You know, We we beat people all over the time, know, all kinds of circumstances. And every time we beat somebody do, you know, even somebody is checking us out in the grocery story. It's an an opportunity, You know, something like that, the keeps happening over and over again If you can set yourself the goal of every time you card in that situation that you be remind of these things and you find some some opportunity to appreciate that person do something to to cheer the up if you can't say ice word the kinds of things can help that too.

Rather than rather than standing there at the checkout counter and shape right. Thinking about other things that you have to do, not being present or are dealing abs upset that the price of size sanctions gone out. Or feeling and annoyed you had to wait behind the other person and this cashier share wasted a lot of what seemed to you unnecessary time. We dealt with that person and you're feeling and noise. You could just use this as a trigger to say, okay. Where's not mind, but if it... What... What are the kinds of attitudes and feelings and thoughts that I'm holding right now.

Is that that is that what I wanted do? Is that where I wanna be? And that gives you the opportunity there to practice lady go to and replacing mail or something aren't more positive. Just to suggest. My read recently daylight light. I wrote it down and I I really like it. It said up. Ask yourself, three questions. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? And what are the consequences? That's actually defined. Because those three questions are that's what's called clear comprehension and Honduras. Terminology.

We practice mindful awareness. The most important form of mindful for awareness is psyche Michael he's with Clear comprehension. And it has these three ingredients doing. What you're doing people what's happening in your mind? Why it's happening? And is it what you really want? Is it appropriate? Is it fit with your values? Or it's consequences that it's gonna be the consequences that choose? So I don't know where you got that from this. You said it recently, like, on a Thursday night right now.

I don't know. You said on Sunday morning. You know, it is it is such a wonderful powerful thing to keep them mind. Right? I doing this. What am i doing? Actually the first question important right. So often we don't even know what we're doing. What am I doing?

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