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TCMC 10 March 2011

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Yeah. Oh, should we talk about. Yes, sure. Sometimes when when bob arrives. And then they. I it seems that have the meditation. Mh. At first, I thought maybe these thoughts were caused needed to arise and and he let go. But then it's saying that these these tasks have power unification in themselves. No the thoughts were bringing a certain notification of mine, and then but was gone that investigation could could remain for one. What kind of stocks are they? Well, they're various spots and depending on what kind of sauce they are to the effect of me is they're.

Sometimes a good idea, you know, something occurred in me have that idea going inside the mind because it's kinda of exciting. Mh. What I like that you go is almost so I could sort of almost right the wave of unification cost by that. Thought. If I can let the side go. Yes. But problem sometimes there's thoughts fascinating. I don't. Interesting not the most powerful style. Is when some kind of sexual thought. And then really size the tomorrow. Okay. And it rise spontaneously and effort. And if I let it go, the mine is very unify, and I can ride around way and sometimes it will even bring about a stronger hit So I'm wondering about using that technique of.

It lines? Well and the important thing is that You're paying careful attention and you understand what's going on. And basically, i guess what I'm saying is that if you if you're gonna to try to use the thoughts to bring yourself to a state and greater unification of bike. To to be successful of this, you're going to have to have a pretty clear understanding of what what your own psychological dynamics are. Behind those logic. Like, if you have a good idea, and I'm assuming it's not a good idea of what to do right now in terms of the meditation.

It's more some kind of good idea. Yeah. And that enterprise is really common. As your mind starts, as your mind calls and starts to get really clear, Sometimes, you know, there's some really wonderful ideas brilliant insights, things like that. They've have been sort of building up and there's certain oil to surface. You sit down in meditation. They hung out. And that... That's a really good thing. If you can't let that thought go. When it was beneath the surface, it was creating sort of subtle tension.

Which was which you may not have been clearly aware of But because you have this great idea relevant to things that are important to you, meaningful to you. That is ready to appear it hasn't quite. It's it creates a kind of distraction. And so when it comes out, and when you see it, and then if you go back go and say, oh, this a wonderful idea. I'll come back to this one finish meditating. Then Yep. That's you're that's very calm to the one you you remove a source transportation a subtle source of education.

That's great. That's really good. And That's not... I mean, that's doing exactly what you're always supposed to do. I'm trying to come about just like government of them. And if the letting go of them. May most ordinary mundane thoughts don't produce that same kind of mellow out and bringing bringing about identification of line in c cohesive. Because they... They're they're just ordinary noise. Right? But it it's something that has a lot of v to it. Once it comes out once you accept it and address it, and then you've eliminated the source of agitation So absolutely anytime that kind of us.

Sexual thoughts. The sexual thoughts themselves will unify the mind. Essentially the way that I think it is that when we're sitting there in meditation, the different parts of our mind have different theories about. One's gonna bring the most happiness and satisfaction. And so there's this competition basically, other thoughts, other ideas other ways to passing your time, whether it's day draining or around. Or in competition was the meditation for for the predominant period. What's the best thing to do right?

Right. And of course, if a very strongly attractive thought And and we can just think of it generically has something as as some thought that has a really large appeal to a lot of the different aspects of your psyche. Okay? And sexual thoughts are good example because most of the time they moved from most service, They didn't have that quality. But it states really a generic thing. Sun thought has come long that sort of all the different entities circulating in here sort of when it came up said...

Oh, yeah. Once again? I think those a valuable thing that happens in terms of giving you that that sense of unification, called clarity, is the fact that that you're able to to look at the thought take it and, let, go up it rather than. Pursue it. Yes. So So responding to spontaneously rising product right, I think this generating factor. We're tempted to deliberately initiate these thoughts. Let's go more problematic. Because I suppose this possibility it might work, and I would preclude that anybody if they have confidence and and their ability to watch their online gauge their minds reactions and gauge the relative success of this.

To experiment or something like that. Right. In generally you're gonna find that trying to deliberately induce something like that and and use it to to achieve the stability Probably not gonna be to productive. Okay But whenever it comes out spontaneous, what he hit Yes i just creating the right conditions and you're just... If you do the practice, exactly the way you've been taught to do something comes up. You look at accept i go up it then and back practice. And it just gets stronger it's stronger you end a day.

By the night Yeah. Yeah. I'm really happy to be here. But I Life has been teaching me a lot of lessons and and. Yeah. And and and and and and quick hurry quick hurry. Here I got one. I don't know how much cra handle this is worth... But really what happened is I got obsessed. With anger. I got... There was injustice in my life and and I'm crappy about it. And and so, you know, that clout raise up, but isn't okay. That's how it is. Oh. Shot up and play talk. And it I thought the thought went away.

And then it came right back, and I said, we're done here, and it went away, and I could not get rid of it. I could not make it... You know, I'm sitting here trying to be all. But but but I've been school in this. You not supposed to kick it And and it it it was like it was stuck to my face. And and they Only the the the pre part of this is... It was like this say you look familiar. Right now you look like anger. But only a couple of years ago, you looked a very great deal like Grief. And that sense of it's stuck to your face and know what your practice says you're supposed to do and any and under host circumstances, there's this sense of...

But I know how to let it rise up examine and fall and let it fall away. I have done that plenty of times. Like it working right now. Mh. And so sat with this anger or this injustice and this little back at the mind. Yeah. You've you've had problems with obsession before you've, but it's that's to bad grief. So so this clearly keeps coming up. So now I'm coming to you with... Okay, Okay. I know what to do. Now I have the obsession. Now quick. Where do I dump it and how Okay. This. I think you're maybe little bit subtle, but we need to be really clear.

Okay. Yes. That it comes up. You accept it? You view with it. You let go away by itself when it's ready. As soon as you enter into the thing, oh, i mean, if you if you start the process with the like, okay, I'm gonna look at this thing, and that's gonna make it go away. Not work. I guess. That whole... That part of you that really doesn't want there. It is it it's actually an ensure that he stays here. So it becomes like, you know, you're trying to run away from their shadow. You really can't. Well, I'm I I guess more than being engraved or more than being enraged, what I'm really worried about is i'm, you know, like, mom always said, if you make your face like that, it'll stick.

Yeah. And and I have to have the occasion where an obsession state for years. And this this moment of injustice has this quality of... Wow, how many years am I gonna to be dealing with this this single moment. You've got to refine your skills a little bit. To whatever degree what you process your emotion is to identify with it. I am. I am enraged. To whatever degree that that's there. That's gonna stand in the way. I mean, if this is a subtlety of it. You you need to get into a very objective space.

Where you're not identifying or yourself and you're not Even remember what I was talking about my tension. Attention always has duo duality to it and it has two kinds of duality. There's one, where the object of our attention is interpreted entirely in terms of how it affects us how it impacts this everything else. It's and the other way which is where we make this big separation, we're very objective, very sort of scientific detached. We examine it and we we... That's the place that you wanna get to.

The piece of me that normally does that This time only did this. Mh. And was saying, say you look familiar. Yeah. And that was about all I could get out of that. And yeah, you're right. I was entirely identified with the feeling, And there's this wonderful intellectual place that says, See when you start when that intellectual price starts producing judgments. That's gonna weaken your ability to maintain any sort of detachment and the thing is that you can it can feel like it's all between me and this anger.

But underneath the surface, is shifted and it's all between you and this self judgment. And you just hanging out some. That's a good This happens all of the time. And it's something that you have to Need the basic strategy you're dealing with emotions is not to identify them. Examine them objectively. It's always a good place to start with the feeling, bodily feelings associated with the emotion and get really clear and and work with those before you move to the psychological the subjective experience of the emotion itself.

But in the process of doing that, there's always this real and it happens very often without us realizing it. That we feel like we're engaging and trying be very objective with one emotion. But in the meantime, there's another one under the surface that we're identifying by. So well I'm distracted by... Imagining i'm coping with my anger badly. What I'm really really failing to see is the judgment is itself. Badly. Yeah. Self judgment, which of course, is ring is it is strongly reinforcing to resistance.

And after all, if you want to deal with feelings a pre for hanger that come up, in the way that we're talking about, you've got to be able to... You going to be able to keep working towards acceptance. Okay. This is here. It it can be here as long as it needs to be. And when it gets ready to go away, it'll go away. But that acceptance component is non resisting it is so important. But that subtle judgment is just That's a whole about their resistance again. I there's something wrong with me because I can't let dog.

I can't... Whatever it is, you know, How I go this thing. It is the fear. I have the tremendous fear. It's gonna stick. Yeah. Yeah. Keep keep looking those things. So supervisor the accent entangled. So you so So do you stop and it say, oh, I just noticed it's toll afraid I am. I think I'll go look at that. Absolutely. If if if you detect it, that's what's going on. And when that I'll have moment account shift your focus to to the sphere, or the judgment or whatever happens to he. That's that's really nifty.

Okay. Call if you who came in and While be talking? Welcome to you all. People that Had have people that I haven't seen or good to. Anybody have anything that they want to ask to continue this conversation we've been having? Yep. I have something that I wanted to bring up if you. And it has to do Well, it is wonderful isn't it that we are in this beautiful place? This is next mow again. Adam this house is located in an amazingly accessible area. You, no matter which probe city you live in. Good pretty.

So we're very very blessed. And what maybe not all of you are aware of some of you are and I know that not all of do. There's a small group of people to spend a lot of time made a lot of to make this possible to keep everything running smoothly. And this... Basically, the same people have been doing this for quite a while. And something is happening right now that I've seen happen many times in many groups and organizations where that's small number of people. So dedicated and they do such good job that everybody else just kinda takes it figuring advantage it's always gonna be in my guess.

Accepted that those people that have been putting all over their time and energy and their hard center it. Start to get burned out when they need help. And that's what is starting to happen here. And so what I want to appeal to you all to do is to think about how you might give back to Tc in whatever way that you're able to. There's a a list out in the front that you can sign up put your name, phone number if you're willing to volunteer for things. I think there's a variety of things that that you can help with that you can find something those suits.

The amount of time that you have available to. Gives you If you're go, there's committees that you could be a part of the regular need to do important things. And there are even positions of the board of Tc that especially if you have any skills and organizational management and and that's what I'm saying that it is a it is a bigger commitment, but I would encourage you all of you to think you about how do you like give back a little more. They groups haven't to come right now. Coming here after there's the evening thing.

Pretty large sized groups. And so it would it would be really nice if we felt like we were give back our fair share. So please do think about that. And also, I had a request from Sheryl Norris. You know, some of you may know who cheryl is and some may not. But She's a volunteer coordinator. And she made if feels there was one person who would like to be in the role of sort of the the the liaison on between her and and and this group. She would find that very helpful. So if if there's somebody who would like to do that, then if you could give me your name and contact information on fast one to show up tomorrow.

Or if you know cheryl yourself? Just tell me that you're going to and you can get touch with. Okay. Yes. Well our annual meeting is gonna be april second down your and the board is just finishing out three year plan. And we'll be talking about that. Presenting an at in meeting. And I think it will be very clear from one. The we the considerable needs that we even know. So come to the meeting? Yeah. Me to not that's eight april second. Second, which is what seven percent. Right. Saturday have right I got thirty.

Ten thirty, then I will have a outlook. My chat. That's so you came. Remember that late and put it in your calendar. My name is Sue, and I talking show arts for. So if there's someone you does want to connect with with robert group and so... You know why face, another thing that I wanted let you know we will be we we have some wonderfully... Dedicated people here who recognize that one of the... One of the problems that you had is when new people come down. There's a a little bit of difficulty getting oriented to.

How things were who we are and being able to get to of each other and and to talk to talk to some people, to answer questions. The haven't has a lot of experience meditating. You know, sometimes there likes to be inspection or... Well, that's sort of thing general. So Starting... I'm... Just starting in April was out. I think it's april seven... If it if the seventh is a thursday. Yeah. Which I think it is let me say form. April was seven. So starting in April. And and please spread the word to people that you think maybe interested.

From five thirty to six, we have sort of orientation session for new people, which you can come to as new people can come to as many times as they like to get a little more personal introduction to to Tc to what we do here like that. And we're we're very excited about that. We have at the moment. We have three people who have all that. And for those of you that have been around for a while, I would would invite you to consider maybe coming as a back number then then would help me out that you who going to be doing these orientation sessions for you to more.

Yes. So I guess that's all I had to say about that unless wander pam like the guys husband me. Did I understand you but fur? Thursday every month. You're up you're going to use this pretty one it this list. Oh, yes. K. On the first Thursday of each month. I'll use this half an hour before I said between six and six thirty. To go over basic constructions for meditation so can be a refresher or new information or here's the best involved. It's an opportunity to call it teacher training so that you can learn how to teach how people to pay.

Mh. Okay? That's what we'll call. Six to six thirty, we'll have a a review of the basics. Teacher training. Okay. Anything else? Do you want to very briefly please say something about studies for the spam while around on the subject? You say something about that or reset. Alright. There is one other thing that I wanna do. Wanna see how this works out. And I think this is the right time for to split thermostat reset. If we could just go around and everybody say your your first name. That's all. No no explanation or anything.

And if you if you're new, or this is the first time or or you haven't been here very often. Just say, you know, I'm Joanne, and I'm pretty new here. Mh. That way, somebody else knows your name, and threshold your own people's name said and give you a chance to. Get to know some people and get it acquainted. Okay? So I'd like to try doing so if we can start. And if we can decide with you we'll just call around her her. I'm Marion, and I'm pretty new here. Nancy. I'm sorry. So yeah? I'm channel. I'm pretty here.

Twenty sec. See I'm earring. Hello? Nick. Laurent. Pretty. I'm what. Brian? Chris. I'm Jordan. Shelley. Linda. Jessica Pam and I'm all too. Yeah. I'll bob. I'm jenny. Okay. Wonderful. Thank you.

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