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TCMC 9 September Part II – What is Mind & Unification of Mind

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We've been talking in the last few weeks about awareness attachment. Concerts sense. And so I'd like to hear what thoughts any of you may have had on most sergeant? As a result of our discussions here or just in general? So last week was my first week here. And I was wondering if you could clarify a little bit about what the my... What the mind with? You mentioned the neuro. Phenomena But consciousness and the mind and these words that we use just definition. Well let's just yeah. That's a good idea.

Let's just talk a little bit about. It's a word that we use pretty freely. And if you pay attention to how to use... Realize we usually in ways that are not always consistent. Meetings at my... Know all like just Others lose and yet you take them off the van. So You have any thoughts to start with. I mean, when you say to were mine, do you always need send. So what would you... What comes to what drives the mind when they? Well I mean, I think thinking. So I think of images, I think in terms of.

Mental images and reading narratives and cell are and thoughts, this might be part on a verbal form partly with images sometimes even as an i is that that we experience internally. Thinking phrase. Emotions. Emotions are not correct. Well, Or again, not? Those thoughts some thinking. I think I think a lot of people would consider promotions. And aspect of line. But what's really interesting about emotions is that they also had a very physical aspect. Have Let's just look at that good moment. Very often, when there's a discussion called the mental and physical mind that matter the kind of distinction that we make is that physical things, same period gonna.

They impact the five bottle sensors. They seem to occupy space change through time so forth. Have a whole set of characteristics that make them uniquely physical interior. Right? Whereas everything that we called metal, since to know it's a lot. More difficult to and down. It doesn't seem mine doesn't seem to have any specific shape. It doesn't seem to oc occupy space so it You can't see why if wouldn't monitoring your touch mine, oh. So what a person could do and actually what people are do. Is to indicate by the word mine, every that's not physical at sunday.

Right. So if we make that kind of really broad distinction and that mine includes a lot of different things. We'll go back to emotions. When you experience an emotion, Does it not seem to have both or physical and mental aspect here? Please the ill. There are feelings in the body that are they're not due to the usual kind stimuli. And their characters that fairly much. But we feel he and always fast the tightness and throat Sinking feeling and we got... I gonna remote food. K. But that. You can't them in your body.

You can put your attention on the nodding and your stomach when we're worried about something. The expansion to. Right? Did he said all the rules emotions? Evening There's another party. There's another part that you you can? It it's lacks the ability of these out sense sensation hence related to all of these other things like know the thoughts, thoughts and memories and ideas, when do you experience anxiety? Despite that an energy in the line. I say in the mind in that place where all the non physical parts of our experienced.

Throughout. So that's why i'm way speak me in mind this is it's that hold. Dimension of our experience, but that doesn't change any of the criteria of the physical we can't. We can't detect it with any sense accept the mindset that protected with the very sensor. And it's not out there, it doesn't occupy space. It does have weight doesn't color. Doesn't that shape sort put. Which makes mine a very familiar stuff. But other somebody else have to say about one, or mine. Yeah. I'm trying to afford to reminded it.

Thinking about just like the passage is sort of individual individualized a little bit of there. So. How like believe said we morning have they will say gave. Yes. That's right. When we start examining the you know, on sorry carefully exam one. Let we call them mine. That is a direction that it that takes us. Alright. And and of course, you know, we talked about the individual mine being part of something larger. But just to make that not sound too ne and very fairy, is your body a part of matter but all of the matter makes up members?

Definitely. Possibly matter and energy are constantly being exchanged between all of these different bodies that we see has been distinct. So there's an interesting hand right there in itself. When we perceive bodies anti physical anti entities as been chakra but the same time. We know very clearly with their not they're all interconnected their whole particle larger cold. And so it's it's not un the idea that what we experience in a similar way has being a separate mind our mind, my mind, because the slide the can't in the touch so of forth.

That get might too also being a particular manifestation of a much larger bullet. So that's that is a place that we tend to go when we start investigate with. Got. Are we ready to go to that ever or who we need to investigate more basic role Yes. Just one thing that comes to mind is you always talk about the unification of the mind, you know, so I always stick up in mind as several several components that they're are often not even better talking the like like thoughts be these agents moving patients.

Done. Yep. That's a good point. Because as I was using the turn a few minutes ago, I was speaking a mine in the same way did we speak to matter mine as a kind of stuff. we think of my mind. Or deep mind a line, mine line, think of it you know, as kind of separate entity and we naturally can't to pursuing the anything. But. Soon you examine it very closely, directly just observing it. It's a whole lot of different things. And if you try to say well, okay. Which one is the real mind in which... And the which one is really my mind and and rather all of the others the being know, some subsidiary saying you can't do that.

They they all They all belong there is a part as parts of whole. So that once more got the parks that whole. The you know, you said down permanente. And they eye that wants to meditate, you know, I may modify my. I going meditate and let me sit down. Can you discover that there's some other line that Do something else. Oh, you know, And on some occasions, if I find that that mine has more influence over you than the ninth that sank down the meditate that had you're body down him. That every happened?

So how you got tim points and her kinda a disagreeing and hard hearing about what me And if you look at yours... If you if you just look at your mind in your day life. He find this is going on all over the time. Order something in a restaurant? How many he minds are carrying congress discussion of the debate and weighing the grocery cons. Parts. So The mind is many different things. All of which have called that take belong to this category start by not. So yeah. Thank you for pointing that now.

Yeah. A couple years ago. I was on thirty eighty three. And you're talking a lot about? Moving? Person? He a single one half. Mh. So my my favorite meditation is walking. Yeah. And I was working. For being attention to just the first moment not me. How fast and the speed every we saved. Mh. And when you do it. Yeah the patient anthem is so Meeting present employment patterns. Very very very fast. Mh. And I I my what. It was, like, standing in a wait on it. And as I was walking i took and set over and started the last my flipped this here.

And scared me so bad I jumped in. I sw a bit ever happened again I wouldn't jim that. I need to do me. Never know. What the mean all of that is. Mh sense, like send chambers review. Mh. Because I was watching that food spear. It didn't hurt. Where miss spell? What is somebody? Else seeing like with here? And I... In logical line says the prefix of this crazy in Mas. What? What I wanted to The curiosity part for he has always been what would have if it's been. So all the way, is. And and that's...

Yes. That's why we don't need to do. Yeah. Space Can I just that you that you say you jump back. Did you physically jump back? Yes. Okay. And the action of physically jumping back caused your mind to shift in such a way that we were no longer. Yes right. And matt, that's a wonderful description. Very things guys can in experience? That do have in meditation, especially when they're watching really, really close. And if you watch sensory phenomenon. Like hear very relax. Let me use different words.

I don't tang by side. You can observed sensory fauna phenomena in their case, we were probably observing her foot visually as well as healing. Right? When you observe Century phenomena, closely enough at some point, it loses all of its familiar specs. Cease to be foot cease to be anything recognizable. And if you're sitting still when that happens, if you're not in a position to physically jump back and disrupt the state that has arise. What new experience is that your mind jumps back away from that state, it it's been going.

It's just been diving deeper and deeper and deeper into with the present moment. Until everything that's familiar dissolved. And when that happened, your mind is what it feels like leech backwards and the familiarity of the concepts on that. That's some of you had that experience that. Yeah. You know, So it's that, your physical leap was actually facilitating mentally back into the vulnerable way of june thing. But what it tells you yes, that your foot, but all of these things that are so familiar and seems so solid so real.

Are produced mine. The same way, you know, a picture on television screen as a result prop when you what close. It's just a whole bunch of little dots. You closely have, the images the spear and the not miracle those starts. And this is something that happens was in meditation it's very important in that illustrates that on the one hand. Everything that we call material and that we take to the real permits on the side is actually the way the mind is interpreting the quit from the sensor. And Well on another level it's the way the brain is interpreting action potential.

Nothing but a series of little key electrical ulcers that are traveling in older hundreds of thousands of of neurons. I've had had heard. So and and then you given an instant for time. Your brain creates a world out of electrical impulses your mind creates a world essentially phenomena. What happens in that experience? Is it normally your were buying collects sensory experience and until it's got go, And then it takes those jobs and attaches his latency to. And that it assembles the lead of go into familiar and recognizable things like the cars, people, pretty, you know, different kinds of sounds speech everything else.

But when you start going in closed during closer, then you're you're not seeing the collective say to sensory in, but you're just saying the list that make it up and everything the disappears. So This is one of the very interesting things we discover about the nature of mind and matter for medications and so close determination. Yes. That the the the familiar material world is something that the mine has made up to make sense out of sensory experience. It's interesting, you could go the other way too.

And and you mentioned this when you're first asking your question. No, we've mentioned brain neural and impulses things like that. Some people would say mike, well, that's just how the brain perceives it so. Brings just maxed. Really just a massive electrical impulses. It's a whole massive neurons, but in they're nothing, but bunch of little components and has the effect of generating electrical impulses and conducting them around associated complex system made up of electrical impulses traveling all kinds of different directions and some people would say to you.

With agile certainty, mine is an illusion. Why is just how the brain receives itself? Here you're sitting under there. Meeting. Just understand, you know, there's just that particular Does I have familiar period? Before so? It is the presumption of material science. But eventually everything, but including consciousness and things like that. And be explained as me something that matter does when it's organized in the right way into the right circumstances matter if does with stuff that we call consciousness and matter does what we followed why.

And the other way around to they less material aspect of our month is what creates physical mechanisms for it to. Yes. And that is that's out interview. Too. Yes. He said. Mine is cycling. Separate and the distinct matter that it's something that arises front matter, it emerges from ladder as something They did not exist before. Once matter is organized in the proper way with the sufficient degree complexity. That familiar mines and emerges from Neither it's not the same thing, but it's an emergency say something separate.

Yep. That's separate question followed on your comment. I is that so i'm scared when name starts to... Well i do jump that so. Well, it it's a very it is. It's it... And it takes a lot of courage to go back and look at that Again. And And again, and you'd have to go back quite a few times before your line will stop jumping back so quickly, and you can really have a close look at. For one thing, you... Your your mind, What the the self that you believe you are has lost all solid footing. You know, well, in your case literally wouldn't talking.

Everything everything that data get that gets your mind any sense of security of knowing what is how are. And so forth disappears in that when that elements. But I think what makes it especially scary and the mind consensus is that it always knew this was true. And if dyson what hungry. So I I think that's that's the deeper part of that. Yeah. So the more I'm listening meaning more the distinction usually the entity of mine, so speak versus the function. And when you ask that question It seems to me that it was more function of ego That wanted to jump out.

Yes. Once again, that that kind of takes us to parts certain line. The ego cell is a part of the mine. And and not particular absolutely the other products of your mind, are not afraid. Or at least not in the same way. But they they're is eight part of your mind. The one that is attached to your own zenith tweet and the security that comes from your way of seeing that we're all at same yourself. That particular part of your mind, that's the one that is threatened, and that's the one. That's the one that screams the loudest in that moment.

And so it causes it causes the whole mental process too. To make that shift back into normality normal seats. So Yes. What is interesting is i new bedroom. Yeah. Didn't matter. Did this matter. That's right. It doesn't matter that there is a part of your mind that understands what's happening. Sees that has a good thing rather than a bad thing or desirable and that doesn't matter. And and we encounter that so often offense and the experience of our mind is the one part of our mind, knows something and some other part of our mind has a a power, usually in emotional power that and completely override that.

We do things that you know weren't good for you do things that know were gonna be just playing disastrous, but you didn't anyway. Oh, there's this on my street actually us. Is really quite funny about ongoing story he's about to messes this man got himself into at the and with beach verse. He says I know what I was feeling. But what? What's the lunch? And isn't it that so often the change So... Yeah. These our mine can often be divided and some sometimes, not just not just into with industry or four or five or or components.

At often. The one that ace is the one that has the access to the switches that turn on the Powerful motion. So his meditation help with us? Wait I mean who were come the part of here mind that just the things rich Well, medication does. It does overcome that. It comes that in a very interesting. Right. By... You see all of these different parts of your mind. Are used to operating they they interact constantly, but they're also used to to operating more or less autonomously. Which means that in any given moment, your mind can be trying to go in any number of different directions at want.

Because different parts to your mind different now the processes. Each each one has a particular agenda and a goal in a val system. And get supplying its value system with the current circumstances and it's interpreting the actions and you should should not take according to. Its value systems, and it's gold. And the same time, for their other parts they been in mind but exactly the same thing and they're not they're not all of the same. There is. What happens in meditation is that it brings about a unification of these different parts want.

And that's exactly what we do. When we sit down to meditate, And there you a part of the mine who which is And this is a simple simplification to say a part of the minor. Because each part of the mind is actually made up of other simpler parts. And interesting, you know, some of the simple parts that constitute part of this larger part the mine are also shared by some other larger party mine. They're also, you know, And you're getting components to that. But when we sit down to medicaid, We find that there's different metal processes that have different of of doing things.

And just because one part of the mine has said, well, I gonna focus my attention on the breath. Right and, you know, whatever are meditation practice happens to be. I going to do this one thing. There's all these other parts of the mind that are not with the program. And and so you know, give you... Usually what happened you said and I was like, oh, this is this is a problem. So I can't meditate because all these different parts of my mind aren't with the program. But the truth is medic is the process of gradually bringing all of these different parts of the body into more harmonious way functioning.

Maybe making them coherent causing them to beginning to support each other rather than constantly certain against each. And so adam the unit consider in let your mind? If we can conceptualize mine as beta of many processes and these processes are are a arranged such that any given process has made up of smaller processes so far. Yep we see that there are all the different grad radiation of unification of the mine that can't take place. So does a certain grade a identification of mine that allows you to stay on track but you with a particular practice.

For a period of time, and it will be disrupted. There is a further stage unification that don only allows you to continue to perform a particular mental activity consistently over long period time, but because of the cooperation of these different medical processes, your experience of it is enormously more rich then it otherwise would be. And, you know, I'm gonna give away to secret here in you all wanna come take my thought. Good but the joy and meditation as a result of unification month. When you're the more unified their mind is, the stronger the joy that you experienced.

And so see invitation of mind that green story off. So meditation can be seen as a process of bringing about a unification light. And as a part of that, one of the things that happens is don't like not in such tremendous states of conflict. One of the really valuable things that happens. You know, i medication has become. In North America and important kind of state is mindfulness based stress reduction. And many hospitals and many There's a lot of psychology psychotherapy is taking up aspects of meditation because it were so valuable and useful to it.

Then is we look at our psychological problems and they very often come down to different parts of the eye, completely how to sync with each other operating on totally conflicting presumption. It's very often, something that keeps getting in your way will be trace of back to certainly life events have made a very powerful. And that those events have been interpreted in particular way and that interpretation, that part of your mind is holding onto to it keeps flying that interpretation, to current events that really have nothing to do with the launch that the played dropped.

So. What happens in meditation and is it become aware of them. You start to see that? And the interesting thing is that when you become consciously aware of processes that were previously sub subconscious or unconscious. They transform. Or they can transform. They can change. They tend to do it spontaneously. Which kind of princess us to who I thing that I talked to share but we had that say. We talked about what is consciousness. It is a kind of illumination of a small part of what recall it mine.

Is there anybody who isn't Totally in agreement with me, if I say Most of what you call your mind is pretty much invisible to you. It's not available. Conscious Most of what you would call your is functioning in a non conscious way. I mean conscious in a sense that consciousness got no clue. As to what's going on or why? Is anybody? What what is it mean? What does it mean? Should come? Conscious if some part of your mind, would you or not counted of the board. Some un unconscious process that taken in place.

Yeah. What do you think that? Expectation. That's that? Unification, unification, well, That's not that's not how I would use the term unification. But the unification that I'm talking about has the fact of bringing about a an enhanced consciousness, a kind of network consciousness. Most of the time, we're conscious of some specific object It may be a sense object or maybe a mental. But we are conscious of a specific object. And our attention doesn't say on one object or very long it's constantly bouncing around.

So our experience is is this we together of all of these individual separate experiences of the various mental and sensory objects that we're onto. When you sit sit down meditate and you begin to be become more aware of your mind, You start to have the experience of, okay. I'm conscious of that object, but I'm conscious of being conscious of that object. Conscious step there's other parts of my mind that aren't really stay in that object and they're doing everything. And more meditate, the more where become with that, the subtle things that are going on you in to be aware.

Is just so the the total amount of conscious you have the consciousness you had is spreading and stating in more and more what's going on in their mind. And as unification occurs, what you do is you have more experience to this kind of net consciousness. You am more conscious of the my that is is getting on all of these different things. And first, when you achieve sufficient unification of mine, you can be conscious. You can have your mind focus on one thing only lanes just stay there and that's that's anchor and you kinda take down and what's going on around around that or you can set the attention free and you can let it start going back doing what it normally does hits on this and gets on that and fits on.

Yeah. But you stay in this states. So you are now instead of being lost unique event you know, we conscious awareness hitting on a different object. You you have this larger prospect perspective, and you're watching how your mind is moving from one thing to another interview. Quite them. Yes. And then what you can do as well as this method consciousness. Expands you start to see. Well, man i It's on that sense object. It produces this kind of reaction. I like that or I don't like there produces desire all produces version or or I just simply not interested in mind go somewhere else.

You start to see the reactions. So this is the network consciousness that I'm talking about. Implication line brings pretty that about. If you look at the stages and consciousness, anybody that doesn't have copy of that, I was going to bring talk. The darn treasury dot com website can read it on website, you can Pdf file with. Anyway, could you look at the stage of the united database? In the seventh stage, you You can keep your mind focused on things. But it takes effort. And you can sit there for forty five minutes during an hour and keep your mind, successfully keep your mind focused on one thing.

Whoever requires constant vigilance effort. And if you become lax, what we discover is all kinds of distractions start to creep down development starts to creep and she say he relax long about you're back white you were and when you're in six the four stages the. Because what happens It you practice in that set stage is if you come to a point where Secondly, do you realize that mine stage where you included it, it does what you want. You don't have to always speak vigilant on. We don't have to always be assert some sort of active will or effort vigilance nuance to to keep this from happening.

So you have to have a certain degree of unification of mine to be able to sit for an hour without mind wandering to different object. But when you achieve a dr unification line, they no longer reports. It becomes. And at that point, gets at that point where nearby the the way to Buddha described it is he said the mind is now malleable and wield. Something malleable, you know, you can shape it whatever way you want. And you can do that with twist or mine. It's valuable at this point. You can decide, you know, I wanna focus on one thing and enter john or I wanna forget any particular objects and just go into that an open face state of consciousness.

This will or. You know, we have... There's something's we. It means that you boom it are now easily, you know, there's something un, it's difficult to move and it's fun and. You can't quite get it where you'd you want easily, but something really. You know, picture samurai swords you know, that sorta goes exactly where he wants it. I trying to look do it. He's got the still the instrument. I'm monitor this use the same way. Align this wheel can move from object to object. And not only that it can't examine itself as it moves.

And so this is this is that leather so I talked about. My the mind would punch unify. When When a large proportion of the different metal processes the make of your mind are all working together. Cooperative and hard. It's amazing what you're. And part what you're capable of, We being aware of the mind itself as it does. And leads integrating type. And be very they're very therapeutic. The ultimate therapy is to understand the true nature in mind through nature of your experience the your nature or reality.

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