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How do you go about finding out where there is? Yeah. Well, the building teachings and and the way they've been passed down to it. There's a lot of information about that. What thing is really saturday by just first person accounts. And that that's something that is it would be very valuable to have very important to have. And we don't have it available. During a life with the do. He made rules for the song of the the ordained. And one of the rules he made is that a v, he made a very serious chance.

For to claim to have medi or other entertainment they did not have. Somehow, after the buddha died. That got to be as you don't tell anybody about entertainment except maybe your teacher or and things like that. And so for that reason, there is there's not too many first person accounts. I what there slack. So... And that's an unfortunate. It's probably good in some ways because it is fair as the confusion, all the accounts from people to fund there they weren't. Which has matter time have. Yeah.

And but if we go to just... The theory level. What's the theory that? It's it's pretty amazing. The absolute crux of everything the buddha upon was that the the this itself that you think you are doesn't exist. And how many of you find out to be an attractive appealing idea? Some of you... I mean how many find that to to be... Or first of all, how find actively? And possibly ridiculous notion. Okay. How n95 to be scary. Siri. Yeah. It's a scary idea. Because we can't really imagine hunting. And it's their culture make sense of why it would be that utilizing that the self that you think you are doesn't really exist would be the solution to all of your problems.

And too would be I'll go this we're dedicated heritage polish. All your resources to achieving. The the basic difference between here and later, is that that delusion is gone call ignorance, all delusion has gone, and this has been replaced by their wisdom. And just understanding of the way names who are. And which includes not only the idea of that themself First of all, it the wisdom is understanding what the self is. And then the understanding that that sounds fairly think we are that's exist.

And that's actually part of a much more general wisdom, which is the realization that nothing is the way that appears to us to be that our mind is content our reality and that they're they all hit. They have to think for it is you're fine. So to your have unhappy. The answer is not a day is not ran a chance in then in late, but it's the working said here on the line. That's another important part of the ignorance. I'm closely related to that. When you realize that nothing is the way that it appears to be.

So that wisdom is a realization that that things, secular entities, and the self is a separate entity. The definition of self is all about severance ultimately. There's some other dimensions to our concept for self. At the bottom line is the self that we believe in involves as separation. We the deepest level feel we are one, and then there's all of this other. But. The deeper truth is There are no entities anywhere but of mind that takes reality and projects that as being composed they're separate entity of instead of what it actually is, they totally interconnected unity and itself.

The those things that we perceive as things are actually processes. And they're Not even separate processes. They are their part of an entered integral hold, and they are part in a away that that is... So holistically it such a holistic part that doesn't even correspond to our normal way of thinking of some process being part of the larger process. Areas is much more and deeply interconnected than that. So what there is about is the wisdom that understands these things that understands omni, which means it's translated is in imp, but it means that pertinent is no vp us no radiant.

Sorry. We all know not what. Hi hr. The answer is that there are no things. Only process. And emptiness that everything the way we see things is generally by mind. And those self the just that there are no things. It just as our perceptions of everything else or functions of our mine. So is the notion itself? And illusion the self is not a thing and it's a con of one. And part of that reason is realizing that when the mind grasp to the illusion. The inevitable result is suffering. If there's nothing, if there's nothing but process us, and nothing is the way it appears to goes us to be.

And to whatever degree we grasp to that as being reality, we're bound experience this satisfaction suffering at some degree extreme with whatever, you know, some degree. So that's that's the wisdom side at what's different about there the part it is that with you when do you have this wisdom? There is a liberation from all of the sources of suffering that the experience part normal human existence. Every client That's really profound great. They're is a kind of instead i find to bliss or happiness, but it's way beyond sort of happiness that we experience when we get the things where we want.

Sort of ordinary happiness that we experienced kind like. It it much more profound than that. So it's a freedom of suffering. And a kind of list and goes, you know, go waiting you imagine. How is that possible? Well, the the buddha explained down when he explained the truth? First three of those is that is that life is full of un suffering or older shades and degree. That that is the result of crazy desire and inversion. It's desired and inversion that actually create steak to satisfactory. If we get interrupt, but creating the desired numbers version and the per our experiences.

Even for a moment, we will see suffering disappears. And if we can do it permanently that's third truth is permanent an assassination of grasping to illusions and priscilla also. Crazy. Then then we're there. Let he explain that it that's what's keeping us where we are is the illusion or attractive. If you believe that you already set yourself in a world of separate things which you, you know, work there's all the separation. And if you follow this instinct comp to try to manipulate the world to maximize your pleasure and to minimize your name.

Then on you're gonna have his customers so. So the wisdom of the understanding the way things really are remove the very grip. You know, it said that all un states that mine involve a combination of the that we speak up. With either sergeant. But the desire and version come from video branch. Talk clear your health. Don't need to explain that it's we because va ignorance so we lived because this this deep very, very deep sense that we have... There they are a separate being and and all other separate entities.

And if they really are the way they appeared big. Now only think that we can do is desperately struggle with this world with other things to meet our needs. That's the cause. That's cause of suffering from that illusion it's gone. Replace, the suffering is replaced by this list that you can have any... It's to understand, do you need to think of the times when you completely free of any kind of want desire dissatisfaction. It's not the agitated happiness that comes when your desired will fulfilled.

It's that is that very list be like that when there is or disorder. So push for things could be different than they are, which isn't another sense is to say. It is the realization that everything is absolutely perfect as it is. China goes on with harry time is connector. Everything that we'd perceive is connection with everything else. Lying deal beyond that is this much greater richer more profound reality. It goes by different names, and food in nature, Arizona nirvana Visitor words for the same the same thing hundred.

The underlying that deep underlying reality that what we count to note that then as a human thing, we dwell essentially in two worlds. One world is one hearing. Recessions. And the other is the world ultimate reality. And so in that world The relative world is known as perfect because you understand the deeper on underlying there. That's what blair... That's what... That's a sort of a... That's buddhism minute it nutshell show. Want to do the talk in nutshell. In comes with this is but the first, airbag too.

The... Everything we've perceive is it is a projection i our mind. Part about we seen as all of these other people. Right? It's not only our on saturday, but they're suffering. And that's an our loa way we see it. Because okay. I may feel pretty good now. Here's something. Know or I may be miserable some other time that you're very happy. So seeing cells is separate, Yeah. We can we can must up for kind of a identification of other she involved. Yeah adam we can feel compassionate bay or giving stuff but that we can understand suffering may feel on the basis are almost effort that we've experience at every times.

But if something goes beyond that when you realize it everything is connected. They're using no happening. I'm not separate from you but you... But this was on the illusion projection Of why right. And when we realize that effectively different kind of compassion arises and so this is another thing that characterize this here as the post. It's not only the wisdom. There's not only the read from suffering and line list that is... That is what has happens. That... That's what's there. Let start. There is also because there is still with a human mind body and so forth this perception of others realize realization that self and others are all ultimately the same.

And so your pain is my thing. And so compassion becomes the only new possible response. To same the any of. That is no lot possibility. So that's what derek like. Okay. Split second before someone else. Yeah. Can you say more about the statement that? Something that you think of an separate entity it's just process. Say more about process ourselves. Well, now this is something that that can be easily penetrated with to a logic no. We realize that all those things that we call things because consist parts and And if we examine any of those things closely, the parts are made part in the parts the rate and parts and parts and then just goes on forever.

And the the parts are changing. So really what there is is ultimately, there's not like, ground set pieces or adam, so I wish everything just made because there was then Ultimately reality would be these particles or atoms that everything's made from. Would be process what would be a process, the process would be constant rearrange those parts. So the way where you penetrate and see well, yeah, all the things we all see the things are consist of all these parts and these parts are always constantly being really range.

So it's really a process of the rearrange of Atoms. But you just heard pursuit logic, and this is not place to go into it. You pursue or logic you'll find and has physics. That ultimately, there are no parks. That's actually what the six page in. So it's actually ultimately there is. Not no thing. Ultimately. There is nothing. You know ultimately there's no parks. This only process, that that all part whole thing that's all the street is illusion. Only All need process Every there's some processes in the same way that as you watch a current in a stream, that it forms world tools which can stand there be long.

Be there a long time. And they appear for the industry candidate. But what we perceive on as part for like that we're same water changing fast start moving. Okay. Going back to the personal accounts and the life of them. You have been in there. Right? Yes. I mean there all the time. And and I'm are you experiencing all the time there's lack of south and this this disappears of the benefits? Not all the time. I haven't finished my journey. Time. And what does that seem look? Well. You see wendy no longer when you're mind?

With those try to use more When your mind no longer perceives this separate sounds. All that you are is experienced as part of the whole. So... And and and and this isn't even something good you know, mind boggling boggling unacceptable. This body is a part of everything else. And this mine, the experience the first is depending upon this And so this mine is a part of Else as well. And there's another dimension to this. The way we normally see that is very ignorant the same things like mine body to seven or is different.

But but they're not. And all the things that we can say, well matter materiality, all important things you sent that our our social. Right. My mind one to face place as part of his body is apart everything, including online and That's yeah that is the experience. There is. No. There is no self of apart from. Freshness. Business. There is no self apart from that. There is the blessed experience out there. But it's not separate. And doesn't belong to anybody. That's not a description, but the based on the.

This body is not changed. It's still it's still subject to all spots are. And the volume is a part of it still, experience this things out the way that everyone else starts, but not limited to that way. His spans, a much more profound understanding. So When I went into surgery, this body was experiencing same. But having this mind would have expand suffering me if I had resisted. But this mine had been trained to this process not to resist it. And so It was quite quite different than it might. Yeah.

So so the body and the mine have the way we normally think of it still a part of of me and they'll still be part of you when you are away but you will not experience yourself as being a service. So to the degree that he experience yourself as a said himself. You know, adam in god as I say, I I can't be in that place one hundred percent of the month. I look forward to maybe nine five one, ninety percent of time. When I said that was that place. Alright. I I will experience those things that that happen as a result called dealing that I'm a separate entity and and, you know right.

By the dilution, when the dilution dominates the way this mind works that most mind is going to have the experience that inevitable resulted And and we're are you to identify that right? That's right. You can identify that value way would that happens? Pretty often. That's the time. It's said, you know, the it is a process. Learning to identify that is the process of learning to to you know, and it's not on hand learning. That's so think had because this this part of the totality of section is undergoing a transformation and that transfer transformation involves stages and degrees.

And so they're right. Yeah. There are are still lapses, but month experiences. And so There is is the fulfillment of the ultimate goal would be being permanently there. Yeah. It. The question I have was more along the lines of what you were talking about right now. You know, because I have studied a little bit of what there is in terms of the teaching. But it's one thing to know it intellectually. And holy mother to proceed it in your heart and and and being. And I I feel that I have glimpse of that and then Well, who knows how real that is, but...

And then when I can identify that I'm stuck my... Oh, you know, this is an illusion. It's still hard to pull myself out. So I think when we said, you have to have a good sense of where there it is. I was thinking more of, like, what it feels like? So that you rather than the intellectual side of it. So that was helpful. And then so then the next question was and you just kinda touched on it when you ordered stuck in the horizon, we can recognize it. That's the first sense of tiny bit of freedom, but it doesn't...

I can't completely clone myself out just by the intellectual general idea of this is an illusion that's like when you tell someone who hasn't meditate medicated... You know, we're all one. I like Okay. Yeah. I... Okay. True. And you know, they might say, okay. I know that's what quantum is say. I know that's... What einstein said, I think know know, I know that's what all the traditions mystical conditions say. But they still can't, like, really feel that what that could possibly... Yeah. It's a matter So it's a matter but I'm understanding that comes through direct experience, and intellectual understanding place a tremendous role and how move us to a place for how that experience.

To have to see what happens at least in the in the path after that they buddha everybody out in time. Is that we do develop an intellectual understanding these trips. Then we begin to have direct experience probably, you each time you have a direct experience, something and it profoundly alters your perceptions of the future. So when you have an in a experience permanent you'd have a super mundane insight. You know while Read to intellectually understand that parameters like, well, for a while there, I experienced that first.

Same thing with emptiness, and was no self same with... How clean it also is separate. You catch yourself in the active cleaning. You see the suffering happens you let go, and suffering goes away. You have insight into the truth for something. This prepares prepares. They called straight entry. The first, you know, the the... What marks the difference, but between an ordinary person i full time here and they're getting out of it. And somebody who asked access to there, and therefore, is is most definitely on the path to there, it's not ever gonna lose that.

It's it's it's called stream entry. You entered the stream australia so carries here. Is to have an experience of. Not the direct experience of that our allowed to understand what it was, but becoming empty. Direct experience in Emptiness is something to happens do is in an ordinary human line. And if family changes it, but to do become or a become entity. To directly realize experience no self for exchange this cessation of all pre. Experience, just simply cessation. The name, the name that you've all heard for all of these things is Nirvana, to experience their nirvana to spend a period of time in experience.

That's what may see a straight entrance And then you come out of of it again. And you you come back into... Well there was, like, kind how did it go into i know what this week. Is actually where you always are. But the the construction of the illusion by your mind is interrupted. So now you you have the experience of reality. And your mind. Functioning in a sort way now incorporates impact to some degree at knowledge the your nature of the hour p that totally changes here. So really from that point on where you wanna get to is you wanna.

You want account is there all of the time permanently and change everybody, know. So the the stage daily you go risk. And you Initially, after the stream Mean there are a lot of occasions for. Even to your own subject subjective experience you've seen no different than the lake you were before, except that you'd have this deep understanding. And because subjective, you're just fine the way you were the board. And your mind is condition by all the same things as been condition, but you will you will do and say and think and a few things like you did report.

The difference is, that if you do and say things or even think things, they're essentially harmful something else at some point they understanding that you have to quick and you have to start. You know, it's not like There is a self that decides it. Oh I goodness... I better stop this is rather that part but part of your mind, that that was true. Clicks in and you change. You see you're no longer. Capable of continue what you're doing that was probably certain someone else. The same thing happens when your old thoughts and your own mental processes.

Start putting you into a state or suffering. That will only go so far. And then that part of your mind, that better to click in. It says No more. And so... And so it is a it's instant process. I was learning as you go along? You become less than less vulnerable. You seem to mind even the volume that those that the self is totally evolution never forgets that is still a bind that's conditioned by how we're maybe decades you of life. That you live based on the assumption and the your itself was real, and the reality was the way to appeared to be.

So that mind is gonna keep doing the same things and an important part of what it does is in response to pleasure with desire and to pain with the version. That's gonna keep happening over again. And that's the next thing that you have to work on. That's the... That's the next stage in the processes. You you're mind told that should be kind aware of that. And every time you find that that desire and erosion how are taking you over and the wisdom that you needs to be applied until eventually that plugged really.

That's just true. The frequency which with which you slip into the delusion himself, they becomes much more and more in improvement. And one part of it is very interesting. And and I wanna tell you about this because you're trying to imagine what it would be wife. Not to have self actually you don't have so. What would be like not to believe that he have himself hard to believe. The thing is it it's the normal way of being. It does... It doesn't even strike you as paying anything. Special particular or unusual anymore.

Accept. When you go the other way, and you start and temporarily slipping into the font behaving passenger better and have the sense of bleeding air esophagus south. You go feel life as consciousness, consciousness experiencing, a body and and mine. But that that. But but not with that feeling that there's there's just no feeling of being of a self inside, you know, that feeling that you have being a self inside you can sort attention into that at any moment. And that self inside is like the wrong or that the whole world always But it's not their.

If there's just this body in this mind. No self. This body in this mind are part of the whole. And even though most of the time for a lot of time, this bind still perceive things in the same dual way with it's objection. It's dropped. This attachment to the the idea itself and the self isn't perceived anymore. And even while perceiving the world where we perceive it, is all this is awareness that this is just what the client is there. Create. As you go along and the more this becomes in normal state.

You don't you know, you don't feel compassion for way an ordinary person does. An ordinary person sees the suffering and somebody else. They're hard. It was like this and they can see themselves as the other person that, you know, the desire if I can to do something to help them this. But that emotional That's a net spade. That's that's if your mind rearrange itself to create that mental state. We call mental states solution. And subject subjective you experience that mental of state as. But you don't experience it in the same way.

It just becomes you know, like like I breathe and like I when I'm hungry, and like I put on a sweater when I'm cold, if know, there's something I can do for somebody else to suffering then you do that in the same way. Not compelled but a strong emotion. Mh. It's a different kind of compassionate to compassionate that's rooted end. In the fact that this mind has a much deeper and understanding of reality and the interconnected so they one you know, close a thorn in this finger. Does this feel compassion?

Desire to take the far out. It's like that. Okay. Yeah. Once this is francis. This all kinds of questions because It it seems to be related to what we were saying during the first thirty minutes earlier in evening. If... Because we are each... So interconnected. I this this woven fabric all harden please. Then it would seem that... And I'm thinking about free while, I'm thinking about intentions Because if we're Because we are so we're so connected, so connected. Then even Our growth are being here tonight.

Our our our growing in this way is somehow there is this marvelous beautiful mysterious even streaming fourth of everything that has brought us to this place and that our very that it's it's it... In in a sense there there is not three will. I mean, and this is a very delicate way to phrase it. But... But but all of everything... I mean, this huge picture. This universal picture that has brought each of us here say tonight. Is this process that's far reaching it's huge. So we're here. So what...

So in a sense, you know, there is not free will in that sense. So and then one wonders about intention. You know, and what part all this plays, I mean this is this is like this pageant playing out. It's amazing thing. Yes. There's a number of things say. Part of a really strong part of what you're buying. Does that sustain the illusion of being surfaced of. Is the subject of you is being experience you have of intention. And pre will is a notion that's related to... Fried wheel has no meaning except of they're being a set self that's capable of acting out of intention Without without those two things, pretty well as a couple of nonsense so forth.

Jab lucky. Right? It has to be service. So itself That can act out of attention. One of the things that you will discover your meditation, here are experiencing all of the time. Whether you're not you recognize that the is that intention is an illusion? Intention is the result of all over the different set of conscious processes because your mind, sort of coming to a consensus or whatever hard want think. And then your conscious mind, the storyteller, the narrator takes that and says, well, I decided This is my intention.

But if you look inside yourself, no. You look inside own No. That just can't up. And actually, very often, several different possibilities kinda on. And one of them hits up being the one to dominate. And that's the one that you're storyteller tailored. Decides was your intention and chosen by three will. But if you look at your mind, your mind, that's not what's happening. The interesting thing is that neuroscientist have found there true the very layer and beautiful experiments have shown that the line decides to perform an app.

Two to three hundred milliseconds before intention arises. That is a matter time. It seems like the main thing that what we call intention is capable of doing. It does anything just to get interrupt an action but has not have of the operations or start times is mine. Isn't it very amazing. Mh. That kind of hunt does, a lot of the foundation for we believe things. We fact it, but we experience tension. And so we have to practice a lot of our practice all about cultivating intention. Strong intention for results.

Sitting now, alright. I I i put... I guess i i up. But mean about. That's all the intention. It's an illusion. But that's right you're living in the illusion. You've got to work with the illusion that you have. And if you work with that illusion you kinda... You'll get to the point where you can see it's collision. Why I practice mindfulness philosophy. Important to think about mindfulness us, You see equally unconscious processes generate an intention? It's not like It's not like everybody in here, all those are unconscious processes.

Has an equal vote and votes every time. Very often, ninety percent of them aren't paying any attention. And it's all determined by the ten percent if that happened to be noticing what's going on. That's what makes your decision and I'm sure you've discovered in that. Like how many times that you said, I don't know why here did that. That's because the other ninety percent. So I would just happened fit mindful, the practice of mindful for awareness, what it does? It it gets more of the different parts of your bind involved.

When we mindless, In other words without mindfulness us, something happens, our past conditioning produces a feeling had a motion, which leads us to act or say something and that completely happens mindless. You fact mindfulness what happens instead is because you're mindful, there's more involvement in other aspects of you. And so you have the experience of who who's more choices here, I just don't go ahead and act mindless. I have the opportunity to make choices good. So you're using attention.

And it's the feeling of treatment my mindfulness is using what what we have to allow us to change ourselves. At every time, your line operates mindless based on task conditioning, that condition just gets a little tiny bit stronger. And so mindfulness hunt does that, it keeps us from the becoming total auto automaton. The only time conscious is one dealing with consequences of part of mindless patents. That don't have a condition response already built yeah. Now of course, as you get older, you have a lot of condition responses to the consequences of your condition responses.

Yep. So do say something how to have it and then the inevitable happens And so then you react to that in a condition the way. Where you wanna get to those is where other parts pivot your mind other parts be involved and understanding. That's like, have participate and generating the intention that the storytelling covering your mind is gonna identify like against the choice that he made out free will. So in the some way the religions, describe if the truth as to where to going i kinda better like.

You know, if it's all of if it's the wheel of all. We're surrendering your will into god. Now not mine will that volume be done. Have what this is speaking to in sort of a distant way. Is the ultimate truth is... I mean, if if you because it it take the highest point of view that God is there. Everything is gone. Then the only pre will is the free will of god is matter how they only well, god. And the way anything is is the only way it can be because God is and author of absolutely everything. Right?

Well, the same thing is steve if such this is different issue. Is just a different way of can conceptualize and talking about that. Get you realize that you are holistically an integral part of everything that is are ultimate the reality of what lies behind this whole universe of stars and planets and sons of beings of period time. That you are thinking. You are in every part of it that didn't proceed and every part of this in year. When you realize that, there is only this one that... Oh, where just the free wheel and the attention date anymore?

Right? So it seems as long as you are attached to the idea of separate itself, intention and free will seemed really important. But maybe i'm totally irrelevant when you experience the truth. It doesn't become a painful thing of realizing that, you know, you are you are the self and I am the mercy of the deter universe, unfolding in a particular way. There's nothing I can do it though. Well nonsense. That only a problem if you keep attaching to the eye. If I am have the mercy of the deter universe, that's bad news.

It's matter in fact it's at least is bad as if not worse, and i being accuracy mercy of universe that's not deter as but bolts all of these other being exactly how free will. And getting in way my happiness and charging me something. Right? But all you have to do is remove the eye And almost sudden this problem so often. And that's what we're talking about. We're talking about the direct first experience of the dissolution of the self and being able to live in that place No stone. Driven create Try to get there.

Mh. I'm wondering is it useful to take what she just said and realize thing is happen regardless of... I mean, I'm wondering if, sometimes when I think of it that way, it seems like I could relax like, you know, it's not really dependent on my efforts as much as I think it is. And I mean I see there's a trap in there of, you know, you on making effort. So I just wonder if you could speak to. Yes. This is... Yeah this is the problem times so. You think of determined as on And you hear people say well okay.

If we're all in line anyway, I don't need to do anything. We're all going to be a what anyway, I don't need to do anything. Or if everything's deter, it doesn't matter what I do. But all of that involves the assumption that there is someone who has the choice to do nothing So think if you're good one person, then you the thing to do is to put the power of your conscious awareness examining them, not denying if not struggling with it not trying to make the decision that to do or not to do. But watch what's happening in your mind.

Where is the... Where are these drives coming traffic coming? How so conscious are interacting well how other things and conscious. You're only aware of the part of them that comes into conscious awareness. But the part the to to conscious awareness is it's seemingly important all these different parts of your line. It they're kind of like locked up and these dark rooms with no windows and don't anything else is going on. Just it's popped in and my mind right now is better what I've never thought before.

Think all of another processes is being locked up and rooms. But they all have a every dark has a Tv screen. Consciousness, is the information that gets displayed on a whole bunch of tv screens at the same time. Which allows what goes on and always different start rooms to to keep evolve and change and adapt on the basis of what's going on outside of. But how quickly know I forgot your name? Blake. I good know, but this patient has the time and if fields if you can step back he is relaxing and more unconscious sides of this icon come out And you say, well, I can really lie back and don't have to like.

I mean how does he know that not sms? No. That's not what. Lazy. Well, just call... Well that's... You you need you need you need some information and some standard they don't like because git might bill. I mean, as a matter of fact very often it is laziness When you have the audio the talk, well, you know yeah. That's another part of your mind and the in start, looking at what's going on and say, we'll save ourselves more trouble. Thank you. Okay. So how do you make the distinction? Well, Okay.

You don't make the decision, but conscious awareness brings more elimination to all the different processes involved. And it. Give bowel parts of your mind that aren't willing to succumb to Late to interact with the partner saying, hey, let's just by? And it creates possibility. How you we would tell a story to ourselves that... Well, I decided not to do this because I realized that it was just be being Lazy. What has really happen is some some number of separate mental processes, dealing with the same thing at the same time.

In the arena consciousness, you know, where the dinner the ones could see what's going on. And some of them a got involved the ones that how the guidelines have the knowledge have the understanding That. This wasn't the best way to go. This just but it goes on the best way you go. One the fire hindrances and all of the five, if you understand them correctly, our in a pre predisposition that we have to deal a certain kind of situations. And one of the is lac sla against And that's sort so first, that's a part that your mind.

Its job is to make sure that you don't waste your time and energy doing things that you get away with not doing. Yes it's whole purpose but. And when you're busy doing or something and especially if it involves a certain house sweat. And have heard that part of your mind. Yes. Active. It says what do we really have to do this? Or but the maybe somebody else will do item. So part i said that you be disposition is there probably by. And it can only be countered if there are other parts of your mind that have a different get a different function and have given your.

So if you don't want to clean the bathroom to you live with somebody else, that, you know, you can realize that well, maybe makes any advantage to the out don't. And so he would that part of your mind will override the delays part. Right? When you study medicaid, practice listen to darn talks things like that. When you hang around with other people who or vaccine darby. When you associate speak with hand. What you're doing is you're constantly feeding positive conditioning into your knowledge. So that it will be become available, especially who would become available if you practice mindful awareness.

To play part in generating the decisions that both you make in future. So that's why noble companions knew they told fernando nuance the noble man was the whole of the path. And I turned that first being that associating with noble companions. And which in those days were books to go to library and read about these things the only way that you were going to, the knowledge, the information and the guidelines, things like that. They help you make wholesome decisions was to hang around with other people who run the same.

And so what he was saying is that if you if you want to have a line that is with the right information on the right understanding that can't participate in decision vaping process and you favor also decisions and you need to put yourself in the way of that information so that comes up to you. It's easy to misunderstanding and dis misinterpreted how about these things. You know, like the whole thing was no real and everything's. And therefore I should more doing and everything. Is it total hope represent representative that.

But there are so many ways of. The think that I said and I just... I gave you high concentrated traded hard. Huge. So take it home play. Come back and talk to me about it. I ideal is there The discussion started tonight. Is one thing that I would like to speak continue. So I why don't you think about it and come up with questions objections? Thank you very much. I love you all. Get. One evening.

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