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TCMC 2 September Part II – Power of Conscious Awareness

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So I i'll see what we do from here, you know, the last The last three times we got yeah here. We were carrying on a discussion. On particular topic. And I know not all of you are here we're all that. View stuff. Right? And by the way, it is all available on the diamond says red website that's importance said that. So you can take that. Check the continuity you are. Right. I'd like to I'd like to continue developing that setting thing. We started out out talking about, which led us to talk about the change.

What attention is with way meetings. And that let us to talk about awareness and consciousness. And I took the liberty using those words to define something that to me is an obvious aspect of our experience that that needs to be identified, which is that there is a kind of awareness to conscious. And then there is not sugar. And all of this, this entire discussion relates very directly to the process of education. What we are actually doing, let me sit that out. So to start off with a i'm wondering again amy of you who words here but was Discussion next.

I thought about these things have any questions or comments or or anything that was to use, or he's all talking about that? That you'd like to start this software. And maybe while those are knew were here same thing about that question. Any of you that weren't if there's anything that what... I said, that spark a follow questioning but. Be agreed to express that see where that's would say. Yes. How do we increase the power of consciously? Well, We do that first by recognizing that this is something that's a variable and that it isn't That be...

The amount of consciousness that we bring to any particular experience and deep greater or less. So the first thing and this is kind of a novel idea maybe to a lot of people. Although it's not it's it's not new tier disputing. Had the experience as i sometimes being. Really fully consciously where I would think and have experiences of being in a, a dull state and very limited everywhere. So that's a very fun other part everyone's experience. But they gave a little bit. Is the idea well, let's just...

Let's think about that. Let's conceptualize that as as something that we can reflect on and then recognizing that, well, if it is variable if it's greater or less different. Then, is it something that we can. But we can intentionally make stronger and how do we do that? Well, if you if you get to that point, then you probably spontaneously, want to experiment about that where I can't can I become more completely and fully aware of what it is that I'm paying attention to in this moment. Of course, that's exactly one of the things that we do at right.

Right. And one of the experiences, I think that you've all have. Is that early on and your experience of meditation, you directed your attention or something as a part of practice, and it wasn't necessarily very clear but the more you did this, no longer did it. They more clearly where who were capable of being of that. Right? And along with that, king also the experiences sometimes your mind would go the other direction and you'd experienced this dull the hampton direct and he'd find yourself exerting a kind of effort to bring back their back during that process awareness about.

So to begin with, that is that is the way that you make the stronger through x exercising. To holding the intention to deep more fully and aware. And through recognizing when you are not and saying if you can change that and they're to be that. And this is something that we this that we do on our meditation practice. You are every time every single incident instance in which you have the intention of generate the intention to be more thoroughly and fully aware, you are exercising a kind of mental muscle.

And whenever you're achieving that greater of clarity, then just under degree you strength that. I. And so and the repetition of doing that, you naturally experience spontaneously, that it is more... That it's easier to do. It's easier to achieve a higher degree clarity. And the other thing that be you will have notice is that the longer that you practice doing that in your meditation. That you'll find you'll just discover degrees of clarity of your awareness that you you definitely didn't have before.

So it depends on what your meditation object is, But if your medication object is a sensation, you will become aware fairly quickly, you know, a lot of the details of those sensations that you weren't previously aware of And over time, there be maybe many more subtle nuances to those sensations that you were become aware of. So that is that is one way that you increased up. Now another way it's very effective, sort of the next step beyond taking an object and just having the intention to be more clearly aware of it.

And well, maybe before I go to the next step once just blank out This isn't limited to practice like observing an object like the sensation Yeah. Yep. For example. You're doing the kind of noting practice practice this characteristic that the Mah where you're paying text to your. And you're doing exactly what I said. Terms of being more and more aware of sensation the regret. Because you're also trying to be more and clearly aware every time something takes your attention right and remembering into to label it verify or the thinking thinking.

Weird we're remembering. That's. That's. Things like that. You experience the same process that your mind is sharp you'll notice, you know, notice somebody that gonna like mark brook. And you will come up with the lady of the more regularly. Likewise is it if you're doing it practice and involves noticing whether mental is the right or whether this this spot or whether it is where you haven't seen it or things like that. That you'll see you you will have notice that the longer you practice the easier that is to do the more clearer anything.

You catch those little images arising and you wouldn't have before Right? And there's there's no lists of talk that might have escaped your attention before, but you now start to notes. And and the subtle healings that you'd feel in your body. Yeah. Medicine. So in any kind of meditation, properly perform. They're going to increase this power or not just where. Now there's method that we use to sort carries just to the next step. If you paying attention to one thing, if you focus your attention on one thing.

And there are other things that sign a aware of, But you're not so clearly aware of that as you are what you're focused on. Right? Yes. That's one of those obvious facts, so everybody's is engaged there. We also notice note that. We can broaden our awareness and try to keep track a lot of different things it was. The more different things we're trying to d track up at once. Greater your challenge, the less cleared any one of them tends to be. And then if a moment later or a few minutes later, or we focus in more on what.

That that becomes clear very easy. So we see this as we expand the scope of what we're paying attention to, we'll see that because we have a limited capacity for whereas. It becomes more dilute when it's spread over the more thing. And it has more concentrated when it's focused on on the what? So this... It is the power of conscious awareness that we're talking about about. That is diluted when you spread it over more thing. So another way of increasing the pattern that is by gradually increasing the scope of what it is you're paying picture to.

And trying to achieve the same level of clarity that you previously had when you were when the folks said your attention was smaller, more discreet or go. And how did you expand your awareness? And and then as you are able to to increase the power, but it touches step, but. Then what happens if you go back to a smaller front this is you immediately experience the fact that, wow, I've got a whole lot more clarity more there's a lot more vivid in my perception when I focus in it again and angela before.

If she increasing power don't where see that right. So This is this this is really how you increase the... There's some other things you can do as you go along. That will further increase the power of your. But t two go back to the analogy that I years when talk about this before. Thinking the analogy of of a beam of like that there is the world out there, where is a small area that's eliminated illuminated by Banquet light. And there is the center the being of like that is most really it. You can't expand and contract the being of what.

And as you expand the team of like the overall elimination diminishes or you can bring it back in or yet. But the other thing that you can do, in this analogy, is you can crank up the power of the white itself. So it's producing more brilliance. So that you know, when you started out and we were eliminating an area of this big to a certain level of bright now. Well, after increased the power of little the the light that is produced, we can expand it to an area this big and how exactly the same. Able to make that's where we talk dot git.

And this is this is what i the word and Poly sat refers to. Unfortunately, Sat is most of the time translated into English as mindfulness us. And most of the time, when the people say mindfulness is in English, they mean something like paying attention or not forgetting to pay attention. Right? Mostly be being mindful. Be mindful means remembering your paid attachment. Right? But that's not really what Satya met and Poly. Because the do spelled out eight a and the the the eight packs, the eight things that needed to be developed to achieve and put in turn enlightenment that.

And he two of them, one was son mah and the evidence of sac, well samadhi is attention stability. Samadhi is paying your attention. Samadhi is never independent. And somebody is paying attachment. Satya is the power of mindful awareness that is gaining applied process. And so we've just been talking about is how the back of meditation in addition, the development somebody develop sat and how there are practices that specifically increase the it component. So thank you. That was good question. Answer.

Yeah. Smaller That's right. It's I mean, something that actually had site maybe not to do it. Just I just look at that and Well, you go ahead and expand the area. As a matter of that, one of the things that happens. One of the stages in everybody's meditation that happens. You reach your point where. You actually increased as power of awareness. And you have stabilized the online. And now I just wants to take in at once. And it's really hard to squeeze it back down on again wants to pay attention to more.

And that's that's a completely natural part of the practice. And once again going back to look the buddha to had the save off meditation, he he said, you know, him describing the sage is in a person very surgery developing thing the meditation practice that when he Greece and a long breath, and that was he breeze and long breath he breathes out a along bracket. That was great out of on. Saying same thing. With the short. You know, no breeze knows it reads out for i it. And then it said, experiencing the whole body.

As. Cancer. So And this is the next time that comes after that. And in your own experience, you'll find this, we you're able to keep your attention on the breath. Consistently enough. That you actually can say, this crack is longer last... Or. This one's shorter. You know, they're getting longer short. When you've been paying attention well and enough. We have enough surviving national stability to to to be able the fulfill that, you know, nose the along breath. That was short. Right. The very next thing your mind does is say, yeah, yeah.

And now i let let's let's notice everything else is going. We notice it. No i just sitting another but and the nose in the chest in the abdomen, know, let's see notice. Just the whole body you feel. Oh. Whole body expands and contractual here they. I feel even in the my fingers It's happens. Sir, that's completely normal. When you come to the point, what you don't want to do? Is to sacrifice intentional stability. But when you got certain degree intentional stability, and your mind's one you're taking n more letter it.

So instead of keeping your attention thought was some ticket, me, expand it. But you're your chest your head? Leave your whole upper provided. He put in your whole body with sensations to the and the entire life. And that is a practice called experiencing the whole body. Correct. So yeah. Well, this gives us I Listen the things that we've been talking about, not just tonight, but in the last she has. Give us a way of looking at things. That is very useful. When last time we talked where I get, but I I made a distinction between I've used the words non conscious awareness concepts cigarette.

Remember yeah. Okay. And what I was referring to when I get that? Is that you can you think about it. Their all our... Their news a tremendous amount of information that you take in that you are not consciously aware. But? It. It registers in your mind. It registers enough so that it produces results. That produces that kind of effects. I kinda i i activity workouts, it registers in sense of leaving some kind of impact. So just a simple example might be that while you sitting and and listening, it may have been that that you were...

Non consciously aware I'm discomfort in the way that your legs were positioned And completely non consciously, you may have moved and adjusted So pretty simple fact even though you are conscious aware cessation. So that's that's a simple, very simple example, because kind of things happening all the time, which she is where non conscious awareness is producing all kinds of actions and activity. Is that not going out all time? Can we here? Sometimes it's smart lake. You know, and we use the example last time of when you drive halfway across town, wrist and conversational somebody deal remember.

Anything. But somehow, somehow your eyes and your bloody and everything managed to control your vehicle soft sorry when you're supposed to and everything. Yeah no problems. So so just stop taking going on here, there's a kind that well I wanna call awareness that is not conscious. As opposed to that other kind awareness. As... You you would have no hesitation saying you were conscious out. So that's the distinction man. And the things that happened in non conscious, they're not They don't all necessarily have to produce some visible noticeable of attack action.

They can register such saying that that they have effect on something that happens later on. Their store, so to speak. For example. There might be a non conscious you might not be conscious of be aware of the sensation of some slight movement on your leg on on your understands side. But it may anything impact such that, yeah, thirty seconds later, you felt a similar sensation on a slightly different part in your shed. It would immediately caused you to say, what does that look down? You my see there alcohol.

Or as psychologist, crew all kinds studies. Sub subliminal standing lot. Sounds, visual senior, things like that, but the person cannot consciously identify. But nevertheless, has the very Obvious this a fact, very measurable effect on the way they respond to some other stimulus of us later on. They're called sub all. So anyway. So in have picture of this this whole... There's all this information it's coming into your mind. Tal awareness. And most of it is the time that you're not consciously aware.

But within now, in any given moment, there's this little area. Right. But feet of our life. Right? But then within the totality of this awareness, there's this a little illuminated area, that we can call... This this is where you're conscious awareness. What you're conscious of things that are looking at by for why consciousness and that real vary. And of course. Go back to our analogy. Whatever that whatever that is focused on, cause attention like, what your attention is focused on, that is what you're most fully saw.

And that which isn't an the anniversary of that the of being like is what you are conscious, but not as literally not yourself. And then it great. Gradually as you go out from the senate reach point where you're in the of non consciously. So here here's now we have the day where you're working at the students that we all have moment moment. Three go through our lives. There's all this awareness, everything is staying. Oh, just taken in by our sense words, but there's parts of your mind that are busy doing things.

And the realm of non consciously where. Right. And you don't know about those thoughts, memories and things like that. And until happened to be eleven eighty eight by the spotlight consciousness says. When they're eliminated didn't you know about that thought. Right. And so attention is that we could just define attention data stuff. Portion of your overall field of awareness that is illuminated by consciousness. And of course, the the theme of the the other thing of elimination can be expanded are contracted, it can be moved around the name of different things.

States and one place, different things can moving into then out Was that enough analogy for Which mean? Then. And of course, you sit down the meditate and what everybody discovered my surprise he that that's, you know, they trying to focus the the attention on one thing, they focus with within consciousness thing. And I it just please move me all over but. Right. And this was the first challenge just the see she can compared to sleep and one spot. When it stays in one spot, you can expand any in fact that you can hit more powerful.

You can deliberately intentionally move it from this to this to that. Or you can scan and bake n absolutely league air little peaceful. So some process investigation. But you can't do those since insulin fencing all over request? So we meditate, gonna say we're learning concentrate we're developing a text bill we're learning into. Take control over that constant statement. And Once we succeed a little there and really happens. Normally, Oh, you're conscious of this. I mean, you're conscious of that, and then you're consciously just this person you're conscious that.

And, you know, You're conscious of what whatever is that your attention is directed at in the moment. And it doesn't stay still long enough before you begin to for any sort clear impression. The whole and the way everything works. But now if your attention stays stable. This is the reward that attention developing severity. If your attention stays stable, it can be anchored you know, doesn't have to be tightly anchored on one spot. It it just saves more less in the same general area. You begin to be become aware.

Oh you can begin to examine and understand and take in what is being eliminated by this being conscious awareness that is north that we're still. Which highly described as Once you have a certain degree and potential stability, you can be begin to become aware of the inner landscape of your own mind what's going on it? Right? The actual really interesting saying about it. So having your attention be stable on the graph, for example? That's the payoff when your attachment is stable on the ground, you can begin to be aware of everything else that is happening now.

The same time. Without, you know, without diverting the focus your attention and away, because you've got we got lots of peripheral vision. And you're not just a aware. And you're can take it out. Not yeah. You can extend it. Be more it. When you do that, When you do that, what you're actually examining is you're buying. You're no longer so focused on individual objects where are they presented to consciousness us. As you are the volume in which this is points. Have you had that experience in your meditation?

You have This is... Yeah. Done I I tried to guide you to do that and and I had it that well. I want to use be. I wanted you to recognize that how wonderful it is that you absolutely begin to see what's going on in your mind, did you can angry your mind sufficiently that you can have against the. Box out motion know, you're we don't hear a sound and then that'll create an and then produce the reaction to. Actually, just keeping your mind still a allows you to be become aware All of this is going on.

You're going to say on? That's the way my language works. Very interesting him. So that's the payer. That's that's part of a pay. This is where this is where the meditation you develop a chance stability. And out of the whole field of un unconscious. You can gradually expand the way they bounce up. Two different kinds of exercises that I was talking hey about, you can increase the power process awareness which means you'll just be would take in that much more. Yes. Finding myself getting distracted just bye What's the difference between sort of consciousness or the attention and the content mind mean how to make teach they're not different things, but but one is a tool to see the other, which makes it sound it's too dense.

I'm not What is the difference? Consciousness or attention and the objects that... Oh no. They the yourself. Okay. That that's be question. I should be but. Well, what we're doing is we're trying to use these words in in way so that they make useful distinction. So as a user attention you're referring to That that subset of of things I wish you had a conscious awareness us. Right? And so that's a a bigger idea. Yeah. And along with that. It's very clear that that it's it's not just one thing. It's a necessary but.

Right? And there's something that we refer to as focus that your north quality where of so not not so. Fully talk to sir. So can't just this is a it's a word to use to refer to that particular aspect point. That and like designing me that that way yeah we can we can think they're out attention moves and text expansive and contract. And how and and also thing of that way, we can make advantage about consciousness can do more but more power or weaker dollar less possibly. They're all mine. So Now when we started talking about the Op, hypertension, the victor just says We might legal something with them there's mine but some that it's not mine.

Alright political but. Something think you see if they next external period. But. The interesting thing here is even that is mine You are attributing some other hence as the source of the sensation in you experience. But your experience out the sensation is still driven high. So it is the same thing. But if what I'm talking about here is when you... When your shared focus where you're... Where your focus has shifted as sense? So that you're seeing my as is. Then you see, okay. The visual image from my eye of this object is raising in my mind.

And then you can notice it even while you look at that visual auto object. There's some sound the distractions essentially your eyes may not move. But your intention, let's move in the south focused part. Other, thing that is in your mind. Because sound didn't hear it. The the vibrations of the air quite a aside, the sound year there. Is in your. Now i likewise produced tech work. So this is all online. But we're seeing here as one. And that's the difference between what we can come to the perspective that we can talk to and this way how.

Ordinary everyday life. Where... We see the object and nashville. And we hear the the motorcycle street, and that's real. And we disregard the mind itself under the line who just our mind that hurts these these are arising. Same with thoughts. There. Lots of support sorry. My entire example. But that's what happens is we focus on the spot rather than than the mind in which the far appeared. And the mine privilege the thought. So that's that's the difference in what we're got. Does that on to be?

No it's an important difference. Very important difference sense. The goal of our meditation is to understand ourselves, to understand our volume. And understand reality. In a way who goes beyond what we are normally new. Because it's through, it is through this understanding that that the rewards of meditation practice stuff. There's through understanding of the insight into the way things really are. And the freedom that that affords us from our delusions and our suffering and sleep forth. Very big.

So it's it's very important that we are being able to see things and, that we had been neglecting in prior to take up practice my. That's what we wanted to. About this. You mentioned it's poor before. The medication that we are in fact one moment. Yes. So I'm wondering if this might help explain this consciousness mind thing that seems separate that isn't. Could it be that the consciousness part It's the one mind from the perspective since we are in empirical or one mind, that that the the one mine is has that perspective and the mind is the little mine is the the mind of this temporary life lying that has also sorts some agents.

Could could it be the one time so that they just sort of like this overseer that has this overall picture. Could could that be... Could that explain how it's seems different and how there is almost this piece inside you that when you're meditate it it's able to be the object report. I I like what you're saying but. I'm not sure I completely followed it on that on a level that I respond to. Can i try to read phrase? Sure. Okay. So we are one line. Oh one big court. Well, but it mister There is there is what we call mine.

Is just one way of looking at such so what of what is. Okay. So I'm talking about the sun. Yeah. And i'm equating left conscious. Yes. I would really way that practice. K. So is it the such? That each one of us are totally part that this And I I... That's why used the word objective that that's that that larger share substance that were all one. Is it that piece? Of us that that condition of us. That is is able to look at the line part or the small piece that individual that fragmented part of the session.

That's right. Could that somehow it's gonna why did you seem different? So in it in way, said consciousness is in mind the same thing but the way I'm teasing it out. It's like two different things, but it is. But could that explain why it seems to? Yes. And that and that's something thing that needed to to talk about More Understand her deep why? That's an important question. Why does it seem different? Why it why did we have experience that me do? Being set individual minds with who's very limited consciousness.

If the true nature, all reality is consciousness. And if that is actually true nature, not why we not experience? Why instead of res experiencing all of this freedom to that so. It's that's part of what you wanna to talk about. Just to... But we we need to... I I feel like, we need sort of take that or my priority bite sized pieces that objects to be really clear on. Right now, I'm just trying to refer your picture a way a what seeing what's going on. And hire don't experience growth in meditation and hour that helps us put this together.

If. It's doesn't exactly admit what the conversation will just having the video talking rather understanding money. We do any attention to an object to point where perhaps. I you to see all the contracts move. Mh. And I wondering see talking become more creative about how to seeing that space within which. Yes. I I'd like to do that. The key thing in this is to is to stop the constant movement whenever like. That's that's the agile key. As long as your mind is constantly moving. You're you're line to briefly grasp whatever it focuses is on a moment.

But you're not going to be to get this larger picture. And soon as it moves elsewhere, jumps elsewhere, you're grasping on to the next thing. So the the key thing in this is to ring a certain of stability. And actually, the key to bringing out about that stability is also under standing, what's going on and how happened. Now if you... Your mind is constantly moving. Why is it constantly moving? Yeah that's great question. This goes back to second we talked about the last time. What is the point of consciousness us?

If this non unconscious awareness is good enough to allow you to drive across town later. Lost the thought or engaged conversation. What do not just for sport at all? Yeah somebody glad pointed out. So so very accurately, then it's only because of consciousness that we have the capacity to do to these things of automatic, but again consciously. That in the process of learning to drive. Dealer you were extremely conscious of every my ned thing. And even, you know, the first time you're driving in a strange city, or a staying state you're very conscious because not a bit of familiar.

It is only the past experience of consciousness says that gives you capacity to act up, it's not conscious way. And the other thing is the consciousness allows us... It seems to be extremely important allowing us to appropriately adapt to or cope with or come with the new up with a new strategy. Whenever we're completely all situation. And that that is what we find there we need consciousness support. That's the purpose of the search. It's It and it's something that's novel or unusual or you don't already have a program for dealing.

Without getting into it anymore. That that seems to read we're consciousness as important role. And you had a limited capacity for it I mean you've already experimented with it enough to know that that when you're busy game conscious of one thing, need him to to lose everything else. And so you'd have a limited capacity of this extremely important valuable resource not just aware. And, you know, if you it it doesn't labor around, thank you're the minded professor that walks walls and burns the house down by leaving the teeth on stuff like that.

Right? Your attention needs to move to different things. So the consciousness. So the attention is paid and and this resource consciousness us is made available to things that are part place that necessary. And so that's the way we're design. Is that the some part of your mind that when you paid attention to something, for what saying reasonable in terms of relative importance. Attention is released to go and do put standing around but everything else Steve there's anything else more important and more interesting and more valuable that does deserves for the attention there.

Right. This is the way you're you're set up? And it's a good thing to you set up that way. So this way, the limited resource, Yes, isn't wasted necessarily on something less important. The other thing that we noticed is that the consciousness seems or pension to be released from one object and then it will scan or apply something else. But the other thing you to find is you're attention their blades. Something tell else, and grab your attention it takes it away. So in terms of the unconscious or non promises awareness.

But parts in their mind that engaged in non unconscious aware. Have the ability to evaluate when something deserves responses to text that. And has the ability to go and grab the attention bring it to focus on that an that's thing too. Right? Very important for our survival. So the problem that we're gonna trying to do is we sit down and meditate is Only a problem in the context of what we're trying to do, because in our daily life, it's a really good thing that attention loads it around. And that different parts of your mind are able to capture the attention where they have something that's seen important But in order to become.

In in order to stop being a well designed machine for days body the world, and achieve a level of understanding. You have to be be able to train the mind to not behavior all at the time in this one particular way, which has surgery you really well and keeping getting you alive and getting this point. And so that's what we're doing meditation establishing and stability. So Now we need south. This is completely normal that after I paid attention to my breath for five or ten breaths. The mine says, not for that.

Let's go let's see if there's nothing more important, but we should be. Or if i comes along that and, you know, like, he remembered something that there a lot emotional importance for you. You know, therefore this is much more important than watching this in inside station so the that that thought is capable grabbing your attention navigation of that car. So now you can see what's happening and I understand why now gives better tools to to be able to achieve the intentional civilian that will allow you to understand more deeply the nature upon experience.

Which is one of the things that one of the things that I did while i talk about tobias soon is unification of the line. The i the integration of my based on recognition you do not have a line. There there's no such thing as d or Am line. What you have is a huge collection of net and processor. Some active some not. Some that are active ce to be active on the not active meaning reactor. And all are going on at the same time. They all different have project. What takes your attention away from one thing.

Draws another is a mental process. The mental process that has heard read about meditation and say, this is a good thing. I want to do this. That's only one medical process. There's always other mental processes and have different ideas about what you should be doing. I we should spend your time, how your attention certain consciousness should be being utilize?? Work. You know, by part of your mind you, wants to have a fantasy. My other party you mind maybe wants to have it out. They're all competing to, you know, exercise i some influence over what's actually taking place.

So of needs that we want to achieve is unification. We have this mind consisting of all these different processes. And before we're to be able to bring the sole power of from mine to bear, on investigating its own nature and the nature of reality. We gotta get all these different parts working together towards the ain't goal. I just just to go back to the question of the power it you can see that the more part might that are focus on the same object goal objective, whatever it is. At the same time.

The more it fully conscious you're going to be at that. And, you know, those times when your mind to scattered at all with place, it's really hard to focus on one thing at all. So another way that where where the tower you're conscious awareness really accelerates is when you to succeed in unify your life to some degree. You got all these different, like period cats. They're all trying to go to different direction. But. The more of the more of the different parts of your life that he can bring to a state cooperation, hard harmonious interaction being directed towards common goal and objective.

The more that to degree and even grip about unification of your diverse mental processes. You're going to experience stability and attention with there's fewer processes trying to take their attention somewhere else. More power of mindful awareness because more of your overall mental power is being focused on the same thing. And so unification one is a very important part of this process. I'm talking more about that next week. Any I that. After that me go. Very often. But, yes. Do you think that Different people lives.

Bullshit different ways. Some people watching It it does come easier to set people certain the stages of the process. And inevitably but easier to some people than others. But usually, what that means is that that had those same people, buying actually is starting more different state who the across. Or the the person... Take for example, the person who initially has turned tremendous this difficulty stabilizing their attention. Just enough to stay on the expert for ten right, and I they they long kind bringing the attention back before.

Well what I sing over over again with the people that stayed in that stage for a long times is once they get passed it, well just take up. Whereas I people to get catch that and I get the stage where they gonna really lose the meditation i'll object very easily like you know, and so they didn't have dearly long the period of getting in mind monitoring before they reached the stage where where they they didn't never or probably lose some medication object. But they they they still have one word to do.

They didn't do they didn't put all that effort in this earlier of station now they have to put the effort into a later state. So There are individual differences. But I think that overall, you know, It works out. What wherever you everybody have to put more... It seems to you that you have to put more effort in or takes you longer than it does somebody else for these other people other people you then take us. There's a payoff in that that you're going to see that's All all of the all of the practice, all the training you do, you know, it's going to produce a result.

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