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TCMC 9 September Part I, Q&A – Quality of Meditation & Karma

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I've been struggling. You didn't struggling. I habit when I get sick, i I just had some of keeping a schedule. I can still keep it to some extent but and quietly model. Can't it as long. Well, you can so Practice won't mine. Yeah. We you may not have the same stability of attention that we would not the add. And you may not have for the same but be clarity, but you can still practice keep some portion of your awareness turned downward on down on the stated of line. And if you're not get your thinking on will.

That's a very good opportunity with... Alright that notice what happens in regarding timeline mind, yes. Of course. I'll your mind reacts to its reactions to the? Standpoint. So, you know, there's there's always be something. It was always some way to practice. I haven't been able to do that you know, during the... You know, Jared just during the day mh. Because I'm going along. And like, I keep noticing just coming back to one something. Mh. You know bloody or that. Yeah. And that's a causes problem.

Well let's yeah. That's it. It's you i heard that So Not sure that's a things it. How well our nine functions is dependent upon our box? And unfortunately. And an nature bodies is... If you had these problems. But it's interesting that think that we're cultivate to and still operate even even as or. The quality of the physical support mind deteriorate rates. It's very interesting. As master revision teachers as the age that goes through some of the changes there fact you all chronic diseases sometimes families and things like that.

But they are still able. So maintain maintaining the most important aspects that were example mental cultivation krishna very and and let's still reflected then how review if they process so In a sense. So, you know, This all no matter what happens in, like emotional upset sickness whatever. Once you get the essence of the backwards, you just keep on back and you can still water the reset. Period. Yes. How would similar? I've been say for three months. And I have met meditating with It's been great smart experience Preventive facts.

Medicine know tends to reduce bad on the solve. Finding resisting like Physical things that are not my body and and medical things. Spinning around it. U. So much it's like, often bad experience? Wondering if things high would be it there was some benefit to to for practices that feel like you're not doing anything. Wrong it feels like his attitude, just not with. Well you seeing whenever you say about rear practice? That is bad. That suggests you have some certain expectation and how supposed to be.

And really only time and you would say that that I would say, your practice is is bad or not good. He is when you... When you're off track completely when you're not really practicing. Where when either you have get an on practicing or more what more often, what's the case is that you slipped into a a mistake trap, we're focused on. Well, I have to have the standard result. And this is what I'm supposed to in listen we behind these all supposed been produced. And if it's not then something... Wrong.

We continue no one shane. Yeah. Yeah. What is? It's still a little bit confusing that mind. I guess we need we we we do the try speak because You know, you can give say don't feel bit that you be expect. It's not be better beneficial. Oh the practice itself will always be them. I I had never had any exchange for the. Definitely Jane i them visual. But you can't confuse the tool with task. They... There are a number of tools we use like for example, keeping your attention on a better patient i'll object.

And that's a tool. The task really is to learn to be in the press moment to hold overcome the tendency of the mind to constantly move around trying upon entertaining. Have more than anything else that acts is to true being in the present moment and still in their line. The tree task is to become aware of what actually going on and you're not me all that. And no matter to what's happening. And every moment, this moment is reality. But you want to Understand but true nature in reality with staring you in the face every single or moment, it's always said.

This is the reality. So we used these various tools to bring that into focus, so we can see it and un understand it that. But sometimes the tools through certain conditions on which just can't work as well as they usually gear. But don't lose sight of But it's really about is being present with what's happening. Investigating our investigator it through just mindful observation. And that's something that I think so long is you have some consciousness we're capable. So that know? Yes. Yeah. Good.

You know, we like the think of our practice when on minds, are clear where from sailing well actually able to get back, but guys look that. So... I was supposed ask you about... You how about the british says that therefore are four posture. They can stand and walk you going down. Yes. Never heard a teacher really talk about meditating and wind down posture, maybe because people tend to go to sleep or it's really hard in order to stay focused, but it seems to me, if they really values know sick brand behind up.

If I just killed Absolutely. Absolutely. And really, the only the only problem with laying down, is the tendency policy. Yeah. So And of course, you know, somebody's learning that take. You know, If you have them started out lying down, they might just starting to follow asleep. Well So long as there's something so long as there's not some good reason for why keep probably are better off and upright posture like we've sitting here. Cent. But the lying down, you know, the it's called the lion's the alliance pose we often see, I I have buddha images at my hall of the buddha.

Yeah. And that particular posture. He's flying on his right side is knees slightly event his left aren't wrestling along already it beside in his leg. And usually shows him with his hand, you know, and supporting this with play with. Yeah. And well, that is... In fact, the the meditation posture that the buddha is described as using a number of got over of water. Why you least the word software in that in the ordinary sense wouldn't. We suffered a lot of physical decline. You have bad problems he had suggested problems ones had severe dis in the last few months of life.

And then of course final illness. And there a number of counselor just described as meditate in the alliance. Both lines posture. And that's the of posture that we meditate them and his final fine he said. Laid down and that posture between sole trees that were living out of season and from the first to the eighth genre and right down i'm back for the report sean expert. So definitely legitimate a application posture. My is sick. Yeah. I mean if me. It's not a time for say. I can't note but because I'm sick yet.

It's probably the way I can... I think that it is it's it's a fine one. Since I can't really doing else effectively i night as well. There's a lot of practice And and I do that. So so believe had pass three three to back in it. And also I very often. I'll wake up in the morning. And I'll edit. I'll just say that. I won't pay up yet go set. I'll just the name myself. and I'll in that. So it's a it's a great posture life payment. When you do it the morning, I well? Okay. I was gonna say you do it first thing pointing?

We really don't have any risk holland. So there is that transition, you know, immensely, and we can't fall back when we're doing quite so. But if you around yourself beyond that point, we refreshed in sleeping night the odds of be following sleep master meditating, lying down. Or they're pretty small. Just continue to three at three and there. So. So the action in for all of the fifteen minutes. But very bigger. I'm i'm entertaining questions right now stuff We software all of or comments. Yes. Sure if I understand.

Well, what does the word Karma maybe to do? Okay. It is... It it's a it's a difficult word. It's it has a number of different concepts attached to. And it's centric interpreted under id differently way. So the basic idea The comments are had in all the different ways that I'm saying Ka. Is that everything you do has consequences it. And I think that's a pretty simple obvious concept. They carry a little bit further, not only everything you do, but everything you everything we say as consequence.

And that's essentially what we need when we say on. Now different people will interpret that in different ways. And The sound of those rays are Some of those ways are at much greater variants with our ordinary experience than respond. And so that's why I was asking you what what you met by the word time or why you've heard about? They contacted current about it from the sam's. Meaning action. And as of doctor, Goes us back. Many thousands of years is a part of the new greatest tradition. And the Bra tradition, the Brahma pass was responsible for carrying out a variety rituals a apartment was to keep three fires left with in his phone.

And Romans performed vcs that had to do with just about every aspect of ordinary village life ancient. Ramen was often paid to perform rituals people pipe farmers or herd for the safety blocks in their props. Now i have and all sorts of things like that. And part of the whole system of past the existed in the bra directly highest level or the cast. Was it every cast and its own duties and responsibilities? And the had the grown had the highest type of responsibilities to the proper performance of rituals.

Basically, the robins kept the world young. They kept to rising and citing day. They that the seasons change it they that the rain coming and and and it. I think that's the crop story and everything like that. And so conditionally, your contact with Karma was that. Three the action of the performance of those rituals, the since this was believed to keep everything going in the proper way. This succeed for the concept of action and consequence. It was extended to members of every cast performing their duties and responsibilities and inappropriately, and the consequences were extended such that when when the idea car became coupled with the iv, is that the quality your next incarnation was determined by how well beautiful fulfilled all of the duties and responsibilities and if you were a upon how precisely and accurately you carry out all of bleeding fair that we're here responsibility.

This really ideal pain. And over time, it eventually came to be the idea that... Absolutely everything was happened. Was the result of of car activities in the back. So everything you did. And and you said everything we thought was a chronic act and we're produce consequence and absolutely, everything that happened to you and everything time we knew were was the fruits of that time. So that that is That is how that doc that idea. In very briefly. That's how it developed. At the time that the buddha was born.

These two ideas of like constant cycle are being re part again and a loading four that business step. And Karma as right to determine, where and how and what conditions what kind of body what kind say and everything? This was very very fern even strongly established. The emphasis was still mainly on the that. Where the the buddha took can changed this id idea, I am you know, His approach area in far or pragmatic, practical, psychological, and for. And everything that the, you know, every that was not interested in clear.

He was not interested in religious theories was not interested in cosmological theories was not interested in teaming of those here. He was interested in to actual experience of of being a living conscious being and and understanding the nature of that. And so he took the idea of Karma, he took all of these traditional hindu ideas. Actually, the call handy is a modern music. Called go data title. He took all of these traditional data. And modified them to suit what he had learned on experience. And so he said he changed the meeting department.

He said, when I said carla, I need attention. And he said it is not the action you perform, but the intention behind it. This was very shocking because In the doctrine of turned, as just prior to that, a bra could perform a ritual for sun despise the person. You know, could be dealing it only for the money, but it had no effect as long as have no benchmarks As long as he did everything perfectly and said everything perfectly, then we produce the right bad results. And with moving was very... He said, it doesn't matter what we do and matters the attention behind it.

And and so Adam he is the what that really extended in the direction of of every thought and and every work. Where we react with speech and well. The other thing is, this need was not. He was putting the emphasis on the effect that your part adds certain intention had on own line. And he was approached by someone from the tradition. I'll heard someone who have been trained in with expedition to Some say that everything that happens to us. Is a result of Climate. And is that true? And the Buddha has said no.

Not that's not true. There are all kinds of causes for the things that happen be. But the person that it happens to yes the result that'd be fine. You create yourself. And and it's talk problem. From the the point of here of the buddha original teaching. Karma the intentions, the metal acts, the network processes that are continuously going on online. That continuous form and to determine who we are. So that one it's... And we see this in the world that's same thing can happen to two different people and they respond with totally different ways.

For one it's a huge problem, for whether or another is hardly inconvenience. So exactly the same thing happened to both. And included is saying what happened to those two people? Is not result of Karma. It gives the result of cause and effect. And everything you do produces that kind of processing effect too But when he said Karma, he was talking about the internal mental process, that resulted pm work. So i'm looking at that situation from the Buddhist point of view. Although exactly the same thing happened to those two persons.

Karma is what determine the difference between persons and how one my suffered vape or life experience suffering as the result. And the other one might not. That up answer the question? Now I point out to you that And that it is. You you're very much encountered again the blue expedition, but Ramon beta of car over over angle also, encountered a idea of rein information over and over again. And this is really need a lot of these are entirely in keeping with the blue teaching with buddha on teaching, but they are consistent with who is as it has come down to us, because buddhism is has divided into a form applicable primarily to late persons since, who october the course said the the centuries have typical not the highly stated had not been in a position to engage in intensive study or intensive meditation in fact.

And so this is what is sometimes pulp the lesser tradition, smaller tradition, village buddhism is. There's a lot of main like to the distinguish shift from what's called the great tradition or Vi os Buddhism or mask Buddhism. And then within the condition, these doctrines are examined the original doctrines are examined the study and yeah. And understood it a very fine by would be read subtlety. So the ian most various parts of the world. If you spoke to a late practitioner, you could say he would present with you pretty much the non data version of her not.

That oh, yeah. Absolutely everything time happens, That's the result of time. What issue issue works to look into which you look when description more deeply, and we discovered thirty days this much more refined, much more subtle.

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