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That's what I find is important for about the teachings of The buddha as opposed to buddhist vision. Is if you go to the teachings of the buddha, they really... They function at the front another level that is more universally. A religious teaching on Karma would be like that was current at the time to was morning. Which was that your future in every sense everything had happened to you was determined on past actions This was all it is area level. And it's true to say that it's true to say that absolutely everything is constantly be determined.

And therefore if you equate karma and from then you can make that statement. You can saying is absolutely true say that everything that happens at any of these loans, it's constantly to determined and why what's happening in the past. And that's undeniable. But what's nice about the distinction that the buddha made is that it takes us away from the idea that well. Everything that happens to a person is a consequence for what they did in the past. And, of course if you don't, remember doing the past then must be happen in previous life.

Right? So... What that does what they did and still does, is allow you to look at a person who is in very difficult circumstances. And instead of responding to them with compassion or instead of feeling motivated to change a social situation that put them in that position. You can say, well, it must be because of something they did ask. Because a past. And so that's a terribly destructive idea. So I I think the distinction of the Buddha made too to clarify that causality operates on different levels or so speak different spheres it is enormously clarifying and helps the prevent their kind of errors that have that made him chance.

Similarly, I used the example of the cat flow going to congestion. And i was a catholic my time. Spent a couple of years, thinking that I was going to become pretty. And as you probably all realize what happened there is the recognition that something called Sam as a result of something that takes place in your heart in your mind. It's really very similar to what Lulu was talking about Karma has intention. The nature sure of sin, all those directly did directly results in actions as intentions get rise to action.

The essence of sin is the is what internally happens that separates you from god. Now... Yes. If if you very very sincerely at the deepest level If you have con for your app. And it sincere. Totally committed resolving and you're not going to do that again. And if you do whatever is necessary to make restitution compensation correction, whatever is that you can for he have to be do. Now you'll recognize these three principles that happened in the conventional the calvary church. Are three of what are called the four powers that have about last week you recognize now there?

You no There is sincere draft. Is to resolve but I'm not gonna do the same or. Then there's the action that you can take. Now of first, And the buddhist version is this part of that action is that you're going to study the dha and you're right meditate and you're gonna overcome the ignorance. That gives rise to the increasing that causes you to act in these ways. So you have a lien, you you have a course of action to to fulfill this result. But And what happens in the conventional though is you can contrast the sand they can act.

And you make the statement that you will not do this any anymore. And then you are given some symbolic caps of restitution and correction. If that went deeply enough into your heart it might indeed undo the car damage that you came into the professional room. But what has happened is that is turned into a magic ritual. So that you go in and you confess the things and you say over override things, and then you go out you may not go back. You may not go and and actually do things to make correction in the world with the people that were affected.

Do you say the right number of Hail Berries and our families. And he you've gone through the rich concept. And So I I I think that It's enormously valuable with the depth of understanding and the buddhist teaching brings to this process. And if you understand it and the terms are good that taught it, you cannot imagine that simply by saying certain words that is going to change your car. It's gonna take something you're going to have to. At a counter active parliament. To be effective, has to be not only hot in nature, but it has to be equivalent can power or even even more powerful than than what you do.

Yeah. And what is our solution? What is. I ordered if i cannot not i just understanding that's why i was getting it because very... There was something learned it was gone. And as I understand it, I was back with. Yeah. That you're. Yeah. Gone. That's right. So I think that's what... I know that which you were talking about Brian, i Yes. The the pre have solution only gives you provisioned who resolve his health. Okay. Say deductibles. The pre solution. Is only getting you provisioned to absorb yourself.

Might idea a it's a mental decision that will now for... Like, he feel like... Yeah your no number gonna do that to regret that out you're gonna do something which lets you we're some way and you feel like it's gone and when you feel like it's going is go, and it helps the feeling of its form if somebody the head tells you score. And. You're. That's. Yeah You about individual comment and I would like to know when you talk at the same time that we are authorized for everything we are influenced by everything Is an also a collective pipeline what how you call to connect consciousness And how isn't in in enclosed relationships?

You fall in love with somebody, and there is a lot of stunt you didn't. Know. Do you carry you're involved with this person And then with the will? Not You don't carry them too because you're in love with fat person. But there is collective part there is share for the some reason as you said, if we are not the isolated separate entities that it seems to us like we are if that's not true. Yep. Yeah The car can't be so I either. So how do you do? On the collective level. Well, the same way to deal with it on the level of on the collective level, that you are has an individual consisting of management.

You know, how if if you accept the idea of, or better yet, if you've had... If your personal experience supports the idea that you are not one single entity, but your mind as many different processes. That how do you as a seemingly discreet individual with a multi part personality? How do you do something? It's has that collective the only way to do something is somehow that collective changes direction. Certain parts of that collector influence other your parts of that black. Very often, the way it happens isn't that you...

You... The one part of you decides that you're gonna transform your personality and change all the other criteria you because that doesn't work very well. But one part of view that recognizes the the for a change or the daughter's desi ability for change begins to exert that funds in in small, easily accomplished ways. That provide you with knowledge understanding opportunity to bring about change to the other person your solving. So So the same thing, you know, it happened if we talked about group a society, you know, definitely there's there's a shared kind of karma that that dollar llama speaks of the current out of two that.

Heard I do rather ever got done. And he looks at the history of took that. And he says, well, what's happening is a result of to collective part manager out. And how do how does a whole nation or a whole culture do something to to change its card up? Well, individuals have to work on other individuals until somehow there's a larger shift and the culture is involved. Example individual working. Individual Well, change your. Right Again. Right. And then and then see what implants that types of the same thing part of the brain.

I just wanna know how much you can also withdraw of that. Oh you can make a decision intentional. You don't want to get involved in that kind of of of upcoming. Debts and is said okay. Yeah. But in terms of what on was kind, This country used to face a large credit of economy on slavery. Used used to think that when didn't deserve without? Used to have Segregate schools, washroom and drinking funds. Used to... All the these things just... The this country the culture that makes this country has changed dramatically, many different ways over the last hundred hundred and fifty years.

How did that change kinda down? Through one individual working on on another eventually there's a change and individual whole but no. Unfortunately, it's a great sad. Yeah at the moment, there's only a majority of the culture which shifted. And it's not as big of majority as we own blue but. So we're we're like an individual who has changed some un undesirable behavior patterns. But they're not that far away from slipping back into. But I I find the comparisons you can make between in a country and a culture what happens in individual.

I I find them to be, you know, very straightforward comparisons. I'm coming over country where this speak Germany not happened and we had incredible rights as you all know. And there was simple generations who carried it. And there's a no generation said we don't want to do anything with that. And in they're creating something totally new and, there is the separation. They made the separation very variability. I have nothing to do with that, let's go into positive ways and so There was something here there was this by also very positive input in terms of let's, let's because labor webcast go and move on into something that was healing, you know.

So again, there is that decision do you have to buy into it in only to heal and to pay, you know, bring compassion and kindness and change. Okay. You step back and said, I can only it when I step in. And create it and create my own values. I'm not sure I totally probably right let me just try. In the situation of Germany, there was several generations that were going through the process success. So regret and resolve and trying to. Shame and play tomorrow. Yep. And... And then you're saying more recent generation the saying well, We didn't do that.

We weren't a part of that. And isn't that sort of like the individual who said Okay. How can I deal with that? Mh. You know? I... Yeah. Yeah. So... And still talking about the collective. If you talking got individuals, there were individuals ever. They ever since June of nineteen forty five. It refused to buy into that process. Right? But that's that's a different thing. The the process took place in spite of those individuals. And the founder of those individuals fortunately has been small enough that determine people could undergo this process.

So but that's not too a different, you know, the the things that I just with this country engaged so very long ago, you know, there's a lot of people who have refuse to buy into that change. And as a matter fact they're out there right now waiting for their opportunity they go back. They probably go all the way back to slavery if they could. You know, But they'll be quite happy to go back to paying women less than them for the same word. They'd be quite happy to go back to let... Well go back. They'll go back as far as he can.

But progress has made in a society because of the power of the positive influences, which tends to be related to the the number of people it's not strictly numerical. Some people exert much greater influence than others these. Again, I just I see a lot here thing So societies and individuals. And so the idea... I have no problem with all with the idea. I to time about You asked about situation and two people or your lives or answered intertwined? That is there's an inevitable that But. Yeah. Sorry.

So two people published together for a long period of time, are definitely gonna generate I shared in karma my in addition to their individual partners. They can't clarify. Yes. So far, all of this discussion of Ka has of course, hinged on intention pushed on actions that you meant to do. But often... I mean, I'm not and enlightened yet. And my brain is sneaky and it comes up with motives. I don't see coming. And I don't always feel like... Haven't put that. I don't actually feel like I did that.

Even when it comes out of my mouth, it's like, who that? Right yes exactly. And So there are things that I can say that I have done. And and being an absolute denial about, and there's... Kernel to those. But what do you do with unintentional intention that has for some part of you that you can't see. That's that is the way we are... We have many parts to us that we can't see. And sometimes you become aware that those parts are driving you and there's some of your part the of the says. You know, where did that come?

But the same thing is happening far or often and you don't have that recognition of. You just... You accept one whatever actions generated out your past condition well, I did that. I decided to do that. And the reflex reaction is not to downward request yourself or rather to immediately find a rationalization of black. And this is why it was the best thing for me to do. You know, for this is why I was just intake. So so what you're... The what you're talking about is those instances when you are aware that you have there are parts of your mind that are conditioned to drive your behaviors and sort particular other directions.

That other parts said your mind don't agree with. And you say, you know, you refer two yourself his i and that's font. But did you observe closely? Who's wearing that, you know, when who's wearing the hat it says I Sometimes, sometimes it's said other part of yourself. Well, in our ongoing conversations. I'm aware that the hat gets passed around on the eye a lot. But I'm also a victim of my language. And i just such a handy little word. It is. It's a very candid word. I haven't had as a matter of in fact...

It is anybody in this world. That knew the illusion lying behind the where where it the buddha that the buddha said I use the words I in mine because it's convenient is the easiest word to time. So... Okay. Yeah. So we'll So granted that sometimes I get stand around and say several of us in here. Yeah. That it and really kind of resist the royal we. I mean... Yeah. No. It can't win. So given the... You can kind of catch little doses out of your eye of parts of you that do things that the rest you don't agree with?

They did that. That that that sub component did that very intentionally, You know, they're they're maybe not because like this Some other party is. That's still intention that's still Karma. The part of you that did the lesson might thing drags around the rest of you and and and there's this inner conflict of weight. No. I shouldn't get the rep for that. You mean. So What do you do about an unintentional retention? There's parts of you that have nothing to do with that karma kinda sounds like Germany and America something, I think maybe I just answered my shot.

But I'm they did. And he see what she did what oh, that's the Yep. And if that keeps coming up. You. That's the most important thing is to be to realize that this this happening. See... Because the things you're talking about. Are actually instances of self knowledge that in their absence there's nothing you can do but suffer the consequences as always other parts that you saw. Soft knowledge is is really important. But Yeah. It's just knowing that always change it. For. Just knowing what you do doesn't always change.

No. Doesn't always change, but it is the beginning of the process they're changing it. It's the essential first step. I went on a walk with my husband in the bill he's a beautiful day and i school. So salon. And then the they there but they actually at the or send them find. You're terrible or, oh no. I didn't... I said thank you pointing that out. Then are me I don't why did I do that? What was my cra? What was my grasping me what I first that I spend or make someone understand that the help need we felt important that I couldn't just fire and and not in that.

Mh. That is... I think they're beginning of awareness. Yes. And then meeting is so That's right. Feeding yourself what doesn't help. Doesn't matter that beating yourself on this to making that card. You're going to speak the consequences and getting yourself up. No. I hate to accept you. Alright. So Sorry to accept who we are on what we've done. So... Way. I do apply for you. No wasn't what you have to you have to accept me or after why you said five say just yourself You you have to... It doesn't mean...

Doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to always be. I can't see the difference. Because you can allow yourself when you are? Yeah. If you know that you're gonna change, you don't have to accept I mean no, didn't even tell me go and you need to accept them. So either the the way that I find that it works is that it's not a until you accept. You think that the possibility opens up. Pretending. And as long as is non acceptance, you're very non acceptance provides support for that that that you wish wish would change.

Then how is the everyone? That thing that you kept... What persists? Yes very but them how has there promoted. If I completely, I'm perfectly content with the fact that I would ex murder then That's not quite saying to accept. To accept what you are doesn't mean that you're that you aren't gonna change it. Okay. If you don't accept that you're an act murderer. What do you do? You you you slave mental tricks, you forget thing you did this? Or you where you find rationalization? Or I couldn't help it.

Yeah. We or you know. That's all part is this. I exception too. Okay. I did this. Oops oops. Deal with. This not. I totally percent. This is Ryan. This is what idea. I thanks it's starting. Right. But it typically be there, you're not gonna make much change. Okay. But there's is like, this little part of me that like says Yeah. Okay. No mind. Got it. And thing you're find just anybody. Everything think you can find with this? You know, when you come into something like that. Is there's the one part of yourself that says, okay.

No more ax. Just you go send you notes through period where the party, the where the hat the says high is the one that says no more. There is a struggle i I am struggling against this tendency that is not me Yes. Okay. Yeah. And I'm not gonna let it take over and I'm gonna wait I'm in charge. But when it switches, Then I and the one that is gonna go get and and do it and go. You know, and on all online resources go into to name the best tax murderer I can. And any struggle if if the other part of he starts keeping happens and says, no no.

No. We shouldn't do this. Can't. The same struggles there but now it's going the other way. You know, I i am... I I I like doing you're now chopping people out and this part of the he wants to spoil all my phone. Yeah. Yeah. So the best bet is to forget just simply atrophy, forget the x side? No. You gotta deal with mushroom. I was trying to not empower it by by going into with it. So if you're not going to go into that what did you put it with resisting resolution? Is is there was a catch for he used.

I what year is this persists? Yes. Yeah. Yes. So if you want to try and say that's probably not a good thing to feed. Then It sounds like you're saying just forget about it. Just here. You know, with had more realistic examples. Yeah. Yeah. One thing though the asked I noticed when I read text by philosophers, they always choose examples that a involved killing something to somebody they more impressed. Student expert data. But the more real life thing is the things that many people confronted it, you know, you smoke cigarettes and your high smoking cigarettes reps.

So you're oh overweight and it addicted to Chocolate and you're trying not teach. I mean, these are the kinds of these of the or Mundane acts murder scenarios. Essentially, if you combine your attention, you're it if... The whole dynamic sanders around. Two parts of yourself in opposition to each other and if clear both without equally strong. Not much is gonna change. So I'm trying to ask how you switch that dynamic. You bring the rest of your being and bullying and yes. You get... You get all kinds of other parts of your mind to involved.

So it's not forgetting. It's assembling more. It's certainly or... Yeah. It's is bringing more participants to the table and then it's going out there and actively at a acquiring more information, understanding, experience, emotional support, whatever else you you need. I mean you know, on the x murderer scenario, at the very least, if you... The part of you about not being an ac murderer was serious, that you could always go present yourself to the authorities and saying I need a second psychiatrist address.

Definitely make sure that you know grab any answer the audience. No. But we we have much milder situation as we talked about. The thing is we didn't have all sorts of other supports that we can take advantage of. But the thing if we examine what's going on in Inside How do you people who smoking for smoking? Yeah. So Probably the lead out to that was a long period where you just... You just couldn't... No don't matter how hard you tried you just couldn't put or very long because it was just one part of you against the other end of the deep show.

And very good chance that when you succeeded it, there were There was more participation, more knowledge, more understanding, more emotional support various kinds. To sway to shift the balance to to It... It's important to look at an example, I got. If you hear done now. I said outcome the first fifty times i result to quit smoking. I wasn't successful. But the last time I lost what isn't different? What's the difference? I know in my case because I spoke. When I reached the point where I was able to quit, it was remarkably different than all of the times when I failed.

It was much easier. There was something significantly different internally. About that time in about the past. That's that's fine pointing to be. Is that It wasn't the same old battle between this part of the was part of me. It was a lot more involved and it totally changed the dynamics yeah. Have I would suggest that usually that is the case and that most of you... Because the thing is that in my experience, and transfer the people i don't. You can use will willpower to not have a cigarette deck for a month.

And still not fit because on the thirty first state, you light up minutes like you never put at all. Right. So there's something fundamentally that'll be different about. That shift the case place.

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