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TCMC 10 February 2011

TCMC 10 February 2011 Part II

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talked about mindfulness for the education. Just wondering. Anybody fine? Yes. Yeah. I... The Buddha has said as I would recall these saying that the the root cause are now suffering is either version grass. And you were saying you know, Have hour so before that when you give attention in mindfulness to something that it diffuse it. And so I've been... So this is how When da meets it's the room. So how it's the role for me as I've been trying when I when I remember, to be mindful of different thoughts that arise in me emotions.

And so and that it's astounding to me. How many that every single thing that arises, I can find a correlation between those two words. Either what I'm thinking is either the grasping or a version or both, it's just astounding. Everything that comes up. Yes. And and then when it does come up and I'm mindful, and I'm aware of that, but it really does diffuse it. It's really almost magic. Is. That's that's really wonderful cool. That is. That is the you know, very first instruction, the the blue Factor is on enlightenment, but he gave her a teaching explained.

All suffering arises out of it's crazy fact desired integration is that. But if you can't recognize it. When president, I like told he immediately experience the truth. Right? Right. That that's the cause. Yeah. And it's always there. That's right. Yeah. That's amazing to discover and probably most was people but you're that thing. Oh, yeah. I remember what. Desire yesterday in afternoon you, that went very good had a lot of rev to something this morning, that wasn't greater They don't realize it's not always a little lawrence all over the time.

And it contributes to that ongoing. You know, I I mean we we all know like sent out over, happy everything is just great. But most does not not like that. So even when we're kind of happy, there's still all these little things there there's little desires that are under undermining Yes, sir. Actually. The time it wasn't desired when they're claim to the desire. That's the clean. That's right. Well, you know, with that... When we get into these words Tammy use the word dr pain. I used the word desire you said they're clinging to the desire.

And There is actually a a sort of inner structure to it goes was on in our mind. The clinging part of it the drafts being part of it is where we believe in it. The the desire itself is it's a propulsion and it kinda of comes out automatically because something is pleasant. We hard automatically everybody wanna what happens at is we we believe in the scenario this just been put in try of us then. Oh, yes. This is the cause of happiness. And if I had it, I would be happy, and then then we get whole entangled that, and that's that's where the the grasping and the cli comes to it.

But that's where you can you can practice go with that. A same question about something haven't said up about it a... Know he she said, you know, the buddha said said oh. I just you know, you said the Buddha said this. And it made me think that the vast majority of what know about what Buddha said is something other people have told me. How did you... Like in in Christianity, You know, everything Jesus said is comp edited and neat volume. Yeah. There's something like that in and Buddhism like, like, all the sutra in in a book or something like that?

They are all compiled. Yes. Yeah there are three major versions of and and others. Is the Poly cannon. There call to of the three baskets. And one of them is is the the are all the different discourse that the mitigate game. The other two are the Win, which is the code of discipline for mo. And of course get it get is all done in the form stories. This happened. And so the buddha made this rule to to deal with it. The third part is the every dom, which is actually created later on and after the Buddha had already passed away based on the contents of the procedure.

By certain individuals interpretation of contents with the. But what we do have are the teachings and environmental switches now four gospel and revelation are not that bulky, and they don't take that long to. My contrast the suit are very numerous and and moderator for. You can buy down. You can buy translation on amazon dot com from inside local woods sorry. But if you took the volumes containing the suit and and the English translation of the quality sutra. Get make the stack about this life.

And then there is there's the... the other most accurate text version right now is are the Chinese oc. And of course she have to be able to read Chinese because there's not... Not much in way of English translation know the all portions have done. And then there is the... There's also a san to pick, but it's a lot of material. That's not the end of the problem. Just the quantity from the the quantity because when you get into the... The link was used is very archaic and the translators. I there's always this concern, you know, when it's translated, is it accurately conveying what the intention was?

And this is always a bunch of translators. And so in order to hear on the safe side, they try to translate this our archaic language as literally as they feel comfortable with. Which makes very difficult to read And then I one add if it was never memorized you know, the first few hundred years. It was not written down, and it was memorized. And so it was put in a form that was easy to recall, so there's an enormous amount reputation. And when you go to read the citrix, you're reading the same, phrases repeated over and over again, which is really tedious.

So it's... Unfortunately it's not easy. I highly recommend that Anyone, and everyone, if you'd have any interest at all and and spiritual practice, and meditation and things like this. To point yourself with the citrus. What I would recommend to again, but is that there there are a couple of books that they are they are sutra, but they are structured in a way. That with commentary in a way that helps you read them, understand them and put them in context. And so as a starting point, I would recommend two people.

Chris of all, would like to the buddha by be good out of all. And then there is in the words of the buddha by the boat. And then there is wings awakening i believe that's not waves of awakening white house R b. And those those are three excellent ways to get your feet feedback and sutra and get a past more challenging aspect. One thing I will say about that massive stack of material is this tremendous amount of reputation. And if somebody ever had the courage to go through. And consolidate all the different citrus which are which large parts of which are where referred the same.

And that likewise go into the sutra that where, you know, a whole page of repeating the same formula. Condensed those down. What they do basically is right now, if you go to read the procedures where applying, in a long part that repeated over and over again. They will repeat it once. And then they'll skip all ones in between and then provide the last repetition with supervisors somewhere. So for example, if it was a teaching pump the five time the five aggregate. There will be... Well, he had to save off the first aggregate.

And then, it will just have the name of the next three aggregates. And then will have the same thing repeated once again was programmed a bit. Fit that. So that provides it a little bit. But, yeah. It's a it's it's british challenges just accessing it But it is there. It is available and then tried those three books. I spare i'll wait to get get started. Yeah. The personal life of the buddha of, what d animal is done. Is take him from the sutra front the buddha is on teaching all of those, which are creates or an auto sketch his wife and his teaching.

And that makes it very interesting. And it starts off but to be very first one that you Well, it where it starts? No, I guess it's not where it starts. But, anyway, the the suit that I talking about the the the canvas that would in response to town. The turning of the wheel sutra, which was first sutra each hot after he is and enlightenment. Very good translation in a commentary area of you in there wings of awakening canada and words that bit of their Good first. There is a website I found called google dot com.

That definitely has a Pdf f copy of wings and wake. And has a couple of these others So if you are not to reading on a computer screen in a Pdf format, you can download these books. And I I know I saw a weeks in awakening, and i think I saw one of the tier. That's good And also there is a access to inside, which has translations up. Many sutra. And certainly all of the most important ones that are right there, and you can read their online or download it. Yes. I just had a question about my experience to my meditation.

Yes. So I have this thing happens if I had sit still for long up and get really odd. And then I was notice that and then And it's like I don't have different so calm or sort of stillness after that's happened. And I'm curious about if thing anyone has serious about what what that is. Does it me on that jd i got. What. I'm might just doing if I that happens, because it's like a busy physiological. So you're saying you'll have this feeling your feet? And then that will be followed by going into a very calm later steady state.

That sounds pretty familiar to me, not the heat part, but something that happens as is sort a a precursor before you you enter in specifically value state concentration and call. Very common. It takes many different forms. And I I won't in Mari. But what you want to do You want to be aware what it is that creates the right conditions to enter into really. Team meditation. And so so that you can do it more easily and more consistently. So you can we have to... There is this precursor sign like that.

You can use that. As soon as you start to feel it then make sure that you are being fully you know, you know with the significance of. So vmware aware being mindful. Where this be mindful told me? But in this stage state bundle beans having a clear intros awareness what you are doing what's happening in your mind in that moment. And it's not like you'd be to analyze it and think to yourself. Oh this is the way it has to be. This is where I have to do. You just need to be aware of it. And the recognition will reinforce it and make it easier for you to do in the future.

So a way to make use of it. Physiological part of it. I don't know if you're asking about that. But We all throw that what happens in the mind produces changes in the body. Right? Perhaps that feeling weren't is because there's some degree fees vas donation didn't wasting your scale. Should work. And we don't need to concern ourselves where why your brain would be doing that, you know, because it won't be the same at other people, and it's really kind unique and incidental to you. And if I even change over time, you might have a different sort of precursor different precursor that show up over time.

Somebody else like, for example, doesn't happen so much natalie for a long time. I think there... I I would sort sell a lot and my thoughts were twitch. Consolidation thing. Yeah. I think the makes pretty calm. You know. Yeah. So the thing has prominence there to start threshold of discomfort of some kind, and then you meet that with that and then you're able to go into until that that's the the Pretty much. Yeah. It is some some physical sensation or or something comes along with has the potential to disrupt to developing concentration and still line.

And if you don't let that happened, if you just accept leftover go it and you go right either right through that. K. I've noticed this thing. I don't know if this is like, a mental equivalent. But sometimes it seems that like, you know, i'll be going long and either wear this or just my wondering. Will take me away. And there's something somehow, I'll just kind of like come back out of it. You know, maybe else be. I'm aware as soon as I come back or I'll just pop out of it. And I'll enter into that much deeper kind of more clear space.

And there's a noticeable field I like. Kinda like, bursting through something. Is that the same kind of phenomenon? Package saying. Yeah. So it's a or a eventual manifestation of it. But yeah same thing. Okay. So I'm pretty talk about, like, the the one kind of meditation of the bad meditations where he's just kinda you know, lost and then not not focusing. But I'm how of the expenses like, with Jordan talking about where My mind is wondering my attention is not good. But something's happening and that that that release that i've really spend in talking about, you know, happens after twenty minutes of sitting even if it feels like I'm not paying tension.

Mh. Is there question of that? Yeah. The question was, I guess I have trouble working reconciling the Then the teaching that, like, the attention is important that the mind laundering should be rem minimized, but also that well in mind just wondering it feels like meditation is doing but it's supposed to be doing. I realize it's still not exactly a question. Well, the the thing you keep mind is the attention, and being able to stabilize your attention is is it's a tool. It's, you know, how and so we use it as a tool, but we're not it's not the only way that we're going to achieve but we're trying to change it.

So it's a tool, we're bringing about a unification of the line. Your your mind has a has so many parts to it, so different processes. And the to state the the states that we normally experienced are reflection of a lot of essentially internal conflict or different different aspects of the line working against each other. So anything that brings them to together. Cohesive is going to produce that desire result. Once once the bite becomes unify, even partially even to a partial degree. Then that that very significantly alters the nature of the experience that you have whatever you happen to do with the mine.

So even even... Well, I'll give you one example. A lot of times and when you are developing a certain degree of unification of the line. Mine cease to be sort filled with the ordinary trash of daily life. You know, that counting you go you know, noise really it's what it is. If you start to think about something analytical, you'll be really impressed by how clear in how well your mind works like, wow, this is great. And there's a tendency to to want to do that actually because it works very well.

If you do that, I need do there are analytical meditation, which take advantage of that and they're very productive and good things to do. But they're what I'm trying get across is that. When you're doing an analytical kind of process with your mind. It's very, very different and say focusing your attention on the breath. But you still have a qualitative experience of well my buying is super effective and doing this not only that it feels really good. There's a sense of happiness and content and so forth associated with that.

So in very different situations, but what they have in common is the quality of clarity and effectiveness and a very positive. Feel do. And it is the improved functional capacity and the positive act is a reflection of the identification of mine statement wave. So whenever there's a degree identification of mine, you're going to that experience that. And even if you're not doing a focus practice or you're doing John proctor, So even if you're not doing something like that, you're still going to notice those positive benefits come up.

Now thing to do is to remember where you're going and not to get sidetracked by you know, using the example of i just raised. If you discover that when you sit down and meditate, and your mind becomes calm you can really solve problems, think through difficult issues and things like. If you succumb to the temptation to use your monetize expectation time to do that. You're not gonna get beyond that right. As a matter fact, what happens is even worse than that your mind will keep generated what saying that the moment to be really good important for how things to think about.

And you're reflecting about that say, i wished time. So so whatever it is it's happening. Remember where you're trying to go. Indication line. And and if you've achieved that, and and you're not doing one of the practices that you've learned to to continue the process when you realize that we shipped shift into all of those practices and thank you, so well you have available to him. Does that makes sense you? Yes. Yeah. So that's where we keep coming back to that is just the very beginning step.

We We never give that up because it's so available. It's it's always available and it here. The... And and the way it it is, it's like with any tool the more you use it, the more powerful fact becomes. And so, you know, don't no matter how skilled you be become no matter when you reach the point where you don't need an object of meditation because you can't into the spat of state or complete open and focus. You're still going to want to use that tool whatever you need it, because it's gonna be so effective and so valuable.

So... Wow. I've noticing that after now, like three months of daily meditation practice and, like, focusing on kinda, like, really random times during the day. I'll like, feel what kinds of energy right now. You know. And it's kinda bothers or so. I I don't particularly want it there. And a friend is Chinese doctor, it says that He feels like it's much more bound beneficial to the health to focus on the right following of the stomach because you're you're that energy that you're focusing somewhere focused on the that you have waving nice center if you reserve whatever you need.

And I like that idea, but I find what... It's harder to develop a degree of focus that I can with my nostrils on my stomach because there's not the same sensitivity of sensation. So I'm just curious what your thoughts are on that in terms of health benefits and it chose. Like is there something I can do that crazy Alright. Or if there's... If there's some way to not have that data side fact on that? You wanna pay benefits fix two hundred if like this way. Okay. Well, first of all, I just make the mind that, you know, you can use either the nostrils or the abdomen or in entry all anything else as as meditation project object.

You know, so there are certain certain advantages to the nostrils compared to the abdomen, but in different individuals. Those advantages will necessarily be the same thing and, you know, there are people for the abdomen rather than the nose. Or even as people who use the chest or or i. That be easier to focus on? The the advantage of the notes is that. It's a very... It's a very sensitive area but allows for a lot of... When you're developing strong line for awareness you can you can use the subtlety of those sensations to to push your line to a very heightened degree awareness.

You it's not that you can't do that with the argument, but the sensations is just so much coarse that it's difficult to do. And then of course when your concentration becomes very focused and draft starts to become very very shallow. Some people not everyone find that when that happens, they can't even feel the movement of the there but arts to south subtle where of movement and that it was there across the nostrils it can still make. So these are good kinds of kinda say, advantages and disadvantages of of the two locations and And so i'm I'm not...

I I think for those people i of that the nostrils to, you know, the the the advantage of using the Nostrils. Think fam most desire but it's not universally true and nobody needs to field down by that and integrate. The sensitivity that you develop? Well, before I want it, I just say it's something. It sort of relates to what i talking about before? Settling on one meditation object that you use predominantly. Most of the time is really important. Because familiarity and repeated use, and, like I said, if you use the same tool over and over again, you get really really good at.

So there's a there have in or advanced stages of meditation. There are certain things that flow directly out of the familiarity, out all the hundreds or even thousands of hours of observing the breath in have place. And so it change objects too much. Doesn't mean you can't use more one object on a regular basis, but there's a really important advantage in having one object that's your main that are most often. Whatever you happen to settle. Okay. As far as the sensitivity, this is something that does happen it becomes.

Extremely sensitive. Now you say energy, I'm not sure that that's the same thing that I've been ever I say sensitivity. So when you use the breath, then I was gonna say sensitivity, got become point where it is so sensitive to the all can't stand it. But then there has energy which in my case at least and most I feel different places, because there's no reason why that might not notes and then it becomes sort of a a a distraction. So is it's is a sensitivity or is it sort of electrical? I'm talking about sensation it's not associated with it.

Sensations not associated with the yeah. Okay. Okay. And energy supposed see. Okay. Well, and randomly occurred. What's that. Randomly occurred. Just randomly. And unless I've kinda decide to look and see if it's there then it's all. K? What I would recommend that you do is to see you work with in the sense of continuing to practice and just but practice allowing it to be there. Practice not judging it reacting to it. If you notice that there a a version to right. Truly that a version that just continued and see where you can get with that.

Ben don't worry. General sense. I work. General answer for potential relevance to more people. When energy sensations arrives when unusual sensations that you know have nothing to do with your the the normal function of your ordinary sensor organs arrived. And often they can be vibrations times they can be electrical feelings sometimes they can't well I can take many forms. But when they arise, This is ordinary. Normal. It's something that is going to happen. So accept that. You're you're gonna have to let energy sensations if say for example that you find that just trying to work with the energy sensations.

They become so distracting that you can't work with them anymore let you give up and you go to the abdomen and there's no problem there. You didn't your company place. Where energy sensations arise again. Maybe if the abdomen or folks your attention is, or maybe somewhere else, but sooner their that cut on. This is this is just part of the process. And so what I would say is no matter when they come up or where they have or how manifest. The first approach is to recognize it. Okay. In a sense this is a good shot.

This is something that always happens you as you in the meditation practice. So regard it as a positive sign. Recognize it recognize that trying to avoid it or make it go away is not ultimately gonna be a solution. That even if you have to do it temporarily sooner or later you're gonna to have to let let let it be there and get past it. K? So when it cops. Yeah. I read somewhere... Well, that kind inquire like, Muslim invaders for some of the original books dakota. Muslim invaders had i a lot beverly early do this works and I was wondering on if this pretty basket volume was at the complete material pass found counsel guard on or was there some for his patients that was lost?

It it is the most complete account that has survived. And by the time on invasion. That had been translated into Sas to Chinese. Prior to that, they have been written down the Sri lanka in public. And the muslims said get a tissue on that. Yeah. So so they've survived that. What they haven't survived quite as well. Is the human tendency to and pre. And so i I think not too long after the Poly cannon was put in writing and sri lanka. There was an attitude adopted that these words were sacred. Yeah or not to be best to.

But there were quite few centuries before that where people were as i say improvement, but mind out this part confusing I don't think that's what the be really wants. Right and or something is added from somewhere else well. The buddha would said this. So you're are lot conditions and deletions have of course. That's going from the the recite verbal poly to to the written poly. When we... Sorry when starts being translated into other languages, and then other dialects or other languages. It was it's it's not uncommon even, you know, if we you look at the Chinese that there are different versions of the same sutra compiled the different parts from China.

So it's been a lot of vest that that's kinda along. So what you have to do is You have to keep that in mind. And the the of the criteria is for. You know, if if you need to know something and you find the answer in the switch trusted. Or if you if you've experienced something yourself and you might to described the trust it. But if there's something in the issues, it's just doesn't make sense to you doesn't fit with your experience then leave it aside and i... But what we do have and poly cannon is I think it's pretty well universally agreed by scholars everywhere.

That the poly cannon is the closest to the original compilation of the teaching of the building. Now there are some things of scholars have done more recently, where they put side side the San the poly and the Chinese versions. And they studied even them very carefully. And they say, well here's part of poly that the styles is different for languages didn't... It doesn't seem to match and it's not present in the. And you say so okay. So probably is more accurate if we take that out. Yeah likewise, my account across something that it.

I that fits makes sense with version of holly, that it does it doesn't follow. It doesn't make sense. And in that case, you know, found... Okay. This is probably a part that got deleted, redacted. But, yeah. If the red happened. After it is translating into they chinese and so it being back end. To my knowledge, nobody has a simple version of the poly candidate Yeah. That is based upon these scholar examinations. And first we probably be challenging because different scholars with argue about. Which version was most correct that.

Other suppress suppressed sutra. Now there are there are some words called tantrum which are generated much much later than the time to buddha and they several of those are still kept largely secret. Although, you know, western being the way they are, they fear them amount immediately get translated it into English. Everybody. Your copies up. I'm sorry. The number of out of secret teachings that is rapidly diminishing approaching europe. Okay well posted on wikileaks weeks. I I find it terribly worrisome that that we where basing this whole system of our spiritual knowledge like text but i've been don't.

And so how how you? How did you I'm glad you raised that. Because whatever whenever this conversation comes up, that really is, that really is the issue. That comes out. First of all, For the most part, it's not it's not problem. But it's true they've been all alterations. And it's true. We don't know exactly the extent of alteration. But it's still taken as a whole. It's it's still a very useful and and relatively speaking quite reliable teaching. Okay. If You'd have a much worse situation if. All you'd have was the text.

And there was no tradition to go with it. Because the tradition interprets the text. What they course that has it's good and it's bad. Right. But there are also multiple traditions in the same way that scholars can take the text and different language and clarify considered really what the original words write been. We're in the position to compare what the fundamental court and the teaching views and any different traditions and what you can rely on I think is that the what you find consistently across a large number of traditions is going to be first of all, it's gonna reflect what has worked yeah and bringing people to success and practice of this time And so that's one thing that that you can do well.

Which in a sense is one of the reasons why you teachers to help and it. Another reason of course is not very how people have the patients or perhaps even the to plow through all major attacks. The other thing though is that is the nature of the startup up. It's not if it were just a set of beliefs and doctrines. And just so stories. It would be a different story but this whole dha, it's pragmatic. It's practical. It's. Try it and see for yourself. And this was by my own personal experience. Is that through practicing the dha and practicing meditation.

Has made it really easy to look at those texts and and know where they're really striking hope and and where they're are missing the marks for whatever whatever the reason because somebody's best with them or or what. So... And this is with the boot itself set. What you need to rely on is doesn't make sense to you. Not that somebody else can present it to you in a way that sounds logical. Is he made it really clear because back in post jose the the same it is same way it is now. You can go to different teachers different who is teachers.

They'll give you a teaching... When you listen to them, it's like... Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I guess so seems right. And then after as you think about it, and it all falls apart, you can't make sense about. That's a really good sign that that's, you know, the second involved with that. So when you look at these things you think about them, you know, and and some sometimes of are deep, some of them require a lot of examination. But if you think about them and they make sense, or if a teacher presents them to you, and it not only makes sense when you hear the teacher's logic, but it keeps on making sense in your own you're answer.

Right. It's a good chance that this has been real one color? The second thing is that it agrees with experience. A along with things when you're setting the dark you're out across things that you haven't experienced yet. And so initially, you don't you don't know. You can't really to be safe. But as as you go along, if your ex experience starts going in a different direction and you look at this teaching and say, well, I don't know that more I practice know and it does matter you're talking meditation practice or where their practice talking about practicing the dark in your life.

If the further along you go, the more it seems to the diver from this teaching, sent that teaching aside. Trust the teaching that is your own experience develops if fit reaffirm and re afford your reinforces your own experience. And even more importantly, yeah. As you begin to have some of the experience this talked about. Now this teaching gives you the guidance on where to go next. Then you know it's a good teaching. Yes. So back to meditation as a practice, so I've been in a place where maybe I'll meditate that time of day and I'll start to drift in to sleep kind of dream states.

It seems really be beyond my control. And, you know, as much as I wanna go back to the breath it eventually sucks me in. But I've come to a point, I guess where I'm very aware that it's happening, and I but I guess, you recall the witness is still there as these thoughts kinda come and go even though they seeing beyond and take my I can't remove cell from them. I just have to wait to the let pass three then then maybe then I'll come back into more I conscious state. When you say that that's more...

Would you say that that's still mindfulness if I'm still very and aware of what's happening or was that or is that phone No. Precisely that's exactly... How mean dull is that they start to lose r and don't unless intend to get sucked into thoughts. But if if if you're in that place of being the detached witness and you... That is that's perfect mindfulness for us. Yeah that's exactly where you want to be. And we're not trying to make stop. We're trying to get chance thoughts of chance to stop by themselves when they're ready.

And so what we do is we just blunt them my until they're ready But if you really... Like, if you really are being attached witness, but you're, like, really, really aware of what's going on. When we be able to bring herself back away from it? I mean, it sounds like I think like to what you're seeing. And it's he's saying that that he's actually, like, not able to bring himself out of it that he's like, true that he's actually clean to it until it went through his own course. I would say cleaning to it.

It's just stuck in. There's no maybe up I'm pearson. This it's important point. It's good to clarify. You know how you get stuck in your head? You can't make it go away. But it doesn't mean that you have to sing alarm. You can be mindful the tone without product. But you could also be caught up with them being caught with it is also resisting it. You know know if you're either you're trying to make it soft, things like that. You're not doing anything else you're fine has been captivated by the ten.

Right. So it's the same thing. With thoughts, a little subtle than a jingle. But it's the same principle. Thoughts thoughts will be better and a particular, you know, if some part of your mind has got something in it just doesn't to go that and then he keeps processing it through. You're not gonna necessarily be able to stop that. It's gonna be like a jingle, but you don't have to be caught up in it. And it is a subtle difference. And I'd say the most important thing is that there's... You're constantly irritating in awareness, the question.

Am I still watching or am I getting caught? And you know, that... That's that's not a analytical kind of question. That's not an potential function. That's an awareness function. You're holding that awareness. And that awareness is monitoring for the event that you're gonna actually get caught up in the content of the fog right with them. Watching it. Ted what's really. That's helped to clarify the... And and and because I hope to clarify for you the difference between getting caught in and the butt it does.

I'm wondering about... At neither we've talked about whether and i would still have some attention on medication object. And that's the key. Okay. So you're still... You still have. Yeah. I even as i'm following statement. Yeah. Yeah. Typically, it will be a situation where either it seems like you're watching both things equally. Or your primary attention is on the ground. And the flock is somewhere more in the background was still clearly there. If it comes at the point, where the thoughts on the foreground the breadth is in the background, switched.

Right. And this is what's happening there. Is work. And is called in psychology alternating attention. And this is how we multitask attention goes back and forth between two things. Through things something like that. And so when that thoughts there impact, what, your intention is actually going back and forth between them. But when you wanna always be working towards it. Predominantly keeping your attention fixed on the meditation object. Oh allow even thought to be there, and until you reach a certain week skill level, you're not going to be able to keep your attention firm.

Briefly going back to that. But I mean, it it doesn't feel like it's going back forth it. It feels like meditation object is here and the thoughts there and they just stay there. But if you could see it on a very more microscopic scale, you'd see that your intention is they're they're they're bang bang desk while and then keeps hitting over there really rapidly. So it's keeping is keeping it there. What you have control over though is that you can keep your attention predominantly focused on meditation object and that's what you want to do.

Is there alternative to enlightenment does happen under other circumstances And one of one of my favorite saying is enlightenment men is an accident and practice makes it actually wrong. Okay. But because it's an accident, it can happen to people that never backs then. Practice. It can happen to somebody at any stage and internet practice. Alright. And and there are also other ways that other processes that can serve as a triggered for Like. I I enjoyed number of years ago reading the there are people do have the nazi concentration camps who seemed to achieve a kind of enlightenment.

As a result of that. Now, of course, we would choose that. We'd always choose meditation as preferable. After. That's also hard reliable considering than others. Right. All there's all kinds of different things that can pretty produce just the right combination of circumstances. But if you cause a mind to move into a different state. So it's not just meditation. But the advantage of meditation and I'd say I have expanded the statement to say the advantage of buddhist medication. Is that it is very systematic.

Well, well try works very well consistently with large numbers and people. So enlightenment that can happen for many causes, But I would say that the business meditation practices are of all things that you could do to increase the likelihood that's gonna happen. That answers question. What I'm coming from is after doing this for twenty years, it's like finding out what the rules are reporting to you break. U. And I look at back on sitting for twenty years, I go. There's gotta be a faster way to people.

Well, every and why was one of them? Okay. Joaquin is one of. Yeah. Yeah okay. Wet walking meditation it is a very powerful practice that i over and again. A lot of people are resistant to. Wander around day drinking in between six. And yeah they lose the advantage of a really powerful practice With ventilation practice in General, there are more and less effective ways that it can be done. And even from one individual to to the next, there are differences and what is going to be most effective.

I got into teaching meditation because I realize so many people in this country or in North America that who were meditating and had been meditating for decades in ways that weren't likely to get them anywhere unless they to be ten thousand years old. You know, and I think I have a pretty clear understanding. The path that I call them. And of course, as I try to teach it to other people and it becomes clearer all the time. And I learned an awful lot. And enter my objective really is terrible. I client.

I'll better right, Not a better way than meditation but a web better rate to do meditation or actually, it's more like a collection of better ways that can be fine tuned to to assume different people. Walking patient as example of that. So I'm to end my experience, it's incredibly powerful, but also at my experience, Most people don't appreciate it. Have most people resist it. And I can't tell you how many times I've also had the experience or somebody has been practicing for a long time. And then they cannot to...

Wow, I can't believe it walking meditation. I didn't really trying it before, but this is great. There's a lot of things like that. Could you... I mean, I've heard you say it before, but I I I need you to to do it again to describe unification of mind. To describe you. Well, anybody like me. Okay. But it's a it's an important part of the meditation path. And So unification of mind, I would encourage you to think of as that's something that you really want to accomplish in your practice. The word describes what...

First of all, before I realized that that was the best way to describe it. What I knew was that. You reach that that... When you're trying to to meditate. And the same thing is true when they're trying to do anything how's a human being in his life. Your your mind is hugely in conflict with it itself. And there's many parts to your mind There is no there is no one oneself. There is no executive part of your mind. I mean, there is an executive function to right. But there is no one part of your mind that's the the president of the corporation fingers that just does not exist.

And had blind meditation practice, that became really clear. And by meditation practice two, it became clear that all of the positive progress and I was able to make correspond to him Different parts of mine stopped working against each other and started working cooperative. So you have you're trying to you... What part of your line wants to focus on your breath? And this part environment wants to think about that thing and this part of you mind us worry about that thing. And so other forty or body wants ago have about.

Blah blah blah. You know You notice the difference when two or three of those parts of your mind. For whatever whatever reason, get on task with what you're doing and say, well, okay. Let's get a meditation thing. All of a sudden things are so clear. It's so easy and is this feeling, you you feel the energies, if feel the happiness to comes about. Now there is this term in the sutra, at Cog. Tiktok is is one. I just, you know, if you count know is aco those t, so forth. Char, punch. I I don't remember.

But but hey cummings one. And got names gone. So and Caveat names literally doctor white, But in my buddhist upbringing it was always translated to single pointed. And, of course, we were learning to concentrate and so okay. This makes sense. We need to develop sam point in this. Yeah. It wasn't till fairly recently. And actually I I I owe it to can't the of guy wrote the experience of some odd he came and did a weekend teaching here. But he made me realize, I've already started thinking in terms of the mind identify that these different competing processes functioning coherent, and with a marvelous effect.

And then something he Said in his book, I realized Unification of line is the proper translation of a. All of our meditation is intended to bring about Hey Ka, not single pointed a. Single point this is just a tool for creating unification line. It's not gonna go. The unification is what's important. You see? If you can, think of your mind because these many different processes. Can you and you recognize that? To be focused on one thing is always going to be extremely problematic as long as there's different parts if you're mind, they want to do something else.

That makes sense. Let's look at mindfulness. Okay. This power of consciousness. The b mindful needs to have this optimal interaction between awareness and attachment. But the problem that we all experience is that we become caught in an object of attention and there's no awareness. This we don't have enough consciousness to go around. Well, if we example that's a little closer of what we find is that even we're we paying attention to this, we're also the line as sq paying attention to a bunch of other things at the same time.

And this reveals that you have the same problem with mindfulness that you do with concentration. If you have this multi part line. These thousand, thousands of different hundreds at weeks, but I think, thousands of different medical processes. Go on simultaneously. And in terms of how fully conscious you can the of? How much conscious you can bring to that global aspect of warehouse or how much consciousness you can bring to the focused aspect of attention. It's going to be it's going to be limited by how many of these different parts of your life, you could get on task at the same time.

And so as environment times unify their power mindfulness just increases exponentially. If if consciousness is... If you think of your consciousness in the moment as been the product of how many of the diverse parts of your mind? Are actually cooperating functioning coherent and cohesive and in the moment. We go through our lives with our consciousness, being the product a tiny percentage lines capacity. So what whatever degree of unification of mind we writing is going to enhance. Power consciousness that we experience.

And you talk about moving to a higher state of consciousness. I mean, it's really literally that have you you become a more conscious being through unification of mine. Is there? Is that a good explanation? Yeah. Yes. I've tried walking in meditation. Repeatedly. I I need some pointers I I find that there's so many destruction. You know, other problems we have tonight is so many different threads of conversations. On i one thing. It's so that's got question us nothing else. And the other thing is it's already eight fifty two out four.

We have, you know, I really we like to give you some fl in instruction and walking meditation. But I'm haven't feeling we should let people don't on. Next. Maybe can we do that next time? Did you're binding next week. We'll just we'll do... We'll do a little finger on walk said. I really like that too, but I really need to leave too that. Yeah. I yeah everybody not everybody like. There's a lot of people that really would like to go and Thank you for staying. Yeah. I the the one have. I think the conversation was very good.

I I think I appreciate your question. It was a good opportunity not lost important. On the other hand, I realized it was Yeah. Multiple three is going on at the same time. I the hud drives for that. I hope that wasn't too frustrating to years. But. For some reason and it just seems so appropriate that I was talking about unification find how be. And our entire conversations doing? Okay. Thank very much. Have where going to get some you know. My people... I was gonna see we reach points to do classic coordination ceremony.

And few minutes. So with everybody we'd like to stay for that. You certainly. Hey. How long how long? Probably about fifteen, twenty minutes. It will be a little bit time. Ready And going? Actions dedicated way practitioner? Okay. So it's taking ten pre ups and proceeding and hey... Yeah. It's making a Yeah. That's what it is.

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