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We had a good discussion last week and why you to come back, but questions are top. So things see if anybody remembers that we talking about i. Surprised yes. I another was really having... I think like to do with a alignment nine and really going into the this ground figure Reversal cell thing most critical i can't. Okay. Well, that's good. Thank you very much all. For reminding I. So I I guess it didn't leave any no that with any questions Yeah. One of the statements family made they midst was about how long lines.

Create illusion that scene positive learning here. So made me think that I can be more aware of that and don't worry as much better. Since it's really... Do you you should you should definitely be you know where that solution. And you shouldn't have any of the worries they come from the assumption that things really are the right that they appear to be. And then rather than worry anybody anything, you should work on being able to use that information and then. Guide you and your understanding and how you lead your life?

How can we go into this in more detail for your? When you said how you said use that information. What information that the the information that is that things are not the way they appear to be. And that it is really your own mind that is responsible for the the world that you seem to be living again and experiencing. So That's that's the information. It's the positive images don't bother. Exactly. The negative, where is the ones. Was a nice... Hear that you that's physically a reinforcement. Yeah.

Pretty a step back and say, okay. It is not it's not real necessarily. Yeah. It's it's the the thing to realize is that your mind is it is creating the reality that you're living at. Both the good parts and the bad cards. And that it's not something independent. Mind is presenting a hard and reality. This rather it's a reality is being continuously constructed by year line. So then the next question is obvious question is, so then why is my mind, projecting this stuff that I don't like. It's my mind is doing it.

It should do what I want. Right? Something helpful. Yeah. That's right. Something joyous. And and you would like it to be that way and it potentially candid be. But you have to... The first question as well why i what how is it mind doing this? And why is it doing it? This particular right? And your mind is operating how conditioning, the way to see it it is condition. And it has... Your your mind has conditioned itself or you have you know, to extent that you're gonna identify yourself with your mind.

You you have conditions yourself to project this kind of reality. And you continue to do that. The reality you experience tomorrow next week next year. Is a result of what you do now and what you do in each sixteen succeeding moment. That creates the that creates the person that you will be at time who projects the reality that that person's going experience at that time. So this this is the key to. Because because you through your thoughts and worries in your speech, and most especially through the intentions.

Continuously create yourself that you can't take control of that process. And create yourself in a much more positive way. And, yes. It's the person that you. It's the future person and is created as a result of your current behaviors is of a for lack of a better word less said a note sorry. Than the world of that person percent projects will be corresponding correspondingly like better world. So you can make this all sort of ne and mystical and airy fairy. And easiest way to do that is to you begin by assuming that that nothing really exists outside of your mind.

But that's not really such a productive way to go. So just think of it in in terms that are really easy to understand and and interpret it on the basis of kinds of people we are in independent nfl that we're in, which is to say that we can see the, first of all, you you look at what happens in the present moment. You look at the dynamic of how this happens? What do you pay attention to and any particular moment is a huge determinant all the experience that you would have. Right? And we talked about that before.

When I did I used it clint, you know, two people could walk down the same street. And because they pay attention to different things. They have a totally different experience by that street. And one person could say, oh this is the worst ugliest street i ever her saw in the world should be erased from the face of year. Somebody else could experience it as a a beautiful and wonderful place that they can't wait to walk down that street again. Based on almost nothing other than what they have to extract front that phenomenal experience in terms of what they where what they paid attention to and what they we're aware of.

So that... That's where it begins. You know, it's estimated that our brains receive billions of bits of information in every second. Yeah. What can actually be processed by the parts of the brain that cd with our conscious experience. Similar between thirty five and seventy bits of information per second. So right away, you know, all the little sense organs in your body and your eyes, and new ears and everything. Our can't get well you you could take a number like a billion and divide it by seventy.

And that's how many different potential realities that could be determined just by what actually comes into to your consciousness. And just is a a question that. So we're talking about your focal awareness, you what are you're paying attention to What about all that other stuff outside of that? Being of your awareness that is, you know, being received by your nervous system and his the conditioning somewhere that. Okay. Yes. We need to, yeah. We need to look that. I'm not just talking about what's have the focus of your you're awareness that are you call attention, but I'm also talking how about the the field of conscious awareness, all the background information made taken out at the same time.

And that is what defines your conscious experience with it all combination of attention and awareness. But beyond that, there is information that is taking in that that also can have an effect. In general, you know, the the information you take in unconsciously tends to have the effects that has tend to be minimal by comparison to what you take in consciously. But they do have effect. But the effect that they're going to have is going to once again turn to on the blind prepaid interact with. Okay.

So you could say in addition to say thirty five to seventy bp out of a billion. Contributing to your consequences awareness there's some other not too great number bits that are having an effect your unconscious or awareness. So that still doesn't change the basics. Picture up. Right? That there are all these different... In terms of the information in this being there's this huge variety of possible interpretations and and in all different great. And of course, many of them would be terribly similar but some of them would be dramatically different.

But that's just the beginning of the story. So the filter itself will call the filter, but what extracts that small set from the large of information that constitutes the teacher experience. That filter free is the first step. But then the mind that it interacts with, this information comes out. As part of your retention and your conscious awareness. And it's interpreted. How it's interpreted is based upon your cumulative past experiences. Both that's external and star. Do I need to expand on that?

Or is that kind obvious like Something some specific thing. That went the person might... That one person in my regard is as somehow good or desirable. Another person my regarded as sorry. Obviously, That difference does not lying I think stuff. There. It lies in the interpretation that is. Which is to dependent end upon that person's back down right And extent who is assist is taking place. Think about the the world unit it's made up of Identifiable label object. Right? Where did you get those labels and where did you come to associate the concepts?

With the particular sensory experiences give rise to them. You want born right? X expired. There's certain things that are in here, like, perception of colors and warmth and things like that. The decided is we get to more complex object then it it it begins being begins depend very much on how the mind interprets it the values that it associates with it. We get something as complex as other people That is really. It's really to dependent. So So you can see this is not some statement that's coming out of.

Some mysterious mystical kind proposition. It's just plain old common sense a nature reality from the basis of our scientific technology and we realized that every conscious entity team First of all, filters out selects just tiny sliver of the world and that it interprets that tiny sliver in its own particularly unique way, which we know from experience and vary enormously from one individual to another Net result of that is that we're all living in a world that is created by our own online. And that's where you can effect you see it is the conditioning of your mind that to determines how that filter instead of work.

So it's not just after it's already been filtered that the conditioning takes over. The conditioning, determines to see activity or what you what you observe. The wrong material how... Which you make your reality. So how do we become all aware of this process so that we can our conditioning, which we're what you're saying it's going to affect our lives from this moment forward. So being able to... That awareness is really critical yes. It it is. It's it is really critical at keep in mind that that we're conditioning ourselves in every moment to the most effective thing that we can do.

Is to become more where happening and every. This is this is this is the whole line tool awareness that I I think I talked to you... Was it last Thursday. I talked about how mindful awareness creates gives you the... Makes you aware of choices without mindful awareness you act automatically on the basis of conditioning. As though there were no choices or the choices were very limited. Yet the more awareness that you bring to any situation the greater variety of choices that become the parent. So Did you need some kind of standard to help guide you in the choices study?

Right Well, where to go? Can you simply if if you condition yourself through thoughts and intentions speech to action, that is conditioned by ignorance and greed and hatred. Or substitute desire and version for greed hatred or just ball roll up into one ball wax and tell them the compulsions are rising out craving. So if your conditioning arises out of ignorance and k. Then it's going to be such a nature that he chance to create or you tends cause your mind to create a reality and which there is suffering.

The negative aspirin. The alternative to that is to cultivate thoughts and speech and action that is rooted and the opposite of that. Opposite ignorance is is wisdom So begin with you, you have to sort of just take somebody else's word for for certain aspects of wisdom. But the ignorance is the belief in the south that actually, you believe in the cell and the belief kind an extra reality and way we perceive it that gives rise to the crate. That is the that. The creating is is kind and inevitable and logical in a result of.

So if you If you cultivate in your awareness, the recognition, that just simply what I'm experiencing right now isn't necessarily from its own side. The way it appears to me. It's rather the result of my previous conditioning, the buddha called that car. So you can... you know, if you wanna use that word you can say what I'm experiencing right now is the result of my car I how I not created myself. So just being aware of that. Being aware of the fact that that what you have is have done and this moment is to here the results one of your previous thoughts and actions and attachments.

The next thing is while you indeed have a mind that is still going to reflex respond how do its cigarettes ignorance by generating desire and inversion different aspects of craving? If you can hold an awareness that to the degree that you're able to refrain from acting out those and setting those in the side. And what would be the opposite of greed desire. Be generosity. Right? Mh. Slow. You know, real not the kind that is giving something and expecting something and return. The genuine on generosity.

Compassion. What is the opposite of of hatred version?? Isn't it's opposite. No is what will allow you to not not react with his Patriot. Right If the opposite of hatred is Once again is it's patience understanding, and it's low and it's compassion, these are are the opposite. So the idea here is that you can begin the process of using this information in transforming your own life. If you adopt the practice of trying to refrain term acting to to whatever degree you can try to remain for ref terms from acting out of desire in a version from speaking out this.

And allowing your mind to continue spinning box based in desired and inversion. And then to whatever degree you can, and it's it is something that you will become better at over time in that moment, trying to make the shift away from the negative ways of thinking into and to the corresponding positive ways of sinking in field that can be applied in in the same incident. So that's that's how you begin the process. And there are pre and what call the practice of perfection that are tools that you use to do that.

The preset refrain from Crossing card to other things. If you you hold that in your mind, when you begin to do or say something it's gonna hurt somebody else. Then and and there's a course assumes that you have sufficient mindful awareness to be able to never this at the time. Right? But as a mindful then you can not only refrain from acting, but you can take some steps first modifying the thought processes with like i the potential action. The same thing with all the other pre steps to refrain from any kind of wrong speech, false speech per speech device of speech.

Sexual misconduct, stealing or exploiting others in in any way these become guidelines for you to use and in your application of mindfulness mitral rare. I'm I'm trying to get a grip on how you deal with it when you find out after the fact that you hurt somebody and you didn't even know you had. There was a case where it was being Christmas. And there was this tree that was all up, but was a beautiful tree. And I was standing there ad it, and one of the other neighbors came and and said, wow, that's a really beautiful tree.

But it's it's kinda late. I mean, shouldn't we taken these decorations down by now. And I said, yeah. Well... But Guy who owns that tree. This was his last Christmas. He isn't here anymore. And he wanted to see it you know, as as the thing. And, you know, I at first thought I was only explaining why are these obsolete and she she stood there and I heard her say oh, and I realized I could have punched her and done less harm. And i felt. Horrible. But it wasn't your attention to her. No. It wasn't.

But now I'm standing around going wow. How do even see that comment. Well, I mean one things happen that you can't see coming they're accidents. I I mean is there any way I could have been more more general with this human? Well, they right. Yeah. I I mean, without getting going into the individual yeah. Circumstances which we don't need to do. Think. It is possible. That's that would be called skill names. So degree to which you you can talk the combination and mindfulness awareness with a a deeper understanding or greater wisdom, than he can recognize opportunities to speak act in way that is is going to be more beneficial in effective...

So so the point is in terms of this discussion in is What's important is what goes on in your mind in terms of creating a person that you're going to be. You see, if you do something with the intention of foreign somebody right. You've conditioned yourself in a particular way. And it has a lot of ramifications. I it will determine how you see other people you know, there's a... I I can't remember the something about, you know, thieves just never trust anybody. U why it not exactly how. But it's the idea.

If you're... If you're a thief, you expect everybody's gonna steal from. Right. And so this this is just a a little example. But the idea is that that you create the become a kind person. Who has certain kinds of expectation and seize people and circumstances in a particular way. And and of course does things out of there which is going to produce consequences. So now I get to wander around feeling a little bit of here about saying the right thing and I watched myself become just a little bit more.

Well, it sounds like if it may it may have had positive conditioning effect because you saw in the U cross but you didn't intend to and you experienced sincere regret. Regret is a very very powerful thing. Went applied appropriately. So it's not fair? Well, might have been if it was fear. You, I mean, you know, if you mind your mass conditioning, might cause you to respond to that experience with fear. Which will only reinforce the fare, but it might have caused to respond with rep, which will probably make you more careful in the future more desi of not getting those kinds of things.

So we just had in the direction of also pre steps trying to engage with compassion and and just keep conduct back to take our word for it. This is the way. Yep. I would say this would be a very good example on what you're saying of our conditioning dictate response. And if we are mindful, then we really choose that they like it understand especially we're choosing the responses we haven't in got moment kingdom. Yes. And so our guest conditioning trains us to choose usually the same sort of response.

And this is where the right for where in these stub and say, another opportunity choice. Oh with this. How i one choose, what what think feel? Is that... Mh. So... And then we start emphasizing that and it becomes... We looked it up in a way. I mh. Yes. And and it has... It it happens in hud all kinds of well. It's as simple as if you attempted to do something, you recognize that it's it's not you're refrain from doing it. It's gonna be easier not to do it next time. And if you repeat that, you'll actually become less tempted to do it.

Every single every single action and every single moment but there is an prem. And it's either by to reinforce what's already there or negate something that's there. It's so one thing that that I I know that like monks and months, what they do after to they spent a lot time together is they do a a forgiveness ritual that was stopped by the buddha, actually And so you don't have to be among on or spend a lot of time, but here's a whole process. It's very simple, really. But you can utilize it in your in your life day to day.

Like you You could once you learn this little process, which is just... The formal words go something like this. I have done anything through body speech or mind that has on in any way I ask you to forgive. And you know, I took little bit ponder for our neighbor, but, you know, and you could just put it like know. But if I if I offended you, please forgive me. And then drop it. You know, and would I use it for myself all the time. I say, anything myself Yeah. So that very very skill. It's very reasonable.

And a good product. Yes. Doesn't. One of the things that people What one of the negative car and people that around guilt for things that they've done in the past that they can't do and they can change. You know? And if you become aware that you are afflicted with that some like if that all possible to ask that person for forgiveness or even better to do something to make some kind of restitution for what you've done. You will find yourself. Mh. Right. I mean we know that. Let's common sense. But it's it's a really powerful thing that we can do.

But what if that person is not accessible, You don't even know where they are anymore, Maybe they do. And you carry around this guilt or some other negative feeling that makes you a person that is more difficult to happiness until. You you could still ask for forgiveness even if you can't find the person if you if you can generate into yourself, a sincere rep or what you get. You can forgive yourself on behalf of the other person that's essentially the what what happens And it's one of the things that we need to do.

There's a there's a little process called the the four powers, which is way of dealing with your bad karma. And it involves re regret, and then it involves every saw any... Well, they're also doing anything that you can to make what you did right if as possible to do that. It involves a deep resolve that you are going to do your best not to do anything like that again. And actually, that resolve can include... We only do your best too. Make yourself into the kind of being to who would never do something like that again.

And then on the the fourth of the powers is to take refuge in the boot to the diamond sergeant. Mh. But This aside from a strictly psychological point of view. This is a very powerful mechanism. You've done, I think that you regret down. You can't you can't go back in time and undo it. It's left its imprint on you it's slapped its thing. It's going to produce consequences. Mh. And so what can you do to undo, it's negative influence on myself. Sincerely regret what you do. And since humanly is really important, not quite like Catholics going into confession.

Although that's supposed to be say sincere too. But... And and if it if it is sincere, for catholics going to confession. Is going to work for them too. If they believe that they'd have been forgiven an abs result, it's going to actually work in exactly the same way. But if you regret it, if you do anything you can to make a match, And if you resolve not only not to do anything like that again, but also to take appropriate actions to make yourself into a kind of person that it's not going to do things like that.

Again. It work. I have a kind of a superstition kind of always wondered about it it floats around on the back of that will be born again thing. And it's okay. So I have a very, very we thought. I held it for a very long time. I finally got over it. I'm sincerely regret. I've done everything I can to change and make amend. But that poison thought from years ago is still out there. And I wonder if it's gonna, you know, you know, does that stuff linger? Like, like, is... There's no way to open the window on the universe and fifth that editing and and that's true if, you know, actions have consequences in the world and you can't change those constant.

So so no matter, you know, somebody who has committed some previous act in the past. No matter how much stayed they regret and repent like do something to time for it. If it's against the law and somebody else finds out about, that would be tried no punished. It comes back at them. Right or there's all of the other rates. I mean, rocks in the air while I'm gonna down. So so so I guess my superstition is that gravity lasts forever. Well, i call this superstition? What? What? Because I don't know what modern western science tells us just...

Absolutely everything is constantly interconnected. And so getting action at any any any place in space and time. Has has consequences that will reverb throughout space and time to the ends of the universe and until the end of time. So not not a super special station. So when i done it's me. I just take my notes. Well, exactly. You take your lumps. Because you see what we're talking about here is not manipulating the way the world works trying to control what happens to us. What we're talking about is taking steps to change who it happens to.

Well, by the time I've become all all better now than in the next lifetime, I'll go ahead. What I do for this is Well, you know, your next lifetime, when you wake up Tomorrow morning exactly. It will be the beginning of it And do like. Right it'd be different person than great. And the same thing the day after in the day after the after. So if you if you commit an act or any kind, including one that isn't externally manifested. This is also feeding that completely internal. It is going to... The the the carbon consequence is that the person that's reborn when you wake up tomorrow morning and so morning is going to be conditioned by that act.

Okay. But you have just said following these tendencies to teach ourselves more compassion and more wisdom. Well i'm not without conditions. Well you want change the conditioning. What when you do today is going to determine the the person is reborn tomorrow. No Right. Okay. So if you do good things today, so the person reborn tomorrow is going to be less conditioned by that other part. Right. Can you get that out? Well, fifth... Can you graduate? Can you completely un unconditional and being entirely something else.

Recon condition. Thank you. Oh good one. Thank you. No. You can be awareness. What's up? She's back to mindful from where it she choose each time. Do you have to choose each time? Well, there is. The... What there is is proposed to be an end of the goal, which is where you come do that. Which means yeah At that point, you are beyond all of that conditioning. And you are the your happiness? And as matter by nothing about your it it is no longer dependent upon external circumstance. So there may be there may be things that happen to you.

But whether you're buddha or whether you just a little bit better off than where you are today. What you can't be is a person, the person to whom that happens is somebody who will not suffer so much as a result. May not suffer at all. That's the potential to this is to not suffer at all as result. But short of that, Don't need to suffer as much because i does that make sense for you? If if... Yeah. It goes. Yeah. Short form. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. You know. I worked with people prison for a while and some of them had done some pretty nasty things not individual accents but really nasty lives.

But I observed them in in the prison. Very interested in meditation, spirituality reading, some of them would never get we're never going to leave. Or at least there was no open site for them to leave. But they had the become a person who was not suffering as a result. They had accepted that this is where life for us and they were making their the best of it. And they you know, we weren't looking at a person to do was suffering as a consequence of of what was being done to them. Because they had changed the person that they were they were not the same person.

That they had been that did the things that caused them to be in a maximum social security and it in a prison in Southeast arizona. They just weren't that person anymore. They were a person who was a maximum security unit in a prison southeast arizona. Which means that they were surrounded by a lot of really hard part heavy individuals and I'm sure the life in that prison is his rough, what we hear about and other prisons way. You know, there's a lot of violence, lot, lot of lot terrible things they go on not just amongst prisoners, but very often the the staff has involved in that as swim.

But I seen people I've seen in that we're able to live in that circumstance erin probably be more than along than most of the people that we see out on the streets. So that's what that's what I mean. You can't become a person who reacts differently to of things that happen to you, even though the things that happen to you maybe the direct consequences fit back from the world. To. So the rock mick come down to hit here here, but you may be a person to do can take your lumps with a smile window interface.

I haven't this other question. And it's related to the to the right speed get. I'm sometimes present with situation where I I... Just best Goodbye. Mh okay. And what I see myself doing more and more is to try to instead of about nine skirt the issue And going around it mh. To now to not have to articulate the line, And and it's it's troublesome for me to do that. Mh. Carlos in the sense of being difficult. Well, it's troublesome to to do to go around then I know that I'm going around it. And that essentially, I'm finding another way to lie.

That is more palatable. Yeah. What are you thoughts on? Mh? Well, the important thing is that you're aware of it at the time. A year day you're you're trying to docs engage in false speech. And you're getting the best that you can in the moment to refrain engaging and we all speech. Yeah over time, you're probably find more skill ways to do that. But, you know, the the pre is not the pre is is a tool to use the training. So you're using it. And right now you're at the stage of finding ways to go around it.

But, you know, when what the buddha said about this is if if he couldn't say something that was true, and that was helpful. You wouldn't say anything at all. Sometimes sometimes you can. You might say, okay. Well, the boot it had more freedom. Than that I do. Although you know, I suppose some situation could, there is where some came to hold of you I have an execution or little a sword to his search and said it okay. You know, tell me this or tell me not. But with the buddha done, we're not speaking would have been he would allowed making daughter said cut off find would but but the point is that in terms of the guidance that we have available to us, the teachings of the good one way in which to keep that pre is to refrain from saying anything And you say that that's sort of what you're doing, although, it still feels the navy still dishonest said.

Good joy. But that's good. You think about that? You work with out as best you can. And Good excuse the Irish method. And when somebody asks you a question and you can't tell them truth. You asked them a question. Simple figuring out race to give situation and in the most into of our soul. Way you can. And we can only, you know, we can only guess what the do would do. But if it question to have mind is what we're gonna to do with them get to boot over and your situation, have the deal with this.

I thought that he was from time of time he did you Like chase him man. And the first guy went find and Chase came down said, which way did you go? So you might get to the point where you're already with doing that? That's a just an important one. Pre steps aren't about. And absolutely right a long way to deal with the situation. Pre ups are about bringing you to state of my awareness. Where you act as skill theory as you possibly can at the moment. And you will take the step but you will get better than if keep tuning that.

That's that's the important part. And in terms to what we're talking about. Every time, you do that, you are molding and shaping yourself into a noble sort person. Yes. It's thirty. Yes. Some people may need to go. Well, maybe that's a which basically should or is there anybody that has a final question that's really trusting like that? Well, I I related spot. And just not occurred me you that good. My the compassion my friends involved found somebody the truth in a difficult way, because you might think that you're being more find there.

Live but actually it's fashion it's oh true So I just had spot myself you can you a lot of time. But going to be kind and telling why field. Yeah. That's right. There is serious tough walls. And the said that he wouldn't say something or it wasn't true and it wasn't beneficial. And this is an example of something it would be beneficial so. So true and it's beneficial. And is that then you say you don't rather than trying to a person's feelings at the moment if you're going to produce a much better respect.

And what is stupid better. At least to say it's true for me. Is an african flashing for someone else. Yeah. I'm not saying it it's good down or true and so... Yeah. Well. That's a good point. Yeah. Mean we all have our own personal truths. And. And if we sincerely care about having true communication and real understanding with other people, and we have to be able to speak speak our. Which doesn't and and to to recognize it in may not be there. Or may not be somebody else. Anybody else have to leave right again?

Much. Yeah. Well, I don't wanna start a discussion when you just display that. And right now. I'm I'm not gonna go on for any much longer so. You got five minutes why I answer another question. Last week, he talked a little bit about... Like you said earlier making choices is a kind of illusion. But yeah everything you know, even the pre ups and everything we we do is kind of with an intention doing encourage benefiting and. So in terms of... You even mentioned capital at some point compassion becomes not this emotional response, but it you just very and given that the only choice that you have and in that case, one other things I was thinking about meeting was how do you make decisions?

How do you make choices speakers because You know, if you wanted to help every person that needed help, it would be impossible opportunity. In every second. And and then also combining us with all the ideas of no self and not identifying yourself with your mind. Then started getting confused about, how do you make decision you know, how you how do you flow with with the action? Yeah that's that's very good. That's a very good topic. And actually, esther i I as just talking earlier. Yes. To to begin with...

You have this experience of being one. Making decisions. The most important thing that you do is to make the decision to practice the mindful awareness that puts you in a position where are choices. But the fact is that there are always choices. Even though there isn't the kind of self that you imagine, there be the psycho that you are is always making choices. And what you what you can do is is you can influence how that psycho physical entity is going to make choices us in the future. You can't i right had to experience and wisdom that is over time.

Again the immediate president, you make that psycho physical, you do you give that psycho entity that you call yourself. An opportunity to make wiser choices by allowing more of why you are to participate, be present be involved in the circumstances of of each moment need i talk to you before about often you'll do things. And then after you you really regret it and you you've know better, and that's because the part of your mind it knew better and it would have made a different decision wasn't at applicable cable and the decision was made.

The part of what my forward in themselves is allow some more complete presence of all of the different of who you are. Because some of our worst decisions are made when... When when most... When most of the decision beijing board is away on vacation. And so so having mindful awareness in the moment hence the effect of essentially putting out a notice to other parts yourself other aspects of your mind. Bringing them into an involvement in the decision making process and increasing the likelihood the decision that that the choice that's going to be made is his wife's one.

And none of that's incompatible with the idea that there is no self he's making choices. And I recognize that Karma is just big part of this and mean that which is a subject also that is huge and way beyond my understanding. We're gonna read and when they get some point we'll have a chance to person in the group at some point No reason we can't discuss it next Thursday, maybe if somebody breaks it up. Okay. I think that's an I tonight. So thank you for staying a little bit. Thank you for coming.


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