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TCMC -4 November 2010

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Good evening area. Yeah. Thank you very much tim. So. Seems to be a little loud. Bit. And we're that kind we get the time to hear or it's excuse me This couple let's ago. It was good afternoon. Side Did you see this sunset? The evening No. Was that okay? So Wonderful sure. Thank you for watching it my. That that seems better. It's still ringing a little bit. I will revert theirs. We'll go on for Weeks with please somebody has. Is it? Yeah Now there's still still a little bit of ringing terry. So good evening again?

Yes. Our things going. Meditation practice. Jake. Great. Have question. And this is in regards to the to the joy retreat that you gave. Mh. Some of the some of the things that you gave in terms of trying to find join the moment in every moment it and so on. My question has to do with lack of sleep. You know, when you when you're not rested, it's a lot more difficult to be my Yes. It is. You know. And or to or to want to find those moments of joy. Do you have any any advice for that other than before?

Well... It it's good. It's a good opportunity he to this one It's harder to find. The thing about having difficulty sleeping. I I... And I assume that said here you're having You have the opportunity to sleep, what do you have judgment those sleeping? Yeah. But sometimes. Not it's not like a chronic thing, but would it opens here? Yeah. I know in my own experience, it seems that the the concern that I have about my fatigue is actually more disturbing and more tires than the fifteen fatigue itself.

And It's helpful to be aware of it and examine that. So that, you know, if you're way and it's four in the morning. You... And you're telling yourself, oh, I'm exhausted. I can't sleep. It's gonna be terrible in learning. You don't know what it's gonna be, like in the morning. And as a matter to fact Most of the time is is bad as your next may be already of them. But he can remind yourself of that. But if you really examine say, okay Time away. Do I really feel that bad? Am I comfortable? I'm get into your body.

And I know from me, if I had started to sleeping, It's a a lot of natural activity and the mine just is to energized and very often. It's it's thinking about things. And also for some reason, I've noticed this all of my like, between about three and five Am. Every minor thing in your life that you not attended to. Or every the trial that it's to be taken care of it. Is so much more huge. K. So I really recommend that if you get your body sensations that this will help to calm your mind down. But you don't even you don't even need to have that calm your mind so much that you're able to follow asleep.

If you can lay there and be right and find what there is to George to enjoy. Than find the pleasantly of it and then perhaps meditate. And that's why I pipe out usually, I always telling my myself... Okay. If I'm awake. Anyway, and might as well. Meditate. Well, I think the meeting is... And and it is really good practice for the rest of your launches. Just noticing count. Your mind tells the story tends to make things for senator there really is. So, you know, when you're having that thought, Oh, I'm so tired or like, at that sleep.

You know, ashes are. We're not really that tired. It's this really that bad. And and and try to find the started. But Hopefully, that does attack to you too often. Yeah. Now in... Say the next step you're really tired because you've weren't katie will sleep well. After get happen. So and you'll have those time during me day when there's a lot of fatigue a lot of mental fog. And that's something that I experienced a lot of these days. You know, because what's going on with my health, But I'll just suddenly get colder with terrier gets.

And The same thing is true is you in mind if you love it. We'll make it seem a lot worse. I. And you said when you're child like that, it's really hard to be mindful. But you know, I disagree with you. If you think have an turn, the most important aspect of mindfulness us is to be is to be aware of what's happening in own mind and how you're responding. I remind is reacting. Moment by moment. Emotions and the feelings and things like that right. And you can still do that even though you're tired.

Where where you're much more vulnerable is when you're really tired like that. And say you you you need to get something done and you're struggling to do it in somebody comes up an interrupt you with something that Let's say isn't important. You'll lose your mindfulness us, the irr ability or kind of he'll have a suppose strong. Reaction. That's where you're more vulnerable is when something comes along that takes up most of your awareness so that you can't really spare much of it for watching your month.

But when the person goes away, you're on the situation changes, you can catch yourself again. Start practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is being conscious. More of what's going on. Did you ordinarily would date and Mindfulness is called Su, but the most an important part of Sa is Sat supply, which is That's when you turn your mindful awareness inward to the state of your own mind. What what your mind is doing and, you know, whether it's appropriate, or it makes sense and so that's the mindfulness that that you wanted.

But if you can even see if you can become aware of it when you lose your mind for this, And when you get your mindfulness back, then that's my too. So when it's moving even in the right direction. But just just keep working with it. Don't be discouraged. All of the stories, your mind tells you i you keep you fine. Practicing mine or keep you from looking for joy at the middle that I need read to about there. Yes. So I wanted to ask about when judgments arise in my phone practice because the instruction is to you it non mentally, But, like any other of the death just arise.

Sure to do with that. You scroll yourself for injections? Oh, I usually stop or glasses. That was not Got it. Well Getting to the place where you, stop judging is is what you're what you're wanting to. To be to have a kind of open awareness that doesn't get involved in processing and analyzing Judging it's just the kind of processing and analyzing. So... And so treat like he would any distraction and then meditation when you find this judgment there, you just recognize it then let's go of it. And if it comes back then you just recognize it again and and let go of it.

They only... And it... And it does matter you know, you don't really need to scope yourself for being judgmental metal. Because it really doesn't matter how often and, you know, you had a strongly game they pattern the mind of generating judgmental thoughts. Then you're gonna spend a lot of time where you know, judgement up. The that's alright. The important thing is hey you recognize when did you remember, that you just need to let that be and bring your bring the focus of your attention back to your practice.

Yeah. And what kinds of judgments are you... Are you talking about the kind of judgments where my practice isn't doing well? Or on hindsight side. He's anything today? Or it's primarily like some like like a chin call field sensation, You know, like a physical thing associated with emotional thing. And I just have no interest in it and wanna get away from it and the, you know, the instead moving whole flight reaction. Comes up to it. And then nothing it's also the the talk Now not supposed to have another talk.

Yeah. Course. Is it self tu? Yeah. Okay. Okay. So. Yeah. That... Gets good. Yeah. Well, you don't need to do is say, no. I'm not sure how natalie whatever's there, that's that's what's there. And as long as you don't get caught up and then that'll talk. With the with the seal reactions, You just wanna watch stuff. That's that's the whole point of it is to be who where, you know, that okay. I resisting. Okay. Experience are experiencing a version or better add is, you know, if you're if you're formulating these thoughts and kind of vertical form is to cultivate the habit of saying, you know, versions arising resistance is arising rather than using the eyewear anything that tends to reinforce the the identification.

But and in fact, that's That is what you want to be aware of is that is there's an motion here and my line tends to want to identify that. And that's the problem. Is it education whether. And that's the value of the focus and helping us to deal with these things is that We realize that that that automatic identification doesn't have to be there. It doesn't... There's not really valid. And that it just protects rates for the emotional state. Does that helpful? The pain reaction Wait. Yeah. You're saying that react.

High enough for notion about identification with the pain? By panama Me and field associations. Yeah. They're so well, it's with the identification with the reaction. It's an identification was with the worst planning or or the emotion. But it's also identification with the reaction where they, you know, I don't want to add or when get away from that or I want this to stop. And so the practice of mindfulness is being aware of that. Just being being there Whatever you identify with, you know, you're now...

If you put it behind you, and you can't see it anymore. So you wanna keep it out there where you can look at it. The short term done of was having this kind of line awareness? Is that it will make it easier to deal with whatever whatever is Arising. And the physical pain and emotions are both very, very similar. If you have you have a panic attack as you have a you know, a really bad or hit or needs something like that. There is a lot of similarity in that. They The experience in itself generates a very strong feeling in about pleasant in both cases.

And it triggers a whole cascade of other emotions and reactions to it, which left to their own would would trigger a trigger other kinds of actions like they're trying to do something to make it go away or avoid it. So when you bring when you bring mindfulness to bear on this whole process, it becomes much easier to manage. It becomes less disturbing of like, the unpleasant whether it's a physical pain or whether it's a ad motion, the quality unpleasant is itself diminishes very significantly. And and it allows you to be with it much more ease or The longer term out that.

It's only... If if this happens in meditation, it's only a special case of the sort of thing that's happening to you all the time. And every time you had a strong emotion or physical pain arrives in meditation, you're practicing mindfulness and your approach with mindfulness, you're training your mind to respond in a similar way had other times. You know, and eventually, you'll start to experience some benefits of that. It's... It will be become it will become more of the normal way of of responding to physical pain or emotional reactions just very easily slip into that place mindfulness of okay.

I I don't need to buy into this. I don't need to identify. I can just observe it. And deal with it and much more. And you not easier to rate. The truly long term benefit is that As you need to know as a result of this, he begins to experience more e, both in meditation and outside of meditation, when these various lines of difficult situations come up, meaning that You know that you been through this before. You know, where you can handle it. You know how handled you bring the mindfulness to ver.

And so there's there's not the same tendency to react strongly. So instead of reacting, you bring your mindfulness to bear. And what that does, though is that begins to give you a more a deeper understanding of the whole dynamic of what takes place. And these unpleasant experiences. And theoretically, you've heard the explanation many times because what the dynamic is. But when you practice mindfulness with strongly, but with a well developed entity in the face of these different kinds of adversity and discomfort.

Then you start to see these things that you did you thought about the study you've gotten and heard about as purely theoretical. Do you start to experience and much more directly that that these things are permanent that the suffering that they cause you is because you grasp onto them that it's your attachment to this idea itself that's actually feeding this attachment and and acting as a big amplifier for those software in the experience. And they're... So they're you're actually having insights into The way change really work, that the the mind creates the sense self.

There's a pleasant. Alright. Pleasant experience and the mine grasp to it. And desire rev arise. And then you're right you're here in that whole thing and suffering again. And as it becomes clear, then then you become much more immune to slipping it to that and it becomes much easier draw yourself out of it. Anybody handles those experiences Yes? Yes. It's wonderful. It's it's it's in some ways, it's terribly simple. But because there are our natural tendency, to react the way that we do and to identifying the grasp of these things is getting in our way So...

So every night you have bad feeling for arises and then you physical or not hence to deal with it. It might help to just keep that mind this this is, you know, give thanks for this great opportunity that is there isn't that's going to to lead you a step closer to the way out of this. That's probably looking for joy too. I think I was a... It's a up in vomiting. Mh. And the morning. So I think it connects to some of the things in attachment and I was talking to my brother today. And we're there's telling his wife's and we saw that they grew brought up in and noticed last name they father's at and they've been thinking about, you know, all his homes he lived in with all his things and oh it's really weird because you can think about it so much.

It's like they're still there, but none of that is there at all. Mh. Paperwork. You know, just like walk me. And then I was thinking, when you were talking last week about, you know, mind and their projections and how a projection, and the house wasn't very anymore but I know it's not there it's still there there. And I don't know what that means, but can you talk about that? Goodbye. Which part of? What real? And probably things in our mind that we think Of I mean, it isn't just a home but that's a memory of your life.

And and yet, you know, once it's behind you, maybe just nothing there anymore. I guess. Well That's true. Once it's behind you, I think... I'd say there is something there in the that's there is your memories raising your emotional reactions present. And of course, there will be whatever you do with them the present is going to determine What's gonna be here future. Got. I'm not sure I exactly understand. Yeah. I love... I I was sort there's is Hamilton the previous Bone visited and said it's not very gentleman paper house.

The that's one that I started thinking about positions. And then I started thinking it better our projections and I don't... I'm i'm probably I I mean, I mean, I think of I start thinking that everybody these millions of people having their allies and these places where they have a culture and, you know, I mean, never sleep also if They have to or any place that has that is, you know, that the complete sort of definition of who war, I gonna a physical sense am i trying to see who and that. With assistance and had how we sort of end up where we are and how we're perceiving it and how Okay we're trying just Let, let gonna know all of those places, and I wanna know all this people.

You'll have and we're know all those experiences and have to like, like this account, but maybe sort having a meditate of stage who that all dissolves and and somehow we where am i trying to go to sit. That's when. Giving it up. Yeah. Letting to version. We we project our own identity and we use all these different kinds of things to do that. We do it continuously. So I'm not sure if this is you know, if you look if the house that used to live in and there all these memories and all these experiences, then it's gone.

And you have arises a combination of nostalgia loss and sorry forth. These these feelings are all based on illusions. At that time in the past, you were continuously generating a new identity every day. And you're doing that right now now you're making your identity into drafts but some of these little wi of memories and what you think you were at about other time. You know, or why do we think other people were It's all part of the projection prospects. It gets part of it this because the All get, the more you'd have to look back on the more like seems like a dream, but it does seems like yesterday.

Mh. So so. Well, I think it's very interesting to look back and reflect on how you saw things text another point in your life. And how totally real they seem then because then you going back on and, you can usually see them in a totally different light. And it doesn't I teachings seems like been said. Are our awareness of how I really at home is living with wisconsin to I do speech. I mean, at this i guess it gets into those footage so like before I having experience sitting here. Try... A like Yeah.

Maybe that's really what you're saying. Yes is the to become as you to realize how much is a projection then you start running in our role. What's. And and Simple answered none of it. None of that stuff anyway. And none of the stuff that you're mind. Except that it has its own very special kind of reality in the moment. That's what you're experiencing saying and moment. And... But it doesn't have any kind of absolute reality. So if it's good, you can enjoy it, but there's no point in being attached to because it's...

It doesn't have any reality beyond. You know, that... I... Yeah. Right. And then if it's if it's unpleasant, the same thing, You know, you don't need to you don't need to fight against it. It's... I it's it's not like it has an absolute real of its own that that you need to either struggle against or or sink into despair about. It's just another projection of the mind and it's going to changed to. And it's fine. Have you you watched the You watched the play unfold. And you can enjoy identifying list characters in the play that times.

But you can always they're remember assisted plates survey. You know when? They can't for tom back i it yet. You don't have to. Okay. Well.

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