Is the Hologram a Good Model for Ultimate Reality?

Q&A: Is the Hologram a Good Model for Ultimate Reality?

How does the hologram compare to ultimate reality as a model?

Master Culadasa discusses the aspects of holographic images that make them a good analogy for ultimate reality.

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Student: I'm thinking about the nature of the hologram and how all the little pieces are a reflection of the whole thing. As I understand the gram is this is this a good model for how connected we are and how we relate to everything that is

Culadasa: a good model? I S I would say that, yes, it is what you have to understand is that anything your conceptual mind comes up with as a model is going to be, it's not going to be that, which is beyond a conceptualization and the ultimate truth. And the ultimate reality is starting to be a model and a. A model ship that a child makes is not the same thing at all, as one it's a model of.

And so every model as soon as you examine it just a little bit more closely, begins to fall apart and begins to fail, to be functioning. So if you keep that in mind though, then I'll hold it. Hologram as a model or maybe the better word is a hologram as a metaphor and help us to understand the way absolutely everything is entered enacted.

So for those of you who are not feeling it or were holographic images order, you may have seen him on your credit card when the twist on the light, the Eagle that's three dimensional or whatever. Yeah. But that's a very simple in front of it. I had a hologram. If a holographic picture is taken of something, men, when polarized light is shine, shone through that negative, what is a three-dimensional image and you can even, look at it from different sides and experienced directly it's three-dimensionality Which is a technological curiosity and a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed the whole of the holographic displays, expertly 86 and Vancouver fantastic images that you can walk around and they just they're real. And you should feel like you shouldn't be able to reach out Tesla, but there's not going to narrow space. It's a very good metaphor. It's a good metaphor in the sense that it looks very real and he reached out to touch it and there's nothing but empty space.

There's also a great, a good metaphor in that if you took the piece of fill, but the light is passing through to create the sandwich and you cut off the little corner of it and you're showing the same white people, a little corner of it. You'd still see. The image, the whole image would be there. It's not like you'd have one corner.

They had measured one piece of it. The whole image is there, except that is very fuzzy and unclear and hard to see. And a bigger piece makes a clearer image. So the entire image is contained and every part, no matter how small part is. So in that regard, a holy ground. A good metaphor, that we are all interconnected at the level of ultimate truth in such a way that the whole is contained and every part is contained.

And and by. And the whatever images that it produces are entirely Antony. And another way that metaphor works is that as well, in a holographic image, as with art or in a visual experience, it looks slightly different for every different viewpoint. So if reality is a hologram. Unless I am in your shoes, looking through your eyes, I'm never going to see what you speeding.

We all see it as reality from a different point of view. So that's another way in which it's a good metaphor.

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