Brain vs Mind

Q&A: Brain vs Mind

What is the difference between the brain and mind?

Master Culadasa describes the difference between the brain and mind: There isn’t really two different kinds of stuff. “The brain is something that the mind imagines….”

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Culadasa: a little more, very prepared given the relationship. But I think the brain, which is obviously seems to be physical and the mind, which as related to the brain seems to be visible and the consciousness which hasn't seen for the, it was involved at all. I add really they, the basis of. Mistake that we want to try to learn to eliminate from our thinking.

Is that the, that there are two different kinds of pens here because that is all me here. And he started out, I was just trying to illustrate that the city, you can see how bad. It is to include that the mind and consciousness both are gems. They are ultimately physical. Cause they're just something that the rain does or you can go the other direction and say that the brain is just something that the mind imagines and the mind is just something that resides somehow with them consciousness.

And once again, They're not going to be a big thing. They're the same back. And it is very interesting that part of the point of view of the Buddhist teaching, the point of view Western philosophy on the point of view of science mind, you imagine that there are two different kinds of stuff.

There are so many problems and paradoxes. And that they would fill a book or books, but when you're willing to let go of that idea and accept it, there's only one kind of stuff. All of those, this appear. And now you can proceed to start understanding the things that we're never going to be a pathological one upon review that there's few Pines of stock, sorry, one way or another.

Coming around to seeing as clearly as you can, that there's only one time stop. And then you'll be able to start making more sensitive things. But behind all of this too, is for those who say he was only blind, stopped by that matter. They're ignoring a huge part of the evidence that is before their eyes constantly, always there they're ignoring the reality of the situation that they are.

And it's, if you're going to be a scientist functioning as a scientist you need to do that. Maybe to pretend that consciousness mine, all of these that can somehow be extracted permanent, separated from material reality so that you can study it in various way. Yeah. But that is just, that's just an advice.

That's not the reality. And if you want to know about the true nature of reality, then you have to come back to. Experience actually carries. And the other way it says that the materiality construct and let's try and get through the re whatever punch button, but just labels. So yes, their labels and the sense of words and words.

A really convenient way of dealing with concepts. So they're just concepts good, which we had passwords assembled, so we can relate those concepts much more easily with, but yeah, materiality, there is a part of the dual reality, alternate reality. Is a cause or the sensations and experiences. But the appearance is with the mind generates that account through relative or better fictions convenient, which ones you've spilled, but fictions, nobody likes.

And of course, Say once more and the importance of this isn't in terms of ideas and philosophy, the importance of this is in terms of how we experience being a human being with this kind of a mind. And it either can be a wonderful joy. Okay. All right, it'll be up and down rollercoaster ride with a lot of problems and stock.

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