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Stronghold 27 February 2011

Sunday 02/27/2011

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So now I'm wondering if anyone has anything on their mind that they would like us to talk about this morning. Any any questions about the dominoes thought meditation practice? Why you meaning large? I would just wanted to point out the snow covering the swamp cooler. That made me happy. To achieve the goal of stream med, What in your opinion is necessary? Mean you see people dealing three hundred treats and looking at my and like, what does it really come down to like time wise Okay. Everything else.

Everything a real significance takes place in your mind, and it involves a series of shifts in perspective that open us up to a do and different way of understanding. And that process There isn't... You you can't say that there's a certain amount of time that's required for it. Or certainly not a certain kind of practice for a certain and intensity retreat her things all that. Three very retreats are totally unnecessary. Shorter retreats three days a week two weeks, things like this. Are enormously helpful.

Because as you've discovered in your own experience, you'll you'll sometimes get into that place where the process that needs to take price is happening. And if you can stay with that rather than interrupting by ending or retreat during home back then. Which says moments that where if you have that option, there's a possibility of completing the completing the journey. The fact that you come to that place means that you're gonna come to that place more easily again in the future. So even if you do have to and the retrieve go home, You know, it's it's not like, forward any fees all god.

And it isn't because you're at some level, there is an understanding and in your mind end of how you guys that place, and you'll get there again. The whole purpose of doing really extended fees like three months and three year retreats is just two. I where than anything else where you're doing is you created a situation in advance that if you get to that point, you're not going have to create good macular. That's the main thing you john. Whether or not you'll reach that point in a three year be.

Is yep into... I guess it depends on what's going on inside here, and it may never happen. You could do ten, three year threes. So really and and one of my favorite sayings And you wanting my hair aid brain nasty. This is one of my favorite saying. It's a enlightenment is an accident. And all practice does is make us accident. And so the more practice that you do and the more skill you are in your practice, than that that increases the likelihood on any given day that you're going to bring your mind to.

The right... You're you're gonna bring together the right circumstances that are going to open and pass up to you. So you can pursue it. As far as individual, kinds of different kinds of practices. At some point, you... At at some point, you understand your own mind well about that you can recognize when a particular kind of practice is really working for you. And at that point, you can use that knowledge and by... And by selectively practicing using the methods that are. Both suited to you, you can accelerate the process.

And as you have a really skilled teacher, okay. Listen carefully to how you describe what's happening in your practice. And who has a sufficient breadth of experience One problem with most teachers is their experience is just this tiny little narrow slice and they don't really understand anything outside of that. Is you have a teacher who has a broader understanding and listens carefully that sometimes they can't recognize that Here's where you are. Here's where you need to go. And guide you to practice in a way that's gonna get you there by more direct route and that.

Will that will help to accelerate your process. Having a a good understanding. Of now, so to speak. I have the train of where you're trying to go. And as much understanding as you can gather, as what's involved in in achieving the necessary steps on that journey. The the better the better your map the clearer you're understanding or what needs to take place in your own mind that may it factoring turn out to be one of the most powerful things, powerful tools that you can help. You know, if you did you compare the spiritual journey to a physical journey?

Granted isn't just wandering off into the wilderness. And I knowing which way you go. Having some idea went to look for it. You know, if the board... The more understanding thing you have of where you're trying to get to what lies between here and. Obviously, to bar act. The the the the better your decisions are gonna be at every port in the road. Or successful. It's going to be it's probably one of the most important things. But your original question there's not a simple answer to. People achieve a level of weight correspondent stream entry, sometimes with with really very little or even no formal practice.

Although in those cases in all of those cases that I know about, and this makes sense based my understanding of the process. There's always been very, very powerful set of life circumstances that have served the same purpose that practice would have done, which is to create the right the right circumstances in the mind for those realizations to occur and for those shifts sent perspective and understanding to her and of course... It's not a single not a single process. It's not a single event. You know, And mean get to this place then there it happens.

Yeah. There are a number of different things that need to happen was in your mind and needs to change in your going to bring answer that place. That's sort of like the the fail of illusion that keeps us from sync things the where they are, has multiple layers. And it's rather unusual for all the layers to be strict to rate of one time. So usually, you know, wait There is sort of a serial process that that's described as the progress of insight. Where we be into to to understand the imp and an unreliable nature of things, particularly the unreliable nature of our minds perceptions.

And to greater lesser degree person one person more so than another will tend to struggle against that. Because it really is an important part of the bedrock which keeps the sane in the world is that we think we have the ability to water less understand the way things are. And until we tend to cling to that. When it be begins to dissolve, as I say, to be from one person another would be more or less resistance to that. What of things practice does is to help cultivate certain qualities of mine that allow you to be more open to let him go of what has provided you sense of security in the past so that you can more easily get beyond that down.

Then that the the beginning. At be site, which which we would... This right has. Which has described in a traditional literature as the insight into imp. And the emptiness of out on by emptiness of phenomenon and Realizing how totally unreliable our perception of the world of the way things are. Gotcha. Then what that opens us up them the scene is the am of self that the perception and who and what we are the kind of the kind of self that we are to recognize how totally unreliable and that is. Once again, that's one of those things that is not not that easy to let go.

It's takes a lot of preparation to just be able to... When the inside arises allow it to be here and entertain it. And development. Then you have to... The next thing that comes typically and sort of a classical description is insight into Du in the sense that you realize that that things being imp and empty of the self nature that you imp over to the world and yourself. That it just becomes startling playing black and white apparent that any cleaning to these appearances. Can only cause suffering.

Even when it seems to cause pressure, you know, you you see through you see through the. That's how ordinary players and satisfaction and you realize that that cut has root. All clinging to of this time is ultimately a source of suffering. And it is and it's true deepest nature. A foreign is suffering, although it feels they feel like a pleasure moment. Which brings us which brings you down. So this is essentially the progress of insight And a person at this point will have a lot of insight. They're not awakened yet.

And there is kind of a myth in the da literature that that once you achieved insight, then awakening is automatic. And even once you've achieved one of these insights with the other insights, automatically follow. But it isn't necessarily so because you can get stuck anywhere along the way. And you can have You could have the kind of insight that I just described. Without the full maturation of the next stage, And it's actually quite a horrible experience if you can imagine all that you that come to rely on your entire life.

And even a negotiating of who and what you are that's sound to be has found to be false and ill not only that. Even more than dependable to even try to grasp that it as cause suffering. It it can't leave you in a place of absolute feeling a a hopelessness to fear. The dark night of the soul. I mean true he is a dark night of the soul. But the stage that follows insight is the e on side. And this is This is the point where... Because of understanding and acceptance of what. You've seen in inside that you cease to react and there's is this very very powerful.

So the combination of insight and e. Makes possible something that hasn't occurred to you in a conscious way from from the time you were conceived to others from. Which is that your mind cease to grasp to its own fabrication. Because normally this is what happens assembly that is used is like, a monkey swinging through the traveling through the forest swinging from them to limb. Now, let's go one minute grab the next and he grabs the x. And grabs the next. This is how our mind is always grasping to its own formations.

So in the state of insight combined with anonymity. What will happen is at some point, and consciousness is really an important part of this. There has to be a conscious awareness because there are those points in anybody's life, all kinds of circumstances, deep anesthesia, deep sleep, just random moments that happen. Where there is. There is this moment cessation of grasping patients, but it does happen in the context of a fully conscious and aware state. But when this happens in a fully conscious center estate, something that can take forms, but I'll describe to you one form that you can happen is that with this activity, and with this an insight, fully developed, become aware of the healthy rising of one thought formation run sensory experience after another and you're just drilling in that place so watching things rise pass away.

And somewhere in the process, something will arise. And instead of grasping to it, you will see it entirely in terms of how the insights that you've had, you'll see it as as imp, empty. And suffering, and the mine will not grasp grasping will not occur. And then instead of as it naturally passes away undue formation arising, which the line graphs to in turn. This is like the monkey guys waiting go one branch and grabbing the next what will happen is the mind... Well, as as the appearance that it has network activity passes away, it will go into that space between the passing away one formation and the type x.

And there is there an experience that you can describe it in way the cessation of mental formations, which is one of the definitions of Nirvana. The cessation of craving glass which is another definition with Nirvana. The direct experience of emptiness in the sense of experiencing being empty or a being empty the really experience of being empty. Different ways that can be described, but I think I think all of me what I'm talking about what happens here. So this is a totally due experience that this little mass in your skull has not had before.

Do experience for mine, which permanently which makes possible of permanent shift in the way your mind proceeds. Thanks subsequently. And the result of that street entry that that moment that moment of being emptiness that of cessation nations. So forth is called on the path the moment the achieving stream entry. And. Past that point because now There is and i'm understanding they can't they can't cease to be there, but there's a... It's a cognitive with really it's a knowing. It's a it's a wisdom that has arise.

And it's now inevitably to a greater or lesser degree, point two. Qualitatively affect all subsequent experience. And as that is in the sense that it is an irreversible transformation. So what you're trying to do and the whole process is to work at this place where you have the insight, and you have the and they both are fully mature and for your mind to make this shift in the way it functions. So that's that's kind of That's kind of the mathematical formula that's the pieces that have to be there.

And so you can't really predict very easily. How long or exactly what any given individual mind is going to have to do. For those insights for that act, to arrive. But it can be understood. It can't be mapped out. And has... As a person that becomes familiar with their own volume. And and we are not... We... Most human beings have no idea what's going on their line at any time. So it's a huge shift already just to be able to see and understand the way your mind works well and done. That that these kinds of insights can kinda right.

That's really more than anything else what meditation is doing. Is it's creating a mine that's capable of knowing itself. It's capable of knowing what's happening the moment by moment experience. So that it can't see things as they really are and these insights can arise. What's the relationship between the end of the grasping to the sensations and the end of the sensation? Because I I I guess I had always said that those were pretty distinct stages. I wasn't sharp belief in the end of the actual formations occurring.

But the way you just describe it sounded like maybe you sentences does haven't pretty continuously which So there's the mental formations. Yeah. And the screen stream entry is the cessation of all grasping towards the formations right. Yeah. But then there's also the cessation of the formation themselves. Yeah. Is that... What's the relationship between the two? This a question? That's a very interesting question. That's the kind of thing that I spend my time thinking about these statements. In in terms of what's happening and what we know about the little tiny bit we know about what's happening in the physical brain.

Because the formations that we're talking about is something that happened. This pretty was pretty high up in the whole mental processing hierarchy. But... But the generation of formations is driven by processes that take place little bit lower down in hierarchy. And either and in a sense ultimately driven by a lot of, you know, hard hardwired wired processes. But there there is a level at which they're they're significantly modified by by these lower level processes. So I'm even in place the grasping bank that's sort of this intermediate level of brain activity that grasping a certain degree of grasping is required for the ongoing generation of mental nations.

And I think this corresponds pretty well with the way the Buddha described it in terms of the links and dependent origin orientation if you're familiar with those. Yeah. Because he expands a sensation or or you or you have an experience. I mean, I shouldn't say sensation because it could be it could be involved a mental object as well. But in response to in response to that kind of experience, there is a feeling a pleasant and unpleasant. From that arises craving. I'm what i'm doing I was outlining that state in the steps of dependent or agent automation.

So the team pleasant unpleasant neutral. Drive drive training. And craving drives grasping, and grasping drives becoming Okay? So you can take this map with the buddha date was twenty five hundred years ago before I think they had any idea what this stuff here was out now. And you can map that onto that. And yes, there are, you know, there are the basic activities over the Brain mind taking sensory experience and manufacturing a reality out of that. And I think it follows that hierarchy. So the generation of mental nations corresponds to becoming, which is driven by plea.

Prospect. So that's little the lower down in that hierarchy. Which is driven by more primitive compulsive craving urge to pursue pleasure in internally avoid eight. And the nervous system evaluates everything that it becomes conscious of whether it's sensory whether it's a mental object, it categorize it as pleasant that unpleasant very neutral. So this is happening in in every single long experience this this whole process. So i'm sure if I once again, getting away from the thread original question.

Replaced to medical formations as being corresponding to becoming. And the grasping clinging is a lower level process. So when you develop strong, you interrupt the chain of dependent origin precisely at the stage of training. This is right the buddha defined Nirvana as a cessation in crate. Right? This is where you brain dependent on origin when you break there. Then the the grass doesn't occur. When the grasping doesn't occur the metal patients still occur, and you have a fully conscious of experience.

Where as far as the mental formation over itself the subjective experience mental formation. As is whatever the mind has con content has the object of experience. So in becoming cease, either those is present. But if you arrived at this place where cessation cease but you are fully conscious and where it alert. It's not state of dull of sleeper and anesthesia. Then the brain mind has a brand new experience. Which which alters the way it can inflection like feature. That's my I current state of my analysis.

So in in anesthesia or in deep sleep, it's like nothing is happening. But it seems like what you're talking about is sensory experience is happening, but there's no, like, mental formulations around the sensor experience. Is is that right? Well, actually, What what... The buddha dha tells us about anesthesia and deep sleep. This was called cessation of perception or non perception. And So this is this is really interrupting the the the process at at a different level. When we look... I I don't know how much has really been discovered recently about what happens with food brain and anesthesia and deep sleep.

But yogis and their medication will find that deep sleep is not a totally unconscious experience. And there are an increasing number of accounts of people who are in deep anesthesia for surgery, who have various manifestations of conscious awareness, including being able to recall the content of the surgeons and nurses and attendance in the operating. So... These are not states of unconscious us. Well, states are states and on unconscious but okay. Is they're not necessarily states that are. Instead there's something the step in which consciousness takes an object and an active perception seems to be what's not occurred.

That's what seems to be indirectly. I I find it very entertaining to try to draw correlations between what neuroscience tells us about. Way the brain works under these different circumstances. And these descriptions and enlightened beings through intros on their own not processing. What do think of that? I wanna time do. Right. There's been no more time doing that. Yeah. And is it's very interesting to do. What amaze me having been doing this for quite a few years now, what constantly amaze me is how accurate these descriptions based solely on intros seem to be.

And the more objective scientific information is accumulated, it all just keeps seeming to to verify what was discovered in this completely intros way of investigating investigation through that great we're talking about. But you say it cuts the, you know, that process at point of craving, is that like before the craving would take place right? Because of the limit, you have the sense of pleasant or unpleasant or whatever, but there's no... The the the next step of craving doesn't occur. Yes. Alright.

Got. No. Go ahead. No no, please. Well, I I was i I i started to respond to part of what you said. The subject of experience is that creating begins to rise and then cuts it off in mid air. That's the experience. Though hey. You know, it's it's not... Well, and I can only speak for myself, but It's it's... Yeah. It's there's this moment. And then just just as creating the arises, there's this shift in perspective that things are seen as whatever is nice things. I think it's anything it's a experience at the moment.

Is is no longer seen in the way normally as anything his seen. Purely as an manifestation of insight. I've as a manifestation of imp suffering. That's right it's saying that. It's like it it changes this appearance. So when it does, the full power of entity just moves right in their cuts off whole creating. Because how can i create why it is what is empty and and I can only bring suffering it's just like it's cut off and all. And and that. Are there specific practices that are focus. I mean, it's it's pretty clear how through normal or normal but.

All the different meditation practices that you know you've taught every we practice. Gets trained. But are things that really zoom in specifically on e. Well, there are a lot of things that contribute to it in different ways. And and it's best to make use of a wide variety of them. Is the reaction that arises activity is the absence of the normal reaction that arises from an experience how the feelings are pleasant unpleasant neutral. So you know, in what's called the four applications of Mindfulness, psychic.

The second application of Mindfulness is Mindfulness felix, I was a pleasant advertising neutral quality of each experience moment time now the moment by moment. Dental or or physical And in the process of doing that, one of the things that naturally becomes clear as you see... Okay. This a sensory experience, which is followed by completely automatically by a quality of pleasant president nature, But then the mind processes is the sensory experience, you know, in terms of its nature and its cause and what object is that is impacted expenses and so forth.

And this gives rise to a second experience with president. So the first is born of the sensory experience itself on second is born of the mental of our nations associated with the sensory exchange. And you come to see that sometimes these are quite different from me other. Sometimes the sensory experience is pleasant, but the response to the another formation and is unpleasant vice versa. And this doing the practice doing that kind of practice, is you if you just are simply mindful observing that mindful being aware Not trying to analyze or anything else.

Every time you see that, every time you see that association, get weekends the attachment to the idea that pleasant and unpleasant are real components of the experience. And This of course, opens zero tomorrow imaging. Concentration practices produce inhibitors an e that arises naturally from concentration back and. Inside practices lead to their own kind of. The more you see things is permanent and empty, you know, the naturally or the weaker the weaker your reaction to those become and and that weakening of reactivity is increasing.

And you're just looking for the point where they become weekend to the point where there's no longer any reaction to expand. So The most the two most basic and most powerful ways of producing strong. Our developing concentration and developing insight that there's all kinds of other ways of practicing along the way. That are reinforcing to strengthen that greatly. And the mindfulness feelings is. Even things that same maybe not so supposed to be related like the practice of exchanging oneself for another.

Ultimately have the effect of increasing and. Because they're interfering with the normal process by which the might you know, nails it's attachment and one form editor to arise. You're sort of your short circuit thing in the process because you're always switching stuff with other. So even even that process, which doesn't seem at first like it would be about at all. They're practicing compassion. May not seem like it's about. But really, it ends up strongly promoting because it's it's breaking down like habit potential way out the day or minor responsibility.

I talking about identity. You need to be aware the the the danger the near again the entity is non caring detachment the master age as. So you do you do need to be careful with that. This true is true. It's a true non reactivity. It's not this ill ind or i don't care neuropathy, which can very easily tricky is it true that that the letter being ind. It sounds like it's functioning, not on the lower level of non reaction, but more on this, like kind of cognitive level of. Oh that. I don't care about that.

That's right. Basically, with ind, your mind has developed a way of processing that neutralize the treat reaction is there. On last question is just me. That statue of? Now we get you the importance. Gift oh. I asked here all she was going to get billed with child, and I asked cheryl she had picked out the my female email a with female buddha. I was thinking cheryl greg, like one. But in fact, she brought... Let me it's called it. K. What things exactly with it. So an image that's from lot in. So in what was the largest studio city you know there was a lot of use offices all regular and so you, they're of course so to interestingly enough I have just dad's with philosophical was the japanese so just it this was the same did but things, and it was form of stick doubts and so some of these forms are answers muscle So you know, they to Send around her?

Yes. I was quite happy too. Is there a clear distinction we between what's to concentration practice and what's an inside practice? It seems like that mine might be kind of like. Yeah. There's no people people have tried really hard to make a distinction. But you can't do to develop concentration successfully, you really need to develop mindfulness told us at at the same time. So they can't separate concentration and mindfulness from each other. We could you know, people talk about concentration practices and mindfulness practices and then people talk about.

Seven practices and with also our practices sometime and inside. In one pair, you're labeling down according to one of the two major mental faculties that are cultivated in all meditation. Call concentration mindfulness but you can't separate those two because you need mindfulness to develop true concentration good. What's actually intended and concentration. And likewise, practicing mindfulness without a certain degree of concentration is absolutely impossible. So what what you do have is you have people trying to pretend that there's no concentration in mindfulness practice.

But indeed there that's, you know, I'm mean to be able to practice mindfulness at all. Either go through a period of all of the intentional instability that is frustrating until finally, you require sufficient concentration that now you can do the practice the way the teacher's been telling you to do. So you can't do mindfulness because our concentration You can sort of do concentration of without alpine. So you don't all mindfulness. Then see the opposite of mindfulness installments, balances as my us.

So if you do concentration without mindfulness, you're actually cultivating donors. And and you can do that. People do that. This is the kind of meditation as gonna go sits down. And i go into this really deep pleasant droop b state, you know, and after say well. I don't know where I was, but sure was nice. And that's concentration with dogma. And it's a dead end. You can't go beyond that. And actually in the meditation literature, it says if you do that, you'll damage your mind to damage your brain.

Say you make yourself stupid. So stupid They be happy, but there's That's pretty harsh. It's pretty harsh. It is pretty harsh. And, you know, with what you're doing if you enter into that kind of stu state, is your spending on feeding the mind not auction as it normally does again in certain respects. And with the... With a little bit of research it's been done in the last few years on the way that meditation practices do seem to alter brain function and structure. It seats quite possibly yeah you spend spent a few hours a day sitting in a s.

You could think yourself stupid. Angry. If you look at the other pair? Summertime we're past and people can talk about all in meditation a sabotage practice because it's intended to develop summertime. That state that includes powerful concentration, powerful lines on the joint tranquility and. So there's five things to find summertime. And say, well, we're passing on, we're on our practice. This is a practice that you're going straight for the insights. And so the practice is structuring and inside your.

You're trying to become specifically aware of permanent. Are you're trying to become specifically aware of emptiness things like that. But And so you're trying to gain certain insights. But what the what the sutra what the buddha had to say about Summertime and I would pasta is that you have to have both together. There like the two wings of very The same thing that said about about concentration in mindfulness also two wings brief. By time in the... You get out Sutra. He says people people who become enlightened become enlightened in one of the following ways through sabotage, followed by repo.

To imp in our followed by summertime or through Summertime and with pass together. But both are involved in the whole three. Now what the meaning of this is is that you can you can practice developing powerful concentration, mindfulness as joy tranquility and. Which is summertime the top first. And when you have achieved some talk, then you can do practices that are specifically attended to bring you to insight. And if you do so from a basis of San, you'll be very successful very quickly. The other alternative is you can do what they do is the the dry insight practice, the loading practice.

Of Mah Say or the scanning of go kind and things like this. Did you do practices that are attempted to bring you to an awareness of how inside and awareness of, you know, permits and not self. Before you've developed Summertime. Now you can't do this before you develop a certain degree of concentration. As I just explained, you have to have concentration and have to have enough concentration to do those practices to have the experience of those insight. But you don't have to you don't have to have master at summer.

You don't have to have develop those five qualities to that to creek. That would be that would be a situation of practicing would pass out before summertime time. But in the progress you have to have Summit before enlightenment. You can achieve insight. And this is where correspond to in the sixty stages of the progress of insight. This is what corresponds to the Du. The not honest of suffering. But before, but between the and between the knowledge of the path, which is the in enlightenment awakening.

Between those, there is sabotage. There is knowledge called the knowledge of e towards formation and that is sabotage. So even on the before sum, pal, The sa has to occur before enlightenment, even though it can follow the repo center. And then of course the third path, because summertime Dawson and York together. And you practice namely aws. I just wanna ask question about the signal and so the the so much needs to follow a little positive because otherwise, when the insights get to big the mine will pull away for, Yeah.

Actually, you have to have You have to have all of the five qualities. The the five qualities of Sabotage are five of the seven factors in right. So you have to you know you have to have all seven factors of enlightenment for the past experience to occur. And so if you if you develop some of them but not all of them, you have to be open the rest of it complete the process. Yes. The... It's... When the mind recoil from inside, that often leads to to what's called a the rolling up the Matt state. It's really he says.

And that's i'm not doing this anymore. There's a very classic claim that happens. So Na yogi will quit the retreat or quit the meditation or quickly practice. And they instinctively know the right thing to do. You know, if there isn't a be, then they go to they go to Thailand and eat lot of good food and you get involved with some women and and they party a lot and it brings god with do con. But anyway, the the two of them yolk together though, this is what I try to This is when I tried to teach.

I'm teaching a sabotage practice that since to the most effective way to cultivate San, is with strong mindfulness, especially intros awareness. And if you're practicing intros awareness while you're developing some while your development concentration. And you're watching what happens in your mind. You're watching how your experience is unfold. You're actually doing an inside practice. When you practice intros awareness to reinforce concentration, you are practicing repo because you are going to have the direct experience, you're gonna have direct experiences of imp.

And of emptiness, and you're going to discover the way craving generates Du, have in mind, you're gonna see it over and over account. And so in this way, you developed some time pass act to the other. So by the time, you have reached a fairly advanced level of training. You've already acquired really powerful insight. Usually, into to your permanent fifty yeah no self at the very least. So we answer to your question. Yeah. The these these aren't separate practices you know, different modes of practice emphasize certain aspect aspects.

Tired tracking K. I another question. What about compassion? Like, do you see a role... I mean, I guess I'm aware of the idea that through... The insights kind of compassion would naturally eyes. Do you see a role also for, like magic practices that specifically try to cultivate gray levels of compassion. Yes. Their medical practices are very powerful, and very useful. There's the very least very least, there are two ways in which they're helpful. One is that by practicing compassion, and loving trying to send any of its forms.

This is actually conducive, very conducive to to joy. And, you know, we've talked about the importance of joy and concentration so forth. It's it's something that Well, S David stated it very clearly. But he said that they somehow all of the suffering in the world as a result of trying to ourselves happy the sum of all happiness in the world is as a result of trying to make are happy. And this is something that even, you know, I know have Alley person on the street that's never studied Da or not or anything else.

Has some degree of awareness out that there is been more satisfaction to be gained by doing things other people making other people happy then there is pursuing your own pleasure in sense gratification. But the interesting thing is that although calls everybody in the world, has some intuitive understanding of that. Almost none of them on. Right? So when you when you do these kinds of practices, you your formal better and compassion practices when sitting, but also when you practice meta international the world.

What you're doing is is you're you're you're you're creating a bind that is going to be have work. Internal harm and peace, be more pre predisposed to joy and happiness, which are going to be very beneficial to. All rest of the path. So that's that's one of the ways in which these practices are very beneficial. As a matter of fact when people are doing these dry insight practices and they start to have a lot of difficulty very often. What the i recommended to do is to switch to the loving kind practice.

To help to to initiate some of that internal joy or any happiness to counter it tendency for spirit arise from the insights that are that being being exposed to. Now the other way in which it's very, very important See true compassion, absolutely true compassionate true, bo cheese. Is the result of understanding things as they really are, which is that this separate self that I perceive myself to be is an illusion. And that everything is interconnected. And there is no separate. That realization naturally produces compassion.

As once I'm no longer trapped in the view, remind me in your you. And compassion is a natural result. Right? So by practicing compassion before you have achieve that level of understanding. You're preparing the mind to much more easily grasp that truth that the self fairly we clean to it is. And that is the most important thing that a person realizes in the profound set. With stream entry. The most important realization of all is that that this separate self that I think I am is just vision. And so trying to save compassion.

Reshape the line. Pre exposing it to more easily grants spectrum. So that's the other really major way. So compassion and compassion and public kindness practices, powerful, powerful adjunct. The other furniture director. Well, i I want to thank you. This is what I needed. I needed. You know, I wondering why I wasn't feeling better wasn't? I i think that I love doing the about situations just city with a bunch of sincere interested people talking about Talking.

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